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I-Cardiff - Corporation._




IBoshuss ).brt5St5. XSTOP ONE MOMENT ?? Ob, dear doctor, mast my darling /vt\. (he. ?f? There is very Uttle hope, but TRY ?f? ONit 0» THE MOST BEMARKABLB REMEDIES OF THE AGE. TUDOR "W ILLIAMS PATENT JJALSAM OF HONEY. Thousands of children hare been saved from an untimely death by the prompt use of TUDOR WILLIAMS' BALSAM OF HONEY. Ke Mather should negleco to keep this Infallibl Remedy in the house ready for any emergency Remember that it is wiser to check a slight Cough at the commencement than to allow it to develop into a ngering cewplaiat DO NOT FORGET TO GIVE IT TO THE BABY. JVR 4,000 TESTIMONIALS TO HAND FROM ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD. A LARGE EMPLOYER OF LABOUR SPEAKS HIGHLY OF IT 1 find vour Tuder Williams' Balsam of Honey very useful for cold or eouglis, and keep a bottle al'.vay.i by DIe. My children tiave also found much ban#at nom ¡1IÍD case at Bronchitis and Cough. Yours truly BEyj PETTY QI the Firm of Messrs Petty & sons, Lea., Wilibe Hail Printers, Leeds. PARENTS THINK IT A GCLJ5EN RI^TKDY Sm.1 consider my duty (,0 send you tlWi U!3li tnom&t of the grea.t benefit my child has derived fioia your grand Tudor Williams's Patent Balsam or Hcnsy. She ha.s taken it for three; years he has been lroubkd Wiltl bronchitis SInce 14 weeks old. She i'I ifow 6 years old, and since I discovered prepara. tion I consider my child out of danger, And no need to call in any medical uian. Yours faulifuilv, Mas üOD. 37, Arijyle-street, Darwen, January 21sc 1295. ftt Is IVjd, iis kJil, and <Js fed per bottle. Sample bet tie sent (yost paid) lor Is 3d, from the Inventor, L L I A M S. rji U d 0 l y^r I L L i A m S, MEDICAL HALL, ABERDARE. 42&> 11e-1177 rjpEETtl rjlEE'i'H rjlEETH A COMPLETE SET ONE GUINEA SINQI." 2/f Pivs Years' Warranty. Pnzf, Medal. QUODMAN A CU., 56, QUEEN-STREET, AND 19, DUKE. STREET, CARDIFF. ARTIFICIAL TKKTH PAINLESSLY FtTrED by Atmopheric Suction, ,J.(. one-third the usual charges If- Extractions necessary pHÍect and permanent life-like appearance special SOFT PALATES for Tender Gums perfect for Mastication and Speech. COUNTRY PATIENTS lupplied in One Visit, and railway fare allowed. Special at ten uou!»\ven to Repairs, Extractions,Stopping TESl'lMON'ALS.—J.h 4NDUEVV WILSON (late I.N. »a;s:—•• 1 can recoIUUlellti)1r Ooodmaa &it » »ery skilful and humane Dentist. His rea- sonable charge.* should attract to hun all cl;wj*es.' CoinulUbioiis!«>««.—Speciality i»: WHITE EAMKJ luui OllLD KILLINGS, AMERICAN DKNTISXHY,<M-< HI, AT El, ESS PALATES. Before entering look fortiie Name— GOODMAN A CO., 56, QUKEN-ST.. A 10, 15, CASTLE-STREET. SWANSEA. fONTYPRIDD—Sc. TAFF-.STKEKT (orer Glatnorgac- shire tUnk), .52e-lG7(¡ ami .\1' 28. HIGH-STREET, NEWPORT. I Consultations tree. Hours. 10 to 3. DR. BROWN S COUGH BOTTLE WARMS THE CHEST. CUTS THE PHLEGM, AND LUBRICATES THE THROAT, FOR A TICKLING THROAT, A HACKING COUGH, or a COLD ON THE CHEST, THERE IS NOTHING LIKE IT. In Bottles, Is, 2s 9d, 48 6d, a r JESSE WILLIAMS'S, PARK HALL BUILDINGS. 