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R £ PAiD i\ D \{ ¿R ílSEiM EN IS. -=-=- S''Ir(Ir. TU, i"A;m>. 'NOllDs °RDs- .foxcn. TIMES. TIMES. iit\ i ~j 1\ OrdS¡ 0 6 1 0 1 b W% So \v^ 1 —"— Words: 0 9 1 6 II 2:3 SIX T1MF-S I 1" 'ttOW ¡-i- "NEWS' '40 Wwr°, rdJ s 1 1 0 2 0 O 0 "Eco."1 50 W°rds| 13 .3 6 3 9 20 Words RRR— 2/6 1 Ó 3 0 4 6 30 Wonts OtTb 3/9 l\Ar,J's «A»V 11'fS. .3/9 J| six 10 Words TIMES. V1MKS. C Words 0 6~ 7* 7 0 7176 KACH E}RTRA 'J 1 1 6 K<tch Ert\ •fa* j Words Words! 0 9 1 6 2 3 1/- !S| 1 0 2 0 3 0 I I t 0 12 0 1-3 0 ) tra! 4lo x: ^0RDS! 0 3 0 6 0 9 ^><x,r^es °pply only to the das'cs of Adrcr- tiseraenfsPf( l.llcd below and arc strictly confined to *hose y<h I are ordere d foi consecutive insertion, "hn;l 'a W an: o?'[!(1'('cl rQ1' consecut t' 1.n£!' LOn, Yltf3C P tll/01' Previous to insertion: 1 either oj r"(3c cMl lilons ,s not complied with, the Advertise- Æpa .t vtii, be charged by the Business Scale: l'3' Situations Vacant or V,'anted, To be £ c« or £ ps^. Found, and Miscellaneous J^«nts. NULICP.-i\PPlicM.t,5 sending replies to Advel 'iio adùressed to initial:; or fictitious ua.nes, at .reqllE:steJ not to send orti'mal etmu!a!: bat to ench)se copies of testimoma.- -W^t-or* "nd Others.—Will the parties who advertised .t f' ,{tors nd ')thpr" -V.'ilI the parti", ,ho advor],,('(l ,7 kr ^t liav of kin' of J)iJl1 and Jane. Thoma;, B.nst>I, \\8.Y. Je94. kmdlv communicate wIth W. S., VlCar9s- W I'ART.\KK»IUP. ATtI'i!t!I! 0 in 2!R Active or ,I',in") wnuted. to invest -O in *dc«r £ snai business; 1J¿ riEi, W 909. Daily News _'I_ v ''Xfc— >E5:Q31'AL7 .[ Jh¡st, Wanted. Qualified A naistanl: aJso Junior: 'ud r,r sP¡,a?¡ing preferred olldoor.-AppJY. wi. I lÇ,U_e_.}.: 996 T A q — 4. ,Y'e Jki!<1r (;:e-30T.¡- a fai' position, good-looking, \Vîhë5 to corepol<.1 with u true- ^it-ted .¡ ""3y CMniao Lady, with a view to marnape ••*l«ase em-i <e phct.o. (J¡,. S'HlC: "tll be ret1rlH'U genuine •?n a« t\i. <tnctiy private.—Address W 11, Echo Ofiice, 1\ /lihG-'b¡;;i;ri-32. haying several ,V 'ho j ianr1 r^ttmls itvettCá in' a ood nlsins, would i (o cr> r 11"¡r, Ik" '"r¡ond wi!h ail "n¡;b'e lidy 0, suitable age, J'anicm to en;ble Idlu to develop 11l business; Y,nw :'n" Piloto requested, whiC? WI' be honourobiy Uet>iHi„l *tr,Cwst ECr((;V aswured, this b::inna bona fi le u¡q:-81 Cee.l>1'" ''eplies only invited no agents. A(l- .l'i5en>ool.road. Loudon,. N. 914 XTATRXV"?l?vY-—A wealtirv Kpinsler, Tia^t ntd o'gë i but of (one!y J\.of y loving ami GmiaUe disposition, feeling ?nt"!y, dt-tifi. 00n'e;poI)(1 eI;with an hO:1Ourble, sympa- Uirri,'i;e _,an (bachelor ov widower), wIth vi'w to early ?*11. Wel! t "rict Scr"cy expected.—Address Miss GI¡l:Y. l\rt, ^xford-street. London, W. hS I Al'1> 1:\ -m .1.1. bu Jg 10Y.-(j"!lt)"!IIan age 28 prtner in small few hU"dc fhu"lhin¡:: [¡u'inl's. 'is desir;ls of inveséÎlJ; a brali/'h' reù .poUnds which h has at his diposal in anothr rr?vuhng be can meet with an intelligent and ?n,i.»bie laf;v having capital, wiio would not object to s5ist ?^lable };hvÖfticef marriage.—Address, tirs instance, S ATJ' pSy■ Lady, .iecoLnpli.she(l. domesticated, S»ropei.| £,) yearl'. Government tock, aud freehold M!l, £ e-Adaress Lox, iI, Adverser :J}I N;i9N\<-r..Ily'it.i£J50iy;Ti.-¡: London, fidt' '\da :1\ (Irt,h- W e8turn Htoc! desires Marriage bona "de—Adrl^r ss D"neme"a. Advertber Omce. Bnstol. 3] ^lf'13'03, aSe 2'1 and 25 respectively, (lark a;d fair w" to ('orespond with two Young L:¡des o. hoto8 ÙISPO,lt!OIJ, view matrimony secrecy guaraU!ed photos ehanSfd —K. 311. Kcho, o.dHI. 311 y OU:N(;P;;k;slOn! Gen¡.J;;g;-2s desires co; J. j,q"aeilce with congenial young hdy of means, RnHi- Ciently t enable them to live modestJy and comfortably. ^Ad^.fj p£ j l sg, J rst instance. G. 948, Echo Office. Carchff. 98 g_, A '^Wart It Company's Cmm"rcif<1 Acaemy (?pen daily) A 0r ^lion in 'Vritm, Book-keepmg. Shorthand, n.thn1etlc, Typewriting, &c.: no chsRes: pupils taught pepl\r.tE:;Y, at Tower Chambers, Church-strect, Cardiff, .roficlency guaranteed. Prospectu3 free. 217 COiL]RY Officials and Miners.—Lt SSOIl by post: T the surest road to promotion. Syllabus, Id stamp.- U. A. Southern. 1\1. K., late U.3L Inspector of Mines, The J^n^v^rsal Mining 8(111)01, De, (In "¿'9V'¿;¡n: AM) .,tôil; FOUND1in;;ton 'rerri!' Dog iH be sold If Dot cLaimed "'Ithln three days.—19, Front Long-row, A?erilaut. lMPÕiiNVfP at(lbïf<ck CabTlor^ tJnlessA Cfln1ped Witbin 7 d?P wilt 00 ;old l° (¡efray f'J: PenseH.—Apply Poun^keper Can^on 832 ^r- T- osT^riiiver„<;r A Green PMoquet. on Tneaday, Au £ JLi 6th.~Fiudt-r rewarr]ed on returning same to 55, Keville.str^t. rCWarr1ed on retarI1lIl¡:: same to 55, *¥" OST, jq c- blùek Bracrl1\ Gardens Field. Sunday, Auiust 'I r.h black BraceW '« containing Watch. Finder. 10s reward. *1 OST 0 p ^tfei't, liiveraidt'. 203 'IJlafa ÎI?¡¡d- Khymney Station and Pen('i! Cs ardlff. Udv s Hreut Bottle* Gold Ch;"n and Peucil Case V'hf'd'^Fl1"1^ rewarded more than »a!ueat 172, Cathnvo :rra':u- i04 f oT_jl\on A .„ ..J rtf,oLJ,7:t>'d-i;;7.15 tral;-from ppr:arthtoç'; Finder will b.. S Satchel containing money, keys, &e. Pin^ir WiU b, llands°mely retrwaam rded.-K„ Post OR-.ce. iL^lannttwi-t V4r d re I OST,i;t'61- ,ne:r tail.-5\egi:,ed Terrier taD and black saddJ tail._l!s7r.Etlel^"d-street. lly Dock. 16V "J O.ST iTT~7i Wurmng ^^ion-road. a cTTT.-n Panot. Anyone ainer "ill Ii go salDe ,° ?r" Koda,ers "lI1 be rewarded de- prow ed i 08T^r-sr"T ^n, Wednesday last. Wire-haired Fox f'lIclrcling n k' Wlllte breast, four white paw.. white ring ^•"1? n;enck anSWers to Fan if returmd will be re- T Osx~f °Commercial-street.. Mountain Ash. M^rt? "Hannah-street Lane, a lland TruekT with lE.3. Butt-oad 'palUtd -~Apply R. W- J*™ and Co., "Il Put,0ad, Carrb ^Whuoever detains It aftcr his nrifice ] OST 'n;- c.(: 121 1 OST,fr;; flIan*et°wu. dark ehetnut Cob, about lIe:\r hind Ua'r \\h1'.e, ce- White fdlccks in front, scar 011 81reet quarter £1 "ward to ticder -Apply 2 Vugil T 0KT. Trin" i 7S- Vrf ack witlY ,lOndl\Y, Pony: 13 hands marked ou Embargoed 0ss £ 1 reward to tiuùer.-Apoll S. r (. ,If i'IG'- 909 \1 è;tll' iolD LIR.:Hhff, since last Thursay morning, iVT t X G h 1'?^ aged 2. height 5ft. 1m., wearmg 'U 'ss and !1J'ers Ihck bair and very pal" com- i)i».vl0" friends ,S t0 hear uf her wbereabout?.— jl.1 n I errv Llnndatf :If> ,¡'C'U; s,istv ¡¡OOdGIS ti*'VJ i Vt v antrd '■ sniall family.—Apply ^Hhref#-»reMuces, Mrs Caselbera, ,m;tllbmlly.-App:y «. rt"f .rences, :.irs Caslber!(, b, Dalle.terrace,PlY, A'. ài- -l.6- Rcgl'try f0r young servants, 87, p ?; |. "Wp^-t,' V.urrIlff(late 12' Parade). Youn: irls keep or^f, "al.iDn wi-ll be welcome. A y j— 20e f! tion j¡/h i'"i' Kel7ilnts• levants rfquinng Situa- Coun->rree' P%n- ,{V yA^ey* apply Servants' Registry, our^fr^ef Ti,vy« ?yPia' R»hondda. Htaniprd envelope. *J9 • work '2!itll\^ uout 16, mornings ouly, for light ;¡ou,e- Y^ET»~ n, -road. 2"0 '-X ;lí\I ^Crvatlt'wanted.—Apply Green Mcalo; i"'BE' 26e "-Jr prfAL er"'Lllt Wanted; about 25: from country ¡-ïõÕÈ"IY to.1, 19:qen-3t]'eet. 9 U Cnl1¡'el!rål Serv:nt wanted.-Apply 26, Kyder-street^ G-o-. .— 25 (, Gener::1 Ke»vant, able to do plain cooking, *'• webb at once: other ,crvants kept.-Apply M" J. R EQU C-esvceiliog, rear Pont,pool. 97Se Pi.rtvir^ ^wo General Servant" for ladies' ehl)ol, '1 ?'' i Kood references.—Mrs .GMsed, c.o. Miss bailey, 11 j,*<: u:lr'1'l'orrric(;. Clifton, Bristol. 124 S 1>1; tri\l"ik?O(¡ ,Uûilr:\1 riprvai!!s wanted at once.—Ap- Li^H'ckman-road, Penarth. 333 \1 Elt VA -—- • — —— — ClP»v.A T JC'r' <c Male or Female, requiring Situations, in u'o«csst»r ?u,try' .write t0 Mrs Coster. Kegistry, "IÚyr: ossued: test'mon'als ^ree- i" fand/by 10th August, able to wash small mi_PrI;l'1' Cardiff;. reference wanted.-Mrs Hili, W AfllU):rl abo\;04 a Nurse. — Apply Mrs j w'n-, lt'r'u George-street, Cathavs. 5!16 A J VAIs mlt'il' "pod strong Girl as General, age 18 or 20 *TT?-T 1:a[¡Jû to wash.-Appjy 3, Hannah-st., Docks. AT¡';D, (;¡-Rrv"r.t"lt\St¡; gooù cook • J ,k. ~'i'i ~"APp!y Evans, 11, Montgomery-street, \V A ÑÙ;; u¡;Y-youn;- girl (age IB), Situation bdWC-; vl a, bfU^emaid. -Apply to J. Hopkins, Thing- -Man^ifr> l' Hly erefordshire. 3q -r\ ;—A N: T FTi K0'JU .— G.eneral Servant.—35, Albany-road, CiiixtTji' \V AtEr)eo..r:\l Servant, fond of children, -1 atr„, '~PPir 6'" Lower Cathedral-road. 283 V a T — alfu'9' Youn Girl, 11th, for housework: comfort- ■J eks ,'Ie bow. fvr a good girl.—Apply 3, Louisa-street, ■'Ocks, c.•, W3 'V AD. JlY 'Üïp-II;;ii-;¡¡t.i-iiiý: Quiet• comfortalile !homc: mut be indu tnOI1S: mJ~l Pable L ,,f ootmj and housework good needlewoman Y\7AV- S' p W!t-y-vil-road, Penarth. 332 't' 1'1; ?, a good General Servant small family.—Ap- W^fr — 38A, Queen-street, Cardiff. 335 Wush^ f',ronft. willing Gir! a& Gencral Servant: no !e_q\lir"ù.ii"¡: Or baking Rtlle are, references, and salary r"-d,.)\vorl.r:lbot., 343 A .1), YOUne: Girl, age 15, to Assist in a Farmhouse. bridge. Pl)ly Mrs Thomas Great House, Llanmaes, Cow- ''1- 315 W^TKr,- • «ood General Hervant, able to do plain Clart 'O0ki ?—Apply, with reference, at once, to Mrs ^inrt r 0'01 Penarth. 313 W A'r:D.r_J_Iotej, Pcnartb. 313 Q MOlid' (;olnpt¿;lt-Glrl: aRslst housewnrkmoruings. Cenc: ^lori(j 'y* '<11 day, Sunday, not reqUIred: perma- r"Gce.s reqnired.-Apply 28, Mackintosh-place, WA- 2bV W a Šng resptctaUe Girl for bitcheu work.— W Al.'iTD obn s-squal'J.- 263 l\1.:r<>a' <f!!neral Senant: good character.-Apply Pontcanua-avenue (off Cathedral-road 4Un i? 18 ^ifnudiat'-ly, regpect"blc Girl as General, 17 1 "aujf Íifereuc", from last situation,—Mrs Roberts. W A tUlaff-ro-lJ- Cardiff. 254 W AN'Tr-0 at Once, a stron? respectable Girl as General K)id r?"^vaj nt 'eiences.—Apply Mrs Kees, 88, Cathedral- W^vi^ir—r' for a couple, with good references.— ^-Pply ta Girl for a couple, witn ::ond reference-s.- WTÙ)7:_WOOd-st! Cardiff. 224 V;— reqUir 'd a ?.?°d General Scvant, good character V Alj f"Ji^dwards-terrace, Cardiff, 250 Do 1 LlOr Co k. L0"00* (L sood General Servant, no washinK V °0r Coo°kting t0 be aoue._Apply 149, High-street; W A1'ED- ^59- ^Aprils <? Servant; smaU family: no waBhlll. WAHTl-ordsworth-avenuC. 219 r-~—Ti' G"lIeral Servant.—Apply Mrs Reed, Nep- \V A11.:l).£nst.le.?1f:2Ql.- Ca d.liurse-Ii 1VO EO°d Servants a Cook-General and Ol\SClDald.-Mrs J). E. Lewis, 53,, WA1" 165 Vy AfiXjJ) kreSPect^l« Housekeeper for working man 'I\tret. T tainer need apply.—Mr Kayrocnd, 110, Midrt,e.-street • ralIwn, Pontypridd. h od references: WANTED, General SernDt, with sood refeirenc.. I, washing and plain cookios: nurse kept. Mrs Morgan, 4. Cwrtyvil-road, Pp:Jah- i — 1W V7 ANiDGtlesa! Servant muSG have good refer- —Annlv 91, Newport-road. 'X7 ANTEI>.a-Genera! Servant, about 18.—Apply 33,' f' Albany-road. Cardiff. -V-ÁNTED¡mmedjtïy,- good General '^vant a d > washing and plain cookm good characte^r ina pcnsable. -60,,_n. Cardl Y Nurse' wa¡;;es. £9 to \Xl ANTED lmmediatPly, a Dung Nura«■ Davies, start.—Apply, With references, to Mrs ur. navies. New Tred; — V\7 ANTED, a clean Girl. age about 15., Wood-street d ofvoncr Ci-I as Gen?ral Servant: AabV to &do'plain washing ;n fond of children.-I, able to do IJlalD was !nil 127 Plantagenet-street. — 1 Gener..l Servant: refer. \7 AKTED at JIlcdP-:flv)eJJe f7eROlliiJly-road, Barry. 134 £:nce reqlllre -:C' -TE.u -ímmediat;'¡y", :.oun Girl (abou. 17,18) to \\1 A.si5't anoth<,r s('rvUotlt: lod r.eer£:nct::s, coulJtry girl preff.rrpd.-31, Charies-strect, Canlitt. 91 iW l7 ANTED, clean, respectable GIrl, bout 16, look after \V Ahil(tre;) and :SiEt in Housework.-Mrs iaylor, 242. Cowbrid/rood, Cardiff. i\i\T' AKTFD immediately, a respectable Grl good G'eneral Servant age 18 or 20.—Apply 22, Edwrd' terrace, Queen-street, CardIff..0 ;-YTANTVD an experienced Geneml Serv:nt Iwod plain W cook llIall family.—Apply Mrs Evans, Penyoryn, Pontypridd. 63 iVV\ TANTED. a thorough gOO d General Servant.