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.rA Llandaff Mystery.


Perils of the Deep. ----a..--u--_.-

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EBusiness ^ddrissis. OH X D £ AB°MS! X had aimosc hrg-otten to give TCDOB WILLIAMS'S BALSAM OF HONBT to my children for their Cough-i and Colds before nAY retired to bed. This valuable Medioine no\^fiuds a larger sale in Every Town and Village, from Land's End to John O'Groat's, than any other Cough or Lang Cure. Why, TjlUJOOR y\riLLIAMS' BALSAM OF HONEY Contains the Pure Welsh honey and an essance of the puresc and most efficscli.'us herbs, being Sat ne:ed :);; its proper se-n-on, when its virtues are in fall perfection. A Swansea lady declares that this famous Balsam acts like magic on her qbilciren, and gives immediate relief. BRONCHITIS. THERE are thousands of children who die annually from bronchitis, whooping cougn, and croup. This is a grand discovery for the cure of 8U<,1) complaint*. IT IS INVALUABLE f-,r weak-chested men, delicate women, and cliiidrf.n. It cures when all other remedies fail. It cures Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, Asthma, Tightness of the Chest. Ib cures thousands of children of Bronchitis and Whooping Coughs. It cures for One Shilling when Pounds have been spent in vain. TRY IT If you have a Cou?h, try it if you have a Cold, ( try it if you have Bronchitis, try it. I t loosens the ph'egm and promotes expectoration, produces warmth and comfort to tho chest, and gives refreshing sleep when yoa have lost nights of rest. NOW COMMENDED BY PHYSICIANS. Thousands of testimonials to hand from all parts of the world. COUNTY MAGISTRATES COMMEND IT. Sold by all Chemists and Stores in Is l'4d, 2 9.1, and 4-i fed bottles. J_J jpRIlSST AND £ 1U., 3 KING'S KOAD CANTON, CARDIFF. WIR10 NETTING in 50 Yard Rolls oin. Mosh 2ft. wide 3/2 f2iu. Mesh 2ft. wide 4/0 3in. 3ft. 4/S I 2in. 3ft. „ 6/0 3in. 6/4 2in. 4ft. „ 8/0 GALVANISK.D SHEETS—Best Quality 5't. long 1/2 ?ach 8it. long. 1/10^ each 6ft. 1 „ 9ft 2/2 „ Wt 1/7* 10fK „ 2/6 „ ROOFING FELT, 25 Yard Rolls—Best 3s 5d, 5s 6d, und 6s 6d per Roll. LAWN MOWKK.N, WATKTl TANKS GARDEN SEATS, XKN i'x. (j-Af.VaNISED BARBED WIRE.dsc nOT W AXES, AND OIL TANKS. B F, P, RY AND £ jO.'S N N U A L A L E PREVIOUS TO STOCKTAKING NOW PROCEEDING AT 34, QUEEN-STREET," CARDIFF. A GIG ANTI CST 0 C K G 10 SELECT FROM, THE WHOLE OF WHICH HAS BEEN RE-MARKED AT QEN L'INE REDUCTIONS ro EFFECT A CLEARANCE, CONSISTING OF EVERY POSSIBLE REQUIREMENT IN FURNISHING. /URNITURE BERRY & CO 'S CARPETS ANNUAL SALES HBARTH5KUGS Are Always Appreciated *HIxA OILCLOTHS rl^B VATTit' CUTLERY FKNDF/RS rV/ .c. ELECTRO FIREIRONS JbtiiKKl M CO. b PLATE COAL VASES SHOWROOMS FANCY EARTHKN- Contain the Greatest GOODS WARE NUMBER OF CLOCKS OVERMANTELS BARGAINS BRONZES IN DINIG, DRAWING, AND BEDROOM FURNITURE EVER SEEN IN CARDIFF. ONLY ONE ADDRESS— 34, Q",s street, "I A 1, D I F F. l0e Under the distinguished patronage of H.R.H. THE PRINCESS OF WALES. ia OE'S SAUCE. This delicious and wholesome relish is universally known and appreciated. HOE'S SAUCE. T..J. Piquant, stimulating, without the extreme pungency which many dislike. HOE'S SAUCE. The tomato flavour, incorporated with others, gives a zest which is incomparable. H OE'S SAUCE. A high-class, inexpensive condiment, un. surpassed for purity and excellence. HOE'S SAUCE. JLJL CAUTION.