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REPAII) ADVERTISEMENTS. —-— WAI<ES KCIIO. *°RDS. 0KCB TH.IKK s"ix~i L TIMES. TIMES. 6 7777 -_1_ ^ords 0 9 16 2 3 s,x TlMKS flO\JP "NEWS' Words in p n •* n *Nn „ ■ u u O U ••ECHO." 60 ^ords 1 3 v> 6 3 9 20 Wo,,u ;r-r- 1_ 2/6 ^ords if, n <5 0 4 6 30 Words SOUTH HI, 3/9 — fU|I,K NK1TS. W0Rns. ONCR :7'{T:7 10 vVon's — Turns. TIMES. 20 Words 0 6 10 16 A 0 10 Kaeil Exiia j 1C Words 0 9 1 6 2 3 j 1/- j 1 0 2 0 3 0 j ^<3 0 3 0 6 0 9 2^7^— —— ilPPty only lo Ike classes of Adver• *^OIe oik below, and are strictly con'i'ntil to I tJittd tta j are ordered for consecutive inset-lion. 1>*tt«f!l!j ^r J"'moMS £ o insertion: if either oj men/ is no £ complied with, the Advertise- *>e charged hy the Business Scale:— let Situations Vacant or Wanted, To be gang Sold> Lo*t. Found, and Miscellaneous 3S22F; Notice.—Applicants sending replies to Aaver- Offlc t8 addressed so initials or fictitious names, at W,tl> their'fe> re1uestfd not to send original testimonials ggly^PP|fc*tioua, but to enclose l"A K'J\KRSHir. A in good""busi'ness, would treat with Profit*%o *man with about £ 100 (partner or otherwise) = particulars coatidentially. y. £ 47, a,diflf- — -*T offered to an energetic man wit about ggMQtn c* Pitnlj well-known local business. E fS^r—— MEl>l€A £ 1 wSSUt,Wanted70uaYifledAHsistant,: *UoJunior: fall B«.rtirati." *Pfcatine preferred: outdoor.—Apply, with S^guUrs. to It P UeeR. Dowlais. "°._ MAIBPIiDMH- A 'rSjif ?b'* working ma^ge^O. wishes to meet with ■enuinp young woman about e.une ase stnctly ^Addree^jj 2, Echo, Cardiff. -M. b^^°^Y-—^ntlem7n77g« 29, partner in a small few hundr.H UrishinK 'HisineFB, is desirous of investing a branCh "red .pOuods which he has at his disposal in another »mi»bu F7?T1^ne he can meet with an intelligent and kim in ,vy ha^inc capital, who would not object to issist Sellable £ ev.ent of marriage.—Address, first iustaiics, Cardiff._ _181.. iVX wf;JMONY. — L.idy, "accomplished, domesticated, U^Mrtv a yearly, Government stock, and freehold Offics, Bn^'rea Marriage.—Address Ko*. 31< AdTertiser 129 TWci~k* fiir Sar|ios. age 24 and" 25 respectively, dark and *miable DI7L correspond with two YOUUK Ladies of l>hotos exekP,08lti0»- view matrimony secrecy guaranteed Y- rvpff — ——K• 5U- Ech0- 311_ Poud.^r0fe8B10nal Gentlsinan. age 25, desires cories- to pi i with congenial young lady of nie'<ns, sutti- ^lA<ldrft«« yiatlle tlieni to live modestly and comfortably. tnstatlce, G. 9¡¡, Echo OllieI'. Ca.nliIY. S1 -p ElUTAiTom •A.. £ ort)P»ny'e Comtneroial Academy (open daily) rJi?n 'n Writing, Book-keepins, Shorth^n l, SpParateK f»'5e'riitins. &0.: no classes pupils taught "TOttciermi Tower Chambers, Church-street, Cardiff. -6ncy gu,,rtnteed. ProsT)ectiis free. 217 Mj. Officials and Miners.—l<e3sons by post: *• A. Hn,,7i.res' road to promotion..Syllabus, Id stamp.— **?"n• M-E-. late H.M. Inspector of Mines, The _Mimni{ School, Derby. 827_ JU —Maj-etreet Assembly Rooms, Cathays. Mr 11118 opened a private class for pupils lmm tos'f am* i oiii^ii>. JT English Setter Dog, about 2 years old, at Bac- «rill k« "f'reet. Trcherbert: if not claimed iu three days But. m?° defray expenses.—Simeon Smout, 2. Baglan -Treherbeit. Berllington Terrier l)og will be sold If not _A u°laimcd within three dtys.-19, Front Long-row, 174 .TN,J^»niaflTpound, a davfe cream colour Horse, about to be sold Monday, August 10th, at 12.0, if not — ~E. Shepton, Pound Keeper. 43e J OaT, July 29. in Canton. Silver Initial M.L.D. Brooch. „ ~Reward if returned to Pembroke House, Conway. fOM, Canton. 437 T .16T. Pug Puppy in Itichmond-road, July 27. Five 'j* Shillings Reward returning same to H. l'aynter, 164. Castle-road, Cardiff. 411 ^iff^' near ^u^;PjQp)^Qj'j" •njl Penoil jflw^ftantieoT—Wmoer rewarded ruore than **Jq«at lT^yftthjiya-terrace. 204 tram from Perarth to Car. Jfi«^-?54ii^Ia.blacK Satchel containing money, keys. &c. "antutt V^rdra 30mc*v rewar(^e^-— ^'°3^ ^flioe, IJ°nekr'tta^rlfeEed Fox Terrier tan and black saddle j ^„T Cgji Castleland-street. Barry Dock. 167 ;Xj;Terrier •R^?len« Wednesday last. Wire-haired Fox encircling n»„^n- white breast, tour white pawc. white ring Warded "'ek: answers to Fan if returned will be re- Commercial-streef, Mountain A'b. J' MorU?",ianin!lh^treerLan77 Hand Truck, with Rute-road /•^)il.nt<*d on.—Apply K. W. James and <o., -lE"8ecnted ffl WhoeTer detain* it after this notice "1 OSTTfro—— — 14 hand^ a* Oranget-own. dark chestnut Cob, about n«*hiBd winte face. whits fetlocks in front, scar ou 1. Br»neetn» ^1 reward to tinder.—Apply 2, Virgil • 7a back J?onday, Pony 15 hands marked on C»njbar_.Mj cross £ 1 reward to finder.— Apply S. 9E9_ Sarah' pf111 I'landaff. since last Thursday morning, drens ln,fr,y.' aged 24, height 5ft. lin., wearing V**lon: frieni: sl,PPers dark hair and very pale com- ^JJ^PMRY^J^^JXIOU^O^EA^^HEI^VBEREABO^U^ '•tri wanted: small family.—Apply "L^th-road Caselberg, 5, Daile-terrace, I'lp- A^M^yrJTydvil. 326 ^ewno^L1!?^Free Registry for young servants, 87, ^^«keeD'or^<5, 9.ardiff 12, Parade). Yourie (iirls •~p^^P_o^Mtuation will be welcome. • ? 20e e~-Jions iVttSr'ou^8 Servants;, Servants requiring Situn- y.^hondda Valley, apply Servants'Registry, ^Tpypia. Rhondda. Stamped envelope. 99 -?_*Ork—|tOi^'i?boutmornings only, for light house- -^road. 2oo_ feouir„j ^*rvant wanted no children reference CaidTJi Iprivate d#or) 56, Tudor -rond, RxltlIt, ardiff. 407 ~i^_Hotel, Pnnffvawanted.—Apply Green Meadow pndd- wanted also Girl about 17 to -255> Cardiff ta*ily.— Apply persoaally, 61, Newuort- # 1 OODG—1—- -^Oant(^fera' Servant wanted.—Apply i6, Ryder-street, 253 Servant, able to do plain cooking. ■Webb, Ced«» ,ouce other servants kept.—Apply Mrs J. r ],awn, Croesvceiliog, near Pontypool. 97Je j/V, ortileaw two General Servants for ladies' school, li-iIef. 11 good references.—Mrs Garsed. c.o. Miss 'I- Itibinond-terraoe, Clifton, Bristol. 124 Ply General Servants wanted at once.-Ap- lr rs Sketch. Hickman-road, Peaarth. 333 rf" 'atailv' ^anfc«d by l#th August, able to wash small -55&« Forth* Cardill; reference wanted.—M« Hill, — — J* 2J K~1& good, strong Girl.—Apply Mrs Williams, hondii^ respectable Girl about 16 to help with ^•fo&tf r,«^r • nlU8t bo U8Cd to children.—44, Alexau- «t. »ork — a Girl, age 15 or 16, for house- Work.-AI)ply Mr. wrence. Grove-place, Penarth. £ 16 «[TIu '21 London, Two General Servants wages 5?!_?e»r J«ml» ares paid.—Write, stating age, character, Gloucester. 449 W aiX^a.r.e3P*ctable Girl, about 16, for Housework *^rpet, M,v,„ shop.—Apply Mrs Hawking, 41,Carlisle- tfelS—- 42i- Aon'»- y°ung General 8eT»nt for Llanishen. — \VAJ> writing to P 391. South Wales Echo, Cardiff. » Kood Cook General, some washing; also *Qdre»niaid good references.—Apply 24, St. 435 in» •Pi*00'' General must understand plain coolr- Also experienced Housemaid: gor?d Cardiff, e<lu,r«d.—Apply 44, Oakficld-street, Roath, —p — v L»p Ir.once, good General Servant.—Apply Mrs j_ £ ^St. John's-crescent, Canton, Cardiff. 40S atoncc good, strong Country Girl as General able to waith and iron well.—Richard's ED, Nu",e Girl, 16 to 18 ye-.vrs.-Apply 6, Mark- AlBt Clt, Riverside. 364 T)„„- 1 two good General Servants.—Apply Mrs W. aYles. 0.0. Howfcll and Co 14. St. Mary-street. 387 a General Servant; able to do plain cook- ^P'y 9 V «ood references required another kept.— 366- Ahni c neat, respectable Girl as Nurse-housemaid. 5, Richmond-terrace, Park-place. 373 ■ uA young Girl, about 17, for light house work 7. f reference no washing.—Apply, between lA7jn55r~-—^amon-«n»bankment. 375 ten^P, .iruediately, a strong Girl, about 18. for ^R?^JPf~^iil0usework-—Apply 14, Ch.vrles-street. 379 Carrt- a t>°o(X General.—Apply Cliftou Hotel, \V^TEJ7 —- \V«Jir at once, Girl about 14 a"> Nurse. —Apply Mrs or, 93. George-street, Cathays. 346 J(t-7 tOu»t u' EOOd strong Girl as General, age 18 or 20 to wash.—Apply 3, Hanuah-st., Docks. ItiJL. General Servant: must be a good cook tarlT £ 12.—Apply Evans, 11, Montgomery-street, !W^r|nr =- Aill b cOf)V py young girl (age 18), 'Situation between J**08jo„ housemaid.—Apply to J. Hopkins, Thing. \yA^J^»{ordshire. 348 :General Servant.—&>, Albany-road, IVV^tS^- "V;. igL a liood General Servant, fond of children, f^yXj^ £ :PPiy 61. Lower Cathedral-road. 288 abl^L' Young Girl, 14th, for housework: corufort- ^\rdif**™* a «lrl.—Apply 3, Loui^a-atreW, *Wa ■■ ^dy Help smad salary two in family JhrvaT, Qf cnr,k.- orlahls fhome must be industrious ke>jt ■« and housework; gooi needlewoman; WV A?fjp7^9.wrt^y"'y'1"road' Penarth. 332 — a Rood General Servant: small famiiy.—Ap. AJY.j^r-ij?^obius. 98A. Queeu-street, Cardiff. 33S tfo„j **«hinir ,l,ronC' willing Girl as General Servant; no 2r baking state ore, references, and salary \V Ais jp Arnold. Cwmavon, Port Talbot. 343 ktid-ADi?" *2Un* Girl, age 16, to Assist in a Farmhouse. Mrs Thomas, Great House, Llanmaes, Cow- 3!5_ VÍ)-3- Co°kinp<0A<' C"eneral Servant, able to do plain ^"in,i^P^'y. with refereace( a* ouoe. to Mrs WA^-?rj^LHotel. Penarth. 313 %h»e» .^Ou(jAL3Qn}Petfu|i Q«rl: aaswt housework mornings, fkltmii day, Sunday? not required: perma- ZVMwilnBtoB^iace. >• gfij y AN TI' a si.ion; respectable Girl for kitchen w" £ j5j VV 6. 8t, JOllO, t"S7ANTi.D, General Servant: good character.—Apply ♦ f Morgan, 25, Pontcanna-avenue (off Cathedral-road %«7AAT1'0 ;iiimediate]y, respectable Girfas General, 17 VV to 18 reference from last situation.—Mrs Roberts, Sunny Bank, LlandaiV-ro:id, Cardiff. \JA NTKD at uncf, a strone rcsppoUble Girl ^1 VV S»rvaut; references.—Apply Mrs Rees, 83, Catheuiai roid. Cardiff. *TS7 AISTED, a Girl for a couple, with good reference? V » Apr'y at once, 27, Wood-street. Gardift. VttaNTKO, a good General Servant cood character W -]\Vr_d: tr!f :5 ANTEtTat once, a good General Se^ant. uo washrni? nor cooking to be d0i:e.—Apply 149. High t_e^t, Dowlais. — .— ••■*7ANTElj, General Servant: small family: nowashuis;. yV —Apply 25, Wordsworth-avenue. 4 V7 ANTliD. General Servant.—Apply Mrs Reed, Xep- VV tune Xun, Caroline-street,J-ardiff■ 20l_ ■« *7 AVTL'T) two cood S^rvcint.5 h.s Cook'G^ucrn.1 r«nd VV ^ufsl?iouse«a,d.- Mrs D. E. Lewis, 63. Park-place. Cardiff. ~<Tr a IS!TKD reso -ctable Housekeeper for working man VV oniy'Stal abstainer need apply.-Mr Kaymcnd, UO, Middle-street. Trallwn, rontyj)ridd; 14e (Jeneral Servant, with good references: Yy wsshin's and plain cooking: nurse kept- Mrs Morgan, 4, Cwrt}'vil-road, Penarth. i*TAliTEbr<ieii*»*l Servant: must have good refer- VV ences.—Apply 9i. Newport-road. 186__ ^NTKl). a General Servant, about 18.—Apply 33, Albany-road, Cardiu*. ANTED immed'ately. good General Servant, able to d-> wanhing and plain cookiug nood character indis- pensable.—69, dive-road, Canton, Cardiff. 151 *717 ANTED immediately, a Young Nurse wages, £ 9 to YY start.—Apply, with references, to Mrs Dr. Davles, New Tredegar. 