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laxant. WANTED REPRESENTATIVE for strong GERMAN MARINE INSURANCE COMPANY, on liberal terms. Nucleus of business desirable.- Address M. V. H. R. c/o J. W. VlCKERS, 5, Nicholas-lane, London, E.G. ANTED COOK GENERAL; also good GENERAL. — Apply Windsor Hotel, Barry Docks. MILLTNERY. — WANTED at once Several APPRENTICES for the Millinery. — MATTHEWS, 83 and 85, Holton road, Barry Docks. W ANTED, a smart YOUTH, used to Horses. —Apply T. PHILIPPS, Barry Dock Steam Bakery, Holton-road, Barry Docks. WANTED, GENERAL SERVANT. Good references.—Apply 2, Porthkerry-road, Barry. gmscs, etc., catll Xtt TO LET, twelve-roomed HOUSE, in Dock View-road, Barry Docks, adjoining the new Board of Trade Offices.-Apply 51, Holton-road, Barry Docks. SHOP TO LET, best part of Barry, first-class condition,* moderate rent to good tenant.— Barry Estate Office, Romilly Chambers, Barry. A,.Vartmtnt.o tu Jtt. TO LET, in Barry Dock, with or without board, Large Bedroom and Sitting Room, for One or Two Gentlemen. Home comforts. — Apply "R. Barry Dock News, Barry Docks. COMFORTABLE APARTMENTS for One or Two Gentlemen, Tynewydd road.—"P. Barry Dock News, Barry Docks. TWO FRONT ROOMS (Bedroom and Sitting Room) TO LET, at WOODSPRING VILLA, Broad-street, Barry. Central position, overlook- ing Channel. ROOMS, Furnished or Unfurnished, with or without attendance, over MRS MEDLIN'S FURNITURE AND CHINA SHOP, 24, Holton-road, Barry Docks. Also BARGAINS in New and Second-hand FURNITURE, CHINA, &c., to clear for alterations. Come and see a few more Bargains left. Jar gale. FOR SALE, Newton House, 100, Kingsland- crescent, Barry Dock, with Stables and Coach-house.—Apply G. F. WILLETT, c/o J. A. Hughes, Solicitor, Albert Chambers, Cardiff. EGGS FOR SITTING. Large Pure White Leghorns, 2s 6d per dozen. Inspection invited.—17, Aberystwyth-crescenfc, Barry. BROODY HENS FOR SALE,—Hewell House, Barry Island. FOR SALE, BATH CHAIR, new last summer.— ANDREWS, 32, Park-crescent, Barry. OR SALE, Cheap, DOUBLE-BOWED BOAT, suitable for Fishing or Selling Refreshments on the Beach.—Apply 36,Evans-street, Barry Docks IJost A r b o utib. LOST, on the 9th inst., between BARRY GRAV- ING DOCK and OSBORNE HOTEL, via Dock View-road, LADY'S SILVER WATCH, in outer nickel case.-Finder rewarded on returning to AMBROSE, 11, Palmerstown-road, Cadoxton-Barry. FiOUND, on May 1st, PURSE containing sum of money. Loser, giving description and stat- ing sum lost, may have same by applying at 7, Phyllis-street, Barry Island. r#tistdlantnus" DRAWING in aid of a Widow to be POST- PONED for three weeks. Will appear in Barry Dock News on June 1st, 1905. "fTIHE FIGHT FOR RELIGIOUS LIBERTY JL IN WALES." Price Id; 3s for 50 5s per 100.-All orders to be sent to Rev LEMUEL J. JAMES, Church House, 23, Kingsland-crescent, Barry Dock, Glam. BELLEVUE SCHOOL FOR GIRLS, Cadoxton. Vacancies for Pupils. Six Examination Successes at Christmas. Governess Student re- quired.—Apply Miss SMALL. MR E. J. RENDELL, L.R.A.M., Organist of Windsor-road Congregational Church, Barry, has Vacancies for a few Pupils. Subjects Organ, Pianoforte, Harmonium, Harmony, and Counter- point.-For terms apply 11, Canon-street, Barry or 92, Inverness-place, Cardiff. ESULT OF PRIZE DRAWING for benefit RESULT OF PRIZE DRAWING for benefit of the Widow of the late Mr LANGFORD :— 1st, 122 2nd,484; 3rd, 325 4th, 135 5th, 299 6th, 22 7th, 308; 8th, 1; 9th, 479 and 10th, 186, MRS. REED, ACCOUCHEUSE (Q.C. Hos.) and fully qualified NURSE (14 years' Hospital and General Nursing experience). All classes attended. Fees reasonable.-215, Holton-road, Barry Docks. JH. VENN, Court-road, Cadoxton, SADDLER and CYCLE MAKER. Nat. Telephone, 11X1. GARDEN SEEDS, Flower Seeds, Farm Seeds, Seed Oats, Barley, Vetches, Clover Seeds and Ryegrass, Special Mixtures for permanent pastures, Seed Potatoes, Northern Star, Sir John Llewelyn, Empress Queen, Evergood, British Queen, Arti- ficial Manures, Superphosphate, Bone Manure, Guano, Nitrate of Soda. Garden Tools of every description. Seed Drills, Chain and Drag Harrows, Cultivators, Rollers, Ploughs, Lawn Mowers, Garden Rollers, Garden Barrows, Churns, Cheese Presses, Cheese Vats, Steam, Gas, and Oil Engines. Bee appliances of all kinds. State requirements. Catalogues free.—JOHN HIBBERT AND SONS, 10 and 11, Castle-street, Cardiff. IMPORTANT TO MOTHERS.-Every Mother I who values the Health and Cleanliness of her Child should use HARRISON'S "RELIABLE" NURSERY POMADE. One application kills all Nits and Vermin, beautifies and strengthens the Hair. In Tins, 41d and 9d. Postage Id.