—Purchasers should see that each bottle bears HOE'S registered labels. HOE'S SAUCE. Sold in 6d bottles enly, which can be 194 obtained from all Grocers anil Stores. S'RONIR BROST SOD" of the late Ahl. Gtiiu Augustus Stone COMPLETE FUNERAL FURNISHERS AND FUN ERA r. DIRECTORS. Every requisite for Funerals of all classes. Proprietors of Funeral Cars, Hearses, Shilli- biers, and Coaches Superb Flemish Horses,etc. Price List on Application Please Note the Only Address :— 5, WORKING-STREET. Telegraphic Address "STONE BROS., CARDIFF." loBe —— FISHMONGERS. HAWKERS, AND FRIERS.—Why go to the Market for Fish when you can get Good Live Fish direct from Grimsby at wholesale Prices ? You will save 40 per cent, by deal- ing direct with me. I wiil send the following :— 9 stones of Cod, Ling. Hake, and Haddocks for 10s. 12 stones of Live Rock Salmon for 10s. 6 stones of small Plaice or Dabbs for 14s. Box of Large Fre-h Herrings, containing 500, for 10s Large Finny Haddocks, 2s 6rl per stone. I Large Plaice, 3s 3d per stone. Large Plaice, 3s 3d per stone. Kippers and Bloaters Is 3d per box. P.O. with order. FREDERICK LACY, Wholesale Fish, Ice, and Oyster Merchant, FISH DOCK;, r.RiMSBY. THE MOSTTNUTRITIOUS COwOA, | E P p s 1 9 GRATEFUL-COMFORTING. COCOA WITH^FLLL NATURAL FLAVOUR. 60e A SECKE'i UN FOLDED AT LAST It is a positive fact that no one in the world ha been able to put a. beautiful pearl-like Gloss on Line Colls, Collars, etc., so easv and quick, as by using the NEW DOlOTHY GLAZE. ) Tt is the pride of the world. The work of ironing is turned into pleasure. Try it and judge for yourself. 4 Child can use it. Sold by Grocers, etc., everywhere, in Id and 3d packets. MAMUTACTUKIUU—G. TURLEY AND CU. TOCe S3, Edgbaston-street, Birmingham rjjl0 MOTHERS THOMAS' COOLING POWDERS are second to none FOR CHILDREN C UI LINGTHEIR TEETH Sold in V ck-t,, is (sample, i'2d) at all Chemists Mr dintb num, the Maker— D. a- L: MAS, <H KillfcT, PKNAUTH UOAD, CAU^IPF. 369 — -H pt UGHES'S JJLOOD JgLOOD pILLS JpILtS. If -iou want to be healthy, stronj, and vigorous it i oi vita.1 import- an-ce t.h\.t; Yi1ur blood be in good condition. Biid aiul poor blood in^ar.-i and probably (iaath. iottiij youraelf by taking J|TJGHF,S'S gLOOD jpiLLS, which are undoubtedly the vary finest remedy extant for itapecring and strengthening the biootl It you suffer from INDIGESTION. DYSPEPSIA. WIND, BILIOVE6 NESS, CONSTIPATION, NERo V O U S COMPIAI JfTS BLOTCHES and SORES, Pttfife, SICK HEADACHE, KIDNEY TROUBLES, etc., etc., these pdla will cure you quickly and ease- tiveiy. Don't delay any longer. but get a box to-day. Prepared by JACOB- RUGHE-6 Manufacturing Chemist, and sold by all Chemists and Patent Medi- cine Dealers at Is I%d, 2s 9d. and 4s 6d, or sent value in stamps to Special Agents, Messrs NEWBEaY & SONS, 1 A 2, King £ d ward-streeb Londo-i, B.C. -Rljuff FIISIS jp|~UGHES'S; BLOOD "jgLOOD PILLS, "OILLS. 