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| TO-DAY'S CRICKET, I Surrey v. Kent. OVAL; Friday.-On Thursday some interesting cncket was witnessed in this match Kent completing a first innings for 217 and Surrey scoring 118 for four wickets. The weather to-day was bright and pleasant, and there was a fair attendance when at half-past 11 Baldwin (not out 3) and Jephson went on with Surrey's innings. Shine and Wright bowled, and runs came steadily, Jephson got five for a straight drive; while Baldwin hit 2 fours. At 146 Mason relieved Wright, but 150 went up at 12 o'clock. The score still rose, and at 172 Shine gave way to Martin, who very nearly bowled Baldwin. An hour's play produced 68 runs. Baldwin completed his 50 in an hour and three- quarters, and Jephson in an hour and a half. Kent's total was passed before 1 with six wickets in hand, and at one period 100 runs were scored in less than 7Gminutes. „ KENT.—i8t inam»s. J B Mason c Baldwin b Richardson 65 A Ilearne c and c .Tepheon. 1 60 F Marchant b liichardsoa 0 J N Tonge b Lees 1 H OLiveeay c Brockwell b Lees '1! 0 Martin e Baldwin b Richardson 1 H O Stewart c Wood b JLees .r. 5 G J Mordaunt not out Wright c Brockwell b JephVon 1 E H Shine c Holland b Richardson" 0 Huish c Lees b Richardson 2 KXTRAS 6 KXTRAS 5 Total 217 Abelb W,I(!HT8UEIIEY-~LST ^NI,VGS-' 6 Brockwell c Huish b Shine 62 Hayward c Wrieht b Hearna 47 Baldwin not out 142 Holland 1) Shine 0 D L A Jephson c Mordauut b Shine 1°2 Hayesuotout 2< Kxtras Total 390 Lancashira v. Somersetshire. I MANCHESTER, Fridzy.-Play in this match waa I resumed to-day under charming conditions and in the presence of about 2,000 spectators. Overnight Lan- cashire. in reply to Somerset's innings of 140, had scored 239 for the loss of 3 wickets. Sugg (69) and Tyldesley (50) resumed their innings this morning to the bowling of Woods and Tyler. Both batsmen scored freely, but with the total at 272 Sueg was caught at slip for an innings of 93, which included 16 fours. At 235 Tyldesley fell in the same manner after scoring 68. The batsmen were together 1% hours and added 147. O ». T W 5°M*R^B1'SHIKK.-Ist Innings S M J Woods c Tyldesley b HalUm 29 11 C N Paiairet c Paul b Hallam 6 H T Stanley b Mold 3 Nichols c Maclaren b Mold' 36 Tyler c Smith b Hallum 1! 6 A E Newton c Smith b Mold. I ..I. 16 R B Porch c Smith b Mold. 4 H M Toller Ft Smith b Hallam 11 ltobsou b Cuttell JJ GFowler bCuttell 0 Smith not out in Extras 4 Tota! 140 LANCASHIRE.—1st Inniugs. AC Maclareu c Stanley b NichoU Ward c Woods b Tyler 40 Paul b Tyler 3 Suu £ c Nichols b Tyler 93 Tyldesley c Nichols b Tyler' 68 Bukerc Wood* b Tyler 37 Brians lbw b Fowler 28 Smith c Woods b Tyler. 3 Cuttell notfout 2 Hallam net out 1 Kxtras 2 Total 563 I Essex v. Yorkshire. HUDDERSFIELD, Friday.—The curiously even state in which the position ladbeen left overnight at Huddersfleld when Essex with a wicket down for no runs in their second innings were four ahead only, caused a large company to assemble on the Fartown ground this morning, when Bull and Carpenter resumed the visitors' batting at 20 ''minutes to 12 in beautiful fine weather. The bowling was shared by Hirst and Jackson. There was some free hitting for the first 20 minutes, but at 36 Carpenter wa.s caught at alip, and then Bull was bowled and PClTin caught at the wicket at 41 and 45 respectively. YORKSHIRE—1st innings. TunmcKffe lbw b Bull 1 Brown b Bull .I'.U Jacksco c Russell b Kortright"7,! 