—Geo. W. Harrison, Chemist, 118, Broad-street, Reading. Agent for Barry Docks-J. REYNOLDS, Chemist, 65, Holton-road. FOR YOUR POULTRY FOOD go to W. H. BURROUGH, Newport House, Thompson- street. Chick Food in 3d packets; also loose 21bs. for 21d. Agent for Caperns and Hyde's Bird Seed. ARDEN AND AGRICULTURAL SEEDS, Seed Potatoes, Artificial Manures, etc. Send for price list to J. E. LEVERS AND SON, Corn, Seed, and Manure Merchants, Court road, Cadoxton-Barry. TAKE HERBAL PILLS and be Happy.—Head and Stomach, Aperient, Diuretic, Tonic, Digestive, Liver, and Female Pills penny boxes every shopkeeper should sell them they require no license or stamp duty. — Wholesale from Trimnell, the Herbalist, Cardiff. JEst. 1879. THOUSANDS say Trimnell's Headache and Neuralgia Powders cure like magic; they are the best penny packets every shopkeeper should sell them.-Wholesale from Trimnell, The Her- balist, Cardiff. Est. 1879. SPECIALITIES, Indiarubber Appliances, Ene- S mas, &c. best and cheapest.—Trimnell, The Herbalist, 12, Southey-street, Cardiff. ■ VERY FEW PEOPLE GIVE SUFFICIENT HEED TO THEIR EYESIGHT! Your Eyes are nature's most precious gift, for half the beauty of the world is lost to a man with bad sight! Little eye troubles are so easy to remedy, but neglected they soon become difficult to deal with. Don't you think it would be better to give them a little attention now when they are not so bad ? Call and have the eyes carefully tested according to the best methods known to modern science, the defects corrected, and you will be able to see both comfortably and well. SPECIAL FEATURES! 1. We have a PRIVATE ROOM devoted entirely to Eyesight-Testing and Spectacle-Fitting 2. Eyesight can be tested at night equally as well as in the daytime. 13. If Glasses are not required, or medical attention is advisable, we will tell you so. Prompt and careful attention is always given to Oculists' Prescriptions. Charges strictly moderate. W. E. REES, Cash Chemist and Ophthalmic Optician, 238, HOLTON ROAD, BARRY DOCK. ST. PAUL'S IRON ROOM, BARRY. A GRAND ENTERTAINMENT WILL BE GIVEN IN THE ABOVE ROOM ON THURSDAY, MAY 18, 1905, Commencing at 8 o'clock prompt. The following Ladies and Gentlemen from Cardiff have very kindly promised their services, and will positively appear:- Professor CHARLES OSWALD, Conjuror. Professor F. HAINES, Ventriloquisb, with his Talking Dolls, Mr SAM TAYLOR, Mr ALBY PATTERSON, and Mr HARRY BEDFORD, Comics. Miss LI WESTON, Contralto. Mr D. J. DAVIES, Bass. Mr J. HOPKINS, Elocutionist. And other well-known Artistes. WEDDING, KEEPER, & ENGAGEMENT RINGS. FINEST SELECTION AND BEST VALUE AT H. B. CROUCH'S, 16, St. MARY-STREET, 48, QUEEN STREET, AND 9, High-street Arcade, Cardiff NoFree Presents, but guaranteed BestValuein the Kingdom. SEEDS SEEDS 11 SEEDsTl When Purchasing your GARDEN SEED and SEED POTATOES Purchase the Best of THOMAS BROTHERS, CORN AND SEED STORES, THOMPSON STREET, BARRY DOCK. SEEDS.-All New and of Great Variety. POTATOES.—15 different Sorts, all Grown on Lincolnshire Soil and Seed Size. l Please order early as the demand is brisk. All orders by post or left at the Shop will be delivered free. lllllll alii-—TnTBIiiinB^^ 111 j) |||||BB'|||iiiini|"||i]|inM|||j^yjj|jj|j^ HAVE YOU SEEN what WELDON'S LADIES' JOURNAL" says about URICURA. "HAMMOND'S 'URICURA' REMEDIES are asserted to be potent in all cases of rheumatism, gout, sciatica, lumbago, and the minor ailments of colds, sprains, bruises, &c. These specifics consist of I Uricura' Liniment (price 1/14), which is to be applied to the affected parts, and 'Uricura'Drops 1/11 a bottle), which are taken on sugar every night I and morning. For many years the 'Uricura' Remedies—prepared by The Hammond Remedies Company, Barry, Glamorgan-have given much relief to sufferers from rheumatism and gout; and as they are obtainable from all Chemists and Stores, the cure is within the reach of every one who would be benefitted by giving them a trial." LONG Life is what we all hope for; and to LIVE Long and happily you must enjoy good health. THE Only way to insure this is to always get the KING Of Remedies for whatever complaint you may be suffering from. REES' RELIABLE REMEDIES ARE THE BEST. A Special Cure for each Complaint. (BY EXAMINATION), BEES. The Cash Chemist, 238, HOLTON ROAD, BARRY DOCK. PRINTING OF EVERY DESCRIPTION Executed I with Neatness and Despatch at the Barry Dock News Office, Holton-road, Barry Docks. Printed and Published for the Barry Dock Newspaper and Printing Company, Limited, by JOHN ROWLAK 3 LLEWELLYN, at ITO] tgn road, Barry Docks Friday, May 12th, 1905.