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LOCAL CRICKET. ) CADOXTON-BARRY v. MR. R. B. MILLER'S XI. On Saturday last the above teams met at the Witchill Ground, in be ntifnl weather. The pitch was excelient, but owing to the sun coming after Friday's rain, the wicket was slightly in favour of the bowlers. Mr Miller won the toss, and sent Livesay and Davies to face the bowling of Jake- man and Llewellyn. Livesaj started very well, but unfortunately got out to a brilliant catch at the wicket by Dr Budge, standing back to Jakeman. After this reverse runs came very slowly, both bowlers keeping excellent lengths, and the side were finally dismissed for the small score of 22. Jakf-man took seven wickets for nine rnns, and Llewellyn four for ten, besides bowling three no-balls. Jakeman took four wickets in five balls, doing the hat trick. On Cadoxton-Barry aroing to the wicket runs came very fast, T. L Thomas, Llewellyn, Waters, Atcheson, Fear, and Adams all getting double figures, despite frequent changes in the bowling. The innings eventually realised 92 runs. Livesay (seven wickets for 39 runs) and Davies (three for 10) were the most successful bowlers. Scores :— successful bowlers. Scores :— MR MILLER'S TEAM. S. Livesay, c Dr Budge, b Jakeman. 4 J. Davies, b Llewellyn 5 T. R. Robinson, b Jakeman 0 Dr Kent, c Fear, b Llewellyn 0 P. Gabe, b Llewellyn 0 C. H. Kempthorne, b Jakeman 2 T. J. Scott, c Waters, b Llewellyn 0 D. M. Yorwerth, b Jakeman 0 H. S. Wooding, b Jakeman 6 C. H. Brown, b Jakeman 0 A. D. Mein, b Jakeman 0 R. B. Miller, not out 2 Extras 3 Total. 22 CADOXTON-BARRY. Trevor Thomas, c Dr Kent, b Scott. 11 S. London, c Dr Kent b Livesay 4 H. Fear, b Livesay 13 J. Acheson, c Wooding, b Livesay 16 R. Jakeman, c Miller, b Davies 0 Dr Budge, b Davies 0 Rev J. Longdon, b Livesay 4 George Waters, c Livesay, b Davies. 0 W. Kinsley, b Livesay. 6 H. Waters, c Dr Kent, b Livesay. 12 P. Adams, b Livesay. 10 W. T. Llewellyn, not out 10 Extras. 6 Total. 92 MID-RHONDDA v. BARRY. Favoured with ideal cricket weather, a large crowd assembled at Barry Island on Saturday last to witness the encounter between Barry and Mid-Rhondda. The visitors went to the wickets first and compiled 70 runs. Barry responded with 106 for the loss of only four wickota, thus winning easily. R. Williams (44), Si Jenkins (28), and the Rev H. H. Stewart (18) were the chief contributors to the home score. Williams was in fine form, and drove with great power and- judgment. Scores:— MID-RHONDDA. R.C. Walter, b S. Jenkins. 3 W. Walter, c Sadler, b S. Jenkins 4 W. T Griffiths, c Williams, b Jenkins 17 Gwilym Davies, b Samuel t. 16 Alf. Evans, et Gameson, b Jenkins 7 Dan James, b J. Samuel 11 D. Davies, c J. H. Morgan, b Samuel 0 T. Jones, c S. Jenkins, d Samuel 3 G. E. Evans, c Sadler, b Samuel 3 B, Jones, b Jenkins 1 J. Evans, not out 1 Extraa 4 Total. 70 BARRY. Si. Jenkins (captain), l.b.w. b Evana. 28 R.Williams,c G.E. Evans,bG. Davies 44 Rev H. H. Stewart, c Davies, b R. C. Walter 18 H. Thomas, c Walter, b A. Evans 1 J. H. Morgan, not out. 9 H. Kirby, not out 2 Extras 4 Total.106 F. Sadler, W. Gameson, J. Samuel, W. Laws, and T. Evans did not bat. CANTON v. DINAS POWIS. Dinas Powis were at home to Canton (Cardiff) on Saturday last, and the visitors gave them a good game. Canton were the Orat to wield the willow, and before they were disposed of they compiled the respectable total of 109 runs, of which £ L. Rees (the erstwhile Glamorgan County, player) was responsible for 56, and F. Morgan 32. J. B. Smithson, for Dinas Powis, took six wickets for 34 runs, and J. Collins three for 30; while E.L. Rees, for the visitors, dispoaed of seven for 16. The following were the scores CANTON. E. L. Rees, b Smithson 56 S. Polglaee, b Smithson 11 R. Rooney, b Smiibson 0 J. L. Lewis, run out 1 F. Lewis (captain) b Smithson 3 F. Morgan, cand b Collins. 32 W. Hamlett, c J. Evans, b Smithson I B. Hemming, b Collins 0 E. J. Lewis, b Collins 0 W. Huntley Thomas, c Garrett, b Smithson. 