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I>- ) BA l-tlty POLICE COURT. FRIDAY. I Before Captain F. Murrell and Mr R. J. Hancock. I GROSS CRUELTY To CHILDREN AT BARRY DOCKS BARENTS SENT TO PRISON. J Thomas O'Donnell, labourer, of 8, Evans-street, II Barry Docks, and his wife, Mary, were charged with wilfully neglecting their children in a manner likely to cause unnecessary suffering.— Mr George David, solicitor, Cardiff, appeared to prosecute on behalf of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, and said there were five children. William (13), Harry (11), Edward (7), Mary (4), and Catherine (3). I There was also another lad, named James (16), who was at work. The children were absolutely neglected, and kept in a filthy state as far as their person was concerned. Their clothing was ragged and dirty their bodies were vermin- marked all over, and the whole surroundings of the home were utterly unfit for human beings to live in The case was also aggravated by the habits of the man and woman, who were both addicted to drink, and this he thought was the cause of the neglect. The parents preferred to satisfy their own unnatural cravings for drink than look after their children. The day before the warrant was issued for the woman's arrest she was found drinking and the children were at home without a crust in the house. The husband had a duty to perform to the children, and if they were neglected he must take the responsibility. The condition of the children was well-known to him.—Inspector William New, N.S.P.C.C., said he knew the prisoners since 1896. Since that time the family had been continually under his observation. On the 12th of February last they were living at 38, Evans-street. He visited the house, and found the woman drunk, and the children very neglected. They were ragged, poorly nourished, filthy, and, verminous. The woman not being in a condition to appreciate a warning, he called .the next day, but found the woman again in a helplessly drunken state. The same night he paid a visit with Sergeant Phillips, and saw the woman lying across a bed in the front room in a helpless state of drunkenness. In the middle room a woman named Martha Smith was lying on the stone floor in a similar condition of intoxication. The children were in a filthy state He again visited the house on the 15th and 19th. of February, when there was a slight improvement, but the woman was still under the influence of drink. On the 20th of February he wenc there again, and found a considerable im- provement, the woman being sober. He warned the husband, who replied, I can't keep her away from the drink. I give her nearly all my wages. I will get work nearer home." On the 5th and 8th of April he visited 8, Greenwood-street, where the parties then lived, and the children were again in a very neglected state, the woman being drunk. On the 7th of May, in company with Sergeant Phillips, he went there again, and the children were in a worse state of neglect. Edward was in rags, and barefooted. On the 11th of May he saw the woman in an hotel drunk. On the 13th of May be found theti children in one bed, which, the mother informed him, was occupied by the five children, herself, and her sixteen-year-old son. The bed was in a filthy state, wet, and verminous. One oldquilfc covered the children, and the sheet was very dirty. The children were also in a filthy state, and Edward was poorly nourished. The inspector added that whenever he wanted to see the woman during the past six years he found her either drunk or in an hotel.—Dr E. Treharne, J.P., Police-sergeant D. Phillips, and P.C. David Lewis corroborated the inspector's evidence as to the gross neglect of the children.-A woman named Martha Smith, called for the defence, said the female defendant was a good mother, but "took a drop occasionally.— The Bench sent the female prisoner to gaol for six weeks, and her husband for fourteen days. The latter left the court weeping bitterly. VIOLENT MARINE ENGINEER. George Gregory, second engineer of the s.s. Egremont Castle, lying at Barry Docks, was fined 22 for being drunk and disorderly and assaulting Dock-constable Thomas Rees, who said at 1.30 that morning he found the defendant lying help- lessly drunk in Dock-road. On being picked up, the defendant struck and kicked the constable violently. COULD NOT LIVE ON THE WIND, BUT WOULD SOW A WHIRLWIND. At the instance of the Barry Urban District Council, represented by Mr T. B. Tordoff (solicitor and clerk), Phillip Griffiths, a haulier, of 74, Morel-street, Barry Docks, was charged with exposing himself whilst suffering from tever. —The'evidence showed that the man: had been warned to keep in the house, but in spite of the warning, on April 19th he went out, hp said, to get money. His skin was then peeling, and this was the most infectious stage. Defendant pleaded that could not live on the wind, and went out to get some money.—Fined JB1, or seven days' imprisonment. UNSOUND FOOD ON THE PREMISES. Fanny Lane, of 58, Phyllis-street, Barry Island, was charged with having unsound food on her premises. Mr T. B. Tordoff, solicitor and clerk to the District Council, appeared for the prosecu- tion.—The evidence of Mr S. B. Sommerfield, town sanitary inspector, showed that the defen- dant kept a fried fish shop at Barry Island. On the 30th of April he found 41bs. of cockles in the shop which were quite unfit for human consump- tion.—Defendant was dismissed with a caution. MAINTENANCE OF TRUANTS. Orders were made upon the following persons for payment of arrears for maintenance of their children at the Truant School:—Alfred Jefferys, Josiah Lavery, Edward Flynn, George Hearn, John King, and Robert Winstone. SIX OF ONE, AND HALF-A-DOZEN OF T'OTHER. Mr T. Phillips, solicitor, Pontypridd, appeared on behalf of Mary Ann Caldicott, 24, Courtenay- road, Cadoxton, who summoned Alice Jones, of 27, in the same street, for assault. Complainant said defendant came to her house, struck her, threw a stone at her, which she returned with compliments—(laughter)—pulled her hair, and knocked her down.—Dr W. Lloyd Edwards said he found several bruises on the complainant's leg. —A cross-summons was then heard, and the defendant in the last case stated that the other woman shot half a brick over the garden wall," and struck her in the head.—Each of the parties were bound over to keep the peace for six months. BETTING ON THE HIGHWAY. Thomas Holmes, Station-street, Barry Docks, pleaded guilty to frequenting Dock View-road, Barry Docks, for the purposes of betting, and he was fined 40s and costs. Charles Playford, 33, Thompson-street, Barry Docks, pleaded guilty to frequenting Broad- street, Barry, for the same purpose, and having been previously convicted, defendant was ordered to pay a fine of 95 and costs. OTHER CASES. A warrant was ordered to be issued for the appearance of George Wilcox for keeping a dog without a license. William Courtenay, haulier, of 33, Treharne- road, Cadoxton, did not appear to answer a charge of working a horse in an unfit state, and a warrant was ordered to be issued for his arrest, Elizabeth Cashman was fined 2s 6d for using abusive language on the highway a warrant was ordered to be issued for the appearance of John Hooper for the same offence; and for Ellen Hule, who was charged with indecency. For being drunk and disorderly, James Neagle was fined 23s and costs; 5s penalties being imposed upon Richard Brown, Ying Bevan, Patrick Hearn, and James Taylor and warrants were ordered to be issued for the appearance of Mary Bidwood and David Pullin. A youth named William James, of Sydenham- street, Barry Docks, was fiaed 5s and costs for playing football on the highway.—Deputy Chief Constable Giddings stated that the defendant had appeared thirteen times for different offences. LONG HEARING OF AN AFFILIATION CASE. Harry Palmer, labourer, 25, Hirwain-street, Barry Docks, was summoned by Mary Pratt, living in the same street, to show cause why he should not be adjudged the father of her illegiti- mate child. Mr J. A. Hughes, solicitor, Barry, appeared for the complainant, and Mr Harold M. Lloyd, solicitor, Cardiff, for the defendant. The











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