—Apply 't'f Broad, 12, Tudor-street, Cardiff. 985 VVTY rAATED. a respectable Girl as General Servant — AppJy 22, Wellreet:,Canton. C:mlltf. 971 '1'AN'Î'ED,rnp2ct>lble Mother's Help domesticated food of children personal application preferred.— Lewi6, Golden y, Porthcawl. 941 '}ÀK'l'D,n_gOOd GE'Deml: must understand pl?in VV cooking thoroughly. Also, experienced HoasemaHl. good references required.—Apply 44, OakfieJd-slreet; J:{oath Cardiff. 929 YV%V 7 A>TTED. o"d General Servant, active, able to wash. —Apply 21. 'Winduor-place, Cardiff. 955 1*7 ANTED, clean, respeclahle Nurse Girl, ;ï3t014, for doctor's house child 3$.—Apply 173, Commer- cial-road, Newport, Mon. 973e 117 ANTED, 111 Penarth, strong Young Girl to assist in V f kitchen.—Apply Mrs 8U;t,YÏfele,to v1i square, Penarth. 803 l\; ANTED, strong, respectable Girl, about 17, to af,il VV another servant in general housework.—Apply Mrs Jenkins, Emporium, Ferndale. < 884 Vfy ANTED, Gcceral Se,vant by 9th August for m".1l f<l:iIy .nchi1d!23,yda.-s!rdi1: WANTED. HOU3emaHl, and Nurse: good characlers if required.—Apply, statmg age, wages, and references, to Mrs Lraithwaite, Cefn Pennar, near Mountain Ash. 859 ITS/ ANTED, good General Servant fo7-II-p'r¡at l bouse,—Apply to Mrs W Il1hm1$, 5 and 6, t. Mary, SI Cardiff. 8 1'i'J'{:A'¡'fO1i;, Ail Ayr A LT, Miners are requested to Keep Away from Aber- '1. gwynfi, pending dispute. 96J A N Active Bey wanted,—53, Clare-road. 24 JJAKEl! wanted immediately: must be good bread -KJ hand, able to do smalls and cake.—Apply Clive-,oad Post, Office. Canton. 241 -I-)O()l';i Shoe Trade.—Wanted, a practical Kepairor _J state wage and age.-Apply W. Lloyd, Boot Manu- fac: urer, Orange-street, Swansea. 96Se S MclCKljAYEKS and Ùardswne Masons wanted.—Aiiply .#_> LO Morrison Rnd Mason, Ltd., Knighton. S;)3 ir>UTCHEKS.—Wanted, by sleady Young J\I;; Sitl:;t¡O as Sl:mghterm"n family trade used to shop good rd"rence5.-BuLdH-r, Echo Office, Hwansea. 30e iHIN A and Glass iiU;ines;=Young Lady Apprentice V wanted —Shaw, High-street Arcade. 251 CI OACIX Smith onùp-;ïnters atonce —Apply John No<man,anto 11 Carriage Works, Cardiff. DilAPERY.—Wanted, a Young Ldy-.tb- ';t- good aleswomal1: with knowledge of I1nllwery: lso Junior Youug lII;w.-Apply D. Williams, 194, Commercial- ruad, Newport, Mon. 9748 DUAPKKY.—Wanted, a good Jnnior Yoang Man Welfh.—State full particalars first letter, William Isw.c, Draper, Maesteg..993 DRESSMAKING Wanted bv Experienced fund: good fit and style from 5s 6d.-25, Moim.plne:), Cardiff. 317 DRESSMAKING.—Wanted immediately, good Bodice Hand: al"oApprenticps and Improvers.-Âpply 34, M;gldn-street. Cathays, Cardiff. 425 DRESSMAKING.—Practical and scientific, good fit and style guaranteed charpes strictly moàeraW,-MIss Howies. Severn House, Plassey-street, Penarth. 137 DBKStiMAKER.—Wanted, August 20th, good sty1ish Hand, thoroughly experienced: good class tradc: "maU workroOlu.-Partiç,qlars 1\1. Da vies, London House,- Talgart!1. 906 ENGINl:Driver and Filter wanted at Llanbradach _i Apply Itees. Contractor, Merthyr Valc. 8ö 1?ANUY Drapery.—Wanted, Young Lady Apprent i ce al."o Apprentices to the Dressmaking.—A. F. Heal 136: Castle-road, Cardiff. 24 IOOD Fine Ironer nd Washer -quir;d: to live ct-: Jf state age, expTlence must have Rood character Had Jjaundry, Porthcawl. GHOUEItY and Pr<n'isirn)s-W^^r^)mm^atej.: smart Junior or good Improver: a^e 18: musb ù HitTr¡l(:L ? S° caoTassor-Apply personally! 191 (" ^SC';il Assistant —Wanted i^m^iateIy7~io"oa 7r Rim.frt .JunlOr for Order Counter and Stock • t' write,we L-Apply uersonaHy, S. Williums and Co. Ull6 Clifton-Ktreet. CarditX. 23 ('1 ROCER'i; Por¡er.-t,Vanteù,1g Libe nsiï ]1'. to Lh rade and. horse;App]y personally, R. w Williams and Co., H6, Clifton-street, Cardiff. 22 G' ROCElt Want.fd, 8niart t;orthY Lad to asrfTt i lienerajiy live indoors state rcferences ud wages. —Audrcss T. 938, l'cho Office, CM,ditf. 908 GROCERIES nod ProvHons.-WaDted. a competent Assistant; must be quwk and obliging.-Send re0 rencg! West. Dyvatty Stores, Swansea. 966e HAIRDRESSER.—Wanted at once, good Shaver al;ï .J- Hair('uter: skep in, bo,rü out.-129, Tudor-road, Cardiff. 307 HAIRDRESSERS.—Wanted, a good Haircutter and Shaver must be sober.—M. D. Price, Ferndale. 10 HELVE Maker wanted constant employment to suit- .-1. able man.-Apply George Ashcroft"Timber Merchant, Fleur-de-Lis, J\Iap8ywmmer. 240 I~ AD -t:1-fo'r' errands and aseist in warehouse good I J opportunity for industrious boy.-Address Box 40, Post Ottic, Cardiff. 928 l\fANTJ,-fS,Vanted, smart Youth, age abont 18, with 1.' drap"ry experience, to learn window dressing.—Apply A. Walker, Mantle Manufacturer, 5, High-street. 305 MILLINER.—Wanted, 'horoughly experienced, stylish, .l to toke charge of department and se'vc t.h.nHth when nQnirf'd.-Full particulars, Evans. Draper, St, David's, PLASTERERS.—Wanted, 10good and quick Men.-Hees, New Houses, Merthyr. Wages, 8d per hou 831 PRINTING.—Two Compositors seek permanency U.OW8 or jobbing,-Apply H.. 6, Regent-place, Ilfracomlw.3OU RESPECTABLE Charwoman wanted.—Apply Goodman, 10, Du.k:t'a.rdiff. • 304 rjiHJ; Dulcia Cake Co. has vacancy for two strong Lads, JL able to mould and assist, in smalls, etc.—Periarth-rd. iI "EATr<Hle.Yanl.ed, reliable Lad with goud references JL who haR not becu out before.-Choob. Tea 00., Park Hall-buildings. 911t To Bakers.—Wauted at onee, goocl Bread and Cake lhnc\Apply, with lull p¡,rticular6, "0 Setter and Co., Ystrad, Khondda. 312 rro Pai1ltpr.-Wanted, a good Grainer and Writer.- X Apply G. Kiug, Paint Stores. Sontrhenith. 190 .,O Grocers.—Assistant wanted also a Man to solicit .L and crJllect aceonntR.-AppJy, with p:1.rticulars, to T. Thomas, Limited, Ystrad Rhondcla. 132 'r-Ü-š¡;;einr; Smiths.—Wanted, a good Doorman.—Apply X Jones, Veterinary Surgeon, Merthyr Tydfil. 994 ;¡,l'Tcrs Wanted at Cymmer, R.H.C.- JL Apply 12, Lloyd's-terrace, Cymmer. 210 W'ANTED, respectable Young Girl as apprentice to Tobacconist and Fancy Goods.-Apply 98A, Queeu- street, Cardiff. 334 'Xl Ãl.TED, Young Man for Wholesale Warehouse mu.t be a good writer; references.—Apply, af1er 6 p.m., 27. Wood-street, Cardiff. 319 WJ AN TED, Sexton for Llandaff Cathedral: married man without children preferrcd; wages 258 a week with hOllse.-A pply. stating qualifications and giving one reference, to J\1r J. E. Gladstone, Herbert Chambers, rdiff. on or lJefore 12th August. 267 VV7ANTED, a Saleswoman, mut have good reference;.— v .AppIY, Edes Old Curiosity Shop, Newport. 24e '](fAN'Í'ED:oÚ:(;und Man a" Haircutwr and Shaver.—Apply 322, CowhridgN.1'\d. 256 WANTED, strong lfuv' about 15 chance to learn trade _J\PP:)'l\Iorr£an, Butcher, Canton. 252 WANTED immedht,èly. Boy to clean boots, knives, &c. AnpJy 36. Charles.treet. 220 "7 ANTED, a young Man to deliver bread and groceries v must, be a hir srholar.-Apply to William LewIs, Grocer, Abersychan. 232 WANTED, Improver to Shoeing and Wheelwright Smithing, able to nail on.—State age, experience, and wages, to Thomas, Wheelwright, Tirphil. 231 W ANTED, a thoroughly experienced Cellarman f,õb and trnstworthy state wages and references.—Messrs J, F*, McClune and Co., Pontypridd. 176 WANTED, two good J¡;rs at. ;e: mUKt be accas- ,'t tomed to fixing.—Apply Jelly, Builder, Hirwain, Abcrdare. 154 WA?'ED at once, Young Man aCCltomed to Pawn- I K°°d window dresser, ticket wnWr: a h'e spea1 k elsh.—Goodman, ollee-strcet, SwanSfa. 9e WANTED at one, a good Bread and Cake Hand!: abstainer indoors. -Apply, with full particular:. John Jones, Nanfcyglo. 49 ViJ ANTED, Young -r:f neat appearance to nttend I( shop age uut over 20.—Apply A. 1\1ÏO'ltki, 24, Weod- street. 970 WANTED, a strong Improver to- ùe¡¡;er goods and! assist behind counter.—Apply, stating wages and rdeJ_'s'J:I!:sJohn, Grocer, New Trcdegar. 957 WANTED, Apprentices and Assistants for Dressmaking. —App.y Mrs Bowen. 101. Gaslbroad, Cardiff. 919 WANTED harÐ Youth, able '1.0 drive and make him- l' se f ueful: accustomed to shipping preferred live in.—Apply 33, Loudoun-square. 876 WANTED, strong Lad to look after Pony, mke himself 'f. meful.-Apply Rossiter, Butcher, 100, WoodviUe-road, Cardiff. 856 YOUNG Man Wanted, 35s per week and commission. Regular work. pl"n<1id openin -Address Compo Works, l'arnworth, Bolton. Eancs. 6 Weekly and Upwards my be realised by either sex, wIthout bmdprmg occupation.—For samples (return- e'Vcl°le a'Jdressed euvelope to Evans, Watts and Co., I 1^3, M.erchants. BirmIngham. This is genuine. 904 12s to 153 weekly easily earned in sp"re time by either sex cverywnere: work can be done evenings. Send addressed envelope to ECij"se Works, 9, Playhouse-yard, Water-lane, London. 295 SITUATIONS .,V A.NTEI. AKERS and ConecLinners.-Sit!lation for bread, cake, and mal¡s required (25), abstamer. 13 years' exneri- ence.-lü, K*rdluver-street, Jirange, Cardiff. 933 B~ AKKnS.-R«pectoble. Man (isf^ks Situation sT; Second, ThIrd. or Smgle, or delivering outdoorss ood references.—H. x asaey, Hampton Charles, Tenbury. O^Us given for procuring YOU^ M^TWfBGrthTs Af,istant or Mesaroom Steward on steamcr.-E 230 Kcho Ofl3ce, Cardiff. 250 GROCERY and Provisions.—Young Man (21) wants Place in above trade accustomed to soUcitin. good I eference. J on,cu()f!i<e,y'p!: 981e HO OSES w¡Ded to uild, or any d.escrip¡;¡õÙrick :1.. or ground work pnee em application.—78, Victoria-¡n", Newport. 22e PAWNBROKERS.—Wanted by tbe advertiseri Ke- engagement at the Counter Rnd Sales 5 years' good experience tWÐ years with present employer.-AddresB E.n.p., 17, Cranbrook-street, Cardiff. 934 ¡:jfrUÄ:rION wated as General Servant; girl ow !iving O in Cardiff excellent character from last situation. Mrs Coster, Registry, Gloucester. 233 SITUATION wauted as General Sernnt: country girl, now living in Newnham 4 £ yaara last sit,uation Mr Coster, Registry, Gloncester. 227 WANTED, by respectable Woman, Washing or Clean- mg daiJy, or Family Washing home good reference. -Mrs jordau, 3, Agate-street, Roatb, Cardiff. 295 T ANTED, Daily Work, cooking or cleaning, or family Vi v washing, or live in offices: no incumbrance.—R 137, Kepjiocli-street, Roath, 273 -yiilfEI:WIÜGHT wants JDb' cqod aU.round hand can pick out; good refereDces,-Write F 236, Kcho Odlce, Car<WI, 236 V7"OUNG Lady (161 wMts Situation in boot ahop or any T ?H?.er light business; can have reference.—P ?18, Echo Omce, Caraiff. 918 1_ <;?K.KS..MAN'A<,?KS. dr. | A Gentleman desires Secretaryship to Club Association or Company. Experienced: nominal salary.—King, 18, Church-street, Cardiff. 27 CLERK (25) seeks employment-Shorthand and Book- keeping. Solicitor's, House Agent's, or Business House. CLERK desires Evening Employment: good bookkeeper and penman.—Apply C. 146. Echo Ollice, Cardiff. 146 ~i AW.—Wanted at once, Shorthand Clerk, accustomcd JLJ to routine of olicitor's office ■: mut be well recom' mended. —Apply, with reference, to Mr W. Cook, 98, St. Mary-street. 78 CURVKYORsT?Vanted ?rcompeteotColhery S;;m-: k X';f,d references required—Apply Aberdare Work3 and Aberdare. 55 T E LEG i, PI1IST-(18) desires Situation thoroughly understands needle sounder, Wheatstone, etc.: good referettces.?J. 236. Echo, Cardiff ??_? 2?6 ?9?E)jEGRAP'fYlST'?19).Need)er Sounder. Whe"tstone, &c., desires Situation as tel('gmphiqt, cl'rk in mer- ctiant's otiioe, or iüsurance coliect.or.-Pend1eLoD, Pos Office, Aberavon. 980 \? AKTED. two Young Lady Clerks must be quick and it c"rrect at figures apply, with copies of references, stating age, experience, &c.—Address T. 89, Echo Office, Cardiff. 89 YV ANTED, by Youth age 15, a Situation in an ()tEce.- V t AddrPSg A. u., 2, Coldstream-terrace. CardIff. *«!