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r 1 I gnaimsg 3Lftftrtgg&5« XOH Y J)EAR jyj-E! A I bad almost forgotten te five TUDOB WILLIAMS'S 13. OF Homff to my children for their Qmtgfcs and Colds before they retired 10 bed. This valuable Medicine now finds A larger sale in Every Town bad Village, from Land's End to lobo O'Groat's, than any other Cough or Luce 0. Why, TUDOR YYILLJAMS' BALSAM OF |_| ONEY Sbokaios the Pure Welali honey and an essence A tbe purestand mast efficacious herbs, being fathered at its proper season, when its virtues U8 in full perfection. A Swansea lady declares fhat this famooa Balsam acts like magic 08 her ifeildzen, and gives Immediate relief. BRONCHITIS. THKBI are thousands of children who die maoally from bronchitis, whooping cough, and oroup. This is a grand discovery for the cure of inch complaints. IT IS ItrvALCAiut for weak-chested men, delicate women, and children. It cures when all ether remedies fail. It cures Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, Asthma, Tightness of the Chest, It onset thousands of children of Bronchitis and Wheo ling Coughs, It curee for One Shilling when Pounds have been apeat in vain. TRY IT I If you have a Cough, try it if yoa have a Celd, Sty it; if you have Bronchitis, try it. It loesens The phlegm and promotes expectoration, produces warmth and comfort to the ohest, and gives ;efmbing sleep when you have lost nights of rest. Active ABMY SCHOOLMASTER. Sir,—Enclose cheque for a farther supply of your fadot Williams' Balsam of Honey. I have used it in aany cases of Ctsoghs and Colds. It has never failed to effect a complete cure.-Prof. GEO. H. ATxiNsot, iMsnhoL' Sold by all Chemists and Stores, in Is, 2s 9d, and leU bottles. Staple Bottles sent (post paid) for Is 3d, 3s, and 5s, Am the Inventor— 1). TUDOR WILLIAMS, R.D.S.L., Surgeon Dentist Medical Hall, Aberdare. QROSS JJ R O T H E R S WORKING-STREET, CARDIFF. MM6V GALVANISED CORRUGATED SHEETS— 15ft. leog „ Is Id each. & i | 8ft. long Is lOd each. 9ft „ 2s 2d „ 110ft „ 2a M 9ESTT QUALITY ROOFING AND OTHER FELTS 3s, 3s lOd, per Roll of 25 yards. If WIRE NETTING IN 50-YARD BOLLS. ia wmJ: NETTINO-¡;- fi).YARD ROLLS. 1^ 9s. aasb by 2ft wide,3s Id 5ia. „ by 3ft. „ 4s 9d Sin. „ by 4ft. „ 6s 3d] 21n.mesb by 2ft. wide,3sl0d 2in. „ by 3ft. 5a lOd 12in. „ by 4ft. j, 7s lOd Terms, Net Cash in Warehouses here. 57e Galvanised Barb Wire, Open and Closed Tanks Imam Mowers. Rollers, Garden Seats and Arch es, Ac t.- THE Imam Mowers. Rollers, Garden Seats and Arch es, Ac I THE SOUTH WALES FURNISHING CO., No. 31, OPPOSITE THE CASTLE, K" c ARDIFF. I. JOn OF THEfl ADVANTAGES OF OUR SYSTEM '< OVER OTHER FIRMS All our GOODS are of a RELIABLE and SUBSTANTIAL MANUFACTURE, and can be Guaranteed. We have a LARGER STOCK to SELECT FROM than any similar Establishment outside London. All our Business is conducted in a STRICTLY PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL MANNER. We do not require our Customers to sign objectionable Hire Agreements. No labels or tablets are affixed to the Goods, tad no indication is given that the Goods are on | Sue, the hirer enjoying the us. of them as though it were a Cash transaction. Being booa-fide Manufacturers of meet of the Goods we sell, and having a very forge capibal at oar command, we are enabled to SELL CON- SIDERABLY CHEAPER on our Hire-Purchase System than the majority of those firms who sell their goods for ready money only, as a comparison by a visit to our establishment will conclusively prove. There are no additional expenses or charges of any kind, and the Furniture becomes the absolute property of the customer as own as the stipulated mount ba been paid. TKRMS ft We give our customers the privilege of arranging their own terms of payment, as they best know the amount they can afford to pay each week or month. All goods delivered FREE in PRIVATE VANS. The fair and equitable manner in which we teansaot our business and deal with our customers is so well known as to render further comment oaaeceesary. CAUTION. Owing to the very great success-of our mode 8 bvoinomo, and the high oommendation our system has received, we deem it advisable to notify that oar only place of business is Opposite the Castle. gOTJTfl "yjfALES jpi URNXSHING QOMPANY, N° 81, OPPOSITE THE CASTLE I flARDIFF. 