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1 BARRY POLICE COURT. FRIDAY. Before Mr O. H. Jones and Mr J. W. Pyman. LICENSING TRANFERS. The following licenses were transferred :— Green Down Cottage, St. George's, from Eliza- beth Rees to George Stanford. The Royal Hotel, Cadoxton, from Mr II. T. Clements to Mr C. B. Griffiths. John George Martin applied for the transfer of the license of the Ship Hotel, Penarth, from Owen Conway to himself, but inasmuch as be was not able to produce the agreement, the application was adjourned. EXTRAORDINARY CONDUCT OF A SHIP'S OFFICER. William Norrish, second officer of the s.s. Marina, now at Barry Docks, was charged with assaulting Captain Griffiths, master of the ship. Mr J. Arthur Hughes, solicitor, appeared for the prosecution. Captain Griffiths said while the ship ¡ was in Dunkirk on the 28th ultimo, defendant came into his cabin and demanded some money. This he would not give him. Defendant refused to leave the cabin, and lay across the taole in his dirty clothes. Prosecutor requested him to leave, but he still refused, and took the captain by the throat, stating he would not strike him if he gave him a sovereign.—Defendant, who pleaded guilty to the charge, was fined 20s and costs, or seven days' imprisonment in default. LOITERING ABOUT THE DOCKS. Four lads, William Harvey, Thomas Edgar, Alex Peterson, and Walter Lloyd, were each cautioned for loitering on the Barry Railway Company's premises CHILDREN CHARGED WITH STEALING COAL. Rose Harris, 10, and George Harris, 11, were charged with stealing about 201bs. of coal, value 4d, the property of the Barry Railway Company. Dock-constable Harpur stated that on the morning of the 30th ultimo he saw the two defendants picking up coal near No. 1 Tip. He detained them. -The Bench reprimanded the children, and dis- charged them. THEFT OF A WATCH. A ten-year-old lad, Thomas John Leek, of 24, Pyke-street, Barry Dock, was charged with stealing a silver watch, value d62, the property of Oliver Boyett, 5, Murch-terrace, Cadoxton. Prosecutor stated that on the previous Saturday the lad called at his house with a message. After he left, ai the watch which was hanging on the wall in the kitchen, was missed.—Acting-sergeant Phillips arrested the lad on Wednesday, and when charged he said that Mr Boyett gave him the watch.—Mr O. H. Jones having cautioned the lad as to his future conduct, he was discharged. A DANGEROUS PRACTICE. The Bench ordered a warrant; to be issued for the appearance of Frederick Woodfield, of Cadoxton, charged with throwing a glass bottle on the highway. DISORDERLIES. A fine of 5s. was imposed upon Michael Neagle, summoned for being disorderly on the highway. Patrick O'Connor, Cadoxton, was ordered to pay 2s 6d for the same offence Harriet Coleman was cautioned and a warrant was ordered to be issued for the appearance of Harriet Hewitt DRUNKS. Nearly the whole of those summoned for drunk- enness at this sitting of the court were seamen, who, to secure their release, had deposited a sum of money by way of bail. The following were the cases disposed of :—Henry Roberts, Thos. Cuiran, Timothy O'Neal, Edgar Johnson, and Patrick Kennedy, 2s 6d each. Warrants were ordered to be issued for the appearance of Timothy Callaghan and William Flinn, for a like offence. MONDAY. Before Mr J. Lowdon and Mr J. A. Manaton. FINED. John Stephens, a travelling gipsy, was fined 5s for not keeping a receptacle in his van for refuse purposes. Inspector S. B. Sommerfield proved visiting defendant's van on the 4th instant, and finding no receptacle there for refuse. TRUANTS DEALT WITH. Frederick, the thirteen-year-old son of Alfred Jefferies, boilermaker, was ordered to be sent to an industrial school for two years for habitual truancy. Thomas Phillips, was also fined 5s for the same offence with respect to his son. NEW DEFINITION OF ASSAULT. Kate Driscoll, of Sydenham-street, Barry Docks, who was defended by Mr J. A Hughes, solicitor, was charged with using threats towards a neigh- bour, Mary Bey ndn.—Complainant said on the 19th ultimo defendant threatened to leave a —— Irish mark upon her. Both parties, however, met in the defendant's house the same evening and they shook hands. -Case dismissed. PITCH-AND-TOSS ON THE HIGHWAY. Three youths, William Swartz, William James, and Robert Roberts, pleaded guilty to playing pitch-and-toss on the highway, and a fine of 5s each was imposed. CHIMNEY ON FIRE. Myriam Derrick was fined is for allowing the chimney of her house to be on fire. BATHING WITHOUT PROPER DRESS. A penalty of 2s 6d was imposed upon Joseph Gill for bathing in a pool off Cardiff-road without proper dress and a warrant was ordered to be issued for the appearance of Charles King on a like charge. OBSCENE LANGUAGE. A warrant was ordered to be issued for the appearance of Annie Sheady for using obscene language. VIOLENCE OF A CHILIAN SAILOR. Guillimo Costillo, a Chilian seaman, was placed in the dock charged with being drunk and dis- orderly and assaulting Dock constable Strang- ward. The constable said that on the previous Saturday evening he saw the defendant and another man fighting near Barry Dock Railway Station. He separated them, when defendant turned upon him, struck him to the ground, and violently kicked him about, the body.—Costillo, who had nothing to say, was fined 42 and costs, or 21 days' imprisonment in default. SAILOR ROBS SAILOR AT BARRY. William Croasdel Patrick Bolder, a sea- man, was brought up in custody charged with stealing from the person of William Squinville a purse containing 10s 3id and three Japanese coins. Prosecutor stated that he arrived at Barry on Sunday on board the s.s. Morfa. In the afternoon he met the prisoner, who joined the ship at Bremerhaven. They went for a walk into the country, and at a public-house they had some beer. They afterwards laid down in a field, when he felt the prisoner's hand in his pocket. Finding his purse was missing, he asked Bolder for it, but he said he did not have it, and struck him in the face and threw stones at him. He afterwards gave the prisoner into custody.- P.C. Peacock gave evidence of arrest. — Prisoner, when sworn, said he met the prosecutor in Thompson-street on Sunday, and took him to the open-air club" at Cadoxton, where both con- tribed towards paying for a cask of beer. Com- plainant became half drunk, and accused him of stealing his money. — Mr Lowdcn You are remanded till Wednesday at Penarth. — Prisoner Just as you like, sir.-—On Wednesday, at the Penarth Court, Bolder was sentenced to 14 days' imprisonment with hard labour. THEFT OF GROWING VEGETABLES. Frank Brown, of Bell-street, Barry, was fined 10s for stealing four cabbages and 25 radishes from the garden of James Baglin. Prosecutor stated that on. the 18th ultimo he saw the defendant in his garden with a bag on his shoulders. Brown ran away but he gave chase, and Brown dropped I the bag containing the cabbage and radish. DISORDERLY. CONDUCT. Five shillings each was the penalty imposed upon John Bridge and Mary Jane Williams for being guilty of disorderly conduct on the highway. DRUNK AND DISORDERLY. On this charge MargaretSymmonds and Sidney Lacey were fined 7s 6d each Mary Beldow, Richard Jenkins, and Kate Beldow, 5s each and warrants wsre ordered to bo ir:ra i fnr appear J ance of Hy. Symmonds, John Hewitt, Harriet Hewitt, Ellen Rogers, Patrick Smith, and George Dunn.