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Business ).bbrt55tl. 1 X~" OH W DEAR jy* E A I had almost forgotten to give TUBOR WILLIAMS' 3ALSAH OF HONKY to my children for their Doughs and Colds before they retired to bed. This valuable Medicine now finds a larger sals iu Every Town and Village, from Land's End to John O'Groat's, than any other Cough or Lung Curt, Why, BALSAM OF HONEY contains the Pure Welsh honey and an essence 5f tue purest and most efficacious herbs, being gathered at its proper season, when its virtues ■»re in lull perfection. A Swansea lady declares 1 ihat this famous Balsam acts like magic on her shildrer, and gives immediate relief. BRONCHITIS. THERE are thousands of children who die annually from bronchitis, whooping cough, and roup. This is a grand discovery for the cure of juch complaints. IT IT INVALUABLE for weak-chested men. delicate women, and children. It cures when all *ther remedies fail. It cures Coughs. Colds, 3ronchitis, Asthma, Tightness of the Chest. It jures thousands of children of Bronchitis aud SVhooping Coughs. It cures for One Shilling .ben Pounds have been spent in vain. TRY IT If you have a Cough, try it if you have a Cold J it if you have Bronchitis, try Ib, It loosens the pfalegm and promotes expectoration, produces warmth and comfort to the chest, and gives refreshing sleep when you have lost nights of rest. READ ON. NOW COMMENDED BY PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. When you are distressed with a miserable cold, MM banged up, throat sore, limbs aching, with a general feeling of smothering, a few doses of the .18am of Honey will clear the wretched symptoms away almost before you know it. There is nothing like it on the market it is thoroughly 111> to date it trickles into all the system. A true friend, prompt and reliable in its action. Thousands of testimonials to hand from all parts of the world. COUNTY MAGISTRATES COMMEND IT. Arthur Jacob, Esq., 1'ontithre, Three Cocks, Breconshire, states :—" I find your Balsam of Honey an invaluable remedy fur Bronchitis and Cough: Sold by all Chemists and Stores in Is 1%13, 2s 9d and 4 6i bottles. Sample bottle sent (post paid) for Is 3d, 3'3. and 5s from the Inventor— jQ TUDOR yyriLLIAMS, MEDICAL HALL. ABERDARE. FOR JlURNITURE WILLIAMSS CLAIM YOUR TRADE. AND MEAN TO HAVE IT, ON THE GROUND OF BEST POSSIBLE VALUE. WILLIAMS'S with to impress on you this I fact that you may take their word implicitly for whatever thpy state in their advertisements. YOU CAN "ROVE THIS by calling and teeing WILLIAMS'S goods and prices, then call elsewhere, and you will at once see the Mlfantages we offer. SEE THE FOLLOWING AUTUMN CLEARING LINKS DINING-ROOM SUITE, strong frames, I upholstered in leather, conch, gent's, lady's, and small chairs, £417 DINING ROOM SUITES^ up^ois tered in saddlebags aud velvet, oouch, gent's, Udy's, and small nh.iirs, jB7 6 GOOD PARLOUR SUITES, uphol stered in leather, oouch, gent's, and 4 small ehairs, :B2 N WAT PARLOUS"SUITEST^^ TC stetod in pin*hett;« couch, gent's, lady's and small chairs JB5 12'1 e^Dil^i^ftooMsu^ walnut frames, in good leather, JE9 High-street. DINING-ROOM SUITES.—Walnut, /'fII Easy Chairs, upholstered in saddle- bag*. top stuffed hair, RAVVING-ROO M SUITE. — Nicely carved frames, upholstered in Utrecht) vel- vet. JS6 16- J KAWING-IIOOM SUITir- GW ¡ frames, upholstered in Lister's flowered English velvet. £ 1111a.