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(GEORGE' P I L E G R AVM'"L PILLS For upwards of Forty Years these Pills have held THE FIRST PLACE IN THE WORLD as a Remedy for PILES and GRAVEL, and all the common Disorders of the Bowels, Stomachy Liver, and Kidneys. Such as Piles, Gravel, Pain in the Back and Loins, Constipation, Suppression and Retention of Urine, Irritation of the Bladder, Sluggishness of the Liver and Kidneys, Biliousness, Flatulence, Palpitation, Nervousness, Sleeplessness, Dimness of Vision, Depression of Spirits, all Pains arising from Indigestion, &c. THEIR FAME IS AS WIDE AS CIVILIZATION. There is no civilized nation under the sun that has nob experienced their HEALING VIRTUES. A MARVELLOUS STORY FROM THE PUBLISHER OF h TYST A'R DYDD," MERTHYR TYDVIL. DEAR SIR.—One of my sons went out to Canada, and settled down in the neighbourhood of Oilsprings, Lampton, Ontario. Some three months ago be wrote home saying he bad been on the sick list for several weeks, suffering painfully from Piles. Immediately after receiving his letter I had a supply of your Pills, which I sent to him. Three weeks ago he wrote home saying that your Pills had done him immense good. Before he had Sniabed one box he was able to start work again. Last night I had another letter from him stating that to all appearances the disease bad left him, and be was in his usual health again. Having accidentally heard that a man living in the same neighbourhood had been a great: sunerer from Piles for over twenty years, my son sought him out, and told him the good he had received from your Pills, and gave him half of the box he had. Within four days the man was jumping with joy from the good effects of your Pills. Raving received so much benent personally and witnessing their good effects on the man referred to, my son is very anxious that other sufferers may know and receive the same benefit from them as he did himself. Yours truly, JOSEPH WILLIAMS, Publisher of Tyst a*r Dydd and Cenad Hedd," Mertbyr Tydvil. The three forma of this Remedy— No. 1.—GEORGE'S PILE AND GRAVEL PILLS. No. 2.—GEORGE'S GRAVEL PILLS. No. 5—GEORGE'S PILLS for the PILES. -J -a; SOLD EVERYWHERE IN BOXES, 1111 AND 2/9 EACH. BY POST, 1/2 AND 2/10. PROPRIETOR J. f. 6EOR6E, M.R.P.S., MfiWON, ABERDARE. CROSS BROTHERS, THE CARDIFF IRONMONGERS, r,ri 3 & 4, ST. MARY-STREET. Cheapest and Best House for Lawn Mowers from 14/- Garden Rollers from 32/- Garden Arches from 3/9. Garden Seats from 10/6. And every Garden Requisite. S<f Croquet, Lawn Tennis, and all Latest Games. -.J At Lowest Store Cash Prices. Catalogues Free on Application. SPECIAL MACHINERY FOR LAWN MOWER GRINDING. FOLLIOK S 44, HOLTON ROAD, BARRY DOCKS, Being OLD ESTABLISHED PAWNBROKERS, always have for SALE a Large Quantity of GENUINE FORFEITED PLEDGES. We are obliged to Sell at a Low Price to make room for Pledges continually being forfeited. Or Lend the HIGHEST PRICES on Watches, Jewellery, Guns, Pianos, Bicycles, Furniture, and all kinds of Valuables. All Jewels anj Valuables kept in beat burglar and Sre-proof Safes. RE-PLATINGAND GILDING DONE, JEWELLERY REPAIRED AND RE-MOUNTED LIKE NEW, DIAMONDS AND PRECIOUS STONES MOUNTED OR RE-SET BY SKILFUL LONDON WORKMEN. Agent for the SUN LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY. Kindly send for Prospectus. NOTE THE ADDRESSES- FOLLICK'S, 44!JHOLTON ROAD, BARRY DOCKS, AND AT BRIDGE STREET, CARDIFF. Telegrams. Glo," Penarth. Eat. 1875. ?. \'(1 National Telephone, 22 Penarth, and 2Y2 B&rry. D. H. EDMUNDS, AUCTIONEER, Vat,ii, House, Estate and Insurance