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MONDAY. Before Colonel Thornley and Mr J. Lowdon. ALLEGED TRESPASS. In the case in which Frederick Seymour and John White were charged with trespassing on the property of the Barry Railway Company in a manner calculated to endanger their lives, Mr Davies (Messrs Lloyd Meyrick and Davies, solicitors, Cardiff), applied, on behalf of the defendants, for an adjournment for a week, inas- much as the summonses were not served till the previous Friday, He had not been instructed till Saturday, and there were several witnesses his clients wished to call. They had given notice of their intention to apply for an adjournment to Messrs Downing and Handcock, the solicitors for the Barry Company.—Mr G. C. Downing objected, pointing out that it was only a simple case of trespass.-The Bench granted an adjournment till Friday, Colonel Thornley remarking that it was very difficult to obtain magistrates not interested in the Barry Company, and he could not come down again on Friday to hear the case. EXTRAORDINARY CHARGE AGAINST CARDIFF HAULIERS. Two Cardiff hauliers, Henry Mitchell and Frederick Harrison, were charged with obstructing certain carriages on the Barry Railway in such a manner as to retard them in their journey. Mr G. C. Downing (Messrs Downing and Handcock^ solicitors, Cardiff) appeared for the prosecution. Dock-constable Cooling said that at 5.30 a.m. on the 25th of April he was on duty at No. 11 Tip- road at the west end of Barry Docks, and there saw the two men on the low level pushing a wagon along. They pushed it about ten feet. Mitchell then uncoupled a second truck, which they failed to move. The result was that the train had to move off without the two trucks, Harrison crossed the metals with his cart, but Mitchell drove to the level crossing. He asked defendants for their names and addresses, but Harrison gave a false name and address. When witness asked them why they uncoupled the trucks, Mitchell replied he did not think he was doing wrong he was in a hurry to get home.—Mr W, W. Waddell, engineer of the Barry Railway, produced the plans, and said the line on which the trucks stood was the local main line to the south side of the dock.—Sidney Owen, mineral guard, corroborated the evidence of the constable. He was, he said, the evidence of the constable. He was, he said, obliged to take the two trucks after the train to the south side of the dock.-Harry Bradbrook, the guard of the train, said he stopped his train near No. 10 Tip to uncouple some wagons. The last two trucks were securely fastened to his train. On arriving at the south side of the dock he found the two trucks were missing. -Defendants, who had nothing to say, were committed for trial at the Quarter Sessions, bail being allowed. FOUL-MOUTHED SUNDAY TRIPPERS TO THE VALE. Henry Griffiths, John Griffiths, and Edwin Griffiths, of Cogan, were summoned for using obscene language in a carriage on the Vale of Glamorgan Railway on Sunday, the 31st ultimo. Evidence in support of the charge was given by P.C. Wingrove and Daniel Fisher, guard of the train and the defendants were ordered to pay a fine of 20s and costs each, or in default 14 days' imprisonment. CARELESS DRIVER. Arthur Rice, another Cardiffian, pleaded guilty to being drunk whilst in charge of a horse; and trap at Barry Docks on the 13th instant. Dock- constable Strongword stated that the defendant was asleep in the trap, and was about 10ft. from the edge of the dock when he stopped- the animal. —Rice was mulct in 10s. NO LIGHTS. Charles Townsend was fined 2s 6d for driving without lights after sunset. DISAGREEABLE OFFENCE. A fine of 5s was imposed upon Giles Pitt, of Everard-street, Barry Docks, for using a water squirt and throwing water over pedeatriana.$?&■ WARRANT AGAINST A WOMAN, A warrant was ordered to be issued for the appearance of Mary Lewis for using obscene language in Holton-road. DISORDERLY CONDUCT. For being guilty of disorderly conduct, the Bench fined Dan Carey, a coal-tipper, 5s and ordered warrants to be issued for the appearance of Thomas and Mary O'Donnell, Evans street, Barry Docks, for the same offence. DRUNKS. The maximum penalty imposed on the present occasion upon those charged with being drunk and disorderly was 5s, the defendants being William Doyle, John David Mason, William Trevor, Thomas Donaldson, William Jones, and Sarah Evans. Mark Develin and Harry Bullock-were fined 2s 6d each whilst Edward Davies and James Cook were cautioned. DEFECTIVE MILK. Three local milk vendors appeared before the court charged with selling milk having a deficiency of butter fat, the defendants being Thomas Watts, Barry Island and Jemima Bott and James Gerald, both of Cadoxton. The prosecution was conducted by the Barry District Council, who were represented by Mr T. B. Tordoff, clerk and solicitor, and evidence in support of the charges having been given by Mr S. B. Sommerfield, sanitary inspector, who said that in the case of Watts he only sold a small quantity of milk daily, Watts was fined 10s and costs, and the other two defendants 20s and costs.




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