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ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE FREE OF ARMS, LEGS, HANDS, EYES, LEG IRONS, SPINE SUPPORTS, TRUSSES, LADIES' BELTS, ELASTIC STOCKINGS, CRUTCHES, &c. MAKER AND REPAIRER ALLEN PEARCE, 7, CHARLES ST., CARDIFF. I And 35 and 36, Broadmead Arcade, Bristol. A SEAWEED MIRACLE AT LLANELLY. A WELL-KNOWN MAN MIRACULOUSLY CURED OF A DISTRESSINGLY BAD CASE OF INDIGESTION, WEAK STOMACH, AND GENERAL DEBILITY. THIS REMARKABLE CURE CAN BE ATTESTED TO BY MR. DAVIES, CHEMIST, LLANELLY. IT IS ONLY ANOTHER PROOF THAT VENO'S SEAWEED TONIC IS THE MOST SUCCESSFUL AND REMARKABLE MEDICINE EVER BROUGHT TO WALES FOR ALL STOMACH, LIVER, KIDNEY, AND BLOOD DISEASES. GEORGE ROSSER, 48, Island Place, Llanelly, writes June 10th :— "Mr Veno,—Dear Sir,-If my few words of praise for your valuable Seaweed Tonic will do you any good I am sure you have it. It has done me a power of good. My stomach was so bad I could not eat my food, but it all came back. I was weak, could not work, and was weary of my life. This had been my case for over nine months. The doctor could not do anything for me. I had tried them, and all the chemists, and every Patent Medicine I could hear of, but got no better; then I heard of you giving free doses at Mr Davies' shop. I thought to try once more, as when you are suffering you are glad to try anything. The first dose of Seaweed Tonic eased me, and seemed to warm my stomach, which was always cold. I called again and found such relief that I kept on taking it, now I feel capital. I must tell you I am a Scotchman, but have lived many years in Llanelly. I have been in the Army many years-in the Siege of Lucknow, and other battles, so you must know my health has suffered considerably from privations, climate, and other things. I never felt better in my life than I do at this moment. Thanks to you for your valuable Seaweed Tonic. I feel fit to go to South Africa now, and help them finish the war. You can send anyone to me, and I'll tell them more about your medicine than I can write to you." John Butt% Uncle Sam Unc Olin, TEVE-R /s" TAI,,C A LIT-ILE Y^HATEVER DIFFERENCES ARISE BETWEEN ENGLAND* AMERICA, THE TWO GREA T I v, ïOllJlC i MSSENGLISH SPEAKING RACES ALWAYS AGREE ■ ON ONE POINT3 AND THAT IS, THAT OEAWEED TONIC 53&V I THE M0ST SUCCESSFUL AND ENJOYABLE RAJVWM H IHTIH MEDICINE IN THE TWO COUNTRIES. REGISTERED, VENO'S SEAWEED TONIC Has beaten off the Angel of Death and brought brightness and strength to many a despairing invalid. Those who have tested it know its healing and strengthening power. They speak from experience when they say it is the only medicine that ever made them feel well. It clears the bra n, strengthens the stomach, purifies the blood, relieves headache, steadies the action of the heart, cures kidney and liver troubles, and invigorates the whole body. 1 It is highly esteemed amongst doctors for the permanent cure of habitual constipation. Far superior to pills of any sort. Price 1;1:1 and 2/9 per bottle. A valuable book accompanies each bottle on diseases and their cure. VENO'S LIGHTNING COUGH CURE Stops an ordinary cough in one night, and cures chronic coughs, bronchitis, asthma, and whooping-cough rapidly. Its vast superiority over the ordinary cough mixtures, or any of the emulsions, cannot be estimated. It has saved many lives after they have been turned out of hospitals. It is a new scientific remedy endorsed by Medical Men. Guaranteed to cure the worst cases. Price 1/1.1 and 2/9 ^er CAUTION. When you ask for VENO'S Seaweed Tonic or VENO'S Lightning Cough Cure be sure you get it. Many dealers are in the habit of trying to coax you to take a cheap mixture of their own. You will do well to avoid their shop. Go where you can get what you ask for. See that the aame "VENO" is blown in every bottle. SOL.D BY J. REYNOLDS6) HOLTON PHARMACY, BARRY DOCKS, AND ALL CHEMISTS AND MEDICINE VENDORS EVERYWHERE. —————————————_——————. r -1-






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