Agent. ¡ Valuations made for Probate and other purposes. Sales conducted with Prompt Settlement. Agent to the Principality Permanent Investment Building Society for Barry and Penarth district. The largest and moat up-to-date Society in Wales. ALL ENQUIRIES HAVE PROMPT ATTENTION. Windsor Chambers, Stanwell-road, Penatth; and at Barry Coal Company's Omce, Rooully Buildings, Barry. mms, tEM!, t ENGAGEMENT RIJN&S. FINEST SELECTION AND BEST VALUE AT BL B. CRoucH5s7 16, St. MARY-STREET, 48, QUEEN STREET. AND 9, High-street Arcade, Cardiff NoFroePreaenta.but guaranteed Bee tValuein the Kingdom 'THE CITY JEWELLERSN' CHURCH-STREET SALEROOMS, CARDIFF. T?/TR. A. SETCHFIELD will SELL by AUC. ?.L TION, on MONDAY and THURSDAY next, a Large Assortment of Superior HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE (removed from various addresses for Absolute Sale), consisting of dining, drawing, and bedroom suites various designs, several overmantels, 6ft. mahogany sideboard, several walnut ditto, cabinet, excellent pianoforte, carpets, rugs, fenders, curbs, and brasses, tea, dinner, and toilet sets, heavy brass Parisian and other bedsteads, overlays, &o. Sale at Two o'clock sharp. 24, HOLTON ROAD, BARRY DOCKS. On MONDAY and FRIDAY NEXT, at 2 o'clock, and MONDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY, and SATURDAY, at 7 o'clock, .I T?ESSRS J. MADLEY and CO. will SELL by J?I. AUCTION a large quantity of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, AND EFFECTS, Comprising sideboards, bedroom suites, suites and saddlebags, bedsteads, spring and wool mattresses, beda, and the iu-btll effects of the household. Goods on view morning of Sale. Furniture or Tradesmen's Stocks bought for cash or sold on commission. Ofnces—24, Holton-road, Barry Docks. PASSENGERS EMKEO BY ANY LINE TO Any Part of the World. NO BOOKtNG FEES. Full Particulars of Sailings, Fares, &c., apply- THOS. G: DUNCAN & CO., BARRY DOCKS. BARRY MAY SHOW, 1906. rr?ENDERS are invited for PRINTING ?-e JL above. Specifications and Quantities may be seen at the Hon. Secretary's Address. The lowest or any Tender not necessarily accepted. Tende:'s must be handed in to the Hon. Secretary, on or before MARCH 17th instant, endorsed, Printing Tender." REG. WM. HALL, VETERINARY SURGEON, BARRY DOCK. Why Suffer from I RHEUMATISM SCIATICA, LUMBAGO, WHEN U R ICU R A CAN ABSOUJTEL Y AND PERMANENTLY CURE YOU? URIOUEA LINIMENT AND DROPS possess won- derful efficacy, and if used according to the directions, suffering is immediately alleviated, and a speedy cure results, even in the most stubborn cases. The secret of their success is that they go to the root of the matter, and, by eliminating the uric a,cid from the system, remove the cause of these distressing maladies. Remarkable cures are being reported every day. Liniment Is lid and 2s 9d, Drops Is lid per bottle Sold by all Chemists I Prepared only by The Hammond Remedies Company Ba,rry. WESTMINSTER STORES, Holton-Road, Barry Docks, PROPRIETOR D. J. MORRIS. Best and Cheapest House in the District for GROCERY AND PROVISIONS. A GEKT for the celebrated ALTON COURT J.jL BREWERY GO'S BEERS in 4? and 9 gallon casks. All the leading brands of WINES and SPIRITS sold. C ARDIFF UNION. npHE GUARDIANS invite TENDERS for .i. Twelve Months FURNISHING FUNERALS and SHROUDS for PAUPERS in the BARRY DISTRICT. The arrangements for payment of scjoanta may be obtained from me. Forms of Tender must be obtained from me, and returned under cover, endorsed Tender for Fnnera!s, Barry District," so as to reach me net later than Five p.m. on Friday, 