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ANOTHER LIFE SAVED BY DR. WILLIAMS' PINK PILLS. STARVED FOR WANT OF BLOOD, STRENGTH SINKING. FOUR BOXES CURED. It was through reading just such a newspaper article as the present that Mrs Marshall, of Benton Coach-road, Little Benton, near Gosforth. Newcastle on Tyne. was induced to use Dr Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People and it was through using these pills that her health and, as her friends all agree with her in saying, her very MRS MARSHALL, A lady whose courageous story of her cure by Dr. Williams'' Pink Pills for Pale People is of importance to all married ladies. life, were saved. Mrs Marshall courageously told the story of her cure, and allowed it to be published, saying that she wished every woman in the land to hear of a remedy which has been so valuable to herself. The following are her own words:- Some-time ago I had to undergo an operation for a trouble from which many mothers have suffered, and although I luckily came successful out of the surgeon's hands, 1 was left very weak and ill. I took a great deal of medicine, but got no better. I did not seem to have a gill of blood in my veins. My appetite left me I had splitting headaches and sleeplessness. I was so weak and any movement caused me such, that it used to take two persons to move me in bed. It was after I had been in bed like this for a month that I decided to try Dr Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People. It was a pity I did not try them before, for to them I undoubtedly owe my present excellent health. By the time I had taken the second box I felt much better. My sister, who had not seen me for a few weeks called upon me about this time, and she was astonished at the improvement, for she, like everybody else, had believed that I was rapidly sinking. My strength came back so rapidly that by the tine I had finished the fourth box of pills I was feeling as well as I had ever done in ny life. I am quite CERTAIN THAT THE PILLS SAVED MY LIFE. I am as healthy now as it is possible to be. Several of my friends are now taking Dr Williams' Pink Pills on my recommendation, and they all speak very highly of them." Men as well as Women have been benefitted by Dr Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People. No one has ever been benefitted by a substitute and readers will therefore be wise if they take great pains to obtain only the genuine pills, bearing Dr Williams' name on Dr Williams' registered package. If there is any difficulty in obtaining at Medicine Shops, Dr Williams' Medicine Co., Holborn-viaduct, London, will send a box post free for 2s 9d, or six boxes for 13s 9d. The genuine pills have cured all disorders arising from impoverished blood, anaemia, rickets, scrofula, "decline," consumption, indigestion, palpitations, rheumatism, sciatica, St. Vitus' dance, paralysis, locomotor ataxy, neuralgia, and disturbances of the nervous system. The Dr Williams' Medicine Co. do not offer to send free samples, for the excellent reason that six or eight pills sent as samples would not be a test of the medicine or prove its efficacy. (They are not a purgative or cathartic pill.) The Dr Williams' Medicine Co. prefer to rely upon the intelligence of the public to appreciate the evidence placed before them in the form of testimonials and published cures, the genuiness of which may be proved and tested. in any way desired before any purchase is made. Send a post card to-day, with your name and address, and receive our unique illustrated booklet called the Letter Writer. Mention this paper.


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