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NAT. TEL.-326 CARDIFF, 101 PENARTH, ESTD. I860 TELEGRAPHIC ADDRESS-" TARPAULINS, CARDIFF." FRED. MORGAN & CO, HERBERT-STREET & BUTE-STREET, CARDIFF, SADDLERS & HARNESS MAKERS, & SADDLERS' IRONMONGERS, MAKERS Q TT 1ST "D T T 1ST Tl Q1 0F EVERY OF D U IN JD JLJ J. IN U O DESCRIPTION. (PATENTEES AND SPECIALISTS OF SPRING ROLLER SHOP BLINDS). TENTS, AWNINGS, FLAGS, TARPAULINS, for Sale or Hire. HORSE & CART COVERS, RICK-SHEETS, SACKS, COAL BAGS, ROPE, RUBBER, AND OILSKIN GOODS, &c. I R J. HEATH & SON'S I GREAT I JpiANOFORTE & ORGAN STORES. I USICAL JNSTRUMENTS BY ALL MAKERS. SOLE AGENTS FOR BROAD WOOD, ERARD, SCHIEDMAYER WALDEMAR, AND CROWN PIANOS. THE ANGELUS PIANO PLAYERS SYMPHONY SELF-PLAYING ORGANS, AND JENKINSONS' SUPEROCTAVE COUPLER, A Great Acquisition to All Organs. HIRE SYSTEM ARRANGED FOR 1. 2, 3, or 4 YEARS I ENORMOUS DISCOUNT FOR CASH. 76, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF. PONTYPKIDD, PENARTH, & PORT TALBOT. NationalTelephone: Cardiff, 01199 Pontypridd,21 Manufactory LONDON. THE CHARING CROSS BANK JL (ESTABLISHED 1870). 119&120, Bishopsgate-street Within, E.C., and 28, Bedford-street, Charing Cross, W.C., London. Assets, i;512,475 Liabilities, £ 209,475. Reserve £ 303,000. Loans of L50 to £5,000 made on any class of security. Two-and a half per cent. interest allowed on current accounts. Deposits of £10 and upwards received as under:— 5 per cent. per ann., subject to 3 months' notice of withdrawal 6 „ 6 „ i „ „ 12 „ Special term for longer periods. Interest paid quarterly. The Terminable Deposit Bonds pay nearly nine percent., and are a safe investment. Write or call for Prospectus. H J ^^TALL^' [ Managers. WEDDING CARDS! OF THB CHOICEST DESIGN AND ARTISTIC EXECUTION MAY BE OBTAINED AT THE "BARRY DOCK NEWS," HOLTON ROAD, BARRY DOCKS. E ■ SPV EIVWRFF11* RECORD!^ 1 ■ MONEY SAVED! t, <*>».««««. ■ ■ CALL TO-DAY ON Mr. H. SAMUEL!81^' H H I 1 A Sk B I C B DEAR SIR,—I HAVE BEES WEAR- H Hi f"f MjL awl 1 Bla 1 IHG OHE OF YOUR WATCHES FOR IS ■ BH ■ ■ 8 I W A B SSH YEARS. I WORE IT THROUGH THE ■ DIAMONDS, WATCHES, RINGS, BROOCHES, H B SILVERWARE, ELECTRO-PLATE, CUTLERY, in^ATE^OF ALL HAROISFPLFSICH ■ BE CLOCKS, LEATHER AND FANCY GOODS. AS CROSSING RIVERS, &C., IT HAS HF GI You will be amazed at the Wonderful PRO^?D ASPLENIMD TIMEKEEPER H9 H Yariety of the BARGAINS offered, and the Faithfuiiy-j. w. GREEN.» ■ ■ ENORMOUS SAYING as compared with ordin- SATISFACTION GUARANTEED 31 S| ary retail prices. DEAL DIRECT AND or money refunded In full. B5 H AVOID MIDDLE PROFITS is/- S0LID REAL G0LD HALL-MARKED B fl £ WATCHES! 0/" BROOCHES, set with diamonds, rubies g| M 5/FI GENT'S Oxjdised Keyless f-plate Lever -F 7 £ » REAL BOLD GEM BETROTHAL MB BB 'y/»J "Watch, Fully Jewelled, Bavarian ll/O RINGS, massive 18-carat mount set K1 ■■ (registered) Gold Pendant, joints and bezel, with five large real diamonds. Bpjy Si Si'ien £ id "IG/C REAL GOLD BRACELETS with US HB 1(|/{! LUCKY GOLD IZ/Q chain attachments. gpg JH ,u/ u WEDDING RINGS! Railway Fare Paid to all purchasers |H ■H Government Hall-marked. A FREE GIFT of Goods value 28/- and upwards within a H3 BH of a Real GOLD KEEPER with each ring. radiu9 of 30 miles, GGJ Ask for Yours when Buying! PAY YOUR VISIT TO-DAY! H H. SAMUE 7. ST. CARDIFF CULLEY'8 BARRY DOCK HOTEL, OPPOSITE RAILWAY STATION AND DOCK OFFICES. CARDIFF ESTABLISHMENTS EXCHANGE RESTAURANT, DOCKS, PHILHARMONIC RESTAURANT, ST. MARY ST. ESPLANADE HOTEL, PENARTH. WORCESTERSHIRE HOTEL, DROITWICH R. R CULLEY-& CO., LIMITED, WINE MERCHANTS, EXCHANGE, DOCKS, CARDIFF. PIANOS AND ORGANS! THOMPSON & SHACKELL, Limited. The Finest Display of Musical Instruments ever shown in the Principality ESTEY GROANS. Neweat Styles. ~KEUMEYER PIANOS, latest Models. BRINSMEAD PIANOS, Improved Design. KAPS PIANOS, Inlaid Pianos. COLL-ARD PIANOS, Exquisite Finish. LIBERAL DISCOUNT FOR CASH. OLD PIANOS TAKEN IN EXCHANGE. DELIVERED FREE. All Instruments supplied on New Hire System, if desired, without Extra Charge, from 10s Monthly. Beautifully Illustrated Catalogue free by post on application to Barry, or any of the Company's numerous Branches. 1,200 INSTRUMENTS SOLD YEARLY. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. PIANO TUNERS OF UNDOUBTED ABILITY. TUNING FROM 3s. 6d. THOMPSON AND SHACKELL, LIMITED, MUSIC WAREHOUSE, QUEEN STREET, CARDIFF. TEETH! TEETH! TEETH MORGANS, DENTISTS, LIMITED, 56, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF, 30, HIGH-STREET, NEWPORT. SPECIAL NOTICE. We beg to "notify to our numerous patients that we have dispensed with the services of A. Carew, our late Assistant, not Manager. Also we have removed to more convenient premises at MR. A. P. NEWMAN'S, A.P.S., CHEMIST, 89, HOLTON ROAD, BARRY DOCKS, from MR. J. REYNOLDS, Chemist, where we have been attending for the past Five Years. N.B.-Our Guarantee of Seven Years still holds good to our patients. Please look for the nar^ of MORGAN, DENTIST, LTD., before entering. I 'CLASS -D E, N LONDON. OF HIGH S.:HOSE I.N WbR I-D. mAY SAVE YOOH < ■ I CHILD'S LIFE. 1 An eggepoonful of Virol is the feeding I bottle strengthens tbe boot*, makes I the flash firmer, and the blood I richer. Virol is ussd in over 200 I Hospitals. I An Ideal Food for Wasting I Diseases. I Is -old ja Jars, ./&, 3/- & 416. B—B—B'lIM—<i>IHII—■

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