20 Dentou c Russell b Kortright 1 Moorhouse c MeGahey b Kortri|?ht' 12 Wainwright run out 1U Hirst c Kortright b Bull .] 41 Milligun st Uusssll b Bull |*„. 5 Ifawke b Kortright ..V. 0 Haigh notout- 24 tiairstow b Pickett 'J' 12 Kxtras 5 Total' 135 IfitTohmz". ESSEX. 2nd Innings. F L Fane b Hirst 24 nofc 39 Carpentet b Hirst 5 0 Xunuicliffe b Hirst 22 P Perrin c Brown b Hirst 10 c llairstow bJackson 9 G McGahey o Waiuwrightb Hirst 0 0 TunnicUffeb Hiret 5 Turner c Brown b Jackson 40 not out 41 Bussell st Bairstowb Hirst.. 5 H G Owen b Jackson 23 Tli.•••»•••• C JKortrisht b Hirst n Mead c Bairstow b Jackson 12 F Bull c Bairstow b Jaokson, 1 b Htat 14 Pickett not out o o Jackson b Hirst.. 0 Extras. s Extr -17 Total J39 Total I 147 I Notts v. Gloucestershire. NOTTINGHAM, Friday.-In the face of the Notts total of 311 Gloucestershire had, at the drawing of stumps yesterday, scored 49 without the loss of a wicket. In lovely weather this morning Wrathall and Board, the not outs, went on batting against Gutt- ridge and J. Gunn, but neither stayed very long. At 69 Wrathall was caught at extra mid-off, and at 70 Board was out l.b.w. Grace was then joined by Champaiu, who, after one or two lucky escapes, played in capital style- The first change waa Henson for Guttridge at' 91. NOXTS.—1st innings. Shrewsbury run out »4 Meson run out.n.. 24 W Gunn st Bo&rd bTownsend.?. 4 J A Dixon c Jessop b TonrnBemL 1". I A O Jones c Champam b Grace 43 Dench lbw b Town send .1 5 D:ift c Roberts b Grace 25 J Gunn c Chaoipain b Townsnnd I Pike not out 14 Guttridge c Champain b Townsend 73 Heoson o Richardson b Townsend. 3 Krtras 11 Total 3)1 OLOtrcBSTEnsnrEE.—1st Innings. Wrathall c W Gunn b Guttridge 32 Board lbw b Guttridge 37 W G Gracc not out 51 H B Champain c Jones b Henson 27 (' L Townsend c Pike b ReniOn 0 G L Jeasop c Jones b J Gunn 14 W McG Hemingway c Jones b He»san 2 A U Richardson not out 14 Extras 1 Total 171 I Derbyshire v. Leicestershire. LEICESTER, Friday.—This match was continued to- day in brilliant. weather before a good attendance of spectators. Overnight the home team had scored 187 for seven wickets, so that they were 62 runs on wiLh three wickets to fall. Stocks (not out, 13) and White- side (not out, 3) resumed to Cross and Hancock, but with only 10 runs added Whiteside was caught and Woodcock run out The innings closed for 213, or 88 on. LEICESTERSHIRE.—1st xnniugs. C J Wood b t'ross 31 Knight c Walter b Cross 3 H H Marriott o Bagshaw b Hancock 43 Kins b Gould 27 Coe b Cross 27 Tomlin o Wright b Hancock. 14 Geeson c Davidson b Hnncock.. 15 CEde Trafford retired hurt. 6 F W Stocks not out — 30 Whiteside c Gould b Crow 3 Woodcock run out 8 De Trafford b Hancock, 14 Extras 0 Total 213 1st Innings, DERBYSHIRE. 2nd Innings. S H Kvershed b Stocks 12 bGeeson 30 Wright c Whiteside b Stocks 20 c Whiteside b Wood- cock 47 Bagshaw b Woodcock 22 47 Davidson b Woodcock 4 Storer c Marriott b Stocks 4 not out 55 H G Curgenvenb Woodcock 26 Gould run out 3 G G Walker b Woodcock. 14 Cross not out 2 b Woodcock 0 Warren lbw b Stoc' 9 Hancock c Marriott b Stocks 6 Extras 3 Kxtras 7 Total 125 Total ~117 8- .1. I suasex v. nainpsmre. I BRIGHTON, Friday.