713e HEATH & SONS. JpiANOFORTES AND QRGANS BY ALL MAKERS. ENORMOUS DISCOUNTS DURING SUMMER MONTHS. Send for Catalogues and Verdict of 900, Free. Gns. Monthly WALNUT CASE, FULL COMPASS. panel front, 3ft. lOin. high 18 10 6 Similar Model, superior quality.. 20 11"'8 VANDERBOLT MODEL, iron frame, full compass, trichord, check action, machine covered hammers, 3ft. lOin. high .00 24 14 ,rO HENRY MODEL, lln. bidler. superior quality 20 15 2 EMPIRE MODBL. full compass, iron frame, full trichord, check action, plited bolts, sconces, maiqueterie and gilded panel trusses, 4ft. high 30 17 6 BOARD SCHOOL MODEL, as supplied Cardiff, Penarth, <Stc., Intermediate andboard Schools 34 19~10 ASSOCIATION MODEL, 4ft. 2in. high, burr walnut, prize medal design, with all the most modern improve- ments 38 22 2 ALEXANDER MODEL, ditto, 4ft 4in. 45 26 3 5s in the £ DISCOUNT tor CASH. ALL GOODS SENT CARRIAGE PAID. ORGANS FROM £ 5, PIANOFORTES by BROADWOOD. COLLARD AND COLLARD, KXRKMAN, ERARD, &c., &C. Now la the opportunity for acquiring a splendid instrument at the lowest possible price, either for Cash or on the approved Hire System from 5s monthly. CALL AND SECURE A BARGAIN, SHOW ROOMS li tUKEN -STREET, 1 70, IAFF-STRKET, CARDIFF | PONTYPRIDD AND 31, WINDSOR-ROAD, PENARTH. MANUFACTORY LONDON Agencies at Aberaytin. Cadoxton, Bridgend, Maesteg, &c. Canvassers wanted in all parts on good Commission. 1066-28 JESSE WILLIAMS' SALINE POWDER is a pore white powder, prepared in our own laboratory from the choicest and fflost delicate ingredients. The proportions in which they are combined have been determined by a series of carefully conducted experiments, and it to generally conceded that our Saline Powder IS PERFECT [ON. As a consequence we have imitators-lfatterers perhaps they should be called-who copy as closely as they dare the name and style, and it is there- fore necessary to see that Jesse Williams' is supplied and so OTHKa. A teacpoonful of J«sge Williams' Saline Powder In a tumblerful of cold spring or filtered water mates* a delieionsly cooling draught, which is bighly lnviV-Aing, bracisf. and exhilarating, and OMDpletely counteracts that tired, limp, depressed kind of feeling which so many experience during tbehot summer days. It gives one energy, and I stimulates to increased activity. Being absolutely pare, it can be taken with the utmost safety by all persons at aD times and all seasons by old or •oung, male or female. It cures Headache, Las- situde, Biliousness, Feverisbness, Wind. Indiges* tion, Liver Trouble, Ac. It eoola. It cures. J.W.'s Saline Powder is sold in %lb and lib round tins at 8d and Is 4d each, or post free Ud and Is 3d, from the Sole Proprietors, at Park Man Bafkttag*, Cardiff, 3478-640 S E S S lOoN SAN D SON S., 0 LIMITED, Manufacturers and Importers of VOOCMT, SLATES, TIMBER, CHIMNEY-PIECES RAKCIE8, ORATES, AND ALL BUILDING MATERIALS, PENARTH DOAD, i^AKDIPF. MB* Xi 5434 ).nnwmmts. CARDIFF. rjl H E A T R E O I A L Lessee and Manageress..Mrs EDWARD FLEjyflifiK. THIS THEATRE IS NOW CLOSED for tbe usual SUMMER VACATION. RE OPENING BANK HOLIDAY, MONDAY, ACS. 2ND, With one of the LATEST LONDON PRODUCTIONS. Q. RAND THE A T R E. Last Night of the startling and realistic Drama, LIFE, People's Popular Prices, from 4d to 10a 6d. Doors open 7.10 (Rarly Doors 6.45), commence 7.30. Monday Next, the Domestic Drama; FALSELY ACCUSED, Direct from the Pavilion Theatre, London. not in mortals to command success. but well do more—deserve ISo" THE EMPIRE. MAltteiNO MWITCTOR ..OSWAU) STOLR,. CROWDED HOUSES! DELIGHTED AUDIENCES NIGHTLY TESTIFY TO THE POPULARITY of the COMPANIES APPEASING EACH WEEK AT THE