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TH £ WELSH TEAM. I BIOGRAPHICAL PARTICULARS. I SAM JONES, ?oatk??pt.r, was born at Wrex- ham 27 years ago. H« stands about 5ft, 8in., !md sca!M about 13 etone. I He has now played for I Burton Swifts three seasons, having left the Wrexham Club to go there. He was always considered i a good man between the sticks. At the present time be is in excellent form. all the clubs that have met Burton Swifts this season speaking in high praise of bnn. Jones has been chosen for this intteh in preference to Trainer, Df Prei-toii North End, on account of the cleverness he has shown all the season and his good play in the recent match v. Ireland. J.J.B in his comments in the Sporting Chronicle on Wednes- day, referring 1 o the game between Manchester City and Burton Swifts played on Saturday last, says :—" Thesmprise of the day was the inability of Manchester City at home to take. a couple of points out of the belated Burton Svvifis. It was not entirely due to the poor display of the Mancunians that they could but effect a draw, but vather to the magnificent exhibition of goal- keeping on the part of Jones, the Welsh Inter- national goalkeeper." ,Trm08 has played four times for his country-in 1893 against Ireland and Scotland, in 1895 against Scotland, and against Ireland two wecki tlgo. CHAttl,lgg PARRY. the right full-back, was born at Liansi'aP, near Oswestry. He first played for the Oswestry Club, and 1\n. played for Chester, Newton Heath, and Everton. Was last season considered the L,,v-b back Everton had had. After playing balf of the present season with Ever- ton he received an offer to become tenant of a public- house ab Newtowu (Mont- gomeryshire). AHerejetting the consent of the Everton Club to his transfer, he wenb to live at Newtown. and now plays for the club of that town. He is a full- back of undoubted ability, plays a determined game, is a good kick and hard to tackle, weighing as he does 14 stone. He was captain of the Welsh team that so recently defeated Ireland at Wrex- ham. He has eight times played for the Princi- pality, aud with the exception of one occasion, when he was unwell, has very creditably acquitted himself. JOHN L. JONES, left half-back, was born ab Rhuckllan, Flintshire. He has plaved for neveral clubs, and 13 now playing for Sheffield Uuitod. He is clever, and fills any posi- tion at half-back or forward when the Sheffield team are short-handed. He played International for the first time last season, taking pavt in the three games, in each of which he jjave every satisfaction, as IS evidenced by the faon that he is selected again this season. He played agMnsb Ir?and this season & f)nn?.. <.?? riotous game. Jones is not a showy player, bub I ij.isses nicely ab every opportunity, and places well to his forwards. THOMAS CHAPMAN .centre half-oaok, was born at Newtown, with which club he was npsociated for many years before migrating to Manchester City in September lasb. He plays a resolute game, and is never beaten. It was thought at the end of last season that he was done, but the prophecy was all wrong, as he is playing for the City team as good a game as he ever played. It was not until the season 1893-94 that he got his cap. taking part in the three Internationals that season. He also nlaved a ainab Ireland and Sootland last season. i Chapman, although not tall, 1is well built and an I opponent finds in him P- hard nut to crack. JOSEPH ROGERS, riaht I half-back, was born at Brymbo, near Wrexham. He is 54 years OF age. lllld played his first Intematioal game agmnst Ireland this season. He played for Brymbo Institute Club until the present season, when he joined Wrexham, nnd has shown improved form from the commence- ment. He is speedy, a good tackier, and oool player. W. MUBKDTTH, outside right wing forward, is I one of the cleverest forwards ever brought out by the Principality. TTnMi„« -e from Chirk, where he now resides (although playing for Manchester City), he has had ample opportunities of im- proving his abilities a8 & player by good schooling. He is young, stands about 5ft. '1in,. and is one of the best dribblers and dodgers to be found anywhere. He firs" came into prominence the early part of last season, with the result that he was selected to take part in all three Internationals. He also played a couple of weeks ago against Ireland, in which Jmaboh be soored a couple of goals- JOSEPTI Djivms, inside ngnt wing forward, another of the Chirk bols, played outside right for Chirk Club when Meredith was In the reserve team. He left Chirk for. the now defunct Ardwick Club (Meredith taking his place in the Ohirk team) and played last season for Sheffield ITnited, going to Manchester City in the early put of the present season. When in form is one of the best forwards in the league, second division. He ahoobs very hard at goal, and it requires all the abilities Of Opposing goal. keeper to negotiate his lightni. ng-like shots. He first played for his oountry in 1891, taking part in the three Internationals that season but it was not until last season that he again engaged in an International contest, when he again took part in the three contests. HUGH MOBRIS, outside left wing forward, born at Chirk, commenced playing With Chirk Club a season after Davies joined tll, For several years he stayed at Ohirk, afterwards going to Sheffield United, where Davies was looated. He is a hardworking player on the light side, and stands onty about 5 feet 4 inches. Owing to an injury he was for several seasons in poor form, but is this season showing what be i reaBy made of for Manchester Oity to which omb he went from 18heme1cJ at the same time as DaviM. He first Cped for Wales in 1894 against Scotland, and ,,X-plaved or= smoe. WILUAM LEWIS, inside lefb wing forward, ia the veceran of the team, having played his first I International so far back as 1885, when Wales drew with England at Blackburn. He has p!ayod every year since (with the exception of 1893). against England six times: against Scotland, and fivej times against Ireland in addition to which he pJayeél in the two games against the Canadians, making his total number of a ppearainces for his country 23. To use his own words he is as good as any young ones yet. Lewis scored in each of the Internationals last season, and also soored in the recent match v. Ireland. He was born at Bangor, and played for several Bangor clubs for years. Then he went to play for Orewe Alexandra. He is now playing for the Chester Club, belng mine host of a vaults in that city. Lewis is 37 years of age, stands about 5ft. tin., and is very light in weight, very quick with the b?U, and always anxious for ho country to win. li.has played in every position forward, and performed creditably on all occasions. A. G. MORRIS, centre forward, is a slim youth of about 20 summers. He plays with Aberyst- wyth Club, and must be considered fortunate In I gaining his oap so soon. He was played in the trial games, and giving sat.isfac- tion was se!ected for his first cap against Ireland this 8#ason. Here he gave satisfaction, justifying his inclusion in that and future teams. Although young be feeds his wings judiciously, and is a good shot at goal and with care there is every prospect of a successful career before him.






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