12a X 1134 I n_b lie _}.tnustttttnts. CAliDIFF. I rjl H E A T R E Ii 0 Y A L. LSSSEE & MANAGERESS — MRS EDWARD FLETCHH* Commencement of the Dramatic Season, TO-NTGHT, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 9TH, 1897, and during the week. Instantaneous Success of the Elaborate Scenic pro- duction of the Quainr. American Whirlwind Comedy Drama THE JpiAST J^JAIL. Told in five gusts. Under the direction of Mr Albert Steele. COPY OF CABLEGRAM. January 9th, 1893. To ALBERr STEELE, Theatre Royal. Cardiff. Fast ylail reproduced here (Chicago, America) to- nigln—Glorious Success—Lightning Fast Mail created a greater sensation than ever. DOUGLAS. Friday. February 12th, Grand Fashionable Night, under distinguished patronage BENEFIT OF MR W. T. BENJAMIN (Acting Manager), ihe Night of the Season. 30 well-known Artistes. MONDA\ EXT, Feb. 15oh, 1897, Return Visit of the Phenomenal Success—W S. PENLEY'S CO. la CHARLEY'S AUNT. Seats may now be booked. The Prisoner of Zenda is Coming. Doors open at 7 commence 7.30. Prices, 6d to 92 29. Booking offices, Messrs Thompson A ShitckeU, Ltd., Queen-street, from 10 to 5. Telephone, 521. THEATRE ROYAL. JL Lessee and Manageress. MRS EDWARD FLETCHER. FRIDAY NEXT, FEBRUARY 12TH, ANNUAL B KNEFIT OF MR W. T. BENJAMIN, Acting Manager. THE NIGH L1 OF THE SEASON. Under the distinguished patronage of the Right Hon. Lord Tredegar, Major General H. H. Lee, J. M. Maclean, Ksq., M.i\, Lascelles Carr, Esq.. J.P., Arthur J. Gould, Esq. (Our Captain), Cardiff and Newport FootbaJI Clubs, Catford C.C.. and local Cycling Club3. Grand production of the American up-to-date Musical Play, THE FAST MAIL. Enormous Attractions! The Night of the Season Gigantic Programme I Thirty well-known Artistes Increa-ed Orchestra Doors open 6.30, comm-nce 7 sharp. Prices as usual. Tickets everywhere. See Bills. 'Tis not in mortals to command success, but we'll do n10re-de,.¡erve ir." THE EMPIRE. MA.NAUIING DIRECTOR OSWALD STOLL TO, NIGHT I With New Victures, The ORIGINAL LUMIERE Under Mons. Trewey, From The Empire, London. Hyde Park Corner. Burmese Wrestling, Rhine Fall (Wiirtcmberg), Loading a earner iii Spain, Panorama of Cologne (Germany), Brooklyn Bridge in New York, Dragoons Crossing a River, The Water Chute, Queen's Regiment, Portugal. Charge of Cuirassiers, Fire Brigade Call. JONES and ROBINSON on the Parallel Bars. The FOUR LYRIC SISTERS, Singers and Dancers. ELLA DEAN, Y ou're so good, daddy." ENO, Mimic. "'Ihe Coon's Courtship," SISTERS VI and EVELYN POOLE. RAMZA and ARNO. The BROS. CRESCENDO, Musical Comedians. NEXT WEEK— CINCINNATTI, LIEUT. COLE. Box Office open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Saturdays, 10 to 1) for Reserving Seats in Fauteuits and Grand Circle, and for Reserving Boxes. Q. R A N D rjp H E A T R E. I.KS«F:K IT MAN4GKR Mr CLARENCE SOUNKs. I.KS«F:K IT MAN4GKR Mr CLARENCE SOUNKs. Grand and Enthusiastic Reception of the screaming Farcical Comedy— T HE NEW BABY (from the New iioyalty Theatre. London), preceded each evenins by the f:trce- MAY AND DECEMBER. Doors open 7 commence* 7.30. Box Office open daily at Theatre from 10 to 4. Tele- phone 725. Prices from 6d to £ 1 Is. IONDA Y NEXT, February 15th, important engage ment, for three nigliis oiily, of Mr and Mrs KENDAL and their London Company. Seats can now be booked at the Theatre. QjRAND THEATRE, CARDIFF. MONDAY, FEBRUARY 15TH, 1897, FOR THREE NIGHTS ONLY, MR AND MRS KENDAL and their Company, THEIR FIRST VISIT 10 CARDIFF. 