162 \"7 ANTED at once, good strong Girl ns General Servant: I Vf able to do plain washing one fond of children.—1, Plantagenet-street. 127 ANTED at once, experienced General Servant: refer- ence required.—Apply 17, Romilly-road, Barry. 134 \\JANTi'.L) immediately, young Girl (about 17-18) to Y" assist another servant: good references; eottiitty girl preferred.—31, Charles-street, Cardiff. 91 WANTED, clean, respectable Girl, about 16. look after WANTED, clean, respectable Girl, about 16. look after children and assist iu Housework.—Mrs Taylor, 242, Cov/bridge-road. Cardiff. 71 WANTED immediately, a respectable Girl as good General Servant: ajo IS or 20.— Apply 22, Edward- terrace, Qiieen-street, 70 WANTED, an experienced General Servant good plain l' cook smali family.—Apply Mrs Evans, Penyl.cyn, Pontypridd, 0- 63 WANTED, a thorough good General .Servant.—Apply Mrs Broarl, 12, Tudor-street, Cardiff. PS5 WAJSTKD. a respectable Girl as. General Servant.— Apply 22, Wells-street, Canton, Cardiff. 971 VST ANTED, strong, respectable Girl, about 17, to assist ? r another servant in general housework.—Apply Mrs Jenkins, Emporium, Ferndale. 834 YOTJNG l.ady as Mother's Help servant kept fond of children: good needlewoman; state wages.—Mrs Johns, 66. Albany-road. Cardiff. 367 "v "a.Ar"" jtA^AYr Agcod Shoeing and Jobbing Smirh wanted at once.— Apply 17, Caerpbilly-street. East Moors, Cardiff. 555 A N Active Boy wanted,—53. Cttre-road. AN ActivL Boy wanted,-53. Cl-tre-road. 248 248 ]-j À-Kf:;Rs.-V;;tC y ü;r;Ib;t- 18 years, for j bakehouse and delivery, with good character perma- nent.—Joues, Confectioner, Chepstoiv-road, Newport. S-'e OOT Trade.-Wante(l, an experienced Woman to fit and machine strong work state wages required — Glassonbury and I'eynon. Llanelly. 430 BRICKLAYERS wanted, G.W.R. Widening. Apply V John-street. 354 OUTCHERS.—Wanted, by steady Young Man. Situatioli JO as Slaughterman family trade used to shop good references.-Buu.-her, Echo Office, Swansea. 30e 4 "tHINA and Glass Business.—Young Lady Apprentice wanted.—Rhaw, High-street Arcaue, £ 51 C"tO AC1J- Trade.—Wanted, Smiths and Painters at, onco J —Apply John Norman,anton Carriage Works, Cardiff. RAP-C,,RY.-Wat)tc(l. a good Junior Yoang Man Welsh.—State full particalara first letter, William Isaic, Draper, Maesteg. 593 DRESSMAKING Wanted bv Experienced Hand good fit and style from 5s 6d.—25, Moira-place, Cardiff. 317 DRli>3SMAKING.—Wanted immediately, good Bodice D [land also Apprentices and Improvers.—Apply 34, Miskin-ntreet, Cathays. Cardiff. 4i5 DRESSMAKING.—Practical and scientific, good lit and style guaranteed: charces strictly moderate,—Miss Howies, Kevern House, Plassey-street. Penarth. 137 rTvANOV' Drapery.—Wanted, Young Lady Apprentice Jl alf o Apprentices to the Dressmaking.—A. F. Heal, 1:6, üa3t,¡e.rod, Cardiff, 24 i 10OD Bodiee Hand wanted at once also Apprentices. VJT —Scientific Dress Association, 61, Newport-rd., Catdilf. 'I OOD Fine Ironer and Washer required: to live out VT state age. experience must have good character. Hand Laundry, Porcheawl. 316 11IOCER'S Hauliers.—Thoroughly reliable and experi- "enced man wanted outdoors colliery district. State wages and give references.—G 416. Echo Office, Cardiff. 416 GROCERY and Provisions.—Wanted immediately" smart Junior or good Improver: ace J8: must be< nccurate at fiaure3 and good canvasser.—Apply personally, hiley, Treherbert. 191 (fllOCEK'S Assistaut.—Wanted immediately! good Jf smart Junior for Order Counter and Stock • must write well.—Apply personally, S. Williams and Co 146 Cliftoc-streefc, Cardiff. 23 ROCER'S Fort strong LDd: must be used A to the trade and horses.—Apply personally, Sj. Williams and Co., 146, Clifton-street, Cardiff. 22 GROCERY.—Wanted, a smart, trustworthy Lid to assist G generally live indoors state references and wagpa. fP- (IJ$3:P.- 1"1' -5ú.{! tj AlftDRICSSERS.—Improver wanted at ooce: also smart. Lad as Apprentice.—Address T. W. Summers, Hairdresser, 51. Herbert-street. Cardiff. 461 HAIRDRESSER.—^Wanted, Practical Hand at once.— Apply 26, Wood-street, Cardiff. 415 HAIRDRESSER.—Wanted at once, good Shaver and ..1. Haircutter sleep in, board out.-gS, Tudor-road, Cardiff. 307 HAIRDRESSERS.—Wanted, a good Haircutter and Shaver must, be sober.—M. D. Price, Ferndale. 10 EI,Vl,Ttlakerwa.iited; constaiitemliloyment to suif.- :-1. able man.—Apply George Ashcroft,Timber Merchant, Fieurde-Lis, Maesycwmmer. 240 KITCHEN Porter.—Wanted, a sharp Young Man.— Apply Great Western Coffee Tavern, Cardiff^ 361_ MTVNTLES.—Wanted, smart Youth, age about 18, with drapery experience, to learn window dre,,in6.-Apl'ly A. Walker, Mantle Manufacturer, 5, High-3treet* 305 ILLINER.—Wanted, 'horoughty experienced, stylish, to toke charge of department and serve threneh when required,—Full particulars, Evans, Draper, St, David's, RJJTDING.—Two Compositors seek permanency news or jobbing.—Apply H..6, Regent-place, IlfracQinbe.300 MART Lad wsnted.—Apply Mr Hagon, Chemist. 39, Bridge-street. 390_ rjJ^HE Dulcia Cake Co. 11M! vacancy for two strong Laos, JL able to mould and assist in lIs. ete.— Penarth*-rdi, 0 a good Grainer and Writer.— X Apply G. King, Paint Stores, Senvbcnith. illo rg>0 Grocers.—Assistant wanted; also a Man to solicit nnd collect account*.—Apply, with particulars, to T. Thomas, Limited, Ystrad Phondda. 13 2 HPO Smiths.—Wanted, Young Man that can shoe and do .1 country work.—Apply T. A. Davies, Wheelwright, Sully, near Peyizirth. 446 O Smith?.—Improver wanted at once, at>le to nail on state wages.—John Matthews. Smith, Poutyclun. 450 HPO Shoeing Smiths.—Wanted, a good Doorman.—Apply X Jones, Veterinary Surgeon. Merthyr Tydfil. 994 rjVwO PlnVterers and Slaters, steady men, immediately. JL for winter work.—Apply to Owen Thomas, Llwyncelyn Building Works, Portli. ^JlWO good Plasterers wanted at once best wages for X good men.-Apply John Daviea, Plasterer, Bryn- sa.ddler, Poiityclun. 595 rfiwo steady Plasterers Wanted at Cymmer, R.S.C.— X Apply 12, Lloyd'3-terrace, Cymmer. ^I0 Vll 7 AREHOUSE M AN required to take Charge ot Oil W Stores aud Deliver locally: mubt have had previous experience.-Apply in own handwriting stating wages required good character indispensable, W 458, Lcho. Cardiff. !?L A NTEI), FLit-niture Polisher. also two Upholsteresses. f for two or three weeks in country.-Address, stating terms. 72, Cottrell-road, Cardiff. 420 47ANTkd7 Ten-gcod Plact-erers best wages giveti.- » » Apply Keane and Son, Mountain Ash. 422 ANTED, r. good Boy for Fish and Fmit Shop (about 16) at once.- Apply 161, Castle-road, Cardiff. 501 ANTED, steady Alan as Haulier able to drive pair of W- horses. Welshman preferred.-Apply Wm. Harris, 144. High-street, Merthyr. 4.8- AN'CF,D, rcspeelable "Voting Man for Runner for Private Boa rding-house for Seamen.—Apply Captain Wood, 27, Cnchton-street, Cardiff. WTVN'FED, Working^Foreman Carpenter must be well. up cottage work, steady, and pushing: also two Other fixers.—Lewis, Timber Merchant, Pontypridd. 418 \\7 ANTEl>. Man77l Wfe wir,hout encumbrance, man as » Groom and Gardener (must be an experienced driver), and wife as T,auurlress. -Apply to Wm. Evans, Llwyncelyn, Merthyr Tydfil. WANTED, experienced Dressmaker also Tailoress for repairing irentlemen'a clothing: constant employment for suitable persous live out.—Robins, 192, Commercial- road, Newport. 41e ANTED. Youth about 20; must be energetic, and » make himself useful; good references required.—T. 319, Fcho Oliice, Cardiff. 319 WANTED at once, good Plasterer.—Apply W. White, Port Talbot. WANTED,smart Errand Boy.—Apply Stevens,Fruiterer, 242. Castle-road. ? 355_ WANTED, Apprentices toTscientitic Dressmaking.— Miss Trott. Sophia-3treet. Docks. 393 VV respectable Young Girl as apprentice to vv Tonacconifit and Fancy Goods.—Apply 98A, Qneeu- Street, Cardiff. 334 WANTED, Sexton for Llandaff Cathedral married man without children preferred wages 25s a week with house.—Apply, stating qualifications and giving one reference, to Mr J. E. Gladstone Herbert Chambers, Cardiff, on or before 12t,h August. 267 WANTED, a Saleswoman, must have good reference?.— Apply. Efles Old Curiosity Shop, Newport. 24e WANTED, a good, all-round Man as Haircutter and Shaver.—Apply 322, Ciowbridge-road. 256 WA.NIEI), strong Boy about 15 chance to learn trade —Apply Morgan, Butcher, Canton. 252 ANTED immedifttely. Boy to cle& In W Arply 36, Charles-street. boots, knives, &6. v » Apply 36, Charles-street. 220 a_v"ufJS Man to deliver bread and groceries: V niust be a fair scholar.—Apply to William Lewis, Grocer, Abersychan. 232 VV lyi'rorer to Shoeing and Wheelwright v T Smithingf, aole to nail 00.—State age, experience, and wnges, to Thomas, Wheelwright, Tirphfl. 231 ANTED. a thorouKbly experi«^d"ciUanaan sob7r T f ano UJjfcWf)rtn.y Stnte w&ge* and J. F. McCH' and Co., F^p^Ctertm Mg" W.A,NT?iD at ■Srf,an accustomed to Pown- food Window dresser, ticket writer: ab'e speak Welsh.—Goodman, ^ollege-street. Swansea. 9e VilANTED at once, a good KreadTnd Cltke ▼ V; Abstainer indoors. —Apply, with full particular" JJfl^tsTones, Nantyglo. 49 Y<mn« l«dy ot neat appearance to attend ISpFebep: age nttMer 20.—Apply A. Miraki. 84. Wood- 070 food Window dresser, ticket writer: ab'e speak Welsh.—Goodman, ^ollege-street. Swansea. 9e VilANTED at once, a good KreadTnd ;gftke Hand»: ▼ V; Abstainer indoors. —Apply, with full particular" JJfl^tsTones, Nantyglo. 49 Y<mn« l«dy ot neat appearance to attend ISpFebep: age nttMer 20.—Apply A. Miraki. 84. Wood- Hftireet. 070 VOWBiMan Wanted. 35s per week and ooramiBsimT JL Beiular work. Splendid opening.—Address Oemno WorkB, Farnworth, Bolton, Lanes. 6 JL*2 Weekly and Upwards may bo realised by either sex. oW without hindering occupation.—For samples (return- able), &e., enclose addressed envelope to Evans, Watts and Co., P 133, Merchants, Birmingham. This is genuine. 904 12s to 15s weekly easily earned In spare tiine by either sex everywhere: work oau be done evenings. Send addressed envelope to Ecli|»se Works, 9. Playhouse-yard, Water-lane, London. 295 V( WAXtHM BAKERS and Confectioners.—Situation wanted by com- petent hand, disengaged; reference.—Baker, 11, Locke, street. Newport. 952e .siven for procuring Young Man (22) BerthTas ■7 Assistant or-Messroom Steward ou steamer.—E 230. Echo Office, Cardiff. 230 ROCER'Y and Provisions.—Young Mao (21) wants Place trade: amustomed *to 8Qooll HOLTSI'.S wanted to Build, or any de/cri]5i>on of brick or ground work price on application.—73, Victoria- avenue, iNewport. 22e PAWNBROKERS.—Wanted by the advertiser, Ite- engagemrnt at the Counter and Sales 5 years' good 'f'11!'?Cii' V two years with iiresent employer.-A(iciress „ I •'l:raubrook-street,, Cardiff. 934 SITUATION wanted as General Servant; pirl now Jiving ^Ardi^ excellent character from last situation.— Mrs Coster, Registry, Gloucester. 233 fUATlON yvanted as General Servant: country girl, f now living in Newnhani; 4 years last situation.