>•; NCI ICS T *S AT E IjfcE Kg arc. ADVERTISES wishes to Represent good Firm of Bottleis, ales, stout." wines and p!rit.s; experienced; good connection — H., Echo Office, Cardiff. S64e AGENTS wanted everywhere, canvassing Shopkeepers, Glamorganshire, Monmouthshire, l'embrokr,sh¡re. Carmarthenshire, Cardiganshire. Good salesmen earn. £ 4 weekly stamD.lIlessrs Pamphilon, Congleton. Che: i ^LUB Agents Wanted, to form Clubs for Watches. V Clocks, Jewellery. Silver Plate, Opera Glasses, Musical Instruments, fcc. Members pay Is per week Terms. Cat\. Iosues.&c..Kenda! & Dent. 106,Cheapside, London. Sp!endid value. Great success. Mention Paper. Ladles and Gents' Mitver Levers, 4s. w?rth 70s?  780 L. E. and G. Assurance Com- o«< pany.—Apply 28. Garth-terrace. Msrthyr. 328 !.<»,4.1" 1 » £ T^I»r.!VTS «Rf. 'A Wf'1!fnrniSl!erl Sitting and Eedr.o°m- vM?nt: bathroom; ?- good cooking and attendance moderate wrms. A p ply 31, Wordsworth-avenue. Newport-road. 26 APARTMENTS fortwo young women cheap, engaged .Ii.. during day: hot-cold bath tram passing door.-54, WoodviUe-road, Cathays. _2,- A- PAr:Ti\mrTS-tó Let, immediRte1y: two sitting nd C three be?ronms. well furnished gentIeman dining on?: hot, cold, and ,bower bnth.—16.Ryder?strMt?_ 979 ?O?iHI??T.rFarntshpd?ed?d SittinxRoom to Lt 'U or comfortable Lodgings for respectable man. 71, Rha.kcs()earetreet, !:oa?b 25 I 'O\iFÙ'Ù-'r-ÄBT.ËJ:Otiïii;;g;'fO four re"p:ctable youn,; V mfn share sitting-room hot ?nd cold bath. Apply Mrs William?, Memorial Buildings, Canton. _?_. Let with respectable V couple no children object company terms mode, 211 OMFORTABLY Furnished Front iSittinjr-room and one or two Bedrooms suit two gentleipjiu • D;uhs no children moderate terms.—28, Jjlanbledaian«Karclens. /OM FORT A IVITE Home offered to one or two Young V Ladies bath, gas, piano terms very moderate — Ingiewooa Honse, Atias-road, Canton. 117 C-.H Or.-ïF'6ïfii AËLE-n õöms mLod¡dn8 for rectae, ?' steady men quiet, cie?n home bath near b)H.-w.. Stationer. 8 MacHntosh-pIace. Roath. I ;'UiÙÙSIÙillFõt-j3;dnSit,tin'room Let, suit 1 two gentlemen no chiidren.-App'y 1, Friends-place, Queen'¡-"et, Cardiff. ILFll A COM BE?-Cast! e Boarding House, ]2. Church- JL street. A partments. Home comforts terms moderate daHy parties catered for?A PP'yj'????' I'opr)etrMS. ADY and genllenianrequire two Bedrooms and front IJ Sitting-room (fnrnisbed), CDokim: and Mt<-ndanM state 'erms-C. 122. Echo Office,'Cardiff. 121 L:'o:ÓGïNGSfp('êbie Yoo-Iiilán, or two friends. JLJ —5 Adamsdown-square, Re?th; near Docks and town. 21 NEAR Penarth.—Furnished, Two Bed, Diniog, and Sitting-rooms. Kitchen, forfortnight or longer piano 135 6d weekly.—C 146, Edt.), Cardiff. 146 T??l'EC??AJRLETodginRS.?uit young chil- -?'.dren terms 4s per week.—15, Lead-street. Ro?th. ]30 R-'OO1S-SrttïZ-;¡h-t-BeG.rooms. to Let X*' (unfurnished): use of kitchen respectable peop!— App]y?32. Bue-road. Cardiff^ ??_ STACEY-road :'wel!-furniahfd comfortable Apartments ? baths no children good cooking suit ?catiem?n or two frieDds.-H. 969. Fcho OMce, Cardiff. 969 '?''() T??tnd?f Augu3t7bb'!t end Severn-road. Furnished X Sitting-room, one or two bedrooms without atten- dN.nce.—D 2C3, Echo. Card_ 2".S l"VÖ-U;rni;¡;d"Rooms to Le: ter< moderate.— X Apply 24, T¡\lwörLh-_eet, Roath, Cardiff. 255 TWO large Unfurnished Rooms to Vt to couple without' children no children or other lodgers.—Apply 2?S. Cowbridge-road. 243 rriwo Unfurnished Rooms to Let to respectable people, X front room, 3, weekly.—17, Spnn¡: Gardens-terrace, Roath, near Biscuit Factory. 251 ?S?WOconvenienrFurnished Rooms to Let suit respect- JL able married couple oven grate terms moderate.- 8. Richards-street, Cathays. 179 UNFURNISHED Rooms to Let, with quiet people <J back parlour aud front bedrecm.—12, Wells-street, Canton. I U NF uIi NISHED" A'p;tn;êt:;j-to-Út-t\- ói-tb ;:t' room". oven grak.-29, Tiosillian-terrace (close to Great Western). 238 'U' -NFl,ritNISHIW Apart;ï-n: suit respectabiemarned ? Mup'e: oven grate hot and cold w?ter bath front bcdroom,-16, Mansfield-street, Riverside, 938 T TNFURNISH?D Fron?Par)our -<l-Bnck Bedroom *~J pleasantly situated, near town nO children preferred. -Armly 16, Cowbridge-road. 891 WANTED. Gentleman share sitting-room, single bed- room, hot aud cold bath terms moderate —18, Gordon-road. 265 'fTANTED, end of August, Bed, Sitting, end Boxroom, {'f furnished or unfnrnished: attendance Rnd cooking, by gentleman, wife, and child,-State filII particulars and terms to 0 85, Echo Office, Cardiff. 85 WLLL-fnrnished front Sitting and Bedroom vacantT: good cooking and attendance no children bath- room: near town.—39,-Machcn-place. Riverside. 925 WELL Fitzhamon-cmbanlrment. 1112 Y.. -Õ{iNGi requires homely clean Apartments quiet _? people no children Rooth or CMMn state te.?s. -0187, Echo Office, Cardiff. 187 A 3-roomed Cottage to Let near Loudoun-square, Car. diff.—Apply Mr G. Rees, 23, St. Mary-st.. Cardiff. 221 C -ÕÏiB¡':Tr:r;;d:OiTo-¡th-roa.d, to Let.—Go?d house ? 3 reeephon, 8 bedrooms. Also l<\rgr House suitable ,for Ladies Schdol splendid view of Cathays Park usual offices.—22, WoodviHe-road. 88 (' -"i Ï:ÄÑ-Vit:A-:iON, Clare'ce.road, to Let: seven rooms? ?? fcnXery. bath, w.c., large ceUars, back entrance.— Iry 20, Loudoun-square, Oarditf. 172 HOUSE to Let, with double bay, near Clarence Bridge ?JL all (lie latest improvements: key next door.—Apply 33. De Burgh-street. 109 LLANISHEN-street, Cardiff.—House to Let: hoc water JLJ and gas throughout: key at corner house.. 993 ïi71 ANOR-road. near St. JhÖhurch:-¿Ç-Dton good £ XTJ. roomed Houses hot and cold bath, fcc. rent 1b.- Apply 13, Denton-road. 149 FEMBROKE-ter»ace, Centre- of Town.—Seven BeT- 100ms every convenience rent., £ 48.—Mr Mont- gomery, House and Estate AgEnt, Station-terrace, Cardiff. ff>ONTYPRIDD.—To Let, with immediate possession, t- House, Wood-road.—Apply J. S. Williams, Explosive Merchant, 137, Wood-road, Pontypridd. 664 ;:pnàji; South Wales and Monmouthshire Property Register X for July free on application or post.-Hern and Pertwce, House Agents, Auctioneers. Valuers &c.. Cardiff. ?jp0 Let, two convenient 8-roomed Houses, Nos. 24 and 29 Wind:mr-road; rents. Us per week inclusive.—App)y 30, Windsor-road. 269 rSPO Let. 26, Moira-street: double house, 11 rooms.—Apply X 20, GNden-road, Cardiff, M6? TO Let, House, r. nt 7s, in Knole-street, Lower Grange _Ht?=,pJ>]Y,3,_C!wbriùge-road. Cardiff. 234 TO Let, Corner House. 100, Habershon-place, suitable for jobbing carpenter ur mason.—Apply 98, Habershon- pUice. South Splotlands. Cardiff. 32 TO Let, with immediate possession. Houses in David, < Llauelly. Ethel, Charlotte. Dock-streets.—Apply D. L. Smith, 10, Queen-street. Cardiff. 34 ;r'-Ö Let. 48. Denton-road. Canton T T?Tweekly hot, cold X baths lavatory, coal cellar, conservatory,—Apply 299. Cow bridg''roaù. 18 TÕIt-12, Glynrhondda-ftreet; hot and cold bath: X lavatory, &c., every convenience newly docorated 943 Let. SOA, Plantagenet-street. Cardiff: sitting-room, <- Kitcheu, and scullery three bedrooms and bathroom. Fine view from front, windows. Rent, 10s weekly.—Apply Coo?93. St. Mary-street. Cardiff. 822 40: W;;d.stret, Tempcrancetown.—House t9 Let rent B 7s. clear of rates and t?xes.—Appty Isaacs 38, Wood- street. 229 /?, South Luton-place,to Let, centrally situated rent 12s. -AppJy S. Hern and Petwee, Auctioneers, Cardiff,205 15, Havelock-street to I^et sil rooms.—Apply S.tHern and Pertwee, House Agents. Cardiff. 206 111. Cathays-terrace to Let rent 10s six rooDlS.-A pply S, Hern slid Pertwee. Auctioneers, Cardiff. 207 5S to 8s per week.—Houses at Canton and Cathays to Let to tidy t.enants-AppIV. with references, to Willium Sanders and Sons, 28, St. Mary.street,Cardiff. 935 HOUSES and Shops .to Let, as under.—Apply Evans .1.- aud Hughe:, House and Estate Agents, Auctioneers and Valuers, County Fire and Provident Life Office* Borough Chambers, W barton-street. Cardiff. 59e (IifoPonven¡ently-situatt?d, atUandatf Yard :newiÿ J renovated; 10s per week inclusive. î3,E&St.tërrweek. t 9. Hewell-street, 7s per week. 29, King's-road, Canton. IUs per week. 27, Brook,street. Canton, lis per week inclusive. 4. and S. Dudley-place. DocksT 118 per week' each. 11, Bridge-street, very large Shop with cellaralld ware-, L house. 68:' Hewell-street, Grange, 7s per week. 3 Belle Vue-terrace, Cadoxton. Modern house: every 3 convenience. Magnificent View. 46, Eldon-street, commodious House and Shop; low rent. (• Evans'-buildings, North Morsf.Mtreet': SsMperweek. ), Newly papered. EXTENSIVE Shop and Cellarage, Pier Head. Bute JLj Docks. CûR-NER Shop and"Premises, adoxton. MET—ItllSMiKSS PKKMiSfS At NEWPORT.—To be Let, Suite of Otlioes iour rooms and Lavatory; centrally situated in Tredegar-place.— Parti?niars of  MantMr. "Dailv News"QNce. Newport. 23e OFFICE to et, tround'?oor. 18, Custom House-atreet: ?? be*t poellOn for wholesale business, a)so 8 rooms: rent moderate.-Ft Br"f.!3. nOe PONTYPRipD. -DoubleTfronted Shop to Let; suiTanv- J- business best J;lOSltIOO under Railway 8tation.-Apply 'o!°b Wi7' ?t?jkard?treet.P 155 PONTYPRLDD. To X,et, with imn?ate possession?  Stable, s'tuate Mitabl. for two or three ?orses.—Apply Ktch?rds. Auctioneer, Pontypridd. He C* HOPS to Let plate-glass windows, large cellars, par. ? lour, kitchen, scullery, back entrance, nve bedrooms rent 1?, free of rates.—Apply Mr Hawkins, 139. Portman- moor-road, Crii.. 22B CMALL Warehouse. NMTiS Md 19. Bute-lMe. off Maria- ? street. 40ft. by 22, with ure-plaee and lavatory.-ADply 265, Bute-street. _? ? 60 TAIRÀCH:HóiíB;d- ';jloP-tõLët:b;jtp;;Bition: JL suitable for any bURioess; rent moderate.—B. Hey- cock, 168, Gelli-road, Pentre. 133 ''PO Grocers and others.—To Let, in Adamitreet, Cardiff, X large House and Shop: low renG.-Apply 23, Adam. street. 264 qpOLet,. 10<.Caetle-road. HouM Md.Shop::best posi-/ X tion: Mttable for chemist or ironmonger.—Apply M. Albany-road, Cardiff. 284 T0 Let, House and Shop, with Stable and Yard, 156, ± B,oidway.-Apply 1, Uhftou-street. or 15, Newlands- street. Barry Dock, 287 '?OLet. a L&r?e Cellar, sun?Me for'bottling purposes or Tbeer :t:e lPId'V[ G 275. Echo OBBce. Oardiff. 275 To Let, Photographic Studio ?nd Rooms good posit¡o. T-Apply 217, Bute-street. Cardiff, 47 ^po Let 6 sets of Aooms as Offices, above "South Wales •, X Daily News OEce, St. Mary-streeL- Apply Daily News." Cardilt. 420 T RT'FOREST.-T. Let, House, Shop, Warehouse (with double doors) good Stable suit any business.—Apr»ly 1. Pontcanna-aveuue, Canton. Cardiff. 945 W ENTWOOD Wat.r Works.—Good Shop to Let: suit I 1' butcher, conveniences for slaughterii?g.-Appl W, Echo oaEce. Newport. 924e 2 Duke-street, Cardiff.—These commanding Premises to 2 Let at Michaelmas present occupier. Mr DowrleD, Ironmonger.—Wm. Harris. Surveyor, C,wrleon. 90 F?RSAtK-MOUSES LAND, «U FOR Sale, Two Houses in Alfred-street hot and cold Fbaths owner ??"???"" PPy 79, Augus-str"t, HorÜh Park. 212 'B?OR Sate. Vinfis. ctose by St. John's Church. Canton 4 bedrooms bath anQ lavatory, coal cellar, conservatory, and fll modern conveniences one wH.b side entrance.- Particularsjipply 44, Arran-street, Roath. 113 FOR Sale. Six-roomed Cottages in Inverness-pl#ce; bath- j L room, .tc.-Apply J. Williams, Builder, top Inverness- place. 936 FOR SO Ie, two small Villas, near Park venetibÏil1d;. Fhot and cold baths cheap to an immediate Purchaser R. ff., 901, Echo, Cardiff. 'mme .& pure 109 FOR Sale, some first-class Cottages. in Ventre bane-street and Penhaved-street: also 2 Villas, in Clive-street, Lower Gm.nge.-Apply G. J. Barrett, 6. Richmond-terrace, ?ofrPM)?.p)ace.C&r<!iS'. ''e 182 ("*1EO. WiUctr. Auctioneer, Hous?. Estate ALent, and X Rent Collector, 13, Vere-street, Cadoxtou-Barry, is open to Collect Rents at Cardiff or Barry District: good references cash paid over weeklv or monthly to suit owners. G. W. has for private sale several excellent well- built, Villas, Shops, and Cottages at Dinas Ponds, Barry, Barry Dock, and Cadoxton: businesses disposed of: sales conducted: commissions executed.—For particulars address as above. 