EMPIRE. TO NIGHT I THE WONDER OF THE SEASON, THE BIOGRAPH, Specially secured to produce amongst other Pictures VIEWS OF THE SPITHEAD NAVAL JUBILEE REVIEW. The latest Continental Sensation—* ANTONIO VAN GOFitE, From the Alhambra, London. SALERNO, The Prince of J ugglers BILL AND HULL, The Continental Novelty. THE MINNIE MARIO SKETCH CO., Including Johnny Hanson in The Ring." FRED ROSS ELL, The New Ventriloquist. ALLIS AND JUAN, Eccentrics and Acrobatic Comedians. THE INIMITABLE GEORGE ROBY who has been induced by special efforts on the part of the management to appear here this weekas he cannot again do so until over twelve months hence, NEXT WEEK :— The Celebrated MARIE LLOYD, The DAYTON FAMILY, TOM WHITE'S TROUPE, ETC Atmosphere cooled and purified by artificial means. Cycles stored free of charge. Two Performances Nightly. First between 7 and 9 Second between 9 and 1L rjl H E JglOGRAPH. ARRIVAL OF NEW SET OF NAVAL PICTURES. The following is a copy of telegram received by Mr Stollfrom Mr Hoopman, London Sending Naval Review Pictures from Palace Show.— KOOPMAN." The above will be Shown TO-NIGHT and Every Night During the Week. SWANSEA. RPHE EMPIRE. X Managing DIRECTOR—OS W ALD TO-NIGHT 1 MARIE LLOYD, Without a Peer in her Sphere. MR EDWARD IND. BIBB AND BOBB. MISS FRANKIU MILTON. FARREfX AND WILLMOT. THE SISTERS ROs K AND AGNES AS HER. THE HORNE BROTHERS TROUPE. Next Week: ANIMATED PHOTOGRAPHS. NEWPORT. rp H E EMPIRE. JL MUAelNCiI DIRECTOR..OSWALD STOLL. TO-NIGHT! ANIMATED PHOTOGRAPHS OF THE JUBILEE PROCESSION on PAUL'S ANIMATOGRAPHE CHARLK8 MILDARE. THREE SISTERS WYNNE. J. W. HALL, JENNY VALMORE. XEXAKKANSAS. LUPINO BROs. HARRY MAXAM. Marvellous DAYTON FAMILY. Next Week ADA REEVE I CHEDDAR. LOYAL MARQUIS OF BATH LODGE, JLJ M.U. BANK HOLIDAY, MONDAY, AUGUST 2ND., AMATEUR ATHLETIC SPORTS Will be held, wet or fine, under the A.A.A. Laws asd N.C.U. Rules. Handieappers Mr 8. YOUNG, N.C.U.; Mr T. BARLOW, A.A.A. ENTRIES CLOSE SATURDAY, JULY 24TH. For particulars apply to the Hon. Secretary, FRANK 851e WEST, Cheddar. 9546 Jublic JiatittS. WEST GROVE CHURCH, T V NEWPORT-ROAD (Unitarian Free Christian) REV. GEO. ST. CLAIR. SUNDAY, 11.0 and 6.30, Flower Services. Suitable decorations and appropriate discourses, TUESDAY, 3.0, Sewing Circle. 962e SPECIAL NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC. S. H. BROOKS; The Pawnbrokers' Auctioneer, who sold at 95, St. Mary-street, Cardiff, has closed his Sales until the 2nd of August. Business will then be carried on as usual. All deposits and repairs to be called for on the 4th. 807 rpHE DARK AND THE REFORMA- X DON, Subject of Address at Messrs WASHBURN and CHAMPNESS'S Services at Lesser Park Hall next Sunday at 6-30 and 8.0 p.m. All cordially invited. J^LOYD'S BANK, LIMITED. A SUB-BRANCH of this Bank will be shortly OPENED at No. 271, COWBRIDGE-ROAD. By Order of the Directors, HOWARD LLOYD, 9696 General Manager. Head Office, Birmingham, 19th July. 1897. 918e rIlHE WELSH INTERMEDIATE X EDUCATION ACT. CARDIFF SCHEME., CARDIFF INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL FOR GIRLS, THE PARADE. FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPS. The GOVERNORS HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that SCHOLARSHIPS in the above School will be awarded for the year commencing September, 1897, as follows; A. Scholarships, consisting of total exemption from Tuition Fees (B7 10a per annum), together with (in cases of Girls whose pecuniary circum- stances in the opinion of tbe Governing Body require it) a sum of not more than £ 10 each. B. Scholarships, consisting of exemption from half Tuition Fees, open to all Girls resident in the County Borough of Cardiff who are not ItJ8S than 10 years of age and not more than 13 on the 1st October next. C. Scholarships, consisting of exemption from half Tuition Fees, which will be awarded to Girls already in the School, as a reward of merit, upon the results of the Examination of the School held in the Summer Term, 