569 DRUNKENNESS or the LIQUOR HABII positively CURED bv administering Dr HAINES1 OOLDEN SPECIFIC. It is a powder which call b given ill beer. coffee, or te, 01' in food. without the knowledge of the patient. It is harmless and wili effect a permanent and spoedy CUM, whether the paiieut is a moderate drinker or an alcoholic wreck. It has been given in thousands of cases, and in every instance a perfect cure has followed. It never fails. The jysteui ones impregnated with the specific, it becomes n utter impossibility for the liquor aP1?clite to exist. JO-pagrt boot of particulars on receipt of postage stamp. Can be had of llICKS and Co idS, Duke. street, Queen-street, and Paradise-row, or D1:"CK and SON, St, John's-squ&re, Cardiff. Trade supplied by LYNCH and CO.. Ln>. l.cnrton. 1277 /e SOUTH WALES t FURNISHING CO.. 31, CASTLE STREET ^OPPOSITE THE CASTLE, CARDIFF gOUTH WALES FURNISHING CO., OPPOSITE THE CASTLE, CARDIFF, "UNDERTAKES TO SUPPLY jp, rjlHE BEST QUALITY IN FURNITURE |.| IRE SYSTEM OR FOR CASH "YyiTHOUT BILL OF SALE. A LL GOODS DELIVERED FREE IN J\. PRIVATE VAN. J^OWEST PRICES CHARGED I JgJASY PAYMENT SYSTEM SOLELY ADOPTED BY US. p TmURNITURE OF EVERY DESCRIP. JD nON". UNAPPROACHABLE VALUE GIVEN. REALLY HANDSOME SUITE FROM £ 4 10s. NEWEST DESIGNS in FLOORCLOTHS AND LINOLEUMS. JNSPECTION INVITED. SIDEBOARDS IN MAHOGANY, OAK, AND WALNUT. HOUSES FURNISHED FROM TOP JUL TO BOTTOM JNDilPENDENT OF DISTANCE. N° EXTRA CHARGE FOR CREDIT. QRAND DRAWING-ROOM SUITES, ? COVERED IN EVERY DESCRIPTION ? ? OF MAT MMAL. ORDERS BY POST PROMPTLY AT. TENDED TO. ?i?i tIND, DON'T FORGET OUR AD. .l.: DRESS. pARTIES ABOUT TO MARRY A RE RECOMMENDED NOT TO GO ELSEWHERE, BUT TO CALL ON US. YOUR ATTENTION IS CALLED TO JL OUR TERMS. £5 for Is 6d Weekly I £16 for 5s 0(1 Weekly £ 6 „ 2s 6d „ „ £10 ,,Cd ) 3ge OUR ADDRESS :-31, CASTLE-STREET, OPPOSITE THE CASTLE, CARDIFF. W. JQAVIS AND SON, GLASS IMPORTERS. CISoz., 25 300ft. PUTTY MANUFACTURERS, AGINGS MERCHANTS, ??. ART, D,ECOltATOB,> AND PAINTERS. HORTICULTURAL GLASS cut to measure, 128 per 100ft. Me 11, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF. NO LANCE 1 NO FITS 1 NO FEVERS LEWIS s SOOTHING SYRUP in JLJ 9taltl toucHS he C?ma 3nd Opens tha Way for the Teeth, and Baby wakes up ?nh Teeth Cut ana fre.'¡' I'iaisy. lS'.a'-l Bo.tlo fi>r jjus.taju J<| extra. p, spared unly by DAVil) J i- ? W l s 31; f ???1? 0 CH JÅitIFF :Lli'TO -^TRKET, ?.. M.ssn H?mUto? ?? Co., Chemists to ,he Queeu. 762 ^uaimss ^diirfssis. CASH SUCCESSFUL OVER CREDIT AND HIRE SXSTEMS. There i. no House Ssanding Higher ia Popular Esteem for Sterling Value in their Goods than WILLIAMS'S, THE CASH FURNISHING jgMPORIUM, 0ARDIFF, Their Large and Daily Growing Connection throughout South and Mid Wales and tha Western English Counties is the result of their efforts to give the highest possible Value in their Goods. Thousands have realised the advantages of Purchasing at WILLIAMS'S, thereby !