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K-ntPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. -————  _WA.?,!<;„ "oms. J 0 >(:k. i|n:T:rT —— f WH o 6 TT7T ^8^ TJ:\fE'1 TrM&S. ?.r? 30 Words: 0 9 1 6 2 ;) .I IN 40 Word,: i7T7 "? -———— ?. ? 0 0 .hV Word3 13 2 6 3 9 20 Words £ *77'r777 -???" 60 Words 6  0 4 6 30 Words | 3/9 ^OllIlnyAlj>j liAliy >'Ewg. ? 3/9 WORDS. ONCE ST3E 40 Words TIMES. TIMES, CI 20 Words 0 6 o* D Ea(,b Bstm 0 9 l 6 2 3 1/- XH? ? — 1C Words »o 7777 ?he?tr?? '?'? 10  0 6 0 9 <Me?/?*'? ?P? ott? to the c?sM? of???. 'we«ien/»« below, and are strictly cotti-d to tBe 10, are ordei,eci for consecutive ins(rtion, -hose 10hich are orde,'ecl for. cons.o ? Ct<h? 0/ tht¡a Paid fo,' l)J'e'ious to. nser ?f??'?tM- mese Conditio,.s is ttot C01nptfed 'Unt esa Scale:- ut 6c arqed by the ?MMCS! ?C?C:- 'r"k"Its Situai, ?ca?t or ?r???, ?'o &< Let o Lost. Found, an illiseella"eOt4s J^anis. ??- ?'OM?, (t?Mt M!Sce?tt<OM< .Sg??:' N otlee'-Applicant?s sending replies to Adver- 'go nts addressed M initials or actitioM n?mes, at *'Y> r' h eir ar, 1. 8 0, aree(i not to send origins! testimom?'i  aPD1 c?tl s. but to enclose copies of testimonials A?  _?_ PARTNERSHIP. ADVEP,TISF in good business, would treat with Er°fl. ts Sentlp with about BIOO (p%rtner or otherwife) Drof,ts 40 cent.: particulars confidentially.-(, 44 FchO CBi particulars coafidentiaUy.- Q 447, EQjce. Cardiff. n with .P ?ti)0 ?SHiF?f?red?an energetic man with about R160 e'l Pit'al wen-known !ocat busi ness.-E 414, Ecil') Otffih e. Cardin'. 414 -7—— lUTRIIIOMAL. -? ??'???o'?tng man. age 20. wil to aleet %vith _— respect',ble rOung wom?n :?bout s?me ?e strictly *er>Uine _« ij reS3 B" 2, Kcho' Cardiff. *48 7XVVl I Ar- Gentlemaiiriige 28, partner in a small -=- 28 var 'iIJg a bll, ll,h,"g e?Qr,, is desirous of inTesucga :"w hU¡¡dred Pounds which he has M his dispOR?i ia another I)r,)vid illg he can meet with an intelligent ..d 71-iz,i I' ladyll.,?i capital, who woutd uot object to MSist j115 in ti-, event of marriace.—Address, first instance,, Icbo OllicE', Cardift'dmnesticated, )mpl1shed, d freehold "'? ATI{IMO:y. ? acc,,mplished, domesticated. "it,h ?Q800 yearly. Government ptock, and freehold I)ro? rty, Mafriage.-Ad'lress Box, 31, Adverser O)di ?eP""t,)l  ?ir ????'?. age 24 andlS rMpectivety. d?rk and fl,i,??llh to correspond with two YouoK Ladtes of dic» 10u» view matrimony ect,ecy gu&rMteed exch.-K. 311 p:?llo. C?rdift. 311 7"g~ KI»K ATH)S A*- '?- ?? A^ouipany's Commercial Academy (OPen daily) ArithmptI(! T101» IV?i?i,)g, Book-keeping, Shorthand, A Smr..&,qornT?any' mmB<)()k-keepi?g, 'Is tau¥ht Ar¡thml'tlc. Trvewriting-. &c.. no classes pupils taught :.ePar :té¡y, t l'ower Chambersčtlls free. Card If. ?tteiencv ?reLnteed. Prospectus free. 217 ^SrjrV- -Le,so <t tamp- C6tEi,?,? and ?Mtners.—Lessons by post: i', A. \¡t rMa to promotion. Syllabus, Id stamp.— T. 'he' ? E'- ?''e H.M. Inspector of Mines, The U"M¡. '¿bool, DO"y.. onÚn,¿ W !tt ??' ?resamaker r to give Lessons in Cutting-cut I)ftie. eard*?f ?;oho ^ou^ays a week.-W 511. Jl:cho —- 'ST ??" l'«r>0. OUN- -t* la?'t???h Setter Dog, about 2 years old. at Bag- Ian-street Treherbert: if not claimed iu three days "I beT901d to defray expenses.- Simeon Smout, 2. B3glau nlats lelaerbeit 444 ?_??0trbett.?? colour Horse, about 52- ''a- ? ?? sold Mondar, Au"ust 10th, at 12.0, if not kittled ■ Shepton. Found _Keeper 43e — -tj O?,;T I-n R Sophia Gardens Field. Sunday, August 4th, Ahi4, 1?k 13racelet containing Watch. Finder, 10s reward. "~ApDi„^Gloucester-street. Riverside. 203 OSin R!;ICkP'MOq;t ou Tuesday, Aug. Ltbinder rewarded on returning same to 55, evill street. 533 -L/?'? BIaina. Juty22nd7 1895, Fox Terrier, two brown -Aj^p["• on the ?'f answers to the name of Lew tindef "?ded. detainer prosecuted.—Atcwood, Blaina, Mon  553 JL ????stSrd.BtackandWhite' Rough Terrier Dog. BS. l'ind.r rewarded detainer prosecuted, -Newman. ??????.?nton.jDardt?_SM jL??')?'?"'???y afternoon, in St. Mary-street, Gold B_rooch (pearl setting); reward giveu.-Mrs oberts, 10,-tty-?treet, Cathaye, Cardiff. Sr. a blackand white Spaniel Bitch Puppy.-Finder ?J.?°"'? ??e to 27, Saiisburj'road, will be rewarded. B gg>»P6T wt? be ?rosecuted. LOS\ .fü1D. Stiver Initial M. L D. Brooch. "canton returned to Pembroke House, Conway- loa.d, c. 437 I^° Bh'ilU^gl in Richmond-road, July 27. Five shilu.gsn, W'trd returning same to H. Paynter, 164. ca&Ue-road, Cardify. ?L PlatforDl C HOliday near or on Rhymney Station Fl&tfrlr r4, 'D,,rdifi a Lady's Scent Bottle. Gold Chain aiue at 172, rewarded more than :Il11 1-neil (??e "tt&?he d. -Finder rewarded more than —|~O—Sr^ 204 e»circl^ier ??" Wednesday last. Wire-haired Fox L'Terrier,B Ite", ?'? breast, tour white pawp. white rtue  answers to Fan if returned ill be re- 1.4 ?'?TT frart18- 39, Commercial-street, Mountain Ash. J^OtST, froQ— liand Truck, with IS: R"?'??"??"?h-st.reet LMe. a Hand Truck, with willraint W. James and Co., -——5f?secuY,J^ Whoever detains it after this notice j ?S T. h  —-?—_ 121 ?ear ? ??o? ? ?''ansetown. dark chestnut Cob, about street ice face, white fetlocks in front, scar on 11 e?,r b Illcl quart ereward to finder. Apply 2. Virgil  75 ?" ?"" returning Green Parrot lost last ^^Hod^ers» Co?poration-road. ^5^   ?-  ?'?<; SKKt'AS?. ..t: N s I{o!lle d A()me ?? ?''?e Registry for young servants, 87, "vDD-' t .(,?d, Cardiff (late 12, Parade). Youus girls lieediI' )t ke eD ')' "I'tuatiO- will be welcome. 20e goo', Per?,l Servant wanted: small family.-ApPlY v?,itb r,ftrences, Mrs CMeIbers:. 5, Daile-terrace, Ply- 0,,d jj- "yr ?ydTii- 326 AN??-'?'?TydviI.326 Co??? 'o thI^I?'r'D £ Servants, Servants requirmg Situa- C, the hond7 a Valley, apply Servants' RpKistry. ( T^—T^eet., lvv'yllyi,. Rhondda. Stamped envelope. 99 <lon TLlV?™. wants Situation between Merthyr I ?? TrJS.-Apply A.B., 65. RomiIIy-road. 1, u- (?B??  ——— «9 7aiverNpp ,41ervant wanted: no children reference I ?eqtlir?(I Apply (private deor) 36, Tudbr rnnd, (>°Ob0(. 19L et eI Servant three in family nurse kept.— I ^OOiS q"—— an^ 7) 4gt Plasturton-gardens. 555 r', ??is-.?.?.Servant wanted also Girl about 17 to i:ii .-Apply personally, 61, Newnort- (? "54 — — (> 0oiJ(:e?era' Sernnt wanted.-Apply M, Ryder-street, j? ?QU n  —— 25?i R¡III !'(¡nhcwi two General Servants for ladies' school, >iJV,i ^orthcaWi gOod referenc.-Mrs Grred, c.o. MisS ,11, ?*orid -1errace, Clifton, Bristol. 124 SiVEjj a — ? Mrs '?o) ?(, Servants wanted at once. —Ap- r)Ii? u, ,c > nicknian-road, Penarth. 333 Can,.  ?""??? by 10th August, able to wash sm,n farnUv • 'Cardiff reference wanted.-Mrs Hill, ta iiy for C,diff reference wanted.-Mrs Hill, W ¡"¡TE:[)-G- A'lean d'neral Servant, in smnH fami]y: mus be ??.j?acd good persomll references age 20,- fftoU-Street, Cardiff. 554 l>i\ii a youQg Girl as Nursery Maid.-Appiv 5. tart?! Ke'1"l»"i, Cardiff. 521 521 ■— v,r a ??"eral Servant, from 18 to 20, for small f, il :12 ?.l(Iren.-29, IY:J1ho'da-str_Urditf. KiJ ? 6d' ?"'? Girl to assist ilva?t no children rg; 11"l? wagei: must live near.—27, Ciare-strest. Car'('- 492 A 1N,? ?, I I-Girl for Housework in the morDings.-36, M'on'.t i,n "'0it5' 493 lw A.N X•- ClivJ fct Rood General Servant.—Apply 32, nic Ila\"th. S$ \? T???'?: -?- ?? '?udr? T?? Nurse, ?bout IS must be fond of wthildr D-r., roth?ro, 19, Taff-st., Pontypridd. 483 W- trioni^ '^Poctable little Girl to look after baby 15 \? ;r^~Ap:5ly 95, Richmond-road, aftei 8 p.m. as o ?'??dtateiy, a respectaole, ciean Girl, :6 or ??A]?.. ??'?'??P? ?6. Richmond-road. 500 5 \t ?ou''  6trong Girl, not under 16. for Gene ral 5 \> 01 k "sed to children.-Apply,with refered eel \ANfFn iV,Umi1- 501 ?-?!S.Bri???°?'?''°"B GirI.—App)y Mrs Williams, W ANTEK-—  465 'f'eau' respectable Cirl about 16 to belp with i i-a „ l'ousp« I'Dure or ;Ust be used to children.-?, Alexan- ()al, tct,. 25- 'tnm<>diately, a Girl, age 15 or 16, for honse- work :j)Ply Mrs Ltwrence, Grove-place, PeDarth. Yy^vTjr-— General Servant ww Jdf, f16l?" fwo General -Serv.mts w,' s JO v £ 16 ea,r, rlfs Paid.—Write, stating age, charaJtífr, 't1 A Jero. Gloucester. 449  -iTi,a r,,Iectable Girl, about 16. for Housework ?et a,,(- l m shop.-Appl; Mrs Hawkins, 1l,Carl^sle- \V AN't'f'D- — L ?Pp)?' young General Servant for Uanisben. — A DI)l yil', %vriting ? 591. South W?tes F,-aI1!: g00d Cook GeccraJ. some wMhiog: also t gl)o(l Cook General, some wit-9?b i l)g, also sew1- 119 maid: good references. -Apply 24, St. ildrew, ?,!ebce?,t. Cardiff. 436 ty A>T'Sood General must u.detal1d plain cook- ?r.?? ?'.P?biy.'A?c?erif-?d Hom;emljd: good !?tice tqllired.-Appiy ? O??etd-street. Roath, ??? ?_ _J32_ ?—-?Lee ??o?ce.g?od Geuerat Servant.—Apply Mrs I. ",Jolia's-ei-e?ent, Canton. CardiS. 405 !N"Ta"cc- ? good, strong Country Gii-I asgetierzil Rotel (abOut 2i oncl', good, stroll!: Country Girl asGeueml SoUi S^JOuf ^8). able to wash and iron weU.—Richard's i; t'ii(y 394 ~W~—^NigrNiUr!ie Girl, 16 to 18 years.-Apply 6, Mark. ,kxttl) ,Irse Girl, 16 to 18 ye.%ra.-Apply 6, 1%1?rk- ""ersile 364 two good Geneml Servants.—Apply Mn biLv1 -31 „ HowbU aDd Co 1?. St. Mary-street. 387 ?n)? '? Iaen?r, ervant able to do plain cook- wei' ? ?°'"? references required another ke.p?.- C r.- At>t)l„ "• Dumf r'l• <a3-j»iiice, Cardiff. 366 Ajs,"| j, ?——??Ptttv? nat respCf"Jle Girl ,s Nurse-housemaid. ID) 1) ?,lliciln,?nti-t?rritee, Park-I)I?e. 373 Y Y ANtJ. ,*L"d 7Y.,17, for light house work r ,tI)- ,rett?reiice no washing.-Apply, between ??'?j.?'?Mupn-embanknjent. 375 .NTL,B "nmedtateiy7* a strong Girl, about 18, for w,-?getier IOus;ewOrk. -Apply 14, Ch,ries-stre?t. 379 -(?arqitr. a ?°°? General.-Apply Clifton Hotel, W — ut "t Olice. Girl about 14 M Nurse.—Apply Mrs ?V ?T-?'?-_Geo'-t:e-street.. Cai.hays. 316 ,-?'"u? ? H""d Etroux Girl as General, age 18 or 20 \y to wash.—Apply 5. Hannah-st.. Docks. ?Ott? ??es 'r.?"?? SHrv?Bt: must be a good cook ^oam S^Res Apply Evans, 11, Montgomery-street, es. .-Apl)ly Evans, 11, Montgomery-str"t, .'7l'C M7 Co°k a.j b i ?ouns girl (age 18), Situation between -ho*»8^maid.— Apply to J. Hopkins. Thing- iili M\T ansio^n ^f0^hire. 348 YyA\T General Servant.-5S. Albany-road. W <\N T E — 3W wAliTp,,) 't 6°od General Servant, fond of children, atonee.PPIY 61. Lower Cathedral-road. 2S8 7A'?4TED VA Oung Girl, MthT for housework comfort- 8 able b, ?r a f??.-A.ppty 3, ?mM-6t?t. 1 f V V i, WAVTED Ladv Help small salary two in ?nii)y ? W? nuiet comior?:home: must be industrious capable of cooking and bn8ework: goo:i needlewoman servant kept.-?a?rt.y?road.J?r'arth—————_J'? VV\V 7 ANTED, a good General Servant small f^?y|y-3,3,5^I)" nlviirs a good General Servant small fimmily.-Ap. W pty  Jacobius. 92A, Qen-st.! 335 WwX' ^KDr ^^iUn'K Girl as General Servant: no W washer b?ing ???'.?-??- '?? i reQuired.-Mrs Arnold. Cwmavon, Port 1' 3 \-V'V rVivrrp-n yo';Gir!, a?e ii, to Assist in a Farmhouse. W -Apply Mrs Thomas, Gre?t House, M?nm?s. Cow- bridge. bridge. WÃ.NTED;-¡looïl-GeUeraJ:abIe to do p IH- W cooking-Apdy. with reference, at MM. to Mr^s Oarke. Windsor Hote!. Penarth. 313 •|TT AMTPTT competent Girl: asSist housewrk mornings. Monday, all dy. Sudayi? not requ,!ed: perma- nency: references required.-APPIY28-, Cardiff. _? 2' WANTED, » strong respectable G?rTforMtchea work. 6, St. John's-s(iuare. ,??