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BARRY EDUCATION COMMITTEE. APPOINTMENT OF CHAIRMAN. MEMBERS INDULGE IN MORE PERSONALITIES. THE QUESTION OF SECONDARY EDUCATION. BARRY COMPLAINS OF HARD TREATMENT. The monthly meeting of the Education Com- mittee after the annual meeting of the Barry District Council took place on Monday afternoon last, Mr J. A. Manaton, J.P., presiding at the outset. The other members present were Miss M. E. Meredith, Messrs D. Morgan, D. Lloyd, Rev Ben Evans, Rev T. Pandy John, Gwyn Morris, and S. R. Jones. APPOINTMENT OF CHAIRMAN. The first business being the election of chairman for the ensuing year, Mr Manaton said he had great pleasure in moving that the Rev T. Pandy John, who had acted with credit as vice-chairman last year, be appointed chairman.—Mr D. Lloyd I have great pleasure in seconding.-On being put to the meeting, Mr John was unanimously elected. — Rev T. Pandy John thanked the members for the honour they had conferred upon him, feeling quite sure from the unanimous vote that he would have their cordial support. He did not anticipate a stormy year of office. The rev. gentleman trusted they would work har- moniously, and carry out the important matters which would come before them with the best of their judgment. (Hear, hear.) THE VICE-CHAIRMAN. For the position of vice-chairman, Mr Jones moved the appointment of Mr Gwyn Morris, who, he said, had done good service in the past.-There was no seconder.—Mr Manaton said perhaps the members had not seconded the motion for similar reasons to his own, and that was a belief that the vice-chairman should be a member of the Council. In moving that the Rev B. Evans be appointed, Mr Manaton said he hoped Mr Morris would take the matter kindly.—Mr D. Lloyd seconded.-Rev B. Evans declined, remarking that he believed in dividing honours, which was a wise and healthy rule.-Mr Manaton Then I move Mr Meggitt. -Mr Jones seconded.—Mr Morgan associated himself with the view expressed by Mr Manaton. -Mr Morris stated that after that expression of opinion, although he did not fall in with it, be would like to withdraw his name.—Mr Meggitt was then unanimously elected. APPOINTMENT OF SUB-COMMITTEES. Mr Manaton said that last year some members of the Education Committee had not been placed on any of the sub-committees, and those members who were on the sub-committees had more work than they could comfortably perform. He, there- fore, moved that the work be divided between three committees, namely, Building and Plans Committee, Attendance and General Purposes Committee, and Finance and Requisitions Committee. Rev Ben Evans seconded. Mr S. R. Jones said Mr Manaton was already on fourteen committees, Mr Lloyd was on five, and it had been the intention of some members that Mr Jose and Mr Milward should be returned on the Education Committee. A man of experience like Mr Meggitt had only been placed on one. Personally he (Mr Jones) had only been elected on the Hospital and Public Libraries' Committees, after being returned for the Holton Ward by three votes to two. He agreed with Mr Manaton that the best fitted members should be placed on the different committees, but he should like to see the rule consistently carried out. In reply, Mr Manaton said he was a member of these committees in his capacity as chairman of the Council. He had always considered Mr Jones a little man, but he had made himself very much smaller that afternoon. Mr S. R. Jones Hear, hear Mr Manaton (receiving a sheet from Dr O'Donnell, who was also present) Here is Mr Jones' programme, prepared in the chapel. Mr Jones That was produced by the traitor. Mr Manaton: Never mind who produced it. You were to act on the Gas and Water Committee -a very suitable one, Gas." (Laughter.) You were to have been also on the Hospital and Finance Committee?. This is the programme prepared in the chapel—the original programme. Mr S. R. Jones It is not the Sunday one, is it ? Mr Manaton Oh, and you were to have been chairman of the Finance Committee, and you are very sore because you were deposed but you were not deposed because you never had it. The Chairman, Messrs D. Morgan, J. C. Meggitt, D, Lloyd, J. A. Manaton, and Rev Ben Evans were appointed to constitute the Building and Plans Sub-committee, and the Chairman, Miss Meredith, Messrs Gwyn Morris, S. R. Jones, and J. C. Meggitt the Requisition and Finance Committee. It was proposed that the Chairman, Miss Meredith, Rev Ben Evans, Messrs Gwyn Morris, and S. R. Jones be the General Purposes Com- mittee. Mr Manaton thought it rather hard that some of the old members like Mr Lloyd should not be re- elected on this Committee. He hoped they would have an opportunity of rectifying it at the Council meeting. Rev Ben Evans I hope this feeling will not continue, and that it is not too late to rectify it. Mr Manaton It is too late it should not have been commenced. Rev Ben Evans It is ungentlemanly to say it is too late I object. Mr D. Lloyd But, Mr Chairman, it is unfair to reject old members for co-opted ones. Mr Gwyn Morris I claim I am not