—Williams's. O SIDEBOARDS (new), in mahogany, 3ft. 6iii. wide, 5ft. 3in. high, with drawer, cupboards, shelves, and 3 bevelled plates £2 15s. •—Williams's. SIDEBOARD (new), in dark oak, 4ft. wide, 6ft. 3m. high, with shelves, cupboards, drawers, and 3 bevelled plates, £5 15s.—Wil- liams's. ^IDEBOARD (new), in walnut, 4ft. 6in. wide, 6ft, 4in. high, with drawers, cup- boards, cellarette, and 3 beveUed plates, Williams's. 3 SIDEBOA RDS (new), in mahogmy, 6ft. <) wide, 7t" Sin. high, with drawers, cup- boards, carved panels, and three bevelled plates. INING TABLE (new)75ft, long, 3ft. ÓIO. wide, polished walnut, with extending screw, extra leaf, and good castors, £228.- .u.-t, 's i I BEDROOM SUITES (new), ash, JL vf walnut, satin walnut, and mahogany 3ft. tin. wardrobe, with deep drawer and bevelled glass door; dressing chest, with four deep drawers, jewel drawers, and bevelled mirror; WMbetand, with marble top, tiled back, pedestal, and towel rail attached and two chairs £810s. -—Williams's. BEDROOM SUITES (new), walnut, ash, satin walnut, 4c. 4ft, wardrobe, with carved panels, bevelled glass door, and deep drawer dressing chest, with four deep drawers, jewel drawers, and three bevelled mirrors wash- stand, with marble slab, tile back, pedestal, and towel rail, and chairs £12 10s. —William s's. EDROOM SUITES (new)," nTall woods and designs, from £3 Ids up to £55. at High-itreet. UCHESSE" TABLES~(new ) in birch dressing table with jewel drawer and bevelled mirror, washstand with marble slab, £ 2 7» 6d.—-At Williams's. DUCHESSE TABLES (new) in walnut Dressing Table, with drawers, jewel drawers, and bevelled mirror Waelistaud with marble slab, £4 10s. At Williams's. LLI AMS'S JfJMPORIUM 14 HIGH. STREET, CARDIFF. ALL GOODS DELIVERED FREE WITHIN 43e 100 MILES. 1243 I STONE~BItOS., of the late Aid. (Hius Augustus Stose COMPLETE FUNERAL FURNISHERS AND FUNERAL DIRECTORS. Jher, tequisice for Funerals of all classes. Viepriecors of Funsral Cars, Hearses, Shilli- biers, and Coaches Superb Flemish Horses.etc. Price List on Application Please Note the Only Address 5, WORKING-STREET. Telegraphic Address :— It STONE BROS.. CARDIFF." ——— INDIGESTION HERBS WILL CURB WHEN EVERY OTHER REMEDY FAILS. A TONIC AND RESTORATIVE' OP IMMENSE POWER. A REMEDY OF PRICELFSS VALUE to all whose digestive system is < lilapidated. Relieves to A few hours, A lady, having used the herbs three days only, wntes :—" The herbs arrived Saturday, and < MBmetHthantraI to say they have already done me fltdeb good. I trust it will be quite a core, as I 4av« suffered with severe dyspepsia this last lew A gentleman writes i have taken the herbs jeeofoiBi to instructions, and I am KM to Inform you ihat I have reoeived great benuflt from them I have been a victim to indigestion lor tb., laøt Vd years." Na bogus t estunomala UUKH^ They can k« seen, and loany Others. Ko ease too chronic or severe. Indigestion flerb. orfco td; post free. h. 08 tie recommendation of a clergytnan, minister or other responsible oerson. I shall be pleased to send gratis and post freo Indigestion llerfes to any sufferer •bo can no' purchase same. rjp RIM NELL, ••THE flKKlSAUST," 6'190 8, MOIRA-TERRAOK, CARDIFF. TKETIl. — Complete Set, One Guinea- i. Five warranty GOODMAN < Co., 5to tyieen-stroet, and 10 DuJi«-sUceti \;t business 1bbrtlsts. V FlYE -YYEEKS' G E NUl N E S ALE, COMMENCING SEPT. 