111 [' -LANiS'HF,N.=F's;;ic or to Let, charming country 10- -J roomed Villa, near station decoratNl throughout 40 feet frontage garden 200 feet long: can erect stable if required.-Hawker, Builder. Llanishen. 131 NEAR Tynanll's Monument. North Nialey, Gloucester- shire.-F,)r Sale, Freehold Detached Cottages, pleasantly situated.—Apply Webb,Nibley House,Cathedral- road, Cardiff. 15 SALE (cheap), two Douses bay windows upstairs and 1- down, thrce bedrooms, bathroom, front and back parlour, kitchen, with good cooking range and dresser, scullery, etc.—Davies, 5, St. Woollos-road. Newport. 975c M<5»«!SKS. «Vc.. WANTFD. WANTED, convenient House, respectable locality: r" Roath preferred hot and cold bath: moderate rental.—Apply 3. Southey-street. Cardiff. 20 KUSIXESS PREMISES 1TANTKW. 1-õÜs j:h op, -l;ki;' wanted fjtood locality) X for bread, high-class pastry, and confectionery, ov would give reasonable price for genum- business.—Full particii|ars to J 321, Daily New. OlUce, Cardiff. 321 »IJSBSKS!*RS HUt T300TS, Drapery Business for Sale in one of the most I nO;;i'1P;i::1tI i;{ut Wlf: tt;;I;es; £ 25 stock at invoice pric.Ay.)ly L 331. Echo Office, Cardiff. 331 JI>OOT Business. Maindee, Newport genu!r1; J "t:?b?ishfd 11 years: proprietor ret\l'iD: capital nbotit Bro.,kwood Villa, Rise.t?o?d, Newport. 968e (CARDIFF.—Well-paying Restaurant, wine and beer J licence attached: immense future: £ 800 cveiything. —Powell. Lewis and Co., Auctioneers, Cardiff. 53 DAIIIY and General Business for Disposal stOCk and Dfixi, viL,u,,ction stable.—Apply Penney, Honso Agent" 19, Duke-street, Cardiff- 147 FOR old-established Drug Stores in Barry Dock.—George Willett, House and Estate Agent, Cadoxton-Barry. Ill i^OR imm?ditt,? D-;posa¡:-hnc;cldõ met w;th. FGencral'Burir."? in b,?st position in Canton incom- ing low.-Z 917, Echo, Cardiff 917 (-Ù{OGlRY-n;;¡;;¡;1;ct:¡:õii'Wine and Beer X Licenses, in best position in Clifton: trade aDproaches :C2 u?00 a year: price £ 150, and valn3ticn.-Applv R. W. Miller and Company, Limited, Stokeecroft Brewery. Bristol. 90e Plmuc HOUSES. (fULl, Licensed Inn, market town, excellent trade, X capable of increase, £120: another £ 75.—Hiilmau, Auctioneer, 12, Bridge-street. Newport. 32e HEREFORDSHIRE.—First-class Inn, everything free, close market: ingoing by valuation, probably £200. -HiUm.n, Auctioneer, Newpert. Sle ,.I-'O-Ùt:oidfïi;A;ion. good -L stable immediate possession. -Apy on premises. 15e W ANTED ?% Villi,,olnn, betweencardiff, Bridgend, or Tondu, with good garden.—Address Mrs Chan- ning, 123, Lewis-street, Newport. 12e WESTON-Super-Mare. — Double-licensed House, well situated present profits £50:) per annum.—Powell, Lewis and Co., 8, St. John's-square. Cardiff. 52 Ifta po- 17 -A .1H'SH.AL. BARGAIN.—Thorough good Cottage Pianoforte, London maker, 8 gtiinea? alo S"coud-hand Iron Fr"me Trichord, 12 gui"e.,t,AI)ply 150, Cathays-terrace. 249 BANJO Studio, Adamsdown-square. Tutor, R, Allen, autlior hishly-popular Danse Bonbon," 2 banjoes and piano, 2s. ,:Yï:f2r ptipils. i '10Tl'AGE Philo wanted must be chep and in good J condition.—Write A 924. Echo Office, CardifY. 924 IT'O.R Sale, fine Violin by Cohn-Mezin, made 1833, and FOrjhe, Lh:r1Ose£:lJ-2,úB1au;' i Penarth. 129 OR Sale, Piano, iron frame, trichord: grand tone: solid walnut case: superior instrument: good as new.—55, Clare-road, Cardiff. 560 OIL Piano and Organ Tuning and Repairing, address F L. Morgan, 66, Richards-terrace, Cardiff. Terms 3s 6(1 and 4s. 992 'T-1 ARMONIUMS, Pianos, Organa, &c., on the Hire Pur XX chase Systi?m. Atlas Furnishin; Company, Ltd., Hayes, Cardiff. 250 PIANO for Sale, quite new, fnl! frichord, iron framp., I pwaltlut, original price 35 g1Üneas: c h e a p, 4, ..Il,llp.street, Riverside. 270 PIANO, upri4ht gmud, trichord, rosewood case: very pheap must be sold at once.-54" Partridc* e-road, Cardim 268 PIANOFORTE.—Lady must sell 75 guinea upright Grand elegant Walnut, 18 guineas approval: car- riage paid.-Piano. 159, Stockwell-road, S.W. 913 PIANOFORTE Tuning.—W. l'\ Ridg,y. from the ce'e brated firm of Bord's, Paris: ten?:* 3s 6d.—Address 109, Castle-road, Roath. 508 W OP,TH Fifty guineas.-Secondha.nd grand Piano- » v forte. by Broadwood rosewood frame, splendid tone, good condition price, 16 guineas.—Atlas Furnishing Com. pany. Hayes, Cardiff. 25e « ciicm. TR5I;YCIES etc. A Bargain.—Detachable Pnenmatlc Road Racer, 1895, A.. ar?d 70. pretty machine, new, 210, worth £ 20, guaranteed.—39. Bride.str\?et, Cardiff. 216 ABSOLUTE Clearance.—Morris Bios, will send List of Bargains on Application. Cash purchasers should call and inspect our large stock, which will be cle%red reeardle a of cost. Few Good Boys?' vlii?lcifh etyies. New Cvele Lok sent Free for 6d stamps, t,ogether with US5 Lamp iJji-gLhti- ng ,T5 able: Lits: Cycle lsurane. Pamphlet, Notes and useful information.—Cycle Works. Pontypridd. 19e ABNORMAL Reductions in Prico of New Howe fSeles! AC.11 and see .hem at the New Howe D,, Do t. 3. Churcb- street, Carciiff. New Howe Roadsters and Racers at excep- tional low cash prices. New Howe Cycles for speed, light- ness, rigidity, and elegance. Largest Cycle Factory in the World at Glasgow. Highest skilled labour only employed. Buy direct from Manufacturers and save intermediate profits.—New Howe Machine Co., Ltd., 3, Church-street. Cardiff 775e ALL Cycle Repairs, Enamelling, and Nickel-plating executed with care and despatch at trade prices. Haadle bars bent and re-nickeld from 2s. Depot for Im- perial Rovers. Osmonds, Excels iors. Premiers. Lamps. 25 éd: Bells, Is.—Parry and Co., Manufacturers and Agents, Mill-lane. Cardiff. 793e BANK Holidays.—Time ir short, but money m%k?s the B A elI.idîSÿ;rlt s:'r::t Tandem, msslà; in front, or a Path Hacer. weight 231bs.. or a Roadster, all np to date, we can supply from stock at a great advantage forcash. Or if you've got a little job oc your machine or any article to complete outfit for next week, we will uit you by return of post, but don't delay.—Morris Brothers, Cycle Works, Pontypridd. Inner tube and valve 8s 6d. 19ci B- ;ÜiGAiN,-li Cushion Tyre S¡¡fet.yual to new. £ 4^ Seen after 2 p.m. at 81, Eldon-road, Riverside, Cardiff. BICYCLE, good condition, 30s also hall-marked silver Lady's Watch, good timekeeper, nearly new, only 16s. —24. Harold-street, Roach. gi (CARDIFF Plating Works, Paradise place, off Qu' (,' street, Can1ilf. do Nickel and Silvr Plating of euery description at Birmingham prices. Special Notice to Cyclists :—Bring your Cycles direct to-above address, and we wi'.I Re-Nickel beautifully at trade price. Handle Bars from 2s, and other parts at low prices. Our work ispiaranteed, as we use nothing but pure Nickel. Cycle Re-Enamellipg by Stoving Process. Coffee Taverns, Hotels, and Families, &.c.. waited on,, on ■ receipt of post-card, for Re-Plating of Teapots, Cruets, Forks, Spoons, fcc. 70 EXCELSIOR Road Racer, Dunlop tyrea. as new, what Eofferi?? Raglan Road Racer, bargain, cash or enban>re. -Parry, Mill-laue. Cardiff. 894 I?REE! Free j Post free to any nddre58.- Saft¡es Safeties Safeties Important to aeents. dealers and others. Wholesale list containing 1,OeO (one thousand) machines, new and second-hand. sent post free to any address, 59 per cent. eheper than other makers or agents. Why pay mere or fancy prices > Single machine at whole- sale prices. Write at once for the largest and most com- plete list in the cycle trade. Sterling value and no large profit".—W. R. Warrilow, Cycle Works, Regent-street, Weston-super-Mare. 977e K" NO of Scorchers Path Racer (Palmer tyres), as new .I what offers, cash or exchange.—Parry and Co., Mill- lane, Cardiff. 895 L'GHT Roadster Sfety Bicycle, latest pattern, Dunlop J -J tyres lamp, bell. complete must be sold.—Davies, '25, Forest-rbw, Taff's Well. 693 LADY'S Cushion Safety 'Cmhion tyres, latest 1895 i pattern, ball head: light machine, guards, COMP1 te., perfect aod nw: cab, only £ 4 183 6d approval—5, egent-street, Weston-super-Mare. 904 P REM-IER solid tyre Bicycle (Hillman, Herbert and Cooper's), ball bearings throughout, easy runniug machine, 30s.—Write Premier, Echo Oiffce, Newport. 16e REPAIRS.—Plating and stove Enamelling promptly at trade prices.—Morris Bros., Pontypridd. 19e REPAIRERS officially appointed for C.T.C.. and also for Cycle Insurance. Co. Ltd.-Morris Bros.. Ponty- pridd. Repait" of any kind to pneumatic tyres. 19e REPAIRS—All ko to Morris Bros..Pontypridd RNo job too difficult, no iob too small. Don't forget.l9c SAFETY,-LadV'S Pneumatic balls ever-where up to date; 26 lCs.-Write F 4, Echo Office, C*rdiff. 4 SAFETY.—Pneumatic quite new balls throughout: S diamond frame: worth i,?O E5 15s.—Write G 5, Echo Office, Cardiff. 5 SAFETIES.—Cushion and Pneumatics. Bargains, bar- gains. Do -t b'glf prices. Call at Warrilow'e, 2M, I,r'ài:'ig\ at balf prioes- charged by otbers.-R. Warrilow, 293, Bute-street, Cardiff; also at Weston-super-Mare. 8 S 'I AFETIES.-Targe Stock. Vnust Sell, latest '95 patterns, O large tube, light machines, Pneumatics, 27: Cushions, L5 10,a. Obeapest House for Repairs. All kind of fittings iu, Cycle Works. Brynmawr. 8 ,-Wc- -ADELEY Cycles for bi1i=-Clibing. Wadley Cycles TT for road racing. Wadeley Cycles for oiiring. Wadeley Cycles are guaranteed.—Wade and Co., Smeth- wick. 218 .;j'ItK'A4i:1. VENICI.ES. otc. IVOR Sale, nearly De,. Brake to carry 15 new cashion3 f Iambs, pol and bar. shafts into collaring axle made stylish and strog. -T. Plummer,ùer. Nep?,t IGHT Trap. suit pony, nearly new, ;66 good Dogcart, AU suit cob, £ 6 barg"ins.3, Carlisle-street, Splotlands, Cardiff. 999 -VTAVVY Barrows for Sale,-Apply IL Williame, MiU- j street, Pontypridd. 3e SALE, several Traps, suit business, from £6 up aiso several Sets or Harness.—Apply 21, Topaz-street, Roatb, Cardiff. 141 EVERAr, good Traps, suit 'business or pleasure. 1 long o Coal Cart, to be sold cheap.—Gibbon, Miil-road, Pontypridd. 48 rr'Õ be Bold cheap, second-hand Brougham Hansom.— r Apply 66, ArabeUa-ltreet, Roath, CardiL 925 HORSBS. J.SVU STOCJK. oil!" A handsome Chestnut Mare, 14.2, aged 7 also gray Cob Mare and Colt, 13 hands. Age 4, warranted sound, quiet ridcMjrdrive.—E. Plaisted, Bishpool, Newport. 17e A Bargain, Welsh PonyTTs hands, 7 years: warranted C perfectly quiet for boy to drive, with new Flat Cart and Harness week's trial allowed £ 12 10s.—Mrs Moore, Backhall-street, Caer leon. Newport. 19e A Bargain, Cart Horse, 15 hands 2iu.. rising 7 years Ast,,tiinch worker in sbaft or chains and sound, with good Cart to carry 30 cwt., and nearly new set Shaft HM- ness: week's trial allowed £18 10s lot.-Herbert, Coal Merchant, Caerleon, Newport. 20e CTlVE bay Horse. 15 h?nds?eound and good worker, XX suit tradesman, £ 13, b&rgMn.—App!yMit:cheU, '1\\1- road, Caerphilly. 202 A Powerful Cart Mare. 16 hands; 6 years: 6tc,unch worker in shafts and chains sound: must be sold on account, of ill. health. -M i,s flimt. 9, Triley-street, Chepstow- road, Newport. 993e Ago jd meful PUI1Y wit,h Flat C,,trt and suit ?.t- grFenKrocer: price, Si2 the lot. Also strong Cob, 14.2, with first-class Trap and Harness suit baker or grocer: BIS the tnt: warranted good workers.-Apply D. | Morgans, Energlyn Mi)). Uacrphiity. !25 4 Handsome el,ord B,,Tlg: 5 c()Iour A- red roan trial in harness with veterinary's pprov1 before purchase £ 21 also Bay Carriage Mare, 15,2 suit brake, grocer, or 10s —Apply 60, Gordon- street, Chepstow-road, Maindee, Newport. 986e A good Cob, warranted, with Cart and Harness suit greengrocer or fishman f;14 the lat-28, Stacey. road, Roath, Cardiff. 999  u8ef¡'¡\i; h an cl:4-??.d worker; A warranted NMt. tm<1esman: St5 on th&l. 43, Ca.rh?e-Btjrcp:. p,Iands,Cardiff. 999 BARGAIN, fast Cob. 14 handsTsound and good worker, with Trap and Harness: suit, butcher or any trades- man ElS t,he lot any trial allowed.—Apply 23, Stocey- rond, Roath, Cardiff. 