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BARRY POLICE COURT. FRIDAY. Before Major-General H.fjH, Lee and Mr J. W. Pyman. LOITERER WARNED. Alexander Peterson, for loitering about the Barry Railway Company's premises, was cautioned and dismissed. DILAPIDATED HOUSES. Mr T. B. Tordoff, olerk and solicitor, appeared on behalf of the Barry District Council, who applied for an order against Mr Philip E. Hill, estate agent, Cardiff, to pull down or otherwise secure two houses in Weston-street and one in Forster-street, Cadoxton, which were in such a condition of dilapidation as to be a source of danger to the public,—Mr J. C. Pardoe, surveyor to the Council, said the houses in question were amongst those taken down in connection with the making of Gladstone-road, and were now in a dangerous state.—The Bench ordered the defendant, who did not appear, to put the property in proper repair forthwith. NO LIGHTS. A fine of 2s 6d was imposed upon James Jones for driving without lights after sunset. WARRANT. A warrant was ordered to be issued for the WARRANT. A warrant was ordered to be issued for the appearance of Walter Powell for allowing a horse to stray on the highway. DISORDERLY CONDUCT. ^Benjamin and Kesiah Cridge were fined 2s 6d each, and Henry Keenor 5s, for being guilty of disorderly conduct; and a warrant was ordered to be issued for the appearance of William James. NEIGHBOURS QUARREL. Ada Smith, of Lombard-street, Barry Docks, was charged with assaulting Bessie Mabey, a neigh- bour.-Complainant said on the 1st instant she was going out to do some shopping. When passing defendant's house, the latter struck her a violent blow in the face.—This was corroborated by a witness, but denied by the defendant, who said the complainant tucked up her sleeves and said, Now for it; you or me.General Lee to defend- ant You are bound over in £5 to keep the peace for six months.—Defendant I wish her bound over to me.—General Lee We'll bind you over first. PREFERRED LAW MADE IN GERMANY. A German, named James Horn, a barber, of Holton-road, Barry Docks, was charged by P.C. Shillum with disorderly conduct on Whit-Monday at Barry Island. The constable stated thatdefendant, who was under the influence of drink, insulted several young ladies, and when remonstrated with he commenced to shout, and said the law was strict enough in Germany, but it was more strict in this country but of the two, he added, Give me Germany. William Findlay said the defendant accosted five young ladies, and he (witness) spoke to the policeman.—Defendant I give him the lie direct. I knew the young ladies, but rather than bring them to court I will pay the fine.. I am too chivalrous to insult a lady, and was not under the influence of drink.—General Lee said the Bench were inclined to take a lenient view of the matter, inasmuch as the defendant was a foreigner. It was evident he had done something to annoy others or he would not have been spoken to. He advised him to be more cautious, and not make such a fool of himself in future. He would be cautioned and discharged. ALLEGED THEFT OF A DOOR. The case against Phillip Griffiths, haulier, Cadoxton, charged with stealing a door, the pro- perty of Mr Philip E. Hill, was adjourned till Monday. THIRSTY SAILORS. John Collins and John McGrove, seamen, were fined 10s each for falsely representing themselves to be bona fide travellers, and endeavouring to obtain intoxicating liquors at Culley's Hotel on the previous Sunday. P.S. R. H. Thomas proved the case. AN INSULT TO BE SENT TO PRISON. Fanny Duncan, who pleaded guilty to being drunk and disorderly on the 10th instant, made a strong plea for another chance, and said she would give up the drink. — General Lee You have had enough chances you will be sent to prison for fourteen days with hard labour.—Fanny What for ? That is an insult. (Laughter.) INCORRIGIBLES. Three well-known characters Harriet Hewitt, Gwendoline Jones, and Ellen Rogers-were brought up under warrants for being drunk and disorderly, and inasmuch as they had a number of previous convictions against them they were each fined 15s. OTHER DRUNKS. The other defendants charged with being drunk and disorderly were Patrick Smith, Charles Gilpin, and Sidney Parfit, who were each fined 7s. 6d; and Frederick Roberts, Michael Murphy, Otto Nelson, Cornelius O'Brien, Daniel Leary, Thomas Ryan, and Albert S. Gibbs were mulct in 5s apiece.





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