&ving 25 per cent., and the best) advertisements Williams's get are the Testimonies of their many Customers to the satisfaction they hate received. WILLIAMS'S invite all who are wholly or partly furnishing, and who wish to get the utmost value for money, to call and examine their I goods. WILLIAMS'S Emporium holds one of lha finest displays of well-made Furniture in South \V:3. at absolutely marvellous prices. I WILLIAMS S are quite sure it will ba to your advantage to see their goods. I WILLIAMS'S PRICES. BEDSTEADS-common, mil stzc, g lid. BEDSTEADS—massive, with strong brass mounts, 29.; lid. BEDSTEADS with 2-inch pillars, very taftSsite 52s 6d. BEDSTEADS—Special, all brass Parisian) £ 5f 19.; 6d. BEDROOM SUITES from £3 10s. BEDROOM SUITE in Solid Satin Walnut, good size, for £7 7s. Williams's can safely say this is the best known value in Bedroom Suites in the kingdom. BEDROOM SUITES. in Louis style, in Chip. pendale Ma¡¡CJ¡;:any. 26 guineas. DINING ROOM SUITE in Leather. Wil- liams's Defiance, E4 17s 6>1. Own make. DINING-ROOM SUITES in Frieze Velvet from £6 6s. DINING-ROOM SUITES in Saddlebag, Utrecht) Velvet, Jacquarde Velvet, Roans, Moroccos, &c.. from 7 Guineas to 30 Guineas DRAWING SUITES, in Genoa Velvet, a Guineas, I DRAWING-ROOM SUITES in Tapesfcriee, Brocatelies, Silk. Velvets, &c., &c., 8 guineas to 25 guineas. CARPETS — Felt, Kensington, Tapestry, Brussels, Wilton, and Axminster Squares, from 15s lid. G<Tapestry Stair, Is yard. I COUCHES, useful and sound, 17i1 lid. American Rockers in Brussels Carpet, 10s 61 MANGLES—Full size, 35,. LINOLEUMS AND FLOOR CLOTHS. LACE CURTAINS. TABLE COVERS. BRASS RAIL FENDERS, 4s lid. FIRE BRASSES, Is UPWARDS. All Goods Warranted and Delivered Free to Customer's Residence within 100 Miles. Rail Fare to Cardiff Allowed to Customers I Purchasing Over JE5. 'Y^TILLIAMS'S 0ASH JpURNISHINC jgMPORIUM, 14t irjriGH-STRHET. CARDIFF. 3536 slÍè 0 R O 5 S WORKING STREET, 0ARPJFF. WIRE NETTING IN 50 YARD ROLLS. 3in. mesh 2ft. wide 2/10 I 2in. mesh 2fb, ttide 3/10 3m. 3ft. „ 4/4 2,D. „ 3ft, If 5/10 3in. „ 4ft. „ 6/- 2in. „ 7/9 GALVANISED CORRUGATED IRON SHEETS. 5ft. long, Is Id each. 8ft. long Is lOd each. 6ft. Is 4d 9ft. 2s 2d 7ft. Is 7d h lOtt." 2s btl BEST ROOFING FKLT 32in. WIDE. AND 25 YARD ROLLS, 3" 3d, 4s 4d, 5" 9d roll. 953e OUR VAN SYSTEM We solicit for Orders at regular intenals; We prefer our ell3LOmerS to make their orderg :&1 large JS possible, but where inconvenient to nraer more largely, we deliver half-pounds of Tea. OUR TERMS ARE CASH ON DELIVERY: We open no credit accounts, and under aD circumstances whatever do we leave goods an- less paid for at time of delivery or before. We give no receipts for payments unless desired; it being considered a guarantee of a cash traDS- action that goods are left at any house by our vans. All Parcels have the amounts collectable written plainly on outside. N.B.