199 C Rrl,AM Pony and Cart for Sale the lot Cl2 money J wanted.—Apply 34. Tlinipson-street, Bari-y Dock. FOR Sale, good woi-kink, Horst,, workizlz cab daily.—Apply BriKht, 76^\Vindsur-road, Penarth. 352 FOR sale, Pony can travel 16 miles on hour; pric. i.9. F-Apply 1. Conybe,,re-e. Cardiff. 294 11'OR Sale, good POII;I\r¡;w-Trap an(I Ilartie-s cheap.—Apply G. Phillips, Daconitor, &c., Blackwood, Mon. ?9 i OR Sale, good strong Cob, 14 hands high price Sl good worker no further use for it.—Apply 30, Zinc- street, Splotlands, Cardiff, ZS6 OR Sale, very large ^lare Donkey alfo stronr Cart and i Harness will sell separate.-Apply Neptune IlIn, Caroune-street, Cardiff. 138 -!cidÇt;iThJ];).i:J to ride ?" ?'?J..?"P? 3uinp?9.—?o. 1. Cana'st-.OrdifT. FOR Sale, very h?dsorne Dark Brown C!??b, J3.. si* t years o!d: in every way qlÜet and sound: suit any lady or gentlemen vet. crt.-F. T. Broad, Confectioner, 12, Tudor-street, Cardiff. 986 ?(X)b M?re for 8;1;d' <uit!tMc for breeding.— (,-K Apply W. Da-vis and Son H. Qncfn-strept. Cardiff. TJ>ONY Trip for (newr:"sut? milk round: pnce X £ 4 10s.—Boland, Chum;ei"h Cottage, West-terrace, Penarth. 301 I P- OyFiat Cart, and Harness cart only used one R month best bargain ever offered must be sold.— llF. Ca'haya-terrace, Cardiff. • e65 -'A T.F,, useful, 15 janus thorough good worker. o £ °. or exchange for smaller cob.-Per,y, 43. Gelli- giJed-road, Ystrad Khondda. 962 SORE Shoulders Grease Thrash.^r^'ickir Cured by Coody s i' luid. Hnrse3 sutYeriue from Sore Backs. Sore Shoulders, broken k.-ees, wounds, cuts, bruises, thrush, cracked heels, grease, mud fever, mange, &c.. quickly cured by bathing the parts affected with a tablespoonful of Condy s Fluid in a pint of water. It makes the hair grow wh«re rubbed off. Prices ■ Soz. h: 20oz. IF of all chemists. Insist on having Condy s Fluid. 949s -+- T fl],EE good Cart Horses, warranted in rhafts or chains, X also several Cobs and Ponies, cheap.—Gibbon, Mill- road, Pontypridd. 6e  Cab Prop' ietos [\nd-th;3:s'le- Bay Horse, 16 Ti,i,,d. 7 years; warranted ¡(olld worker in single .r deuh1e h^rue^s and sound trial allowed price £ 13.—8, Backhall-street. C'erlpon, Newport. 1 USE Jeerol Ointment for speedily cUring sprains curbs 181)1, ,ts when forming, over-reaches, capped hocks, rheumatism, windfalls, scurf after blistering.—Large box post tree for Is 2d from Condy's. Fluid Works 'al, '£l:mjll-st.. ],Oldon E.e' I VEILRINARY Book Free, con':unIlH! full instruction' V forthe Tl'?? tinent, %nd Cnre of Ailments ?ff(,(?tiDr Horses, Dogs, Cats, Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, Poultry, fcc., from Condy's Fluid Works 83 Turnmiil-street London. E.C. 949e 0 Tamworth Boars, Horse, Coal Cart, and Harness V chelp good Potiy 3,) p.i.:S, mit buyers furniture van £5 Qlar.ynant House. Whitchurch. 213 »VC FERRETS I Ferrets I fifing of the Poachers).—TTiisnr- passed quality 4s "ch to workingWSft. Homer and F"cy Pigeo" Stores, Pontypridd. 341 Ion, Sale, a few March Minorca Cockerels cheap Cook's, Webster's. Pitt's, and Mosxridje strains.—Apply 233, Cowbridge-road. 242 EN and 12 !.lino:ca n.nd Leghorn Chickens, 98 also 1. a few good Laying Hens.—Collier. 2, Romil y-voad, Cardiff. 323 I have 'ix Cock Goldfinches that I wiil forward for 5.?; well on seed.—William Merriman, Prendergast, Havcr- fordwest. 272 NET Traps;—Catch birds alive Is 3d post free. Plenty of grand Canaries in stock satisfaction guaranteed no rubbish.—Lloyd, Mountaiu Ash. 65 OTICE.—Half-dozen Cock Goldfinches warranted all .L strong, he1thy birds 011 ee1: price 5s.-Apply John Davies, Cartlett Quarry, Havrfordwe:lt. 175 POULTRY, Pigeon, Cave Bird, and Dog Foods.—Write for prices and samples to Noah Rees aud Sou, Hay, Corn, and Seed l\1C.el1HUt.S. Cardiff. j51 e SPLENDID Plymouth Kock Hens (1695), 4s 6d, 4s Silver Wyandotte?, ditto; Minoroas, Se j,u e-bred Cockerels from 2s 6d.—Edwards, Coaley, Dursl«y. Gloucestershire, lie FUT;;lfeorl(;hdië: tfJàl,eftiö?i: yg:KX8T i'Ki,. 198, Echo Offief,. &c.; parties leaving Cardiff.—C. 198, Echo Office, Cardiff. 198 I^UKNITURE of everv description i:50U:)ü u valne to ?F selec from, on the Hire System st,ricUy privaet. The Largest Premises and Stock out of Ixmdon.—Atlas Furnisli.'ng Company Limited, Hayes, Cardiff. ?5 0 HARRIS S, th Pioneers of Cash Trading, established nearly halt a ceutury.— Newport Market, main en- trance. HARRIS S, Newport Market, main entrance.—Several ii Al'?T?IS S, AT-tit Carts and Baby Carriages at less than cost, to clear. Call and see. n- ARHIS'S Useful Wardrobe, bevelled glass door, :6? 7s -*X 6d Mahog"ny Uhe3 Drawers. 25 Duch('se Tab:e and Washstand to match, 323 6d.—Neiyport Market. maiii entrance. SEVERAL costly Dining ard Drawi-ig-rooin Suites, from £ 3 3s to £1515; not half their value, must be cleared out. proprietor retiring: also other Furniture of the best quality. not trash that's made only to look at and to bob the public don't buy at any price,—Call at Edes' Old Curiosity t-;hop. Newport. 23c SECOND-hand Furniture or Surplus Stock Bought for Cash or Sold on Commission.—Taylor's Auc??ion-ro?ms. 12, Cnstom House-street, Cardiff. 6S2 ^ECOND-hand Furniture wanted original advertising ?s buyer b?zst pnces: bir dealing.— T. Woodruff, xhe Don't ForveUt," 41, Castle-road. 923 THE ready, that spea-k all languages, down on the nail.' TGood sound principle. T. Woodruff, original adver- tising, reliable, cash buyer of New and Second-hand Fur- niture, The Don't Forget It." 41, Caatle-read, Roath. Any quantities bought, and strictly private trausactions.922 FURNISH en our new lure HIre System. Jtouses of A artments completely furnished on a new ;yaejij adopted solely by us, whereby all publicity, exposure, and nquiries usually made by other companies ar", dispenseù with. We have an immense stock of Househo'd,lire of cheap juid superior quality. All goods sold on the Hire System at ready-money prices. We make no extra charge for credit, and all goods sent home in a private van free of charge Zii) stamp or agreement, charges made 110 bill 01 sale; everything private. Arrangements completed JSithout delay, and, being manufacturers, we guarantee quality and wiUi ndertake to supply f.1tnitnre, etc., M 10 per cent, ess than any price-list i3ued by any firm in Cardiff. Eleven showrooms. Call Rnd inspect our im- mense stock, and ,,mr?.re prc..e, osfore purchasing else- .here. We will stiply Li ?ort,h t-f ?, A weekly £ 10 worth, 4s we??kly £ 15 worib for 58 weekly E20 worth, 68 weekly, and so ou m propcrtion. Special terms for larger quantities. Please note the addres :-801\l.h Wales Furnishing Company 31, Caotle-street (opposite tbp. Castle) Cardiff 7e lioMESTKC ABTI('S,fs; MANGLES, Washing Machines, Soring M.biue3 on In the Hire 8pteUl.-AUa.s FiuD?sbing toinpan? Ltd. Hayes Cardiff 25 X>EKAMBULATORS Mail Carts on theiti?e Svsi ('m. /Udas Furnishing Company, Lid. Hares Cud iff. 25 ■ !••<>« sa ILK—ms«• i".M a\ R: r:. -A LL Electors should 1(0 to Fligelston's, Registered the A- Popiilartlai(liffpawtibrokLr.22,(,is Cardiff.S40e A-'LCI<:ï..cGors.-N'ot.e value, Fligefciu:d, 25 Agenuine SilvH English Lever Watches, only 25s each -Au:-]ec"co; Valu:F]¡gtne has forfciled 100 Solid Silver Watches, 1\1.rnr{;d, 6s each. ALL Electors.—Government hall marked-Ùtone II A22ot. Solid Cold Wedding Rinfs: 3dwt, 15s: 4 dwt, 20.. ALL has forfeited AIO Gents' flist-cia" Gold Lcvers. from E5 to L12. A- LLJj;I-;ctors.-MY¡)-;cI, not satisfied. Fhgelstone's ,A F;olicl 8ilver Cu- Alberts, stamped every link, 6s. ALL Electors.—Try Flifjelstone's fancy Vicuna and Black Worsted Coats and Vests, only 12s fid. ALL Electors. —Get 5 years' warranty.—Fligelstor.e's 5 A Lusii'].n1 ii:/tLe;n;\rC ggee,feGs ALL F.I;c-t:db&rgain. Fï;t; handso.? 1'a r Bronze MaTH HI'Ses, n, worth 4gs. ,LL E]ectors.-i;ryFii:elstone's not4?d Wooden Clocks. Is .!d ickel, ls4id :gAl-,trms (sleep disturbers), Is li?d. A LL Eleer, rs should get Money fro-F¡;-eiöe;¿; ■ P.C.P. atrictcst.PV,\cy-.wt interMG. ALJ;'}.]ectors ;;o-;e v, ue. Figelsr h? forfeited AGent's solid Gold Curb Albert, very heavy, cniy 45s. A' Ù,' Electors.—Note value. Fiïiel¿tone's Ladi;s' F! AGold Dress Ring-, Govr"ment hail marked, only 4, 6d ALL I" has forfeited A- clioice selections of s,uada!Diamol¡d Rings. A LL Electors.-N-pposiion. Fil!eI8tO;dFea. '1.. ther Beds, Bolster, 2 Pillows. 65lbs. weight, 35. ALL Electors.—Try Fligelstone's noted Is 11 Ad Shirts cheapest and best value in Cardif f; largest sale. ALL E:ector3.-Go to Fligelstone's f"r OperaTField, and AAlaritie Glasses, veryywerfuI ,g_sse, from 8s 6d. ALL Electors.—Go to Fligelstoue's for Ladies"~GoId Watches from IEs Gents' Gold Watches from 20s. ALL ElectorB.-Go to Fli¡:elst<?n'st;:t:imõDials. ALady's solid Gold Watch, qmte new, only 21s. A LL Electors.-Go to Fligelstone's this week 300haJd- Asome Silver Broocbes, Only Is 3d each, hall-marked. BAKERS' Troughs, aft ?izf!s, in stock: alsoCb'W:gequaî to new.-Tunks: 3, lane, C[U'ff 247 ioURGLTrY 1 Not having any to-dayilery too X> cheap U]otbin!t ne,not.hgiberg'sArcade ][3URGLARY Not PaYillg i ^i^dThink not.- South Wales W c13h Flal Shirts, 4s Hd. UP,GLARY!T No tP3viDg -1??ot lu CarWff.-Weish BFia.n?l D aw rs. I URGLARX j Not paying 1 I see it now. He reads Suils, ils Coats and Vests, 12s 6d warranted fast colours. BURGLARY M^The Diamond Rings so d at 95 light lp ,B the whole room like electric light. URGLARY I Not paying? Why ?-GoIT~j7weUere so cheai) at Blaiberg s Arcade. BURGLARY f Not paying I Why ?-3dwt,22ct. Wed- -B ding Rings for 19s at Blaiberg s Arcade. BURGLARY Not paying I Why ?-GoldWeddi^s Rings, wide, 5s 6d, at Blaiberg g Arcade. B. URGLARY I Not paying I Why ?-Silver Lever by AVright, 21s, at Blaiberg s Arcade. URdLARYM Not w-,Ih 11e Why?^R^5 Blaiberg s Aicade Advertisements and Note Prices BURGLARY Not pay again. Why ?—BlaTw^v Arcade %? e selling Ladies' Gold Watches, 35s. -PUROLARYITli/:ot pay again,-Goid-s¡ Hine B3, 6d at Blaiberg's Arcade. URCiLARY I I Besides low prices.-ATmos? A-* house has One of Blaiberg's A nsonia Alarm, sold at 4, TURGLARY!L -Toori?ky. Why ?-Blaiberg's Arcade XJ are se1l1ing a large number of Revoivdr3. Enp. 1ish make, 8s 6d. BURGLARY" Too risky. Why 2-Blaib rg's Arcade are selling such strong Spectacles at Is tbey can almost see in tho ir sleep. B URGLARY I I Not pa/ again. Why ?-The people don't go to bed early. They listen to the Musical Box sold for 50s at Blaiberg's Ar"r DNRGLARY ). Not pay again I?ot even on wet B N¡?e!b,twf:in; about win:fBIibe7r; ArMde' Guinea ?cki?toshes'? ? °" ?' °°? ? Blather: a tL)UR?LARY'' I ? Too hsky Why? Ifï:h;;P¡;ké' -B of Heywood's Tble Knives we are done for 3s the h.If dozen. B. UIÚ;LARY!Too dan?erom now !Why ? If capL -? tured, one of their 5s 6d Silver Curb Alberts are so stron there would be no getting away. ?UmiXGHAMGoodETjewetlery. Watches, Hardware BToys, Cycles, Furniture, Wringers.—Agents wanted' holesa?e book fre.-HeDry May HOt), Birmingham. 352 1114::??li'ARE and China.-Seconds, ,-02 cr???,. best, £ 3 or will send 15. dozen seconds arti,l?s for 175 6d write for hsts.-Webb and Co., Railway-passage La"w StAtfordshire. 751 TT°R Sale, Tw,) Sets of Swings, one six and one totir ropes and ladders, all complete.-5, Quay-st., Cardiff.223 i^OR Sale, seveial Countf-rs, Ladders, Trucks, Butcher's X Block, 6ft. by 4ft., Scales and Weights, fcc.—Blake, Cathays Yard, Cardiff. 84 IH^R Eoa (real Russian).—Dark brown, quite new, very bushy, soft, silky Alaska Tail Boa, three yards long .laa. y requiring immediate cash: accept. 19s 6d, worth £ 5 5s ent. for approval, carriage paid.—Mrs E. Hopkins, 55, Handforth-road, Brixton-road. S.W. 946 LAS,I Sh:,(Ie, (-Il for Clocks. Figures, fcc. cheap. A i Also Fish Globes.—J. Cording, Naturalist, 42, Royal Arcade, Cardiff. 997 ^ENTLEMEN, we sent over 500 Suits last seasor- into t'arditr and district. What more do you want ? No cauor can possibly compete with our All-wool Tweeds and measure at 35s 6d. Write for patterns (free). -The. Woollen C/ompany, Bradford. 