-? W 4 ..mi,t» General SerrMt: Soodc!MMcter.-AppIy W Morgan, 25. Pontc.nn??enue?oa?thedM)-ro? '"T A, T F I) i m?diat,l Y. resibi? M Genera 17 W?18:re?eace from bstsit?tion.-Mrs Ro?ts. Sunny B?k. MMd?f-ro? Cardiff.  VAxrmrTi a ffood General Sevant; ood ehM& W required- &.?dw?d?terrace. CardIff. 250 W- ANTED at once, a good General Servant, no washing nor ovoking ?' be done.-Apply 149, High-strept, Dowlais. —— 259 two good Servants as Cook-General and W ??ouse?d-Mrs D. E. Lewis, 58. Park-place, Cardiff. __?———————————————————— ?—— XNTED respectable Housekeeper for working man W only total abstainer need apply.—Mr Raymond, 110, Middle-treet. Trwllwn, ontypridd, 14e W\TY TXKTED. Genesal Servant: must have good refer- ences.—Apply 9i. Newport-road. 186,- VVXV 7"ANTED, a General Servant, about 18.-Apply 33. W AtbMy-road. Cardiff. WANTED immediately, good General Servant, able to  do ;lm:a:!ï cookidg good character indis- pensaNe.—oO. Clive-road, Canton. Cardiff. 151 YV*V t ANTED at once, good strong Girl as General Servat: \V A¿o do pla n washing one fond of children.—1, plantagetiet-street. 127 W ANTED at once, exneriencea General Servant refer- ence required.-Apply 17, Romilly-road, Barry. 134 ANTED immediately, lyootuni4 Girl (about 17-18) to assist another servant: good references country girl preferred.—31, Charles-street, Cardiff. 9] ANTED, clean, respectable Girl, about 16, look after children and assist in Housework.—Mrs Taylor, 242. Cowbridge-road, Cardiff. 71 WANTED immediately, a respectable Girl as good Servant age 18 or 20.—Apply 22, Edw:,rd. terrace, Queen-street, Cardiff. 70 t?TANTKD. a.?experienced General Servant good plain ff cook small family.-Apply Mrs Evans, Penybri a, Pontypridd. 63 7ANTED, a respectable Girl as General Servant — Apply 22, Wells-street. Canton, Cardiff. 97J '??U?G?ady??ther'sTlptp servant kept fond cf cbildren; good needlewoman; state wages.—Mrs oJv1s, 60. Alb,?nv-road. Cardiff. 367 situations ya<ii«T A good Shoeing and Jobbing Smith wanted at once.— AApplvl7, Caei-philly-tr??et. [._M_o.C,i ff. 355 AKF,RS.-W%nted, Young Man, about 18 years, for bakehouse and delivery, with good character: perma- nent.—Jones, Confectioner, Chepstow-road, Newport. 356 OOT Trade.—Smart Lad wanted, used to finibhing,- iD App!? 8, WeUs-street. Canton, Cardiff. 538 OOT Trade.-Wanted, an experienced Woman to fit P) and MMhine strong work state wages required.— GIas?onbury and Beyno? H?.).cUY. ?5J KICKLAYERS wanted immediately.—Apply person- B ally, Harve.!,berdarf' 475 iclCKLAYERS wanted, G. W.R. Widening. — Apply JH John-street. _?_?- 354 RAPEliY.—Wanted, a good Junior Young Man for the j   Manchester depa'tment Welsh.—Apply with full 1)lricul_r5 to Yeo and Co., Neath. 54& DRESSMAKING Wanted bv Experienced Hand good ,ft\s:¡.fr.?s-35, -pla Cardiff. 317 KESSMAKING.—Wanted immediately, good Bodice ?  Hand al6o Apprentices and Improvers.-Apply 34, l\s_t!«2t_diíJ'. 4?5 DKESSMAKXiN'G.—Practical and scientific, good fit and JL? style guaranteed charges strictly moderate,—Miss Howles. Severn House, Plassey-strept, Penarth. 137 ? ?OOD Bodice Hand wanted at oncc; also Apprentices. VJT —ScieotiSc Dress Association, 61, Newport-rd., Cardiff, GOOD Fine Ironer and Washer required to live cut VJT state age. experience must havo good character- Hand Laundry, Portlicawl. 316 (" IÙ.icER;s- Assistant Haulier wanted (indoors): a X stroog, obliging young man, about IS: must cary flour tele charge of horse and cart. and make himselt generally useful.- Dauiel and Son, Poutypool. 481 G-R:úöi:Ii-s-ualllier1'. -'rho roughly reliable and experi- V* enced man wanted tmtdoors colliery district. State wages and give references.-G 416. Kcno Office, Cardiff. 416 EOCERY and Provisions.—Wanted immediately, smart Junior or good Improver: ae 18: must be accurate at figures and good ettiivasver.-Apply personally, Uiley, Treherbert. A_. AIRlJRET^SifRS.—Good Gentleman's Hand (expert shaver) requires Situation outdoors preferred dis- eiu aged.— Apply V 510, Echo Office, Cardiff. 510 I IAIP.DREHSJm,-wanted, Practical Hand at once — Apply 26, Wood-street. Cardiff. 415 AiRDRESSER.—Wanted at once, good Shaver aud JLJL Hail-cutter: sleep in, board our.—Ii9, Tudor-road, Cardiff. 507 ELVE Maker wanted constant employment to suit- jTt able raan.-AI)piy Gporge Ashcroft.Timber Merchant, Fleur-de-Li3, Maesycwmm?r. 240 1- tITCaEiiÍ'.õrt,er4=W'J(.;el. a iliarp Young Man.— Apply Great Western Conee Tavern, Cardiff. 361 MANTLES.—Wanted, smart Youth, age about 18, with drapery experience, to learn window dr"sing.-Apply A. Walker, Mantle Manufacturer, 5, High-street. 305 ITN, Youths, Boys, all classes requiring auy Employ- JjJL ment, indoors or out. write at once Situation Guide free; busy time hundreds suited: don't delay: town or country distance no object.—Tanner & Co., Box 54.112, Newington Causeway, London. 476 ILJ,INJ",R.-Wanted, thoroughly experienced, stylish, to toke charge of department and serve through when required,—Full naviculars, Evans. Draper, St, David's, POLISHER wanted, also Cabinetmaker must be sober, JL steady bands: regular work and overtime.—Apply Freedman, Universal House Furnishers, Dowlais. 5c0 j Is AFART Lad wanted.-Apply Mr Hagon, Chemist. 39, Bridge-street 390 T 0 Grocers. -Assist ant wanted also a Man to solicit A and collect uccotintf!. -Apply, with particulars, to 1. Thomas, Limited, Ystrad Rhondda. 132 FpTTWheelwrights.—^Wanted, a good Workman-: con- X stancy for suitable man.-A pply personally if possible, W. H. Geoige. Market-street, Blaenavon. 4_78- O Smiths.—Wanted, Young Man that can shoe and do country work.—Apply T, A. Davies, Wheelwright. Sully, near Penarth. 42?_- rffTO Smiths.-Improver wauted at once, able to nail on jL state wa?es.—John Matthews, Smith, Pontycluc. 450 WO Plasterers and Slaters, steady men, immediately, for winter work.-Apply to Owen Thomas, Llwyncelyn Building Works, Portli. 445 r1 iSwO good Plasterers wanted at once best wages for T T  good  men.-Apply Jokn Davies, Plasterer. Bryn- saddler, PontycluD. 395 "7 AREHOUiŒMAN required to take Charge ot Oil Stores and Deliver locally: must have had previous experience.-Apply in own handwriting stating wages required good character indisp,bl,W 4D3, Echo, Cardiff. 48 WANTED, strong rc-spcctable Lad refercnces wages 6s weekly. -Apply Park Laundry, Letty-street, Cat- hays, Cardiff. 558 W ANTED, a Lad, about 15, to assist in bakehouse and deliver bread.-Apply to Dd. Lewis, Sherwood Shop, Pontrhondda, Llwynypia. l ANTEDTa first-class Shoeing and Wheefwright Smith to tfke lead of shop: good wages to competent man also a good Smith used to builders and general work: constant employment to good men.-Apply House and Mayae, Coachbuilders, Touypandy. 54 WANTEDTa young Girl as Waitress, capable of .doing Wgen?: !'ous?ork.-App.y; with reference, Res- tanrant. 51, PontmorlaM. Merthyr Tydfil. 540 -,iTAi 'l'FD-J\i;i:Õrk- for contractor atCy?rthta: W w?es 8d per hlmr-Apply to Edward Davies, Cyfarthfa Works.?erthyr?'ydt'. 48L '7 ANTED ar ;1' few good Carpenters at Mo?tam Ash.-Apply to John Lew4s,33uilde £ ANTED, Furniture Polisher, also two U pholstereces. for two or three weeks in country.-Address. stating terms. 72, Cottrell-road, Cardiff. 4 \} T A N i i:l)r Tengood Tlnrterera best wages given- Apply Keane and Son, Mountain Ash. 42 £ WrAKTi5D~ agoodBoyforFtshandFrun Shop (about 16) at once.—Apply 161, Castle-road, Cardiff. 51"11 1VSV 7ANTED,steadyMan as Haulier able to drive pair of horses. Welshman preferred.-Apply Wm. Hatris, 144. High-straet, Merthye. ANScD, rTTSpectaWe" Young Man for Runner for Private Boarding-house for Seamen.—Apply Captain Wood, 27, Cnchton-street, Cardiff. f 57 ANTED, Working Foreman Carpenter must be well- » up cot-tage work, steady, and pushing also two other fixers.—Lewis, Timber "7 ANTED. Ma<7 and WifJ?thout encumbrance, man as »'» Groom and Gardener (must be an experienced driver), and wife as Laundress.—Apply to Wm. Evans, Llwyncelyu, Merthyr Tydfil. 44e W ANTED, experienced Dressmaker also Tailoress for v repairing trentlemen's clothing: constant employment for suitable persons live out.-robiiis. 192, Commercial- road, Newport. 418 WANTED. Youth about 20: must be energetic, and T make himself useful; good references required.—T. 319, Echo Office, Cardiff. 519 WANTED at once. good Plasterer.-Apply W. White, Port Talbot. 4 ?'6 WVV J ANTED,smart Errand Boy.-Apply Stevens,Fruiterer, H 242, Castle-road. 355 w ANTED. Apprentices to Scientific Dressmaking.— Miss Trott, Sophia-street, Docks. 393 WANTED, resoectabte Young Girl as apprentice to Tobacconist and Fancy Goods.-Apply 9$A, Queeu- street, Cardiff 334 w ANTED, Sexton for Llandaff Cathedral married man without children preferred; wages 25 a week with house.—Apply, stating qualifications and giving one reference, to Mr J. E. Gladstone, Herbert Chambers, Cardiff, on or before 12th August. 267 WANTED, a Saleswoman, must have good reference?.-— Apply. Edfs Old Curiosity Shop, Newport. 24e w ANTED, a young Man to deliver bread and groceries: must be a fair schobr.-Apply to William Lewis, Grocer, Abersychan. 232 WANTED, Improver to Shoeing and Wheelwright w Sm'i "'ug, aole to nail ou.—State a?e, experience, and waces. to Thomas, Wheelwright, TirphU: 231 NN TANTFD, a thoroughly experienced Cellarman sober V T ana trustworthy state wages and references.—Messrs J. F. McOlune -ind Co., Pontypridd. 176 Ni T ANTED at once, Young NJ an accustomed to p;' broking, good window dresser, ticket writer: able speak Welsh.—Goodman. College-street, Swansea. ge WANTED at once, a good Bread and :Cake Hand': f abstainer: indoors.-Apply, with full particulars, John Jones, Nantyglo. 49 .t 2 Weekly and Upwards may be realisedby either sex, QQ without hindering OccuPation.-Foi, samples (return- able), &c.. enclose addressed envelope to Evans Watts :>nd Co., P 133, Merchants, Birmingham. This is genuine. 904 12s to 15a weekly easily earned ill spare tifflcl by either JL sex everywhere: work can be done evenings. Send addressed envelope to Eclipse Works, 9, Playhouse-yard Water-lane, London. 295 SiirATlONS WAXTEU. IB UTOFIEIZS.-Waiite(l. by steady Young Man, Situation JD as Slaughterman family trade used to shop good references.-Buteher, Echo Office. Swansea. 30a UILDEES andIJecorators. Advertiser. 25 years' prao- JD tical experience in all oranches of painting trade, good grainer, writer, and decorator, as General Hand or Working Foreman.—Write M 472, Echo Office, Cardiff. 472 HOUSES wanted to Build, or any description of brick or ground work price on application.—78, Victoria- avenue, Newport. 22e P AWNBII,OKFRS.-Wanted by JL engagemtnt at the Counter and Sales 5 years' good experience two years with present employer.—Address E.H.P., 17, Cranbrook-street, Cardiff. 934 P AINTI,-RS.-Yoll.g Alan wants job %a a quick brush J- baud. age 19; wages 5d hour.—Write S 505, Echo Office, Cardiff. 505 V. PRINTING.—Two Compositors seek permanency newa A or jobbtD?'-Appty n., 6, oll,"pll\oe, Mmccmbc.MQ SITUATION wanted by experienced person as House- O. keeper, CompaniGn, or any position of trust; good pI am cook and needlewoman thoroughly domesticaœd: age 33 good references.—T 502, Echo Office, Oardiff. 