—We consider it to be no small tesU. mony to the popularity of that in face of what some may consider our uncompro. mising terms with regard to Cash Payments, we have buiit up the largest Tea Trade in Cardiff upon the van system, whilst we believe attempts to follow our example, ba,e been tolloweù by comparative or absolue failure. VAN DELIVERIES. COUNTRY. MONDAY—Barry every week. Penarth TUESDAY—Barry every week. Penarth „ Newport every other week, Maiudee (Newport),, „ Maesycwmmer „ „ Pontypntlù „ „ „ WEDNESDAY—Barry every week. Blackwood every other week. Llandaft' „ Treharris „ Whitchurch „ THURSDAY—Caerphilly every week. Cowbridge every other week. Llantrisant „ Penrhiwceiber „ „ Pentyrch „ „ n Rogerstone „ „ Tongwynlais „ „ „ TOW AND SUBURBS EVERY DAY. I PHILLIES & CO., I TEA SPECIALISTS, 74, QUEEN-STUEET, CARDIFF. I ) NOTICE TO SHOPKEEPERS AND OTH15;11S. J. E. 0oMLEi" AND SON 23, MOIRA-TERRACE, CARDIFF, art? THE LARGEST IMPORTERS of TOYS AND FANCY GOODS IN SOUTH WALES. INSPECTION INVITED. WHOLESALE ONLY, Strangers arriving in Cardifl ask for New Infirmary. OUR PLACE IS CLOSE BY. 2Se ESTABLISHED 1880. 4897 A SECRET UNFOLDED AT LAST t < A It is a positive fact that no one in the world has been able to put a beautiful pearl-like GtoM on Lmen, Cnffs, Collars, etc.. so easy and quick, ItS by using the NEW DOROTHY UN EN GLAZE. I It is the pride of the world. The work of ironing is lamed iafco pleasure. Try st. and judge for yourself. A Child can use Sold by Grocers, etc., everywhere, in Id and 3d packets. 157õi Manufacturers—G. TURLEY AND CO., 147e 6343 69, Edgfraeton-stteet^ BinninghMn J Easiness ).lIbrtI5tS. jJONGOLA TEA Is Strong and Furet it Fun. iavouredi Is Economical; Re- freshes after fatigue* Composed Entirely of Young Ls&teai THfi fciST VALUE IN feNGLAiND, SAS NO EQUAú. gONGOLA TEA IS SOLD AT 1 s 7D AND 1 9 4 D PSR L& .1 COOPER AN I) ^yiLUAMS, TEA DEALERS AND GROCERS, THE or A YES, Cardiff. jpRACTlCE TRUE ECUNOMY BY DEALING DIRECT WITH THE MANUFACTURERS; SCOTCH WOOL AND [J OSIERS STORES (FLEMING, REID CO., GRRENOCK. N.B.). 26t HIGH-STREET ARCADE, CARDIFF. 7, OXFORD RTREET, S W ANSEA. and 158, COMMERCIAL ST., NEWPORT. Over 70 Branches throughout Scotland and England. KNITTING WOOLS, KNITTED HOSIERY SEAWSWATER DRESS FABRICS, Direct from the Greenock Mills. Price List and Crochet Instruction Book FlUtE en application to above Address, or FLEMING, REID & CO.. The Worsted Mills, GREENOCK, N.U. 71e í gTOATE TZ-NIGHT AND CO. I A LARGE VARIETY OF JACKETS, JACKETS, JACKETS. A CHOICE ASSORTMENT OF MANTLES. jy*ANTLES, AIANrLES., We inviie iitdiei to come an:t inspect our large Stock. gTOATE KNIGHT & CO., 30. j"\ U £ N kJ 748e u, "253 tO 748e rjlHE SECRET oF HEALTH FRESH AIR REASONABLE EXERCISE I CLEAN HANDS TEMPERANCE IN EVERYTHING And a.lways keep j^ERNICK'S yEGETABt^j pitfeS Within reach. Never be without them, and don't: bake any otheT Ince their introduction, afty years ago, imitations have abounded but a single tria will prove that KERMICK'S VEGETABLE PILLS can never be excelled. In fact they more than bold their own is THE BEST APERIENT MEDICINE FOR SPRING AND SUMMER. ItRV A BOX AND PROVE r11, Tliey are free from Mercury, and the most avlato (Static Pharmacy cannot produce a medicine tuort Scientifically compounded; Hie universal chorus is, They caftnefe be beaten, they act like a charm in all LIVER COMPLAINTS, BILIOUSNESS, HEAD ACn, STOMACH TROUBLES, and IMPURITY OF THE BLOOD GET THE RIGHT MEDICINE, AND INSIST UPON HAVING KERNICK'S. Specially recommended to Ladies. They restore the rosy cheek and hue of health. 