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IMMIGRANT PROSPECTS IN CANADA. To the Editor of the BARRY DOCK NEWS." DEAR SIR, — With your kind permission, I would like to answer a letter to me from a certain individual at home. It appears that my former letter to your estimable paper has roueed his ire. By the style of his letter he appears to me to be one of the many who, through a certain office, send men out here with an altogether erronious idea. He does not like the way I explained a few facts to my friends concerning Canada. I will try to make these facts somewhat plainer. In the first place, that said gentleman is at present in Wales. while I am actually in the country he thought I gave a very poor description of. Then, again, he is paid for sending men out here, and I am not. So will let the readers of the Barry Dock News judge for themselves which is correct; I wish him to make his statements through the Barry Dock News, with the permission of the Editor, of course. The following are facts, of which I can get ample proofs from various persons from whom I have gathered it. He told me that there are not many out of employment here. Perhaps it would be a revelation to a few to know that there are at present in Winnipeg alone no fewer than 800 bricklayers out of employment, and with no chance of obtaining it for some little while. As for car- penters, they are too numerous to mention. He tried to explain why the city is so full of the un- employed in the winter, and ends with the same old story-try the farms He knows very well, only it is against his own interests to say it, that all the farms are practically full. There are not enough farms here to keep the men of Manitoba employed. And yet they are sending more all the time. Well, why don't you get a farm of your own?" How many men has he sent here with money enough to start a farm on their immediate arrival ? The majority that come here are those who have come out with the inten- tion of working, as they had not enough to start for themselves right away. And this is how they start to make their fortunes. They come out with anything varying between £5 and d620. They find as soon as they reach here scores of men walking the streets without anything to do. If they are lucky they may strike a farm, and owing to his being fresh get probably five dollars a month, out of which he has to pay for his washing, and that is no mean thing here and what he makes in the summer has to keep him for a winter of at least five months, as there is absolutely nothing to do in the winter. I hope my correspondent does not dream for a moment that those who have lately started for themselves can afford to employ labour. There are quite a few here that have their crops, mortgaged long before harvest time. And by the way he drew my attention to the vast numbers of men that are employed during the harvesting time, may I ask him how long does the harvesting last ? And does he think that the men can wait from one season to another ? What are they to do between whiles ? For myself, I think that if the officials at home would preach less about the 1; Illimitable resources of Canada," and give the people a true account, and not put so many flowers in the circulars, it would be much more satisfactory to those who do immigrate. As I said before, the Government will populate this country even if they have to do it by exaggeration. Hoping this will meet your approval, Mr Editor, — I remain, yours truly, HENRY RUCKLEY, Late of Gilbert Gardens, Cadoxton-Barry, 68, Harriett-street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, April 24th, 1905.