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.u.iitUslC ;All Àrts'ts. XSTOP ONE MOMENT Xy" X Ob, dear doctor, must my darling  ?f? die? XV There i" very little hope, but TRY ONZ OF THE MOST REMARKABLE REMEDIES OF THE AGE. TUDOR WILLIAMS PATENT JJALSAM OF JJONEY. Thousands of children have been saved froman untivnely death by the prompt use of IUDOR WILLIAMS' BALSAM OF HONEY. No Mather should neglect; to keep this Infallible Remedy in the house ready for any emergency. Remember that it is wiser to check a slight Cough at the commencement than to allow it to develop into a figering complaino. DO NOT FORGET TO GIVE IT TO THE BABY. OVER 4,000 TESTIMONIALS TO HAND FROM ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD. A LARGE EMPLOYER OF LABOUR SPEAKS HIGHLY OF IT I find your Tudor William, Balsam of Honey very useful for cold or coughs, and keep a bottle always by me. My children have also found much benetit trom it in case of Bronchitis and Cough. Yours truly BENJ. PETTY Of the Finn of Messrs Petty & Sons, Ltd., White Hall Printers, Leeds. January 17, 1895 PARENTS THIHK IT A aCLDEN REMEDY SIR,—I consider it my duty t4) send you this testi- monial of the great benefit my child has derived from your grand TUllor Williams's Patent Balsam of Honey. She has taken it for three years She has been troubled with bronchitis since 11 weeks old. She is now 6 years old, and since I discovered this prepara- tion I consider my child out of dafcger, unci no need to rail in any medical man. Yours faithfully, Mas BOND. 17, Argyle-street, Darwen, J anuary 21so 1291. Solet by all Chemists and Stores all over the World at Is l%d, i-.s 9d, and 4s 6d per bottle. Sample bottle sent (post paid) for Is 3d, im, and 59 7you. flie Inventor, J). rjlUDOR yy ILL I A MS, MEDICAL HALL, ABEltDA-REI. 2541) 17e—1177 W D A V I S A -N D S ON. GLASS IMPORTERS. C 1Soz. 23s 300ft. PUTTY MANUFACTURERS, PAPERHANGINGS MERCHANTS, ART DECORATORS AND PAINTERS. SORTICULTURAL GLASS cut to measure, 12s per 100ft. 842a 11, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF. STONE BROS., S«ns of the late Aid. Gaius Augustus Stone COMPLETE FUNERAL FURNISHERS AND FUNERAL DIRECTORS. Every requisite for funerals of ail classes. Proprietors of Funeral Cars, Hearses, Shilli- biers, and Coaches, Superb Flemish Horses,ete. Price List on Application. i Please -Now the Only Address:- 5, WORKING-STREET. TelegrAphic Address "STONii BROS., CARDIFF." 162e -TEETH.-COMPIeLe Set, One Guinea. I JL Five years' warranty.—GOODMAN <fc Co, 10 i*uke-street, and 56. Queen-str rat, Cardiff. ge THl WEEKARE OFFERED Is 6d BOTTLES OF BLAUD PILLS FOR 10D. (fiOMPSON'S BURDOCK PILLS, 13%d size for 9d, AT LEWIS'S, CASH CHEMIST, f62e 133, CLIFTON-STREET, CARDIFF. SOUTH WALES FURNISHING CO., K 31, CASTLE STREET (OPPOSITE THE CASTLE, CARDIFF SOUTH WALES FURNISHING CO., QPPOSITE THE CASTLE, CARDIFF, ti NDERTAKES TO SUPPLY The BEST QUALITY IN FURNITURE ON JJTRE SYSTEM OR FOR CASH ^yT.CHOUT BILL OF SALE, ALL GOODS DELIVERED FREE IN PRIVATE VAN. L OWEZ'IT PRICES CHARGED JgJASY PAYMENT SYSTEM gOLELY ADOPTED BY US. I FURNITURE OF EVERY DESCRIP. n 0 JJNAPPROACHABLE VALUE GIVEN. O EALLY HANDSOME SUITE FROM tL? £ 4 108. VT EWEST DESIGNS in FLOORCLOTHS ;?) AD LINOLECMS. iJ.1 NSPECTION INViTED. vJIDEBOARDS IN MAHOGANY, OAK, v AND WALNUT. HOUSES FURNISHED FROM TOP TO BOTTOM INDEPENDENT OF DISTANCE. N° EXTRA CHARGE FOR CREDIT. GRAND DRAWING-ROOM SUITES, COVERED IN EVERY DESCRIPTION K J OF MATERIAL. ORDERS BY POST PROMPTLY AT- TENDED TO. MIND, DON'T FORGET OUR AD. .L DRESS. 