565e 15627 Soldat all Stores, in 7ù, 13d and 2s 9d Boxes LEWIS AND LEWIS, COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHERS. FURNITURE, Noted for Out Own Manufacture CARPETS AND CURTAINS. Superior Quality and Best Designs, All Goods of Best Quality at Lowest Prices. House R«>n >vU3 Effected. Funeral I)reober.J. 23, DUKE-STREET CARDIFF, AND 6059 73, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT, MQN, rjlEETH J^ENTISTRY rjlKhTH Bastore Mastication, Digestion, and Beauty.] M R K E ALL. SURGEON DENTIST (40 Years Experience, 30 Years in Swansea), 199, 111G H-S T El E E T, SWANSEA (Just below Great Western Railway Station, same side), Begs to intimate that he can produce a perfectly fitting Set of Teeth in one clear day. The very best workman- ship guaranteed. Painless Dentistry by Gas, also by the Anaesthetics, Cocaine and Ether Spray. Partial Sets from 5a per Tooth. Upper or Lower Sets from Two Guineas. KEALL'S TONIC AND NEURALGIC MIXTURE, Sure and Speedy Cure for Neuralgia, Tic Doloreux, Rheums, Toothache, and all Nervous Pains. Is iy,d and 2a 9d per Bottle. Through any Chemist. Cardiff: Mr Monday, Chemist, 1, Duke-street Mr Bobb, Chemist, Roatu. Newport Messrs Garrett and Atkins, Chemists, 33, Comuiercial-atreeb. Neath: Mr J. G. Isaac (late Kayman), Chemist, LlaneUy Mr ?°?" VV James. ?'??? Measn Pritohard and Roberts, Caroline-soreet 4^ jQjg STONE BROS., Sens of the late Aid. Gains Augustus Sfcnao COMPLETE FUNERAL FURNISHERS AND FUNERAL DIRECTORS Every requisite for Kunerals of all cl8e8 Proprietors of Funeral Cars, Hearses, shim- biers, and Coaches, Superb Flemish ° Price List on Application. Please Note the Only Address s., WORK 1 NG-STREET* Telegra.phic Address "STONE BROS., CARDIFF." 1128 MPORTANT h THOSEWRO SUFFER j. One Box oi Horton s I.X.L Pills are guaranteed o cure aU complications Also gravel aud pains in the back. Post free for 4s from G. D. Horton, M P.S. (from the General Hospital) Aston road, Birmingham Agents Cardift—A. 'uajron Chemist,39j Bridge-street; and 11, Bute-street. Merthyr Wills, Chemist. Swansea—Lloyd, Chemist, Oxford street. Newport-Yoang. Chemist, High-street, N.B Baa never been. knoWD to fail. Letters answered free Please u«u»e pa ). Jublít Àmnstmtnls. CARDIFF. H E A T R E ROYAL. JL LESSEE t MANAGER. MR EDWARD FLETCHER. MONDAY, OCTOBER 28TH, 1895, Return Visit of Mr FRED G. LATHAM'S CO.. who, by arrangement with Mr George Alexander (of the St. James's Theatre, London), will present the Greateet Success of Modern Times, THE jgECOND lVIRS rjlANQUERAY. Prices 6d to B2 2s. Pit, Is Gallery, M. Doors open at 7, commence 7.30. Booking