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.=")_=-:¿:3L; NAT. TEL -326 CARDIFF EST D. f 860 TELEGRAPHIC ADDRESS-" TARPAULINS, CARDIFF.' FRED. MORGAN & CO., HERBERT-STREET & BUTE-STREET, CARDIFF, TENTS, AWNINGS, FLAGS, TARPAULINS, for SaJe and Hire MAKERS SUN-BLINDS DE«™ON. (PATENTEES AND SPECIALISTS OF SPRING ROLLER SHOP BLINDS). SADDLERS & HARNESS MAKERS, & SADDLERS' IRONMONGERS. HORSE & CART COVERS, RICK-SHEETS, SACKS, COAL BAGS, ROPE, RUBBER, AND OILSKIN GOODS, &c. | ft pays to buy the BEST, and | I BENSON'S MI I "LUDGATE" WATCH I ■ is THE BEST. I la Silver Cases. In iS-ct. GcM Casea. S Made m T tree Sizes, at one Price, £ 5 5s. I iMi JkVlPJIll (In Massive 18 ct. Gold Cases, with Crystal Glass, •Gentlemen's, £ 12 12a. Ladies', £ 10 10s.) I 03 os" \\U/7\ Jm HOilTHLY PAYMENTS \\p<r Jt 9 J ■MiMSS At same Prices as fov GASH. AAf§!" Deposit with Order, 9 successive Payments off each for the » 5. Watêh. For Gold Watch, Monthly Payments of SffafaQm Cp BENSON'S Pea i., 1 iy Brilliant & Rubies, ^gjrnWTg^ii Vltlfl itti 1H %iWl iv' orS|pphires, ^ggp Brilliants and ILLUSTRATED BOOK of Watched, Clocks. Chains, B Sapphire, or Ruby, Rings, Brooches, "Imperial" Plate, Cutlery for the n £ 2.10s. household and Bags. POST FREE. Brilliants £ 4. 4S. H Jllf PPMCflil i ij The Premier Watchmakers I I Wi DCllOUIV) III., of the World. 1 STEAM DOI t FlJr^^62^MB4^DDGATM^^WIiorHj^iC^J PIANOS AND ORGANS! THOMPSON & SHACKELL, Limited. The Finest Display of Musical Instruments ever shown in the Principality ESTEY 0R6ANS. Newest styles. NEUMEYER PIANOS, Latest Models. BRINSMEAD PIANOS, Improved Design. KAPS PIANOS, Inlaid Pianos. COLLARD PIANOS, Exquisite Finish. LIBERAL DISCOUNT FOR CASH. OLD PIANOS TAKEN IN EXCHANGE. DELIVERED FREE. All Instruments supplied on New Hire System, if desired, without Extra Charge, from 10s Monthly. Beautifully Illustrated Catalogue free by post on application to Barry, or any of the Company's numerous Branches. 1,200 INSTRUMENTS SOLD YEARLY. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. PIANO TUNERS OF UNDOUBTED ABILITY. TUNING FROM 3s. 6d. THOMPSON AND SHACKELL, LIMITED, MUSIC WAREHOUSE, QUEEN STREET, CARDIFF. Furniture Carefully Removed. Vans of all sizes kept. PA U LETT." ( Light and Heavy Hauling done at IWI FURNITURE REMOVED BY ROAD QR RAIL! Moderate Prices. \JMIl ESTIMATES FREE POSTING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. F _ST Note the Address— DAVID PAULETT, COAL MERCHANT Court-road, CADOXTON-BARRY. OFFICES—STATION YARD & MARKET MEWS, CADOXTON. NATIONAL TEL EPHONE-NO. 034 -,1, WORTH A GUINEA A BOX. T cs Pll.L.S Possess the following qualities in a high degree :— THEY STRENGTHEN THE STOMACH THEY REGULATE THE BOWELS THEY PURIFY AND ENRICH THE BLOOD THEY GIVE TONE TO THE WHOLE NERVOUS SYSTEM. RFTPHAIUFQ piI I Q contain no drug of mineral or metallic origin, but are purely vegetable, mild, beneficient and sure. They will restore you to health if you give them a chance. BEECHAM'S PILLS HAVE EVER ENJOYED THE