28TH, 1896. Tbis sale will not be extended beyond the time here given, neither will the prices be further reduced. LAVERTONS T IMITED, Prior to Alterations and Repairs AT THEIR BRANCHES 23 J^UKE-STREET, JJARDIFF, AND 13 T COMMERCIAL.STNEET, WPORT, ARE NOW OFFERING THE WHOLE OF THE VALUABLE STOCKS Of the late Firm of J^E WIS AND TTEWIS, AT AN ENORMOUS SACRIFICE FOR CASH. Sale I'ricoe of all Goods are Marked upon the Tickets in Red Ink, so that customers can at once see how great are the bargains obtainable. Credit cannot be allowed on purchases at bhis Sale, unles arrangements for same be made at the time of purchase, AVER TONS J^IMITE D ARE NOW THE LARGEST JRJOUSE AND HOTEL FURNISHERS IN THE EST OF ENGLAND, BEING AN AMALGAMATION THE FOLLOWING WELL KNOWN FIRMS LAVERTON & CO., BRISTOL, LAVERTON & CO., CLIFTON, KNIGHT & SONS, BATH, LEWIS & LEWIS, CARDIFF, LEWIS & LEWIS, NEWPORT, WHO NOW TRADE UNDER THE ONE TITLE OF f AVERTONS IT IMITED, COMPLETE HOUIS FURNISHERS, JJRISTOL, QLIFTON, JgATH, CARDIFF AND NEWPORT. 6o6a 4405 X TAILORING Is the Princip'e of SUPPLYING THE PUBLIC WITH THK BKST POSSIBLE BESPOKK OAHMM.N V AT THK JX>WK.ST POKSIBLK PRICE «;ONSlSTBWT WITH FAIR WAGES AND A LIVING PROFIT. THIS IS OUR AIM. TJISHOP AND ^JOM THE CARDIFF TAILORS, jg IQCEEN-STREET, OPPOSITE EMPIRE. 105 ^EATING'S COUGH LOZENGES. J^EATING'S COUGH LOZENGES. J^EATING'S COUGH LOZENGES. JGHEATING'S COUGH LOZENGES. EATING'S COUGH LOZENGES. K EATING'S COUGH LOZENGES. KEATING'S COUGH LOZENGES. 'V. AWY DOCTOR WILL TELL TOU" there Is no better Cough Medicine than KKATING'S LOZBNGRS. 0 e gives relief i if you softer from cough try them at once they will cure, and they unit not injure your health the most delicate can take them. As a remedy they are simply unriralled. Sold ever) where in 13/d tins. GREAT CLEARANCE CALE. JGXTRAORDINARY VALUE. N. BEltRY AND COMPANY, 34, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF, HAVING COMPLETED THKIft EXTENSIVE ALTERATIONS IN TIME fOR. THEIR TWENTY SECOND ANNUAL SALE. WHICH IS NOW PROCEEDING, Intend Commemorating the Event by Offering THE WHOLE OF THEIR IMMENSE STOCK AT FROM 15 to Z5 PER CENT. REDUCTION, And invite Inspection to the following, which for- but a very small portion of their Gigantic Stock DINING-ROOM SUITES, £4 108, jB5 9s, £6 15s, to £15. DRAWING-ROOM SUITES, £4 15s, £ 6 15s, S8 15s, £10 10s, to j220. BEDROOM SUITES, £3 10s, £4 15s, 6s, to £21. SIDEBOARDS IN VARIOUS WOODS, 35e, 53s, 75s, 95s, JB6 15s, :£8 1&, to ø. FURNITURE of EVERY POSSIBLE DESCRIPTION all Marked In Plain Figures showing Reduction. BEDSTEADS from 10s 6d to 10 lOs, the Best Selection in Cardiff. WIRE MATTRESSES, full size, from 10!16d. OVERMANTELS, from 5s lid GLASS, CHINA, AND EARTHENWARE, New Department Now Open, containing thousands of Novelties. DINNER SETS from 6ø lid TEA SETS from 2s ll1ftd; TOILBT SETS from 3s lid. BAMBOO FURNITURE, Without exception the largest Show ever seen In Cardiff. Curtain Poles, Brass Ends and Rings, from 101,i¡d. Tables from Is 81/2d. Music Stands 2s 9d. Hundreds of other Bargains tOO numerous to describe. ELECTRO-PLATE, CUTLERY. CLOCKS, BRONZES, Ac. Country Customers will do well by paying a visit to this, the CIIEAPEST AND BEST HOUSE FURNlSHRas IN CARDIFF. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. 