Offices at Messrs Thompson and Shackell's, Ltd., Queen-street. Telephone No. 521. NOVEMBER 4th, Return Visit for SIX NIGHTS and TWO MATINEES (Thursday and Saturday), of the Renowned Actor, MR "YyiLSON jgARRETT, From his American Triumph, in the Greatest Success of his Life, THE jgIGN OF THE CROSS. THE EMPIRE. MakagkS OSWALD STOLL TO.NIGHT BOOKER AND NARBI3, two American Comedy Artistes and Vocalists. their flrsr appearance in this town. WALTER STOCKWELL, The Original Knocked 'em in Chicago." THE DUNLO SISTERS, Tuneful Duettists and Dainty Dancers, THE BROWN cfe KELLY COMEDY SKETCH COMBINATION. In My Second Husband." ADA CERITO, Light Comedy Songstress and Dancer. CARRIE HEATON, Pattiotic Vocalist. ALF. GIBSON, Comic Vocalist. MISS MINNIE CUNNINGHAM, Motto Songstress, and the pink of perfection in Artistic Song and Dance. G H. AND T H E A T R E. \3f LESSEE & MANAGER. Mr CLARENCE SOUNES. J THE PREMIER THEATRE OF WALES, Grand Carnival Week of Comic Upera. To-night and durin" lhe week tile Ùun<Jus HORACE LINGARD COMIC OPERA COMPANY. MODA Y and I  ??D ? ?GTUTAARRDT?. Tm^DAY? | ™ OLD GUARD. TOiE"ld ] FALKA. FRIDAY. WEDNESDA Y, ) PEPITA. I BROTHER PELICAN SATU RDA Y, (First time in Cardiff). MON)>AY N EXT?ov. 2nd. The Fast Mail! Box OtSce ?t the Theatre fr?m 10 to ? Telephone, 725 (National). Doors open ?t 7 Saturday ?t 2 and 7. Prices from 6d to £ 1 Is. S TO L L' SpA N 0 P T I 00 N, PHILHARMONIC HALL and BUILDINGS, ST. MARY-STREBT. EXHIBITION AND NOVELTY PALACE. The Albert Hall, Sheffield, and Hengler's Circuses at Hull, Bradford, and Leeds (buildings each capable of accommodating 3,00 > persons) were pa.cked to over- flowing by the company here this week—naniily, GUSTAVE ROSELLE'S ROYAL COURT CHOIR and new combination of 20 LADY MINSTRELS 20 (Twenty in number), with the latest Society Sensation, MiSS EMMIE ROSELLE, Scientific Clairvovant, in her mysterious DRKAM VISIONS, which have created an absolute furore in most cities of the United Kingdom. MISS ROSELLE APPEARS EVENINGS ONLY, THE CHOIR DAILY AND NIGHTLY, at 3 o'clock and 8 o'clock precisely. No advance in the usual admission feos. THE CURIO HALLS. THE GIANT CHILDREN, The Belgian Wonders. Clement and Bertha De Smedt, 8 years a.nd 15 years old 50 stone 7lbs. total weight. Also COUNT ORLOFF, the Transparent and Ossified Man, a marvellous sight to see. Two features tha.t are the Living Exemplifications of the strange shapes human nature can take. ARDLFF MUSICAL SOCIETY. SEASON 1895-96. PHKSIDENT :— The Rt. Worshipful the MAYOR OF CARDIFF. PROSPECTIVE ARRANGEMENTS. November 27th, 1395..SA.M.SON. February 14th, 1896 ..CHORAL and ORCHESTRAL. April 22ml, 1896. GOL EN LEGEND, Conducted by Sir ARTHUR SULblVAN. ORCHESTRA and CHORUS. 