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S MINTS# ^LIKRTSUS. tm —mm mm XSTOP ONE MOMENT Oh, dear doctor, must my darling die? X V There tery little hope, but TRY •Zt £ OF THE MOST REMARKABLE REMEDIES OF THE AGE. TUDOR WILLIAMS PATENT JJALSAM OF JJONEY. Thousands of children have been saved from an untimely death by the prompt use of roDOR WILLIAMS' BALSAM OF HONEY. No Mother should neglect: to keep this Infallible &emedy in the house ready for any emergency. Remember that it is triger U) check a slight Congh at the commencement than t.e iJ.I. ill to develop iuto a I ngering complaint DO NOT FORGET TO GIVE IT TO THE BABY. OVER 4,000 TESTIMONIALS TO HAND FROM ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD. A OE EMPLOYER OF LABOUR SPEAKS HIGHLY OF IT tfind your Tudor Williams' Balsam of Honey very useful for colli or congiu, Keep a. bottle always by me. My children have also found much benetit trora tt in case of Bronchitis and Cough. Yours truly BJBNJ. PETrY Of the Firm of Messrs Pett, Sons, Ltd., White Hall Printers, Leeds. January 17, 1833 PARENTS THINK IT A GOLDEN REMEDY SIR,—I consider it my duty to send you this testi- stomal of the great benefit my child has derived from your grand Tudor Williams's Patent Balsam of Honey. She has ren it foe tbree years She has been troubled witt) bronchitis since 14 weeks old. She is now 6 years old, and since I discovered this prepara- tion I consider my child out of ganger, and no need to call in any medical man. Veura faithfully, MRS BOITD. 17, Argyle-street, Darwers. January ilsc lt595. Sold by all t'lieuiisu and Stores all over the World at 11 llkd, 'da 9d. and 4s 6d per bottle. Sample bottle sent (post paid) for Is id, 5s, and 5s from the inventor, D. rjlUDOR ^RILLIAMS, MEDICAL HALL, ABERDARE. f JSV L7e—1177 THE ROATII FURNISHING CO. i¡2, CASTLE-ROAD. AND VERE-STREET, aOATH, CARDIFF, Baving just restocked our extensive Showrooms with a complete New Selection of JQOUSEHOLD JPURNITURE, We are prepared TO supply same at a REDUCED PRICE FOR CASH OR ON OUR NEW HIRE SYSTEM. DINING & DRAWING-ROOM SUITES In various designs and coverings, BEDROOM SUITES fa "Il kinds of woods-Mahogany, Walnut, S&TIA Walnut, and Ash. BUNGLES. PERAMBULATORS, MAIL CARTS. FLOORCLOTHS CARPETS, etc., etc. Just received, a Larr. Stock of WICKER CHAIRS, TABLES, CRADLES, etc. /TI. GOODS DELIVERED FREE. CATALOGUES POST FREE ON APPLICATION. Note our onl > Address in Cardiff" ROATH JPURNISHING CO., <2, CASTLE-ROAD & VERE-STREET, ROATH, CARDIFF. 55s FOLLICK. ?AWNBROKER AND JEWELLER, 40 & 41 BRIDGE STREET, CARDIFF. ADVANCES MADE ON JEWELLERY, PLATE AMU ALL KINDS OF PORTABLE PROPERTY. Largs Fireproof Safes kept for the reception Valuables. On Sums exceeding 40s, 4d in the £ interest. A Largs Selection of Unredeemed Diamond Rings and J ewellery always on Sale. •p^fcKCHAM'S tlLLS. JJEECHAM'S PILLS. BEKCHAM'S PILLS. JD Worth a Guinea a Box. B EECHAM'S PILLS. JD For Bilious Attacks. BECRAM SPILLS. For Nervous Disorders. EECIIAM'S PILLS. For Indigestion in all its forms. BEECHAM'S FILLS. For Wind and Pains in the Stomach. EECHAM'S PILLS. For Sick Headache. EECHAM'S PILLS. JO Have saved th lives of THoosands. BEECHAM'S PILLS For Giddiness. JSECHAM'S PILLS. jO For Fulness and Swelling after Meals. EECHAM'S PILLS. JO Are Worth a Guinea a Bor. BEECHAM'S PILLS. A Wonderful Medicine for Females of all Asrej. 