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HARRY POLICE COUHT. FtUDA Y. BeMpe Colonel F. W. <&. G,I¡-ê and 'r J. E,(,ivdon. Z,4LANT) WOMA'M AND KACM-a. WiiIiaEu :\lol)rmai!.J.bonfer, of Clive-ros.d. Barry Islan-d. wa charged with persistent cracky to his wife, Elizabeth Moorssan, who sought an order for judicial separation. Mr Harold M. Lloyd,solicitor, OaraiS, appeared fer complainant, and Mr A. Jackeon, solicitor, Barry, 2efendeu.-Oomplainant said she had been married to defendant eighteen years., and had.six children. She carried on business as coke and rabbit dealer. On the 16th of February defendant dragged her f¡om the stable to the yard by her legs. He had given her black eyes. pinched her, asd on one occasion broke a. plate of butter on her head. Because she tried to prevent him beat- ing her son with a donkey's bridle and iron, the defendant "put it about her." "Scarcely a day rises over his head without he accuses me of going with other men," added complainant, and be also accuses me of immorality." Defendant dragged her out of bed by the hair of the head. About a month ago her husband broke up the furniture, and told her he had a leaded gun in hia pocket ready to shoot her with. She left him owing to cruelty.— Cross-examined by Mr Jackson It was true that for three nights her husband slept in the stable- loft, but it was not because of her temper. Her husband would not give her any money, and she told him he was not going to stay there to eat the children's food.—Mr Jackson Have you been wasting your money in betting on horses ?—Com- plainant No, my husband does.—Mr Jackson Yes or no?—Complainant He taught me the way. -Mr Jackson Has all of your husband's money gone in horse racing ?—Complainant: I have horse-raced none of hie money.—Mr Jackson I suggest that during the past year your husband has given you 25s per week, and you have tpent it all on horse-racing, and let your husband and children practically starve ?—Complainant It is not true.—In the course of further cross-examina- tion, complainant admitted that she was drunk about nine months ago, and slept on the kitchen noor. She had not told defendant that she spent j67 in a day on the turf.—Colonel Gore intimated that the Bench considered the evidence to be very unsatisfactory, and were not prepared to hear the case any further. It wa.s a. case of six of one and haif-a-dozen of the other.—The summons was dismissed. FRAUDULENT TRAVELLERS ON THE BARRY RAILWAY. Thomas Callaghan and William Foley, both of Barry Docks, were fined 10s each, or seven days' imprisonment, for travelling on the Barry Railway without tickets. According to the evidence of George Musty, foreman porter, and Thomas Wilts, ticket collector at Barry Dock Station, Caltaghan alighted from the 9.47 train from Cardiff on Satur- day, the 10th ultimo, and after loitering about the platform till 10.30 he tried to pass without a ticket. The witnesses also suggested that Foley came with the same tra-in, but defendant said he arrived at Barry Docks about nine, and after giving up his ticket, had some drink in the bar on the station. A CARELESS HAULIER. Fred SuchSeId, a local haulier, pleaded guilty to driving a vehicle over the causeway at Barry Docks, pleading that he did it for a short cut. —Fined 2s 6d.—Mr T. Ross Pratt.deputy-eierk, appeared on behalf of the Barry District Council, and said this practice on the part of hauliers was becoming more and more prevalent. A SOLITARY DRONK. Mabel Bryant, a single woman, was the only person at this Court charged with being drunk, and she was dismissed with a caution. WHOSE SOCKS ? P.O. David Lewis (171) stated that about 3.30 that morning he saw a man running up Holton- road. He gave chase, and overtook the man, who said he w&s going to Penarth. The fellow's clothes seemed bulky, and the constable dis- covered thirteen pairs of stockings inside the .Tian's trousers. The man, who gave his name as ë-hal-t; vans of no fixed abode, was now charged with tne?b, -ancr?'e'r?? ? ? had been drink? ing on the previous night, and went 'Co"'8ieep"M some waste ground. When he awoke, the stockings were by his side.—Evans was remanded till Monday. BURGLARIOUS THEFT OF CLOTHING. Further evidence was taken in the case of robbery of clothing from the shop of Mr George Couzens, outfitter, Dock View-road, Barry Docks, the accused, three seamen, named Edward Dunlop (56), Charles Francis Coye (24), described as Americans, and Neila Neilsen, a Norwegian, being brought up on remand. The previous evidence having been read over, Charles Lunch, boarding-house keeper, Tbompson.etreet, Barry Docks, said he was in the kitchen of his bouse some time after midnight on the 24th ultimo, when he heard voices in the passage. On going out he saw Coye running upstairs with a bundle under his arm. Asked what he was doing there, Dunlop said he was seeing Coye home, and after- wards walked away.