16th March, 1903. No Tender necessarily accepted. ARTHUR J. HARRIS, Clerk. Union Offices,. Queen's Chambers, Cardiff, 6th March, 1906. THE EMPIRE PALACE OF VARIETIES, CARDIFF. Two Complete Performances Nightly. Early one 7 b'clock to 9, late one 9 o'clock toll. ALL ARTISTES APPEAR AT EÅCH: PERFORMANCE. f OSWALD STOLL. j MnTHMQ Never Neglect a mmnCHO cot«, however slight, or it may prove the beginning ofatongand seriousiuness.endtngia death. At the Srst symp- tom give at once a dose of CHE8T. DEAKIN'SCOUGH zlnd LUNG HEALER Which wilt immediately arrest the course of the disease & guard against all ill effects WHAT A MINISTER SAYS- I beg to add my to your invatua.Me preparation, Deakin'a Lung )? Hea.ter. It possesses marvettous pro- perties, and givea Instant Relief to Cougha, Colds, Hoarseness, Difnculty of Breathing, etc, It is very benencia!, and has proved for many years a BOON TO THE WORKING CLASSES." Prices, III & 2tJ of aHOhemiats&Stores. If dinicutt to obtain send direct enclosing 1/5 or 2/6 to the Sole Proprietors 6. DEAKIN AND HUGHES, (Dept. 5) The Innammation Remedies Co. BLAENAVON. r AUTUMN AND WINTER SEASONS. D. LLOYD & COMPANY'S GENTS,' YOUTHS; AND BOYS' RAINCOATS, OVERCOATS, & SUITS. Always something new and novel, made from the most pleasing Materials, and specially made to stand hard wear, combining Artistic Beauty, Stability of Fabric, and Economy in Price. WARM UNDERWEAR-Most Reliable Brands kept at Popular Prices. ADDRESS :— 89 <& 93, MAIN-STREET, CADOXTON, AND 73, HOLTON-ROAD, BARRY DOCKS. ? EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT i! The SOUTH WALES J! PROVISION STORES HAV & CORN STORES ? IS THE BEST PLACE IS THE BEST PLACE ? MR FOR GOOD VALUE GQQD VALUE IN urocenes cLovER & MEADow ? ?? w <n ?? ?M ? Provisions. Hay & Challil, ? ? GARDEN SEEDS ? ? HOME-CURED OF ALL EiNDS. BACON AND HAMS s E ED po TATOES ? <[ In great vnnety, now arriving. The following ? AND now in Stock:— DUKÈ OF YORK. ?: -WELSH ,BUT???-.???.XQ?LLEWEL?? ? !?' MYATT'SPROijNiu. ?? ? A SPECIALITY. EARLY PURITAN. ? ?m j?m r ? ? ? 11 BRITISH QUEEN. ? ? Blended Te?s from Is. to 3s. per Ib. ?ENERAL ROBERTS. ? t AND ALL THE LEADING KINDS. ? ? SPECIAL AGENTS FOR ?' < SPECIAL AGENTS FOR Horniman's Pure Tea. THE MOLAssiNE MEAL FOR ? ? —— CATTLE AND HORSES. ? ? L OIL CAKES and MEAL. IN1907.-7Y Artaitage's Dry Chick Food. ? $ S OLDEST ESTABLISHED GROCERS AND CORN NERCHANTS !? ? IN THE DISTRICT. ? ? -——————————————————————————————?—————— ?! ? ADDRESSES: ? 13&14,VERE-STREET, CADOXTON: ? < AND ? ? 51, HOIjTON-RD., BARRY DOCK. "v:y BLETSO S CASH BOOT STORES (Next Door to BIetso's Paporhanging Warehouse), 8S1, HOLTON-ROAD, BARRY DOCKS. HIGH CLASS FOOTWEAR, IN LADIES', GENTS' AND CHILDREN'S. Finest Selection in the District. See our Windows and compare Quality and Price. ? $ .?—?.'===" S OLDEST ESTABLISHED GROCERS AND CORN NERCHANTS !? ? IN THE DISTRICT. ? ? -——————————————————————————————?—————— ?! ? ADDRESSES: ? 13&14,VERE-STREET, CADOXTON: ? < AND ? ? 51, HOIjTON-RD., BARRY DOCK. ????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????,? BLETSO S CASH BOOT STORES (Next Door to BIetso's Paporhanging Warehouse), 8S1, HOLTON-ROAD, BARRY DOCKS. HIGH CLASS FOOTWEAR, IN LADIES', GENTS' AND CHILDREN'S. Finest Selection m the District. See our Windows and compare Quality and Price. PRIVATE FITTING R OOM FOR LADIES. jT Mr. BONNER MORGAN'S ? ? lUustrated Booklet- ) ? The Why and Wherefore ? of DEFECTIVE EYESIGHT ? and SPECTACLE WEARING" ? Wtil be fopw?rded POST FREE on appUcation to the ? SIGHT TESTING ROOMS, ? 101, Queen Street, CARDIFF. ?