1301 CARRIAGE PAID WITHIN 100 MILES* 12e QAICDIFF EXHIBITION, All Shopkeepers visiting the Exhibition will be well repaid for a Visit to the Warehouses of J Jg COMLEY AND SON, the well known IMPORTERS OF FANCY GOODS AND TOYS, WHOLESALE MANCHESTER WA&&- nOUSEMEN, &C. The Largest and Best Selected Stock outside London Oldest Established Wholesale Dealers in Cardiff. Note Address :— 23, MOIRA.TERRACE, CARDIFF, 122e Clone to New Infirmary. 1601 our Indigo Serge Suits, from 428,- lHahop & Co.. 50, Qaeen-st (opp. Empire). Wt BlTv^l^ CA liDlFF TiMES & SOUTH WALISJ vr&max news—ONE »*HNY Stella bv gladioli. 56 CLARE-ROAD, CARDIFF. SALE OF GROCERY AND TRADE UTENSILS. MESSRS BAILEY AND GILLER HAVE received instructions from J. W. Williams to SELL by AUCTION, upon the Premises as above, on MONDAY NEXT,commencing at 12 o'clock, the entire Stock of GROCERY AND PROVISIONS, comprising quantity of tea, flour, soap, candles, lard, tinned meats, fish, condensed milk, condiments, fruit, Ac., Ac., Japanned canisters, scales and weights, and trade utensils. On view morning of Sale. Auctioneers' Offices, 3, Castle-street, Cardiff. 722e PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. CARDIFF. SALE of CORNER HOUSE and SHOP PROPERTY. No. 168, Broadway; DWieLLING-flougg and SHOP, corner of Lyndhnrst-street and Wells-street; and other Properties. MESSRS BAILEY AND GILLER WIN HOLD their NEXT SALE of PROPERTIES at the Mart on October 22nd, 1896. Further particulars in future advertisements. Properties can be included in the above sale for a moderate inclusive fee, which can be ascertained in all cases before instructions are given. Auctioneers' Offices, 3, Castle-street, Cardiff. 742e SHORT NOTICE SALE. MONDAY NEXT, 2 O'CLOCK. CASTLE AUCTION MART, CASTLE STREET, CARDIFF. ABSOLUTE SALE OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND EFFECTS, Removed from Residences in Plasturton-gardens, De Burgh-st-reet,& Richards-terrace for convenience of sale. A CONSIGNMENT OF MADE-UP CARPETS AND 14 FIRE-PROOF SAFES. MESSRS BAILEY AND GILLEP. will SELL by AUCTION, at their Mart as above, on MONDAY NEXT, commencing at 2 o'clock, an Assemblage of Useful HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND EFFECTS, Removed from private residences as above, and in. eluding bedsteads and bedding, inlaid rosewood bed. room suite, polished oak ditto, chests of drawers, dressing tables and washstands, toilet glasses, Ac., drawing-room suite in tapestry, two dining-room suites in velvet and leather, dining table, dinner wagon, library table, inlaid walnut wood china cabinet with circular ends, gilt frame mirrors, overmantels, window and hearth furniture, 20 bordered tapestry, Brussels, and velvet pile carpets, hearthrugs, pictures, plated goods, china, glass, kitchen furniture, and miscellane- ous effects, including 14 WARRANTED FIRE-PROOF SAFES (2100 guarantee given with each safe). Ou View Morning of Sale. Auctioneers' Offices, 3, Castle-street, Cardiff. 7388 QUEEN-STREET SALEROOMS, CARDIFF. LARGE UNRESERVED SALE OF SUPERIOR HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND EFFECTS (Removed for convenienc eof Sale). MESSRS MOORE & CO. are instructed by Capt. John Lloyd (who is leaving the town) to Remove and SELL by AUCTION, at their Salerooms, Queen-street, Cardiff. on THURSDAY, Oct. 8th, 1896, the whole of her Household FURNITURE AND EFFECTS, Comprising very massive dining-room snite In roan leather, do. in saddlebags, drawing-room suite in brocaded velvet, walnut cabinet, very handsome 6ft. walnut sideboard, two walnut overmantels, coal vase, bedroom suite in walnut, do. in satin wood and ash, bedsteads, mattresses, wool and feather beds. chests of drawers, commode, carpets, rags, fenders, fire brasses, hall stands, octagon and loo tables, clock, pictures, ware, mangle, mail cart, etc., Ac. On view Morning of Sale. Sale at 2 o'clock p.m. No reserve. 