—In the three hours and three quarters' cricket that WM possible yesterday Sussex scored 293 for two wickets. Ranjitsinhji and murdoch (129 and 36 respectively) resumed this morning in flue weather before a fair company to the bowling of Soar and Baldwin. Runs came steadily, but. on Hill and Andrew's bowling wickets fell fast. Ranji" stayed stayed till 3.35, when he was bowled by Hill for a grand 149. lIe was batting two hours and forty-nine minutes, and hit 20 fours. The wicket had realised 163 in two hours. Murdoch was batting two hours and a. quarter for a faultless 70. 13U rx lnt innings, G Brann b Andrews 77 Mil rJow c UenDAtt b Andrews 4S K S llai'jitsinhji b Hill 149 W L Murdoch c Robson b Andrews 70 W Newliam c and b Heseltine 61 Bean b Hill 0 Pmrrin lbw b Hill 0 J C Hartley c Hill b Andrews 3 Butt Ibw b Andrewa 24 Bland b Atcele 1 Ttkte notout 0 Extras 5 Total 438 I M.O.O. v. Philadelpbiana. I LORDS, Friday.—Glorious weather prevailed to-day when the match between the warylebonc Club and Philadelphians was continued at half past ll. Patterson (14) and KING (4) went on batting for the Americans against Hearne and Trott. The Phila- delphians farect exceedingly well, Patterson and King by canital cricket raising the score to 119 before King -was bowled. The partnership FOR the fifth wicket lasting 55 minutes had Produced 71 runs. Biddle, who came in, stayerl untIl 146. when he was taken at short-leg. Patterson completed his 50, but soon lost Cregar. Still the follow on W averted with tbree,wit-ket.,s in hand. PHILATOELPHIANS.—LSO INIUOGS. H O Tbayer b Hearne 1 Wood lbw b Trott 0 J A Lester b Hearne 33 G S Pnttereon c H awl in b Trott £ 4 F H Bohlan b Trott 8 J B King b Maudo 31 Biddle c Hearne b Trott 15 Oreg»r b Trott 1 Bates b Trott 10 Clark b Trott. 0 Balaton not out 3 F,3ttras I. ToM 173 1st Tnninps. M C.C. 2nd Innings. O W Wright b Bate* 19 not out 9 F Mitchf II c Olark b Cregar 133 not out 14 Ilawli 11 b Clark 6 Trott b King 18 JLy? Maude run out 34 W S Hale b Clnrk 9 P Fitzgerald b Clark 4 J Gilford not out 21 Captgi,, Charles b Clark 0 Lees Whitehead b Clark. 8, Hearne run out 12 Kxtras 22 Extras 0 Total 278 Total. ~23 I Glamorganshire v. Cornwall. SWANSEA, Friday.—A misty rain falling, this match was not resumed until five minutes after noon, when the not outs, Letcher and Brain, faced the bowling of Hoskin and Hide. After a few overs Blight, a medium round-arm trundler, replaced Iloskin and at 114 the captain was caught by CORde, who was keep- ing wicket in place of Mitchell, the latter not having fully recovered from his accident of the previous day. Two wickets had thus fallen for seven more runs than Cornwall had made altogether. Amid general cheering the younger Lowe then re- sumed his innings, stopped by accident when he had made 33 in brilliant style. Both batsmen were in good form, and the score reached 119, when an adjournment was rendered neo essary through A heavy shower. After a ten minutes' adjournment. play wq. resumed. The third wicket had put on 29 runs, and the total was 143 when Lowe played Hide hard to the Cornish captain standing at short mid-on. Five.runs- only were produced by the fourth and the next wicket, Letcher, the TOP corer. to date, being