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KIDNEY COMPLAINT GOMES ON UNNOTICED. It may have been growing for years before the patient finds I-, "ut his danger. Suffering Men and Women are advised to write for a FREE SAMPLE of m m AM POAWSfeigPUIS. Every Picture ,) tells a The Man or Woman with Kidney Trouble is always ill, heartless, and hopeless. Kidney complaint would not end fatally) Bo generally as it does if it did not come on so quietly. The trouble grows on you un- j awares that's the great danger. You may have been ill for years, but .not ill-.enough to keep to bed, and you have never suspected your kidneys of being the cause of those sleepless nights, that-aching back, those puffy eyes, or the urinary troubles. At the least sign of irregularity in your health, begin with Doan's backache kidney pills, the great kidney medicine. You may think such signs as rheumatic pains, backache, irregular heart, or dizzy spells are trifling, but they are not. No symptom of kidney trouble is trifling, for it shows that the kidneys are not taking the poisons out of your blood,; and unfiltered blood is the cause of most; diseases. If you neglect kidney complaint, it is bound to end in some such fatal kidney disease as inflammation of the kidneys, diabetes, Bright's disease, stone in the bladder, or dropsy, for sick kidneys can never get well of themselves. The genuine Doan's backache kidney pills are the best kidney help. They are made of pure roots and herbs that act on the kidneys and bladder only (no action on the bowels). This medicine heals the kidneys and helps them in their great blood-purifying work it corrects irregularity of the urinary system, cures backache, rheumatism, swelling in the limbs and body (dropsy), dizziness, pains in the loins and sides, sciatica, neuralgia, impure blood, drowsiness, sinking feeling and every disorder caused by weak and ailing kidneys. And cures are lasting, because Doan's backache kidney pills cure the cause of disease. Men and women of all ages can place faith in Doan's Pills. Many thousands have been cured during the 73 years this medicine has been in use. Every man and woman who has any sign of kidney and bladder trouble is advised to write to Foster-McClellan Co., 8,-Wells-street, Oxford-street, London, W., for a FREE SAMPLE BOX of Doan's backache kidney pills. Please mention the name of this paper, and enclose a penny stamp to cover postage. All chemists and druggists sell Doan's backache kidney pills, price 2s. 9d., a box six boxes for 13s. 9d. If, however, you have any difficulty in getting the genuine, you may obtain them, post free, on receipt of price, direct from the proprietors, Foster- McClellan Co., 8, Wells-street, Oxford-street, London, W. For their own protection, our readers are asked to see that the full name, DOAN'S backache kidney pills, appears on every box. Any package not bearing the name 'Doan's should be refused, as it is not the genuine. JJROADWOOD JpiANOFORTES (As supplied to the Mansion House for the Cardiff Corporation); also BLUTHNER, ERARD, SCHIEDMAYER, NEUMEYER, WALDEMAR, BRINSMEAD, COLLARD, &c. ORGANS By MASON and HAMLIN, BELL, DOMINION, &c THE FAMOUS PIANOLA PIANO PLAYERS And iEOLIAN SELF-PLAYING ORGANS. Utmost Discount- Allowed for Cash. EASY TERMS ARRANGED. R. J. HEATH & SONS, SOLE AGENTS, 76 QUEEN. STREET, CARDIFF; 70, TAFF-STREET. PONTYPRIDD; STAN. WELL-ROAD, PENARTH; and 23, STATION- ROAD, PORT TALBOT. THE CHARING CROSS BANK JL (ESTABLISHED 1870). CARDIFF BRANCH-73, ST. MARY-STREET. Assets, 1:694,405. Liabilities, £ 372,291. Reserve £ 322,112. Loans of B50 to £5,000 made on any class of security. Two-and a half per cent interest allowed on current accounts. Deposits of £ 10 and upwards received as under:— 5 per cent. per ann., subject to 3 months' notice of withdrawal 6 .i 6 „ „ 7 12 „ „ Special term for longer periods. Interest paid quarterly. The Terminable Deposit Bonds pay nearly nine per cent., and are a safe investment. Write or call for Prospectus. A. WILLIAMS & H. J. TALL, Joint Managers. PHOTOGRAPHY. npO Advertise my Work I am doing CABINETS JL from 5s per dozen. CHILDREN and GROUPS at Ordinary Prices. Agent for the KODAK SPECIALITIES. Day- light Loading Cameras from 5s to d65 2s 6d. W. H. BRISON, 65, THOMPSON STREET, BARRY DOCKS (Sixth Shop from the New Post Office). IT "W ILL MN "RTTV PAY YOU AU BUY POST CARD ALBUMS, from 6d. to 25s. POST CARDS, Thousands to choose from. PENS, INK, AND PAPER. INK, 6d. size for 4id. BIBLES, from lOd. to 25s. PRAYER & HYMNS (A. & M.), from 5d. to 10s. 6d. WE CAN FIT YOUR FOUNTAIN PEN with CAP, NIB, or FEED, while you wait. SCHOLASTIC TRADING CO., 37, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. MOLINEUX AND CO. Are now showing their New Spring Goods of Ladies', Gent.'s, & Children's BOOTS & SHOES. Latest Styles, Prices to suit everybody. K BOOTS IN GREAT VARIETY. MOLINEUX AND CO., 75, Holton-rd., Barry Docks. WEDDING CARDS! OF THE CHOICEST DESIGN AND ARTISTIC EXECUTION MAY BE OBTAINED AT THE 'Barry Dock News.' auiiiBMiiijuiPiiiMuiiiniiiii I T. C. SYMONDS, I u s ROYAL STORES, 140, HOLTON ROAD, BARRY DOCKS, HIGH-CLASS Grocer and Provision Merchant, IS STILL ADVANCING TO THE FRONT. W ALL PROVISIONS PICK OF THE MARKET. QUALITY GUARANTEED. NATIONAL TELEPHONE 14X. N.B.—NO CONNECTION WITH ANY OTHER FIRM IN THE DISTRICT.