co-opted. I was returned to the County Council as the repre- sentative of three wards and I should have been returned at the District Council election a month ago, but for the unfair practices used. I won't admit that I am a co-opted member. The Chairman Mr Gwyn Morris is, perhaps, technically a co-opted member, but he is here for the County Council to represent the people. Mr Lloyd Only for a little time. Mr Morris I object to that. The Chairman, Messrs Gwyn Morris, Rev Ben Evans, and Mr Lloyd were appointed to represent the Education Committee on the Dinas Powis Truant School General Committee and Mr D. Lloyd and Rev Ben Evans on the Finance Com- mittee. COUNTY COUNCIL AND BARRY COUNTY SCHOOL. The Clerk (Mr T. B. Tordoff) read a letter from Mr W. C. Howe, assistant overseer, who stated that £250 had been included in the precept which the County Council hadserved upon the Guardians, and he was given to understand that it represented expenses incurred with regard to the training of pupil teachers at Barry County School.—The Assistant Overseer was in attendance, and said last half-year nothing was charged for special purposes in connection with the County School. He reported to the overseers that they need not expect such a charge being included in the pre- cept till they got the required notice under section 18 of the Act. No notice was received, and a precept was issued upon the Guardians, amongst the items being this £250. He had communicated with Mr T. M. Franklen, clerk to the County Council, and on April 28th received a notice, but the precept had been issued a fortnight previously. Mr Howe said he brought the matter forward because he did not receive the notice in due course. He had been given to understand that this £ 250 applied to the current half-year.—Mr J. Lowdon, J.P., one of the Barry representatives on the County Council, who was present, stated that the cost of these pupil teachers for the half-year was j6171 13s, and under section 18A of the Act the County Council could only charge with respect to expenses which had been incurred. He thought it was totally illegal for the County Council to make this charge.-The Chairman Hear, hear.- Proceeding, Mr Lowdon said the County Council had levied a lid rate, which would mean a cost of jE500 to Barry. It was, he thought, hard on Barry, from which last year the County Council made a profitof atleast £ 600 with regard to technical educa- tion, and it was equally clear that they were likely to make a profit of jE900 this year with regard to Barry.—The Clerk stated that up to July, 1904, grants had been received by the Education Com- mittee, and the grants, which would be at an increased rate on account of Barry being recog- nised as a pupil teachers' centre, would be received by the County Council or Governors. — Alderman the Rev D. H. Williams, M.A., who was also present, said the pupil teachers at Barry did not cost £ 500.—Rev B. Evans remarked that the statements by Mr Lowdon made things monstrous. They should seriously consider whether or not they could get the carrying on of secondary education in their own hands. It would be better, and he was sure carried on quite as efficiently.-The Clerk remarked that they had not paid anything to the governors of the County School for the training of pupil teachers since December, 1903. He assumed, until Mr Howe spoke, that this amount ( £ 250) would include payments since that time. The Clerk thought there must be some misunderstanding.-Rev D. H. Williams said he was inclined to agree with the Clerk.-However, the Chairman, Rev Ben Evans, and Mr J. C. Meggitt were appointed to act with the three Barry members of the County Council in the matter. MANAGERS OF DEFECTIVE CHILDREN'S CLASS. Mr Manaton moved, and Mr S. R. Jones seconded, that the Chairman, Miss Meredith, and Rev B. Evans be appointed managers of the special class for defective children.—This was agreed to. CHECKING REGISTERS. The rota of members for checking the school registers wa.s agreed upon. UNDERFED CHILDREN. The former committtee appointed, with the addition of Mr S. R. Jones, were instructed to inquire into and report on the matter of underfed school children in the Barry district. TRANSFER OF TEACHERS. Instructions were given to the effect that Miss L. Cargill be transferred from Holton-road Girls' School to Clive-road Mixed School Miss O. Phillips from Clive-road Mixed School to Holton- road Girls' School and Miss Brown from High- street Infants to Court-road Infants. TEACHER'S RESIGNATION. Miss E. Llewellyn, assistant teacher at Romilly- road Infants' School, tendered her resignation, which was accepted, and instructions were given to the General Purposes Committee to take steps to fill the vacancy. LEAVE OF ABSENCE. The question of applications for leave of absence I from teachers who intend sitting at the next certificate examination was also referred to the General Purposes Committee. THE MAY SHOW: Permission was given to close all the schools in the town on Wednesday last on the occasion of the Barry May Show. This was all the public business.