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LEAPT OUT OF BED. ST. ATHAN'S PLATELAYER'S ADVENTURE. I Some time since a strange story reached the ears of a reporter of the Cardiff Times, who took an early opportunity of visiting the scene of the occurrence to ascertain the actual facts. In the secluded village of St. Athans, near Cowbridge, and some fifteen miles from Cardiff, the reporter came across the hero of the rumour, a Mr L. H. Willmot, platelayer on the Taff Vale Railway, who related to him the following interesting particulars :— "Some time ago," commenced Mr Willmot, "I was cured by Dr Williams' pink pills for pale people of a serious complaint which had given me a great deal of pain and which for a time quite prostrated me. The fact that I followed outdoor employment, and am consequently subject to all changes of climate, I suppose, accounts for it. At 7n MR. L. H. WILLMOT. (From a photo by Barry Dock Studios. J any rate, I had a very severe attack of sciati«a which lasted altogether for about three months. It took me first in the left hip, and then it travelled down to the calf of my leg. It was so severe at one time that I could not bend down and put on my boots and stockings, for although the pain was in my left leg, it seemed to effect my back as well, so that I could not make the slighest effort to bend. In fact. I felt as if I was half paralysed. The pain would sometimes come on so suddenly, and was so excruciating, that I would leap out of bed in the middle of the night, and I had to have my leg rubbed with the greatest vigour, so as to bring me a little temporary relief. I became so ill at last that I was compelled to give up work altogether, and for three weeks I was confined to my bed. I was so bad at that time that I could not turn in bed without assistance, and when I did get up it took me two whole hours in which to dress myself." Oh, yes, I tried several things in order to get rid of it. I tried several kinds of oils which were recommended to me by my friends, and rubbed them all well into the limb, but they did me no good whatever. I also took doctors' medicine, but that only gave me a little temporary relief. I was then advised to go under treatment by an electric battery, and I was going to give that a trial, when one day I saw in one of the papers an advertise- ment of a fireman who had suffered in the same way as I was suffering, and who had been cured by Dr Williams' pink pills for pale people. The case was so much like my own that I then and there determined to try them as well, to see what they would do for me. I consequently got a box of Dr Williams' pink pills, and to my surprise and joy before I was half through with the first box I experienced great relief. The improvement was so marked that I continued to take the pills. I took three boxes of them altogether, and they completely cured me after everything else had failed, and I have practically had no trouble with it from that time. It is true that some time afterwards, with the change in the weather, I thought I felt a twinge of it, and I at once got another box of Dr Williams' pink pills. I don't know whether I did have a touch of my old complaint or whether I was only scared, but a few doses of Dr Williams' pink pills which I took put me all right, and I have not had a trace of it since. At the same time I keep a box by me in case of another attack, but up to now it has not come. It is now months ago since I had the last scare I mentioned to you, for throughout this past winter I have not had any sign of it coming on, so I can safely regard my cure as a thorough permanent one. I am very pleased to give this testimonial for publication, and I hope that anyone who sees the account of my case will do the same as I did, and give Dr Williams' pink pills a trial, for they are certainly the best thing I bad for the very painful complaint that I suffered from."