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I A TEN-GUINEA I BEDROOM SUITE For X6 17s 6d Cash! RARE OPPORTUNITY. Bevan & Company ANNOUNCE THE PURCHASE FOR CASH OF A Manufacturer's Stock OF TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN SOLID SATIN WALNUT BEDROOM SUITES! USUAL PRICE TEN GUINEAS PER SUITE. THE 215 SUITES ARE OFFERED For X 6 17s 6d Cash! Every Suite is made of well seasoned Satin Walnut, and is highly finished. Each Suite comprises & handsome Wardrobe with bevelled silvered plate glass door, a dressing chest of drawers with bevelled silvered plate glass and small jewel drawers, a marble-top wash stand with double row of tiles to back, and towel rails at end, and two good cane-eeated chairs the usual price of which is ten guineas. The entire stock is offered per Suite For 46 17s 6d Cash! I There never has been, nor is there likely to ever again occur, such a splendid chance to obtain a very handsome and solid satin walnut BEDROOM SUITE under ten guineas each. These are offered to clear (a most astonishing bargain) For £ 6 17s 6d Cash! Oh receipt of post card, either a drawing of the Suite wMl be posted, or the Firm's Representative will call upon you to submit particulars of above Suite or of any other goods and receive your esteemed instructions. Do not pay ten guineas for a suite of. no better value whilst one of these 215 remain For X6 17s 6d Cash I Beyan & Company, LIMITED, KNOWN THROUGHOUT WALES AS The Cardiff Furnishers.' The Largest complete Home Furnishers. Music and Carpet Warehousemen in this part of the Kingdom. I 21, DUKE STREET, I And that immense Warehouse and Showrooms, 140 feet deep, 97, ST. MARY STREET, CARDIFF. BARRY REPRESENTATIVE I J. C. FOLLETT, 10, ALBERT-STREET, CARDIFF. DENTISTRY I DENTISTRY TEETH! jfinGHp TEETH! TEETH TEETH! MORGANS, DENTISTS, LIMITED, 56, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF, & 30, HIGH-STREET, NEWPORT (Nearly opposite the EMPIRE). (Opposite Cordey's). PAINLESS EXTRACTION BY GAS 5?. QUALIFIED DENTAL SURGEONS IN ATTENDANCE DAILY. SCALE OF CHARGES. A Complete Set from £ 2 2 0 Painless Extractions by Gas from SO 5 0 A Single Tooth 0 5 0 Painless Extractions by A Comp ete Set on Coralite,, 3 3 0 Ethyl Chloride 0 2 0 A Complete Set on Ebonite,, 4 4 0 Ordinary Extractions 0 1 0 On Gold or Dental Alloy at the game Low Rate. REPAIRS IN ONE-AND-IIALF HOURS. No charge for extractions when having artificial teeth ALL CONSULTATIONS FREE. We are specially pleased to confer with those who have suffered discomfort, and one of our etaff of Dental Surgeons will gladly give advice without charge of any kind. IMPORTANT NOTICE. We caution the Public against going to unqualified persons who advertise themselvea thus '—- "CONSULT MR. SO & SO FOR TEETH." "MR. BLANK FOR TEETH." "ARTIFICT TEETH SPECIALIST." &c. These persons exhibit Shuw Cases with Teeth, and pose before the Public as though they were Dentists. They have neither training nor qualification, and those who have been unfortunate enough to go to such quacks have usually to consult the proper Dentist in the end. Such persons can always be distinguished by the absence of the title Dentist," "Surgeon Dentist," I, Déntal Surgeon." ?•. Extract from the Dentist Act, 1878, Chap. V. These persons cannot legally charge for the performance of any Dental operation, nor can they recover any Fee or Charge in a Court of Law." RAILWAY FARE ALLOWED. AREYOUABOUTTO MARRY? If so, before Furnishing your House, pay a Visit to the CASH FUENISHING COMPANY, 120, HOLTON-ROAD, BARRY DOCK. BARGAINS IN EVERYTHING. BUY FOR CASH AND SAVE MDNEY.