CONFIDENCE OF LADIES FOR THE AILMENTS PECULIAR TO THEIR SEX. SOLD EVERYWHERE IN BOXES, PRICE Is. lid. (56 PILLS) AND 2s. 9d. (168 PILLS), WITH FULL DIRECTIONS. Children Burnt and Scalded. HOW very often we hear of little children Burnt and Scalded, and very often die from such accidents because there was no remedy ready at hand, and powerful enough to stop it at once such accidents because there was no remedy ready at hand, and powerful enough to stop it at once but please read of A REMEDY THAT HAS CURED SCALDS. from clean Boiling Water in 5 minutes SCALDS from Boiling grease in 50 minutes. SCALDS from Boiling Tea in 10 minutes. SCALDS from Boiling Oatmeal in 2 days (very severe); jilso cures Burna in the same time. Every Cook and every House should keep it ready for use.. IT IS THE GREAT CURE for burns, scalds, shingles, chapped and cracked hands, boils, itch, scurvy, pimples, neuralgia, ringworm, cuts, bruises, swellings, wounds, scab, nettle rash, chil- blains (broken and unbroken), stiff joints, sweating and tender feet, sprains, stings, bites, and piles. Will keep Mosquitoes away, and cure their bites. Should be ready in every foreign-going vessel. It cures corns cut them and apply the oil. Rub in well for mumps. It cures sunburn Outward application only. IT CONQUERS PAIN. READ THE FOLLOWING TESTIMONIALS Scalds from boiling grease and boiling tea. Mr A. James, 79, Bellevue-terrace, Albert Town, Haverfordwest, says his wife scalded herself with boiling grease, she applied the Arabian Oil twice, in less than half-an-hour it was all right. And again her servant upset a teapot of boiling tea, and scalded her hands and arms, applied Oil once she was cured in ten minutes. There is no other remedy that can do this. A man's finger cut off at Burry Port Copper Works. Henry Thomas, New-street, Burry Port, in a letter dated October, 1903, says :—" He used my Arabian- Oil Embrocation, and in a few minutes he was absolutely painless, and says the finger is healing up rapidly." A complete cure for burn on arm. From Mrs Eliza Rees, Beechwood, Llanarth, R.S.O.—" I have used your Arabian Oil Embro- cation for a burn tip my arm, it made a complete cure. I have also used it for cuts several times, it never fails." SMngles. Mr W. D. Bateman, Rehoboth, Croesgoch, Pem- brokeshire, w. rites :Dear Sir, -I have much pleasure in recommending your Embrocation for curing the Shingles, as I .have suffered some months ago from Shingles, and could not have anything to cure it. By chance I saw one of your circulars, and resolved to try your Embroca- tion, which I did with the most satisfactory results, and I shall always praise it." v FOR MOSQUITOES. Mrs Sellers, Uphall, Scotland, used my Arabian Oil when at Durban, South Africa, for Mosquitoes, ud it kept them off. Mr Walter Lloyd, Engineer, St. Dogmell's, has used Arabian Oil for Mosquitoes when out in the West Coast of Africa, and says it kept them off, and he was the only one in the steamer that they did not