—Mrs Coster, Registry,_Glouoe:-ter. 227 Vy ANTED, by respectable Woman, Washing or Clean- *1 °1' Family Washing home good reference. Mrs Jordan, 3, Agate-sireet, Roath, (.'ardiff. 295 \/y ANTED, Daily Work, cooking or cleaning, or family J v washing, or live in offices: no incumbrance.—R 137, -Keppocn-Rtrc-et,, Roath. 273 Wwants Job: aood all-round hand: can pick out; good references.—Write F 236, Echo Cfflce,1 Cardilf, 236 <: Jr^KStS. HIAIVATijcSlS. c-77 /LE!vK (25) seeks employment Shorthand and Book- c keeping. Solicitor's, House Aleut's, or Business —Apply F. 262. Eclio Offico. Cardiff. 262 C^LKIiK desires Evening Employment: good bookkeeper J and penman.—Apply C. 146. Echo Oaice, Cardiff. 146 LAW.—Wnnted at once, Shorthand Clerk, accustomed to routine of solicitor's oflllec must be well recom- mended.—Apply, with reference, to Mr W. Cook, 98. St, Mary-street. 78 SURVEYORS.—Wanted a competent Collwry Surveyor good references required.—Apply Aberdare Works and Collieries Company, Aberdare. 55 TELEGRAPHIST (18) desires Situation thoroughly i understands needle sounder, Wheatstone, etc.: good references.—J. 2S6, Echo, Cardiff. 2% ^jPEIJSGRAPHIST (19), Needle, Sounder. Wheatstone, fcc., desires Situation as telegraphist, el'irk in mer- chant's oflice or insurance collector.—Pendleton, Post Office, Aberavon. S30 VV ANTED, two Young Lady Clerks must be quick and W correct at figures: apply, with copirs of references, statins ag6, experience, &c.-Address T. 89, Echo ffice, Cardiff. 59 07 ANT ED. by You1 h age 15, a Situation in an Oliice.— Jf Address A. C' 2, Col'lstreani-terrace. Cardiff. ,IIWI8I_O.uI"I.ftaA. "III tu*va'.nr.itn tie. AGENTS wanted everywhere, canvassing Shopkeepers, Ohimoi-ganshire. Monmouthshire, l'ell\brokef-b¡r, Carmarthenshire, Cardiganshire. Good salesmen earn £4 weekly tan¡!).- M"iFrB P-.mphiton, ('ongJeton. Cheshire. 1LUB Agents to form Clubs for Watches, 'l.J flocks, Jewellery. Silver Plate. Opera mnRes, Musical Instruments, 4c. Members pay Is per week Terms, Cata- logues,4c.,Kendal & Dent, lOó.Che"!Jsidt" London. SnJendid value. Great success. AientionPaper. Ladies'and Silver Levers, 42s, worth 70s. 780 ("COLOURS, Varnishes, and Oils —Travellers (on commis- J sion) wanted where not already represented, for goods of first-class quality at competitive pricc'Reply to R. P. Coy. Angel Hotel, Cardiff. 401 J ADV Travellers wanted all parts South Wales: J musical knowledge necessary.—51, Partridge-road, Cardiff. 382 06 Its Book for Sale with L. E. aiitl G. Assurance Com- 7 puny.— Apply H.A.. 28, Garth-terrace, Merthyr. 3"8 ArtHTUKSITS te. A well-famished Sitting and Bedroom vacant: bathroom; good cooking and attendance moderate terms.—Ap- ply 31, WordswOrth-avenne, Newport-road. 26 APARTMENTS. Unfurnished, every convenience suit married couple, or Lodgings for two respectable young Dien.-Apply 10, Green-street, Canton, Cardiff. 425 APARTMENTS for two young women cheap, engaged during day hot-cold bath; tram passing door.-54, Voodviile-road, Cathays, 260 PARTJlENTiTto Let immediately two sitting and three bedrooms, well furnished gentleman dining en),; hot, cold, and shower bath.—16. Ryder-street-. 979 PARTJlENTiTto Let immediately two sitting and A three bedrooms, well furnished gentleman dining en),; hot, cold. and shower bath.—16. Ryder-street-. 979 /^OTTBINED Furnished Bed and Sitting ROOM to Let V7 or comfortable Lodgings for respc-ctable njau.—Apply 71, Shakespeare-street, Roatb- 25S 'io.N,IFORTABLII, TiodgiDga for four respectable young V> men share sitting-room hot and cold "bath.—Apply MrR WUliams, Memorial buildings, Ctiitoji. COMFORTABLE Apartments to Let with respectable J couple no children object company terms mode- rate Plantagenet-st.—Apply V. 211. Echo. Cardiff. 211 COMFORTABLY Furnished Frout Sitting-room and C one or two Bedrooms suit two gentlemen baths no children moderate terms.—28. itlanblcddian-gardens. CIOMFORTABLE Home offered to one or two Young J Ladies: bath, gap, piano; terms very moderate,- Inglewood House. Atlas-road, Canton. 117 DRESSMAKER (single) wants two UnfarniBhed Rooms in Roath with staid, reppectable PeoPle,-ADIly J. 4,2, Echo Office, Cardiff, 432 ILFRACOMCE.—Cast'e Boarding House, 12, Churoh- street. Apartments. Home comforts: terms moderate daily parties catered for.—Apply K Webber, Proprietress. IADY and gentleman require two Bedrooms and front- J Sitting-room (furnished), cooking and attendance state ?erms.—C. 122. Echo Office. Cardiff. 122 LODGINGS for respectable Young Man, or two friends. -5, Adamsdown-square, Roath; Dear Docks and town. 21 PONTYPRIDD.—Comfortable Apartments for respect- able young men, at moderate cha.rges.-45, High-street, Pontypridd. 42o RESPECTABLE Lodgings. suit a young man, no chil- dren terms 4s per week.—15, Lead-street. Roath. 130 STAGE Y-road well-furnished comfortable Apartments baths no children good cooking suit gentleman or two friends.—H. 9i9, Fcho Office, Cardiff. 969 rpo Let, end of August, best end Severn-road, Furnished A Sit ting-room, one or two bedrooms without atten- dance.—D 203, Echo, Cardiff. 2 '3 rp\VO or Three Unfurnished Rooms to Let to respectable A_peop!c.-Apply 34, Amlierst-street, Grungctown, Cardiff. ^fl^WO Unfurnished Rooms to Let: teran moderate.— 'J'aiwiirth-street, Roath, Cardiff. ,a £ 55 T chi1 nreii^^BWldSeiP^P^the^ fpWO Unfurni^iftd Rooms to Let to respc<sitita peopis, front roonild 3. week]y.-17, Spring Ga h. near Biscilit Factory. 261,ie t Fai-iiiabedRooms tO Let: suit respect' feV. afcle marriea couple oven grate tenuS moderate.— o, KtcJmrds-hreet, Catliay.?. 179 T TNFUItNISHED Front Parlour and Back Bedrooln *_> pleasantly-sitUrtted, near town no children preferred. -Apply 16, Cowbrlfltte-roo.d. 463 T yNEURNI.SIlED Ap5rtments at 17, Spring Gardens- U terrace. Rotb. 251 .NFUIZNISTIFD R-ODIS to Let, with quiet people back parlour and front bedroom.-12, Welis-strnet, Canton. 299 TTNFURNISHED Apartments to Let, two or three rT oven grate.—29, Tresillian-terraca (close to Great Western). 238 WANTED, Gentleman share sitting room, single bed- room, hot and cold bath; terms modl'tate'-J8, Condon-road. 265 WANTED, eud of August, Bed, Sitting, nnd Boxrooui, W furnished or unfurnished; attendance and cooking, hy gentleman, wife, and child.—State fuU particulars and terms to O 85, Echo Oflice, Cardiff. 85 T/ OUNG Lady, residing at Pontcanna-street (Plasturton- -S- avenue), has comfortable Apartments for one or two Young Ladies engaged during day,—Write Ú 362. Echo Office. Cardift. 362 YOUNG Man requires homlv clean Apartments; quiet people no children Roath or CiLnton state terms, -0 187, Echo Office, Cardiff. 187 iil,ri'Moi]»is. at. A doomed Cottage to Let near Loudoun-square, Car- diff.—Apply Mr G- Rees, 23, St. Marj'-sfc., Cardiff. 221 if-ILIVE-street, Grangetowti.-To Let, House and Shop J rent, 14q weekly.—Apply S. Hern and Pertwee. St. Mary-street, Cardiff. 359 CORBETT-road, off North-road, to Let.—Good house c 3 reception, 8 bedrooms. Also larger House suitable for Ladies School splendid view of Cathays Park usual offices.—22, Woodville-road. 88 DAVID-street.—To Let, with immediate possession in good condition.—Apply D. L. Smith, 10, Queeu- street, Cardiff. 467 DANIEL-Btreet, Cathays.—Houses to Let to tidy tenants —Apply, with references, Wm. Sanders and Sons, 28, St., Mary-street, Cardiff. 372 (2J.LAN-YR-AFON, Clarence-road, to Let: seven rooms, A sculiery, bath, tv.c., large cellars, back entrance.— Ai>hly 29, Loudoun-fquare, Cardiff. 172 HEW^LL-street, Grangetown.—House to Let to tidy tenant.—Apply, with reference, Wm. Sanders 4 Sons, Z8, St. Mary-street, Cardiff. 369 HOUSE to Let, Marion-street 4 bedrooms; Venetian JH blinds bath room newly papered.—Apply Palmer, 99. Constellation-street, Roath. r < 365 HOUSE to Let, with double bay, near Clarence Bridge all the latest improvements: key next door.—Apply 55. De Burgh-street. 109 JANET-street, Moors.—House to Let to tidy tenant; newly repaired.—William Sanders & Sons, 28, St.Mary, street. Cardiff. 571 LLANISHEN-street, Cardiff.—House to Let: hot water and gas throughout: key at corner house. 998 ]Vt ANOR-road, near St. John's Church, Canton good 8- » roomed Houses hot and cold bath, 4c. reut lis. — Apply 13, Deutou-road. 149 TJONTYPRIDD.—To Let, with immediate possession, rr House._ Wood-road.—A pply J. S. Williams, Explosive Merchant, 137, Wood-road, Pontypridd. 664 W^PRiNGFIELD-place.—Houses to Let to respectable J; tenants.—Apply, with references, to Wm. Sanders & oons, 28, St. Mary-street. Cardiff. 368 nPHE South Wales and Monmouthshire Property Register JL for July free on application or post.—Heru and lertwee, House Agents, Auctioneers, Valuers &c,. Cardiff. nPO Let, seveu-roomed Douse rent, 7s 6d weekly all c-mveniences.—Apply 29, Coveny-street, South Splott. I^O Let, No. 401, Cowbridge-road: six large roonw: JL pleasant position cars pass the door.—Apply 238, Cowbridge-road, Canton. 358 rE",0 Let. two convenient 8-roomed Houses, Nos. 24 and 29. -11- Windsor-road; rents, lis per week inclusive.—Apply 30, Windsor-road. jjgg y T^O Let. 26, Moira-street; double bouBe, 11 rooms.— Apjdy X 20. Gordon-road. Cardiff. 306 rno Let, liou3e, rent 7s7iT Knole-etreet, ~Lowv~Grang7 X town.—Apply 99, Cowbridge-roftd, Cardiff. 234 TO Let, Corner House, 100, Habershon-place, suitable for jobbinp carpenter or mason.—Apply 98, Habershon- place. South Splotlands, Cardiff. 82 mo Let, with immediate possession. Houses in David, I-'lanelly.iithel, Charlotte. Dock-streets.—Apply D. L Smith, 10, Queen-street, Cardiff. 34 TO Let, 48, Denton-road, Cantou 12s weekly hot, cold baths lavatory, coal cellar, conservatory,—Apply 299 Cowbridge-road. 18 TO Let, 12, Glynrhondda-street; hot and cold bath lavatory, 4e., every convenience: newly decorated throughout.—-Jones, 56, Cottrell-road. 943 23, Aberdwvey-street, Splotlands corner house, hot ami cold bath reoently papered, 9s 6d inclusive.—Williams 1, Aberystwyth-street. Cardiff, 574 CTS Per Week. House to Let to tidy tenant.—Apply ij with references, Wm. Sanders 4 Sons, 28, St. Marv- street, Cardiff. 37Q *»6, Margaret-street, Docks.—Convenient House to I,e7 O rent, I2s per week.—Apply 8. Hern and Pertwee 8t' Mary-street, Cardiff. HOUSES nnd Shops to Let; as under.-Apply Ev&ng and Haflhef, House and Estate Agents, Auctlimoers And Valuers, County Fire and Provident Life Offices Borough Chambers, Wharfon-street, Cardiff. gge Q and 6, Buildings, North Morgan-Street: rents o 4s 6d and 4s resyecUvely. > 9. HeweU-street, Grang* 7s per week. ^1aOP7convenienay-aituat%, at Llandaff Yard: O renovated, 16» per waekTbduaive. »* j^3,East-terrace, 9s '• v —f* 4^9, Kine's-road, Canton, le, per week. and 6, Dudley-place, Docks lie per week IlTBTidgeTstreet, very"l»rge Shop mth.^lar and ware- house. i ^•3, Hewell-fitreet, Grange, 7 3 k. ) ¡e O Belle V ue-t errace, Cnrfoxtoi). Modern hooM: every' O. convenience. Magnificent View. 46, Eidon-streei. commodious House and Shop: low rent. EXTENSIVE Shop and Cellarage, Pier Head. Bats Pocks.. 