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BARRY MAY SHOW AND HORSE PARADE. AN IMPOSING EXHIBITION AND RECORD ATTENDANCE. The ninth annual Horse Show and Parade of the Barry district took place on Wednesday last, the Show being held as usual at the Buttrills Field, under the presidency of Col. W. H. Wyndham-Quin, C.B., M.P., Mr W. Thomas, J.P., The Hayes, being chairman of Committee Dr P. J. O'Donnell, vice- chairman Mr C. W. Vine, general steward Mr W. Fowler, treasurer Mr R. W. Hall, M.R.C.V.S, (L.), hon. secretary; and Mr F. B. Wilkins, assistant hon. secretary, and the very efficient manner in which the whole of the arrangements were carried out reflected the utmost credit upon all concerned. The weather this year was all that could be desired, and although last year there was a record gathering of the public in the field during the afternoon, the attendance this year was larger than on any previous occasion. The entries numbered nearly 170, and notwithstanding the fact that a depression in trade has prevailed in the district for the last two or three years, the quality of stock shown and the excellence of the turn-outs, especially in the tradesmen's classes, were very gratifying. The feature of the show this year was a handsome new ten-guinea champion silver cup, generously given by Mr T. G. Tibbetts, Ceylon House, for the best tradesmen's horse in the light classes, and the fine collection of animals placed in the ring for the blue riband of the Show were highly admired by the crowds of spectators who witnessed the competition, the cup and first prize being won by Mr G. H. Burnett. There was also a district champion class, the first prize in which was a five-guinea silver cup, given by the joint committees of the Cardiff, Penarth,and Barry Shows, for the best light horse as well as a five-guinea silver cup given by Mr C. B. Griffiths, Royal Hotel, for the best single turn-out plying for hire. The judges of the light classes were Messrs Thomas Nicholas, Port Talbot; and John Slade, Weston- super-Mare heavy classes: Messrs Oliver Williams, Great Hampston, St. Lythan's and David Jenkins, Flemingstone, Cowbridge. Previous to the judg- ing, the usual parade through the town took place, the procession being an exceedingly attractive and imposing spectacle. The Barry Dock Town Brass Band was in attendance, and played a selection of music both at the Parade and on the Show Ground during the afternoon. The awards of the judges were as follows :— ORDINARY CLASSES (LIGHT). Horse, Harness, and Vehicle — 1, Thomas Brothers, corn merchants; 2, J. E. Levers and Son, corn merchants; 3, Alfred Taylor, potato merchant. Pair of Horses in Brake or Wagonette, and Harness, plying for hire-I, 2, and 3, D. Paulett, Market Mews, Cadoxton. Horse or Pony in Cart or Trap, and Harness (Milk)—1, 2, and 3, Morgan Howell, Colebrook. Horse in Cart. or Trap, and Harness (Bakers)- 1, James Price, Modern Bakery; 2, Thomas Philipps, Holton-road 3, J. Isaac, Barry-road. Horse in Cart or Trap, and Harness (Grocers) -1, Jones Brothers, Holton-road; 2, T. G. Tibbetts, Ceylon House; 3, F. B. Wilkins, Central Stores. Horse in Cart or Trap, and Harness (Butchers) —1 and 3, G. H. Burnett, Barry; 2, H. Lakin, Cadoxton. Protest laid in this class. Horse or Pony in Cart or Trap, and Harness (Hawkers)-l, James Tallboy, Barry Docks; 2, T. Ruckley, Cadoxton 3, W. E. Kathrens, Barry Docks. LIGHT CLASSES (SPECIAL). Private Turn-out (Single)-l, G. H. Burnett; 2, James Price 3, Jones Brothers. Turn-out (Single)—1, W. J. Rees, Barry Docks; 2 and 3, D. Paulett; 4, George Gay and Son, Barry Docks. Best Horse in Show for Speed and Action-1, Evan Williams, Victoria Hotel; 2, A. C. Clissett, Barry 3, G. H. Burnett; reserve, R. W. Hall. Protest laid. Private Turn-out (Single)-l, A. C. Clissett; 2, W. Diamond. Protest laid. Trotting (open)—1, John Williams' (Pontypool), Honest Tom 2, Gwalia Stud Farm Company, Cardiff; 3, Watkin Evans' (Cardiff) Lady Mary Ann. Best and smartest Horse, Cob, or Pony—1, R. W. Hall, M.R.C.V.S., Barry Docks 2, Alfred Taylor, Barry Docks 3, Harry Langley, Barry Docks; 4, W. J. Rees, Barry Docks. Protest laid. Best Tradesmen's Horse in the Light Classes (Champion Class).—1, G. H. Burnett; 2, Thomas Bros.; 3, James Price; 4, Jones Bros.; reserve, T. Philipps. Best Horse in the Show for Speed and Action- 1, T. G. Tibbetts, Ceylon House 2, James Tallboy; 3, Evan Williams, Victoria Hotel. Trotting (Open)-l, Evan Williams 2, Gwalia Stud Farm Company 3, A. C. Clissett. Best Horse, Cart, and Harness (Consolation)- 1, Thomas Bros. 2, H. Gray, Cadoxton 3, G. Gay and Son. Best Horse or Mare of any breed—1, F. B. Wilkins. Most Suitable and Neatest Dressed Driver (Light)—1, F. Pearce (J. E. Levers and Son); 2, Robert Jackson (James Price); 3, E, Boyce (Thomas Bros.) District Champion Class. For the best light horse exhibited either at Cardiff, Barry, or Penarth Shows-To be adjudicated at the Penarth Show next Wednesday. ORDINARY CLASSES (HEAVY). Horse, Cart, and Harness-1 and 2, D. Paulett; 3, W. Britton. Horse and Harness in Van, Cart, or Trolley—1 and 3, C. H. Bailey 2, D. Paulett. Horse in Wagon, Trolley, or Cart, and Harness (Coal Merchants and Hauliers)-1 and 2, William Bushell; 3, H. Stephens. I HEAVY CLASSES (SPECIAL). Best and Soundest Heavy Horse in the Show— 1, C. H. Bailey, Tyne Engine Works; 2, W. Britton, Barry Docks; 3, W. Bushell, Barry Docks 4, D Paulett. Driver Showing Smartest and Cleanest Turn- out in Heavy Classes—1, H. Stephens; 2, W. Britton. Most Suitable and Neatesb Dressed Driver—1, E. Osborne (D. Paulett), Cadoxton 2, C. Trask and R. Burnell (C. H. Bailey) equal; 3, W. Thatcher (D. Paulett). Amongst the visitors to the show ground during the afternoon was the President, Colonel Wyndham- Quin, M.P., who expressed himself as being highly pleased with the excellent show, and remarked that the collection of horses and turnouts were much superior to what he expected to find at Bairy in fact, the show was in every respect equal to many exhibitions which he had witnessed in much larger towns. The catering arrange- ments in connection with the show were this year entrusted to Mr C. B. Griffiths, of the Royal Hotel, Cadoxton, and this important department was discharged in a manner which gave entire satisfaction.