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BARRY POLICE COURT. MONDAY. Before Major-General Lee and Mr W. W. Nell. BRUTAL ASSAULT BY A SOUTH AFRICAN HERO. I Patrick Maloney, who has just returned from the War in South Africa, and is now carrying on business as greengrocer in Graving Dock-street, [ Barry Docks, was summoned by his wife, Eleanor Maloney, with assault. Prosecutrix said on the 28th ultimo her husband abused her, and she ran out of the house, and was on the way to the Police Station for protection, when he followed her, and caught her by the head, pulled her by the hair across the road, and threw her down. While on the floor he kicked and thumped her in the back. She became unconscious, and was carried into a neighbour's house. On tbe previous night he also pulled her and the two children out of bed.—Two women named Saunderson and Barnett corrobo- rated, the latter stating that Mrs Maloney was unconscious for fifteen minutes after the assault. -Defendant said he sent his wife tc Cardiff on the Thursday for some vegetables, but she came home with an empty cart and half drunk. On the date of the assault he went into the Windsor Hotel, and she followed him and threw a pint cup at him. He admitted pulling her by the hair, but denied that he otherwise ill-used her.—In reply to General Lee, Mrs Maloney said her husband continually ill-treated her. —Accused pleaded that he had had an exemplary discharge from the Army, and that was not easy to obtain.-General Lee said the last thing a soldier should do was to assault a woman. Maloney would be fined £ 1, and be bound over in JB10 to keep the peace for six months. PATERNITY ORDER AGAINST A SOLDIER. Gunner David John Lloyd, of the Mule Battery, R A. stationed at Newport was ordered to, con- tribute Is 91 per week towards the support of the illegitimate male child of Sarah Jane Hucker, Sheepcourt Cottagp, Bonvilstone, of which he was adjudged the father. Mr J. H. Morgan, solicitor, Cardiff, appeared for the complainant. NO CONTROL. Frederick Daunton was ordered to be brought up on a warrant for being at such a distance as not to have control over his steed.—Emily Barrett and William Charrett were fined Is each for the same offence and Charles Henry Brown, 10s. NAMELESS CART. Lane Wilton, for not having his name painted on his cart, was ordered to be brought up on a warrant. A DANGEROUS PRACTICE. P.C. William Evans stated that on the 27th ultimo he saw Annie Sheady throwing a bottle on the highway in Thompson-street, Barry Docks, and she was fined 2s 6d.-George Bath, for a like offence, was fined 5s. NO LIGHTS. A fine of 2s 6d each was imposed upon Robert Hyles and Charles Lakin for driving vehicles without lights after sunset; and warrants were ordered to be issued for the atten- dance of William Biss, George Wake, and Frederick Lamer on the same charge. DISORDERLY CONDUCT. John McCarthy, for disorderly conduct on the highway, was fined 5s. THE ADVANTAGE OF BEING KEAF. Margaret Delaney, a woman of colour, was charged with being drunk and disorderly, and while in the dock was apparently stone deaf. Inspector Morris Have you any witnesses ?— Defendant: Washing and cleaning.-Margaret declared she was neither drunk or disorderly.— General Lee: You may go.—Margaret: Thank you, sir. ALLEGED THEFT OF A WATCH. Thomas Jones, a sailor, was placed in the dock charged with stealing a watch, the property of William Flinn, a dock watchman. Flinn said on the 5th instant he was in the Victoria Hotel, Barry Docks, when defendant came up and asked him for a drink. He gave Jones a shilling to get some drink. Jones did not, however, call for the drinks, but came and sat by his side. Flinn twice found Jones' hand in his pocket, and shortly afterwards he missed his watch. — Frederick Richards stated he saw Jones' hand in Flinns' pocket.-P.C. Herbert Evans arrested Jones, but when searched, the watch could not be found.— Prisoner said if liberated he could find fifty men who could swear Flhm had no watch on the occasion.-Case dismissed. DRUNK ON LICENSED; PREMISES. John Wilson, for being drunk on licensed premises, was fined 5s-" the Bench remarking that this case would be borne in mind on the licensing day. THE DRUNKS. Mary Jane Shepherd has a long list of convic- tions against her for various offences. She now appeared for the 47th time, charged with being drunk and disorderly,, and having admitted the offence, she was sent to prison for fourteen days. Alexander Cooper, Merthyr-street, and Evan Jenkins, Wyndham-street, have been twice before the court since June, and they were now fined 5s each for being drunk and disorderly. Louisa Danter was also fined 20s, or fourteen days in default, for drunkenness and disorderly conduct; and Carl Olsen, Joseph Galbridge, Michael John Dillon* Daniel Evans, Cornelius Lee, George Watson, Thomas Mulligan, Edward Brennan, and Elizabeth Brennan were each fined 5s Thomas Thomas, 2s 6d and warrants were ordered to be issued for the appearance of William Evays, John White, Maud Evans, and Morris Ryan, all for the same offence.