300 PERFORMERS. CONDUCTOR—Mr T. E. AYLWARD. Ballot for Priority Booking, Saturday November 2nd. Prospectus with full particulars from 866e Messrs Newman and Sons, Queen-street or 6455 The Hon. Sec., Mayfield, Whitchurch. SW ANSEA. rn H E — E M P IRE. JL MANAGING D?cron..OSWALD STOLL. MONDAY, TUESDAY, I THURSDAY, FRIDAY, AND WEDNESDAY. ) A\D SATURDAY. Bellonini, I Lizzie Howard, Lola P" tey, Pat Carey, Newman A. Downes, I Newman & Downes, John Denno, | | The Donnells, Professor Vox, I Bert Breeve, Clarke and Glenny, | Joiui Denno, Pat Catey, and I Professor Vox, and Lizzie Howard. | Clarke and Glenny. NEWPORT. m H E E M P I R K JL manamjjjo DIRECTOR..OS'Y?!,? STOI.I MONDAY, TUESDAY, I THURSDAY, FRIDAY, AND WEDNESDAY. AND SATURDAY. May Evans, I Walter Bellonini, Bob Gardner, Lola Patey, Gaertner and Richards, I Japa a.nd Japo, Flo Morritt, The Donnells, Sisters Belfry, Bert Breeve, Keliy and Riley, Kelly and Riley, Flo Morritt, Sisters Belfry, I Gaertner and Richards, Japa and Japo. Bob Gardner, May Evans. PONTYPRIDD. ROYAL CLARENCE THEATRE, PONTYPRIDD. MONDAY, October 28th, and during the week, Mr J. F. Preston's Powerful Company in Max Gold* berg's romantic and historical drama, erg s LADY ?p?'? '?'?? With all new scenery and effects, and introducing the highly trained horse Brutus. Monday, Nov. 4.—Return Visit of Victor Stevens's celebrated burlesque, BONNIE BOY BLUE. Popular Prices :—Centre Circle, 2s 6d Side Circle, Is 6d; Pit, Is Gallery, 6d. Doors open 7. performance 7.45. public Motuts. REV. J. T. HORNE Lectures at STATION-STREET CHAPEL, NEWPORT, THURSDAY, 31st. ALL SEATS Subject-" Puritanism Irs Modern Message." 'Jt'??[??AS'??RGAN?? Y J?.JL RETURN their SINCERE THANKS for the many letters and telegrams of sympathy already received in their bereavement from kind friends at home and abroad. 6571—959e ARINE ENGINEERS' UNION. CARDIFF BRANCH. AN IMPORTANT MEKTING will be held on TUESDAY EVENING, the 29th inst., at 7 o'clock. when Mr L. MARSHALL, General Secretary, will be in ATTENDANCE. All members are requested to attend. JOHN TOD, President. CARDIFF RACES. WEDNESDAY AND rjlHURSDAY, 30TH AND 31ST OCTOBER, 1895. 923e ——— 6426 FIVE RACES EACH DAY. GOOD ENTRIES. Salts bp Ruction. MR H. HIBBERT has been instructed JLUL to SELL by AUCTION on WRDNESDAY, Oct. 30th, 1835, on the Tram-road-side, Pontypridd, at 2.30 p.m. sharp, Oct. 30th, sharapn,d PONIES, ONE HAULING CART, 15 HORSES SEVEN TRAPS and EIGHT SETS of HARNESS. Also MOWING MACHINE, a, LIGHT BUGGY, and a GAS ENGINE. 886 IjofcJa,$ttnm0-r00ms, toe. BRISTOL. THE ADELPHI RESTAURANT, JL 6, WINE-STREET, The Noted House in the City for COLD AND HOT LUNCHKONS, DINNERS. TEAS AND SUPPERS. Large public dining-room. Fine old vintage wines drawn from the wood. Prime home-brewed beer. Iced Lager beer on draught. Please note the address 6, WINE-STREET. FREDERICK BRAND, Proprietor. (Late of Brand's Dining-rooms. Cardiff) 253e L. 13 LEN K 1 N S O P P, FRENCH STAY AND CORSET MAKER 5, WHARTON-STREET, 0ARDIFF. ALL ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. No connection with any other Firm. 82. N» STABLE IS COMPLETE WITH«VT For SPRAIN Md ELLIMAN'S sc»^ s?R"'?N'< SINEWS CAPPED HOCICS OVER. REACHES IS and CUTS, BR?X_ EN KNEES, SORE SHOULDERS, SORE THROAf? SORE BACKS DRAINS, CUTS, BRUMES IN DOGS, ?c. Exceedingly good tor ptMns Md cuts in horsM, a "t Md also for cuts in hounds JtC????J ?JX L AA JTU feet."