250 Boiler and Pipes for Sale: Jones's expansion joints, all complete room wanted liar- gain. -Marshal), Holmsdale-street, Grange. Cardiff. 158 J ^^ELLfjRS Case, 4ft. by 3ft. 6in., and outitle lamp, cheap—Watcbury. 44. Royal Arcade. Cardiff. 781 T ADY'S Sapst qutHty nt w si!k three-truinea Umbrella rpal ivory carved handle, richly mounted with over .incli dec.p fine gold gilt hall-marked Riiver Fox's paragon fram: mcept 16s 6d approve t carriage paid.- 21. ?oss? Ciaphtm Junction. 841 A-i ii, 1-One Churnfre-?Nioh rning Milk ?-? for Sale on r?il R?itn 7.56: 15 p.c. cream.- r «n^ mths. Gwernmelyn, Raglan. 143 ]\TILK.—Railway Cans, excellent make guaranteed, at- -l-'X to?fst pnce ah dairy u6ensil<. A)ao deed hues and general Rhect met?l work. Largest works in Wales.-Oam- brian Tin Working Co.. Dumballs-road, Cardiff (5 ininiit-es 949,,  A X UFA CTURER? ?t<-mn?nt??i reet irTslB'a.n.fTCib J-Y Bu?dies. StuffS. Calicos, Velvets, Shittings, Fi?n- nelettes also Pinafores and Underclothing. Price List ftee.—J, Mitchell and Sor.s, 44. Well-st., Bradford, York. PLUMS from growers choicest kinds from 2d per lb" 241bs and upwards carriage paid —Howard Bevan, Sansome-irlHC >, Worcester. 9^5 PHIL Phillips Rheumatic Cure, 24, St. Mary-atreet- -!L Cardiff. P111L Phillips' Rheumatic Cure.—Socks 10s 6d per pair. Send size of boots. 226e I'>HILP hÜiips' Rheumatic Cure.—LadieB and Gentl; A waited upon at their own rf'sidencs. PHIL Phillips' Rheumatic Cure.-Cures Rheumatic Gout. J-HrI;-philljPs' Rheumatic Cure.—Belts from IQs?cL Send measure of waist. ï::> Hn;Phi\Üps' Rheumatic Cur, -Cur1 sciMica PHIL Phillips' r..hmatic Cure.-Wristlets from 5s per OHIL Phiiiios' Rheumatic Cure.—Wr?Hets from 5s Mf _pair. cu' es daily. PHIL Phillips Rheumatic Cure.—For 10s 6d yotrc,-iube Cu'td. PHIL Phillips' Rheumatic Cure.—Sole manufacturer, 24,  IT, Pliilli Rheiiniatic Cure.-Sole ? ?'?' 24, rjpO Cycle E, p ?t 11(fjbbi.g i- BeiJ"wô. AnTil, Vi" Smith's TaD Is, Cycle Spokes. Stocks. Dies, Taps, Bosb, Shears. Pan,h. 2 Footprint Spanners, Cheit, sundry other articles.—G. Morgan, Mertftyr Vorge, Merthyr. C^ LASS, China P..i-th?? )Ta,e you ?,ii J.R (j L;r?r:ían::l \;b;tGf:J¡;. Êr;h:"r T^ able and Pocket Cutlery, and General Fancv Coods Important to every Shopkeeper and Householder. Ncvt in the annals of the trade have goods been offered at such marvellously low quotations. All aciiuitie, best goods, at makers' prices. Hundreds visit u. and are astonished at our display and value.—Note address :—J. P., Rogers, 9, Wood-street (opposite Wood-st. Chapel), Cardiff. Lists free. i OGERS' for 40-pioce Tea Set3, from 6s 6d set. J,ook at our selection in windows. Rogers'for 40-piece Break- fast Set,. from 7s set. Rogers' for 54-piece Dinner Sets, from los set. Why pay 21s for same article? We give value. Rogers' for Golden Rock Teapots, at 4d, 5d. and 6d each. Rogers' for Decorated Jet Teipots, nt 3d, 9d, and lOd each. Rogers' Monster Set of Jugs, at Is, is selling by tiie Hundred, and causing a sensation. Rogers' for Travel- ling Trunks, from 3s 6d each. Rogers' Celebrated Cutlery at all pi ices. Rngpra' for Art Pots, Vases, and Fancy Glass. Rogeis has Tea Trays from 25 per set, of three. Rogeis' for Nickel Clocks Time Is 6A alarm, 2s each. r|^RAVELLING Trunks. Bonnet Boxes, Tourist Boxes.— X 500 sent directfrora largest manufacturer in the world for absolute Snle: made of very best steel plates, and finished with best, lever locks, in all sizes and colours. Large size Travelling Trunks from 3s 6d each. Bonnet Boxes, Is, Is 3d, Is 6d, Is 9d each ditto with locks. Is 3d, Is 6;]. Is 9d, 2s each. Tourist Boxes. 2s, 2s 3d. 2s 6d eaeh ditto with locks, 2s 3d, 2s 6d, 2a 9d each.-J. R. Rogers, 9, Wood-street. Caràitf (wholesale and retail). 43e Service, best X quality, 12 taL?l?- knives, 12 small knives, P,?i?- car,,rs and gu-el for 14s 6d white pinned balance Sheffield make: great bargain unused. Approval before payment.—Mrs Dawson, 31, Moreton-street, Piuilico, S.W. WATCHES Lever with warranty, at 35o, are only to be bought at Follick's. w ATCIIES. Lady's solid Gold, at 30s, are only to be V ¡¡ought at F"Wck's. WATCHES, by all the best makers, afe only to be T bouKht 'fttFoUicks. 954 NV ATUHES, in heavy silver cases at 10s 6d, are only to be bought at Follick's. NV A TUHES at the ;oest prices, are only to be bought t '\t. Foll:ck' ? °"? \S7 ATCHES, solid silver, in order at 53 6d, are only to be bought at Foiiiek's. *? °" ? ''° IV ATCFIES, only go to Follick's, 40 and 41, Bridge- v T street, Cardiff. "WATCHES by Skarratt Worcester, at 25s, are only to TT be bought at Folli k's. 'XTATC'H:i:'i-Eoglih-i:e-;e, for one guinea, are only to » f be bought at Follick'?. WATCHES, the renowned 6s 6d, are only to be bought atF.Ili,?k,. <) good Second-hand Scales, suit bu:'ch£r or grocers sd O of BeU 1ra?,s Weights, very cheap.—Gibbon, MUI- road. Pontypridd. 7e 20,609 feet firt-cla.s3 inch Dunnage Boards, Deals, Scantlings, and Russian Malt;, etc., cheap.—Shapland, 18. Loudoun-square. Cardiff. 324 I :-ÕÜÔ-Gross IDds Pills. 6d per gross, postage 2d.—The D DrIl¡; nnd Dispensing Stores, Limited,Wolverhampton. BASKETS, Baskets.—Pretty Picnic Baskets, with cover D leather fitting, 4s 6d doz. also all the pretty new Open Baskets, all the new colotir?, 4s 6d doz. also larger and better new patterns. 8s 6d doz. New covered Perambu- 'a'os, from 4s 6d doz. Try Rattles, Newspaper Stands, Tidies, endless variety of Wicker Goods at bottom price8.- Watkins. Proiid?r, Newport. ïAffI1<;T-Io,;nts, new Tints, taucy cup&tMrns. size 10 x 8, 8jd ner dozen. —Watkins. 68? CLOTHES Baskets, Market Baskets, Galvanised Buckets, all dozen.—Watkins. 65.. CCONSTANT Peruser and G"mmnn.-In answer to vours, J we have no'? been asked yet to join the Cabinet, and it is quite possible we shall refuse, as wre hope to par- ticipate in the golden showers now anticipated, and I should never feel happy with Orkard Joe.—Watkins, Provider. CRUETS, Cruets, Cruets.—Useful 3-bottie, with black I and brass frame, only Hid: ditto ,it,h cit boltles, I is lid half-guinea nickel, best frame, 4 cruet, with cut bottles, only 7s 6d ditto with six best cut bottles, only 8s 6d. Best ruetit] Spoons from 8 "d doz. Carvers from Is pair. Tons of useful Table Cutlery at really very low prices. —Watkins, Provider. 1\ c port. 63e t?NVELUPEs7-Weh&Tt 2CO?OO best Palace shap? Court J-J Envelopes. As we want room we shall clear at Is n?d per thousand. These are all well made and well gummed, and are really worth 4s 6d thousand.—Watkins, Provider, Newport. 63e FIRE Shovels Fire Shovels !—Best steel plate, with wo(.d h:.ndles '.d size, 2s doz. 6<1 si7.. 3, dr.7. 9d size, extra large, 3s 9c doz. Stickfast Fly [',11" 7.;d doz. Watkins, Provider. Newport. 63e 1LADSTONE Ba?.—Be?t English make (.owt?id? Bags, VX nickel silver fittings, only 8^d per inch any aize from 18 inchesjij).—Watkins, Newport. 63e (GOVERNMENT Stamped Me?rMT best quality, blue- A mocha, or s?hnon cn?ou' Please note reduced prices. Quart?. 7s 6d pints, 4s 8d half-pints, 3s 4d per doz, W ar- ranted new andj»°rfect.—Watkins, Provider. Newport. REEN Peas.—If you want to enjoy them use our two- handle S inch Strainers best make, enly 3s lid per dozen.—Watkins, Provider. 63e HOME Instructor Library.—We only have about a thousand copies left, of these 2s books. Each volume complete aDd handsomely bound in red cloth with gold edues. ^e shall clear thein at 7N per copy. Hample copy post free lid We have no complete list, but state what you require ftilly.-Ilatkitis, Provider, Newport. 63e ICE Cream, Je eProvider, has just JL received a big consigninsnt of 2d Ice Cream Glasses on leg as we must clear we shall seU at Id each, liid doz., 9s lid per gross.—Watkins. Provider. IalPOKXANT Notice.—We will, during this month and next-, give a Handsome Present to all Young Couples that purchase their Household Goods to the extent of 30s and ul)warcli. I,, atkias, People's Provider, Newport. 65e JAJVi, Jam, Jam.—The careful hokeeprs will now be trin to m,dre,so lay in a stock of best Glass Jars at one lib size. Is doz., lis 6d per gross 21b size, 2s per doz.- Watkins, Provider, Newport. 6- i ATrÜ;ii:s-pO¡;;o'F1YPapes, 3d doz. Sand Paper. 1'.1 any Nos.. 4d doz. Emery Paper, 7M doz. L,.sl. Perforated Chair Seats, 25 3d per doz. best, bound Trails, large size. Is 4d per nest of three 4fl. Blind Lath-, nd per doz. Broom Handles, Is Id per doz. Hoir Curlers, Is per gross Pen-nibs, 5d per gross Corks, 8d gross, large size new Ruby Epergues, 17 inches high. is 9d each. Anything aud everything at Watkins s. See the trams with our name, and jump on.—Watkins. People's Popular Provider, 123, 128, 128a, 130. Chepstow-road, Newport. MANILLA I .Manilla !—Larre bundles of best fine 1.1 Manilla, d per doz., 7s 6d per gros? pretty bunches of Grass from 9d per doz. We are nearly sold out of our larg. stock of Pampas Grass, so come early.—Watkins, Provider. -1\ 1. OUL1HNGS! M ou]din?s i—Tousof new Mouldings JL for Pictures j !u t;t arrived. Note reduced prices. Best Gold Slip from 2s 8d per 108 feet 2jlin. Best Brown and Gold handsomely traced patterns. 5s 6Q per tOl feet Black and Gold, same pattern, same size, same nric: 3in. Brown and Gold Alhambra, Is 9d per length, 18s 6d per 108 feet: do. Black and Gold, same size and price. Solid Oak wonderfully cheap: Maples ditto. Our sample Bundles of Assorted Mouldings, carnage paid to your door 7s 6d, 105 6d, and 21s. Kindly state wh it kiuds you prefer, as we keen all kinds.—Watkins, Provider, 123, 128, 130, Chepstow-road, Newport. PORTMANTEAUS, leather bound, 22 inch, 6s 6d Travelling Bass from 2s 6d each.—Watkins. 63. PAMPAS. Pampas. Pampas Grass.—Beautiful Flowing- t PI"me (wh'te). extra large, Is Ud doz., or all the New Co)ours2slldperdoz. PreMy Bunches of Grass from Si(l per doz. 1rettyhand-painted6(l SPlasheis, size about 33 by 18, only 3s 3d per doz. New Palm Pan?. large size. 7?d" doz.. 7s 3d ?ross.—Watkins, The Evergreen, 123-130 Cbp', stow-road, Newport, 63e S'LÃi;-E:.s.-8:rOnl( Penny Slates, 8d per doien. 7s 6d per gross.—Watkins, Provider. 63,. rl- "AiL¡'; Glass. Table Gbss'V;-have 6tock X about 72 cases of Table Glass of every description, and another < 60 to come. Note our present prices :-5 to quart ordinary Tumblers, 20 different patterns. lad per doz. 9s 6d per gross. Tots same patterns and prices. Leg Tumblers. 5 to quart, 10id per doz., 9s 9d per gross alqo 6 and S to quart sensations. barrel or lemon shape leg glasses, same prices. B<t Cut Wines from Is 5d per doz. Bet Cut Stem Spirit Glasses from I -s lld per doz. Large Ginger beer Glasses from Is 9d per doz.. Glass Sugar Crushers, Hd per doz. Tons of use- ful Glass at unheard of prices. All orders promptly exe- cuted.—Watkinp, People's Popular Provider, 123 130 Chepstow-road, Newport. 63e rPRUNKS Trunks Trunks !—Best eel Trunks, b- ?r?RUNKS Trunks Trunks '—Best eel Trunks, braM ani.ed from manufacturers, from 28 lId each, or per nt of four large sizes, 13s 9d per nest.—Watkins. Provider. Largest stock in South Wales. Lists free. 63e ??OBACCbNISTS.-Thick Roll 3s5dT 'Thin Roll Ss?d X Ib. Oi?arettet. Id packets, all kinds per box of 50 packets, 3s 3d 3d Boxes Cigarettes, Is Ðd box Watkitis's Superfine Shag, 3s 6d lb. best 4d Mixture, 4s 4d per lb. Gold Flake 4s 6d Richmond Bird's Evei 4;, 53 Frank-, lyn s and Wills Tobacco at cu prices. All makes of tobacco in stock at bottom prices. Id Smokes from 3s lid. per 1C0 choice 2d C ears. 7s 6d. 8s, ta 6d 3d Cigars, extra large, lis Sd. 12s, 12s 6d, 13s. 14s per 100. Cigarette Papers, I all makes, 50 fr 2s. Briar Pipes. Pipes iu cases. Ciarette Holders, Pouches. (igar Cases, Cigar Holders, n]Mng Stick!. Canes. Endlen vaxiety of ?,verythirg at Watkins's, Provider, N ewport. 