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A BOX-MAKER'S CURE. TREATED AT SIX HOSPITALS FOR ANJE ,lA, SHORT OF BREATH: NEARLY SUFFOCATED THROUGH INDIGESTION, SHE HEARD WHAT DR. WILLIAMS' PINK PILLS DID FOR ANOTHER SUFFERER, AND WAS CURED BY THE SAME MEANS. "I have been to six different hospitals. My fellow-workers said it was hopeless for me to try to work. Cod-Liver Oil was ordered but the only medicine I really felt do me any good was Dr Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People." This is the report of Miss Clara Hornsey, 50, Whiston-street, Haggerston, London, N.E. What she says proves the seriousness of her case. When doctors order Cod-Liver Oil it is because they know that Consumption has begun. Consumption, nine times out of the ten, is the natural result of Anw-mia-lack of blood. The lungs are weakened, a. small blood vessel breaks, the patient (already weak) spits blood and dies by inches because the lung cannot heal FOR WANT OF BLOOD. Dr Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People make new blood. They thus directly cure Ansemia, and all the consequences of Anæmia-Indigestion, fluttering of the heart, short breath, loss of appe- tite, blood-spitting, Consumption. Miss Hornsey's clever description shows how they act: li My breath was short. At times I could hardly speak. The worst of it was that I could not eat Miss Hornsey, a clever cardboard-box maker, tells here how she was cured of Ancemia by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People. without feeling almost suffocated afterwards and suffering fearful Indigestion. That soon told upon me, and I grew quite powerless. I seemed to have no life in me. I ALWAYS FELT TIRED. About two months ago Miss Annie Hunt, who gave a testimonial to Dr Williams' Medicine Company, told me about Dr Williams' Pink Pills and how they cured her. My mother bought a box for me, and soon I began to feel that blood and life were coming into my body again. The effect was really wonderful, because I had taken such a lot of medicine without getting any better." Miss Hornsey added that she eats well and enjoys her meals without fear of Indigestion. One most noticeable effect of Dr Williams' Pink Pills is the way they restore the appetite and enable the food to be digested. The sufferer begins to eat at once, and that is the first sign of improvement. Ansemia is simply bloodlessness. Dr Williams' Pink Pills make new blood; thus they cure Antenna just as food cures hunger. They are good for other troubles of women and girls and of men, too, for they cure Bile, Indigestion, Gout, Rheumatism, Sciatica, Heart Disease, Backache, Paralysis, St Vitus' Dance, and all trouble that arise from poor blood or starved nerves, Dr Williams' Medicine Co., Holborn-viaduct, London, send a box post free for 2s 9d, six for 13s 9d but they can be had at all medicine shops. They are not a purgative. On the contrary, they strengthen all who take them.