1897. The Scholarships "A" will be awarded to Girls who are not less than 11 years of age and not more than 13 the 1st October next, and who are and have been for not less tban three years scholars in any of the Public Elementary Schools of the Borough of Cardiff (including the Higher Grade School). These Scholar- ships will be awarded upon the result of an Examina- tion to be held at the Girls' School, The Parade, on Thursday, September 16th. The Scholarships "B" will be awarded upon the result of an Examination to be held at the Girls' School, The Parade, on Friday, September 17th. Forms of Application may be received from the undersigned, and must be filled up and returned on or before the 4th September. Copies of Syllabus may also be obtained1 on applica- tion, 9562 By Order of the Governors, DAVID SHEPHERD} Clerk. 1, Frederick-street, Cardiff, July 1st, 1897. 730e JJOYAL NATIONAL EISTEDDFOD NEWPORT, MON„ AUGUST 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th, 1897. PRINCIPAL DAY EVENTS. BANK HOLIDAY, August 2nd.-Glee. Choir of one Congregation, and Band Competition. TUESDAY, August 3rd.—Second Chief Choral Competition. WEDNESDAY, August 4th.-Chief Choral Com- petition. THURSDAY, Anguat 5th.—Chairing, and Ladies' Choir Contests, FRIDAY, August 6th.-Male Voice, and Orchestra Band Competition. All applications as to Lodgings to be made to Mr B. T. James, Dock-street, Newport. Information as to Official Programme to be obtained of Mr George Bell, Printer, Commercial-street, Newport. Tickets can be booked at Messrs Newman and Sons, Commercial-street, Newport. ) A. J. PHILLIPS, 548e General Hon. See. Rheola, Caerleon-road, Newport. Mon. 6384 ~A~ RISING MARKET. "DCL Yeast s so excellent that it goes on rising in popular demand. Housewives And that it is a Perfect Brand of Yeast, and that by its use they can make nice sweet Bread, appetising Tea Cakes, Buns, k If yon have not tried "D.C.L." YEAST, ask your grocer for it We issue an attractive booklet of instructions which we will send to anyone on application. SOLE MANUFACTURERS: THE DISTILLERS CO., 11m., EDINBURGH. ONT FORGET THAT 44 VIRIDINE is the CURE for CORNS.—This grand discovery has led many to imitate it, bat without gaining for such preparation tbe satisfactory results "Viridine has secured. In bottles, Is; blpoet;, Is 2d. J Itosmtag Abbrtssts. FOR ACHES ANB PAINS I ELLIMAN'S 8V- FOR CYCLE BAG 8? 1 •' 1 was called in a great hurry to a family where the mother had atl. ministered Elliman's in error for an emulsion to four children of ages from one-and-a-half to seven years old the next morning the victims were net a penny the worse;- M.R.C.S., Oct. 28, 1896." EMBROCATION. Rheumatic Pains, Lumbago Sprains, Bruises, Slight Cuts in healthy persons, Sore Throat from Cold, Chest Colds, Neuralgia from Cold, Chilblains before broken, Corns when painful. Tired Feet, Stiffness from severe exercise, &c., are pains all relieved by a prompt and free use of Elliman's Universal Embrocation. 8%d, Is l%d, and 2s ad. 101-1 STONE BROS.. Sons of the late Aid. Gains Augustus Stone COMPLETE FUNERAL FURNISHERS AND FUNERAL DIRECTORS. Every requisite for Funerals ef all classes. Proprietors of Funeral Cars, Hearses, Sbilli- biers, and Coaches, superb Flemish Horses, etc. Price List on Application. Please Note the OnJy Addrow.- 5, WORKING-STREET. Telegraphic Address :— "STONE BROS., CARDIFF." Na.tionalTelophnne-No. 704. 266e TO ADVERTISERS. The South Wales Echo is GUARANTEED to have a Larger Circulation than that of ALL the other Evening Papers of South Wales and Monmouthshire added together. A8 regards Cardiff alone, it is aluaosi, unneces- sary for us to add that the circulation of the "SOUTHW ALES ECHO is IMMENSELY GREATER than that of any other Evening Paper. G. STONE & CO., (i NDEWRAKERS. 10, 11, & 12, WonKING.STBEKT c A RDIFF. fie I'-lpgraphio Address STONK, 11, Working-siren*. Cardiff, National Telephone. N n. 839. 1

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