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ATFILETIC CFIATTER. The question j.. frequently asked, which is the strongtss club ek-vrn in the district? After Saturday's game with Dinas Powis on the Common, Barry can justly claim to be the champion exponents oi the. summer pastime in the district. Or course oue cannot determine so early in ths season which is the best eleven. One must not also overlook tin- claims of Cadoxton-Barry to the champs' °h); although, unfortunately, they have not a fixture; the Barry Club. « Reverting back to last Saturday's game at Dinas Powis, the play of the winners generally was meritorious, although some excelled. The fielding of Barry was smart and fairly accurate, and very few "uns were thrown away. In this department the visitors held a decided pull, and no doubt went a long way to win the game. The drizzling rain in the morning, rendered the ground soft, and the outfield damp, but a greasy wicket seemed to have suited Jenkins to a nicety, for he bagged six victims, and had most of the players in endless difficulties. Not only did Jenkins bowl well, but he set hi,; side a good example by rattling together 28 runs before being bowled. The Rector of Barry played in his usual polished style for his 12 runs, and the homesters were fortunate in getting rid of such a dangerous batsman so cheaply. The honour of dismissing the veteran rested with Wakeford, who yorked the Rector beautifully. The same bowler serving J. H. Morgan in a like manner. # H. Thomas gave one the impression of develop- ing into a very useful man. This young batsman, who hails from Cowbridge, has come to Barry with good credentials, and has so far fulfilled all expectations. He possesses a most taking style of batting, and his 14 runs last Saturday were full of merit. Elevens were the order of the scoring with Dinas Powis, no fewer than three members reach- ing that ill-fated number, viz., J. Evans, J. B. Smithson, and H, J. Thomas, all of whom rendered yoemen service to their side. Three different styles were presented the first was slow and watchful, the second free and dashing, and the third playing with confidence all round the wicket. D, Wakeford is still pursued with ill-luck, for on Saturday he was again dismissed first ball. Since he scored 65 runs against the Cardiff Commercials he seems to be out of luck. Why not put him in a litle later ? It was in fielding that the homesters were fairly outclassed, and without exception the villagers gave a sorry display of fielding. If matches are to be won, they are to be won primarily through good and keen fielding. Very few cricket matches were played in the Barry district last Saturday. At the Buttrills, ¡ Barry Villa had an easy victory over Penarth P.S.A. by 60 to 31 runs. Barry Y.M.C.A. again met with defeat, their adversaries being Cadoxton- Barry A, who compiled 101 runs, for nine wickets, against the Y.M.C.A.'s 47. Thelatrer batted first, Ii and with 47 runs to their credit it was anticipated that they would not fare bad. But they were handicapped by not having good trundlers, and II the Seconds had not the slightest difficulty in making their 101 runs. R. Bell batted well for the visitors, having made 29 runs when caught. In future matches the Y.M C.A. expect to be more successful, inasmuch as they will be able to place a stronger team in the field. Barry Villa evidently intend to maintain their reputation. Not a defeat this season, and another victory last Saturday against Penarth P.S. A. The i hero of the match was S. Deere, who scored 23 for the Villa. ¡ The Villa will meet Barry Island on Saturday, ¡ their stiffest engagement this season so far. The Island are a warm lot, and should the Villa suffer defeat at their hands, it will certainly be no 1\ disgrace. Following upon their victory over Dinas Powis list Saturday, Barry met Plymouth (Merthyr) at the Island in an all day match on Whit-Monday. Barry batted first and raised 83 runs, the Rector I (Rev H, H. Stewart) being responsible for 28. Up till lunch Plymouth had scored 16 runs for the loss of four wickets. Luncheon over the visitors returned to their big task, but sooff after the. pommencement of play rain set in heavily, and the players were forced to retire for some considerable time. On the resumption the wet wicket seemed to favour the batsmen, for runs came freely off the bats of W. J. Jenkins and C. Tremlin. The former played splendidly for his 28, making two hits for four in quick succession. Tremlin, however, played with confidence, and his 53 runs were got by steady but watchful play. He gave no chances except one hard catch in the slips. Eventually Plymouth (Merthyr) won a good game by 140 runs to 83, but Barry may have the opportunity of retrieving this defeat, when they meet Mid-Rhondda, the crack team from the hills, at Barry Island on Saturday. This match should prove a big attraction to cricket enthusiasts in the Barry district. At Pontypridd Sports on Whit-Monday, Mr D. W. Walters, teacher of Science at Barry County School, came in third in the 120 yards flat handi- cap, and second in the 120 yards hurdle race. Mr Tom Thomas, Barry, won the 300 yards handicap at Pn-nypridd last Wednesday. He assisted Barry united R.F.C. in several of their matches last season.






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