726e "$ALE~THis DAY (FRIDAY) and TO-MORROW~" (SATURDAY). THE EMPIRE STORES, 5, ST. JOHN'S-SQUARE, CARDIFF. EXPIRATION OF TENANCY. MESSRS WEBBER and WILKINSON will continue the SALE by AUCTION of the STOCK-IN-TRADE, Comprising about 3,(0) pairs of boots and shoes, and an immense assortment of men's, youths', and boys' ready-made clothing in suits, coats and vests, trousers, macintoshes, shirts, collars, ties, Ac., &c. Sale to commence at 7 p.m. 476e <B$rutsians. P & A. CAMPBELL, LIMITED. DAILY SERVICE BETWEEN CARDIFF AND WESTON By the LADY MARGARET. (Weather and circumstances permitting), SEPTEMBER. Leave CARDIFF. Leave WESTON OCTOBER. Fit a—11,30 a.m., 1.0, 3.0 p.m. Sat. 3—11.45 a,m., 2.45, 4.30 p m. 4 Mon. 5.—2.0, 4.30 p.m. I Fti. 2—11.15 a.m., 1.45, 5.0 p m. Sat. 3-12.30, *3.30, 6.0 p.m. Moii. 5—2.45, 6.30 p.m. Steamer leaves Penarbh New Pier 10 wittut" later than Cardiff, except trips marked thus (iI). For full particulars and tickets apply to Mr WM. GUY, Or to 70a, Bute-street, Cardiff P. & A. CAMPBELL, Limited, 1340 iOfte Cumberland Basin, Bristol. FXCUPvSIONS TO POItTHOA.WL.- li Itis not generally known that CHIAP RETURN TICKETS aro ISSUED DAILY from Newport, Car- diff, and Intermediate Stations to Porthcawl, and that absolutely the best place for Dinners, Teas, &c., :&c. is COMLEY'i RESTAURANT and FAMILY and COMMERCIAL HOTEL (recently enlarged). Inclusive terms, with liberal board, from 5s per day, or 31s 6d per week. Picnic Parties, &c., catered for to any number at most moderate charges. Terms on application. 720c Hotels, etc. BRISTOL. THE GLOUCESTER HOTEL, HOT- WELLS, near Landing Stage for Cardiff,, etc., Steamers. FRED BRAND (late of Brand's Dining Rooms, Cardiff), Proprietor, will be glad to see friends, old and new. Everything best quality. Beds. 936e DON'T COUGH. Take Anthony's WILD C'HRRRT, the King of Cotifch K m dies; ticts like magic. It oomforts this ehesfr, heals and strengthens the lungs, re- moves the phlegm. Children like and ask for more. Has the largosfi sale; Thousands of testi- inoni/ii*. WILD Chbrht has saved thou- sands from Consumption. Is per botllle J three bottles 2s 9d. Sold by the proprietors, ANTBON* and Co., (opposite Royal Hotel), Cardiff, and by all Patent Mcdtc'rio Vendors. DON'T COUGH, 754e C A "itDIJUf EXHIBITION, GENERAL SFCnolf.-nA" 117. R. J. HEATH & SONS. pUNOFORTES AND ORGANS. ENORMOUS DISCOUNTS DURING SUMMER MONTHS Send for Catalogues and Verdict of 900. Free. Gns.Monthly WALNUT CASE, FULL COMPASS, panel a. d. front, 3ft. lOin. high 18 10 6 Stmflar iiiadel. superior quality 20 11 8 VANDERBOLT MODEL, iron frame, full compass, trichord, check action, machine covered hammers, 3ft. lOin. high 24 14 0 VANDERBOLT MODEL, lib. higher, superior quality 26 13 2 HENRY MODEL, full compass, iron frame, full trichord, cheek action, plated bolts, sconces, marqueterie and gilded panel, trusses, 4ft. high .30 17 6 EUROPEAN MODEL. 