1iD?jtA. RTIES ABOUT TO MARRY A RE RECOMMENDED VTOT TO GO ELSEWHERE, BUT TO i-1 CALL ON US. YOUR ATTENTION IS CALLED TO JL OUR TERMS. RZ for Is 6d Weekly J 216 for 5s Od Weekly £ 6 „ 2s6d „ j ?20 6s Od C10 4s Od ) 3ge OUR ADDRESS 31, CASTLE-STREET, OPPOSITE THE CASTLE, CARDIFF. SANATIVE g K I N gOAP, Perfectly Pure and Neutral Soap for tb; Toilet and Nursery. Each Tablet is wrapped in a Certificate guaranteeing thai) SANATIVE SKIN SOAP Contains NO Bad Fats. jgANATIVE SKIN SOAP Contains NO Silicate or Sulphate of Soda. SANATIVE SKIN SOAP, Contains NO Poisonous Mineral Colour, SANATIVE SKIN SOAP Contains NO Free Caustic Soda. SANATIVE SKIN SOAP Contains NO Chalk or Talc. g A NATIVE j§KIN SOAP Contains the smalJesi possible percentage of water. SANATIVE SKIN SOAP Readers the Skin Smooth, Soft, and of a appearance. SANATIVE SKIN SOAP Is Supar-fatted, and is the Best Soap for a De icate Skin. 2d per Box, containing Three Tablets. By Post, Is 6d. SOLD ONLY BY J M U N D A Y- CHEMIST. 1, HIGH-STREET, CARDIFF. 40e rMPOHTANTto THOSEWHO SUFFER ?.. 011,? Box of Horcon? I.X.L PiUs are "uaranteed «» cure all complications Also gravel and pfeins in the back. Post free for 8 from G. D, •iorton, M (from the General Hospital), Astou- toad, Birmingham Agents :-car(liff-A. Hagon, Shemist .39, Bridnc-streat: andll. Pute-,gtreet. MeYthJr Wills, Chemist. Swansea—Llovd, Chemaist, Osfoitl event. Newport- Young, Chemist, EUgh-aftmt ag.jg, -11-ts never been known to fail. Letters answered free wmfflWe Baser 362 $tt5itU55 Abbrtssts. THE ROATH FURNISHING CO. 42, CASTLE-ROAD, AND VERE-STREET, ROATH, CARDIFF, Having just restocked our extensive Showrooms with a complete New Selection of JJOUSEHOLD JjlURNITURE, We are prepared to supply same at a REDUCED PRICE FOR CASH OR ON OUR NEW HIRE SYSTEM. DINING & DRAWING-ROOM SUITES In various designs and coverings. BEDROOM SUITES Id all kinds of woods—Mahogany, Walnut, Satin Walnut, and Ash. MANGLES, PERAMBULATORS, MAIL CARTS, FLOORCLOTHS CARPETS, etc., etc. Just received, a Large Stock of WICKER CHAIRS, TABLES, CRADLES, etc. ALL GOODS DELIVERED FREE. CATALOGUES POST FREE ON APPLICATION, Note our on] I Address in Cardiff:- JJOATH J^pURNISHING CO., 42, CASTLE-ROAD & VERE-STREET, ROATH, CARDIFF. 55e "K EATING'S JpOWDER.' "K EATING'S pOWDER." K EATliNG'S p OWDER." "g-EATING'S POWDER." This Powder, so celebrated, is known ai being per fectly unrivalled in destroying BUGS. FLEAS, MOTHS, BiSKTLES, and all insects (while perfectly harmless to all animal life). All woollens and furs should be well sprinkled with the Powder before Elacing away. To avoid disappointment insist upon aving Heating's Powder.' It is sold only in tins, 1nd every genuine tin ha, my signature, Thomas Keating," on the label. See this to prevent being defrauded. S ARGER -1 INS 3D 6D 1 S LARGER TINS 3D 6D 1 S L\HGER rrINS. 