502 SITUATION wanted a¡G-1 Servant. girl ncw livi in Cardiff excellent character from last sitvation.- Mrs Coster, Registry. Gloucester. 233 SITUATION wanted as General Servant: country girl, now living in Newnham 1 years last situation.—Mra tergI!Y, Gloucester. 227 VV^AIyTEp, by I:espeabîe elderly woman, returning to r'f. Cardiff, Situation as Working House-keeper to workine man, or as elderly Gener"l to a f;m1! family Roath preferred.—B. Green way, 15, Pontwalby. Glyn N eOoth. WAITED, by rpeeta'ble 'VomaWashin;O-Clea.n. mg daily, or Family Washing home good reference. Mrs Jordan, 3, _gate-street, Roath, Cardiff, 295 VV ANn:p, Daily 'Yo;k. cooking or cleaning, or family v v washmg, or hvü In offices: no incumbrance.—R 137, Keppoch.street. Roa.' 273 1 CfiEKKS. HANAKKKS. «»«. CLER (25) seeks employment Shorthand and Book- keeping, Solicitor's, Houe Agent's, or Business Hom'e. -Apply F. 262, Echn Office, Cardiff. 262 CLERK desires EeingEI;I-oyn;t g;d-b-¿kk;I ^nd Penman.—Apply C. 146, Echo Office, Cardiff" 146 ]AW.—Wanted at once. Short hand Clerk, accustomed J to routine of solicitor's office must be well recom- mended.—Apply, with reference, to l\1r W. Cook, 98, St. Mary-street. 78 S-;uRvi<:YORS- W at¡dötet-¿oll;p'¡:'U;:eyo-r: 0 good referencEs required.-Apply Aberdare Works and Collieries Company, Aberdare. 55 "'ELEGRAPHIST-(18ïdires Situation thoroughly A understands needle sounder, Wheatstoue, etc.: ood references.-J. 296, Echo, Ca.rdiff. 2% ,-n ANTED. two Y ;gL;dY- èíprks must be quick and f f correct, at figures apply, with copies of references, stating age, experience, &:c.-Address T. 89, Echo Office, Cardiff. 89 WANTED, by Youth age 15. a Situation in an Office. if Address A. C.. 2, Coldstream-terrace. Cardiff. A«iKK«:SKS TKAVUMKRS .c. J. -GENTS wanted everywhere, canvassing Shopkeepers. .L''1.. Glamorganshire. Monmouthshire, Pembrokeshin" Carmarthenshire. Cardiganshire. Good alsmen earn £4 eekly stamn. Messrs P'\11lphilO, Congleton. Cheshire, ,ÙU'-Ü- Agents Wanted, to form Clubs for Wnt.ces, J C10cks, Jewellery. Silver Plate, Opera G1a.8se, Musical Instruments, &e. Members pay Is per wek Terms, CMa- 1<J¡ruo"s &c..Ke.ndal & Dent, 106,Cheapsidt, London. Snlendid value. Great success. Mention Faper. Ladies' and Gents' Silver I.evers. 42s. worth 70s. 780 "I ADV -;rllers-ií;dall pans South Wales: 5 J nlUsical knowledge necessary.—54, Partridge-road, Cardiff, 382 "j'RÃYELi:E.a wanted for Credit DraperyTrade.—Apply, A givin particulars, Z 539, Echo Office, Cardiff. 509 jf *6 lCs -Ji;¿I¿-f;SII- wittl L. E. and G. Assurance Cora- oW pany.—Apply R.A.. 28. G!>rth.terrace, Merthyr. 328 Ac APARTMENTS. Furnished, Hailt<)n-street; hot and cold bath no children: SUIt gentleman or t wo friends diuing out.-G 520, :_Cal"o. APARTMENTS, Unfurnished, every convemence; SUIt married couj)le or Lodgmg$ for two respectable young men.—Apply 1C, Green-street, C"nto, Cardiff. 425 APARTMENTS for twO yeung women cheap, engaged during day liot-cold bath; tram passing door'-54' W:wmlle-road, Cathays. 260 COMBINED Furnished Bed and Sitting Xlooai to L?t V or comfortable Lodgings for respectable man.—Apply 71, Shakespeare-street, RoM-h, 25S "lOMFOKTABLE Lodgings for four respectable young men share sitting-room hot and cold bath.-lyply Mrs Wi]Jjams, Memorial BuildingH,1. 302 CCOMFORTABLE Apartments to Let with respectable I couple no children obj ecl. company tenus mode- rate Plantagenet-st.— Apply V. 211. Echo. CfÏ._l (COMFORTABLY Furnished Front Sitting-room and J one or two Bedrooms suit two gentlemen batbs: no chiIrlren moderate terms.—28. Jjlanbleddian-gardens. /COMFORTABLE Home olfered to one or two Young V Ladies bat-h. gap. phno: terms very Iuglewood House, Atlas-road, Canton. 117 DRESSMAKER (single) wants two Unfurnished Rooms in Roath with staid, people.—Apply J. 4 2, Echo Office, Cardiff, '112 I -LFiÜ.èorIBi, — Castle Boarding House, 12, Church- street. Apartments. Home comforts terms moderate ajly parties catered for.—Apply K. Webber, IADY and gentleman reqUIre two Bedronm and front J Sitting-room (furnished), cooking and attendance state terms.-U. 122, Echo Ofüce, Vr.rdlff. 122 r- Ú:OG TNÙS.- 'Y;I;tëd-bire;ebl;-eïdy Widow, J good home country small payment.-Apply Mrs Jenkins, Leek with Bridge, near CardHr. 506 PONTYPRIDD.—Comfortable Apartments for reBP;t: able young men, at moderate charges. -45, High'street, Pontypridd- 42e RESPECTABLE Lodgings, s1Îit a young man, no chil- dren terms 4s per week.—15, Lead-street. Roth. 130 'I-"O-Let, end oTÄugut;b:t;d Severn-road, Furnished A Sitting-room, one or two bedrooms without atten- dance.—D 2a3. Echo, Cardiff. 203 reTWO o Three Unfurnished Rooms to Let -to respectable J. people.—Apply 34, Amherst-streefc, Gl"anetown. Cardiff. "r-'VO Unfurnished Rooms to Let: term i moderate.— X Apply 24, Talworth-street, Roath, Cardiff. 256 rliW O-l;U-fU;iI;.d-R-n;:S-t()- L-èt-tcple without A children: no children or other lodgers.-Apply 238, Cowbrid"e-road. 243 rnwo Unfurnished Rooms to Let to respectable people, A fron rooms, 3-weekly.—17, Spring Gardens-termce, Roath, near Biscuit Factory. 251 rl"'Võn;¡:tbFl ;¡i;edR o-t;-Lt suit respt.: X able married couple oven rate; terms moderate.— 8, Richards-street, Cothays. 179 UNFURNISHED Apartments.—Three or four roo¿-; required by respectable ptonle, without children nenr town referenceB.-Apply K 469, Echo Office, Cardiff. UNFURNISHED Front Parlour and Back Bedroom U pleasantly situated, near town no ohildreo preferred. -Apply 16, Cowbndl!e-roRd. 63 UNFURNISHED Rooms to Let, with '¡et people back parlour and front bedroDm.-12; Wells-street, Cl>ntoo. 299 WAMED, Gentleman share sitting-room, single bed (f room, hot and cold bath terms moderate -18, Gordon-road. _u_- 265 "1iT AN1'-ÊÙ;-end of August, Bed, Sitting, end Boxroom, l' furnished or unfarnished; attendance and cooking, hy gentleman, wife, and chi]d,- State full particulars nd terms to O 85, Echo Oiffce, Cardiff. 85 YOUNG Lady, residing at Pontcanna-street (Plasturton- avenue), has comfortable Apartments for one or two Young Ladie3 engaged during d<\y.-Write 0 362, Echo OO Cardiff. 362 TO B.SCT.—M«tS'SK». <&r. CLAUD-road.—Family Residences to Let: will be papered to 8uit tenants yearly tenants.—Apply 8, Peny wain-place, off Ninian-road. 485 C-i:XVEt-t:-Ù-g-;¡;wn:=-'J; Let, House and Shop: VV rent, 14 weekly.-AppJy S. Hem and Pertwee. St. Mary-street, Cardiff. 359 CORBETT-rd-ff NOl'th-road,tiet,-Good bouse: 3 receptIOn, 8 Aho larger House suitable for Ladies School splendid view of Oatha's Park usual offices.—22, W oodville-road. 88 DAVID-street.—To Let, with immediate possession i- good condition.-Arpjy D. L. Smith, 10, Queen. street, Uarditf. 467 DANIEL-street, Cathays.-Houses to Let to tidy tenants -A pply, with references, Wm. Sanders and Sons, 28, St. Mary-street, Cardiff. 37p. ( LAN-YR-AFON, Clarenoe-road, to Let: seven rooms, X scullery, bath, w.c,' large celJars, back entrance.— Apply 20, Loudoun-square, Cardiff. 172 HEWELL-street, Grangetown.—House t-o-Lo-tÙ¡ÿ tenant.—Apply, with reference, Wm. Sanders & Sons, 28, St. Mary-street, U<1Tditf. 369 HOUSE to Let, No. 19 .Llanfair-road; hot and cold -1. water long garden: latest improvements.-Inqnire 17, De Burgh-street. 557 HOUSE to Let, Marion-street; 4 bedrooms; V;eÙ:; blinds bath room newly papeted.—Apply Palmer, 99. Constellation-street, Roath. 365 HOUSE to Let, with double bay, near CÚmuC"e- Bidge; ,lJ the latest improvements: key next door.-Apply 33, De Burgh-street. 10J JANET-street, Moors,-House to Letidy;t; newly rep,ured.-William Sanders & Som, 28, St.Mary. street. Cardiff. 371 71J ANOIt-rood, near St. John's Church, Canton good 8- lli. roomed Houses hot and cold batli, &c. rent lIs. Apply 13..lknt-(H!-road. 149 ^JPRINGFIBIiD-place.— Houses to Let to respectable tenants.— Apply, with references, to Wm. Sanders & SOllS, 28, St. Mary-street, C-uditf. 368 'I"HÊ :OItt);\ïes and Monmouthshire Property Regte A for July free on application or post.—Hern and Pertwee, House Agents, AuctlOneer8. Valuers kc.. Cardiff. 'I'-OLet,5, North Luton-place. Immediate posseSsion.- X Applv Howell, 5. Queen-street, Cardiff. 523 1-"0 Let, oommodious Houses: well finished; d; A b iys all modern conveniences good locality bath (hot and cold).—87, Donald-street. 518 1-ÓL;t:9¡-AlÚ¡d-street-5-b;rl roomba tl(ht ;d A cold), w.c., dimutf and dmw;ng-f()oms, conservatory, etc. immediate possession.—Apply Howell, 5, Queen-street, Cardiff. 524 j ¡-1'OIsoomed I- rent, 7s 6d weekly all _nveniencf\Apply 29, Coveny-street, South 8p!ott. TO L-N;4Ói"Co'bidge-road:iX large roomB: A pleasant position cars pass the door.—Apply 258, Cowhridge-I"oad, Cauton. 358 TO Lt, two onv;;i:;nt8-roo'¿H.n-d-29-, A Windsor-road: rents, lIs per week ioclusive.-A mly 30,Winds°r-road. 269 r äo 1,t-, 26, 1\1oira-Rtreet: double house, 11 rooms.-Ap¡:!y A 20, Gordon-road. Cardiff. 306 T° ^et> Corner House, 100, Habershon-place, suitable for A jObbinp carpenter or mason.-Apply 93, Habershon- place. South Splotlands, Cardiff. 82 09, to Let; hot and cold bath, lava. tory, aud w.c., dining and drawin.rooIl1S. conserva- tory. etc. immediate possflssion.-Apply Howell, S, Qaeen- street, Ca.riIiff. 525 £ J3, Aberdovey-street, Splotlands corner house, hot-and fy cold bath: recently papered, 9s 6d incluive,-Wi¡¡¡aUls, 1, Abery3twyth-street, Cttrd.iff. 5711 r'S Per Week.-Ïi:-ge to Let to tidy tenant,-Apply, o with references, Wm. Sanders k Sous, 28, St. Mary- street, Cardiff. 370 .j6, Margaret-street. DOOks:=Ôonvenient House to Let "J rent, 1213 per eek.-Apply S. Hem and Pertwee, Ht, Mary-street, Cardlít. 360 II °aEIe, Shops tnkeiste under.—Apply Evans and Hughe, House and Estate Agents, Auctioneers and Valuers, County Fire and Provident LIfe Otlkes, ';orouIChumber!, Wharion-street. Cardiff. 59e 3 and 6, Evans' Buildings, North Morgan-street: rents 4s _6d_(t.:c.?tiveJy, i9- Hewell-street, Grange 7s per week. HOP, conveniently-situated, at Llandaff Yard: newl, £ 3 rencvated;er week inclusive, JirEast-terrace, 9s per vreek. 29, King's-road, Canton. 18s per week. 4: and 6, Dudley-place, Docks 11s per week each. 1 '1, Briàj(e.street, very large Shop wIth cellar and ware. house. ^•8, Hewell-street, Grange, 7s per week] — i> Belle Vue-terrace, Cadoxton. Modern house: every £ j>, conveOleuce. Magnificent View. 46, Eldon-street, commodious House and Shop;' low rent. E_ XTBNSIVE Shop and Cellarage, Pier HeadT Bute Docks. ^CORNER Shop and Premises, Cadoxtou. j 6' South Luton-place,to Let, centrally situated rent 12s. -Aptwee, Auctioneers, Cardiff.205 15, H;;dock-street to Let:sîx rooms.-Apply S. Hern and Pert wee, House Agents, Cardiff. £ 06 1^7Cathays-terrace to Let: rent 10s six rooms.-Apply S. Hern and Pertwpe, Auctioneers, Cardiff. 207 t O LET-U1J81N.F."58 I-KF.ltnSE!S At IGH-slrect.—TwoJ Furnished Offices tQ Let,-ApplJ Coleman^Ch(:mist, High-street. q52 LOCK-Up Shop to et Charels-street, Newport (opposite Theatre).—C. A. Willis, 29, Clytha Park-road, NRW. port, Mon. 40o N-c-iWl>ORT.rO be Let, Suite of Offices tour roon.s .»$ -L^l Lavatoll; centrally situated in Tredegar-plice.— Partionl»r8 of Manager, "Daily N ewe" Office, N ewwrt, 23e OFFICE to Let, ground floor, 18, Custom House-street; best position for wholesale business, also 8 rooms; rent moderate -Flint Brothers. 