6633 PROGRAMME— 707e MONDAY A SCRAP OF PAPER." TUESDAY "A FLASH IN THE PAN." WEDNESDAY THE IRONMASTER." QARDIFF ORCHESTRAL SOCIETY*. Patron, The Most Hon. the Marquis of Bute, K.T. .J UBI LEE CONCERT, PARK HALL, CARDIFF. WEDNESDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 17TH, 1S97. VOCALISTS MISS MAGGIE DAVIES AND MR ANDREW BLACK. SOLO VIOLONCELLO, MR w. H. SQUIRE. Full Orchestra of 70 Performers. Conductor J. E. DEACOX Reierve(I Seats, 3s 6d each Unreserved Seats, 2s and is. Plan at Mr Wm. Lewis', 22, Duke-street, Cardiff. Doors open 7.15 commence at 8. Carriages 10.15. Special train to Ll&nisheu and Caerphilly, leaving Cardiff at 11 p.m. 6437—510e P_ HILHARMONIC HALL & STOLL'S W. PANOPTICON, ST. MARY-STREET. OPEN ALL DAY. Waxworks, Crystal Maze, Tiehbome Trial Picture, Jungle, Phonograph, Galatea, etc etc. SVVANS¥A~~ TH E E ;Nt PI R E. X Managing DIRECTOR. OSWALD STOLL. TO-NIG Li I LIEUT. COLB, LESLIE TRIO, ALDOW and THEO, ADKLIS l.IBRA, MARY GLOVER, REX HARLEY, MAYNARD & CALVER, HE BRUINS. Next wt-fk-THE CINEMA J OGRAPHE. NEWPORT. H E E M P I R E MANA«in« DIRECTOR—OSWALD STOLL, TO-NIGHT I THE DAIRYMAID, I BY THE KEENE REEVES COMBINATION OF EIGHTEEN PERFORMERS. VARIETIES BY OTHER ABLE ARTISTES. PONTYPRIDD. OYAL CLARENCE THEATRE, PONTYPRIDD. Proprietors Messrs TRENCHARD and JONES. Manager Mr TOM JONES. MONDAY, February 8th, and during the week. Return Visit of Mr FRED L. CONNYNGHAME'S No. I Company in the Wonderful, Ghost-thrilling, supernatural Success, "THE PHANTOMS." Time and Prices us usual. Seats may be booked without extra charge at Messrs Thompson and Shackell's Ma ic Warehouse. Taff-st. 74e MERTHYR. rflHEATRE ROYAL & UPEKA HOUSE, X MERTHYR. The Most Modern Theatre in Wales. Illuminated throughout by Electricity. SOLE LESSEE AND MANAGER ..Mr WILL SMITHSON. THE FUNNIEST AND MOST SUCCESSFUL PANTOMIME PRODUCTION IN WALES. DAY PERFORMANCE SATURDAY at 2 o'clock Owing to the length of the performance the curtain will rise at 7.45. Early doors open at 6.30, 3d extra to all parts; Ordinary doois open at 7.15 MONDAY, FEB. 1ST, FOR TWO WEEKS ONLY, Costly and important engagement of Fred H Graham's Company in the Grand Comic Christmas Pantomime— CINDERELLA or THE FAIRY GLASS SLIPPER Direct) from Royal Theatre, London. First appear auce in the provinces. Grand company of 50 acknow- ledged performers. Splendid scenery. Any amount of fun. Pretty faces, pretty dresses. In fact the finest pantomime in Wales. If you want to see Cinderella put on in first-class style go to the Opera Honse, Merthyr. Day performance Saturday at 2.30. 6<i0e Late trains leave for Cardiff, Treharrts. Pontypridd and other piaces on Monday, Thursday, and Satur- day. QE.ftur alien. Q"~GXtIN HAS YEARLY for board, O laundress, English, French, music, singing, dancing and llrill; visiting wasters, French amI ,w Knglisli governesses n > extras tennis cow kept.