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MANAGERS OF THE ROMAN CATHOLIC SCHOOL HOLD A SPECIAL MEETING. APPOINTMENT OF TEACHER. APPLICATION FOR EQUALITY OF SALARY SCALE. The managers of St. Helen's Roman Catholic School held a special meeting on Monday evening last at the Council Chamber, Gas and Water Offices, Barry Docks, when there was a full attend- ance of members, namely, Rev J. Byrne (chairman), Councillors J. A. Hughes and J. H. Jose, Messrs O. McCann, J. Hayes, and C. Moretti, with Mr R. Treharne Rees (the clerk's deputy). THE VACANCY ON THE SCHOOL STAFF. The Chairman explained the circumstances under which the meeting had been called, and said 1 the only item on the agenda was the appointment s of a teacher for St. Helen's School in place of the assistant who had lately resigned. He had been asked by the inspectors whether the appointment had been filled, and having informed them in the negative, the inspectors had told him that the vacancy should be filled up as soon as possible. t They had one application for the post, that of Miss Annie Agnes Cowley, who was i about to sit for her final examination before leaving college. Father Byrne explained the method of i appointment of teachers adopted by the Education 1 Committee, by whom the selection was referred to t a sub-committee and the head teachers, and said it was customary to make the appointment at £ 70, and if the teachers passed first or second at the I certificate examination, to grant them an increase 1 of JB5, but if third class then they were put down £ to JB60. This was what was proposed to be done in the present case. I Mr J. A. Hughes said that at a meeting of the I Town Education Committee on Friday, a suggestion was made that the authority given to the managers to fill the vacancy at St. Helen's School be rescinded, and that the appointment be filled by the Education Committee themselves. When -the authority was given, four voted in favour and three against, two of the members remaining neutral. Mr Meggitt now contended that some of the members voted under a misapprehension In these circumstances he considered that it would be wise that the managers do not proceed to make the appoint- ment this evening, but that it be referred back to the Education Committee, so that the entire 1 question of the appointment and payment of teachers of St. Helen's School might be settled once and for all. He, therefore, moved That this board of managers do not proceed to appoint the teacher, although the necessary sanction has been given to them by the Barry Education Com- mittee, for the following reason :-That this board does not desire to take advantage of a vote 1 given at the last meeting of the Education Com- mittee, but that, relying on the fairness of their < fellow-townsmen, they refer the whole matter to ] the Education Committee, and beg to recommend that Miss A. Cowley ,be appointed at a salary of jETO per annum, the salary to-be raised or lowered so as to meet the scale. of the Education Committee as soon as the result of the examination is known." i Mr Hughes agreed that the managers were within < their legal right in making the appointment at this E meeting, for the Clerk to the Committee (Mr T. B. < Tordoff) had given it as his opinion, and he agreed with that opinion., that the sanction of the Educa- tion Committee could be given either before or i after the appointment was made. In the present instance the sanction was given before, and was quite valid. He hoped, however, that the managers would not take advantage of this one vote, I but let the matter go back to the Com- mittee to have the general principle definitely j decided. He did not think it would be any I advantage to St. Helen's School to have one teacher appointed at the advanced salary, unless the salary of the other teachers was put up in equal proportion. At the next meeting of the i Education Committee he intended moving that the teachers of this school be recognised on the same basis, so far as salary was concerned, as those of the other provided school in the town. Unless this concession was granted, it would be of no advantage passing the proposed resolution that evening. There was a good deal of feeling amongst the Committee and in the town on this question, and in the interests of the school, and the education of the children, it was essential that this matter should be definitely settled as soon as possible. He had every confidence that, if referred back, it would be fairly dealt with by the Committee. Mr Jose enquired whether there were any more applications for the vacant post ? The Chairman replied that there was another application, but there was a mistake in her qualifications. Mr Jose seconded Mr Hughes' proposition, and agreed it would be wise to refer the matter back to the Committee in order to have the question finally settled. If there had been a mistake in the voting of the Committee, it would be better, he thought, if the managers did not take advantage