attack. Housemaid's Knee-Arabian Oil is a Sure Cure for this. Be sure to ask for R. W. WOOLCOCK'S Arabian Oil EMBROCATION And do not be put off with "anything just as good," if you do you will, only be deceived, as there is nqthing Ii just as good." It stands unrivalled, and is the only Arabian Oil Embrocation in existence. Price, l/i; or by Post, 1/3. Postage to Foreign Countries Extra. v SOLE MAKER— R. W. WOOLCOCK, CARDIGAN. MOST SOOTHING. NO MORE Difficulty of Breathing. NO MORE Sleepless Nights. NO MORE Distressing Coughs. DAVIES' COUGH MIXTURE for COUGHS DAVIES' COUGH MIXTURE for COLDS. DAVIES' COUGH MIXTURE for ASTHMA. DAVIES' COUGH MIXTURE for BRONCHITIS DAVIES' COUGH MIXTURE for HOARSENESS. DAVIES' COUGH MIXTURE for INFLUENZA. DAVIES' COUGH MIXTURE forSORE THROAT DAVIES' COUGH MIXTURE-most Soothing. DAVIES' COUGH MIXTURE warms the Chest. DAVIES' COUGH MIXTURE dissolves the Phlegm. DAVIES' COUGH MIXTUKE-for SINGERS. DAVIES' COUGH MIXTURE for PUBLIC DAVIES' COUGH MIXTURE SPEAKERS. THE GREAT WELSH REMEDY. 13d and 2s 9d Bottles. Sold Everywhere. Sweeter than Honey. Children like it. HUGH DAVIES, Chemist, MACHYNLLETH. FLANNELETTE. If purchasers of this useful material for under. wear all the year round would buy the best English make, which can be obtained from all leading Drapers, they would avoid the RISKS they undoubtedly run with the inferior qualities of Flannelette. HORROCKSES' Flannelettes, made by the manufacturers of the celebrated Longcloths, Twills and Sheetings, ARE THE BEST. HORROCKSES \rI Y; '(Ol.'i:) í..I!mM.t=_F'.N'N.r.llr.kl Ul"' '< CLASS" 0 3 400N GÂCR E, LON DON. MAK ERsO F"HI G H. CLAS LD. R. J. HEATH & SON'S GREAT piANOFORTE AND QRGAN s ALOON. iVl U SI C A L INSTRUMENTS BY ^LL jyj" A K E R S SOLE AGENTS FOR BROADWOOD, ERARD, SCHIEDMAYER AND WALDEMAR. RECITALS DAILY ON THE SIMPLEX, APOLLO, PIANOTOR, ANGELUS, AND OTHER PIANO PLAYERS. THE SYMPHONY AND SELF-PLAYING ORGANS. ENORMOUS DISCOUNT FOR CASH. T6 QjUEEN gTREET. c ARDLFF. j PONTYPRIDD, PENARTH, & PORT TALBOli NationalTelephone: Cardiff,01199 Pontypridd,21 Manufactory LONDON. UNDER A DEED 1 OF ASSIGNMENT. | GREAT SALEb OFFER i I H. SAMUEL, having acquired 11 by purchase the valuable stoek j§ °f MR. THOMAS CHALLINOR, I 52, ST. MARY'S CAT!, ROCHDALE, 1 RETAIL JEWELLER, at 1 156 cent. DISCOUNT 1 UNDER COST f is now including it for sale, S thus affording purchasers an a almost unparalleled opportunity jl or spending money to advantage, i and selecting from a magnificent | range of valuable and useful I articles at H PRICES LESS THAN I thus affording purchases an a almost unparalleled opportunity jl or spending money to advantage, i and selecting from a magnificent | range of valuable and useful I articles at H PRICES LESS THAN I HALF ACTUAL COST1. :.M ur „ Cost Trice. Salt Piicf.