63r THE Improved DereHoe Hooter, 6d  Iize 3e per do.- ~A Wa?k:tns, Provider, Newport. 636 r |OYS. Tovs, Toys.—We have thousands of new Toys of f;y Td:rif.!of; Êa;k\IIo\rd¡d;s ire: .Provider. Y\' KITE and Gold BreaMas:; Cn? and S-ucers. 26 6d do? Pink and Gold do., 2s lid doz. Large size i?mn'r 1 lates, Is 41 doz. Dinner Sets, from 6s lid per set. Useful Tea. Cups and Saucers, neat patterns. Is 6d doz. Toilet Sets, from ?5 6d. We have over 40 tons of crockery at really wonderful prices.- W a.tkins, Provider, 123, 128, 130. Chepstow-road, Newport. 63e WHITE and Gold Tea Sets, 2s llid pink and gold T T 2s 116d blue and gold, 2s llid. Full size Toilet Sets, pretty patterns, from 3, lid. Black and gold Teapots from 3d .,ch. Dinner Set,. full size. 54 pieces, from 12s lid o-guinea handsomely gold-traced Dinner Sets, 2Ss 6d. We- send out tons of crockery every week, and we have li acres oi floor space. B-ware of che ,p imitators.—Watkins, Tb° 1 eople'8 Popular Provider, 123, 128. 13J, Chepstow-road. Aewport. Packing Warehouses, J and 2, Speke-street. and Duckpool-road. 63e KIM.'lilJbAMCOU* RESPECTABLE Conp'e i.,htotak? healthybabyto PC A ,opt as own good home.—State premium to K. 35, ?ch OtEce, C, ?dift. 345 \VA:siED- kind lady to adopt Baby from birth as W own "o premium.—A pp)yMM4. EchoOSce. Cardie. D. respectable Person, to Adopt Female Baby. P!.r_c:ho. Caroltf. 169 w ANTED. second-hand Bagatelle Table.—State price » v ana size to Secretary, Cottage Club, 58. Barry-road, caaoxton. 11\5 CLOTJln{.. LADY wishes to seil Parcel of Baby's First Clothes, superior quality: tuite new: very cbeap.-L 18 Xancaster-road, Fallowfleld. Manchester. 349 1 wishes toselir?rcp) cf Baby's First Clothes, fliPenor quality, quite new, n?ver worn, very cheap L., 18. L%ii caste r-road, 9% f ADIHS. Gent,lemf,,rt*s. Children's Lf,-off Clotbii. bought —Mrs Rich, 57, Castle-road, Cardiff. Good prices orders punctually attended to. Furair.ure bought,.209 T ADIES. Gentlfmens aid Childrensn.s Left-ofI Clothing 1-i bought good prices given. Furniture bought.—Mrs 1 J: lai. steu, 4j. Carlisle-street.. Siilotlands. Cardiff. 325 !<<ACJtY?K? tJAT.F-Horse power Gas Kcgine and Chaffcntter fr AT,F-Tio?e power Rale: ?susih.ntSMsnc'? Machine and FiUer,w:th enamelled bowl and several Butchers' Blocks, very cbp. lobbon. Mill-road. Pontypridd. 6.. W A'.N'TFD. Corking and Syruping Machine combined. secondhand Brat.ty's Rapid if possible cheRi),- r^TU, Tgrn^jo- SaltD'!end-road. Cardiff. 2S8 ^IK4-El.t,AXEO< A- RTIFICIAL Lf'. ArDI, Eyes, Belts, Le? Irons. Spine '-j? Supports. Trusses.—The only Mr Pearce, maker, is at 4. Charles-street. Cardiff. 994 ASTROLOGY.—Marriage, success, business prospects, k x. ke., Is _partner Ies(?ribed. 7 stamps send birth- '"Ee. description.—Profeosjr Evans, 95, FeliHoa-ro?d IpETrK'h 9 }')1i:iii:ADS, ].000, 4" 6d: 1,['00 Business Cards, 4s 6d. (spefMiiine).?t). Bridge-st., Cardiff.—Rees. Majjett. SLanbury, Printers. Football Fixtures. Testimonials, C^O.A LINE, Patent Coal Saver and Smoke Co?,sim??r. C Agents wanted in Wales, Ireland. Scotland. J.ibcr?! terms.—Coaline Co.. Cardiff. ?97 "JURE for Filt-s.-Perfect cure guaranteed in most V, stubborn cases; pMt free, 2s 9d, Is 6d.—La Trobe, Chemist, St. Michaels-hill Bristol. p-S- C UTTil',F',Y of DII I)eSCript-e)ns.-A. W. Sfcauiforth. suc- cessor to n, H. Staniforth. The Cutler." 6, Church- and Repairing dnilyon the premises LI) Artificial Teeth Bought, Old Grild, Silver, Platina, &e. Higbe"t prices given bv maaufacturing dentist.— %)-r;te Dentist^ Echo Office, Cardiff. ° 3 P I-IP-1".NOLOGY Marriage. Business, Character, Palmis- try^free.—Piof. Mayo, Castle Arcade, Cardiff. 805 PARALYSIS, fSclatica. Rheutnatism Cured Expediti- ously. Houghton's Electro-Hydropathic Establish- iiieiit, Stuart Cz!rcl;ff. 255.. pROF J_ Ahen. PhrenoIo?? Le., lat?? ?f Cardiff now -at 9 HI::ht Arcade. Swansea. 2 'T£ETIAK Blinds m?de any colour, "'arrantd. 4d pe.- foou list" and estimates free.—Blind Works, 193, C„ ow, bridge-road, Cardiff. 915 YA/1"ATCHES Clocks andJeweHer'ontheHtre??'m ?T At.iasFumishineCotnp?-y.?td H-?esCardiR25?  to i;5,W? Lent Privatelv, 11 any part :ï; j?*25 to ?5.000 I?ent rriTAhet". in any part cf (own or rJone. wiLbont Bondsmen or auy Security. Exceptionally Low Interest. A. ppl, y to H. THOMAS, Mauager (Head Office), Victoria Chambers, 25. Bridge-street. Bristol. 286 Jjoa 11 of 1;40 on bill of sale security, house- V V hold furniture.—R 144, Echo Office, Cardiff. 144 X?1,GC0, L600, £ 300, and £ 120 separate i-ums, at £ 5 per cent^ wanted in good leasehold securities in Aberdare v a bey.—A. I).. Daily News Office, Cardiff. 2e j .4,500 wanted on good security (leasehold houses) at 4 cW per cent. Apply X., Daily News, Swansea. 970e A retired tradesman will advance Ixjans from £ 5 upwards. -c. -By letier C'nly, 13, Romiily-crescent, Cardiff. 139 MONEY at a fair rate of interest, advanced in any sums without delay; distance no object.-Apply, by letter or personally, to W. Williams, 36, Graig-street (late of Vine Cottage, 1, Station-terrace). Pontypridd. 330e ARIAN ar hl!hb na C?rai? r)a ?h f,?? well Aneu dewch yu bersonol at Lewis, 67, Castle-road. Koath, Caerdvdd. 5S ^ASH.—Advances promptly made on reasonable terms l; A JI;cVsbfeer;,11 I:el- ;.( o£ 2 ó3 Trade bills dtScout?ed.—Appiy J. W. WtHMms. Accountant. 11 Duke-street, Cardiff. ?' MR L. Reed, 56, Railway-street, Moors, Cardiff, advances 11 t from E2 to £ 20:. borrowers receive courteous ??nd prompt attention. 45Y ,j_.2Öû, £300. and i.5CO to Advance on Mortgage at 4A per 381 Cent. at once.—Morgau Morgan, Albert Chambers, Lnch-street. Cardiff. <2 1\'f-Oj.;EYJt-õu note of h.ind.—Appty. in conSdence ??. (.ettert. only ).69, Moy-road, C%rdiff. 445 PRIVATE gentleman Advances Money. £5 upwards; -L easy lepaymeuts as arranged.—Apply by letter, 4, Clare-street. Cardiff. 140 \1 CNEV IÆlJt upon Note of Hand, without Bill of Sale .l.- or Sureties, as follows :— ±.25, repayable in 24 monthly instalments of il 2 5 £50, 24 £ 2 4 IC £100. 24 £4 7 Larger sums in proportion. Strict privacy guaranteed. Xo c0mmi8sious charged.. Distance no object.—Apply ]). VV illiarn; i5, York-road. Waterloo Bridge. London.S.F.. 57e MONEY, from £5 up.rù. advanced to re?.p:ctahie Householders, Cah Proprietors, etc on r-wn security, by the actual lender. J. P. Thompson, 71, Adam-street, Car- Qiff. Nufees. Office hours, 10 to 7 Wednesdays, 10 to 2. CASH Advances made to any amount promptly, privately and t ?? fair rat? of interest; distance no objet.- Apply, by le?er ouly, to Mr C Loyd, 24, R?stMi-?'ee-. Newport, 95° "5 and upwards :ran:ed daily to householders, withou I sureties, no delay, no fees and conadenual. Apply, by letter or peisonally, to F Gould, 88, Pontmorlais. Merthyr Tydfil, 20, Caroline-street, Bridgend, aud at 3, Friars Park, Lammas-si Carmarthen. 14se PUBLIC NOTI?? E. RESPECTABLE HOUSE- P HOLDERS are now EKABLED to BORUOW MONEY Cardiff or the surrounding towng, are attended to without delay. Letters Receive Prompt Attention. Addre,s :-IVAI,L.ACE & COMPANY, 98, QUER.N. STREET, CARDIFF. 444 N.B.-Ent-,ar.c- first door at side. MONEY L E N T A~T FIVE PEr. CENT. FROM £ 20 to £ 2.00?. Why pay more, when a Private Gentleman i- prepared to grant Advances to responsible persons, Male or Female, upon their NOTE OF HAND ALONE, in any part of England or W" les, without loan office formalities ? NO BILL OF SALE OR SURETIES REQUIRED. The advance can be paid back by easy instalments, or can remain out from 1 to 15 years by paying the interest only. Call or write to the actual Lender. CECIL G. COURTENaY, EsQ., E95e II. Stroud Green-road. Seven Sisters-:oad, London. N. ONEY "LENT WITHOUT "BILL OF "SALE OR l\lONtR¥fi.,¿1J'J;J;' f3w-Lh ('R £ 20-24 MONTHLY INSTALMENTS of £018 4 i,50-24 £2 5 10 ?100—?4 „ B4I18 No Commission or Le»U Expenses. A guarantee giveu of strictest privacy, An??ly for prosjiectus to UNITED  E?GDOM?DE?O?f' BANK, 35, Cravfn-?ureeL. SLratid, London. 933e A G. WILLIS Manager. MONEYTMONEY MONEY !-Don't be without .a Mousy when you can obwin an Advance From ?2 t? ANY AMOUNT, on your own Security and Easy Repayments, as arranged. Apply d. HAItH I, Manager, 13S Central Advauce Bank, 40, Wood-street, Cardiff. rr 0 HON KT AIvi) REsPI ICTAliLE BORROWERS X ONLY. The Castle Advance Bank is prepared to Advance Money at the lowest rate of interest. Without Sureties or Bonds- men. On Your Own Note of Haud Alone. You must bear in mind that we are no agents, and that you are dealing with the tirm direct. If you prefer prompt treatment and strictest privacy apply, personally or by ltter, to GEORGE DAViES It CO., CASTLE ADVANCE BANK, 207. CASTLE-ROAD. CARDIFF. 142 L0 A N S. MONEY LENT in small or large sum, repayable by easy weekly instalments or arranged to suit borrowers, con- venience. TLe t,?,ws rd interest wi l be qioted b,f,? any ;I¡:'i5 /¡:nrWtfc i:r:.WiJobedAb;Ï;.e ;i sonally or by letter. to U. PHILLIPS, 628 18, CHURCH-STREET. CARDIFF. A CAPITALIST is prepare t, matce IMM KDTATE APitoAlPT. and STRICTLY PRIVATE CASH ADVANCES in Sums from ?:0 TO El.003 TO Professional Ladiet and N a Fee of any description. Gentlemen. ?n B,11, of S.1e. Tradesmen, ¡.; (J public or local exposure. Farmers, N 0 übj"ctioT},,lc Inquiries. Florists, No usual Loan Office For- Market, Gardeners U1i1lities. Hotel Proprietors, And at a Reasonable Rate Job Masters, of Interest. And all classes. ON N:>TE OF HAND ALONE. Intending Borrowers are Cautioned against the flattering Advertisements that appear daily. The majority of them emanate from Agents, whose Sole Object is to úkaio Fees of all descriptions. Applicants can leiy upon it that t,, applying to me they do so in confidence, and that they will be treated in a fair and br.sinos-like manner.—Apply M. BARNETT. 233e 9 Caroline-street, Cardiff. rl"'HK DIRECTORS f I S FIFLL-'NG AND CO X (LIMITED Advance Daily Sums fro L5 TO ;I.L)O. Method of Business: FAIR INTEREST. EASY REPAYMENTS. ABSOLUTE PRIVACY. NO DELAY. NO SURETIES TRADE BILLS DISCOUNTED. Prospectus and Particulars Free. Apply at either Addresse8 below :— Head Office THE HAYES BUILDINGS. CARDIFF. ALBERT-CHAMBERS, STOW-HILL, NEWPORT. 4, ST. CATHERINE ST.. PONTYPRIDD (Opposite Police Station", ]1.. 'TYJONEY PRIVATELY. PROMPTLY, AND, I CHEAPLY. THE ^NATIONAL MERCANTILE BANK, BALDWIN-STREET, BRISTOL, TIle Directors of this old-established, well-known Office, having large available funds, offer unusual facilities to all respectable and trustworthy persons who require either temporary or permanent as ■, .nee. Cash in amounts from £20 to £10,000 advanced iu ;> ;i parts of the kingdom without sureties, delay, or publicity, and on the security only of the borrower's written promise to repay. These advances may be repaid by weekly, monthly, or quarterly instalments extending over a period of time convenient to the borrower, or Jelft::k:dt!°t::t; is paid.' or thelills of Sale t<?en. and the tmnractions are not pub. lished in any newspaper or gazstte. Apply, stating amount required, to Mr T. C. MILBURN. General Manager. NOT]&Specially advantageous terms for Loans on Life Insurance Policies, Reversions, and Second Mortgages.586e r I^HOMPytLN'S JL THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER.—Purify th. foulest blood and relieve every disease of stomach liver and kidneys. '1' wonderful Pills cur diseases which could not be reached by any othermed: cine. For Rheumatics, Lumbago, Piles, Gravel,Pain- in tiiu Back, Scurvy, Bad LejjS, Wounds or Whiis Swelling, Scrofula, Cancers, Blotches on the Face and Body, Swelled Feet, &c., Jaundice, Dropsy, and Fever of all kinds. In boxes at Is .lid ,by &Uj'heausta,.o fpom tlK'"nNmcfttCtory <t Oxiord tr«9t> Swansea- fe (E.xrurstatis. I DAILY SERVICE^ -? BETWEEN jj CARDIFF and WESTON* JI By the magnificent Saloon Steamer# XI W A VERLEY & RAVE-NSWOOD Weather and Circumstances PermiLti?g. AUGUST. LEAVE CARDIFF. LEAVE WESTON Wed. 7.7.30, 9.20 a.m., Wed 7.