996o ■ AHS k COi\ii*AlS V. ADULTS FUNBRA1-S IstClas with Best Hearsed Coach, on theMos modern principle, a pair of their velllowwJ Memish-brMl llorswi to oach, one-incb Elm ?,fllsh«- Coflin. boat registered Furniture, with elaborate n? me plaui engraved, Hft" aatiu-crimnwl robe, id sel ittendanee — 8 Marsh <ft Co.'s 2ad Class ditto, ditto J J • Ma«sh A Co.'s 3»U, with improved earvfage «. 3 3 Matsli ift Co.'s 4th, ditto, ditto. — lU CilH-DUKN'S J'U N EBAtA Including pair el Flemish-bred Horses, modern Coaek Willi all the latest improvements. Polished Coffin, ined with thus nrln..j. aail attendance— 0. Under Under twe years 1 8 Otte-horae Carriage, including eofll. CO"erelt in black, blue, or polished, lined with flan- met, modern coach, and attendance. Under six months — 0 16 Under one year — — — Und And so on in proportion. Handsome Car. Carretl or Plain PluMed Haarse Mounting Coaches and Broughams, Ostrich rliiines, Ac A1) Dlt KSH: 21s 80. ST. MARy-STKJOKT. CARPI* F. FJlEKTJJ I RJLEETH RJ^IIETH I A COMPLETE SET ONE GUINEA 8INOJ.K live Years' Warranty. Priie Medal. QOODMAN A CO., 10, DUKE-STREET, AND 56, QUEN. STREET, CARDIFF. ARTIFICIAL TEKTU PAINLESSLY PITTED by Atmospheric Suction, at one-third the usual ehaigea ICe Extractions necessary perfaet and permanent life-like appearance speeial 80n "ALATiM for Xeader Gams perfect for Mastication and SMech. t'OUM i'tiY One Visit, and railway fare allowed. Special at, tentiougivente Repairs, Rxtractions,Stopping TKSTIM0HIA.LS.-Dr ANDREW WILSON (late «ys;—" I caM recommend Mr Goodman as a very skilful and lininane Dentist. His rea- sonable charges should attract to him all claawes.' Consultations Kree.—Speciality In WniTJt ENAMEL *mtdOLl> FILLINGS, AMERICAN DfCNTI.STICY.amr PLATELKSij PALATE8. Before entering look for the Name— QOODMAN Jc CQ., QUKKN-ST., & 10, DUKK-STRKSr, CARDXJTV. 15. CASTLE-STRBKT, SWANSEA. PONTYPRIDD-96, *AFF-STBEKT (over aiamownw- shite Bank), 52e—iZH AND At 88, HIGH-STREET, NEWP«Pt. AND At 88, HIGH-STREET, NEWPOtM. .^ta^oltaticms Free. Hours, 10 M It IBusimss :Ahbrt5stZ4 ..II. WILLIAMS'S. FUR N ISH I N G EMPORIUM, J^IGH-STREETS CARDIFF. -=a GREAT A NNUAL GTOCK-TAKINGL SALE FURNITURE. JGEDSTEADS, DEDDING, QARPETS, JILOORCLOTHS, 0HINA. and GARTHENWARE, JULY 2ND TO 30TH. EXOR3IOU5 AND MAGNIFICENT STOCK UNPARALLELED PRICES. WILLIAMS'S, 14 JJ IGH-STRESF, CARDIFF. 3536 54e STME liROS., Sent of the late Aid. Gaius An^i^tus Stone COMPLETE FUNERAL FIj UN IS HERS AND FUNERAL DIRECTORS. Every requisite for I-'miorals of all classes. Propriecors of Funeral Cars, Hearses, shîlIi. biers, a.nd Coaches, Superb Flemish Horses,etc. Price List 011 Application. Please Note the Only Address :— 5, WORK f NG-STREET. Telegraphic Address :— "STONE BROS., CARDIFF." 