40, Wood-street, Tempr rancetowo.—Iioose t3 Let rent 7s, clear of rates aud taxes.—Apply Isai s 38, Wood- street. 229 G, South Let, centrally situated; rent 12s. —Apply H. Hern and Pe'twee, Auctioneers, Cardiff.205 X5, Havelcc.k-street to Let: six rooms.—Apply 8. Hern and Pertwee, House Agents. Cardiff. 206 111. Cathays-terrace to Let: rent 10s six i-ooms.-Api,ly S. Hern and Pertwee, Auctioneers, Cardiff. 207 J- 18 t'1{) I,OT—BIISB.VESS rSCKSJISKS «r HOUSE rllhoi) to Let, 1A. Graham-street, Newport -At)ply 66. Alm;i-street, Newport. 99(" iOCK-Up Shop to Let Charels-street, Newport (opposite J Theatre).—C. A. Willis, 29, Ciytha Parlt-road, New- por t, Mon. 40 N JWPOUT.-To"be j,et, SUIte of OtficeA toiir ruon.t., and ,L Lavatory; centrally situated in Tredcgar-place.— i'rH11a.r of Manager, "Daily News"Ofiice, Newport. 23e OFFICE to Let. ground floor. 18. Cti,tom House-street; best position for wholesale business, also Broom g. rent niotlerate.—Flint Brothers. 110e PONTYPRIDD.—Double-fronted Shop to Let; suit any JL business best position under Railway Station.—Apply Job Williams, 67. Rickard street, Pontypridd. 155 PONTYPRIDD.—To Let, with immediate possession. i? 8t;>ble. situate in Morgan-street suitable for two or three horses.—Apply Richards, Auctioneer, Pontypridd. 33e 8HOPS to Lat plate-glass wiudows, large cellars, par- lour, kitchen, scullery, back entrance, five bedrooms rent l°s, free of rates.—Appjy Mr Hawkins, 139, Portman- moor-toad, Cardiff. 228 k-i INTALL Warehouse, No?. 18 and 19, Bute-laue, off Maria- I 1 street-, 40ft. by 22, with fire-plaee and lavatory.—Apply 266, Bute-street. 60 ''VAIBACH.—tiouM ftnd Shop to Let: best position I suitable for any business rent moderate.—B. Hey- cosk, 168, Gelli-road, Pentre. 133 rr*0 Grocers and others.—To Let, m Adam-street, Cardiff, X large House and Shop low rent. — A pply 23, Adam- f, et. 264 f|p6 Jjet-, 104. Castle-road, House aud Shop: best posi- 1, tion suitable for chemist or ironmonger.—Apply 35, Albany-road, Cardiff. 284 rjhd Let, Honse and Shop, with Stable and Yard, 156, JL Broadway.— Apply 1, Clifton-street, or 15, Newlanus- street, Barry Dock. 287 r jpO IjCt, a Large Cellar, suitable for bottling purposes or X beer stores well drained,—Write G 275, Echo Oflice, Cardiff. 275 S^O Let, Photographic Studio and Rooms good position. X —Apply 217, Bute-street-, Cardiff, 47 'TO Jot, o sets of ROOMS as Offices, above "South Wales X Daily News" OfEce, St. Mary-strect.—Apply "Daily Newe." Cardiff. 42e '-i;rE;i'wo-ÓD Water Works.—Good Shop to Let: suit I" Imtcher, conveniences for slaughtering.— Apply W, Echo Office, Newport. ° 994e Duke-street, Cardiff.—These commanding Premises to /V. Let at Michaelmas present occupier, Mr Boy/den, Ironmonger.—Wm. Harris. Surveyor, Caerleoii. 90 rmt S.U,.>-JUHr5LAN. df CIATHAYS.—Corner House and Shop (four bedrooms), J £ 280: also Private House with side way, £ 210.— Dogirett. 63, Koppoch-street, Roath. 384 C^LOSE Castle-road.—Villa, splendid condition; four J bedrooms, hot and cold bath £330, transfer free must sell.—Doggett, 63, lCeppoch-street. Roath. 385 T?OR Sale, Two Houses in Alfred-street hot and cold X batbs owner leaving town.—Apply 79, Angus-street, RoaU; Park. 212 J?OR Sale, Villas, close by St. John's Church, Canton 4 bedrooms bath and lavatory, coal cellar, conservatory, and all modern cotivenipnces one with side entrance.— Particulars apply 44, Arran-street, Roath. 113 T^OR Sale, two small Villas, near Park Venetian blinds. X hot and cold baths cheap to an immediate purchaser —R. H., 901, Echo, Cardiff. 109 f7>OR Sale, some first-class Cottagc-s. m Pentrebane-strect and Penhaved-street: also 2 Villas, in Clive-street, Lower Grange.—Apply G. J. Barrett, 6, Richmond-terrace, orr Park-place, Cardiff. 182 GEO. Willets. Auctioneer, House, Estate Agent, and Rent Collector, 15, Vere-street, Cadoxf-on-Barry, is open to Collect Rents at Cardiff or Harry District: good references: cash paid over weekly or monthly to suit owners. G. W. has for private sale several excellent well- built Villas, Shops, and Cottages at Dmas Poivis, Barry, Barry Doclc, and Cadoxton: businesses disposed of sales conducted: commissions executed.—For particulars address as above. Ill JLANISREN —For Sale, The Hollies, Llanishen, late J residence of Thomas Henry Ensor (deceased).—Apply Eosor, Ward, and Gilling, Solicitors, Cardiff. 439 LANISTIEN.-For Sale or to Lo,. charyniiii; country 10- L roomed Villa, near station decorated throughout; 40 feet frontage garden 208 feec long cau erect stable if required.-Ha-vker, Builder. Llaniohen. 131 "|\TEAi:. Tyndall'a Monument, North Nibley, Gloueester- J. <1 shire.—For Sale, Freehold Detached Cottages, pleasau tly.-itu;tted. -Apply Webb,Nibley House,Cathedral- road, Cardiff. 15 d, four bedrooms, øide and Is back entrances, fine garden lowest price £ 430.— Poggett, 63, Keppoch-street, Cardiff. 386 HOITSKS. e.. WAMES». WANTED, convenient House, respectable locality: Roath preferred hot and cold bath: moderate rental. —-Ap^ily 3, Southey-street. Cardiff. 20 BUSIKmS PUKxWISKS WANTED. HOUSE, Shop, and Bakehouse wanted (good locality) -.I. for bread, high-class pastry, and confectionery, or would give reasonable price for genuine business,—^Full particulars to J, 321, Daily Newi Otiice, Cardiff. 321 nejsiniKSSK* RlSroSA. BOOTS, Drapery Business for Sale in one ofthentoat promising colliery districts in South Wales fixtrures £ 25 stock at invoice prices. -Apply L 331, Echo Office, Cardiff. V; c'.l-paying Restaurant, wine and bee* li».»Bo»^ittao}jed Itamansb future S!00 eTory^ingi• -Powell, Lewis afld Co.. Auctioneers, Cardiff. 53 DAIKY and (Jenoral Business for Disposal: stock and D fixtures at valuation stable.—Apply Penucy. Honse Agent, 19, Duke-street. Cardiff. H7 IT'OR Disposal, old-established Drug Stores in Barry Dock.—George Willett, House and Estate Agent, Cadoxton-Barry. ni If 'I ROCE' I' Y and Provisions, with off Wine and Beer A Llceiaics, in best position in Clifton trade approaches £ 2,CQ0 a ytpir: price £ 150, and valuation.—Apply R. W. Millar snqf Company, Limited, Stckescroft Brewery. Bristol. 9Qc r to. PKBIJC HOCSKS. rpULlj Xiicensed Inn, market town, excellent trade, capable of increase, £ 120 another £ 75.—Hillman, Aretiotioal, 12. Bridge-street. Newport. 32e In! everything free, .Jl- dose market: ingoing by valuation, probably £200. —Hillman, Auctioneer, Newport. 31e TO Let, Oddfellows' Arms, Caerleon, Mon. good stable immediate possession, —Apply on premises. 15e ESTON-Stiver-iNfttre. I)ouble-liceii-ed House, well w situated present proatsBSOO per aunum.—Powell, Lewis anji Co., 8, St.. Jo'an'g^jiare, Cardiff. 52 ALLBargaijSj—Gold medal Pianos, American Organs; wholesale ffllces: makers' warrantie# lists free.— 216, Castle-road, Corner ef Glenroy-street, Cardiff. 417 BARGAIN.—Thorough good Cottage Pianoforte, London maker, 8 guineas: also Second-hand Iron Frame Trichord, 12 gaiueas.—Apply 150, Cathays-terrace. 249 BANJO Studio. Adamsdown-square. Tutor, R. Allen, author highly-popular "Pause Bonbon, 2 banjoes tnd piano. 2s. Vacancies for pupils. 394 IT^OR Piano and Organ Tuning and Repairing, address F L. Morgan, 66, Eichards-terrace, Cardiff. Terms 3s 6d and 4s. 992 HARMONIUMS, Pianos, Organs, 4c., on the Hire Pur chase System. Atlas Furnishing Company, Ltd.. Haye3, Cardiff. 25e IIAO for Sale, quite new, full trichord, iron frame, walnut, original price 35 guineas: cheap.—48, Beauchamp-street, 270 IIANO, upright grapd, trichord, rosewood case very J- cheap must be sold at once.-54, Partridge-road, Cardiff. 268 PIANOFORTE Tuning.-W. F. Ridgway. from the ce'e P brated firm of Bird's, Paris tencs 3s 6<L—Address 109, CasLle-road, Roath. v 503 VV ORTH Fifty gti Or*s.-Seconti-hand grand Piano- forte, by Broadwdod rosewood frame, splendid tone good condition price, \(> guineas.—Atlas Famishing Com- pany. Hayes, Cardiff. ■ fc 2se It TRICWCI.ES dke. A Bargain.—-Detachable P^umatic Road Racer. 1895, geared 70, pretty machine, new. £ 10. warth £ 20 guaranteed.—39, Bridge-street. Cardiff. 216 ABSOLUTE Clearance -Morris bTOS. wUl send List of Bargains 011 Application Cash purchasers should call ana inspect our large stock, jvhich will be cleared regardless of cost. Few Good Boys' Safetyies New CVcle Lo^k iei?,bKI<r T<,1 f°r T^dr St!VW -^eether with 1895 Lamp Lighting Table: Lists: Cycle Insurance Pamphlet, Notes and useful information.—Cycle Works. Pontypridd. 19e ABNORMAL Reductions in Prices of New Howe Cvcles Call and see them at the New Howe DepoU Sh! street, Cardiff. New Howe Roadsters and RaceTs at excep- tional low cash prices. New Howe Cycles for speed lieht- ness, rigidity, and elegance. Largest Cycle Factory in the World at Glasgow. Highest skilled labour only employed Buy direct from Manrfactwers and save intermedial profits.—New Howe Machine Co.. Ltd., 3, Chmc^street Cardiff 775e ALL Cycle Repairs, Enamelling, and"~Nickel-r,latinff executed with care.and despatch at trade pric^ riaadle bars bent and re-mckeid from 2s. Depot for Ira. penal Rovers, Osmonds, Excelsiors, Premiers. Lamps, 2s 6d: Mlfcn^cS;. *• »>"»'«*«">■• AjgW A ll,4K™5%- spect the niagPiticcnt stock of Cushion and Pueumatio Tyre 0 ?^),?epn^n-ftir„8 v PUUl>K a SPeciality.-AUdavs and riiS «' PDeuluaUo Kugineenug Co., 49, Westgate-street, Lardiaf- ?9e A ^brated Cyeles.—Buy from the manufac, ^7m tSi11'3 agents' profits. Call and in- °.f Cushion and Pneumatic Tyro S,, J2rra ?,"a.plailP'! a spetiality.—Alldays and Cardiff Engineering Co., 49, WeStgote-jtreat, A LLDA\S Celebrated Cycles.—Buy from tlx# manufac ~^R. ,LWR "Tec' ftnd SMC agents' profits. Call and in- spect the magnificent Ktoclrof Cushion aud Pneumatio Tyre Machines. Repairs and plating a speciality.—Alldays and Cardiff' maatie Engineering Co., 49, Westgate-street, ANK Holidays.—Time ir. short, but money makes the 1 m:ire go- If you want a first-rate Tandem, suit lady in front, or a Path Rncer. weight 231bs.. or a Roadster, all up to dite, we can supply from stock at a great advantage forcash. Or if you've got a little job oe your machine or any article to complete outfit for next week, we will suit you by return of post, but don't delay.-Morris Brothers, Cycle Works. Pontypridd. Inner tube and ralve Bs6d, 19c • BICYCLE, good condition, 30s also hall-marked silver Lady s Watch, good timekeeper, nearly new, ouly 16.5. —24, Harold-11 reet, Roath. 81 CCARDIFF Plating Works, Paradise place, off Queeu- J street, Cardiff, do Nickel and Silver Plating of euery description at Birmingham prices. Special Notice to Cyclists :-Bring your Cycles direct to above address, and we will Re-Niokel beautifully at trade price. Handle Bars from 2s, and other parts at low prices. Our work is guaranteed, as vre use nothing but pure Nickel. Cycle Re-Enamelling by Stoving Process, Coffee Taverns. Hotels, and Families, &e.. waited on, on receipt of pest-card, for Re-Plating of Teapots, Crnets, Forks, Spoons, to. 70 FREE' • L l>0Bt free to any address.