taken taken at third man, HlIlp, securing his fourth consecu- tive wicket. With such hard bitters as Bancroft and H. B. Morgan together speedy scoring Wall antici- pated, and the first five minutes of the paife* nership promised the spectators a rare trettti. Bancroft had driven Hide to the boundary, and nicely placed him to leg for 3. when Morgan, for the flrst time in his history in a class game. was given a pair of specs, the Penarth man being caught in the long-field also off Hide—5 for 155. When W. H. Brain, the next man, had been in 10 minutes, and his score was 4, he was dropped behind the wicket byCoade. Bancroft sent up the total to 184, when Brain bad a second life, Hoskin catching the ball two-thirds of the way up the wickets, but slipping on the wet turf and dropping it. Luncheon was announced at 1.30, and at this time Glamorganshire had, with their lead of 19 on .the first innings, lost half ) their wickets for 194 runs, so at this stage Cornwall needed 214 runs to win. CORNWALL.—IST xnnmga. I T G Tyacke b Lambert 21 W Coade c and b Lambert 39 W H Treweek st Brain b Lambert .r. 19 Hosking c Morgan b S Lowe 1 Hide u R Lowe b Lambert. 4 Rev W W Pickford b Lambert. 7 P C Smith b S Lowe 0 C Trevarthen b 8 Lowe 0 W E Oates b Lambert Blight not out 6 R T Mitchell b Lambert .,I 1 Extras 9 Total 107 1st Innings. GLAMORGAN SHIR*. 2nd Innings. E W Joes c Bligbt b Hide. 6 b Hide 17 Bancroft b Hide. 9 c Trelvarthen b Hide 71 H B Letcher b Hide 10 c Hoskin b Hide 67 J H Brain c Smith b Hide 48 c (Joade b Hide 16 HEM organ cUoade bHoakiu 0 c Trevarthen b Hide 0 K U David b Hide 6 b Hoskin 7 W H Brain lbw b Hide 5 c Hoskin b Hide 12 11 Lowe net out 30 c Smith b Hide 44 S Sweet-Kucott b Trevarthen 7 c Trevarthen b Hide 4 8 Lowe cTyacke b Trevarthen 0 not out 4 B Lam Uert c Treeweek b Tre- varthen 6 bHoskin 1 lixtras 5 Extras 17 Total 126 Total. 247 BOWLING ANALYSIS. GLAMORGANSIDRR-lst Innings. 0. M. R. W. Hoskins 16 4 50 1 Hide. 24 8 51 6 Blight 5 2 9 0 Trevarthen 3'2 0 11 3 CORNWALL—1st Innings. 0. M. R. W. S Lowe 18.3 10 27 4 RLowe 9 1 21 0 JH Brain 7 2 21 0 BLambert. 16 6 29 6 CARDIFF AND DISTRICT LEAGUE. I Welsh Regiment Win the Cup. I The competition for the possession of the Challenge Cup, offered by the Cardiff and District League, is practically finished, inasmuch as the Welsh Regiment XI., who have pJayed (all it,heir ^matches, hold a lead of three points over their nearest opponents, the Canton Wesleyans and the Cardiff 2nd XI., neither of whom, even if they win their remaining matches, can score as many points as the Regiment. The table up to date is Pl'y'd: Won. Lost. Dra wn. Pts. Depot Welsh 8 6 1 1 13 Caliton Wesleyan 7 5 2 0 10 Cardiff 2nd XI 6 4 2 0 8 St. Mary's. 6 2 2 2 6 St. James's 5 2 3 0 4 Spillers 4 „. 1 2 1 3 Alpha 5 1 3 1 3 3 1 2 0 2 Broadway Wesleyan.. 6..0..5..1..1 TO-MORROW'S MATCHES. I The matches for decision on Saturday are CARDIFF 2ND V. PENARTH 2ND .—Penarth (selected from)—J J Purnell; A'], Pnrnell, W T Llewellyn, W L Norris. CPA Stranaghan.W R Rawle, W E Williams, W Gibbs, L Gibsou. H H Bishop, A H I-eei C 0 Thomas,Jand C P Speree. Umpires to be provided by Spiller's and Alpha. SPILLERS v. BROADWAY WESLEYANS.—Umpires to be provided by Cardiff and Canton.

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