2 A. Thomas, not out 1 Extras 3 Total.109 DINAS POWIS. H. J. Thomas, b Rees. 1 J. Evans, b Rees 7 D. Wakeford, b Rees 2 J. B. Smithson, b Reeo 3 C. Allen, 1 b.w., b Rees. 1 V. Simons (captain), b J. Lewis 1 A. Black, c E. J. Lewis, b J. Lewis. 0 H. Vivian, not out 8 H. E. Garrett, b Rees 1 H. Peach, b Rees 0 J. Collins, run out I Extras 9 Total. 34 BARRY Y.M.C.A. v. CARDIFF INTER- MEDIATE OLD BOYS. In splendid weather these teams met at the Buttrills, Barry, on Saturday afternoon last. The visitors batted first, but runs were very slow, and though batting for a long while, their total only reached 25. On going to the wickets the Y.M.C.A. soon equalised, compiling in quick time 62 runs for six wickets, The following were the scores CARDIFF INTERMEDIATE. I G. Thomas, b Rees 2 F. Waring, b Rees 4 G. Davies, c Waite, b Rees. 0 I. Jones, run out 6 H. Bennett, b Rees 0 H. Care, b Rees 0 F. Morgan, b Williams 0 T. King, b Williams 1 W. Black, b Rees 0 T. Prosser, b Williams 1 J. Spencley, not out 4 Extras. 7 Total. 25 BARRY Y.M.C.A. B. Bunford, b Bennett 16 W. T. Morgan, c Prosser, b Bennett 3 F. Bennett, b Bennett. 3 E. J. Llewellyn, b Care 8 R. Lewis, b Care. 10 E. Waite, not out 5 L. W. Rees, b Thomas. 6 T. Williams, not out 3 Extras 8 I Total (for 6 wickets) 62 E. Bennett, D. Lewis, and F. Stephenson did I not bat. i TYLORSTOWN 2NDS v. CADOXTON- BARRY 2NDS. On Saturday last Cadoxton-Barry 2nds visited Tylorstown, but although the season is young and members are keen, still they were obliged to go away two short. The home team won the toss, and went in to bat first against the bowling of Garner and Alexander. Garner started exceed- ingly well, taking two wickets for three runs. Alexander and Humphreys also did well, taking taking two wickets for 14 and two for four runs respectively. The fielding was keen, E. 0 Donnell doing exceedingly well. Tylorstown were all out for 42. Humphreys and F. O'Donnell started the visitors' innings, but made no stand. None of the Barry team, with the exception of R VV Hall and Alexander, seeded able to do any hing with the ball. The result was that the visitors were all out for 36. Tylorstown, on batting again, were disposed of for 16 runs, Humphries being especially conspicuous, taking six wici- tits for two runs whilst Garner took three for three. With this more hopeful aspect Barry again went in and knocked up 46 runs, thus winning the match by 24 runs, Garner being top scorer with 15. The visitiors' bowling and fielding was very good indeed but the batting on the whole was a weak display. Scores:— TYLORSTOWN. 1st innings. 2nd innings. C. Jones, c Hall, b Garner 0 b Humphreys 2 T. Jones, run out 0 c & b Humphreys 0 B. Williams, b Gamer. 5 b Humphreys 3 E. Rees, st E. O'Donnell, b Garner 0 I.b.w. b Garner. 0 F. Pope, b Alexander 3 Cooper, not Out 7 o Ellis, b Hum- phries 2 E. C. Evans, b Alexander 2 o E. O'Donnell, b Garner 0 L. Someral, run out. 5 not out 1 A. Hughes, run out 7 b Humphreys 8 Atherway, b Humphreys. 1 b Garner 0 L. Jones, b Humphreys 0 c O'Donnell, b Humphreys. 1 Extras 2 Extras 1 Total. 42 Total. 16 CADOXTON-BARRY 2NDS. 1st innings. 2nd innings. Humphreys, b Williams. 0 b Williams 0 F. O Donnell, b Williams 2 c Cooper, b Williams 16 Garner, c E. Jones, b Williams 1 c Rees.b Williams 15 E. O'Donnell, bHughes 0 c Cooper, b Williams. 0 R. W. Hall, not out. 6 b Williams..i 0 G-Waters, run out 5 l.b.w. b Williams 0 Alexander, b Cooper. 9 b Williams. 0 Gifford, b Cooper 0 b 1 T. E. Richards, l.b.w. b c Cooper, b Rees 1 Williams. 0 Tucker, run out 2 c Rees, b Williams 1 Ellisj b Williams 5 not out 18 Extras 5 Extras 5 Total. 