—Safeties Safeties I Safeties I Important to amenta, dealers, and others. Wholesale list containing 1.000 (one thousand) machines, new and second-hand, sewt ¡ll8!!t free to any address, 50 per cent cheaper than other makers or agents. Why pay more or lancy prices f Tirigientaclifnent whole- sals prices. Write at once for the lamest and moat com- plete list in the cyc[o trade. Sterling value and 00 large %rofltB.—W. R. Warrilow, Cycle Works, Rerenb-street, We&bon-auper-Mare. 977e jT^DlTS Cushien Safety; Cushion tyres, latest 1895 XJ VJjattern, ball head light machine, guards, complete, perfect and new: caih, only £ 4 lis M approval.—5, Begent-Street, Weston-super-Mare. 904 PREMIER, solid tyre Bicycle (Hillman, Herbert, and PREMIER, solid tyre Bicycle (Hillman, Herbert, and Coopers), ball bearings throughout, easy running machine, 50B.—Write Premier, Echo Office, Newport. 16e REPAIRS.—Plating and stove EnameUing~promotly at trade prices.—Morris Bros.. Pontypridd. 19e REPAIRERS officially appointed for C.T.O.. and als for Cycle Insurance. Co. Ltd.—Morris Br. Ponty- pridd. Repair i of any" kind to pneumatic tyres. 19e R" EPA1RS—All go to Morris Bros..Pontjrondd No job too difficult, no ^ob too small. Dont forget-lSe AFETY, cushion Jiø4iaœCU14 MADS. .9olbo {¡"¿;Îr' ALg, 1895 pattern Safety, Duu IOP-li'e:cli non-siinping kJ tyres (ulipunctitred) nearly new, all accessories La Ss.—51, Romil'.y-crescent. Canton. 66 "ALE or Exchange.Lancaster's half-plate Camera or small h-% half-horsa power Engine, for Lady's Pneumatic s¡:,fetY,-O'29 Echo. Cardiff 383 AFETY.-Lady's Pneumatic br.lls evervwhere": up to >■-7 date £ 6 lis.—Write F 4, Echo Oflice, Cardiff. 4 ft AFETY.—Pneumatic quiie new balls throughout: diamond frame worth ±,20 £ 5 15s.-Write G 5, Echo Office, Cardiff. 5 AFF,T[E". od allcl pl,eumaticq. Bargains, bnr- ^JAFEIIES—Cushion aud Pneumatics. Bargains, bnr- 0^7 ,?a'n3-. Don't pay high prices. Call at Warrllow's, 293, Lute-street, Cardiff. Repairs at half prices charged by othcrs.-RWarriiow. 293, Bute-street, Cardiff; also at Westop-super-Mare. g SAFETIES.—Large Stock, must Sell, latest '95 patterns, m n? hght machines, Pneumatics, £ 7 ("n^hions, £ o 10s. Cheapest House for Repairs. All kind of fittings StOck.-I)-vie-, (,Ycle )Vorl-Ls. Krynrtiav/r. 8 "l^ADELEY Cycles for hill-climbing. Wadeley Cycles ffr road racing. Wadeley Cycles lor twing. ^/ftdeley Cycles are guaranteed.—Wade and Co., Smeth- wick. 218 7mm- t'AKKtACKS. VHMICIHS. el;c. BARGAIN, good four-wheeled Dogcart: also new BURI i/>J?errr<ar^' Pvett,y Pleasure Trap, good Coal Cart.—Ap. ply 1C2, Wooing,-on-strac t. Canton. Cardi_ff. 373 BUSINESS Traps, all descriptions, suit any size: J leasure Traps, seat two and four, Harness, new and second-hand, all sizes and descriptions, Saddles and Bridles lowest pos-iblo prices.—14, Haveiock-street, Temperance- toivn, Cardiff. 442 FOR Sale, a Donkey Chair, £ 6' a bargain—Apply Davieg and Sons, Bridge-street, Newport. 47e pOR Sale, nearly new. Brake to carry 15 new cushions, mrl3, P°le npd bar, shafts into collaring axle made stylish and strong.—T. Plnmnier, Carriage Builder, Newport lIGHT Trap, suit pony, uearly new, £ 4 good Dogcart, JLJ suit cob, £ 6 bargaios.—43, Carlisle-street, Splotlands, Cardiff. 939 O ALE, several Traps, suit business, from £ 6 up also several Sets of Harness.—Apply 21, Topaz-street, Roalh. Cardiff. 141 SEVERAL good Traps, suit bu»mess or pleasure, 1 long Coal Cart, to be sold cheap,—Gibbon, Mill-road, Pontyprida. 4e rt"WO Business Traps, one Dog Cart, Cart, stylish Stao- JL hope Gig, complete Saddle and Bridle, all cheap.— •i neatre Royal Stables, Sh. Mary-street. Cardiff. 441 HORSES. LtT £ STACK. d'1" A Bargain.—Splendid Carriage Horse, 15.1. six years t%. good mover iu harness or saddle suitable for cab, brake, or crank-axle guaranteed sound free of vice —<02, Wellington-street, Canton, Cardiff. 378 A handsome Chtstnut Mate, 14.2, aged 7 also eray Cob Mare and Colt, 13 hands, nge 4, warranted sound, Q,it nde or driv^-E, Plniated, Bishpool, Nowpurt, 17e 4 Bargain, Welsh Pony. )3~har,ds, 7 years: warranted perfectly quiet for boy to drive, with new Flat Cart and Harness week's trial allowed £ 12 19s.—Mrs Moore, Backhall-street, Caer Icon. Newport. Jge Bargain, Cart 15 rising 7 years Astraiiiieh worker in shafts or chants and sound, with good Cart to carry 30 cwt., and nearly new set Shaft Har- ness week's trial allowed £ 18 10s lot.—Herbert, Coal Merchant, Caerleon, Newport. 20o ACTIVE bay Horse, 15 hand*, sound and good worker, suit tradesman, £ 13, bargain.—Apply Mitchell, Mill- road, Caerphilly. 202 4 Poweiful Cart Mare, 16 hands; 6 years: staunch tX worker in shafts and chains sound: must be sold on account of ill-health.—Mrs Hirst, 9, Triley-strcet, Chepstow- ioad, Newport. S93e A good useful Pony, with Flat Cart and Harness suit greengrocer; price, £ 12 the lot. Also strong Cob, 14.F. with lirst-clsss Trap and tiariievs suit baker or grocer: CI8 the lot; warranted good workers.-App)y T). Morgans, Energiyn Mill, Caerph;iiy. 125 A Handsome Cob. 13.3 sire, Lord Bang 5 years colour red roaii trial ill harness with veterinary's approval before purchase B21 also Bay Carriage Mare, 15.2 suit brake, grocer, or tradesman fil2 10->.—Apply 60, Gor,-Ir)n- sti-eet, Chepstow-road, Maindee. Newport. 936e A good CVsb, warranted, with Cart and Harness suit greengrocer or fishm.m £ 14 the lot.—28, Stacey- road, Roath, Cardiff. 099 A useful Mare, 15 hands, C years: good Horner; xi. warranted suit tradesman • £ 15 ou trial. — 43, Carlisle-street, SplOtlAnds, Cardiff. 993 BARGAIN, active Brown Carb Horse, 5 years. 16 hands ) clear from blemish. £ 25. Alao Bay Horse, ID 2 hands, suitable for crank-axle or brake purposes. £15: warranted staunch in any harneaf. -Theatre Royall Hotel Livery Stables, St. Mary-street, Cardiff. 44C }BARGAIN, fast Cob, 14 hands, sound and good worker, -"r*P ftnd Harness suitbnlcheror any trades- man £ 18 the lot: any trial allowed.—Apply 28, Stacey. road, Roath, Carmff. 199 ClHOICE of three excellent Cobs, from 13.2 to 14 hands J ages four and six years all warranted sound, and quiet to ride and arive Traps and Harness to suit, either: will sell tg,,I.her or separately very cheap.-14, Haveloek- gtirect, Temperancetown, Cardiff, 443 />REAM Pony and Cart for Sate the lot £ 12 mousy J wanted.—Apply 34, Thompson-street, Barry Dock. if OR Sale. grey cart Mare, 16 hands, 7 years, will sell very cheap.—Apply Anglo Bavarian Brewery, Ltd., Penarth-road. Cardiff. 392 X?OR Sale, a Black Welsh Pony, also a pretty Gig.—Line, _j Baker. 24, Daisy-street.^nnton. (Cardiff. 403 X^OR Sale, ttrong Trip and Harness i suit cob 12 to 14 hands ^suitable for butcher or baker.—Apply Price, ■?uleheI'. 3?' ^^I'r^ Cathays, Cardiff. 404 i^OR Sale, handsome Pony warranted quiet: suitable for lara or children; can be tried.—Apply Squire, 133, Nloy-road. JKoatli. 410 Sa'e" Pony and Trap: prioe, £ 12.—Apply Collins, Couryoad, btitmeed.. 388 I^OR Sale, good'working ilcrse, Working cab daily.—Apply Bright,/6, \^nd8or-r^d; Penarth. 3^,2 JT^OR sale, Pony "u travel 16 miles an hour; priee. il9. —Apply 1, Conylieare-toad, Cardiff. 294 -al°' 2°0(i T>-ap md Harness: UMv 09^or4tai', BiicltT/ood, WOn. 292 I^OR Sa>, good strong Cob, 14 hands high price fiT; good worker no further use for it.—Apuly 30. Ziuc- street, Splotlands, Cardiff, 296 I^OR Sale, very large Mare Donkey also strong Cart and Harness; will sell separate.—Apply Neptune Ion, Caroline-street, Cardiff. 138 I^OIi Sala, Pony, Flat Cart, and Harness quiet to ride •Pr.a"d drive P"Ce 10 guinea^.—No. 1. Canal-st.,Cardiff. f?OR Sale, Tsry hari'dwme Dark Browh"~Cob, 13.3. sit -t years old: ip every way quiet aud sound: suit any adyorgentleme.A; vet cert.-]?. T. Broad, Confectioner, 12, Tudof-streot» Cardiff, 92$ (^.OOD Mare for Sale, aged; suitable for breeding^ X Apply W, Dang and Sou, 11, Queen-street. Cardiff. 1VI ARE Pony, 13 handi hi^h, three years old warranted qnw to ride and 114 harness.—Apply Thomas Bounds. Lyrywe", Bedwas. 421 H, "VrOTICE to Hauliers.—For Sale.a good strong Bay Horse 15.1, HarniSgs, and Cart and Work owner going away —Apply Davis, Qq^rlisle-atreet, Moors, after 6 p.m. 376 "DONY Trap for Rale/new): suit milk roand price A L4 IN.-Bolaiid, L'hupl h Cottoge, West-terrace, Penarth. 501 t^ALE, Pony, 13 hands, with Cart and Harness suitable for greengrocer warranted quiet .and a good worker £ 14 the lot or sell separate.—Mrs BrooSs, Firbank Cottage, ftewpoirt-r.Tad, Caerleon, Mon. Me SORE Shoulders Grease Tbmsh. &o., Otiickly Cured by Coudy's i'luid. Horses suffering from Sore Backs, sore bhonlderg, broken kDees, wounds, cnts, bruises thrush, oraeied heels, grease, mud fever, mange, 4c., quickly cured' by bathing the parts affected with a tablespoonful of Condy" s Fluid in k pint of water. It makes tha hair grow wliert rubbed off. Prices 8oz. Is 200. 2s of all chemtate. Insist on having Condv s Fluid. 949e THREE good Cart Horses, warranted in shafts or chains, also several Cobs and Ponies, ebeaD.-Ctbbon. Mill- road, Pontypridd. 66 TO Cab Prop ietors and others.—Sale, Bay H»rs7 16 hands, 7 years warranted good worker in single or Rouble harness and sound trial allowed price £ 13.-8. Backhall-street. Caerleon, Newport.. USE Jeerol Ointment for speedily curing sprains curbs and splints when forming, over-reaches, capped hocks, rheumatism, windfalls, scurf after blisterlng.-IArge box post tree for Is 2d from Condy's. Fluid Works, 83, Ttiriimill-st.. London. E.O. 949a VETERINARY Book Free, containing full instruction^ for the Treatment and Cure of Ailments affeclinr Horses, Dogs, Cats, Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, Poultry, 4c., from Condy's Fluid Works 83 Turnmill-street London, E.C. 949e WANTED, good Cob, about 14.3.—Price and particulars to M 383, Echo Office, Cardiff. 3S3 ANTED to Hire for a few weeks Horse and Brake, or \\f ANTED, to Hire for a few weeks Horse and Brake, or T T brake alone, in good condition, to carry 10 or 12 per- sons.—97, Paget-street, Grange. 377 <) Tamworth Boars, Horse. Coal Cart. and Harness O cheap good Pony 30 pigs, suit buyers furniture van 25 Whit-Cilureb. 213 reCLlBV. Ptqaolgs. Ac T^ERRETS! Ferrets 1 (King of tho Poachers).—Unsur- passed quality 4s each to working men. Homer and Fancy Pigeons. Cenzries.-Co))P'A SbOres, Pontypridd. 341 FOR Sale, a few March Minorca Cockerels cheap Cook'sj Webster's. Pitt's, and M»ggridge strains.—Apply 233, Cowbridge-road. 24 HALF-a-dozen Cock Goldfinches warranted cock3, Strong on seed: price, 53 6d.—Apply to William Price, Priory-lane, Haverfordwest. 31 I-have Six Cock Goldfinches that I will forward for 5s, I well on seed.—William Mi-mmau, Prendergast, Haver- fordwest. 272 NET Traps.