110e PONTYPRIDD.—Double-fronted Shop to Let; suit any P business best position under Railway StatiOD.-App!, Job Williams, 67. Rickard street, Pontypridd. 155 PONTYPRIDD.—To Let, with immediate possession, Stable, situate in Morgan-street; suitable for two or three horses.-Apply Richards, Auctioneer. Pontypridd. 33e QHOPS to Let plate-glass windows, large cellars, par- ►3 lour, kitchen, scullery, back entrance, five bedrooms rent ins, free of rates.—Apply Mr Hawkins, 139, Portman- moor-road, Cardiff. 228 S MALL Warehouse, Nos. 18 aud 19, Bute-lane, off Maria- ?' street, 40ft. by 22, with fire-plaee and lavatory.-ADPIY 266, Bute-street. 60 TAIBACH.—House ad Shop to Let bet- pition': Tsuitable for any business: rent moderate Hey- cock, 168, Gelli-foad, Pentre. 133 TO Grocers and others.-To Let, in Adam-street, Cardiff, large House and Shop: low rent.— Apply 23, Adam- street. 264 r 11 0 Let, 104. Castle-road, House and Shop: best posi- A tion suitable for chemist or iron monger. -Apply 65. Albany-road. Cardiff. 284 TO Let, lïõïlfie and Shop, with Stable and Yard, 156, -Appl, 1, Clifton-street, or 15, Newlan,?s- street, Barry Zack, 287 rro Let, a Large Cellar, suitable-for bottling purposes or X beer stores: well drainec1,-Write G 275, Echo Office, Cardiff. 275 ryO Let, Photogralhic Studio and Rooms: good position. X -Apply 217, Bute-street, Cardiff, 47 '1'0 Let 0 sets f Itooms as Offices, above South Wales TDaily N twa Office, St. Mary-street.—Apply Daily News," Cardiff. 42e \\J ENTWOODWate7Works. — GoodShop tõÚt: suit v v butcher, con eniences for slaughtering. -Apply W, c_?ce, I"??port. 994e 2 Duke-street., Cardiff.—These commanding Premises to /W. Let at M:chaelmas present occupier, Mr Bowden, Ironmonger.—Wm. Harris, Surveyor, Caerleon. 90 FOR S Ali E— MO ITS KS LALND. die CARLISLE-street.—Business Premises, WiTh dwelling accommodation, for Sale iu this important tborouh- f""? .price voderate-l:O! Echo, Cardiff. 507 (CATHAYS.—Corner Home and Shop (four bedrooms), J £ 280: also Private House with side way, £ 210.— Dog,,?Lt, 63, 384 CLOSE Castle-road.—Villa, splendid coodition: fair bedrooms, hot a-d cold bath: £ 330, tr%nsfer freo? must sell.—Doggett, 63, Keppoch-street. Roath. 385 OR Sale. Two Villas, near Roath Park six rooms, X paper throughout, hot and cold bath.. Price, £5CO- A 517, Echo, Cardiff. 5\7 JjK)R Sale, small Villas, near Roath Park mortgage can ?e arranged to suit purchaser.—Apply 8, Peaywain- place, Ni.a-ro.d. 484 jõRSaï¡'-T-;öHol1se3 m Alfred-street hot and cold .l.. baths: owner leaving town.-Apply 79, Angus-street, Roath Park. 212 I'I'OÙ. Sal. Villa", dose by St. John's Church, Canton 4 bcdro(ms: bRU¡ and lav?tory, coal cellar, conservatory, and all modern conveniences one with side entrance.— Particulars apply 44, Arran-street, Roath. 113 F OR Sale, some iirst-cl^ss Cottages, in Pentrebane-street X and Penhaved-street: also 2 Villas, in Olive-street, Lower Grange.—Apply G. J. Birrett, 6, Richmond-terrace, off Pa:rk-plaoe, CRrdiff. 182 G._ EO:- Wijî;tX;ctioer, I-IU;: EstlttAt:a\ld GRent CoJlector, 13, Verc-3treat, Cadoxton-Barry, is open to Collect Rents at Cardiff or Barry District: good refereiicei cash paid over weekly or monthly to suit owners. G. W. has for private sale several excellent well- built Villas, Shops, aDd Cottages at Dinas Poivis, Barry, Barry Dock, aud Cadoxton: businesses disposed of: sales conducted: commissions executed.-For particulars address as above. Ill 5LANISHEM". -To be Sold cheap, two small Villas, 7 J rooms ten minutes' walk from Station,-S. Hansoo, Poute Brick Works. 487 1- LANISHEN—For Sale, The Hollies, Llani?hen, late ,,J residence of Thomas Henry Ensor (deceased).—Apply Ensor, Ward, and Gilling, Solicitors. Cardiff. 439 | LANISHEN.—For Sale or to Let, charming ei)iirtry 10- JIJ roomed Villa. near Ftatioii decorated taivoiighotit; 40 feet. frontage gaiden 200 feet long can erect stable if required.-Hawker, Builder, Llanishen. 131 ¿:TTAWY.Md:-S,'m;(ktache,Cfour bedrooms, side %n d ?s b."k ent??..Ces, fine garden lowest price £ 420.— Doggett, 63, Keppoel-i-atreet, Cardiff. 386 rI1Ó-Lc;t:L-;k;1'SÎp.- coeof'-Riëi D\;d7 fu". X tures cheap—Apply Banyard, Hairdresser and Tobacconist, 204. Castle-r0ad, Cardiff. rjPO Let, good Shop, with or without living accommoda- X tion plate-glass wiiCtoW excellent position suit hairdresser and tobacconist, or any business.—T, Jones, Fishmonger, Pontypridd. 548 KIlSiiYESSES WAXTKB. WANTED, a Milk Round, doing about 20 gallons daily, in or near Cardiff.—Particulars, L 470, Echo Office, Cardiff. 470 .cUSfNT.s I»RJJtJ)};joS WANTEU. I If' OUS}Shop-d-}¡;khou-w-Wd(KOOd localitÿî I -X for bread, high-class pastry, and confectionery, or would give reasonable pric for genUIne business.—Full particulars to J. 321, Daily News OHice. Cardiff. 321 FOR OrSl"øSA.. BOOTS, Drapery Bl1sis for Sale in one of the most PDI promising colliery GistrÜ:ts in South Wales fixtures L25: stock at invoice price.-AppI1 L 331, Echo Office, Cardiff. 331 CCARDIFF.—Well-paying Restaurant, wine and beer C A ff;t;YlIIe::t,r: £OO evaethY: Powell. Lewis and Co., Auctioneers, Cardiff. 53 £ COFFEE Tavern for Disposal, doing gocd trade, with V moderate rent, in. main thoroughfare.—Apply Penney, 19, Duke-street, Cardiff. 470 DAIRY and General Business for Disposal stock and fixtures at valuation stable.—Apply Penney, House Agent, 19, Duke-street, Cardiff. 147 F OIL Disposal, oj(il-esfcablished Drug Stores in Barry 8- Dock.—George Willett, House and Estate Agent, Cadoxton-Barry. III (-ïÚ)OJt;:¡iY'Baking Bisines.: whole or pa.tstock to be (W taken no goodwill splendid premises.—Cox, Eldou- road, 494 GROCERY and Provisions, with off Wine and Beer G Hil; in %er¡tioinwèrrtgl: t:ea;;rah £ 2.000 a year price £150, and ?aluitio?.-Apply R. W. Miller and Compauy, Limited, 6toke?crofL Brewery. Bristol. 90c FULL-Lieensed House wanted in Newport, or within F easy distance by train.—Engineer, Echo Office, New- port. 46e UTili Licensed Inn, market town, excellent trade, X capable of increase, £120: another £ 75.—Hiliinan, Auctioneer, 12. Bridge-street, Newport. 326 I'-3C¡;5nEFÚJiD&uJ:R-FirsL-ï;ss Inn, everything free, Ji i close market: ing0ing by valuation, probably £ 200. -ii_0utI'r, Vewpor'yt. 31e "rO Let, Oddfellows' Arms, Caerleon, Mon. good stable inirnediate possession, -Apply on premises. 15e WESTON-Super-Mare. — Double-licensed House, well situated present profits £500 per annum.—Powell, Lewis and Co., 8, St. John's-gquare, Cardiff. 52 V SIISH At. A LI:vrI:l';( medal Pianos, American Organs; wholesale prices, makers' warranties lists free.- 216, Castle-road, corner of Glenroy street, Cardiff. 417 BARGAIN.—Thorough good Cottage Pianoforte, London .J maker, 8 gllinea: also Second-hand Iron Frame Trichord, 12 guineas.—Apply 150. Cathays-teriace. 249 }^>OR Sale, very powerful tone Violin.—Apply 14, Stuart- .1.' street. Docks. 522 FOR Piano aud Or?an TuninK and Repairing, address F L. Morgan, 66, Richards-terrace, Cardiff. Terms 3s 6d and 4s. 992 11| ARMONIUMS, Pianos, Organs, &c., on the Hire Pur XX chase System. Atlas Furnishing Company, Ltd., Hayes, Cardiff. 25e PIANO for Sale, quite new, full trichord, iron frame, walnut, original price 35 guineas: cheap.-48, Beauchamp street, Riverside. 270 PIANO, upright grand, trichord, rosewood case very cheap must be sold at once.-54, Partridge-rond, 268 PIANOFORTE Tuning.-W. F. Ridgway. from the ce e i brated firm of Bord's, Paris terms 3s 6d.—Address 109, Castle-road, Roath. 503 KNTORTII Fifty guineas.- Second-b and gr,%tid Piano- v » forte, by Brosidwood rosewocd frame, splendid tone, good condition price, 16 guineas —Atlas Furnishing Com- pany. ilayes, Cardiff. 25s II CW'Cl/KS. TKJC.VV'f.liS Arc.  Bargain.—Detachable Pneumatic Road i;0895, A geared 70, pretty m?cfuue.  new, B10. worth £ 20, guamutced.-39, Bridge-street, Cardiff. 216 ABSOLUTE Clearance .T-MorrisliT^r^ill send ListTot Bargains 011 Application. Cash purchasers should call and inspect our large stock, which will be cleared regardless of cost. Few Good Boys' Safetyies. New Cycle Lock sent Free for 6d stamps, together with 1895 Lamp Lighting Table Lists Cycle Insurance Pamphlet, Notes and useful information.—Cycle Works. Pontypridd. 19e ABNORMAL Reductions in Prices of New Howe Cycles. AC-.i'l and see them at the New Uowe Dei ot, 3, Chrch- street, Cardiff. New Howe Roadsters and Racers at excep- tiodal low cash prices. New Howe Cycles for speed, light- ness, rigidity. Md elegMioe. ¥.;syg;I?Fa'll;lgtt World at Glasgow. Highest skilled labour only employed Buy direct from Mam-facturers and save intermediate profits.—New Howe Machine Co., Ltd., 3, Churcli-atreet < ardiff 775e ALL Cycle Repairs, Enamelling, and Nickel-plating ? executed with care and despatch at trade prices Haadle bars bent and re-nickeld from 2. Depot for 1m- perial Rovers, Osmonds, Excelsiors, Premiers Lamps 2s 6d' Bells, Is.-Parry and Co., Manufacturers aDd Age?iits, Betls. ls.-P.trry !tnd Co.. Manufacturers and Ag.?it.s, ANK Ilolidye.-Time ir, short, but money makes the AJ mare go If you want a first-rate Tandem, suit lady m front. or a Path Racer, weight 23lb3., or a Roadster, all up to date, we can supply from stock at a great advantage for cash. Or if you ve got a little jcb or: your machine or any article to complete outfit for next week we will suit you by return of post, but don't delay.-Morris Brothers, Cycle Works, Pontypridd. Inner tube and valve 8s 6d. 19e, PICYCLES, Bicycles, equal to new.—Hunrber Cuibions, AJ BSlOe: Pneumatic road racer, Dunlop detachable tyres, tangent spokes, weight 28lbs, price 27 new Cushion, P.5 6s Soli(i :Cl 10s.-Williams, Barry Cycle Works; Gaen-street, Barry. 489 -0d condition, 30s also ball-marked silver 11 Ld i\ Watch, good timekeeper, nearly new, only 16s. —24, Harold-street, Roat,h. S1 CARDIFF Flalingr Works, Paradise place, off Queen- Vy street, Cardiff, do Nickel and Silver Platincr of euery description at Birmingham prices. Special Notice to Cyclists :—Bring your Cycles direct to above address, and we will Re-Nickel beautifully at trade price. Handle Bars from 21;, and other parts at low prices. Our work is guaranteed, as we use nothing but pure Nickel. Cycle Re-Enamelling by Stoving Process. Coffee Taverns, Hotels, and Families, &c.. waited on, on receipt of post-oard, for Re-Placing of Teapots, Cruets, Forks, Spoons, Icc. 70 IU, ftEE! Free 1 Post free to any address.—Safeties Safeties I Safeties Important to aeeuts, dealers, and others. Wholesale list containing 1,OeO (one thousand) machines, new and second-hand, sot post free to any address, 50 per cent cheaper than other makers or agents. Why pay more or lancy prices ? Single machiue at whole- sale prices. Write at once for the largest and most com- plete list in the oycie trade. Sterling valtte and no large profila.-W. R. Warrilow. Cycle Works, RegeDt-street, Weston-super-Mare. 977e f ADY'S Cushtoi) Safety; Cushion tyres, latest 3895 pattern, ball head: light machine, guards, complete, 11f '"otand new: ca?h, only Bt 18s 6d: approval —5, Regent-street, W cstou-super-Mare. 906 KEPAIRS.—Plating iud stove EmuncJhn: Promvtly ,b -t? trade prices.—Morris Bros., Pontypridd. 