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On Whit Monday we again had brought NEED Of A PUBLIC very forcibly to our-, SHELTER notice the great neces-; AT BARRY ISLANP. sity for the erection of a Public Shelter at I Barry Island. A beauti- ful morning drew many thousands of trippers to the Island to spend the day, when, in the height of their pleasure, the heavens burst and rain fell early in the afternoon, and hundreds at once set upon the journey homewards, there being no place of shelter for anything like a fourth of the people who had come to the Island. We are glad the District Council and the Chamber of Trade have the matter seriously under consideration, and hope that adequate provision will soon be made in the form of a suitable Public Shelter, otherwise visitors will be deterred from, rather than attracted to, Barry Island. As was strikingly evi- denced at the last sitting CRUELTY TO of the Barry Police-court, CHILDREN. there is, unhappily only too solid a foundation for the remarks of Lord Roberts on the prevalence of cruelty to children, but there is at least one aspect of this question which might be effectually dealt with by legislation. Local justices have frequently drawn attention to the practice of unprincipled parents who attempt to transfer to the ratepayers the charge of their children. In some cases they allege that the child is beyond control, but magistrates are too familiar with this plea, to take much notice of it. Others deliberately illtreat their children, in expectation that they will be relieved of them upon payment of a fine. In the worst cases a term of imprisonwent may be imposed, but the more degraded the parent the less does he or she care for the penalty which brings with it relief from the responsibility of further maintaining the child.

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