3D (;D Is Larger TINS. 3D -i S ARGER miNS. tF U I- Jf Li 760e L 11806 ROBERTS' RICHMOND BIRD'S E YE. WHOLESALE—FINSBURY PAVEMENT, LONDON L. B LEN K I N SO P P, FRENCH STAY AND CORSET MAKER, 5, WHARTO-STREET, c ARDIFF. ALL ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. No connection with any other Firm. 22e L EWI4 A nTd y^lTw i s, COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHERS. FURNITURE, Noted for Out Own Manufacture. CARPETS AND CURTAINS. Superior Quality and Best Designs. All Goods of Best Quality at Lowest Prices. House Removals Effected. Funeral Directors. 23, DUKE-STREET CARDIFF, I AND 605e 137, COM-NIEPCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT, MON. MARSH & COMPANY. ADULTS FUNERALS 1st Clas with Best U9ar.se1. • d Coach, on. the mos modern principle, with a pair of their Weil !!??WT Ple!nisli gretl Horses to ech, one.jncll mm ??tish< CoiHn, bes registered Furniture, with chtbomfn??ue ,)late engraved, iiue satin-triuimed robe, d set attendance • • 5 t Marsh & Co.'s <4ud ditto, ditto — 4 4 0 Marsh & Co.'s 3rd, with improved carriage 3 3 Marsh & Co.'s 4th, ditto, Iitto 2 10 CHILDREN'S FUNERALS. Including pair of Fleniish-bred Horses, modern Coaeli with all the latest improvements, Polished Collin, ined with tine flannel, and attendaDce- Under one year — £ 1 7 5 Under two One-horse Carriage, including cottin covered in black, blue, or polished, lined with Ilan. nel, modern coach, and attendance. Under six mouths. 0 16 Under one year 0 18 Und rlwcjears 1 0 And so on in proportion. Handsome Car, Carved or Plain Plumed Hearae Mourning Coaches and Broughams, Ostrich Plumes, ctr ADDRESS: 21: 80. ST. MARY-STREKT. CARPTl' l' pRACTICE TRUE ECUNOMY BY DEALING DIRECT WITH THE MANUFACTURERS. SCOTCH .WOOL AND HOSIERY srrORES (FLEMING, REID & CO., GREENOCK, N.B.), 26, HIGH-STREET Å RCADE, CARDIFF, And 7, OXFORD STREET, SWANSEA. Over 70 Branches throughout Scotland and England. KNITTING WOOLS, KNITTED HOSIERY SHAWSWATER DRESS FABRICS, Direct from the Greenock Mills. Price List and Crochet Instruction Book FRKE on application to above Address, or FLEMING, REID & CO., The Worsted Mills, GREENOCK, N.B. Tie USED in all the Principal Laundries. n EMY'S STARCH. GREAT PURITY, PERFECT WHITENESS, BEAUTIFUL LUSTRE. R EMY'S STARCH. Sold by all Grocers and Oilmen in ORIGINAL 4LB. PACKETS, ILB., KLB., AND %LB. BOXES. WHOLESALE AGENT GEO. BIRT, HOPE-ST., CARDIFF. 25e P. F REEDMA-N AND CO., ENTIRE HOUSE FURNISHERS, NEWPORT, SWANSEA, AND NEW TREDEGAR, Have a very Large Selection of HOUSEHOLD FURNI TURE, CARPETS, BEDDING, Ac., suitable for Apartments, Houses, and Hotels, which can be sup- plied on their well-known EASY PURCHASE SYSTEM. General terms subject to alteration to suit customers ronven ence. S5 worth, 1/? per week, 6/- monthly. EIO ?51ro 12/6 £ 15 O/- ?? 2? 7?6 Wi. S50 „ 15/- W- E,-Plo5o 0 27/6 100/- Without any Special Payment or Security THE OLDEST FIRM IN THE TRADE. PIONEERS OF THE HIIW SYSTEM. jB50,000 OF STOCK TO SELECT FROM. PROSPECTUS FREE. PRIVATE DELIVERY. NOTE ADDREBSES— tiian srt'MWf, 8WÁ!fSØA. siaft I 3 4, MARKET BUILDINGS^gl^WPORTi !«ON. BJWrsiOWN, as* Jlulint5S l\bbrt5fítS. i J THERE'S A BEST IN EVERYTHING." I suppose it's fancy, bub I can drink no TeabutPhiliips's. This is a phrase Phillips and Co. often hear. But why should it be fancy 1 Someone must sell the Best Tea, and why not Phillips & Co. ? You may try where you like, but you will come back again to PHILLIPS & CO., TEA SPECIALISTS. 74, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF. f DENTISTRY AT CARDIFF TEETH. F. D. 0 W E N & CO;, SURGEON DENTISTS; Established Over Thirty Years. Attendance Daily 9 till 3, at 42, QUEEN stnttlft, "CARDIFF, AND 4. OXFORD-STREKT, SWANSEA. Artificial Teeth fixed by Owen a Patent Suction, re, quiring no fastenings, &c. No pain whatever. No extractions. For Eating, Articulation, they are equal to the natural teeth. Warranted to last a lifetime. A Tooth from SO 5 0 Upper or Lower Set .from£210 0 Consultation Free Daily. 577e DAVID JONES & £ JO., J^IMITED, THE jpEOPLE'S JpOPULAR FOOD JpROVIDERS, EW REASON'S JAMS IN THE JCJIGHEST jpERFECTION. STRAWBERRY 80. PER 2LR. JAR. BLACK CURRANT 7D. „ „ GOOSEBERRY. 5^d The HIGH QUALITY of our JAMS are 80 WELL KNOWN that we need only say they are UNEQUALLED. NOTE OUR ONLY ADDRESS- w ESTMINSTER s TORES, HARTON STREET, CARDIFF. 624e rj^EETU I rjlEETH TJ^EETH A COMPLETE SET ONE GUINEA Five Years' Warranty. Prize Medal. Q_OODMAN & CO., 10, DUKE-STREET, and 56, QUEEN- STRKET, CARDIFF. ARTIFICIAL TEETH PAINLESSLY FITTED by Atmospheric Suction, at one-third the usual charges No Extractions liecesitry perfect and permanent I life-like appearance special SOFT PALATES for Tender Gums perfect for Mastication and Speech: COUNTRY FA'JTKiSTS supplied in One Visit, and railway fare allowed. Specialattentiongiven to Repairs,Extraction.-?,Stopping TMTI'IONIALS. I)c ANJ)I.'EW WILSON (late it.lN.i i cnu iscoimnefid Mr Goodman as a very sldltul aud humalle Dentist. His rea- sonable charges should attract tc him nlll'i;1"ses.' in WHITE ENAMEL andGOLD FILLINGS, AMERICAN DiCNTIS'i'RV, uui PLAT EL ISSS PALATE-. Before entering look for the Name— GOODMAN A CU., 56,:QUEEN-ST., A K>, DUKK-STRI5ST, CARDIFF. 15, CASTLE-STREET, SWANSEA. PONTYPRIDD—86, TAFF-STREBT (over Glamorgan- shire Bank), Zie—1276 AND AT 28, HIGH-STREET, NEWPORT. Consultations Free. Hours. 10 to 8. rpHE SECRET OF HEALTH. FRESH AIR REASONABLE EXERCISE! CLEAN HANDS TEMPERANCE IN EVERYTHING I And always keep Jg^ERNICK'S VEGETABLE pILLS Within reach. Never be without them, and don't take any other Since their introduction, fifty years ago, imitations have abounded but a single trial willprove that KEBNICK'S VEGETABLE PILLS can never be excelled. In fact they more than hold their own as THE BEST APERIENT MEDICINE FOR SPlUNG AND SUMMER. TRY A BOX AND PROVE IT. They are free from Mercury, and the most aristo. cratic Pharmacy cannot produce a medicine more scientifically compounded. The universal chorus is, They cannet be beaten, for they act like a charm in all LIVER COMPLAINTS, BILIOUSNESS, HEAD ACHE, STOMACH TROUBLES, and IMPURITY OF THE BLOOD GET THE RIGHT MEDICINE, AND INSIST UPON HAVING KERNICK'S. Specially recommended to Ladies. They restore t.he' rosy cheek and hue of health. 753e 15627 Soldat all Stores, in 7^1, 13d and 2s 9d Boxes nti GRES',S BLOOD pILLS. s- YOUR BLOOD IS BAD. SAKE THE GREAT BLOO RENEVVER, HUGHES'S BLOOD PILLS, which have the Shape of a Heart on each Box). BAD BLOOD IN YOUR SYSTEM Is the Cause of your Suffering from SKIN DISEASE, HEADACHE, INDIGESTION, CONSTIPATION, BILIOUSNESS, TORPID LIVER NERVOUSNESS, DEPRESSION RHEUMATISM. TAKE HUGHES'S BLOOD PILLS Without delay, and you will soon get relief. THEY CURE WHEN EVERY- THING ELSE FAILS. Suitable for Men, Women, Boys and Girls. They cleanse the system from all impurities. Sold hy Chemists and Patent Medicine Dealers at Is ll/ad, 2s 9d, 4s 6d; or send direct to Maker, JACOB HUGHES, Manufacturing Chemist, Penarth. JJ UGH ESS BLOOD PILLS. 