162e rpEETH.—Complete Set, One Guinea. 1 Five years' warranty.—GOODMAN Co, 10 Puke-street, and 66, Queen-strsst, Cardiff. 9e SOUTH WALES FURNISHING CO., 31, CASTLE STREET (OPPOSITE THE CASTLE, CARDIFF SOUTH WALES FURNISHING CO., QPPOSITE THE CASTLE, CARDIFF, "JJNDERTAKES TO SUPPLY rrHE BEST QUALITY IN FURNITURE Jl ON |_J IRE SYSTEM OR FOR CASH WITHOUT BILL OF SALE. A LI. GOODS DELIVERED FREE IN PRIVATE VAN. LOWEST PRICES CHARGED EASY PAYMENT SYSTEM YOLELY ADOPTED BY US. FURNITURE OF EVERY DESCRIP- JL' TION. "JJNAPPROACHABLE VALUE GIVEN. REALLY HANDSOME SUITE FROM £4108. NEWEST DESIGNS in FLOORCLOTHS AND LINOLEUMS. INSPECTION INVITED. SIDEBOARDS IN MAHOGANY, OAK, k3 AND WALNUT. HOUSES FURNISHED FROM TOP TO BOTTOM JNDEPENDENT OF DISTANCE. EXTRA CHARGE FOR CREDIT. GRAND DRAWING-ROOM SUITES, /COVERED IN EVERY DESCRIPTION > OF MATERIAL. ORDERS BY POST PROMPTLY AT- TENDED TO. MIND, DON'T FOIIGET OUR AD., l." DliESS. JPARTIES ABOUT TO MARRY ARE RECOMMENDED "1VTOT TO GO ELSEWHERE, BUT TO -Ll CALL ON US. YOUR ATTENTION IS CALLED TO JL OUR TERMS. £ 3 for Is 6d Weekly I £ 16 for 5s OD Weekly £ 6 2s 6D „ I £ 20 6s Od £10 4s Od 3ge OUR ADDRESS :-31, CASTLE-STREET. OPPOSITE THE CASTLE. CARDIFF. ¡ JJUGHES'S BLOOD piLLS. YOUR BLOOD IS BAD. TAKE THE GREAT BLOO RENEWER, HUGHES'S BLOOD PILLS, which have the Shape of a Heart on each Box). BAD BLOOD IN YOUR SYSTEM fs the Cause of your Suffering from SKIN DISEASE, HEADACHE, INDIGESTION, CONSTIPATION, X UILIOUSNESS, TORPID LIVER NERVOUSNESS, DEPRESSION RHEUMATISM. TAKE HUGHES'S BLOOD PILLS Without delay, and you will soon get relief. THEY CURE WHEN EVERY. THING ELSE FAILS. Suitable for Men, Women, Boys and Girls. They cleanse the system Irom all impurities. Sold by Chemists and Patent Medicine Dealers at Is lVjd, 2s 9d, 43 bll; or send direct to Maker, JACOB HUGHES, Manufacturing Chemist, Penarth, JJUGHES'S BLOOD TRILLS. PILLS.1210 SALEI SALE; 15, HIGA S T nEE T, QARDIFF. Q RIFFITH J AMES'S GREAT HALF-YEARLY CLOSE OF THE SEASON S A L E NOW PROCEEDING, AND CONTINUE FOR ONE MONTH, When all the Stook, together with several im. portant Special Purchases, will be offered at STARTLING PRICES 1 Purchasers all this Sale will be able to Save from 1654 >■ ESTABLISHED 1850. NAISH, 60, BRIDGE-STREET, CARDIFF, FOR ALL KINDS OF BASKET WORK. SEUPyUff) 1119.14&. PHAIAS RESEATED Repairs oi all kind, firogytft H«siiuaa :4\blJrt55tS. DA VID JONES t- LIMITED; THE pEOPLE'S JpoPUliAR FOOIJ pROVIDERSj N1iJW GEASON'S JAMS IN THE JJIGHEST pERFECTION; STRAWBERRY 8D. PER 2tR. itAR BLACK CURRANT 7D. II U « GOOSEBERRY 51f2d,.j » j. The HIGH QUALITY of out JAMS are 10 WELL KNOWN that tare heed only la, they are UNEQUALLED. NOTE OUR ONLY ADDRESS— "^TESTMINSTER STORES ^HARTON GTREET, QARDIFF. 