4ft. 3in. high 34 19 10 ASSOCIATION MODEL, 4ft. 2in. high, burr walnut, i-ri7,e medal design, a first-class instrument at a moderate price, with all the most modern improvements 38 22 a ALEXANDER MODEL, ditto, 4ft. 4in. 45 26 3 All Goods Sent Carriage Paid. ORGANS FROM 25. PIANOFORTES BY BROADWOOD, COLLARD AND GOLLARD, KIRKMAN, ERARD, dec., &c. Now is the opportunity for acquiring a splendid instrument at the lowest possible price, either for Cash or on the Hire System. CALL AND SECURE A BARGAIN The Full-size Grand Pianoforte used at Madame Patti's Concert for Hire for Recitals or otherwise. SHOWROOMS— 51, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF 70, TAFF-STREET, PONTYPRIDD AND 31, WINDSOR-ROAD. PflNARTH. MANOTAOTOBY LONDON. Agencies at ABBRAVON, CADOXTON, BRIDGEND, MAESTEG, fta CANVASSERS WANTED IN ALL PARTS ON 9431 GOOD COMMISSION. 106Me P. jplREEDMAN AND CO., ENTIRE HOUSE FURNISHERS, NEWPORT, SWANSEA, AND NEW TREDEGAR, Have a very Large Selection of HOUSEHOLD FURNI TUBE, CARPExs, BEDDING. Ac., suitable tor Apartments, Houses, and Hotels, which ean be sup led on their well-known EASY PURCHASE SYSTEM. General terms subject to alteration to soie owtoraw conren ence. w°rtbi 1/6 per week, 6/- monthly. W M „ 12/6 26 & 20/" H ftso iS6 *?/- ^ioo „ wot'. Without any Special Payment or Security THIS OLDEST FIRM IN THE TRADE. PIONESRS OF THE HIRE SYSTEM. R,50,000 OF STOCK TO SELECT FROM. PROSPECTUS FREE. PRIVATE DELIVERY. NOTR ADDavAgDo- M, HIGH-STREET, SWANSEA. 5512 3. 4, MARKET BIJILUINGM, NEWPORT, Molq. i ELLIOXSXOWN, NEW TRjgftEGAft 028 jpttblir mulmuutJ. CARDIFF. f|l H E A T R E O Y A L Lessee and Manageress..Mrs EDWARD FLETCHER. GIGANTIC AND INSTANTANEOUS SUCCESS. HUNDREDS TURNED AWAY. MATINEE SATURDAY AT 2 O'CLOCK. THE SHOP GIRL. The most successful MUSICAL PLAY ever produced. Messrs Morell and Mouillott's Principal Company. Special excursions from Swansea Thursday and Saturday. Cheap fares. Secure seats at Messrs Thompson and Shackell, Queen-street. Telephone 521. Time and prices as usuaL MONDAY. Oct. 5th, SIX NIGHTS, and ONE MATINEE, SATURDAY, GENTLEMAN JOE, As Played with such Great Success by }: Mr Arthur Roberts. Tte not in mortals to command success, but we U de more—deserve it." THE EMPIRE. MANAOIN* DIRECTOR OSWALD STOLL. TO-NIGHT. The Laughable, Farcical and Pantomimical JlLBERT AND DMUNDS rjpROUPE in their highly tidiculous but highly amusing Sketch THE ELOPEMENT." MARY LYNNE, Contralto, from the Alltambra Theatre, London, where the great length of her en- gagement was a measure of her talent. THE ROYAL VICTORIA TROUPE OF BRITISH DANCERS, Ac. THE GAERTNERS, in a. Musical-acrobatic entr'acte ARTHUR COMBES, who gained fame with Cabby knows his Fare." APA and JAPO, who disport on Wire. THE HAYCROFT SISTERS in Song and Dance. Last, but not least, HALE'S QUARTETTE of EDUCATED ELEPHANTS EDUCATED ELEPHANTS EDUCATED ELEPHANTS Whose antics amuse and whose intelligence astounds. HAVE YOU EVER SEEN AN ELEPHANT STAND ON ITS HEAD ? Plan of Boxes, Fauteuils, and Grand Circle on view 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and every evening. Next week :—By special arraugement for exhibition of more new pictures, the incomparable LUMIERE CINEMATOGRAPHE, Under M. Trewey, of the Empire, London. Next week also Fanny Wentworth, Rose Dearing Daisy Wood, etc. GRAND THEATRE, \jr The Premier X Theatre of Wales. LBSSU It MANAGKR Mr CLARENCE SODNES. LAST TWO NIGHTS OF WILSON BARRETPS GREAT PLAY, THE MANXMAN. FROM