36 46 BARRY ISLAND v. BARRY VILLA. Played at Barry Island, before a large crowd of spectators, on Saturday last. The Villa batted first, and scored 31 runs, of which T. White contributed a useful 14. The Island replied with 82 (McLennon 14). In their second innings the Villa scored 49 runs for eight wickets and declared. With 40 minutes to play the homesters went in, and made 33 for eight wickets when time was called. Four of the Island wickets went down for no runs. It was exceedingly unlucky for the Villa, as another five minutes would have meant victory for them. F. Dure bowled well for the losers, taking five wickets for 12 runs in the first innings, and seven wickets for seven runs in the second. F. S. Grogan also bowled well for the Island, performing the 44 hat trick," taking four wickets in one over. Scores: BARRY VILLA. 1st Innings. p 2nd Innings. T. White, b F. Grogan. 14 o J. Whitman, b Tresider 0 J. Jeremiah, b G. Grogan 1 run out..„v. 0 D. Abbott, c Smith, bF. Grogan 3 b F. Grogan 0 F. Dure, c Whitman, b F, Grogan 3 b Tresider 0 T. Griffiths, b Tresider. 4 b Tresider 3 J. Dewer, o F. Grogan, b Tresider. 0 c James, bG.Grogan 27 H. Cox, b Tfesider 2 b Tresider 10 G. Williams, b F. Grogan 0 b Andrews 0 S. Davies, not out 3 not out. 8 T. Serg, b F. Grogan 0 b F. Grogan 0 A. White, b F. Grogan 0 Extras 1 Extras. 1 Total 31 *Total (9 w'k'ts) 49 *Innings declared closed. BARRT ISLAND. 1st Innings. 2nd Innings. McLennon, l.b.w. bDure 14 b Dure. 0 F. Grogan, st. Griffiths, bx)ure 4 l.b.w. b Dure 0 Woods, b Cox 2 Lb. w. b Dure. 0 W. YVmfield, b Dure 0 b Dure 0 G. Grogan, c Dure, b Cox 3 c A. White, b Dure 1 J. Whitman QOox T. Smith, b Dure 0 Lb.w. b Dure. 8 S. Andrews, b Cox 4 b Dure 5 S. Attwell, run out.. 2 Tresider, c and b Dure. 0 not out. 4 S. James, not out 1 Extras 1 Extras 3 Total 32 Total (8 w'k'ts) 33 BRIDGEND v. BARRY COUNTY SCHOOL. Played at Bridgend on Saturday last, when the home team won on the first innings by 35 runs. Hughes, for the losers, bowled very effectively, taking six wickets for 16 runs, and also scored 14 runs for once out. Scores :— < BRIDGEND. W. Hill, b Hughes 0 F. Austin, c Lough, b Jones 2 E. Lewis, o D. E. Davies, b Jones 19 S. Harris, o Lough, b Hughea 7 T. Price, run out 6 W. Randall, b Hugbes. 0 J. Phillips, not out 19 T. Evans, c D. H. Davies, b Hughes 0 W. Thomas, c D. H. Davies, b Hughes 1 D. Jones, b Hughes 0 F. Hill, c Pinch, b Jones. 0 Extras 3 Total 57 BARRY. 1st Innings. 2nd Innings. Driacoll,cA'stin,b Harris 1 c Austin, b Harris 3 I. Evans, b Harris 0 c Austin, b Lewis. 1 D. H. Davies, b Lewis: 3 st. Hill, b Lewis 0 E. Lough, b Lewis 4 b Harris 4 E. G. Hughes, b Harris 7 not out 7 E. Howells, b Lewi5 0 c Evans, b Lewis 2 H. Hirst, l.b.w. b Harris 0 b Lewis 0 E.Jones,cAustin,bLewis 0 run out. 1 D. E. Davibs, b Harris.. 0 b Lewis 0 Pinch, c and b Harris 0 M. Rees, run out 1 Extras 6 Extras 1 Total. 22 Total (8 w'kets) 19 BARRY CONGREGATIONALS v. EAST MOORS (CARDIFF.) Played at Barry on Saturday last, when the visitors won easily by six wickets and five runs. The scores were as follows :— BARRY CONGREGATIONALS. R. J. Webber, b Preece 0 B. Le6, b Preece 0 W. Williams, b Preece. 3 C. Jones, b Preece 0 I. Harry, c Thomas, b Jones 7 J. David, cSwan, b Preece. 5 B. Davies, b Preece. 0 A. Bobbett, b Jones 0 Claude Oliver, b Jones 2 J. Gilbert, b Preece 0 R. Webber, not out 0 Extras. 1 Total. 18 EAST MOORS. E. Lewis, c Gilbert, b Williams 2 D. Craven, c and b Lee 6 T. Pring, b David 4 E. Preece, bDavid 4 P. Jones, c Lee, b David 0 D. Smith, not out 3 J. Preece, not out j 0 Extras 4 Total for 5 wickets) 23 BARRY VILLA 2ND V HANNAH-STREET CONGREGATIONALS (CARDIFF). Played at the Buttrills Field, Barry, on Saturday afternoon last. In the first innings the homesters contributed 22 runs against the Cardiffians' 28 runs. The Congregationala scored 21 runs in the second innings, and the Villas five runs for three wickets. GLADSTONE VILLA V. LOMBARD STARS.— Played on Tuesday last, when the scores were :— Gladstone Villa, 77 runs Lombard Stars. 75 runs. BARRY ALPHA V. CARDIFF ST. VINCENT'S CHOIR.—Played at the Romilly Park, Barry, on Saturday last, the home team winning by the narrow margin of two runs. J. Sylvey (Cardiff) 12, and H. Morris (Barry) 8, were the top scorers. Barry Alpha require fixtures.-W. Snell, 10, Harbour-road, Barry.




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