—Mary Joyce, wife of another boarding-bouse keeper in Thompson-street), stated that Dunlop came to her house for a bed some time after midnight on the 24th ultimo. In his room next day she found the coat produced.— Police-constable L. Beirne (256) said when on duty about midnight on the 25rd he eaw Dunlop and Coye standing near Mr Couzens' shop. He questioned them, and elicited that they were lodging in Thompson-street, and bad just Gome from the docks. The constable walked on aa far as the Railway Station, when Neilsen overtook him and asked him the way to the docke. On returning about one o'clock the constable found the window of Mr Couzen's shop broken, and a waistcoat was lying on the pavement.—Dunlop pleaded that he bought the clothes from some firemen on coming from Cardiff by the last train that night, and Neilsen repeated that Dunlop gave him a coat and vest to sell.—Prisoners were committed for trial at the Assizes. MONDAY. Before Colonel F. W. G. Gore and Dr Howell Reee. 6EMOU8 CHARGE AGAINST A LODGING-HOUSE- KEEPER AT CADOXTON. Samuel Amos, a lodging-house-keeper, of 27, Forster-9i:reet, Cadoxton, was charged with keeping a brothel, and his wife, Caroline Amoe, wae charged with assisting in the management of the same.—Evidence was given by P.Cs. Loveluck and Wesf to the effect that they saw prostitutes enter defendants' house with men on the night of the 17th ultimo. Loveluok listened at the window and heard the female defendant arranging with a sea.- mku to pay 9s for a bed for himself and a pros- 'titute. The male defendant was in bed on the same noor, and he heard Mrs Amos tell her husband that they h,,t(I gone to bed and paid her 9s," to which he replied. That's alright." At two a.m. the constables entered the house, and found two prostitutes in bed with men. The female defendant pleaded that she thought they were man and wife."—Cross-examined by Mr J. B. Stephens, solicitor. CardiS, who appeared for the defence. Loveluck said he understood the conversation because he knew the voices of defendants.—The female defendant, who said she took her eggs and butter to Newport Market for 27 years, having kept a farm outeide Newport previous to coinng to Cudoxton nve months ago, pleaded that she let the beds in the belief that the parties were married. She denied that such a conversation as alleged by the police ever took place.—Several witnesses were called for the defence.—The Bench considered the evidence was not strong enough to convict, and dismissed the case. INDECENT LANGUAGE. A warrant was ordered to be issued for the appearance of Mary Maud Mitchell, a prostitute, tor using indecent language on the highway. THE ASTICg OF A FIREMAN. Daniel Leary, marine firemen, of no 6xed abode, was charged with. being- drunk and disorderly, aasa.ulcing the police, and damaging a window, value 5s. P.O. H Merrett said prisoner was drunk and disorderly at Eastbrook on Saturday evening. The man waa only in h!s i.hirt, having been j wandering abcut in 8. pool of was:er. He was con- I veycd to Pena.rth Police Station, and WM let out on b.il next morning. About 11.30 on Sunday ( mof-h:g, however, P.O. Davies (489) heard a crash of erL=88, and on going outside saw defendant, who had thrown two large stones through the front window of Inspector Hulletfj's apartLueLts. On being conveyed to the cells the man became violent and s'ruck Davies on the chin.—Asked if he had anything to say. Leary now remarked, What he said is a lie. He bit me, and I hit him." (Laughter). —Fined 15s. or seven days' imprisonment. FOUL TALK. For using indecent language on two occasions, Annie Tanner, a married woman, was 6ned 15s, or seven days' imprisonment. Gladys Hansen was also charged with using indecent language and causing an obstruction by righting.—Fined 15s. CONSTABLE'S SMART CAPTURE. Charles Evans (21) was charged with stealing 13 pairs of socks, value 15g, the property of Mr John Owen, outStter, 55, Dock View-road, Barry Docks. The prisoner was seen by P.C. David Lewis running up Holton-road at 5.50 on the previous Friday morning, and becoming suspicious the constable gave chase and overtook Evans, who had the stockings hidden under his clothes. Evans was brought before the magistrates on Friday, but at that time the owner of the stockings was not known. Now Mr Owen identified the footwear as similar to those missing from his shop. —Prisoner said he found the stockings in his possession on waking up after being in drink.— The accused was committed for trial at the Assizes. SEAMEN CHARGED WITH THEFT OF A WATCH. Two seamen named Herman' Best and George Henry Smith, were charged with stealing a watch and chain, value .62 5s, the property of Lily Dyer, a widow, of 10, Graving Dock-street, Barry Docks. —The evidence showed that Best was lodging with the prosecutrix, and the watch and chain were missed on the 2nd instant. Prosecutrix discovered that the prisoner Smith sold the watch, which be received from Best, to Abraham Lewis, outfitter, of Thompson-street.