THE PRINCESS'S THEATRE, LONDON. Doors open at 7 commence 7 30. Box Office open at Theatre daily 10 to 4. Telephone 725. Prices 6d to Sl Is. MONDAY NEXT, Oct. 5TH, A DAltK regret. LES S ER PARK HALL. TO-NIGHT, AT 8,15, LAST NIGHT OF MAX O llELL IN THE MOST AMUSING OF HIS HUMOROUS COMEDY ENTERTAINMENTS, Entitled U YANKEES UP TO DATE." gTOLL'S JT> AN OPTlCON, PHILHARMONIC HALL AND BUILDINGS, ST. MARY-,STREET. The WELSH GIANT BABY, FROM NEW TREDEGAR, Two o'clock until six, and seven o'clock until ten. SWANB-KA. rp H E EMPIRE. JL MANAOIR« DmitcTOR ..OSWALD STOLL. TO-NIGHT. THE NEWSKY RUSSIAN TROUPE, In their NATIONAL CHANTS AND DANCES. JAMBS CURRAN, CORA CASEMJ, MORA. CLEM ART, EVA MAYNARD, SISTERS 1.10, andLESFLEURS ELECTRIQUEs. Next Week—The Albert and Edmunds Troupe. Oct. lZth, Look out for the Lumiere Cinematograplie. NEWPORT. rn H F. E M F I R K W- DmttCTOR..«>-wam> STOI.r.. TO-NIGH r. The Incomparable LUMIEfeK CINEMATOGRAPHE, with New Pictures, under M. Trewey, as at the Empire, London. Also OGUST, the Freuch Clown and Mimic, from be Palace Theatre, London, and the Folies Bergeres, Paris, supported by Geo. Mozart, Bros. Lang, Sisters Bonfhin, etc. No 8,thance in the admission prices. Next Week—'Hie Newsky Russian Troupe, in their National Chants and Dances. -A" II. PONTYPRIDn. OYAL CLARENCE THEATRE, JH/ PONTYPRIDD. PROPRIETORS Messrs TRENCH ARD and JONES. TO-NIGHT AT 7.45, THE WORLD RKNOVVND TRAGEDIAN, OSMOSD rjlEARLE, snpported by his own entire company in Shakespeare's Play, The MERCHANT OF VENICE. Concluding "ith n Dramatic Idyl, entitled, 18T0. TO MORROW NIGHT, RICHARD III. Seats may be booked by letter or wire at Messrs Thompson and public Notices. "XfATIONAL SOCIETY FOR THE PREVENTION OF CRUELTY TO CHILDREN. NEWPORT AND MONMOUTHSHIRE BRANCH. A PUBLIC MEETING Will be held in the INSTITUTE HALL, EBBW VALE, Iaa connection with the above Society, on I TUESDAY; OCTOBER6Tu, At 8 p.m. The Chair will be taken by 1EDWARD PHILLIPS, ESQ., J.P., C.C. TM REV. BENJAMIN WAUGH (Founder and Director) 751e Will give an ADDRESS on the Society's Work. W. F. U, SOCIETY OF REFEREES. MEETINGS for the EXAMINATION of those desirous of being placed on the List of the WELSH FOOTBALL UNION SOCIETY of REFEREES will be held as follows :— „ EAST DISTRICT.—Queen"s Hotel, Cardiff, 7 p.m., 6th October. NEWPORT & MONMOUTHSHIRE DISTRICT.- Westgate Hotel, Newport, 7 p.m., 6th Ootober. WEST D iSTRICT.—Royal Hotel, Swansea, 7 p.m., 6 th October. BRIDGEND DISTRICT.—Wyndham Arms Hotel, Bridgend, 7 p.m 7th October. RH'tNDDA DISTRICT —White Hart Hotel, Ponty- pridd, 7 p.m., 7tb 0ctober. 4527-743e CARDIFF EXHIBITION. BAND OF THE ROYAL MARINES (PLYMOUTH). NEXT SATURDAY, SPECIAL CONCERT AT 8 P.M. MEISTER 9 GLEE glNGERS AND OTHER ARTISTES, TIMBERING COMPETITION ALSO NEXT SATURDAY. October 5th "4 6bh, GRAND MUSICAL EISTEDDFOD. Plan of Reserved Seats At Newman's, Queen- ■treat. S): S lOoN AND 0 N b, 5 IIMITKD, 0 Manafacturers and Importers øt CBMEKT. SLATES, TIMBER. CHIMNEY-PIBOffiS RANGES, GRATES, AND ALL BUILDING MATERIALS, pABTB CARD JL 606 XV 1270 STAKO NO. 223, SANITARY SECTION ^ABDifi "Exhibition. rjlHOM AS, UNDERTAKER. MEMORIAL BUILDINGS, CANTON. FUNERALS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION 137e NEWPOltT O JT F I C E THB SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS," 18, BRIDGE STREET




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