—»8.15, 10.10-a.fcfc. 4,15 p.m. 9.15 p,m. Thurs. 8.7.?0. 9.15, 11.30 11 Thurs. 8.-8.15, 10.10 a.m.. a,.m., 5.45 p.m. | 4.30,9.0 p.m. N ote.-The a.bove Steamers will call at Penarth Pier ,IN ery Trip except trips marked thus*. ,¡ SPECIAL EXCURSIONS FROM CARDIFF By the CAMBRIA. WESTWARDHO,.RA VEKSWOOD, and WAVERLEY. TO-DAY. LYNMOUTH. ILFRACOMBE, and CLOVELLY.— teave Carrliff 9.30 a.m., Clovelly 4.0 p.m., Ilfracombe 5.30 p.m., Lvnnuiuth 610 p.,m. CLEVEDON and CHEPSTOW, via WESTON.- Leave Cardiff 4.15 p.m., Chepstow 7.45 p.m., Clevedon 8.45 p.m., Weston 9.15 p.m. THURSDAY, AUGUST 8th. MINEHFAD, LYNMOUTH, and ILFRACOMBE.- Leave Cardiff 9.50 a.m,. Ilfracombe 4.0 p.m., Lynmouth 4.35 p.m., Minehead 5.45 p.m. CHANNEL CPUISE.-Leave Cardiff 7.45 p.m., returning about 9.50 p.m. FRIDAY, AUGUST 9th. LYNMOUTH and ILFRACOMBE.—Leave Cardiff 8.0 a.m. Ilfracombe, 5.0 p.m. Lynmouth, 5.35 p.m. FRIDAY, AUGUST 9th, to MONDAY, AUGUST 12th. THREE DAYS at TENBY.—Leave Cardiff 8.0 a.m. on Friday, Aug. 9th, returning from Tenby 4.30 p.m on Monday, Aug. 12th. Fares-single. 3s 6d and 4s bd; or to return on .Monday. 5s 6(1 and 6s 6d. FRIDAY, AUGUST 9th. MUMBLES.—Leave Cardiff 11.15 a.m., returning from the Mumbles 4.30 p.m. WHOLE-DAY TRIP to C R EPSTOW.-Leove Cardiff 7.0 a.m. Chepstow, .O p.m. EVENING TRIP to CLRVEDON and CHEPSTOW. -Leave Ca.rdtg 7.0 p.m. Chepstow, 9.0 p.m. Cleve- dOD, 10.0 p.m. SATURDA Y, AUGUST ICT?. SATURDAY till MONDAY at MINEHEAD, LYN- MOUTH. ILERACOMUK, an,l CLOV?LLY.—Leave Cardiff 9.15 a.m." Cl??veUv 4.30 p.m., IJfncombe 6.0 I p.m., Lynmouth 6.35 p.m., Minehead 8.0 1).L MON I-AY, AUGUST 12TH. MINEHEAD, LYNMOUTH, ILFRACOMBE, and CLOVE LY. —Leave CaTdiH 9.30 a.m., CloveUy 4.?0 p.m., Ilfracombe 6.0 p.m., Lynmomh 6.55 p.m., Mme. head 8.0 p.m. TENBY (direc t,). -Leave Cardiff 10.15 a.m., Tenby 4.30 p.m. For Fares see Bills, and for auv further particulars apply to Mr WM. GUY, 70A, Bute-street, Cardiff, Or to P. and A. Campbell, Ltd.. Bristol. 51U ?nbiic ponces. ;4"41 ci Ices CARDIFF "TRIENNIAL" MUSICAL FESTIVAL, SEPTEMBER 18, 19, 20, AXD 21, 1895. PRINCIPAL VOCALISTS ;-MADAME ALBANI, MISS ELLA RUSSELL. ML-S FLORENCE OLIVER,; Miss CLARA BUTT. MR BEN DAVIES. MR WHITNEY MOCKRJDGE. MR WAT KJY MILLS, MR PLUNK R'L' OKEENE, MR D. FFRANGCON DAVIES, ME DOUGLAS POWELL. WEDNESDAY MORN—'TINT'S ST. FRANGIS" and Wwsmer Selection, KVEN—Mendelssohn's ST. PAUL." THURSPAV MORN—Verdi's REQUIEM." Stanford's Ode THE BARD." and David Jenkins's PSALM OF LIFE.' Fp Eff.N—Beriioz FAUST." FnrDAY MoR-<—Spohr's "LAST JUDGMENT" and Beethoven's "CHORAL SYMPHONY." „ EVEN-Sullivan's "HGBT OF THE WORLD." SATURDAY MOR-" THE MEssTAH EVEN-MISOELLANEOUS CONCERT. CONDUCTOR JOSEPH B VRNBY. SERIAL TICKETS :—President' Gallery, f.4 4s Balcony 12 Front Row-i). S3 10s Balcony (Back Row), £ 3 Area. £21Os Sine e Admissions, from 17s 6d to 2s 6d. Phn<; open %t Mr W. Lewis's, 22, Duke-street, on Lnltfter Augut, 15?t. Detailed Programmes may be on Applica- tion to t'tic, Festival Offices. 8, Hih- street, 9-,5e 4812 fJROSS GFIOTHERS, WORKING STREET, C-KRDIFF. SPECIAL VALUE IN BEST GALVANISED QORRUGATED IRON SHEETS TO COVER 2 FEET IN THE CLEAR. PRIOES 5ft. long, 1? lVv-? each, j Sit., Is lOV'.a per sheet. t ong,.L ¡:?" eae 1, Ö'L. ::)apers .eet. I &ft. „ 1?4?d „ j9ft.,2-2',?a 7ft. ls7?d „ flltt.,2s6?d RIDGING. NAILS, WASHERS, GALVANISED IRON CISTERNS, ANKS. BEST QUALITY ROOFING FELT 32 in.wide, 34 9d, 5? 6s p,r ro;t 0( 25 yards. R j?'H? ??. PIANOFORTES AND ORGANS. I SPECIAL PRICES FOR THE SUMMER MONTHS Cash. M'nthly. Walnut Case, fH? trichord, £ s. d. ¡ Walnut Case, 3ft loin hIgh. 15 lQ 6 panel front. 17 11 8' Similar Model, rup^rior quality 17 11 8 Vanderbolt Model, iron frame, full-com- pass, trichord, machine-covered ham- mers, 3ft lOin bigi, 20 14 0 Vanderbolt Model, 2in higher, superior quality. 22 15 2 European Model, full compass, iron frame, full trichord, metal plank bar, plated bolts, sconces, incised ;ind gilded panel and trusses, 4ft 3it: higil 26 18 9 Ditto, check action. 28 19 10 Association Model, 4ft 2,11 high, burr walnut, prize medal design. A first- class instrument at a moderate price, withalltheiuostmouernimprovements 31 22 ORGANS FROM £5. Before Purchasing do not fail to see our Stock and compare our Prices and Terms. SHOWROOMS 51, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF 70, TAFF.STREET, PONTYPRIDD. Agencies at Aberavon, Cadoxton, Caerphilly, Bridg end, Maesteg, and Penarth. 9431 THE QUEEN JJESTAURANX (Adjoining Station), STAN WELL-ROAD, PENARTH. FOR LUNCHEONS, DINNERS, TEAS, &c. HIGH-CLASS CAEES AND CONFECTIONERY. PICNIC AND OTllER PARTIES CATERED FOR. I N I N G ItoOMS TO ACCOMMODATE 130 PERSONS. Write for Terms to- H. R. WILLIAMS, PROPRIETOR. 837e JFLLNEST Q ARM ARTHEN JGUTTER IS NOW SOLD aD TO S PER L?. A'I'FP,6I ONIT D 110 D TO F, PER LP.. BOWENS AND LEWIS BOWEN, CARDIFF MARKET STALLS Nos. 147 &- 249,153 &- 153. Why buy flavourless Danish ? A Large Selection of CAERPHILI,Y, CHEDDAR, and AMERICAN CHEESE alwavs in stock. S U P P O R T HOME FARMERS. 553 ORDER FROM IIJUP. NEWSAGENT, A COPY OF rpHE QARDIFF rjlIMES AND SOUTH WALES -LITF,FKLY -VE %VS ONE PENNY WEEKLY. SCHOOL Treats, Picnic, and Large Parties Catered for on the most reasonable terms at Abergavenny, Raglan Castle, and other places of attraction by C. H. SA YCE, CATERER AND CONFECTIONER, ABERGAVENNY. All kinds of conveyances at low charges. Lnrge tent and field and every accommodation for large and small parties. 691 jjo MOSOPATHIC J N STITU T E, 76, GLEBE-STREET. PENARTH 5, FREDERICK-STREET. CARDIFF. Homoeopathy is the New Therapeutics." It cures quickly, safely, and pleasantly. Thousands benefited where Allopathic treatment failed. He who refuses new remedies must endure new evils.' Hours :-10 to 11, 3 to 4, and 6 to 7 daily. DON'T FORGET THAT "VIRIDINE1 M is the CURE for COR-NS.-Tiiis gran(L discovery has led many to imitate it, but without gaining fov such preparation tne satisfactory results Viridine has secured. In bottles, Is by post, Is 2d. J. MUNDAY, Chemist, J, High-street, Cardiff. ?e POSTAL DELIVERY OF THE SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS. The Proprietors of the SOUTH WALES DAILY NEW beg; o announce that by a special concession of the Postal Authorities they are enabled to despatch the l First Edition each morning by the Mails leaving Cardiff at 2.30 am. and 3.45 a.m. Country Subscribers residing j within the Hiuits ot GLAMORGANSHIRE, CARMARTHENSHIRE PEMBROKESHIRE. CARDIGANSHIRE. As weli tts those portions of BK-ECONSHIKE and MONMOUTHSHIRE comprised within the Tredegar lI.nd Rhymney Valley Postal Districts, may now have the SOUTH WALES D.ULY NEWS delivered a.t thei residences daily by the same Dost as that which con veys their London letters. PER QUARTER, POST-FREE 0 9 9 PER HALF-YEAR „ » C 13 6 PER YEAR « — 1 19 0 SOUTH WALES DAILT NEWS OFFICES, -Saint !lbJ'y-t,T('t. C:lrdiff' ISTTSMTSS bhrtsstl. OUR JJEST An m QATWENTS m OStOMSRS WEAR. MASTERS AND CO. cLOTH I ERS,, CARDIFF. SW ANSEl., NEWPORT, MERTHYR, PONTYPRIDD, HERE- FORD, ABERDARE, PONTYPOOL, ABEKG A VENNT. Lh \NELLY. 1546 6fi S €#• i v ?nbUt  PUBLIC CARpirr. J"? CARDIFF. Theatre I R F, ROYAL. I ,LESSEÈ & MA;AGER; MRED"'ARDFLE1'CBER. WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 7th. and during the <tte)t, F. A. SCUDAMOR;S COMPANY, Specially organised for the Pr oduction of his OrlgintIJ Sensational Drami.. JpLlGHT FOR L IFE, Introducing the late- t scientific marvel of the Rgt THE FLYING MACHINE. J Doors open at 7 o'clock. Prices 6d to £ 2 2s.  A  ¡'r H EAT R ROYAL. 1l\10XDA Y XEXT, An?. ?Sth, Srst production of Dr. Joseph Parrv' s New Legendary Grand Opera,  ? YL VTA? I Libretto by Mr Mendelssohn Parry. The following I renowned artistes will appear :\oIis: Looie Van Dalle, I Miss Hannah Jones. Mr Maldwyn Humphreys, Mr Meurig James, and Mr Franklin Clive. Powerful Chorus of 60. Augmented Orchestra of 40. J Conductor—Dr. JOSEPH PAKRY. Special train Great Western Railway from Swansea, I Aug. 15th, leaving High-street 2.10 p.m. return train, 10.45 pm. Rhymney Railway—Late trains at 11 p.m. 1 to Caerphilly Thursdav and Saturday only. Tnff Vale Raiiwily-All passengers will beillowed to travel at single fare and a quarter for the double journey on each day during the week ending the Htll August by the two trains due at Cardiff at 4 55 and 6.51 p. m l'he 1 tickets tr\ 7ateC:U1 \t'i'\ g' :t Parties purchasing Theatre Tickets will be admitted by Early Door without e;.t)a. charge. Time aud prices as usual. Box Plan now open. THTE EM pike. Manages OSWALD STOLL TO-NIGHT THE KI -'E'-N- E L S' COMBINATION, IN LUCETTE'S HUSBANDS." Mi.w KATE REEVE-. Miss MARIE ASHTON, Alis- MAUD MO XTGOMERt. ALEC. G. PEARSON, VICTOR DU CANE. EDWIN KEENE, and THE MASCOTTE FOUR, A charming Quartette of Daucmg- Girls. Miss MELINDA MAY, the "Crusoe" of tltf Pantomime at the Grand last Christmas. T. W, NEWTON, a most original Ventriloquist. Mia MINNIE MOORE, Contralto, pupil of Garcia an? Rmdegger. Miss DOT MCCARTHY, light Comedy Songstress and Dancer. D. W. XVATsON, Cornet Soloist and Post horn expert. The BROTHERS LANti App,tllmg Knockabouts. WF.EK- ??XT WEEK— I GEO. BEAUCHAMP, BANELLO and MILLAY the Buile>quc Whistlers, from the Lnii don Empire. O CONNOR and Bit ADY, &c. ? RAND T H E A T R E. GLESSI,.E & MANAGER Mi CLARENCE SOUNES Enthusiastic Reception of the Great Military Play. THE rjpwo |_| USSARS, Enormous Success of THE GRAND LADIES' ORCHESTRA, TO-NIGHT AND EVERY EVENING at 7.30. Doors open at 7. Prices, 6d to £1 Is. MONDAY NEXT, the latest London success, "THt TRIUMPH OF THE PHILISTINES," from St James's Theatre. AUGUST 19TH, "HIS EXCELLENCY." S, TOLL,) A N cT PT ICON, PHILHARMONIC HALL and BUILDINGS, Sf. MARY-STREET. EXHIBITION AND NOVELTY PALACE. AUTUMN CARNIVAL ONE WEEK ONLY. Twelve Roul" Continuous Amusement. THE WRESTLERS. JACK WANNOP and TOM THOMPSON. MAGGIE EDWARDS. HYDE and HILTON SISTERS LAURIE. FRANK WHITELY. BOB GATES. SISTER* CUNNINGHAM. SMITH and JOHNSON". ALtCE OAKLEY NELLIE COLEMAN. Incidental Side Shows of a diverse character. A Mammoth aggregation of Heterogeneous Am US8.11en S. AMISSION, SIXPENCE. SPECIAL SEATS. Is and Is 6d. SWANSEA. E E M PI R E ? TMH ANAGING D!R!CTOR OSWALD STOLL TO-NIGHT O'CONNO.; and BRADY, The Funny Infiators they perform everywhere toft running commentary 01 roars of laughter. TH 11 TWO BOSTONS, Another pan uf extremely laughur-provokinc proclivities. Varieties by other artistes. Next eek.— Fish and Warren, The Bros. Lang, The Harlowa. NEW FORT. 'r H E E M ? I R ? JL MANAGING DIRECTOR "St\A' ? STO'J.. TO-NIGHT. GEO. BEAUCHAMP, The original Git ver air cut," in all new rongil in.; SIS I ERS XVRIGHT. FRANK LEON, CORA DUNCAN, Till. MEZZKTI is, THREi; SISI'l-.IiS PAVNE, VENIF. I OSiESCUE, and THK 1IARLOWS Next co.,ubiu Lion in Lucette's Husbands.' PONTYPRIDD. X> OYAL C L AtT??C K TUKATRK, n PONTYPRIDD I Iropri It S i KENCHAJID AND JONES. SATURDAY, AUGUST .)(W. AND DORING BAr\1F HOLIDAY WEEK, Important Engagement of Messrs ltogers and n neic'ompany in :EI,000 UEW AUD MONDAY, At GUST 5TH, AJI'KRNOON PER- FORMANCE at 2.30. Popular Prices. ifcile W A is E A O F E i C K tJ OF THE SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS," ::1¡ re EE'?' ADVERTISEMENTS received up to Seven eclock p m will sel-tire insertu-n in next morning's issue of the DAILY NKXVs Ji.timate> given ,'or Adn-t reatXMERICAN PMSCRTPTION Twenty years' research has brought to light & guaranteed Remedy for NERVOUS DEBILITY Weakness Dimness uf Sight, Bladder, Gravel, Kidney, and Liver Complaints. This resorption is in tb" hands of a Minister, who will befriend anyone sulferiuj? from these enervating diseases. It has CURBP THOUSANDS. Merely send self-addressed stamped envelope to the Rev. David Jones, Ray Villfc, Lewafc when this Pre-criptiov will )<e sent FREE of CHABO* -name I" • 91