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THE GLAMORGAN YEOMANRY. LETTER FROM COLONEL "WYNDIIAM-QUIN M.P. To the Editor of the" BARRY DOCK NEWS." Penllyn Castle, Cowbridge, Glamorganshire, 4th July, 1901. SIR,-Having been commissioned by His Majesty the King to raise and command a regiment of Imperial Yeomanry in the county of Glamorgan, to be styled the Glamorganshire Regiment of Imperial Yeomanry," I would be obliged if you will publish for the information of those who may be desirous of joining, the following particulars concerning conditions of service and rates of pay :— 1. The Imperial Yeomanry is a force raised for home defence only, and no member of it can be ordered on active service abroad without his own consent. 2. The period of enlistment is for three years in the first instance, but this period can be extended by mutual agreement between the Yeoman and his Commanding Officer on the basis of an annual engagement. 3. Unless under special circumstances, no person under the age of 19, or over the age of 35, can be enrolled as a member, and all members must be natural born or naturalised subjects of His Majesty. 4. A Yeoman will take the oath of allegiance as soon after his enrolment as possible. 5. Under the provisions of the 44 George III., Chap. 54, Sections 30-31, a member may (except when summoned or assembled upon active service in case of -actual invasion, or appearance of the enemy in force upon the coast, or voluntarily assembled for the purpose of doing military duty) quit the corps, but not without giving to the Cap- tain of his squadron fourteen days' notice in writing of his intention to do so. 6. Regiments of Imperial Yeomanry may be assembled for active military service in Great Britain. (a) Whenever an order for the embodiment of the Militia is in force. (b) In aid of the civil power, to put down riot or insurrection. (<?) For the duty of escorting the Sovereign. 7. For the period in each year during which their regiments are assembled for annual training, which will take place, as a rule, in the Month of May, Yeomen will receive pay at the following consolidated daily rates, inclusive of ration allowance Regimental Sergeant-Major 9/6 Quartermaster-Sergeant,. "J Squadron Sergeant-Major, or fS/lO Squadron Quartermaster-Sergeant .J Squadron Quartermaster-Sergeant .J Sergeant 8/2 Corporal 7/6 Trumpeter 5/8 j Private. 5/6 Forage allowance will be issued at the rate of Is 6d per diem, and horse allowance of k-5 for every member attending the annual training for the full prescribed period, if not provided with Government horses. "For the days of actual attendance at musketry practice, not exceeding three in each year, Squadron Officers and Yeomen shall receive pay at the daily rate of 3s. An allowance in aid of travelling, not exceeding 6s per annum, shall be given to every efficient Officer and Yeoman whose musketry cannot be carried out within two miles of the headquarters of his Squadron. Each Officer and Yeoman, on joining for the annual permanent duty of his regiment, will be allowed the pay of his rank to meet travelling and other expenses, according to the distance from the Squadron Headquarters to the place of assembly. 8. The Annual Training of Regiments will take place in camp between the 1st May and the 30th September, during 16 successive days, inclusive of the days of marching to and from the camp, and exclusive of the additional two days required for Squadron drills. Officers and Yeomen may be granted leave during this period for two nights, provided that they do not mies more than one drill, and that this privilege is not granted to more than 10 per cent. of the total members attending camp for the night next subsequent to arrival and previous to departure. Pay and allowances will be admitted during such leave. Bandsmen, mounted or dismounted, not exceed- ing four for each Squadron, Orderly room clerkf, Tailors and Saddlers, are not required to perforih ¡ Squadron or Squad drills. All other yeomen, besides attendance at permanent duty, will be required to perform the following minimum of drills annuually within twelve months ending on drills annuually within twelve months ending on the 30th September :— (a) Recruits 12 drills, either mounted or dismounted. (b) Trumpeters: 3 mounted drills. (c) Other Yeomen 6 troop or squad drills, mounted or dismounted. The time and place at which these drills shall be held will be at the discretion of Officers com- manding Squardrons. They will take place under the superintendence of Squadron Sergeant-majors, but it is desirable that Officers should attend them as often as possible. 9. Uniform, arms and a complete set of saddlery will be issued free of cost to each Yeonlan also a copy of the Regimental Rules, authorised by the Secretary of State for War. 10. For the present, the Glamorgan Imperial Yeomanry will consist of three squadrons, with head-quarters at Swansea, Cardiff, and Bridgend. It is hoped that later on, a fourth squadron may be added, with head-quarters in the northern part of the county. 11.—Candidates wishing to join, are requested to apply to the Officer commanding .Glamorgan- shire Imperial Yeomanry, Cowbridge. Testimonials as to personal character must accompany each application, one of which must be signed by a Justice of Peace. No Candidate will be accepted who is not a good horseman and able to look after a horse. He must also be accustomed to handle either a gun or a rifle. Apologising for the length of this communica- tion, I am, yours faithfully, W. H. WYNDIIAM-QUIN, Lieut.-Col. Commanding Glamorganshire Imperial Yeomanry.


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