62te DENTISTR"? AT CARDIFF TEETH. F I D. 0 w E N & CO;, SURGEON DENTISTS. Established Over Thirty Yeati, Attendance Dailv 9 till 8, at 42, QUEEN STftEET; CAltDIFF, AND 4, OXFORD-STREET, SWANSEA. Artificial Teeth fixed by Owen s Patent Stietioti; M, quiring no fastenings, Ac. No pain whatever. Nd extractions. For E;iting, Articulation, they are equal to the naturnl teeth. Warranted to last a lifetime. A Tooth from 50 5 0 Upper or Lower Set 0 Consultation Free Daily. Q.ENERAL J^LECTION vnrr OF THE pRINCE OF "rÀLES to ( ARDIFF. And other interesting items of News completely Eclipsed by the Extraordinary Value now being given by the NOTED CASH FURNISHERS, JgERRY AND £ JO.» QUEEN-TRIET. SEE BERRY & CO.'S Bedroom Suites ab 72a 6d. SEE BEtsRY & CO.'S Dining room do. at 70s. SEE BERRY & CO.'S Enormous Stock of Furni. ture, Bedsteads, and Bedding. SEE BERRY & CO.'S Bamboo Tables at Is 91hd, SEE BERRY & CO.'S Bamboo Poles at Is 914d. SEE BERRY & Bamboo Tables with Folding Flaps at 5s 9d. SEE BERRY & CO.'S Marble Top Washstand and Duchesse Table at 37" 6d per pair. SEE BERRY & CO.'S Grand Stock of Glass and China. SEE BERRY & CO.'S Celebrated Aerinda Por- traits, 20 by 16, in Massive Gilt Frame, at 14s. BERRY & CO. Sell only for Cash. BERRY & CO. Puck free and Deliver all Fur nishmg Orders Free to any Railway Station. Try them, and you will be sorry you have not done so before. "I'LL SWEAR UPON THAT BOTTLE.' —"Tempest, Act 2, Scene 3. JGEER IN JGOTTLE. ^yniTBREAD AND 00.'S (ItOBT BAKER, SOLE AGENT; LONDON COOPER, STOUTS AND ALES. AGENT IN N'KWPORT Q p\RKER, 12, FAIUOAK TERRACE, 7620 MAINDEK JADE'S piLLS. f^ILLS. All who suffer from Gout jj JL or Rheumatism should EKJIADE'S TRILLS. immediately have recourse Jji JT to EADE'S PILLS. Hun- ADE'S a >ILLS. dreds of Testimonials have i been received from all EADE'S PILLS. sorts and conditions of t men testifying to the SKILLS, wonderful power these n JL Pills have in giving relief in the very worst cases. These Pills are purely velte table and perfectly safe n their action. INSTANT RELIEF AND RAPIDLY CURE THE WOltST FORM OF GOUT, RHEUMATISM, RHEUMATIC GOUT, PAINS IN THE HEAD, FACE, AND LIMbS, And have the largest recommendation ever given any Patent Medicine of its class. HOULD NOW BE ILL IN BED. GOUT 107, Jubilee-terracs, Wolverhampton-road, Walsall,Nov. 22nd,1893. RHEUMATISM Dear Sir, -1 write to thank you for the very great GOUT amount of benefit I have re- ceived from using your mar. vellous Gout and Rheumatic RHEUMATISM Pills. I am glad to think I a.m able to write, as had it GOUT not been for your grand Pills I should have been unable to do so, and am quite certain RHEUMATISM I SHOULD NOW BE ILL IN BED. GOUT I am extremely thankful, as I can still keep at my work. I shall use every endeavour R H E U M A. TIS M to make your Pills more widely known. You may use GOUT this how you think proper.