19e -R- lœAmÊ-itS-odiciallv appointed for C.T.C.. and also for Cycle Insurance. Co. Ltd.-Morris Broa.. PonLy- pridd. Repairi of any kind to pneumatic tyres. 19e i') EPAIRS-AIIlw to Morris Bros. Puutyvridd Q/ No job too difficult, no iob too sm&U. Don't forget.19e OAFETY, cm<h!on tyre, diamond frame, cheap.—Apply KJ ,olbourne Hotel, :alibnry-rèaddltl'. 4?16 SALE, 1895 patteru Safety, Dunlop-Welch non-slipping KDP tyres (unpunctured) nearly new, all accessories E8 88.-Si. Romilly-creseent, Canton. 466 SALE or Exchange,Lancaster's half-plate Camera or small a half-horse power Engine, for Lady's Pneumatic Safety.-O. 383, Echo. Cardiff. 389 AFETIES.—Cushion aud Pneumatics. Bargains, bar- gains. Don't pay high prices. Call at Warrilow's, 233, Bnte-street, Cardiff. Repairs at half prices charged by others.—R. Warrilow, 293, Bute-street, Cardiff; also at Weston-super-Mare. 3 SAFETIES.—Large Stock, must Sell, latest '95 patterns] large tube, light machines, Pneumatics, L7 Cushions, S5 10e, Cheapest House for Repairs. All kind of fittings iu stock.—Davies, Cycle Workt, JBrynwur" 8 WADELIY Cycles for hill-climbing. Wadeley Cycles W P for road racing. Wadeley Cycles for toiiri?g. ::Iey Cycles are euaranteed.—Wade and .o Smeth- w?ck. 218 *iARRlA«K». VKHICIiUS. Ac. A Bargain.-Brake for Sale, nearly new, to carry Ïo.- Apply 7, Penylan-terrace. Ynyshir. 536 BARGAIN, good-four-wheeled Dogcart: also new Busi ness Cart, pretty Pleasure Trap, good Coal Cart.—Ap- ply ,1n02, Wirellington-street, Canton, Cardiff. 378 BUSINESS Traps, all descriptions, suit any size Pleasure Traps, seat two and four, Harness, new and second-hand, all sizes and descriptions, Saddles and Bridles lowest possible prices.-l'I, Havelock-street, Temperance- town, Cardiff. 42 FOR Sale, Spring Cart£ 6VTrap7 suit pony. £ 3 10s Cushion.tyre Safety. £ 3. — AddI? 30, Carmarthen- street. Canton. after 6 p.m. 526 FOR Sale, iag. Governess Car, BIS Pony Trap, nearly new. 214 two Cob-size Traps, £ 12 and fclo.—Chick. Angel Mcws^Carriiff 477 FOR Sale, a Donkey Chair, £ 6: a bargain—Apply Davies an5 SI., Bridge-Qtreet. Newport. 37e LIGHT Whrner-wlieel Rustic, oval lamp, brass fittiugs. lancewood shafts, b, own clo,b cushions, suit 12 to 13 hands.-Rogser, IH.erl)ei-t-sti-eet, 45e SALE, several Traps, suit business, from £6 up also several Sets of Harness.—Apply 21, Topaz-street, Atoath. Cardiff. 141 ?.EyBRA?good TrS;:ü¡tbÙ or pleasure, 110n P aL J CZt, to be sold cheap.-Gibbon, Mill-road, Pontypridd. 4e rpWO Business Traps, one Dog CartTcart, Stylish Stan- Z10!1" Gig, complete Saddle and Bridle, all cheap.- Theatre Royal Stables, ,It. Mary-street. Cardiff. 441 KORSES. 1,1 VK STOt'.tt. AR A Bargain.—Splendid Carriage Horse, 15,1. six years; good mover in harness or saddle suitable for cab, brake, or crank-axle guaranteed sound free of vice -102. Wellington-street, Canton, Cardiff. 373 A handsome Chestnut Mare, 14,2, aged 7 also cray Cob AMare and Colt, 13 hands, age 4, warranted sound, quiet i ide or drive. -E. Plaisted, Bishpool, Newport. 17e A Bargain, Welsh Pony, ,3 hands, 7 years: warranted perfectJy Quiet for boy to drive, with new Flat Cart and j Harness: week's trial allowtd £ 12 10s.—Mrs Moore, Baekhall-street. Caer leon, Newport. 19e i- -7 A Bargain, Cart Hor,-15-in., riing 7 .1).. staunch worker m shafts or chains and sound, w?h good Cart to carry 30 cwt.) and nearly new set Shaft Har- iiess: wek's trial aUowed: B18 10s lot.-Herbart, Coal Merca, Caerleon, Newport. 20e APoweifut Cart Mare."16 ?ads?TY years: staunch Awo" kf?,r ivi shafLs and chains sound must be sold ou account of lU-health.—Mrs Hirst, 9, Ti-iley-street? Chepstow- road, Newport. 993e good ll,'f? f il i ,,Tp?rt,sndilarness; suit Agre(?.nf,,i,oct,r price, B12 the lot. Also strong Cob. 14.2, with hMt-ctass Trap and Harness: suit baker or grocer BIS the lot warranted good workers.-Apply D. Morgans, Energlyn Mill, Caerphilly. 125 A CriVE bay florae, 15 hands, sound aud good worker, j- A suit tradcaman..BIS. bargain.-Apply Mitchell, Mili- road, Caerphilly. 202 A CTIVE brown harness Mare, 6 years, 16 bauds, suit Sheers vans or WJntl and spirit carts, v,tn trot eight miles an honr vith a tOn if required, warranted sound and good worker in all harness, 18 gulacils, also lifiht bred harness Mare, 15 hands, very active and sharp, suit, green- grocer or others, 7 guineas): 7 days' trial given with either.— 16. Qqay-street, of fHigh-street, Cardiff. 5E8 BATtGAIN, act ive Brown Cart Horse, 5 years. 16 hands clear from blemish. B25. Atso Bay Horse. 15-2 hands, suitable for crank-axle or brake purposes, LIS: warranted staunch ifi any harness.—Theatre Royai Hotel Livery Stables, St. Mary-street, Cardiff. 44C BARG AIN, fast Cob, 14 hands, sound and good worker, J" with J-rap and Harness suit butcher or any trades- man tl8 the lot any trial allowed.— Apply 28, Stacey- road, Roith, CardiV. 199 (CHOICE of three excellelTt Cob^froial^ to 14 hands = VJ ages four and six years all warranted sound, and quiet to ride and drive Traps and Harness to suit either: will sell together or separately very cheap.-14. Havelock- street, Temperaneetown, Cardiff, 443 OR Sale, i good Donkey: price, £ 2 worth doublf — Wute H 49J. Kcho Offici>, C- Sale, grey cart Mare, 16 hands, 7 years, will sell very cheap. Appty Anglo Bavarian Brewery, Ltd., Penarth-road. Cardiff. 392 |?OR Sale, a Black Welsh Pony, also a pretty Gig.—Lane, X Baker. 24, Daisy-street, Canton, 403 OR Sale, strong Trap tiid Harnc-st, suit cob 12 to 14 A hands suitable for butcher or baker.-Apply Price, 1 ul<ihe_r' •i?*(?™ys-lload>9ilt'hays, Cardiff. 104 f^OR Sille, handsome Pony warranted quiet: suitabio for lady or children, can be tried.—Apply Squire, 133, Moy-road. Roath. 410 IfOl Sale, cheap, Pony and Trap: price, £ 12 —Apply Collins, Court-road, baltmoad. -p- 388 FOR ale, good working Horse, working cab daily.—Apply Bright, 76, Windsor-road. Penarth. 352 OR sale, Pony can travel 16 miles an hour; price, 1.9. -Apply 1, Cardiff. 234 }^OR Sale, good Pouy neariy newTmp and HameKS': cheap.—App.y G. Phillips, ecorator, &c„ Blackwood, Mou.? p? ?OR S.?e, good strong (?ob. 14 hands high; price 4; ?°°?o'?'o further use for it.-APPIY 30, Zinc- street, SploMands. CardifT. 2?6 K^OR Sale, very large Mare Donkey: also strong Cart and Harness; will sell separate.—Apply Neptune Itui, ,C, aroline-street, Cardiff. 138 I¡"'OR Sale. Pony, Flat Cart, and Harness quiet to ride J!. ^aiid arivej price 10 guineas.—No. 1, Canal-st..Cardiff. 711 ARE Pony, 13 hands high, three years old warranted i-TA quiet to ride and in harness.-Apply Thomas Bounds, Tyryvven, Bcdwas. 421 N OTICE toll -,tuliers, -For Sal godstrong Bay Horse 1''4 15.1, Harness, and Cart and Work owner going away -A. ppl, y Davis, 4, Carlisle-street. Moors, after 6 p.m. 37i TJOi<jY Trap for Sale (new): suit milk round: price X £ 4 iOri.— Boland, C^huuileigh Cottage, West-terrace, Penarth. 301 SALE, Pony, 13 hands, with Cort and Harriess suitpble for greengrocer warranted quiet and a good worker £ 14 the lot or sell separate.—Mrs Brooks, Firbank Cottage, Newport-road, Caerleon, Mon. 3ie SORE Shoulders Urease Thrush. ke.. Quickly Cured Tiy Condy's iluid. Horses sufferiug from Sorellacks, Sore Shoulders, broken knees, wounds, cuts, braises, thrush, cracked heels, grease, mud fever, mange, &c., quickly cured by bathing the parts affected with a tablespoonful of Coudy's Fluid in a pint of water. It makes the hair grow where rubbed off. Prices 8oz. Is 20oz. 2s of all chemists. Insist on having Condv s Fluid. 949e THREE good Cart Horses, warranted in shafts or chains, also several Cobs aud Ponies, cheap.—Gibbon, Mill- road, Pontypridd. 6e rr- 0 Cab Proprietors and others,-Sale, Bay Horse, 16 X hands, 7 years warmn:t>d xood worker in sincle "r ficuble harness and sound trial allowed price £ 13.-8. Backliall-street. Caerleon, Newport. gie USE Jeerol Omtment for speedily curing sprams curbs and splints when forming, over-reachc- capped hooks, rheumatism, windfalls, scurf after blistering. Large box post tree for 15 2d from Condy s. Fluid Works 83, rurumill-st„ Lo?on. E.C. ''° °??' "??'?';? VETERINARY Book Free, con'aimne full instruction' T for the Treatment and Cure of Ailments affectin? Horses, Dogs, Cats, Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, Poultry, &c from Condy s Fluid Works 83 Turnmill-srreet London. E.C. 949e WAITED, good Cob. about 14.3.—Price and toM 383, Mcho ONoe. C?rdiS. 33? W ANTED, to Hire for a few weeks Horse and Brake7 or v v brake alone, in good condition, to carry 10 or 12 per- 500s.-97, Paget-street, Grange. 377 roisE/mv. ritims, Ac CANARIES.—Grand Stock to select from. Norwich v Cocks from 5s each approval.—Baker, Empire H?trdressius Saloon, 108, Frederick-street. Cardiff. 108 F-ERÏÜh'8 !-Ferre ? (King?of"th<rponchera)?Ui!su? Fpas,?,edqtial?ty: 4s each to working men. Homer and Fancy PigeouR, Cana.nes.—Copp's Stores, Pontypridd. 311 T7OR Sale, a few March Minorca Cockerels cheap CooVsi X Webster's. Pitt's, and Mogffridge strains.—Apply 238* Cowbridgf-road. 242 tJALF-a-dozen Cock Goldfinches warranted cocks] strong on seed: price, 5s 6d.—Apply to William Pneo. Priory-lane, Haverfordwest. 431 NET Traps.—Catch lards aliye; Is 3d post free. Plenty of grand Canaries in stock satisfaction guaranteed 110 rubbish.-Lloy(l, Alountiiii Ash. 65 N, cook- Coldfiiiebes warranted all .1, strou, healthy birds on seed: price 5s.—Apply John Davies, Cartlett Quarry, Haverfordwest. lï5 ° POULTRY, Pigeon, Capra liird, and Dot Foo,l-W:-ite N for prices and samples to Nosh Rjes and Son Hity Corn, and Heed Merchants. Cardiff. ysie PRlZ R OrpiDgtons, bred direct from winners 2S firsts and specials: make certain winners: Cockerels and l'ullets, hatched Jitu., Feb.. and March, from 58 each; splendid laying sl;rain,-31. Cornwall-road, Cardiff 531 SPLtCNDID Plymouth Rock Hens (1895), 4s 6d, 4s Silver C? Wyandottes, ditto MinorcM, 38: pure-bred Cockereis from 28 6d.—Ecwards, Coaley, Dursley, ucc-?terabire. 18e S'lKXlTIKl;. FURNITURE for Sale, cheap chairs, tables, cheaionerp. &c.; parties leaving Cardiff.—C. 198, Echo Office, Cardiff. jog KHIRNITURE ot ev?r? (]scriDtlOn £ 50000 n vai., to X selec? f'om, ou the Hm" System strictly pnr"et.. The Largest Premises and Stock out of London. Atlas Furnishing Company I united .Hayes .Cardiff. T5 0 G. OÙW-Abd.-Fo-;S¡;s;¡;Od Household Fum? ?? ture no defers.—App)y Thomas, 23, Wyndham-r?ad. Canton. 503 HARRIS'S, th" rioeers of Cash Trading. estabJid nearly halt a century.—Newport Market, main en- trance. HARIUS S, Newport Market, main entrance.—Several -I. stylish Mail Carts and Baby Carriages at less than cost, to clear. Call and see. -R-Alfí.Tri:rs UMful W.trdrnbe. bevelled glass door, B?Ta 6d Mahogany Chest Drawers, 25s DuchfsseTabie and Washstaud to match, 32s 6d.-Newport Market, main entrance. S ECRPTARIAT, roll-top Desk in walnut, 4ft.-Apply 44, KJ Albany-road, Oardiff- 4S1 s EVElt-Al, costly Dining ard Drawing-room Suites. from £ 3 3s to £ 15 15s, not half their value, must be cleared out, proprietor retiring also other Furniture of the best quality, not trash that's made only to look at and to bob the public don't buy at any price.-Call at Edes' Old Curiosity Shop. Newport. 23e SECOND-hand Furniture bought in large or small lots, o cash at once.