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MRS. GRUNDY'S JOTTINGS. In connection with the Barry Island Coronation Sports, when the sports are held, handicaps and entries will remain as at present, or, if desired, the entry fees will be returned. The list of honours conferred on the proposed occasion of the Coronation was a long and inter- esting one. The Earl of Hopetown becomes a marquess, Lord Iner becomes a viscount, and among the ne'v jlits are Dr Isambard Owen, Mr Alfred Thomas, M.P., and Mr Joseph Lawrence, M.P. A new Order of Merit is founded, the first members of which include Lords Roberts and Kitchener. The Prince of Wales becomes a general and the Duke of Connaught a field-marshal. Several Colonial Premiers are knighted. The beach inspector at Barry Island would do well to see that the public are not imposed upon by the licensed owners of donkeys on the beach. ♦ Mr T. L. Howe, of Penarth and Barry Island, has taken an excellent photograph of the Corona- tion bonfire at Barry Island. The centre poll of this fine pile was 55ft. in height; the circumfer- ence of the bonfire was 120ft., height 45ft., and the weight 185 tons. The photograph which Mr Howe has succeeded in taking is an excellent one, the mount being of crown folio size, and copies of the interesting souvenir may be obtained of the photographer, or of Mr H. Vine, Marine Hotel, Barry Island, with both of whom proofs may be seen. m In view of the satisfactory progress of the King towards recovery, it is probable that the Corona- tion will take place in August. The Rev T. Pandy John was one of the special preachers at the Glamorgan and Carmarthen Baptist Association meetings this week at Cardiff. Y Amongst the congregation at the town inter- cessary service at Barry last Sunday evening, was the eldest son of the Rev Hugh Price Hughes, the eminent London divine. The traffic returns on the Barry Railway, including the Vale of Glamorgan Railway, last week amounted to :£8,521 a decrease, compared with the corresponding period of last year, of £6,118; aggregate increase, £ 19,805. » It is said that the picture of a Liberal handling a cricket bat will probably not be seen in the Barry district for some time again, as they have unanimously, but sorrowfully, come to the con- clusion that they cannot play the game. The Conservatives, however, are contemplating opening a school for cricket, where lessons in that noble game will be given. All candidates for honours as batsmen will be given six months' tuition free. I » It is proposed to form as Association Football Junior League in the Barry district, and a meeting will be held at Rosser's Coffee Tavern, Holton-road, next Monday evening for the purpose. • The secretary of the Rational Christian Endea- vour Union of Wales, which has just held ita annual convention at Barry, has written conveying the warmest thanks of the executive to the Barry Dock News "for the great sympathy shown towards the Union in giving so much valuable space for reporting the proceedings of the recent conven- tion." Amongst the telegrams sent from the Barry district to Buckingham Palace last week, convey- ing deep and loyal sympathy with his Majesty the King in his illness, were those of the Barry, District Council, the Barry Protestant Association, and Miss Gertrude Jenner, of Wenvoe. II' ♦ Miss C. H. Davies, second daughter of the Rev David Davies, of Brighton, who preached at Holton-road English Baptist Chapel, Barry Docks, last Sunday, and lectured at the same place on Monday evening, has just passed the examination in the University of London for the M.A. degree, branch 1. She obtained her B.A. degree in the first division in October last, and has thus obtained her M.A. degree within eight months of her B.A,, a very exceptional distinction. Miss Davies is a student of the,Royal Holloway College, Egham, and holds the silver medal for swimming and saving from drowning, the captaincy of the second hockey eleven, and a captaincy in sculling in eon- nection with her college. » In the House of Commons last Monday the Barry Railway Bill was read a second time. It has already been passed by the Lords. Mr John Cory, J.P., D.L., The Duffryn, has offered a contribution of £ 1,000 towards Dr Barnado's Homes if four other similar sums are forthcoming. Mr Cory has on other occasions stimulated public generosity by making similar offers, and we hope that on the present occasion his munificent proposal will be equally successful. • At most, if not all, the churches and chapels in the Barry district, pulpit references were made on Sunday last to the illness of the King, and earnest prayers were offered for the recovery of his Majesty to health. » It is probable that the shipments at Barry Docks during the half-year just closed will show an average of over 8,000,000 tons per annum. I regret to learn that the Rev D. Lee Cann, the respected pastor of the Bible Christian Church Barry Docks, has been indisposed for the past fortnight. His many friends hope for his early recovery. One very sensible way of celebrating Coronation Day was that adopted by two ladies who reside not far from Barry. They had intended spending a considerable sum upon flags, Chinese lanterns, &c., for the purpose of decorating their houses. At the last moment, however, they changed their plans, invested the money in laying in a stock of provisions, and then, on Thursday afternoon, invited any poor children they saw in the street to sit down to a good meal, an invitation that, needless to say, was very cordially accepted. Mr Anton Bertram, barrister-at-law, who, many of our readers will remember, was one of the legal gentlemen engaged at the inquest on the late Mr Ainscough at Barry Docks some months ago has been appointed Attorney-general of the Bahamas in succession to Mr W. Rees Davies, formerly M P* for Pembrokeshire, who has been chosen King's advocate in Cyprus.