—J. M. BROWNE (Mao). Master of South Staffordshire Hounds. d by Ckemisca nd Saddlers. Prfee Is, ar, 2IS 6d EMBROCATION. Prepared only by Ellimjin, Sops, and Co.,Slollh. England. rilEETH.—Complete Set, One Guinea. JL Five years' warranty—GOODMAN A Co, 10 (^Urition J\,bbrt55tl. CARDIFF MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS. TO THE BURGESSES OF THE SPLOTT WARD. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN,— At the invitation of the Splott Ward Liberal Association and of a large section of the inhabitants of the Ward, I have agreed to beeome a candidate at the forthcoming Municipal Election. As I have been associated with the import trade of Cardiff for the last 15 years, and have watched the owth of our town during that period, I can lay claim to a thorough knowledge of the requirements of this great Port. The imperative need of developing to its fullest extent the import trade of Cardiff is admitted on all sides. At present this ti ade, which finds so much employment for labour. has but a small representation on the Council, and as your interests and mine are identical, I appeal with the greatest confidence for your support. Being a large ratepayer myself hould naturally use my best endeavour to keep the rates at the lowest limit consistent with the requirements and progress of the Borough, If you ,1r, me the honour to elect me, you may rely upon my servir.g > oa to the best of my ability. X beg tc remain, Ladies and Gentlemen, Your obedient servant, SIDNEY ROBINSON. Cardiff, 10th October, 1895. 6278-743e .r jyjUNICIPAL CANDIDATES GIVE GOOD COUNSEL. WINDS OR RAINS wear our 219 Mackintoshes.— 1 Blaiberg's Arcade. Coed Couniet-(H)UGHES our shop and you will elect the right oue.-Bla.iberg's Arcade. Good Counsel—(T)RAMS DALE(Y) pass Blaiberg's Arcade. Good Counsel-NOR.MAN should pass without buying at Blaiberg's Arcade. Good Counsel-RICHES will be your lot if you con- tinue shopping at Blaiberg's Arcade. Good Coiinsel-GER-liOLD of the Bargain&- lilaiberg's Aicade. Good Counsel—TREASURES are sold daily at Blaiberg's Arcade. Good Counsel-You will never be a CROSS-MAN if you shop at Blaiberg's treade4 Good Counsel to JOHN-SONS and Daughters-You are sure of a bargain at Blaiberg's Arcade. Good Conmel All enterprising people should C-ALL EN at Blaiberg's Arcade. Good Counsel fo- V EALL or for Woe. Funerals or Weddings—Blaiberg's Arcade. Good Counsel—GO-V(I)ER you think it best. That will be Blaiberg's Arcade. ALD-ER-MEN and WOMEN should Shop at Blai- berg's Arcade. WHEATLEY Payments Taken. After this MAKE-HENCE-SEE the Articles Blaiberg's Arcade. 95lo G. A. STONE & CO., UNDERTAKERS. ESTABLISHED OVER 30 YEARS, I AT THK OM> AND ONLY Ai)i)nitgs- 10, 11, ft 12, WORKING-STREET, CA RDIFF. UNDRR THE MANAGEMENT OF Miss STONE, assisted by an Efficient Staff. Telegraphic Address:- "stone, 11, Working-street, Cardiff.' 13e-1108


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