-Apply the Cyril Second-hand Furniture Stores, 12, Broadway, Cardiff- 426 SECOND-hand Furniture or Surplus StockBought f jr Cash or Sold on (,Om mission. -Taylor's Auction-rooms, 12, Custom House-street, Cardiff. 682 tpORrilSH ou our new hire Hire System, nouses or ..L' A artmenfce completely furnished on a new system adopted solely by us, whereby all publicity, exposure, awl nquiries usually made by other companies are dispensed with. We have an immense stock of Household Furniture of Cheap and superior quality. All goods sold on the Hire System a.t ready-money prices. We make no bxtrs charge for credit, and all goods sent home in a private van free of charge No stamp or agreement charges made no bill or sale; everything private. Arrangements completed without delay, and, being manufacturers, we guarantee quality and will, ndertake to supply furmture, etc at 10 per cent, ess than any price-list issued by any firm in Cardiff. Eleven showrooms. Call and inspect our iin- mense stock, and compare oafore purchasing else- where. We will supply £ 6 wprth for 2s 6d weelily Clo worth, 4s weekly; £15 worth for 58 weekly £ 20 worth 6s weekly, and so ou w proportion. Special terms for larger quantities. Please note the address :—South Wales Furnishing Company 31, Castle-street (opposite the Cast's I Cardiff 7e DOMESTIC ARTICLES. ANGLEsTWaSin;; Macfhin^TT^TnK Machines on 1' the Hire System.-Atla.a Fornlshlug Company Ltcl, Hayes Cardiff 25 EKAMBULATORS Mail Carts on ^^la^Furnishin^Coinpanyj^td^HaycsOafjijj25j. FOR A 1 Bargains.—Just forfeited at Fligelstone's, The POPular Cardiff Pawnbroker, registered, 22, Castle-rd., Cardiff A I B.,g in.-Gelit r, IBct English Gold Lever. co-,t 20 guineas, jast forfeited at Fligelstone's, only 7 guineaTq AT Bargain —Gent's heavy solid Gold Curblilwutam^^ Aevery link, just forfeited at Fligets tone's, only 5os, A1 BarcMn.—S guinea English Silver Lever (n?er?n Agmm, CMdiO.fotfpited at Fli.?e6-tone's. only 50s. Al Bargain.-5 guinea English Silver Lever (maker- W chrley, Penarth), forfeited at Fligelstone's, only 50s A1 B&rgain.-Gent's 15ct. Gold Diamondapinõr ASLud by Bar?y, Cardiff (Fligelstone's). only 60s. A1 Bargain.—Lady's 18ct. 5-guinea fancy Gold Wacch. c forfeited at Fligelstone's, only 42s. A 1 Bargains.-109 first-class Silver Watchca, genuino forfeited pledges at Fligeletooe' 6* each. A 1 Bargains.—Fligelstou«'s gents' solid Silver Alberu' A 1%1,hiadies'f,.ucy Silver Alberts, 3s 6d .h. A 1 Bargains.—Lady's 15ct. 5-stone Diamond Ring, only £ A 10s 6J, at Fligelstone's: handsome Engagement Rings. ALL Getting Married.—Fligelstone's 22ct. solid~Goid Wedding Rings to order, 3dwt. 153, 4dwt. 20s. A Handsome Prese.t.-Flig,?L-,toe's Lady's fancy Gold Abresa ???Dgi. hall marked, only 4s 6d, choice relection. A costly selection of choice Jewellery, recently pledged by Cardiff lady, forfeited at Fligelstone's. See windows. Ä- I Bart?m.—Lady's handsome Gold Watch, cost 4 .j •fA ,uineM, only 21s, at Fligelswne's. A -ttargkini".—Fligelstone has forfeited liD first-class Silver English Levers, only 253 each, nearly new. A1 Bargaios.-Fligelstone's Feather Bed, Bolster, two APillows, over 651bs. weight, newlinen tick, only 35s. -A-1Bg¡;s.=F-tiglstõne's Wooden Clocks, f?om Is 11? ANickel Clock, is ?d AJ&rms, Is l1d. all warranted A 1 Bargains.—Fligelstone's has forfeited 20 Gents'Solid Gold Alberts, 25s each 20 Ladies' at 21s each. A LWAYS Get Money from Fligelstone's, P.C.P. Ad- vances Daily on Gold and Silver Valuables. 0 AKHRS Troughs, all sizes, 111 stock: also Coburg, equal to new.—Tur.ks. 3, Mill-lane, Cardiff. 247 RY Not having any to-day.jewellery too JU» jjbenp ^Clothing next to nothing at Blaiberg's Arcade T->URGI,ARY11 Not paying! I should think not.— South Wales Welsh Flannel Shirts. 4s lid. 563e NotTin Cardiff.—Welsh Flannel Drawers. Is 10à.  I i Not paying ? I see it now. He reads :— Suits, 21s ? *°? ??' ?? 6d warranted fast BUKGLAKY !!—The Diamond Kings sold at B5 light up thewhole room like electric light. Not paying? Why?-Gold Jewellery so cheap at Blaibeig s Arcade. DURGLA RY M Not paying Why »—3idwt. 22ct. Wed- (ling Riiags for 19s at Blaiberg's Arcade. DURGLARY Not paying 1-'VhY2-GoldWeddi -B R"?s. wide, 5a 6d, at Blaiberg's Arcade. UP Rl?YN?t pa; iig WhY?-Silver Lever, by J S  Wright, 21s, at Blaiberg s Ar?d T-iU £ \G^ARY Not worth the trouble] Wiiy ?—Read Blaiberg s Ateade Advertisements and Note Prices. TJURGLARY 1 [ Not pay acain. Why 2—BlaibeT^s Arcade are selling Ladies' Gold Watches, 35s. OURGLARY Not pay hgain.-Gold Siguet Ring, JJ 3,6d at Blaiberg s Arcade t?URGLAHY!' BesidM low prices. -AImMt? every house has oit? of Blaiberg's AnMnia Alarm, sold at 4s. YT:5tTUTRi?GnLrAARmY r,! ,1 Too rhky. Why ? -Blaiberg's Arcade r) aTe seUhr!? a large number of Revolvers, Eaf. li"h mak,e. &a 6d. OURGLARY 1 Too lisky. Why ??B)Mb?s's Arcade ?mo?eln?h such ?°'? ?'?°?'"= ?-? Is they can al, most, see in th ir sleep. "I 1URGLARY 1 Not pay again. Why people D don t go to bed early. They listen to the Musical Box sold for 50s at Blaiberg's Arcade.. DURGLARY Not pay again I Not even on wet nights. Everybody walking about with one of Blaiberg's Arcade Guinea Mackintoshes. Ur,(',LAP.Y!i Toori?ky! lvhy? Iftheyj)ickupo.e Bf Heywood's Table Knives we are done for 3s the ha?d?? ?"'? ? ? done for: 3s the URGLARY!! Too dadgeroui now! Wbvl If cap- tured, one of their 5s 6d Silver Curb Alberts are so strong there would be no getting away. jC'5IIÚ\ÜKGflAii ?dsrJewe'?-rWatcb?.?rd?? Foya Cycles, Furniture, Wringers.—Agents wanted JW? hotes?e book free.—Henry y (109), 352 best,to or will send 15 dozen seconds arti"eA tor 17., 6?d ? wn.te for lists-Webb and Co., Raitw?-paMaKe Lot?on?Sr?a'ofdshire. 781 K?OR Sale. Tw? Sets of Swuifs. one ??and?ne?our- A ropes aii? ladders. a!Icomp)ete.—5. Qciay-st, Cardiff.223 ???'?''? Cnte- Ladders, Trucks, Butnhers F' ,k, ?'? 4ft., Scales and Weights, ,-B¡ke, ^Ca.tu hays Yard, C:ndilf, jq "I^UR Boa (teal Ru?siin).-Dark brown, ^uite new, very A bushy, soft, silky Alaska Tail Boa, three yards loc? :Kdy requiring immediAte c.?h a.cept 19s 6d, worth B5 5s: sent for approve, carriage paid.—Mrs E. Hopktns 55, HaQdforth-rca.d?Bnxton-road. S.W. 512 ( _MTLEMEN, we sent OTcr 500 Suits last seaqor into Jj ('a ?, ti(I tlisbr-?et,. What more doynuw?nt? No t?uor c?n posMb'.y comnete with our All-wool Tweeds and 8el'c'e Suits ?° measure at 35" 6d. Write for patterns (free) -The Wool!en Comp&Gy. ?rudford. 250 ?REH? HpU.sK B?h-r?ud Pipe5forSaIeT;Ione?s Gexi)?insiozi joints, all complete: room wa.teù bar- K?m.—Mftrgnn.H.?tpjm?date-street. Grange, Cardiff. 160 ('LAS;8¡;'deE. llizfor Ciocksr Figl¡res:&r.heap. S AIsoI?hGiob's.—J. Cording, Naturalist, 42, Royal Arcade. Cardiff. 528 "T A1)Y'S finest quality new silk three-guinea Umbrella JLJ long real ivory carved handle, richly mounted with over 4-inch deep fine gold gilt hall-marked silver Fox's paragon frame accept 16s 6d npproTal t carriage paid.- H., 21, -os's:,ury-road. Clapham Junction. 841 ]\/f ILK Milk! Mi'k !—One Churn fresh Morning blilk XvA for Sale on rail Raglan 7.56: 15 p.e. creaxu.- Griffiths, Gwernmelyn, Raglan. 143 1\- /rILK.-RRihmy CaDs, excellent make KuaranteedT? at m to?esc price all dairy uten?it,t. A Iso deed boxes and general sheet metal work. Largest works in Wales —Cam- brian Tin Working Co., Dumballs-road, Cardiff (5 mmutes fromG.W.R.), 9!Se MANUFACTURERS'Remnants direct in 51b and ICib 1: J. Bundles. Stuffs. Calicos, Velvets, Shirtings, Flan- nelettes also Pinafores and Underclothing. Price List free.—J, Mitchell and Sons, 44, Well-st.. Bradford, York. PHIL Phillips Rheumatic Cure, 24,St. Mary-stree^ Cardiff. P IIIL Phillips' Rii(-,umzttic Ctire.-Socks 10s bd per X pair. Send size of boots. 226e PHIL Phillips' Rheumatic Cure.—Ladies and Gentlemen waited upon at their own residences. PHIL Phillips' Rheumatic Cure,—Cures Rheumatic < Gout. P HIL Phillips' Rheiimatic Cure.-Belts from 10s 6d. Seud measure of waist. pHIL Phillips' Rheumatic Cure.—Cures Sciatica. DHlL. Phillips' Rheumatic Cure.—Wristlets from 5s per 1. pair. PHIL Phil.ips' Rheumatic Cure.—Fresh Testimonials of cures daily. PHIL Phillips Rheumatic Cure.—For les 6d you can be Cured. PHIL Phillips' Rheu.D1'\tiC Cure.—Sole manufacturer, 24, It. Mar.V-E;tceet, I '1'0;Repr.i.el-A andJobbicgSmtths?For '-?e, TBel?ows, Ai??il, Vi", Smith's 100ls, Cycle Spokes. Stocks, Dies, Taps, Bosh, Shears, Punch. 2 Footprint Spanners, Chest, sundry other iirticles.-G. Morgan, Merthyr Vorge, Merthyr. 178 W ATCI-IES, Lever with warranty, at 35s, are only to be bought at Follick's. WATCHES, LadyV solid Gold, U 5?s, are only to be f" bought at F?Dick's. WATCHES, by all the best makers, are only to be wbeight' at Follick's. 954 -fT A TUH:J¡:S:¡-l;d.vy silver cases at 10s .d. are only to t he bought at FoHick's. WATCHES at the iowest prices, are only to be bought f f at Follick's WATCHES, solid silver, in order at 5s M, are only to be T v bought at Follick's. W ATURES, only go to Follick's, 40 and 41, Bridge- v v street, Cardiff. WATCHES by Skarrati Worcester, at 25s, are only to be bought at Polli k's. WATCHES, English Lever, for one guinea, are only to I TV be bought at Follick's. I ?7 ATCHES, the renowned 6s 6d, are only to be bought T t at FoUiek s. I 40,OWfeet Dunnage Boards and ScanUing for a.le c)so ?h 50 tons of Pine Deal Ends.—Apply John Coles, 23, Victoria-street, or top West Dock, Cardiff. 532 Oft. Fishing Rod, 5 pieces, used once also Fishing JL Basket. Stocinngii, and Brogues.—Apply W. Davies, Templetou House, Merthyr. 541 3 good Second-hand Scales, suit butchers or grocers set of Bell Brass Weights, very cheap.—Gibbon, Mill- ro 'd, Pontypridd. ie ?0.809 feet arst-ctas} inch Dunn?e Boards, Deals, i*y T Scantlings, and R"s?'? MMs, etc., ch?p.—Shitpttun, 18, Lcudoun-square, Cardiff. 324 P-,000 Gross Blauds PilK 6 £ d per gross, postage 2d.—The ,) Stores, Limited, Wolverhampuui. O ESPECTABLE Couple wish to take healthy Baby to _,t Arlopt as own good home.—State premium to N 345. Ech Office, Cardiff. 35 1\1 AlnÜED ?'°'?' "° ??'ly.?wouid??dop?strong. .n healrhy child: nice home: @Mtll premium.—N., careJhewsagenL, ??'?'?h.p?ce, Cardie. ANI ED, some kind lady to adopt Baby from birth as y °VTU no premium.—Applet 344, EchoOffice, Cardiff. A-N-TED. Person, to Adopt Female Baby. V v -Alp,y A. 169. Echo, Cardiff. 169 LADY wishes to sell Parcel of Eaby^s First. Clothes, supenor quality; tuite new: very cheap.—L 18 Lancaster-road, Fallowfield. Manchester. 39 I IT ADmS'. Gendemer.'s. Chddren'i-. Let-off Clothiiit2 Doizght.-A,Irs Rich, 57, road, C;k rdifr. Good £ H £ ilLi^l £ fIIiLBHii £ ^I!y- attended to. Furniture bought.209 Sli(HiN MRt. GAS Engine, i-li.p. NittiODal. in eood working order: to he sold cheap,—Apply Tunks, Mill-lane. Cardiff. 490 BALF-Horse power Gas Engine ana Chaffoutter for Sale; also silent Sausage Machine and Filler, with enamelled bowl and several Butchers' Blocks, very cheap, -Gibbon, Mill-road, Pontypridd. 6e WANTED, Corking and Syruping Machine combined, secondhand: Bratty's Rapid if possible cheap — Northern Co., Saltmead-road. Cardiff. 298 Wise KLLANF.OIis. ARTIFICIAL Legs, Arms, Eyes, Belts, Lev Irons, Spine A, Supports, Trusses.