— I remain, yours faithfully, E. GUEST. HEUMATISM Mr George Eade, 72, Gos>vell-road, London. EADES GOUT AND RHEUMATIC PILLS. Are sold by all Chemists in Bottles, and 2i 9d or sent post free for Postal Order by the Proprietor GEOKGE EADE, 72, Goswell-road, E.C. Ask for and be sure you obtain, EADE'S GOUT AND RHEUMATIC PILLS EADE'S OILLS. JT 68e 1344 JUS'I7 ARRIVED THE NEW STOCK of MAIL CARTS & PERAMBULATORS for the coming season. All the very latest designs selected from the most noted Makers. The LARGEST STOCK in the WEST of ENGLAND and WALES to choose from. CASH or on EASY TERMS of PAYMENT. INVALIDS' CHAIRS on HIRE by the WEEK or MONTH. Repairs in all Branche s by First-class Workmen. A.. W. SPENCBK (Successor to Hy. Thomas), ST. JOHN'S CHURCH-SQUARE, CARDIFF. Sole Agent for Bradbury's Celebrated Sewing Machines. The New High Arm Lock-stitch Family Hand Sewing Machine, with Walnut Cover, S2 18s 6d. Rest value in th trade. 377e 2256 BUY ONLY OF THE MAKER. PEDLER'S UMBRELLA FACTORY AND LEATHER BAG WAREHOUSE. Umbrellas made to order. Re-covered and Repaired promptly. Sole Cardiff Agents for the celebrated PRINCE Umbrella. The strongest and smallest folding Umbrella made. Prices fcam 10s 6d to 70s. TRAVELLING REQUISITES of every description. Dress Baskets, Trunks, Solid Leather Portmanteaus, Gladstone. Kit, and all kinds of Hand Bags. Ladies' nd Gents' Dressing Cases. Toilet arid Manicure Cases, Etc.,in Large Variety. RICHLY MOUNTED WALKING-STICKS AND CANES FOR PRESENTATION. Note the Address r— W. PEDLER AND SON, 34, ROYAL ARCADE, CARDIFF. Established 28 Years. 1411—93 ON'T FORGET* THAT "VIRIDINE" is the CURE for CORNS.—This grand discovery has led many to imitate i but without gaining for such preparation the satisfactory results "virfafre b&s secured. In bottles, Is bv posfo )s 2d. pfrepigt, y High-jitffit, Cardiff. 3e fSttgmias JUFTRISSIS, THERE'S A BEST IN EVERYTHING." u I stippose ib'S fancy, but 1 can drink no Tea butPhillips's" This is a phrase Pliiliip9 and Cd; often hear; But why should it; be fancy ? Someoni must sell the Best Teat and why hot Phillips & Go: 1 You may by where you like, but yotf Will come back again to PHILLIPS & CO., TEA SPECIALISTS, 74-. QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF. 'J NEW SERIES OF SHORT WORKS OF FICTION BY EXPERIENCED WRITERS OF FICTION. SPECIALLY ARRANGED FOR PUBLI- CATION IN THE CARDIFF FJUMES AND sC)ut# w AjjESWPEKLVNIRW& THE FIRST STORY1 OF THE SERIES IS UNDElt HIGH pmssugg, Bt -i to; QJO; Mõ FENÑ, Artthhj bf "BtJACK BLOOD J or THE LASS THAT LOVED A SOLDIER," "THE TIGER LILY," &C., AND WILL APPEAR IN OUR COLUMNS ON AUGUST 17tH. The Stories ore nbtractive, the authors are clever, 1\<1 the entire series of a character to give general safeisfacbion. LIST OF SOME OF THE TALES "UNDER HIGH PRESSURE," By GEORGE MANVILLE FENN. "UNCLE JIM," By GILBERT PARKER. "THE LOVE THAT LOVES ALWAY," By HELEN MATHERS. "THE DOCTOR'S STORY," By DARLEY DALE. MY MYSTERIOUS FELLOW PASSENGER," By R. ASHE KING. "THE WOMAN OF THE SANTA SALVATOR, By MAX PEMBERTON, Author of "The Iron Pirate." "THE 4TH OF JULY AT JIMTOWN," By CAPT. JACK CRAWFORD, A Racy