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TWENTIETH CENTURY CLUB, BARRY. As the proceedings of the last business- meeting of the Session Were of unusual interest, a more detailed report than usual is given,, and iN con- tinued from last week. ART NEEDLEWORK SECTION.—The report of this section was read by Miss Mountain- Gratifying progress ha? been made by this section. The average attendance has been good', amd members have pursued their work with great vigour and energy, as testified by the exhibition held that evening; which included some of the actual- work of the members. Occasionally a, chapter from Raskin's Art in England was- enjiDy--ed'. and also an occasional glimpse into a very beautiful book, Tfi-e History of Art. Needlework," lent by. Miss Masterman. The patience, perseverance, and steady application brought to* bear on all good1 needle- work mwst have been beneficial to one's- character, and very restful in this- age of hurry. and excite- ment. The members- look. forward- to. the com- mencement of the second'sessioni and wish. great success to the Club. THE EMPIRE SECTION.—Ih the absence- at tiw representative, Miss Gilpin. undertook, the- report, This section was started for the purpose of study- ing the Life and Customs- of the Women. of the Empire. As the subject was such a wide one, iit was decided to limit it for'the present to the can- sideration of'the women of India. The Geography and Religions-of -liadia have been under disoussioa. It was aaggeated that members-should correspond with Hindoo women who are mostanxious to coaae into touch with: English1 women; A resident 6-f Colombo had already seziti a fall1 and interesting account of the characteristics- and' manner of living, Jtc., of the Singaleee woment Mrs Jackson, as-representative of the PHILAN- THROPIC SECTION) states ;i' I have to report that the work this section. has- undertaken ilt- the, practical teaching of cutting-out and> making-up. garments of all kinds for childrenv and1 also for the mothers themselves. It was-ascertained that several women were anxaous-to learn.the.art of cut- ting out clothes,and witb that object in view a rbova was hired in York-plaoe belonging to.,the Y-.W.C.A. Fortnightly meetings have- been. held, which have proved very successful: andibenefiaial Then followed the official report; of the Secre- taryThe Club held its- inaugtiral meeting on October 7th, 1903, at Penrheol, when Miss Hughes consented to become the 20th member if IS-others were enrolled. This being;arranged; it was decided to hold a meeting at which Miss Hughes should leoture on Japan. We all thought it would be successful, but I think. the most optimistic- of as would hardly h ve hoped-for the nmnbers reached. There were 80 present at the meeting, and before the first month 60 members bad been, enrolled. The total has now reached 75. We have had eighst executive meetings, all; of which have been well attended, and six meetings of the Club have been held, and the following lectures given :October, "The Women of Japan," by Miss E: P. Hughes November, a Social Meeting and Oriential Ex- hibition December. "Cardiff University Settle- ment," by Mrs Burrows- January,The Study of Literature," by Mr Ivor B, John, M.A. Fobt u ary, a Meetrng of Women Citizens, when all Barry y women voters were personally invited; April, The Southern States," by Miss Shipp, of North Carolina; May, Social Meeting and Art Needle- y work Exhibition. All these meetings with, one exception have had very good attendances. We hope another year to have the sections in better working order. This- will be dealt with in our. President's addressi The. election of officers for the coming session, was then proceeded with.. Miss E. P. Hughes- was- unanimously, and with acclamation re-elected president; Mrs- Pardee and Mrs Jackson, vi-ee- presidenta-; Mrs- Jones Lloyd, treasurer Mr& Pardoe andiMisa Murrell, secretaries Mrs Meggitt, Mrs Downing, and Mas Bray were elected as members. of, the Executive Committee Mrs Irving, Miss Meredith, and; Miss Budge as roll-keepers Miss Hughes and Mrs Edgar Jones as correspon- dents to the Bu,2,ry, Dock Aews and Me-rald' respectively. Several interesting discussions took ploce during the- election. The Secretary then read the report by the President, which: will be published- next week.



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