of it, but endeavour to work as amicably and as harmoniously as possible with the Education Com- mittee. Mr McCann said St. Helen's School was in need of this teacher, and he did not think any good result would accrue from further delay in making the appointment. The managers bad had authority from the Committee to make the appointment, although he was of opinion that they had power to make the appointment without such authority. He believed the Education Committee had made up their minds not to treat the children of St. Helen's School as part of the town, nor their parents as ratepayers, nor to deal with the school according to the provisions of the Act. They were thankful to Mr Hughes and Mr Jose for the part they had taken in the matter, but he would move as an amendment that the managers proceed to fill the vacancy, and that Miss Cowley be appointed. Mr Hayes seconded. For the amendment, Messrs McCann, Hayes, and Morretti voted against, Messrs Hughes and Jose, The Chairman, who did not vote, declared the amendment carried. LEVELLING UP THE SALARIES. Mr Hughes then moved" That applioation be made to the Education Committee to place St. Helen's Roman Catholic School on the same basis, as far as the salaries of the teachers are concerned, as the provided schools in this district, the teachers in St. Helen's School to start at the minimum." I It was time, Mr Hughes said, that this matter was Wwij* iw uwiwCl. A met;uiii-g o £ uliw Committee would be held on Friday, when he hoped it would be finally disposed of. Whilst he wished to see the Act carried out. he wished also to be loyal to the majority of the Committee, but he thought it would be t.o the detriment of education in the town if this agitation was allowed to continue much longer. According to a return which had been prepared by the Clerk, he found that if the salaries of the teachers of St. Helen's School were increased as proposed it would mean an additional J6120 per year, or a gross increase of from de549 to £669. If the application of the governors was favourably received by the Education Committee on Friday, as he hoped it would be, it would mean the settlement of the matter once and for all. The Chairman said Mr Jose had already taken this matter in hand at the Education Committee, and suggested that it might be well to leave it to that gentleman to see it carried through. Mr Jose considered the notice of motion ought to have been given before the question was con- sidered by the managers. However it would be discussed by the Education Committee on Friday, when the confirmation of the appointment came before them. The Chairman The appointment has now been definitely settled, for the authority of the Committee was given beforehand. Mr McCann remarked that tremendous pressure had been brought to bear upon certain members of the Education Committee not to vote for any increase of salary to the teachers of St. Helen's School, and he was convinced that some of the members would not vote for it. There was no seconder to Mr Hughes' motion forthcoming, and a general conversation followed The Chairman asked could not a petition from the teachers for an increase of salary be laid before the Committee at their next meeting ? Mr Jose said the whole matter would come before the Committee on Friday, but he did not think that the application should come from the managers. Mr Hughes was of opinion that it was the duty of the managers to make the application, for unless they asked they could scarcely expect to receive. He was convinced that the school could not con- tinue to be conducted efficiently without additional aid. It was, he thought, very necessary that they should make application to the Committee, for he understood that a motion would be submitted at that meeting to the effect that no portion of the rates should be applied towards St. Helen's School. The Chairman Mr Jose has already promised to mpport the principle of placing the Roman Catholic School on the same level as the other schools. Mr Hughes I have been appointed one of the governors of this school, and I feel strongly as to the principle that it should be recognised on the same basis as the other provided schools, but unless we make application to the Committee how can ive hope to obtain the concession ? After some further discussion, Mr Jose seconded Mr Hughes' motion. The Chairman said he did not think that the teachers would be prepared to accept the minimum. Mr Hughes They must certainly begin at the Minimum. The Chairman In the case of Mr Wood, that ft-ill mean a loss of L40 a year to him, as he has )een at the school four years, and would be en- titled to £10 a year increase. Mr Hughes You must remember that if the application is granted it will mean an increase of :rom JB100 to jE140 a year to Mr Wood, and this vould be the first time for this school to be re- garded as a town school. Mr Hughes' motion was then agreed to unani- nously, and the Committee discussed certain natters in private.