—Catch birds alive; Is 3d post free^ Plenty of grand Canaries in stock satisfaction Guaranteed no rubbish.—Lloyd. Mountain Ash. 65 OTICE.-Hqlf-dozen Cock Goldfinches warranted all 1. strong, healthy birds on seed price 5s.-Apply John Davies, Cartlott Quarry, Haverfordwest. 175 POULTRY. Pigeon, Care Bird, and it" for prices and samples to Noah Rees and Son, Hay, Corn, and Seed Merchants. Cardiff. 16lc SPLENDID Plymouth Rock Hens (1895T"4s6d. 4a Silver SPLENDID Plymouth Rock Hens (1895T"4s6d. 4a Silver Wj.-indot, ditto Minorca?., 3s: pure-bred Cockere ls from 2s 6d.—Edwards, CojUgy, Dursley^Gloucpst^ryhire. He YUICNIITCITIK. ADVICE Gratis. Harris's. The Cfesh Furni8h7re, Newport Market (main entrance), the largest open display of Furnishing Goods in Newport (near station). Advantages to parties furnishing. E.E.H. has no connec- tion with any other Ann. t^URNITURE for Sale, cheap: chairs^ tables, cheffionere, JL 4c.; parties leaving Cardiff.—C. 198, Echo Office, Cardiff. jgg fjlURNITURli of every descriotiou js&uojy n value w JL select from, on the Hire System strictly privaet The Largest Premise* and Stock out of Tondo.Atl" Furnishing Company .Limited .Hayes,Cardiff. 25 I:IARmS'sõ"k :iteîiDC(' .DiniSocc cloth, £4 15s. Kxtraordinaiy value. Over 500 sold — E E. Harris, Manufacturing Upholsterer, Cabinetmaker. &c.. Newport Market (main entrance). N.B — Only two minutes' walk from station. caution,-E.E.B. has no connection with any otlicr firm. CEVERAL costly Dining and Drawing-room s„ites trcm £ 33s to £ 15 15s, not half their value, must be cleared out, proprietor retiring: also other Furniture of the best quality, not trash that's made only to look at and to bob the public don't buy at any price.-Call at Edcs' Old Curiosity Rliop. Newport. 2Le ^^COND hana_Furniture bought i.n77«To7sm7ino;7 O cash at once.—ArTPly the Cyril Second-hand Furniture Stores, 12, Broadway. L;sfdiff- 6 SECOND-hand Furniture or Surplus 8tock Boucht~w SECOND-hand Furniture or Sunr.lus 8tock Boucht~w Cash or Said on Commission.—Tayl«r-8 Auction-rooms 12, Custom House-street. Cardiff. on ro^"18' l^iRNlSH""en' oilr new tire Hire System.^ Jf A irtBienfs completely furnished on a new wteln adopted s^ety by us, whereby all publicity, expoi-mre/and (rith.w an 'tofflemw^Wck^T^iShold Fnrou're A«k8^erah^ tor credit, anTall goodi sent borne In a priw £ w^« •I oharge st%mf or agreement charge# made >!n h?n at sale; e#eiyih!ng private. ArrargezBi«nt« crrni^il^ Mthout rteUy. wd, fielng manufacU^rs. we quality and will t nderUke to snaply furniture 1? P?' tI>aoprice-list iMued by any Cardiff. EleVeii shoWroom*. OU and inspect mense slotfk, and eomnare prices oafcrre purchasing else where. We Will »uppft £ 6 wortb f0/ 2g & weekly rfn worth, 4s weekly; fcl5 worth for 5s weekly £ 20 worth 6s weekly, and so pa in proportion. Special terms for larger quantaties. FlaMe note the address :—Sonth Wales Cardiff COrnPAtIF 31, Castle-street (opposite the Castle) 7e WOMfiSTIC AKTICXiES. All ANGLES, Washing Machines, Sewing Machines on xvj. the Hire System.—Atlas Furnishing Company Ltd. Hayes Cardiff 2Se DØAJdBUUTOBa Mail Carts on the Hire SvaLem. Mis il AI^ Electors sbonld go to Fligelstone's, Registered the Popular Cardiff Pawnbroker, 22, Castle-rd, Cardiff.940e A LI. Electors.—Note value, Fiigelstone has forfeited, 25 • genuine Silver English Lever Watches, onlY2_s_eu.ûb ALL Kleciors.—Compare value, Fiigelstone has forfeited 100 Solid Silver Watches, all warranted, 6s each. ALL Electors.—Government hall marked. Fiigelstone s 22ct. Solid Gold Wedding Rines: 3dwt, 15s: 4 dwt, 20s. ALL Electors.—Note bargains. iiig,¡;;tonehas forfeited 10 Gents' first-class Gold Levers, from £ 5 to £ 12. A Electors.—Money back uot satisfied. iJgel8tone's _^id^511verCurb Alberts, stamped every link, 6s. ALL Electors.—Try Fligelstone's fancy Vicuna and Black Worsted Coats and Vests, only 12s fid. ALL Electors. Get 5 years' warranty.—Fligelstone's 5 guineas Silver English Lever (Wriglic, Coventry!. 50s. A"; Electors.—Grand bargain, Figelst-one's handsome l_^ r Rro;,ze Marii Horss, only 21s, worth 4gs. A Klsctors.—Try Figelstone's noted Wooden Clocks, Is (sleep disturbers), Is lld, A -^lec^rs should get Money from Figelstone's, P.C.P." strictest privacy lowest interest. A I-L IMectors compare vaiue—Figelstone ha.s forfeited Gent s solid Gold Curb Albert, very heavy, only 45s. A Eleotors.—Note value. Fligelstone's Ladies' Fancy Lrotu Dress Ring?, Government hall marked, only 4." 6d- Electors.—Compare value. Fiigelstone hasforfeited ciioi^e selections of Geote' and Ladies' Diamond Rings. A LL Electors.—No opposition. Fligelstone's noted Fea- ther Led?, Bolster, 2 Pillows. 6Elbs. weight, 35,. A Kl«ctors.—Try Fligelstone's noted"Is lUd Shirts f_A-c"eai) and best value in Cardiff largest sale. A E.:ecL°rs.—Go to Fligelstone's for Opera, Field, and f-X-_jV_-r"lg Glasses, very powerful glasses, from 8s 6d. A Electors.—Go to Fligelstone's for Ladien'Tjold Watches from ;5s :^GeiUs' Gold Watches from 20s. ALL Electors —Go to Fligelstone's. See testimonials. Lady's solid Gold Watch, quite new, only 21s. 3C0"h»nd- x;x_s°me Sliver Broochas, only Is 3d each, hall-marked. BAKERS' Troughs, all sizes, in stock: also Coburg equal __to^new.—Tunics, 3, Mill-lane, Cardiff. 247 jj^URGLARY Not having any to-day.—jewellery too chegpj Clc thing next to nothing at. Blaiberg's Arcade should think not.— Scuin JWoles Welsh Flannel Shirts, 4s lid. BURGLARY Not paying t Not in Cardiff.—^Welsh I'jannd Drawers, Is lO^d. OURGLARY 1 j Not paying ? I see it now. He reads:— oaiia, zis ooate aad Vests, 12s 6d warranted fast colours. BUKGLAKV !!—The Diamond Kings sold at £ 5 light up whole r-jom iike electric light. BUXIGLARY ivofc payiog ? Why bold Jewellery so hea.t> at BJaibcfg e Arcade. EURGLARY Not payiug ¡-Why ?-3<\dwt. 22ct. Wed" J'-F uiog Kind's for 19s at Ulaiberg's Arcade. OUIvGLARY J N"t paying! Why ?-Gold"~ Wedding Rmgs, wine, as 6d, at Blaiberg's Arcade. BURGLARY I Not paying Why ?—Silver Lever, by Wright, 21s, at Blaiberg's Arcade. Why t—Read Blaiberg s Aicade Advertisements and Note Prices. BURGLARY Not pay again. Why ?—Blaiberg's Arcade ire selling Ladies' Gold Watches, 35s. tiU':C;V\Ru, !-L P»y, eg-un.—Gold s'ignet Ring, 9 3i 6d at Hlaihenrs 11 ca(1,e Bftfiides low prices.—Almost every r\irL?m l of Blaiberg's Acconia Alarm, sold at 4s. j_>UKGLARY!l loori ky. Why -Blaiberg's Arcade a!e seining a large number of Revolvers, EQF- li«li make, 8s 6d. i_>URGLAK Y i Too risky. Why ?—Blaiberg's Arcade J are sellirg such strong Spectacles at Is they can r-lmost sec in th> ir sleep. lI)-úÍiGi,A!tŸ Not, pay again. Why ?—The people /lon.t, 3°tc;>,be,d car,y- 'I'hey listen to the Musical Box sold fur 30. at Blsiberg's Arcade. OURGLARY Not pay again Not even <>7~wet A nights. Everybody waikingabout with one of Blaiberg's Arcade Guinea Mackintoshes. p-o Hey woods I able Knives we are done for 3s the half dozsn. -RUUGEARY Too dangerom now I Why U cap. J' tured, one of their 58 6d Silver Curb Alberts are so strong there would be no getting away. lf,ys. Cycles, Furniture, Wringer?.—Agents wanted. »liolesale booK free.—-Henry May (108), Birmingham.- 352 v? r j L or W1" Sen il 15 do?!en seconds articles for 17s 6d write for lists —Webb and Co., Railway-passage. Lougtoii^ Staffordshire. 781 I^OR Sale. Twn Sets of Swings, one ix and ODe t; ropes and ladders, all complete.—5. Quay-3t„ Cardiff.223 Trucks, BiTtohe7s r-:n, v 1 Scales ar,d Weights, 4c.—Blake, Oathaya_Yardf CanhflF. • lUR Boa (real Russian).—Dark brown, lII.uite new, very i a silkv Alaska Tail Boa, three yards long lady requiring immediate cash: accept 19s 6d, worth £ 5 5s; sent for approval, carriage paid.-Mrs E. Hopkins. 55, Hanuforth-road, Brixton-road, S.W. 946 GLASS Shades (all sizes) for Clocks. Figures, 4c. Also Fish Globes.—J. Cording, Naturalist, 4, it-vai Arcade, Cardiff, (-, ETLEiE-500 Suits last into tardiff and district. What more do you waul ? No tailor can possibly compete with our AU-weol Tweeds and e^i'e ,Hlts,f° n>eauure at 35s 6d. Write for patterns (free). — \00l!er^Conipany, Bradford. 25j C^IREENHOUSE Boiler and Pipes for Sale Jocee's A expansion joints, all complete room wanted bar- gam, —Marshall, h'olmsdale-street. Grange, Cardiff. 150 finest quality new silk three-guinea Umbrella • ■J long real ivory carved handle, richly mouoted with over 4-inch deep fino gold liall-marked silver: Fox'a paragon frame: accept 166 6d approval1 carriage I):iid.- 841 1 MltJC! Morning llilk XTX for Sale: on rail Raglan 7.56: 15 p.c. cream.— Grijiitha. Gwemmelyn, Raglan. 143 MANUFACTUKERS' Remnants direct in 51b and ICib Ü Bundles. Stuii's, Oa.¡¡co, Velvets, Shirtings. Flan- nelettes 91so Pinafores ami Und..rclotJ1Ïn¡r:. Price UiR free.—J. Mitchell and Sous, 44, Weil-st., Bradford. York. PHIL Phillips Rheumatic Cure, ft, St. M»ry-»treet- JL Crditf. PHIL PlillHps' Rheumatic Cure.—Socks 19s 6d per pair. Send size of I roots.- 226e PHIL Phillips' Rheumatic Cure.—Ladies and Gent-lemen 1T&ited l1n at their own reeidencts. PHIL Phillips' Rheumatic Core.—Cares Rheumatic jt. Gout. PHIL Phillips' Rheumntia Care.—Belts from 10B 6d. Send meltsure of waist. PI-UL Rheumatic Care.—Cures Sciatica. PHIL Phillips' RheumLitic Cure.—Wristlets from 58 per pour. PUlL Phillips' Rheumatic Cure.—Fresh Testimonials of cores daily. PHIL Phillips Rheumatic Cure.—For 10s 6d you ean be Cured. PHIL Phillips' Rheumatic Core.—Sole manufacturer, 24. St. Mary-street, Cardiff. OHO Cycle Repr.ireis and Jobbing Smiths.—For Sale, Bellows, Anvil, Vice, Smith's Tools, Cycle Spokes. Stocks. Taps, Bosh, Shears, Punch. 2 Footprint Spanners, Chest, sundry other articles.—G. Morgan, Merthyr Voige, Merthyr. WATCHES Lever with warranty, at I5s, are only to be v v bought at Follick's. WATCHES, lady's solid Gold, at 30s, we only to be bought at Follick's. WATCHES, by all the best makers, are only to be bought at Follick's. 954 WATOH&S, in heavy silver cases at 10s$d, are only to he bought at Follick's. WATCHES at the lowest prices, are only to be bought at Follick's \\TATCHES, solid silver, in order at 59 64, are only to be v v bought at Follick's. W ATCHES, only go to Follick's, 40 and 41. Bridge- » v street, Cardiff. Worccster, at ooly to be bouht at Folli k's. WAbeCbouKh^FoUickTser' f*' °Qe gaitie>> aW °D'yK> \V ATCHE.S, the renowned 6s fid, are only to be bought at Rollicks. 3 good%jecond-hand Scales, Buit butchers or grocers set of Boll Brass Weights, very cheap.—Gibbon, Miil- road, Pontypridd. 7c 00.009 feet first-class inch Dunnage Boards, Peals, .q TScantling. and Russian Mats, etc., cheap.—Shapland, 10, Loudoun-square, Cardiff. -iix)-Gross Blauds Pills, 6jd per gross, postage 2d.-The ^i^d^DispenBirig^Stores, Limited,Wolverhampton. VV A \7>. ESP EOT ABLE Couple wish to take healthy Baby to V Adopt ns own; good home.—State premium to N. 345, toll Office, Cardiff. 345 MARRIED Couple, 110 family, would adopt strong, l' healthy child: nice home: small premium.