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BARRY ISLAND. JIMMY SHIELDS ON THE BEACH.—Mr Jimmy Shields begs to inform the visitors and residents of Barry and district that he will be on the Beach at Barry Island during the season with a Troupe of first-class Artistes, every one a star, and trusts to receive your kind support. Jimmy Shields' Piarrots at 11, 2.30, and 7 daily, in songs, duetts, quartettes, comical interludes, funny jokes, and side-splitting sketches, with change of programme at each performance. Friends, bring your wives and let them laugh, for there will be fun without vulgarity. SILVER WEDDING OF MR AND MRS S. A. THORNING.-A numerous company of friends met at the Assembly-room of the Marine Hotel, Barry Island, on Thursday evening, the 11th instant, on the occasion of the celebration of the silver wedding of Mr and Mrs S. A. Thorning, Redbrink- crescent. The spacious hall had been sweetly decorated for the occasion with bunting and fairy lamps, and during the evening Mr and Mrs Thorning were the recipients of many hearty con- gratulations, the toast of their continued health and happiness, proposed by Mr O. Horton, and spoken to by Messrs Sydney Davies, F. J. Loyns, and J. Dyer, was most cordially drank, all present uniting in the hope that Mr and Mrs Thorning would live to celebrate their golden wedding. An excellent programme of dances, interspersed with songs, contributed by Messrs F. Stoneham and G. Harrison, was gone through under the direction of Mr F. J. Loyns, the music being provided by Mr Arthur Roberts' String Band. The catering arrangements were admirably carried out by Mr and Mrs Herbert Vine. The large party present, in addition to Mr and Mrs S. A. Thorning, included Mrs Seddon, Captain and Mrs Jones, Mr and Mrs O. Horton, Mr and Mrs George P. Luen, Mr and Mrs J. Duchemin, Miss Ford, Captain and Mrs Cooper, Mr and Mrs F. J. Loyns, Mr and Mrs G. Wareham, Miss Wareham. Mr and Mrs S. Thrift Mr and Mrs J. Dyer, Mr and Mrs G. H. Burnett, Mr and Mrs W. Smart, Mr and Mrs H. Smart. Mr and Mrs A. Clissett, Mr R. McCoy, Mrs Watson, Mr Sydney Davies, Mr and Mrs Fred Thorning, Messrs Ernest, Edgar, and Cyril Thorning, Dr Billups, Mons. Charles, Mr and Mrs A. Saunders, Mr G. Bennett and Miss Bennett, Mr R. O. Burfit, Mr C. Kirby, etc. Mr and Mrs Thorning have been the recipients of the following presents in honour of their silver wedding — Mr Steddon, silver ash tray Mr and Mrs O. Horton, ditto Mr and Mrs G. P. Luen, silver hot water jug Mr C. Vine, fruit stand Mr and Mrs Duchemin, mustard pot; Captain and Mrs Cooper, antique spoons Mr and Mrs Thrift, photo frame Mr and Mrs Smart, tea pot; Captain and Mrs Jones, pickle fork, etc.; Mr and Mrs Watson, egg cruet and carver rests Mr and Mrs H. Saunderson, pin cushion Mons. Charles, silver breakfast cruet; Mons. Charolet, toast rack Mr and Mrs A. Knight, salt-cellars Mr and Mrs S. Harwood, fruit spoon Mr Frl-n- Thorning, cake basket; Miss Bond, p"- Hor