Writer, Chief of the U.S. Scouts. NURSE HASLAM'S STORY," By FLORENCE MARRYAT. THE PLAGUE SEALED VALLEY," By HUME NISBET, Author of The Jolly Roger." "VIA NEWHAVEN AND DIEPPE," By MRS ALEXANDER. A FREAK IN HYPNOTISM." By ALAN ST. AUBYN, Author of A Fellow of Trinity." A SHORT TALE WILL BE PUBLISHED WEEKLY. THE FIRST STORY OF THE SERIES IS "UNDER HIGH PRESSURE," BY QEO. M_ FENN. WHICH WILL APPEAR COMPLETE ON AUGUST 17TH. SANATIVE K I N SOAP, A Perfeotly Pure and Neutral Soap for th: Toilet and Nursery. Each Tablet is wrapped in a Certificate guaranteeing that SAN ATIVE SKIN SOAP s ks Contains NO Bad Fats. gANATIVE SKIN SOAP Contains NO Silicate or Sulphate of Soda. SANATIVE SKIN SOAP Contains NO Poisonous Mineral Colour. SANATIVE SKIN SOAP Contains NO Free Caustic Soda. gANATIVE SKIN SOAP Contains NO Chalk or Talc. I SANATIVE SKIN SOAP s Contains the smallest possible percentage of water. SANATIVE SKIN SOAP Readers the Skin Smooth, Soft, and of a Velvet-like appearance. gANATIVE gKIN S°AP Is Super-fatted, and is the Best Soap for a De icate Skin. Is 2d per Box. containing Three Tablets. By Post, Is 6d. SOLD ONLY BY J M U N D A Y, CHEMIST, 1, HIGH-STREET, CARDIFF. „ <Qe GREAT ^JLEARANOE SALE> TO be DISPOSED of, a LARGE ASSORTMENT of gold and silver watches, jewellery, diamond rings, marble clocks and bronzes, all unredeemed pledges, at ridic> ously low prices. No reasonable offer refused, as every article must be sold, lease of premises having been old to Mr Seccombe and must give up possession in a few days. Now is your time if you want bargains. S. HARRIS & CO., Pawnbrokers and Jewellers, 79. QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF. NOTICE.—All Pledges removed to 58, ood-streefc, Cardiff. 28 -v p p s,si _u (-10 C 0 A. GRATEFUL, COMFORTING, BREAKFAST-SUPPER. BOILING WATER OR MILK. 1 4Me SUPPORT HOME INDUSTRIES. WHY PAY HIGHER PRICES for Foreign Mann factnred Goods, when British-grown Rolled Oats and Oatmeal of Superior Quality and Flavour can be readily obtained? CAREY THOMAS'S ROLLED OATS (GROAT FLAKE). MADE SOLELY FROM HOME-GROWN GRAIN. OLJP BY ALL OBOC9BS CARD BOA RD BOXES _I#21 120o 38»SNTTSA ).hhrU555. NO STABLE IS COMPLETE WITHOUT For SPRAINS and ELLIMAN'S SPRUNG SINEWS, CAPPED HOCKS. OVER REACHES BRUISES and CUTS, BROKEN KNEES, SORE SHOULDERS, SORE THROATS, SORE BACKS SPRAINS, CUTS, BRUISES IN DOGS, Ac, "Exceedingly good for prains and cuts in horses, A X and also for cuts in hounds' JL a J feet.. "-J. M. BROWNE (Major). Master of South Staffordshire Hounds. Seld Hy Chemists nd Saddlers. Price Is, 2s, 2s 6d 3s ID. EMBROCATION. Prepared only by Elhraan, Sons, and Co.,Slough, England. 50A G. A. STONE & CO., UNDERTAKERS. ESTABLISHED OVER 30 YEARS. AT TtlK ()t,ii ANP ONLY Anniucss— 10, 11, & 12, WORKING -ST REET, CA RDIFF. UNDRR Ttllr, MANAGEMENT OF Misa STONE, assisted by an Efficient Staff. Telegraphic Address "Stone, 11, Working-street, Cardiff.' Sa-11M



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