—N., c*re Newsagent, », Mackintosh-place, Cardiff. V\'7 ANTED, gome kind lady to adopt Baby from birth as Cardiff. WANTED, respectable Person, to Adopt Female Baby. T —Apply A. 169. Echo. Cardiff. 169 WANTED, second-hand Bagatelle Table.—State price I f Loud size to Secretary, Cottage Club, 58. Barry-road, Uadoxton. 185 CLOTH»b. I ADY wishes to sell Parcel of Baby's First Clothes, J Bupenor quality: l uite new: very cheap.-L 18 Lancaster-road, Fallowfield, Manchester. 349 LADIES'. Gentlemen's, Children's Lefc_off Clothing Bought.—Mrs Rich. 57, Castle-road, Cardiff. Good prices ortiers punc'.uallv att-ended to. Furniture bought.209 HALF-Horse power Gas Engin7~ana Chaffcutter for J-JL Sale also silent Sausage Machine and Filler, with enamelled bowl and several Butchers' Blocks, very cheap. -Gibbon. ;llm.road. J>ontVDdcL 6e WANTED, Corking and Syruping Machine combined, T secondhand Bratty's Rapid if possible cheap — NorLhern Co.. Saltmead-road. Cardiff. 298 »«ISCI'Lti. ARTIFICIAIJ Legs, Arms, Eyes, Belts, Leg Irons, Spine Supports, Trusses.—i. he only Mr Pearce, maker, is at 4, Charles-street. Cardiff. 954 A STROLOGY. Marriage, success, business prospects, kc., Is partner described. 7 stamps send birth- time, ilescnption.—Profe.-s^r Evans, 95, Folriton-road, I[>SHirh 9 Cards, 4 6d, ) (special line), 4a. Bridge-st., Cardiff.-Rees. Mallett. and Stanbury. Printers. Football Fixtures. Testimonials, i ^OALINE, Patent Coal Saver and Smoke Consumer. I Agents wanted in WilleS, Ireland, Scotland. Liberal terms.—Coaiine Co., Cardiff. 2!7 C^LRE for Piles.—Perfect cure guaranteed in most J stubborn oases; post free, 2s 9d, 45 6(1.—La Trobe, Chemist, St. Michael s-hill Bristol. 638 OLD Artificial Teeth Bought, old GohlTSitver, Platina, 4c. Highest prices given by manufacturing dentist.- Write Dentist, Echo Office, Cardiff. 3 PHRENOLOGY, Marriage, EUter. PatmiB- try, free.—Prof. Mayo. Castle Arcade, Cardiff. 805 PARALYSIS, i.Sciatica, Rhemnatism Cured Expediti- ously.—Houghton's Electro-Hydropathic Establish- ment, Stuart House, Edwards-terrace, Cardiff. 255.. ROF. J. AUen, PhrenSosist. toTute of Cardiff, now at 9 High-street Arcade, Swansea. 250e W COOKE Electrician 26 Pembroke-road Canton Cardiff. Estimates given for the erection and main tenance of telephone Imes, electnc bells for pri houses hotels, and mines Also Burglary Alarms, Ac. 15* ATCHES ClocbaDd Jeweller, On the Hire Hvstfcm v T Atlas Furnishing Company, Ltd Haven Cardiff 25- upward, advanced to respectable 1\1 Householders, Cab Proprietors, etc on own security, by the actual lender. J. 1'. Thompson, 71, Adam-street, ( ar- diff. No fees. Office hours, 10 to 7 Wednesdays. 10 to 2. MONEY LENT WITHOUT BILL~OF~SALE CR l.ll. SURETIES, on Note of Hand, as follow £20-i4 MONTHLY INSTALMENTS of £0 18 4 ..50-24.. „ £2 5 10 £ 100—24 „ £4 11 < No Commil;8iou or Legal Expeu.!<es. A guarantee givea or strictest privacy. Apply for prospectus to UNITED KINGDOM DEPOSIT BANK. kWl ■■ |||- to £5.1))0 Lent Privately, in any part of town or ow country, to respectable people, on a Note of Hand alone. without Bondsmen or any Security. Exceptionally Low Interest. Appiy to H. THOMAS, Manager (Head Office). Victoria Chambers. 25..llridp;e-5treet. Bristol. 286 ^Ol.OCO, £600. £300, and j3120 separate FUIDS, at £5 per cfe1 cent, wanted in good leasehold securities in Aberdare Valley.—A.B., Daily News Office, Cardiff. 2e A retired tradesman will advance Lo.tns from £ 5 npwards. —By letter only, 13, Romiily-crescent, Cardiff. 139 MONEY at a fair rate of interest, advanced in anv sums without delay distance no object.—Apply, by letter or personally, to W. Williams, 36, Graig-street (late of Vine Cottage, 1, Station-terrace), Pontypridd. 330e ARIAN ar log, heb na thraul na thrafferth.—Ysgrifenwch nen dewrh yn bersonol at Lewis, 67, Castle-road, Roath, Caerdvdd. 458 ^ASH.—Advances promptly ma-de on reasonable rmR Vv to responsible householders from £ 20 upwards. bills discounted.—Apply J. W. Williams, Accountant, 11. Duke-street, Cardiff. 163 MR L. Reed. 56, Railway-street,, Moors. Cardiff, advances from B2 to Jiorrowers receive courteous and prompt attention. 459 4*200, £ 300, and £ £ C0 to Advance on Mortgage at 4j per c& Cent, at once.—Morgan Morgan, Albert Chambers, H leh-streeu Caroiff. 422 MONEY L-t- not of hand.-ApnJy. in confidence 1t!- (letters ouly), 69, Moy-road, Cardiff. 445 PRIVATE gentleman Advances Money, £ 5 upwards; easy tepayments as arra.D¡:ed.-Apply by leUer, 4, Clare-street. Cardiff. 110 jV| ONEY Lent upon Note of Hand, without Bill of Sale or Sureties, as follows :— £ 25, repayable in 24-.monthly instalments of £ t 2 5 •< 24 » » £ 2 10 £ 100, „ 24 ), „ £ 4 7 Larger sums in proportion. Strict privacy guaranteed. No commissions charged. Distance no object.-Apply D, Williams, 15.Vork-.road. Waterloo Bridge. London,S.E. 570 ASH Advances made to any amount promptly, privately « an, ac a fair rate of interest: distance no object.— Apply, by letter only, to Mr C Lloyd, 24, Raglan-sr.reet, Newport. 935e and upwards granted daily to householders, vritbou C*! sureties, no delay, no fees and confidential. Apply, by letter or personally, to F Gould, 88, Pont-morlais. Merthyr Tydfil, 20. Caroline-street, Bridgend, and at 3. Friars Park, Lamrnar st, Carmarthen, 145" PUBLIC NOTI OE7"-RESPEcfA^J^ HOUSE- HOLDERS are now ENA BLED to BORROW MONEY in sums from £3 to £500. An applications, whether in Cardiff or the surrounding town*, are attended to without delay. Letteis Receive Prompt Attention. Letteis Receive Prompt Attention. c Addr^s WALL ACE 4 COMPANY, 98, QUEEN- STRKET, CARDIFF. 444 _Eutrllnce first door at side. THE CA R LT ON BAN £ T~LTMI TED, X 38. FINSBURY-PAVEMENT, LONDVN, E.C. (Incorporated 1886). HAS UPWARDS OF READY FOR IMME- DIATE APVANCE, x.5 TO £50). Business transacted Quickly and Cheaply. Deposits received at Five per Cent. Interest, Apply to their Branch Manager, Mr W. P. Thomu. 19 and 20 Market-street, Abertillery or J. H. Rimer and V;0., The Pon, Catherine-street, Aberdare Junction or W. C. Rimer and Co., Royal Exchange, Newbridge. 4968 MONEY~LENT AT~FIVE PER CENT, FROM to £ 2,COO. Why pay more, when a Private Gentleman Is prepared to grant Advances to responsible persons, Male or Femile, upon their NOTE OF HAND ALONE, in any part of England or Wales, without loan office formalities ? NO BILL OF SALE OR SURETIES REQUIRED. The advance can be paid back by easy instalments, or esua remain out from 1 to 15 years by paying the interest only. I Call or write to tho actual Lender. I CECIL G. COURTENAY, Esq., 8?5e 11. Stroud Green-road. Seven Sisters-road, London, N. MONEY! MONEY! MONEY^lTDon't be without .J.l Money when you cn obtlin an Advame From f.2 to ANY AMOUNT, On your own Security and Easy Repayment*, as arranged. Apply o. HARHI8. Manager, 1-sS Central Advance Bank, 40, Wood-street, Cardiff. rP0 HONEST-^ND~l7E7PECTABLE BORROWERS -I ONLY. The Castle Advance Bank is prepared to Advance Money !lot the lowest (ate of interest, Without Sureties or Hooda. men. Oil Your Own Note of Hand Alone. You 111 ufit bear io miud that we are no agents, and that I you are dealing with the firm direct. If you prefer prompt treatment and strictest privacy apply, personally or by letter, to I' GEORGE DAVIES 4 CO.. CASTLE ADVANCE BANK, 207, CASTLE-ROAD. CARDIFF. 142 L 6 A N S". ) MONItY LENT in small or large sums, repayable by easy I weekly il18h11f!nL6 or arranged to suit borrowers, con- i *ellience. The terms and interest will be quoted before any business is done. Strict privacy. No delay. Apply, per. sonally or Ity letter, to R. PHILLIPS, 628 18, CHURCH-STREET. CARDIFF. rpHE DIRECTORS of I S FIELD! NG AjN'D CO A (LIMITED Advance Daily Sums fro I £5 TO £1.000. Method of Business: FAIli INTEREST. EASY REPAYMENTS. ABSOLUTE PRIVACY. NO DELAY. NO SURETIES TRADE 1HLI.S DISCOUNTED. NO SURETIES.. TRADE BILLS DISCOUNTED. P roe pectus and Particulars Free. A pply at either Addresses below :— HAVUS BUILDINGS, CARDIFF. ALBERT-CHAMBERS, STOW-HTI, NEWPORT 4, ST. CATHERINE ST., PONTYPRIDD (Opposite Police Starian; NE MONEY PRIVATELY. PROMPTLY, AND CHEAPLY. THE NATIONAL MERCANTILE BANK, BALDWIN-STREET, BRISTOL, X having large available funds, offer unusual facthties tbfm respectable atifl trtis' woi-tliy persons who reqnire either assistance. Cash in amounts from B20 to »r0,y00 advanced in all parts of the kingdom without sureties, delay, or publicity, and on the security only of the written promise to repay. These advances may be repeal by weekly, monthly, or quarterly instalments ^^tcuatiijt Over a period of time convenient to the borrower, or the ptujwpal may remain BO long as the interest is paid. No Bills of Sale taken, aud the tram actions are not pub- lishcd in any newspaper or gazette. I Apply, stating amount required, to Mr T. C. MILBURN. General Manager. NOTE.—Spepia'dy advantageous terms for on Lite jusnranc^Po-icie^lic^rgions^jind Second Morteages.5C6e R ,J-. II EATH & PIANOFORTES AND ORGANS. SPECIAL PRICES FOR THE SUMMER MONTHS Cash. M'nthly. Walnut Case, fulJ-compass trichord, £ s. (I. I panel front, 3ft lOin HIGH 15 10 6 Simila.r Model, superior quality 17 11 6 Vanderbolt- Model, irou frame, full-com. pa., trichord, machine-covered ham. triers, 3ft lOin bigii 20 M 14 0 I VMdetMt Model, 2in higher, superior quality 22 15 2 European Model, full. compass, iron frame, full trichord, metal plank bar, plated bolts, sconces, incised and gilded panel and trusses, 4ft 3in high 26 18 9 Ditto, check action 28 19 10 Association Model, 4ft 2in bigli, burr walnut, prize medal design. A first- class instrument at a moderate price, witha.ll the mostmodernimprovement,; 31 22 ORGANS FROM £5. Before Purchasing do not fail to see our Stock and compare our Prices and Terms. SHOWROOMS: 51, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF 70, TAFF-STREET, PONTYPRIDD. Agencies at Aberavon, Cadoxton, Caerphilly, Bridg end, Maesteg, and Penarth. 9431 H. pIEST AND CO., 60, CANTON, CARDIFF. WIRE NETTING, IN 50 Yard Rolls. 3in. Mesh 2ft., 3/- I 2in Mesh 2ft., 4/- „ 3ft., 4/6 „ „ 3ft., 6/- 4ft., 6/- I „ 4ft., 8/- i^ORRUGATEDRoofingSheets,2ft3inwide 5ft. long 1/TVI I 8FT. long, 1/10% 6ft. „ 1/4", 9ft. „ 2/2% 7ft. 1/7^ |. 10ft. „ 2/6% 7ft. Ö 1/111s ,¡Oft. 2/61t2 BEST ROOFING FELT, in 25 Yard Rolls 3s 7d, 4s lOd, and 6s 4d per Roll. GALVANISED STEEL TANKS OF VJT EVERY DESCRIPTION 457 rjlEETH JJENTISTRY! rjpEETH 1 Restore Mastication, Digestion, and Beaut" t M R KIT ALL, SURGEON DENTIST (38 Years' Experience, 28 Years iu SWANSEA), 1, HIGH-STREET, SWANSEA (Just below the Great Western Railway. Station), Begs TO intimate that he can produce a perfectly fitting Set of Teeth in olle clear day. The very best workman. ship guaranteed. Painless Dentustry thy Qas, also by the Anaesthetics, Cocaine and Ether Spray. Partial Sets from 5s per Tooth. Upper or Lower Sets from Two Guineas. • • KEALL'S TONIC AND NEURALGIC MIXTURE, Sure and Speedy Cure for Neuralgia, Tic Doloreus, Rheums, Toothache, and all Nervous Pains. Is and 28 9<1 per Bottle. any Chemist. Cardiff: Mr Munday, Chemist, 1, Puke-street Mr Robb, Chemist, Roath. Newport Messrs Garrett and Atkins, Chemists,33, Commercial-street.. Neath Mr J. G. Isaac (late Haymsui), Chemist," Ltanelly Mr Morgan W. James. Bridgend Messrs Pritchard and Roberts, Caroline-street. 