—The latter said Smith asked him to buy the watch, but Lewis lent him half-a-crown, on the understanding thll the prisoners were signing on board a vessels <*nd would pay him back the next day.- J. W. Morris (Justices' Clerk) What i? tile value of the watch ?—Witness I don't think it is worth more than 2s. (Laughter.)—The Clerk Does it go ?- Witness I could not gay. I never looked at the watch I simply !ent him the money.—Colonel Gore (examining the watch) It looks substantial at any rate.—Police-sergeant D. Phillips, who arrested the men at the shop of Abraham Lewis, said, when charged, Best replied, "I took the watch that's good enough." Smith said, "Best gave me the things to reU."—Giving evidence on his own behalf. Smith said the articles were handed to him by Best to sell. He had no idea that they were stolen.—The Bench were of opinion that nothing had been proved against Smith, and he was discharged, but Best was senb to gaol for 14 days' hard labour. CADOXTON BOY IN TROUBLE. A diminutive youngster from Holmes-street, Cadoxton, named Samuel George Bailey, was charged with etenling from the back of No. 20, Daniel-street, Cadoxton, a brass tap and quantity of lead piping.—John Cocksley, a window cleaner, who lives in the same street, said he saw the defendant, with another lad, go to the house and return shortly afterwards, Bailey's companion carrying a sack. He shouted, and the boys ran away, leaving the sack behind, and which was subsequently found to contain the tap and piping. —Harry Gray, builder, 1, Daniel-etreet, Cadoxton, identified the articles as his property, and said they were worth 5s—The boy, who is twelve years of age, said he did not know what the sack con- tained when his companion brought it out of the house.—Colonel Gore severely admonished the boy, and ordered him to receive six strokes with the birch. TALE OF TWO CHAIRS. Two Cadoxbon youths, John Hopkins and William Lewis, who had been remanded at the previous court, were called upon to answer a ran'TJ'?.? sbea.lins two chairs, the property of the ?&&?Ju? S ?_??g?_? ? Armstrong Pioneer >y ih. Yvorirs, near Cadoxton. -Charles Clay, a clerk in the employ of the syndicate, said he found the omce broken open on the 26th ultimo, and three chairs missing, two being those now produced. They were worth 2s 6d each.—George Hibbert, 72, Main-street, Cadoxton, a furniture dealer, bought the chairs for 2s.—A farm band named Joseph Simmonds swore that be saw the defendants carrying the chairs over a brook at Cadoxton, but when arrested by P.C. Wingrove, both tads denied any knowledge of the anair.—The lads, both of whom said they found the chairs in some mud at Cadoxton Moors, elected to take their trial at the Quarter Sessions, bail of B10 each being allowed. ALLEGED HEARTLESS THEFT BY A YOUTH. An intelligent little boy named Alfred Charles Butcher (10), of Coigue-terrace, Barry Docks, informed the Bench that in the evening of the 5rd instant he was selling evening papers in Dock View-road, Barry Docks, when a youth named David Morgan came up behind him, struck him with a stick, and tripped him up. Morgan put his band in witness' pocket, and took therefrom Is lid. -Police- constable H. Spiller arrested the prisoner Morgan the same night. On being conveyed to the Police Station, defendant said that he knew nothing about the charge. The sum of 4!d was, however, found upon him.—The case 2 was adjourned till Friday to enable Morgan to produce witnesses. SMALL BOYS STEAL. Charged with stealing a bunch of bananas, value Is, two lads, Herbert Coslett, 55, Merthyr-street, and Alfred John Williams, 60, Station-street, Barry Docks, appeared in the dock. The prose- cutor was Mr Harry Press, fruiterer, of 95, Bolton-road, who said the lads took a bunch of bananas from the window of his shop on the 2nd instant. He gave 'chase, and caught Coslett. Mr Press stated he did not wish to press the charge for the sake of the lads' parents.—The boys, who were arrested by P.C. Davies (506), were fined 10s each. THE DRINKERS. Amongst a large list of persons charged under the head of drunk and disorderly was William Barry (21), who on being 6ned ]0s remarked, "Good luck to you may you die happy."—For the same oHence, Mary Ann Seaward was 6ned 20s. William Davies, Alfred Baker, and William McKee were ordered to pay 7s 6d each and 5s penalties were imposed upon Joseph Downey, John O'Brien, William Rowae, Patrick Logan, John Harry, and Sarah Harripon. Thomas Hague and Charles Tooney were 6ned 2s 6d each and a warrant was ordered to be issued for the appear- ance of ;,ibeth Taylor.