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The Cycling World. -:0:-


The Cycling World. -:0:- The prospective cyclist about to purchase a machine, cannot be too careful on the point of obtaining advice. Nowadays, a jerry built cycle bears, to the untutored eye, practically as good an appearance as the best machine it is possible to turn out. Enamel and nickel plate cover bad workmanship in a most effective manner, and unless the man about to purchase a cycle obtains the assistance of an experienced friend, be stands a very good chance of making an unsatisfactory purchase, especially if buying a machine at a low price, unless of course he goes to a firm of standing and repute where he may rely upon being well and properly treated. It is, generally speaking, in buying a machine from 0, comparatively small maker who goes in for cutting prices, that th jerry built machine is obtained. A London cabman has been ordered by the Brompton County Court to pay £ 8 and costs to a wheelman he had run down. The accident was caused by the cabman turning sharply round a corner without giving due warning. The tyres of a motor bicycle will require a 'certain amount of attention if they are to last for any fairly long period, and the motorist is, of course, naturally anxious to make them last as long as possible. It pays to occasionally remove the tyres and examine the inside of the covers for weak places in the fabric, so that they can be readily repaired before becoming too badly worn. One of the most durable and longest running tyres is the Dunlop. It was these tyres that were awarded first prize, in the great 4,000 miles tyre trials on the road last season, for all-round excellence, At the Bristol Post Office A. and C.C. race meeting, a most distressing accident occurred during the final heat of the five miles motor bicycle race, which cast a gloom over the gathering and led to the postponement of the undecided events on the programme. The accident occurred at one of the highly banked corners, which P. C. Bailey, of Bristol, when travelling over thirty- four miles an hour, took wide. G. A. Barnes. the record breaker of London, also ran wide, and when passing his opponent something went wrong with his machine and the two riders collided. The smash was awful, both riders and their machines falling amongst the spectators, two of whom were killed and some twenty injured. Bailey escaped with but slight injuries, but Barnes received injuries to his head and one of his legs. In common with other cycling scribes we have always advocated the use of the cycle amongst road surveyors and inspectors, not only on the score of the saving of time and consequently the the more frequent inspection of the roads and road-labourers, but also because a surveyor who cycles over the roads under his charge, would far easier detect any unevenness of the surface. We are glad to see that the Carmarthenshire County Council hold similar views, for when recently advertising for three inspectors of main roads for the County, they stated that candidates must provide themselves with cycles and use them for travelling on the roads. This is a capital idea, but, could not the Council supply the machines ? r It has lately been quite the fashion amongst cycle manufacturers to send out their machines fitted with plated rims. The general appearance of the cycle is thereby considerably enhanced, but it is doubtful whether rims of this character are quite so satisfactory in the long run as those enamelled. After being caught out in the rain, or after cycling over wet or muddy roads, it is neces- sary to wipe down the rims in order to keep them at anything approaching their initial brilliancy, and to prevent rust from forming. Perhaps a way out of the difficulty would be to use a trans- parent varnish, or enamel, with which the rims could be painted. The result would be to some- what dim their brilliancy, but a better result would be effected by saving of time and labour, as well as preserving the rims themselves. To the cyclist going touring on a motor cycle, there are at least two essentials towards an enjoy- able trip-a good machine and an ample luggage carrier. He can explore the country fully equipped with everything necessary towards his comfort without of course incurring the bodily fatigue of the ordinary machine. A most important equip- ment to carry in the kit, is the tyre repairing outfit. One that is specially designed, and made for use of motor cyclists, is the Dunlop. With the splendid materials, all of Dunlop manufacture, a repair can be accomplished in a rapid and effectual manner. It is sold at 2s., and procurable at all cycle and motor depots. v —' A. V. Norman, one of the racing members of the Anerley Bicycling Club, met with a remark able accident recently when training at the Crystal Palace track. To avoid a collision with another man who had "cut in" before him, Norman ran up the banking, and in doing so failed to clear the railings. His off pedal caught the fence, and he was thrown clean over on to the ground some twelve feet below. Although con- siderably shaken and bruised, he escaped severe injuries, thanks to the long grass on which he lel\ A very interesting sight was recently witnessed at Athlone, when members of the Itayal Irish Constabulary were inspected by Colonel Chamber- lain, their Inspector General. The large number of 2,000 cycling police rode past the Colonel, producing a very imposing spectacle, and one that the R.I.C. might well be proud of, since no other police force in the world possesses such a large number of cycling members. n — Although, on his failure last year to swim the Channel, Holbein stated that he would not be making another attempt, we now learn that he is agflin in training with a view to swimming the stretch of water that lies between the shores of England and At the present time he is n training in the river Medway at Wateringbury, swimming for several hours at a time. He also makes considerable use of his cycle to keep in an ttll-round state of fitness.




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