— References, prospect uses, view of house and grounds, 3, North-street, Cheltenham S35 FOilACHKS AND PAINS. Fer Rheumatism ELLIM AN'S Sp,S.bs.„ Sore Throats PAIN. from Cold, Client Mr C. S. Laluschaguie, C°M&^Jne,W' Dordrecht, South Africa, Bronchi^' «* e. ^writes I had a pain from July to NIVERSAL i August and tried all sorts of Bottles ^remedies without getting cured, Is li^d A 2s <W :and I have now used one bottle Jars,Tls and 22s August and tried all sorts of Bottles ^remedies without getting cured, Is li^d A 2s <W .and I have now used one bottle Jars,Tls and 22s W710ULfnm-^n}°riU1i^aia quite only by r,well again. —Sept. 12, 1896. EUJBUS, SONS, A Co., 1—i01d Slough, England. 3S MB ROGATION, j TEETH. — Complete Set, One Guinea I JL IRITO, yea& -tY. GOOVKAN a Co., 5 Queou-stmt. and 10, Duke-street, Cardiff 7e j tanblic Botius. PARK HALL, CARDIFF. JL THE CARDIFF LADIES' CHOIR will give their SECOND ANNUAL GRAND CONCERT WEDNESDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 10th, 1897 (Under the patronage of his Worship the Mayor). PART 1. ROECKEL'S CANTATA, WESTWARD HO Accompanied by a Band of Ten Pianos. PART II. Miscellaneous, including a Concerted Piece entitled, PAS REDOUBLE." played on 10 pianos by 20 per- formers. Special engagement of the brilliant Violinist;, Mdlle. Marie C. Adolphy (Premiere Medaiile du Con. servatoire, Paris). Reserved Seats, 3s each Unreserved Seats, 3s, Is, and 6d. Plan at Messrs Newman and Sons, Queen- street, Cardiff. Doors open at 7.15, commence at 7.45. Carriages 10.15. 730e -]\TEVILLE STREET CONGREGA- TIONAL CHURCH. RIVERSIDE, CARDIFF. EVENING CONCERT, JWfiDNESDAY, FEB. 1CTH. Artistes Tenor, Mr J. W. Stoker Rlss. Mr S. E. Hail" rsorTa.no, Niijir, E. Uses Jones Contralto, Miss Gertrude Jenkins Vio:in, Miss Kitty Davies, R.C.M. Cornet. Mr James Livsey Pianist, Miss Mirrie Needhaw Elocutionist, Mr Wallace Davies. Commence at 7.45 p.m. Tickets, Is and 6d. 170 mHE END OF THE WoRLIX^- .JL Is it near ? Of that day and hour knoweth no man." Addresses by Mr J. S. WASHBURN, at LESSER PARK HALL, NEXV SUNDAY, February 14th, at 6.30 and 3.15. You are in- vited. 944 JAILORS! JgEFORE STARTING ON YOUR NEXT VOYAGE See you are wpplied with the Text Books ordered by the Board of Trade to be used in connection with the New Exams. for Masters and Mates, shortly to be enforced. You will be glad to be able to study, them during your leisure time at sea (especially if you are on three watches). They ma.y now be had at the CARDIFF NAUTICAL ACADEMY, 47. ST. MARY-STREET, THE MOST UP-TO-DATE INSTITUTION OF ITS KIND IN THE UNITED KINGDOM. The PRINCIPAL (Capfc. J. NETHERCLIFT JUTSUM, Extra Master (London), is in attend. ance at the School until 8 p.m. If you choose to call up after you leave your ship in the evening he will be pleased to give you fun nformation regarding the New Exams. G. STONE & CO.. UNDERTAKERS. 10, 11, & 12, WORK ING-STB EET. ei ARDIFF. 6t Telegraphic Address STONE, 11, Working-skrest, CARDIFF.

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