} 169 Well-selected, elegant real s. d. s. d. GOLD BROOCHES 5 0 2 3 r 27 Very handsome real GOLD CHARMS and LOCKETS 2 0 010 ;-65 Magnificent best glass or polished Wood BISCUIT BARRELS—electro silver- plated mounts-an elegant and useful present 73 Best glass BUTTER DISHES, in electro silver- plated settings 4 6 2 O 226 Really magni cent solid' ■ GOLD FANCY RINGS, beautifully set with dia- Imonds, rubies, pearls, &c. and in choice variety of most fashionable patterns 4 9 2 3 Also a wide selection in solid Gold Keener Rings, 2/9; Gold and Silver Lockets, Pendants, 3/ Charms, Seals. &e., 1/3 solid Silver Alberts, 2/9; Ladies' Gold Long Guards, 30/ Eleetro-plated Dinner Cruets, 4/6; Silver-mounted Scent Bottles, 1/- Silver Photo Frames. 6d.; and numerous other useful and valuable bargains. THOUSANDS OF SALE BARGAINS EN ORMOUS SAVINGS. Purchasers are earnestly invited not exceptional opportunity. H-. SAMUEL gives you his word that he Scent Bottles, 1/- Silver Photo Frames. 6d.; and numerous other useful and valuable bargains. THOUSANDS OF SALEBARGAINS, EN ORMOUS SAVINGS. Purchasers are earnestly Invited not exceptional opportunity. H-. SAMUEL gives you his word that he n Will PAY BACK YOURPURCHASE MONEY ■ IN FULL if the goods don't much more g than please you. 1 TO-DAY. TO-DftY. Eg RAILWAY FARE PAID up to 30 miles on if 9 purchases of 25/~ and upwards. ja I H. SAMUEL, I I 7, ST. MARY STREET, I I CARDIFF. I WOMAN'S UrJF HL.1NG FRIF.ND! PirNN*YROYAL TOWLEs" piLLS FOR FEMALES. QUICKLY CORRECT ALL IRREGULARITIES, REMOVE ALL OBSTRUCTIONS, AND RELIEVE THE DISTRESSING SYMPTOMS 80 PREVALENT WITH THE SEX. Boxes, 1/1 & 2/9 (contains three times the quantity), of all Chemists. Sent any- where on receipt of 15 or 34 stamps, by E. T. TU WLE Co., 66, Long Row, NOTTINGHAM. Beware of ImiKl iom, injurious and vaithle88. I .Ask for | WALDRON'S W0RCESTERSH|RE P «PALACE" SAUCE 1 FRAGRANT AND DELICIOUS. jfc Coupon with every bottle. For sample bottle and full 5? particulars, apply giving name of Grocer to 3* Manufactory: SOUTH QUAY, WORCESTER. | CLTREICFr"T^MPEEAICE HOTEL AND DINING ROOMSt HOLTON-ROAD, BARRY DOCKS. HOT DINNERS DAILY. Accommodation for Visitors. Well-aired Beds Hot and Cold Bat As. ? PRC PRIFTOR-C. F, rlOSSER. G OULD~¥^vthee LER, IRON AND BRASS FOUNDERS BARRY AND CARDIFF. "BUTE DOCKS I "BARRY FOUNDRY, FOUNDRY,' Between COLLINGDON ROAD, Nos. 4 AND 5 TIPS, CARDIFF. BARRY DOCK. ESTIMATES GIVEN FOR ALL KINDS OF IRON AND BRASS CASTING. BEST PRICES GIVEN FOR OLD IRON AND BRASS. A LARGE QUANTITY OF MARINE CAST. INGS ALWAYS KEPT IN STOCK. Telegraphic Address Castings," Barry; National Telephone :-Cardiff, No. 385 Barry. Docks. No. 12. FIELDINGS, LIMITED, OLD ESTABLISHED FINANCIERS ARE PREPARED TO Advance Sums from 220 to 6 f,3,000 at Short Notice, ON APPROVED NOTE OF HAND, PERSONAL, OR OTHER SECURITIES. CHARGES ARRANGED BEFORE TRANS ACTIONS ARE COMPLETED. MORTGAGES on PROPERTY effected at Current I Rates of Interest. Property Purchased. Trade Bills Discounted, Annuities and Fixed Incomes Arranged. DEPOSITS RECEIVED AT 5 PER CENT. PER ANNUM. Apply Direct as we have no Agents. Hayes Buildings, The Hayes, Cardiff.


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