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FOOTBALL. BARRY v. ROGERSTONE. .1 Great interest was taken in this re-played tie ior the Llanbradach Charity Cup at Llanbradach between Barry and Rogerstone on Saturday last, the sides having drawn their previous match with a score of two goals each. In beautiful weather, before a large crowd of spectators, Barry set the ball rolling. Picken took possession, and the Rogerstone forwards commenced a warm attack. Green cleared, and some desultory midfield play followed. Rogerstone had the better of matters for some time. From a line-out at half-way Gardiner got possession, and transferred to Poole, who took a long shob at the Rogerstone goal, which went wide. Barry warmed up. and some ding-dong work ensued. Rogerstone drew first blood by netting the ball, Barry equalising two minutes after. Half-time score Rogerstone, one goal; Barry, one goal. In the second half, Barry for some time had the better of matters, and forced two corners, but no score resulted. Rogerstone netted the ball, but were given off-side. Poole shot on the 25, but Dixon saved by lifting it over the bar. After a quarter of an hour's play Barry scored, James heading the ball through his own goal. Roger- stone played up well, Green saving time after time. Radcliffe and Watts hotly bombarded Bowen, but James brought relief to his side. Roggy forced a corner. Jones dropped the ball inco the goal's mouth, and Garnet Williams sent it in. When the final whistle was given the score was two goals each. The referee ordered an extra quarter of an hour's play, as previously arranged between the captains, but Rogerstone refused, having only nine men. Barry then walked down the field and scored a third goal. It is understood that Rogerstone will appeal. Final score :— Barry District, three goals; Rogerstone, two goals. BARRY DISTRICT RESERVES v. TON PENTRE. In lovely weather the above teams played a Cardiff and District League match at the Buttrills, Barry, on Saturday afternoon last. Mr Perrin, Cardiff, was referee. Playing with the slope in the initial half, the visitors did most of the attacking and scored through Fletcher, Winder, and Price. In the second half, Beddoe registered for the homesters, the game resulting in a victory for Ton Pentre by three goals to one. SOUTH WALES JUNIOR CUP. BARRY DOCK ALBIONS v. MERTHYR VALE. These teams met in the semi-final round for the South Wales Junior Cup at Newport on Saturday last, and the chances of the Albions looked rosy. However, the Valians gave a display which created surprise. The first half was stubbornly fought, but neither side succeeded in scoring. In the second half J. Evans beat Connor with a shot, and T. Thomas added a second goal soon after. Such a reverse disorganised the Albions, who fell away, and Owen added another goal against them. The Barry team were thus defeated by three goals to nil. BARRY RAILWAY OFFICES v. CATHEDRAL VILLA (CARDIFF).—The winners of the medals of the Fourth Division, Cardiff and District League, depended upon the result of this match, which was played at the Buttrills, Barry, on Saturday last. The Offices maintained their fine form of the last few seasons, and despite the fact that their, opponents were much the heavier team, Barry won by three goals to nil, and consequently will, in any case, obtain second place in the League. A. Griffiths (2) and L. Jenkins were the scorers. DINAS POWIS V. MACKINTOSH.—These teams met at Cardiff on Saturday last, when Mackintosh won by a goal and three tries to nil. BARRY ISLAND V. WOOD-STREET OLD BOYS.— This match, played at Cardiff on Saturday last, resulted in a win for the Islanders by three goals to two. COURT UNITED (BARRY DOCKS) V. PENARTH VILLA.