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LOCAL CRICKET. DINAS POWIS V. WHITCHURCH. The return match between the above clubs was played on Saturday last at Wiiitchureh. The first meeting resulted in a decissvo win for Dinas Powia, but on Saturday the visitors found the homesters strongly represented, and the tables were turned by no fewer than 47 runs. Whitchurch batted first, and. profiting by mistakes in the field, com- piled the respectable score of 92 runs. The visitors, however, gave an exhibition unworthy of their past performances, and were speedily dis- missed for 45 runs. Scores:—Whitchurch: C. Vyvyan-Robinson, b Morgan, 10 H. Cotton, b Collins, 3 F. Richards, c Rooney, b Waters, 22 C. F. Bowden, c Morgan, b Waters, 14; W. Richards, b Collins, 0; M. Hussey, 1. b. W., b Collins, 0; H. Fisher, b Collins, 7 J. Foxall, b Coliins, 14 R. Meredith, not out, 9 Salmon, b Waters, 1; Phillips, c Rooney, b Waters, 2; extras, 10; total, 92. Dh'mh Poiuis: B. T, Pomeroy, c Foxall, b Meredith, 7 H. Waters, c Foxall, b Fisher, 10 H. F. Boyd, c Foxall, b Meredith, 0 J. H. Morgan, b Hussey, 4 L. C. Rooney, c and b Meredith, 1 R G. Russell, c Phillips, b Meredith, 2 C. L. Ryder, b Fisher, 1; D. James, not out, JO F. L Swan, b Fisher, 0 W. James, b Meredith, 1 J. Collins (captain), b Foxall, 7 extras, 2 total, 45. BARRY -BOYS' BRIGADE V. ELY SCHOOLS (CARDIFF). This match was played at Ely in splendid weather on Saturday last, and ended in a win for Ely Schools by three runs. The visitors made a poor show. The following were the scores:- Brigade: H. Butler, b Carey, 3 B. Lewis, b Waites, 1 W. Finley, b Waites, 0; E. David, b Carey, 3 F. Barwell, b Waites, C J. David, b Waites, 0 F. Wakefield, b Carey, 1 A. Davies, b Waites, 0 F. Herbert, b Waites, 0 J. Nowelis, run out, 0; R. Grant, not out, 0; extras, 5; total, 13. Ely: S. Blenkinsopp, b Wakefield, 3 F. Wills, c E. David, b Wakefield, 1 E. Carey, I b.w., b Wakefield, 1; A. Day, b Wakefield, 0 W. Davies, b Wakefield, 2 A. Waites, c Nowelis, b E. David, 0; T. Adams, b E. David, 0; H. Wiltshire, b Wakefield, 3 U. Wills, st. Barwell, b E. David, 2; F. Barnell, st. Lewis, b Wakefield, 1; W. White, not out, 1 extras, 2 total, 16. BARRY ALPHAS V. ST. GERMAN'S (CARDIFF). -This match was played on Saturday last at the Romilly Park, Barry, and resulted in a win for the Alphas by 15 runs. The scores were as follows Alphas: T. Hale, b Whitford, 4; W. Ashley, c Howells, b.Whitford, 0 P. Williams, b Howells, 0: D. Lougher, b Howells, 5 E. Williams, b Whit- ford, 6 D. Donovan, c Whitford, b Howells, 12 J. Lewis, c Howells, b Meredith, 6 O. Williams, c Howells, b Meredith, 0 W. Williams, not out, 1 D. Thomas, c Cuff, b Howells, 0 E. Walters, c Gould, b Meredith, 1 extras, 4 total, 39. St. German's P. Howells, st Williams, b Lougher, 9 P. Kirk, b Hale, 0 G. N. Howells, b Ashley, 5 Rev — Whitford, c and b Hale, 1 T. Gloss, b Ashley, 0 A. Rees. b Hale, 1 P. Cuff, b Hale, 1 W. Meredith, c Lougher, b Ashley, 0 S. Campbell, b Ashley, 1 E. Werchert, not out, 2 W. Gould, b Ashley, 0 extras, 4 total, 24. BARRY 2ND v. ALPHA 2ND (CARDIFF).—This matched was played at Porthkerry Park un Satur- day last, and resulted in a win for the visitors by eight runs. Scores :—Barry 2nd W. Davies, b Williams, 0 I. Reece, b Williams, 3 J. Edwards (captain), b Williams, 3; G. Travers, c Aubrey, b Williams, 13; E. Tetlow, b Williams, 4 R. Williams, b Frazer, 0 W. Jones, b Frazer, 6 D. Jones, b Frazer, 0; J. Dimond, c Williams, b Frazer, 0 E. Willans, not out, 1 A. Howells, b Frazer, 0 extras, 3 total, 33. Alpha 2nd G. Simmons, c Jones, b Edwards, 7 T. Hole, run out, 2 W. Frazer, b Edwards, 5 A. Matthews, c Tetlow, b Edwards, 2; A. Aubrey, not out, 7 j M. Evans, b Tetlow, 1 C. Tombs, b Tetlow. 9 B. Williams, run out, 4 B. Hawood, c Edwards, b Tetlow, 2 E. Reece, c Travers, b Williams, 0 C. Coyne, run out, 0 extras, 2 total, 41. CADOXTON WEDNESDAY V. BARRY WINDSORS.— Played at Palmerstown on Wednesday last, and resulted in a win for the former by six runs and four wickets. Score: Wednesday, 57 runs for seven wickets Barry Windsors, 51. WYNDHAM VILLA v. GRAVING DOCK STARS.— Played on the ground of the former on Wednesday last, and ended in a victory for Wyndham Villa by three wickets and 45 runs. Score:—Wyndham Villa: J. Jeremiah, 6—(not out), 38 I. Morgan, 6—0; T. Owen, 0-3; J. Marshall, 4—0; J. Molineux. 0 A. Causer, 10—(not out), 9; A. Hinton (nQt out), 18-4; A. Marshall, 1—2; II. Davies, 15 E. Jones, 0 A. Hobbs, 0—6 extras, 12-13; total, 72-(for six wickets), 75, 147. Graving Dock Stars: J. Gregory, 1—1; T. Freize, 2—3 G. Gardiner, 20-0 J. Hopkins, 0-2 W. Phillips, 3-0 D. Williams, 0-1; W. Williams, 2-11 W. Abbot, 5-9; A. Cleak, 0—0; D. Stone (not out), 0—0 A. Stock, 7— (not out) 5 extras, 11-10; total, 60—42,102. TO MORROW'S FIXTURES. BARRY BOYS' BRIGADE V. EAST MOORS WESLJEYANS (CARDIFF),—This league match will be played on Dinas Powis Common train leaves Barry at 2.12 p.m. Brigade team:—D. Lewis (captain), J. David, E. David, B. W. Lewis, J. II. Butler, W. Finley, F. Barwell, F. Wakefield, A. Davies, D. Grant, and G. Sanders. Reserves— J. Abraham and F. Herbert. DINAS POWIS C.C. v. NEWPORT EXTRAS.—To be played at Dinas Powis wickets to be pitched at 2.45 p. m. sharp. The following will represent Dinas Powis :—J. Coliins (captain), H. Waters, R. G. Russell, J. H. Morgan, A. Black, B. T. Pomeroy, D. James, H. Peach, L. C. Rooney, J. Leatherland, and W. J. Blainey. Reserves— G. E. Wessendorff and H. F. Boyd.