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MRS, GRUNDY'S JOTTINGS. In the House of Lords last Friday, the Barry Railway Bill was read a third time. ft The Manchester Unity of Oddfellows has a membership of over a million, with a total capital of considerably over eleven millions. At a meeting held last Sunday at Cardiff of the South Wales and Monmouthshire District Council of the National Union of Shop Assistants, Lord Avebury's Early Closing Bill was unanimously voted as being of no value. In our report of the address on "Passive Resistance delivered to the Barry Free Church Council by the Rev. G. Cooper Hawken, Cardiff,last week, the rev. gentleman called upon the Non- conformists of Barry to fight for their liberties as their forefathers did during the reign of the Stewarts. This to the ordinary reader was obviously a misprint. It should, of course, have been during the reign of the Stuarts." ( Speaking at the annual meeting of the National Vigilance Association, held last week in London, the Earl of Aberdeen, who presided, said this was a most truly patriotic movement; it was a religious work, not in the sense of representing any dis- tinctive creed, for it embraced believers of all creeds, and in this sense it was not only undenomi- national, but it was all denominational. The Right Rev the Lord Bishop of Rochester felt that the recent developments of the work had shown the good of having some organization which was ever watchful and ever ready to deal with a great moral interest; those who had experience in work in relation to public life would know what a remarkable thing this Association bad accomplished in the drawing together of the various countries of Europe for the suppression of the white slave traffic. A branch of the N.V.A. exists in the Barry district. it Mr Albert Spicer, ex-M.P. for Monmouth Boroughs, who laid the foundation stone of Windsor-road Congregational Church, Barry, last Wednesday week, was, on the following evening, entertained at a complimentary dinner given by the City of London Liberal Club upon his retire- ment from the chairmanship of the general com- mittee, and the toast of his health was proposed by Lord Rosebery. Writing to the Barry Dock News last Monday, from Newcastle-on-Tyne, Councillor A. T. White, Barry, stated that the weather in the North that day was very cold. „ V Miss E. Price Hughes, of Barry, who has just returned from an educational tour around the world, has seen schools and studied school methods in at least thirty countries of the world. 9ft The delegates representing the South Wales and Monmouthshire District at the Biennial Conference of the United Ancient Order of Druids held at Newcastle-on-Tyne this week are P.D.P. W. T. Nicholls, Barry Island P.A. D. Williams, Barry P.D.P. A. Jacobs, Newport; P.A. W. Poyne, Cardiff and P.S. E. Emery. Bridgend. The Rev M. E. Sprent, a China missionary of more than twenty years, was one of the first Englishmen to travel home from the far East over the new Trans-Siberian Railway. The rev. gentle- man, who will be married next month, is a brother of M> R. A. Sprerift. the manager of the National Provincial Bauk, Barry Docks. I regret to learn that Mr Lewis Meredith, son of Mr Jenkin Meredith, Holton-road, Barry Docks, who recently emigrated, is lying ill from fever at Winnipeg, Canada, but the latest intelligence as to his condition was favourable. The crew of the Barry Lifeboat, the John Wesley," went for their quarterly practice cruise in the channel one afternoon last week. My little boy Tommy is suffering bad from 'skyatticker,' and can't go to school," was the excuse made by a parent for the non-attendance of her son at a meeting of the Barry Education Com- mittee last week. Another mother of one of these fond hopefuls said her child had a wandering mind, and fre- quently forgot to go to school. It is proposed to hold an eisteddfod on Barry Island in support of the local fund in connection with the National Memorial of the late Dr Parry, and the co-operation of several prominent choirs is being invited. It is estimated that the profits of the Barry Railway Company for the outgoing half-year will be sufficient to pay a dividend of 81 per cent. per 2 annum. Alderman J. C. Meggitt, in introducing Mr Albert Spicer, J.P., London, on the occasion of laying the foundation stone of Windsor road English Congregational Church, Barry, last week, said Mr Spicer consented to perform the function on condition that the unnecessary cost of prodding a silver trowel would not be entailed. His Grajo the Archbishop Mar Timotheus, who ordained Father Ignatius to the priesthood, påid a holiday visit to Barry during the past few days. It is not generally known by the public of the Cadoxton end of the Barry district that the last train from Barry (11.30 p.m.) to Cardiff, and the midnight train from Cardiff to Barry, now stop regularly at Cadoxton Station. There will be no alteration in the Barry or Vale of Glamorgan Company's trains for the ensuing month, # It is anticipated that the name of a Labour candidate for South Glamorgan will be announced in a few weeks. 3c Last Wednesday was the two hundredth anniver- sary of the birth of John Wesley, the founder of Wesleyan Methodism. The two men, Moffatt and Graham, who were arrested in London on suspicion of having com- mitted the recent burglary at the shop of Mr H. B. Crouch, jeweller, &c., Cardiff, paid a visit to Barry a day or two before making the haul at Cardiff, and it was as the result of information supplied by the police at the Central Police Station, Barry Docks, that they were suspected and their arrest effected. The traffic receipts of the Barry Railway, including the Vale of Glamorgan Railway, last week amounted to :£11,309, a decrease, compared with the corresponding period of last year, of £ 1.449 aggregate increase, £ 3,917. Sully Island is now being utilised as a breeding- ground for wild birds which frequent the British coasts, as well as for the rearing of a particular breed of white rabbits. Mrs Ogleby Davies, of Stanley House, Tredegarville, has this week sent a donation of j620 towards the £1,300 required for the new Voluntary Hospital at Barry Docks. Lady Eva Wyndham-Quin opened a Welsh National Bazaar in London last Wednesday for the benefit of the Welsh Church of St. Mary, Camber- well.

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