-This match, played at the Buttrills, Barry, on Saturday afternoon last, resulted in a win for the visitors by two goals to one. PYKE-STREET OLD Boys (BARRY DOCKS) v, BARRY ROVIIRS.-A tight struggle between these teams at the Recreation Ground, Barry, on Satur- day last, resulted in the Old Boys' favour by a goal to nil. COURT ROVERS V. TYDVIL STREET (BARRY T)OCKS).-Played-at Cadoxton last Saturday, the Rovers winning by one goal to nil. Howell Harris obtained the point. TYDVIL RovEps v. COURT RGVERS (BARRY DOCKS).-Played at Cadoxton on Wednesday last, when Tydfil Rovers were successful by two goals to nil. Scorers-W. Shaughnessy and Arthur Fox. RECTOHY ALBIOKS V. COMMERCIAL STARS (CADOXTON).—Played on Saturday last, when the Albions won by two goals to nil. The scorers were A. Bryant and Howell Harris. BARRY AND PENARTH SCHOOLS' LEAGUE. BARRY v. DINAS Powis. -Fine weather favoured the matches in connection with the above league on Saturday last, and some good games were witnessed. At Dinas Powis Common, the boys of the village beat Barry rather soundly, by five goals to two. The game was an interesting one to witness, but hardly as one-sided as the score would indicate. PYKE STREET (BARRY DOCKS) V. HANNAH-STREET (CADOXTON).—As the result of their win over Hannah-street at the Buttrills, Barry, by two goals to nil, Pyke-street again secures first place in the league for the third season in succession. Hannah-street gave a good display, but they never looked like winners, Pyke-street forwards being continually on the attack. Saunders and Arnold scored the goals. Mr R. T. Williams was referee. BARRY COUNTY SCHOOL V. CADOXTON.—A totally different game ensued between these teams, the County School doing just what they liked, and won in the easiest possible manner by five goals to two. PENARTH V. HOLTON-ROAD (BARRY DOCKS).— After having all the best of this game at the Buttrills, Holton-road were unfortunately beaten by a goal to nil. Penarth only attacked on one occasion, when they scored, Holton being unable to penetrate after several fruitless attempts. NEXT SATURDAY'S FIXTURES. CADOXTON RADICAL INSTITUTE v. RIVERSIDE ALBIONS (CARDIFF).—To be played at Cardiff train leaves Cadoxton Station at 2.37 p.m. Radicals :—Goal—W. James back-H. Hopkins and D. M. Evans half-back—R. Cartwright, G. Dee, and T. Brooks; forward-R. Bletso, T. Cockeram, A. Whyman (captain), W. Ruckley, and J. Tyndle. HOLTON UNITED (BARRY DOCKS) V. COGAN OLD Boys. -To be played at Cogan. United :—Goal— G. Pitt; half-back-E. Hawkens, J. Dunseith, and W. Watts forward—T. Henson, F. Palmer, B. Camble, M. Finn, and W. Yarr. KINGSLAND ROVERS (BARRY DOCKS) V. WENVOE. —To be played at Wenvoe. Rovers :-Goal-R. Cousins; back-H. Evans and W. Gardener; half-back—S. Tucker, Tom Fowler,, and R. Phillips; forward—E. Evans, J. Evans, W. Evans, S. White, and F. Lee. Reserve—A. Roscoe. CASTLELANU VTLrA V. ST. MARY'S CHOIR (BARRY DOCKS).-To be played at Barry. Villa:-Goal- W. Jones back—H. Edmunds and W. Davies half-back—T. Thompson, H. Mills, and E. Price; forward-W. John, A. Jones, A. Griffiths, W. Price, and P. Gifford. BARRY RAILWAY OFFICES V. BARRY ISLAND.— To be played at Palmerstown. Offices :-Goal- 1. Llewellin back—G. Smith and another half- back-A. Donaldson, A. Lowrie, and T. Spickett; forward-I. Davies, L Jenkins, T. Williams, R. Bunford, and A. Griffiths. BARRY INTERMEDIATE OLD Boys v. ST. ATHAN. —To be played at St. Athan brake leaves Barry Dock at 2 15 p.m. Old Boys:-Goal-R. Davies; back-D. T. Lewis and H. E. Davies; half-back- Jim Hogg, Jack Hogg, and W. N. Warren; forward—A. Howells, E. Rees, T. S. Lewis (capt.), Basil Lewis, and R. P. Davies.







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