—The only Mr Pearce, maker. is st 4, Charles-street. Cardiff. 934 BILLHEADS, l.cpo, 4s 6d 1,C00 Business Cards, 4s 6j, 1.) (special line), 49. Bridge-st., Car&tff.-Rees. Mailett. and Stanbury. Printers. Football Fixtures, Testimonials, CIOALINE, Patent Coal Saver and Smoke Consumer] J Agents wanted in Wales, Ireland, Scotland. Liberal terms.—Coaline Co., Cardiff. 297 1URE for Piles.—Perfect cure guaranteed in most VJ stubborn cases; post free, 2s 9d, 4s 6d.—La Trobe, Chemist, St. Michztel s-hill Bristol. 638 PHRENOLOGY, Marriage, Business, Character, Palmis- L try, free.—Prof. Mayo. Castle Arcade, Cardiff. 805 PARALYSIS. cfSciatica. Rheumati-m"(Jured ExpeditT- JL ously.—Houghton's Electro-Hydropathic Establish- ment, Stuart House, Edwards-terrace, Cardiff. 255.. PROF. J. Allen, Phrenoloeist. kc., late of Cardiff, now at 9 High-srreet Arcade, Swansea. 250e V67"ATCHES Clocks and Jeweller i on the Hire SvsvenT f Atlas Varnishing Company. Ltd Hayes Cardiff 25,? 1K»KI A retired tradesman will,, Loans from L5 upwards. A-By letter only, 13. Romres{'ent, Cardiff. 139 MONEY at » fair rate of interest, advanced in any ).J sums without, delay; distance no object.—Apply, by letter or personally, to W. Williams, 36, Graig-street (late of Vine Cottage, I. Station-terrace). Pontypridd. 330e ARIAN ar log, heb na thraul na tliraffcrtli —Ysgrifenweh neu dewch yu bersonol at Lewis, 67, Castle-road, Roath, Caerdydd. 458 1-1A8-H-:=-.dvauces promptly made on reasonable terms V-* to responsible lious holders from £20 upwards. Trade bills discounted.—Appiy J. W. Williams, Accountant. 11. Duke-street, Cardiff. jgs i7iONEY, from £ 5 upwardT adv&nced to re-pectaMe ?JL Householders, Cah Proprietors, etc on own security. by the actual lender. J. 1'. Thompson, 71, Adam-street Car- diff- No fees. Office hours, 18 to 7 Wednesdays. 10 to 2. M R L. Reed. 56, Railway-street. ?loorsTcardiR'?dYances i?JL from ?2 to ?20. borrowers receive courteous and prompt attention. 459 <•25 to £ 5,000 Lent Privatelv, In any part of town or 3* country, to respectable people, on a Note of Hand alone, without Bondsmen or any Security. Exceptionally Low Interest Apply to H. THOMAS, Manager (Head Office), Victoria Chambers, 25, Bridge-street. Bristol. 286 ONEY LENT WITHOUT BILL OF SALEOR SURETIES, on Note of Hand, as follow £20-24 MONTHLY INSTALMENT f LO 111 4 1.50-24. £ 2 5 10 £100-24. £ 4 11 8 No Commission or Legal Expenses. A guarantee given of strictest privacy. Apply for prospectus to UNITED KINGDOM DEVOUT BANK 55, Craven-street, Strand, london. .93St AG. W, .¡:aJ.Ier- £ 1,CC0, £ 600, ?500. and B120 separate ?us, at B5 per cent wanted in good leasehold securities in Aberdare ?alleY-A.'B., Daily News Office. Cadiff. 2e I 200, £300, and LI? to Advance on Mortgage at per Cent. at once.—Morgan Morgan, Albert Chambers, b-street. Cardiff. 422  note of hand.-AIm!y. in confidence i? (letters only I. 69,Moy?road. Cardiff. 445 PRIVATE gentleman Advances Money, £ 5 upwards Clar easy t repayments as arranged.-Apply by letter. 4, Clare-street. Cardiff. 140 • IV| ONEY Lent upon Note of Hand. without Bill of Sale or Sureties, as follows 7?? 5. repavable in 24 monthly instalments of i? 2 5 ;cso. 24" 22 4 10 £ 100. ? ? ?? Larger sums in proportion. Strict privacy guaranteed. No commissions charged. Distance no object,Apply D. .WiUiams. 15,York-road. Waterloo Bridge. London.S.E. 57e f^JASH Advances made to any amount promptly, privately cand at a fair rate of interest; distance no object,- Apply, by letter only, to Mr C Lloyd, 24, Raglan-street, Newport. 995- _1_tS and upwards ,ranted daily to householders, withou rV sureties, no delay, no fees aLd confidential. Apply, by letter or personally, to P Gould, 88, Pontmorlais. Merthyr Tydfil, 20, Caroline-street, Bridgend, and at 3. Friars Park. Lummas- st, Carmarthen. i-toe PUBLIC NOTICE. RESPECTABLE HOUSE- P?- ?aOHLD?ERS are now ENABLED to BORIWW MO?EY in sums frf?n B3 to S500. All ?ppHcations. whether in Oardl1f or the surrounding towng, Me attended to without Letters Receive Prompt, Attenlion. <?TTf KV"PS jn^^LLACE & COMPANY, 98, QUEEN. STRXET, CARDIFF. 44 ?B?Entra.nee Rrst door at side. HE THE T0I' A I- K L I 1?IT E D, T 37.Bh, FIN.bBLRY-PAVEMENT, LONDON. EC. (Iucorporaced 1886). HAS UPWARDS OF £ 10,0C0 READY FOR IMME. DIATE ADVANCE. i,5 TO £500. Business transacted Quickly and Cheaply. Deposits received at Five per Cent. Interest. *w>ly to their Branch Manager, Mr W. P. Thomas. 19 and 20 Market-Bireet. Abertillery or J. H. Rimer and Don, Catherine-street, Aberdare Junction or W. p 7,. r and C°" Royal Exchange, Newbridge. 4968 T. l\¡-ON EY LENT kT IVE PER C ENlT .L FROM £ 2b to £ 2,COO. \? ? ? pay more, when a Private GenUeman is prepared to grant Advances to responsible perso?)?, Male or Fem?e t^eir £ °TE ?? HAND ALONE, in auy part of without loan otSoe formalities ? NO BILL OF SALE pR SURE-! IK? REQUIRED. ne Advance can be paid back by easy instalments, or can remain out from 1 to 15 years by paying the interest only. Call or write to the ac tual Lender, GEOIL G. COURTENaY, ESQ., 895e n 11. stroud Green-road. Seven Sisters-road, London, N. ONEY! MONEY! MONEY !-Don't be without t Money when you can obtain all Advanoe From L2 to ANY AMOUNT, on your own Security and Easy Repayments, as arranged. Apply o. HARRIS. Manager, 135 Central Advance Bank, 40, Wood-street, Cardiff. TO HONEST ANDTtE^PETCAI3LE"BORROWERS ONLY. The Catle Ad, vance Bank is prepared to Advance Money at the lowest rate of interest. Without Sureties or Bonds- men. On Your Own Note of Hand Alone. You must bear in mind that we are no agents, and that you are dealing with the firm direct. If you prefer prompt tretment and stric??es? privacy apply, personally or by letter, to GEORGE DAVIES & CO.. CASTLE ADVANCE BANK. 207. CASTLE-ROAD. CARDIFF. 142 L O A N s ] MONEY LENT in small or large sums. repayable by easy weekly instalments or arranged to suit borrowers, con- venience. The terms and interest will be quoted before any business i8 done. Strict privacy. No delay. Apply, per- sonally or by letter, to R. PHILLIPS, 628 18. CHeRCH.TREr;T. CARDIFF. A IS PrePai £ d tomakelMM l EIATE A ???'???? ? P''epared tnm?kViMM 'DIA.TE ADVAN?t? s ??' 'TRICTLY PRIVATE CASH £1'J TO LI,000 TO Professiooal Ladies and No Fee of any description. Gentlemen, :) of S.I?. iMdesmen. M o .?ne or j?? exposure. | No objectionable exposure. Iiiqtiii-:es. ™arkeu Uardcners malities. Hotel _Proi?tf-to?. And at a Reasonable Rate Job Ma,t"'rs. „ "? lnte? est. And all c]ase. ox note of HAXD ALONE. T 5 .b.rrowers are Cautioned against the flattering AdvertIsements that appear daily. The majority of them  from Agents, whose Sole Object is tjo Obtain Fees ?kr!i descriptions. APl»icauts can lely upon it that by ..pp]yiug to me they do so in conMenco. and that they will be treated in a fair and business-lik? manner.-Appiy „„ M. BARNETT,  233? — H Caroliue-istr?t. Cardiff. T HE DIRECTORS or i s FLFLE*NG AND CO (LIMITED Advance Daily Sums fro S5 TO BLCuO. Method of Bur,i a ess FAIR INTEREST. EASY REPAYMENTS ABSOLUTE PRIVACY. NO DI'lLAY. NO SURETIES TRADE llILLS DISCOUNTED. Prospectus and Particulars Free Apply at either Addresses below Head Office THE HAYES BUILDINGS' ALBKtlT-VHAMBERS, STOW-RILL NEWPORT 4. ST. CATHERINE ST.. PONTYPRIDD {Opposite Police Station) lie ONEY PRIVATELY. PROMPTLY, AND CHEAPLY, THE NATIONAL MERCANTILE BANK, BALDWIN-STREET, BRISTOL, The Directors of this old-established, well-known *ffice, Waving large available funds, offer unusual facilities to all respectable and trustworthy persons who require either ??''? ^permanent assistance. Cash in amuuuts from t.?0 to £10,000 a,dvanced in aU parts of the kingdom without sureties, delay, or publicity, and on the security only of the borrower's written promise to renay. These advances may be repaid by weekly, monthly, or quarterly instalments extendwl; over a period of time convenient to the borrower, or the principal may remain so long as the interest is paid. No Bills of Sale til.ken, a.nd the transactions are not pub- lished in any newspaper or gazette. Apply, stating amount required, Hi Mr T. C. MILBURN. General Manager. NOTE.—Specially advantageous terms for Loans on Life liasurance Second Mort^ages.SBSe (Education. EDUCATION (G-MLS).-i8gs. yearly B- for board, laundress, English. French, music, sinking, and dancing Cow knpt. No extras, French governess. Gymna-dum, tennis. References. Pros- II pectus. view of large house and grounds.—Governess, No. 4. College Court, Gloucester. Stations on M.R. and G. W.R. 552 |] jpRIEST AND (10.,1 60, KINGS ROAD, CANTON, CARDIFF. WIRE NETTING, IN 50 Yard Rolls. i' 3in. Me?b 2ft., 3/- j 2in Mesh 2ft., 4/- oft., 61- 4ft.. 8'- CORRUGATED RoofingSheets,2ft3iu wide Vy 5ft. long I/I14 I 8ft. long, l/10Vs 6ft. „ 1/4'v 9ft, „ 2/212 7ft. | 10ft. „ 2/131/2 BEST ROOFING FELT, in 25 Yard Rolls 3s 7d, 4s lOd, and 6s 4d per Roll. GALVANISED STEEL TANKS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION 457 PRACTICE TRUE ECONOMY BY DEALING DTRECT WITH THE MANUFACTURERS. SOOTCH wOOL AND GQ^ OSIERY STORES (PLKMTNG, REID & CO., GREEOCK, N.B.), 20 HIGH.STREET ARCADE, CARDIFF, And 7, OXFORD STREET, SWANSEA. Over 70 Branches throughout Scotland and England, KNITTING WOOLS, KNITTED HOSIERY SHAWSWATER DRESS FABRICS, Direct from the Greenock Mills. Price List and Crochet Instruction Book FREE en application to above Address, or FLEMING, REID & CO., The Worsted Mills, GREENOCK, N.B. 71e NEW SERIES OF SHORT WORKS OF FICTION BY EXPERIENCED WRITERS OF FICTION. SPECIALLY ARRANGED FOR PUBLI. CATION IN THE CARDIFF FJPIMES AND gOUTH ^TALES^TEEKLY^ EWS. THE FIRST STORY OF THE SERIES IS "JJNDER JJIGH PRESSURE, BY GEO. M. FENN' Author of "BLACK BLOOD; or THE LASS THAT LOVED A SOLDIER," "THE TIGER LILY," &c., AND WILL APPEAR IN OUR COLUMNS ON AUGUST 17TH. The Stones are attractive, the authors are clever, and the entire series of a character to give general satisfaction. LIST OF SOME OF THE TALES :— "UNDER HIGH PRESSURE," By GEORGE MANVILLE FENN. "UNCLE JIM," By GILBERT PARKER. "THE LOVE THAT LOVES ALWAY," By HELEN MATHERS. "THE DOCTOR'S STORY," By DARLEY DALE. MY MYSTERIOUS FELLOW PASSENGER,' By R. ASHE KING. THE WOMAN OF THE SANTA SALVATOR, By MAX PEMBERTON, ■aatfao; 91 "The Irop Pirate." (^jemrstons. j BRISTOL CHANNEL PASSENGER I SERVICE, LIMITED. j CARDIFF AND WESTON, By LADY MARGARET, Scotia, ctc, Weather and Circumstances permitting. AUGUST, Leave CARDIFF Fri. 9.—9.20, 11.20 a.m., 5.30, 7.30 p.m. Sat. 10.—7.0, 9.20, 1L10 | .5 .? 0 p.m. Leave WESTON Fri. 9.-10.20 a.m., 12.20' I (via Clevedon), 6.30, 9.15, Sat.R.O, *10.20 a.m. 12.10, 8.45 p.m. r«oTE.—steamer will call at Penarth Pier to and fro every trip except those marked (*). CARDIFF AND ILFRACOMBE, i BY LOELNA DOONE, or other suitable Steamer. AUGUST. LEAVE CARDIFF. ? Fri.9 9.45a.m. I' S&t. 10 9.45 a.m, Mon. 12- 10.0 &M. Toes. 13 9.30 a.m. StCI!Jrna. "11 LEAVE ILFRACOMBE. Fri 9 5.30 p.m. I Sir. 10. 4.0 p.m. I Mon. 12 6.0 p.m. I Tues. 13 4.30 p.m. 