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^u inn JI■ RWI «■■■■!» II BARRY POLICE COURT. MONDAY. Before Mr J, Lowdon and Mr W. H. Lewis. IMPRISONED FOR STEALING FLOWERS. Michael Burke, Fairford-street, Cadoxton, was trjught up in custody charged with stealing a quantity of growing plants, value 5s, the property of Mr James Bell, C.E., Canobie, Park-road, Barry. Mr Bell identified the plants produced as his pro- perty, and a lad named William Thomas stated he saw the prisoner in Mr Bell's garden pulling up plants on the evening of the 21st ultimo.— Evidence of arrest was given by P.C. Evans (304). -Mr Bell did not wish to press the charge, but the Bench, who said this pilfering of gardens was on the increase, sentenced Burke to fourteen days' imprisonment with hard labour. A similar charge against Burke was withdrawn. IRREGULAR SCHOLARS. On the application of Mr A. Seig, attendance officer to the Barry School Board, orders to send their children regularly to school were made upon Charles Selby, Charles Belby, and George Butcher. John Norman was fined 7s 6 Elizabeth Todd's son, William, was committed to Dinas Powis Truant School till he reached the age of fourteen years as was also John, the son of John Bryant, who was also ordered to pay Is 6d per week towards his maintenance thereat. James Stowell was fined 2s 6d. AMAZON V. AMAZON. Annie Osborn, of Barry Docks, was charged with assaulting Annie M. Irish on the 17th ultimo. Complainant said on the morning in question defendant came to her house, and smacked her face, and followed her into the house and again beat her.—Defendant, who denied the assault, was fined 5s, or seven days in default. ANOTHER TRADE UNION OBSTRUCTION CASE, Bernard Stubbing Kersey, of 28, Sydenham- street, Barry Docks, an organiser of the Sailors and Firemen's Union, was charged with obstruct- ing the highway in Sydenham-street, Barry Docks, on the 20th ultimo. P.C. Beedles said that at 10.35 on the morning in question he saw the defendant in Sydenham-street standing on a chair addressing a crowd, and till eleven o'clock the street was blocked and an obstruction caused. Defendant: What were these men doing ?— Listening to you. P.C. Phillips gave corroborative evidence. Defendant, who said be had been in the district ten months, had addressed a crowd daily at this j spot. He Was speaking to the men on The Betterment of their Conditions of Life," on the j Salvation Army principle, telling them to keep away from the drink, and was, therefore, assisting 1 the police. The Bench fined defendant 10s, and said how- ever good his addresses were he must not obstruct the highway. RESPONSIBILITY OF BAIL. On the 22nd ultimo Michael Clay, of Cadoxton, became bail in the sum of P,5 for the appearance i at the Police-court on the following day of Michael Burke on a charge of stealing flowers. Burke did not appear, and a warrant was issued for his arrest. -Clay, who said he did not understand the terms of bail, was mulct in the costs, 4s 6d. GOATS ASTBAY. For allowing three goats to stray on the high- way, James Burke was fined 7s 6d. NO WARNING. John Pratt, for not giving warning of his approach on a bicycle, was ordered to pay 2s 6d, A NUISANCE. A penalty of 5s was imposed upon Fred Howe for committing a nuisance in Evans-street. DISORDERLY CONDUCT. For being guilty of disorderly conduct, Eliza- beth Kelly was fined 2s 6d, and William Sidford 5s. Warrants were ardered to be issued for the appearance of Sarah Louisa Stevens, Annie Piddell, and John Kelly for the same offence. ALLEGED SOLICITING PROSTITUTION. P.C. Poolman informed the Bench that on the afternoon of the 13th ultimo he saw Ellen Olson ] in Merthyr-street, Barry Docks, conversing with several men whom she took to her house.-The Bench dismissed the charge against her of soliciting prostitution. } CHILD OUTRAGED AT CADOXTON. William Davies, a sailor, was again placed in the dock charged with committing an outrage j upon Alice Jane Gilbert, aged seven years, in a field near the Barry Cemetery on the afternoon of the 21st ultimo. The evidence of Dr P. J. j O'Donnell, Cadoxton, showed that the full offence had been committed, and the Bench committed prisoner for trial at the Assizes. THE BABSY JEWELLERY ROBBERY. Samuel Lindsey was placed in the dock charged on remand with breaking and entering the lock- up shop of Mr Coleman Follick, pawnbroker, situate at Holton-road, Barry Docks, on the morn- ing of the 14th of June, and stealing therefrom jewellery to the value of :£325. Mr Alfred Jackson, who appeared for the prosecution, asked for a further remand till Thursday, as several important arrests had been made in London.-The Bench accordingly remanded Lindsey till Thurs- day. THE DRUNKS. Mary Jane Sheppherd and Kate Taylor, both well-known, who were charged with being drunk and disorderly, were sent to prison for 21 days each. Annie Sheady and Melinda Jones were fined 10s each John Shed, 7s 6d Oliver Harris, Owen Williams, Elizabeth Lucas, John Davies, Thomas Malligan, Daniel Connelly, Frank Connelly, and Elizabeth Hickson, 5s each; and warrants were ordered to be issued for the appearance of Matthew Thompson and William Tolland.




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