4e 1038 JjMNEST QARMARTHBN gUTl'ER IS NOW SOLD -G /vD TO S PER LB. AT FROM XU X BY BOWENS AND LEWIS'BO WEN, CARDIFF MARKET STALLS Nos. 147 & 149,155 & 15S. Why buv flavourless Danish ? A La.rge Selection ot CAERPHJTLY, CHEDDAR, aad AMERICAN CHEESE always in stock. SUPPORT JJL O, M E FARMERS. 553 mHOMPSON^' BURDOOK PILLS. TliE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER.—Purify the foulest blood and relieve every disease of stomach liver aud kidneys. These wonderful Pills cur diseases which could not be reached by any othermedi- cine. For Rheumatics, Lumbago, Piles, Gravel, Pain- In tlie Back, Scurvy, Bad s, Wounds or White Swelling, Scrofula., Cancers, Blotches on the Face and Body, Swelled Feeii, &c., Jaundice, Dropsy, and Fever of all kinds. In bo &t- Is LID and 2s 9d each.—Sold by TILL cbemfcts, o from the manufactory 4 OxPord treat Swa-nms, TE OSTAL DELIVERY^ JL OF THE SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS. The Proprietors of the SOUTH WALES DAILr NEW beg; o announce that by a special concession of the Postal Authoritios they are enabled to despatch the I First Edition each morning by the Mails leaving Cardifil at 2.30 a ra. and 3.45 a.m. Country Subscribers residing within the limits ot GLAMORGANSHIRE, CARMARTHENSHIRE PEMBliOKESIi HIE, CARDIGANSHIRE. A& Weli those portions of BRECON SHIRE and MONMOUTHSHIRE comprit-ad within the Tredegar and Rhymney Valley Postal Districts, may now have the SOUTH WALKS DULY NEWS delivered at thei resid 1. the 1IIteID 0 pMtM tbM wMebwa .-r0ll J, (E^rurstoits. T) ATLY SERVICE BETWEEN CARDIFF and \VESTON By the msgnificent Salmon Steamer# WAVERLF.Y & RAVENSWOOD, Weather and Circumstances Permitting. AUGUST. LEAVE CARDRFP. I Thurs. 9.15,11.30 ) a.m., Frr'- &9-15, 11.10 a.m., 5.20, 7.z0 p.m. LEAVE WESTOH Thurs. B.-S.15, lO,lQ a.m." 4.30, 9.0 p.m. Fii. 9.—■*10.10 a.m., 12,10) 6.20, 8.10 p.m. i^ote. ine above Steamers will call at Penarth Piet I'ery Trip except trips marked thus*. SPECIAL EXCURSIONS FROM o CARDIFF By the CAMBRIA, WEST WARD HO, RAVENSWOOD. and W A VERLEY. TO-DAY. MINKHEAD, LYNMOUTH, and ILFRACOMBE.- Leave Cardiff 9.30 a.m Ilfracombe 4.0 p.m., Lynmouth 4.35 p.m.. Minehead 5.45 p.m. T CLEVEDON, via Weston.—► r-m., Cievedoii 8 .5 CHANNEL CRUISE.—Leave Cardiff 7.45 p.m., returning about 9.30 p,m. T vMnrrtTTmT?RIr)AYi AUGUST 9th. S n J!! iu aSd .^FP-ACO.V BE.-Leave CardiS o.0a.m. Ilfracombe,'fi.O p.m. Lynmouth, 5.35 p.m. FRIDAY. AUGUST 9th, to MONDAY. AUGUST 12th. THREE DAYS at TENBY.—Leave Cardiff 8.0 a.m. on Friday, Aug. 9tb, returning from Tenby 4.30 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 12th. Fares-single, 3s 6d and 4s 6d: or to return on Monday, 5s 6d and 6s 6d. T.=. FRIDAY, AUGUST 9th. MUMBLES .-Leave Cardiff 11.15 a.m., re'urntog from the Mumbles 4.30 p.m. K WHOLE-DAY TRIP to CHEPSTOW.-Lea,e Cardill 7.0 a.m. Chepstow, 9.0 p.m. EVENING TRIP to CLEVEDON and CHEPSTOW. -Leave Cardiff 7.0 p.m. Chepstow, 9.0 p.m. CI eve- don, 10.0 p.m. SATURDAY, AUGUST ICTH. SATURDAY till MONDAY at MINEHEAD LYN- MOUTH, ILFRACOMBE, and CLOVELLY.—Leave Cardiff 9.15 a.m., Clovellv 4.30 p.m., Ilfracombe 6.0 p.m., Lynmouth 6.35 p.m., Minehead 8.0 p.m. MONDAY, AUGUST 12TH. MINEHEAD, LYNMOUTH, ILFRACOMBE, and CLOVE, LY.-Leave Cardiff 9.30 a.m., Clovelly 4.30 p.m., Ilfracombe 6.0 p.m., Lynmouth 6.35 p.m., Mine- head 8.0 p.m. TENBY (direct).-Leave Cardiff 10.15 a.m., Tenby 4.30 p.m. For Fares see Bills, and for any further particulars apply to Mr WM. GUY, 70A, Bute-street, Cardiff, Or to P. ajid A. Campbell, Ltd., Bristol. 310? FOUNDED 1850. FOR LARGÈST (gELECTION AND A. BsötUTELV jVOWESt pRIO^S FOR EVERY DESCRIPTION OF JJOUSEHOLD F URNrMRti:, CARPETS, FLOOR CLOTHS, LINOLEUMS, PIANOFORTES. fee., GO TO BEVAN AND CO" LIMITED, Registered as II THE CARDIFF JJIURNISHERS,' whose uninterrupted trading for nearly Half 4 Century, and whose immense and ever- growing business throughout thp Principality and West of England, affords the strongest possible proofs of highest satisfaction being 7 y serve every year. "V- ■ V- V D INING, D RAWING, AND jgKDROOH SUITES FRO,\L GL TO ^0 GUINEAS PER SUITE !l, ,W-> 'f:' AN TTNRIVALLED SELECTION. DELIVERY FREE. '+., :.c ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUES GRATIS AND POST FREE. YOtf WILL SAVE AT LEAST 25 PER CENT. BY GIVING YOUR ORDERS TO JgEVAN AND COMPANY I JL> Whose only Addresses are -) -d DUKE-STREET AND ST. MARY-STRJSET, CARDIFF. :õ •ti. OPFOSITE TOWN-HALL, NEWPORT;^ CLARENCE-STREET AND HANBURYi ROAD, PONTYPOOL. 65e 15643 3157 0KOSS JJ £ O T H E R S WORKING STREET* CARDIFF; SSCfAt VALUE IN 13EST Q.ALV^KISED QORRUGATED IRON gHEETS TO COVER 2 FEET IN THE CLEAR. PRJP3ENT CASH PRICES 5ffc. long, Is 1^2 d each. 3ft., is 10 per sheet. 6ft. „ Is 4Ud 9ft., 2^ 2^a „ 7ft. „ Is „ lift., 2s 6'/ad RIDG. NAILS, WASHERS, GALVANISE) IRON CISTERNS, TANKS. BEST QUALITY ROOFING FELT 32 in. wide, os Sdyyj, 6s 8i, per roil of 25 yards. rjIHE QUEEN J>ESTALRAN1 (Adjoining St-atioi;), ST AN WELL-ROAD, PENARTH. FOR LUNCHEONS, DINNERS, TEAS, &c. HIGH-CLAIS CAKES AND CONFBOTIOKEBV. PICNIC AtifD OTHER PARTIES CATERED FOR. JOINING JJ O O M S TO ACCOMMODATE 130 PERSONS. Write for Terma tc— H. R. WILLIAMS, PROPRIETOR* 837e H OM(EOPATJ-ilC ][NSTITUTE, 76, GLEBE-STREET. PENARTH 5, FREDERICK-STREET, CARDIFF. Homoeopathy is the New Therapeutics." It cures quickly, safely, and pleasantly. Thousands benefited where Allopathic treatment failed. He who refuses new remedies must endure new evils.' Hours :—10 to 11, 3 to 4, and 6 to 7 daily. NEWPORT OFFICES OF THE "SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS." ■' —^ 5G it situs 5 rt5StS. i I oua BEST VERBIS EMfi!NT#- ABB TEC GARMENTS CUSTOMERS j WEAn. I I | CLOTHIERS. T j CARDIFF. SWANSEA, NEWPORT, MERTHYR, PONTYPRIDD, HERB- FORD, ABERDARE, PONTYPOOL, ABERGAVENNY, LtiANELLY. 1346 fit* MASTERS AND CO. ¡ I PUBLIC Àntnstnunts. CARDIFF. rpHEATK I ROYAL. JL LESSEE &. MANAGER, MR EDWARD FLETCHJSR. THURSDAY, AUGUST 8th, and during the wMib F. A. COMPANY, Specially organised for the Production of his Qiigiol Sensational Drama, FLIGHT FOR LIFE. Introducing the latest scientific marvel of the aflS THE FLYING MACHINE. Doors open at 7 o'clock. Prices 6d to B2 2s. rjlHEATRE ROYAL. .L MONDAY NEXT, Aug. 12th, first production of Ør. Joseph Parry's New Legendary Grand Opera, SYLVIA. I Libretto by Mr Mendelssohn Parry. The following renowned artistes will appear Miss Louie Van Dalle, ¡ Miss Hannah Jones, Mr Maldwyn Humphreys, Mr Meurig James, aud Mr Franklin Clive. Powerful Chorus of 60. Augmented Orchestra of 4Q, Conductor—Dr. JOSEPH PARRY. Special train Great Western Railway from SW&D88IIt Aug. 15th, leaving High-street 2.10 p.m. return tratafc 10.45 p.m. Rbymney Railway—Late tmiDsat 11 to Caerphilly Thursday and Saturday only. Taff Vale Railway-All passengers will be allowed to travel at single fare and a quarter for the double journey 08 each day during the week ending the 17th August by the two trains due at Cardiff at 4 55 and 6.51 p.m. The tickets to be to return by the 10.55p.m. train Pa.rties purchasing Theatre Tickets will be adi\,ted by Early Door without extra charge. Time aad pdioIc. I' RpjiJMaajEoir-ajtea. 4- THE MANAGER OSWALD SEOH TO-NIGHT 1 THK •g^" rcENE & ]>EEVES' QOMBINATIOtJi IN "LUCETTE'S HUSBANDS." Misis XATE REEVES. Miss MARIE ASHTON, Miss MAUD MONTGOMERY, ALEC. G. PEARSON, VICTOR DU CANJ$ EDWIN KEENE. and THE MASCOTTE POUR, A charming Quartette of Danciqg Giril. Miss MELINDA MAY, the "Cntsoe" of tbt Pnmomime at the Grand last Clirijtmas. T. W, NEWTON, a most original Ventriloquist. Mist MINNIE MOORE, Contralto, J,>upi¡ of Garcia «M Randegger. Miss DOT McCARTH), light CotmHf Songstress and Dancer. D. W, WATSON, CorNM Soloist and Pos thorn expert. The BRQTHEBS Appalling Knockabouts. NEXT WEER- GEO. BEAUCHAMP, BANELLO and MHiAY, the Burlesque Whistlers, from the London Empire. O'CONNOR and BRADY, etc. GRAND THEATRE. \J<* LESSEE & MAMAGER. Mr CLARENCE SOUNB& Enthusiastic Reception of the Great Military Play, t THE TWO H CSSABS, Enormous Success of THE GRAND LADIES' ORCHESTRA, TO-NIGHT AND EVERY EVENING at 7.30. Doors open at 7. Prices, 6d to £lla. MONDAY NEXT, the latest London succea*, It TBI TRIUMPH OF THE PHILISTINES,* from James's Theatre. AUGUST 19TH, HIS EXCELLENCY." ^TOLL'S jp A K 0 P T I C 0 PHILHARMONIC HALL and BUILDlKaS, sr. MARY-STREET. EXHIBITION AND NOVELTY PALACE. AUTUMN CARNIVAL ONE WEEK ONLY. Twelve Houis' Continuous Amusement. THE WRESTLERS. JACK WANNOP and TOM THOMPSON. MAGGIE EDWARDS. HYDE and aUTO. SISTERS LAURIE. FRANK WHITELY. BOB GATES. SISTERS CUNNINGHAM. SMITH and JOHNSON. ALICE OAJCIKV NELLIE COLEMAN. Incidental Side Shows of a diverse character j A Mammoth aggregation of Heterogeneous ft Amusements. AMISSION, SIXPENCE. SPECIAL SEATS. Is and Is 6d. SWANSEA. rpHE EMPIRE. JL MANAGING DIRRCTOR ..OSWALD STOLL. TO-NIGHT O'CONNOR and BRADY, The Funny Illfiat.ors; they perform everywhere toft running commentary of roars of i&ughter. THE TWO BOSTONS, ÂDotber pair uf extrenJclyå.a& proclivities. Varieties lJy other artistes. Next Week.— Fish and Warren, The Bros. Lane, The Harlowa. NEWPORT. fp H E E M p I R jTT JL MANAGING DIRECTOR .OKIVALD S1XMJ* TO-NIGHT. GEO. BEAUCHAMP, The original Git ver 'air cut," in all new soncs. THE lTEUS WRIGHT FRANK LEON, CORA DUNCAN THE M F.ZZKTl I. THREE SISTERs PAYXK, VEKIR FOSTESCUE, and THE HARLOWg. Next Week-The Keene Reeves' Combination in Lucette's Husoands." PONTYPRIDD. "O OY AL CLARENCE THEATRE PONTYPRtDD. Proprietors—MESSHS TRENCHARD AND JONES. SATURDAY, AUGUST 3RD, AND DCBJNG BAN. HOLIDAY WEEK. Important Engagement of Messrs Sogaa MCi V erner's Company in £1,000 REWARD MONDA Y, A L GUST 5TH, AFTERNOON PHfe FORM AN CE at 2.30. Popular Prices. SCHOOL Treats, Picnic, and Large Parties Ty Catered for on the most reasonable terms •• Raglan Castle, and other places of attraction by C. H. JSAYCE CATERER AND CONFECTIONER. ABERGAVENNY. All kinds of conveyances at low charges. Lane tent and field and every accommodation tor large aad niuJJ parties. °' 691 GREAT A MERIC A ^PRESCRIPllON Twenty years' research liax biought to light guaranteed Remedy for NERVOUS DEBILITY Weakness, Dimness of Sight, Bladder. Gravel. Kidney ftJid Liver Complaints, This Prescription ib in die hands of a Minister, who ^vill befrieuti anyone sutt'eriijg e"erv^ting diseases. It has CURJ0 THOUSANDS. Merely send seli-addiessed stuMP** envelope to the Raw. David Jones Ray Villa, Lewes, rhen this Prescription will be sent FREE of CHABff*