'V-<OL nilt C"il at fenartu ana oit Lynmouth to and fro. DEVON AND CORNWALL. tEvXcCrL SRiS-IION with the above sailings, CHEAP EXCURSION TICKET will be issued to certain Stations on the London and South-Western Railway, available FOR ONE MONTH. Return tickets available for 14 davs will also be issued on August 10th at special cheap fares. For fares and particulars see bills. SPECIAL EXCURSIONS THIS DAY. FRIDAY, AUGUST 9th, CLOVELLY. Leave Cardiff, 9.45 a.m. Clovelly, 4.0 p.m. MINEHEAD (Evening Trip). Leave Cardiff 5.45, Minehead 9.0 p.m. CLEVEDON Leave Cardiff 12.20 a.m. (via Weston); Clevedon 4.0 p.m. SATURDAY. AUGUST 10th, BRISTOL. Leave Cardiff 7.30 a.m. (direct), Bristol 8.30 p.m. MONDAY. AUGUST 12th, TEN-BY (DIRECT, Bv LADY MARGARET. Leave Cardiff 9.30 a m., Tenbv 5.30 p.m. CLOVELLY, By LORN A DOONE. Leave Cardiff 10.30 .m.. Cloveliv 4.30 p.m. I PORLOCK. Leave Cardiff 12 cor, Porlock 5.15 p.m (via Weston), For further particulars and subsequent sailings see bills, or apply to j EDWARDS, ROBERTSON, & CO., ._S°? ?7e 105. Bute Docks, Cardiff. ID A I E ir?AILY SEH ??Y?C?E -? BETWEEN CARDIFF and WESTON I By the mpgniticeut Salmon Steamers WAVERLEY & RAVENSWOOD, Weather and Circun.stances Permitting. ¡ ALGUsT. LEAVE CARDIFF. (., *0 I, 1 Fri. 11.10 a.m., 5.20, l.jXi p.m. Sat. 10—*7.10, 9.15 a.m., 12.15,6.15,8.0 p' .m. X-„.„ fill 1 LEAVE WESTON Fii. 9.—*10.10 a.m., 12.10, i 6.20, 8.1U p.m. Sat. 10 —*8.0, 1C.15 a.m., twi,c.-iiie itume creamers will call at Peuarta Pier Ksery Trip except trips luatked thus*. (JFECIAL EXCURSIONS FROM CARDIFF By theCAMBRIA, WESTWARD HO, RAVENSWOOD, j and \YA \"Ei:ŒltY. TO-IIA Y. LYNMOUTH and ILFRACOMBE.—Leave Carilifi i S.O a.m. ilfracombe, 5.0 p.m. Lynmouth 5.35 p.m. FRIDAY, AUGUST 9th, to MONDAY, AUGUST iZtn. THREE DAYS at Cardiff £ .0 a.m. on Friday, Aug. 9th, returning from Tenby 4.30 p.m on Monday, Aug. 12th. J'ares—single, 3s 6u a.nd 4s 64 or to return on >iomHy. 5s 6d and 6s 6d. FRIDAY, AUGUST 9th. MUMBLES.—Leave Cardiff 11.15 a.m., returning frc)iii itic- p.iii? ?HOLt-?AYTRIPt.) CHEPSTOW.—Leave Cardiff 7.0?.m. Cheps?ov. ?-?O p.m. 7.0:1.tii.. Cl?eps?o,, to CLEVEDON and CHEPSTOW. LVE-NING'I'RIP Chepstow, 9.0 p.m. C?eve- 7.0 -1 CI)er,stosv, p. M. SATURDAY. AUGUST 10TH. SATURDAY till MONDAY a.t MINEHEAD, LYN- MOUTH, ILKR ACO.MBE, and CI,OVFLLY. -Leave Cfiidift 9.15 a.m., Iifracombe 6.0 p.m., Lynmouth 6.35 p.m., Minehead 8.0 p.m. MONDAY, AUGUST 12TH ?I?EHEAD. LYNMOUTH, ILFRACOMBE, and CLOVJ LY — Leave Cardiff 9.30 a.m., Clovelly 4,W p.m., IJfracombe 6.0 p.:n., Lnllllont.h 6.35 p.m., Mine- head o.O p.m. T.U,.NliY (dii,ect).-Leave Cardiff 10.15 a.iia., Teiiby 4.30 p.m. I<or Fares see Kills, and for any further particulars apply to Or to P. and A. Campbell, Ltd.. Bristol. 310- J-wblir .$1VÏÍff.5. c A R D I F P TRIENNIAL MUSICAL V>' JLS-EIVAL, SEPTEMBER 18, 19, 20, AND 21, 1895. PRINCIPAL VOCALISTS -MADAME ALBANI, MISS ELLA RUSSELL. MI-S I-LOEENCEOLIVKR, MISS CLARA :DV iT. AIP. BE-N DAVIES. MR WHITNEY MOCKRIDGE, MR WAT KJN MILLS, MR PLUNK ET GREENE, MR D. FFRANGCON DAVIES, MR DOUGLAS POWELL. Wedsesdav MORS—'linel's ST. FRAXCIS" and Wagner Selection, EVEN—Mendelssohn's ST. PAUL." THURSDAY MOR'<—Vfrdi's"RKQUI)-:M," Stanford's Ode "TH L BARD," ond David Jenkins's PSALM OF L'.FE.' F.vkk—Berlioz F USF." FRIDAY Mor.X—Spohr's LAST JUDGMENT" and Beethoven's "CHORAL SYMPHONY." "LIGHT OF THE WORLD," SATURDAY MORN—" THE MESSIAH." EVEN-MISCELLANEOUS CONCERT. CONDUCTOR SIR JOSEPH BARN BY. SERIAL TICKETS :—President's Gallery, S4 4s Balcny (2 Front Rows). 1-3 10s Balcony (Back Row). £3 Area, £21015 Sing e Admissions, from 17s 6d to 2s 6d. Plans open at Mr W. Lewis's, 22, Duke-street, on and after August 1st. Detailed Programmes may be obtained on applica- tion to the Secretaries, Festival Offices, "8, High- street, Cardiff. 935e 4812 cn 0 s s R (J T H E R S WORKING STREET, CARDIFF. SPECIAL VALUE IN BEST GALVANISED CORRUGATED JRON gREETS 11 TO COVER 2 FEET IN THE CLEAR. PRESENT CASH PRICES 5ft, long, h l?d each. 8t't., 1? lO2dpersheet. 6,rc. „ Is V/2d „ 9n,.2<2y2a 7ft. Is 7?-1 llt't., 2?6?d RIDGING. NAILS, WASHERS, GALVANISED IRON CISTERNS. TANKS. BEST QU ALl lY ROOFING FELT 32 in.wide, 38 9d, 5s, 6s 8d, per rol: of 25 yards. THE QUEEN 1-)k ESTAURANI (Adjoining Station), STANWELL-ROAD, PENARTH. FOR LUNCHEONS, DINNERS, TEAS, &c. HIGH-CLASS CAKES AND CONFECTIONERY. PICNIC AXD OTHER PARTIES CATERED FOR.  I Ijj I N I N G !> O O M S TO ACCOMMODATE 130 PERSONS. Write foi- Term5 \()- H. R. WILLIAMS, PROPRIETOR. 837e jjOMCEOPATHIC INSTITUTE, AL 76, GLERF.-STR1.ET, PENARTH 5. rREDERICE TREET, CARDIFF. Homoeopathy is the New Therapeutics." It cures quickly, safely, and pleasantly. Thousands benefited where Allopathic treatment failed. He who refuses new remedies must endure new evils. Hours -10 to 11, 3 to 4, and 6 to 7 dailv. J. 1-1 t;ATH & SUS6' PIANOFORTES AND ORGANS. SPECIAL PRICES FOR THE SUMMER MONTHS Cash. M'lithlv. Walnut Case, full-compass trichord, £ s. d. panel front, 3ft lOin high,. 15 JO 6 Similar Model, superior qmdily 17 11 S Vanderbolt Model, iron frame, "full-com- pass. trichord, machine-covered ham- mers, 3ft lOin I-,igil 20 14 0 Vanderbolt Model. 2in higher, superior quality 22 15 2 European Model, full compass, iron frame, full trichord, metal plank bar, plated bolts, sconc-.s, incised and gilded plwel and trusses, 4ft 3ii: high 26 18 9 Ditto, check notion. 28 IP 10 Association Model, ?ft 2in high, burr walnut, prize medal design. A first- class instrument at a moderate ix-iee, vplthallthemostinodernimpvovements 31 22 ORGANS FROM £ 5. Before Purchasing do not fail to see our Stock and compare our Prices and Terms. SHOWROOMS 51, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF ;70, TAFF-STREET, PONTYPRIDD. Agencies at Aberavon, Cadoxton, Caerphilly, Bridg end, Maesteg, and Penarth. 9431 MJILJMPSON^ I; UIU>OCK ~FTLL57: X THK GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER.—Puhfyih, foulest blood a,nd relieve e,erv disease of stomach liver and kidneys. These wonderful Pills cur diseases which could not be reached by any other modi cine. For Rheumatics, Lumbago, Piles, Gravel, Pains in the Back, Scurvy, Bad Le^s, Wound" or White Swelling, Scrofula, Cancers, Bioi c'ues on the Face a.nd Body, Swelled Feet, &c., Jaundice, Dropsy, and Fever of all kinds. In boxes M Is lid and 2s CJ(I each.—Sold by all chemists, o from t*p uianufact"•<•■>• Oxfoid tic* \1 i E W P 0 r T 0 F F I C E 8 < OF THE SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS," '8, BRIDGE STREET. ISitstwas bbrtSltl. ouft B A D_VERTtSEMBN!8 4be iPtta GARMENTS 0US!TOfii E RJS W Ê A a.. PIASTERS AND CO. C LOT B I E R S. CARDIFF, SWANSEA, NEWPORT MERTHYR, PONTYPRIDD, aEBJC. FORD, ABERDARE, PONTYPOOI* ABERGAVENNY, LbANELLY. law m Oh :publít J\mnstmtnts. CARDIFF. TS U A T R ID ROY A L & LESSEE & MANAGER. MR EDWARD FLETCHEE. FRIDAY, AUGUST 9lh, and during the week. F; A. SCUDAMORE'S COMPANY, Specially organised for the Production of his OrigUuJ Sensational Drama, JpLlGHT FOR LIFE, Introducing the latest scientific marvel of THE FLYING MACHINE. Doors open at 7 o'clock. Prices 6d to B2 2s. rj^HEATRE ROYAL. MONDAY NEXT, Aug. 12th, first production of Dr. Joseph Parry s Nen Lecendary Grand Opera, SYLVIA, Libretto by Mr Mendelssohn Parry. The following renowned artistes wiU appear Miss Louie Van Dalle, Miss Hannah Jones, 1\11' Maldwyn Humphreys, Mr Meurig James, and 1\<11' Franklin Clive. Powerful Chorus of 60. Augmented Orchestra of 40. ConducLOr-Dr. JOSEPH PARRY. Special train Great Weswrn Railway from Swansea, Aug. 15th. leavjng High-street 2,10 p.m. return train. 10kj p.m. Rhymney Th,¡,i¡w;¡,y-Late trains at 11 p.m. to Caerphilly Thursday ana Saturday only. Taff Vale Railway-All passengers oill be Hllowed to travel at singie fare and a quarter for the double journey OR each day during the we"k ending the 17th August by the two trains due at Cardiff at 4 35 and 6.51 p.m. The tickets to be available to return by tlle 18.55p.m. train. Parties purchasing Theatre Tickets will be admitted by Early Door withour extra charge. Time and pr1. as ual. Box Plan now open. rTlE EM P IRE. MAJ^GBB OSWALD srolJ" TO-NIGHT THE J £ KENE& pEEVES COMBINATION, IN LUCETTE'S HUSBANDS." Miss KATE REEVE, Miss MARIE ASHTON, Miss MAUD MONTGOMERY, ALEC. G. PEARSON, VICTOR DU CAN EDWIN KEENE, and THE MASCOTTE FOUR, A charming Quartette of Dancing Girls. Miss MELINDA MAY, the Crusoe" of the Pan:omime at the Grand last Christmas. T. W, NEWTON, a most original Ventriloquist. Miss MDiIE MOORE, Contralto, pupil of Garcia and Roidegger. Miss DOT MCCARTHY, light Comedy Songstress and Dancer. D. W. WATSON, Cornet Soloist and PosLhorM expert. The BROTHERS LANG, Appallmg Knockabouts. WKEK- NEXT WEEK— GEO. BEAUCHAMP, BANELLO and MILLAY, the Burlesque Whistlers, from the London Empire. O'CONNOR and BRADY, Ac, R A N D T H E A T R E. \jr LESSEE & MAK?GER. Mr CLARENCE SOUNE& Enthusiastic Reception of the Great Military Play, THE TWü |_| USSABSg Enormous Success of THE GRAND LADIES ORCHESTRA, TO-NIGHT AND EVERY EVENING at 7.50. Doors open at 7. Prices, 6d to £11s. MONDAY NEXT, the la.test London success, mil TRIUMPH OF THE PHILISTINES," from Sit, James's Theatre. AUGUST 19TH, "HIS EXCELLENCY." Seats booked at the Theatre daily from 10 to li. <g TOLL'S pANOPTICUIi PHILHARMONIC HALL and BUILDINGS, | SI. MARY-STREET. EXHIBITION AND NOVELTY PALACE. AUTUMN CARNIVAL ONE WEEK ONLY. Twelve Continuous Amusement. THE WRESTLERS. JACK WANNOP and TOM THOMPSON. MAGGIE EDWARDS. HYDE and HILTOK SISTERS LAURIE. FRANK WHITELY. BOB GATES. SISTERS CUNNINGHAM. SMITH and JOHNSOX. ALICE OAKLEY NELLIE COLEMAN. Incidental Side Shows of a diverse character A Mammoth aggregation of Heterogeneous Amusements. AMISSION, SIXPENCE. I SPECIAL SEATS, Is and Is 6d.' S W ANSEA. rp H E E MPI R E? MAAGn'G DIRECTOR, .OSW ALD STOLL. TO-NIGHT O'CONNOK and BRADY, The Funny Inflators they perform everywhere to f running commentary of roars of laughter. THE TWO BOSTONS, Another pair of extremely laughter-provoking proclivities. Varieties by or,her artistes. Next Week.— Pish and Warren, The Bros. Lang, The Harlows. NEWPORT. m II F, E M F I R A Managing DIRECTOR .?S?ALU STOW^ TO-NIGHT. GEO. BEAUCHAMP, The original Oit yer air cut," in all new songs. THK SIStERS WRIGHT, FRANK LEON, CORA THE MKZZET'l IS, S THREE SISTERS PAYNE, VE-NIE FOSTESCUE, and THE HARLOWS. Next Week-The Keene Reeves' Combination iu Lucette's Husbands." PONTYPRIDD. OOYAL CLARENCE THEATRJf IV PONTYPRIDD. Proprietors—MESSRS TRENCHARD AND JONES. SATURDAY, AUGUST 3RD, AND DURING BANi HOLIDAY WEEK, Important Engagement of Messrs Rogers and Vomer's Company in £1.000 REWARD MONDAY, AUGUST 5TH, AFTERNOON PER- FORMANCE at 2.30. Popular Prices. 99to CHüOL Treats, Picnic, and Large Partial K? Catered for on the most reasonable trms" Abergavenny, Raglan Castle, and other places 4 attraction bv C, H. SAYCE. CATERER AND CONFECTIONER, ABERGAVENNY. All kinds of conveyances at low charges. Large ten4 and field and every accommodation for large and smaB parties. 691 GREAT AMERlCAN PRESCRIPTION Twenty years' research lias brought to light guaranteed Remedy for NERVOUS DEBILITY Weakness, Dimness of Sight, Bladder, Gravel, Kidney and Liver Complaints. This I rescription is in tile hands of a Minister, whe wiil befriend anyone mfferiM from these enervating diseases. It has CUREÐ THOUSANDS. Merely send self-addressed stamped envelope to the Rev. David Jones, Ray Villa., Lowes, when this Prescription will be sent FREE ofCHABGJ —name the paper. 9J