1210 2 1 0 ESTABLISHED 1850. NAISH, 60, BRIDGE-STREET, CARDIFF, FOR ALL KINDS OF BASKET WORK. SHIPPING SUPPLIED. CHAIRS RESEATED Repairs of all kinds Promptly and Nesitly Execnted. 740 RUNKENNESS or the LIQCOR HABIT positively CURED by administering Dr BA.I.ITE,,il GOLDEN SPECIFIC. It is a powder which can be given in beer, coffee, or tea, or in food, without the knowledge of the patient. It is harmless and will effect a permanent and speedy cure, whether the patient is a moderate drinker or an alcoholic wreck. It has been -iven in thoasa.nd? of ease?, and in every instance a perfect cure has followed. It oever fails. The system once ,pted with the specific, it becomes an utter impolbihty for the liquor appetite to exist. M-page booh' of particulars on reC81p of posntabU). Caabe h?d of Htcua and Co 28, D?he- ?3treet Queen-street, and Paradiswwow^ OT DUO* AUD SON, St, Jehn'sosquare, Cardig.?Tm? s^ttTp|eHltfoi-t3l *by • jLYHeaiiwfti Co., Busimss :Abbrtssts. WILLIAMS'S# JpURNISHING EMPORIUM, IL41 HIGH-STREET, CARDIFr. QREAT ^NNUAL gTOCK-TAIttNG SALE o# F UltNITURIE, JJEDSTEADS, B EDDING, QARFETS, F LOORCLOTHS, c HINA. and JIARTHfiNWARE, JULY 2ND TO SOra. 8NORMOUS AND MAGNIFICENT STOCK UNPARALLELED PRICES. WILLIAMS'S. 141 H I G H S T R E E T cARDIFV. 353d 64e TtfST ARRIVED of THE NEW STOCK d of MAIL CARTS & PERAMBULATORS for the coming season. All the very latest designs selected from the most noterl inlakers. The LARGEST STOCK in the WEST of ENGLAND and WALKS to choose from. CASH or on EASY TERMS of PAYMENT. INVALIDS' CHAIRS on HIRE by the WEEK or MONTH. Repairs in all Branches by First-class Workmen. A. W. S PEN C E R (Successor to Hy. Thomas), ST. JOHN'S CHURCH-SQUARE, CARDIFF. Sole Agent for Bradbury's Celebrated Sewing Machines. The New High Arm Lock-stitch Family Hand Sewing Machine, with Walnut Cover, B2 18s 6d. Rest value in th trade. 377e 2255 I ks ALEI SALE! S ALEI 15 H I G Ii STREBT. CARDIFF. c ARDIFF. c, RIFFITH JAMES'S GREAT HALF-YEARLY CLOSE OF THE SEASON g A L E NOW PROCEEDING, AND CONTINUE FOR ONE MONTH, Wbett all the Stock, together with several im. portant Special Purchases, will be offered at STARTLING PRICES Purchasers at this Sale will be able to Save from 53 to 10s in the jE. 1654 THE SCHOLASTIC TRADING CO T (LIMITED). COMMERCIAL ENVELOPES FROM 4D PER 100. BIBLES FROM 10D EACH. ACCOUNT BOOKS FROM 6D EACH. ALBUMS FROM 4s 6D EACH. LETTER CASES, POCKET BOOKS, FROM 18, OTEPAPER FROM 6%D PER LB. SPECIAL TERMS FOR BOOKS FOR SUNDA SCHOOL LIBRARIES AND REWARDS. WINDOW TRANSPARENCIES FROM 6D SHEET Any Book post freo on receipt of the published 3478 price. 141 NOTICE TO SHOPKEEPERS AND OTHERS. J. ID. COMLEY AND SON) J. Li c ks 23, MOIRA.TERRACE. CARDIFF, ARE THE LARGEST IMPORTERS OF TOYS ANb FANCY GOODS IN SOUTH WALES. INSPECTION INVITED. WHOLESALE ONLY, Strangers arriving in Cardiff ask for New Infirmary. OUR PLACE IS CLOSE BY. SOle | 73e ESTABLISHED 1880. 4897 SUPPORT HOME INDUSTRIES. WHY PAY HIGHER PRICES for Foreign Mann factured Goods, when British-grown Rolled Oats and Oatmeal ot Superior Quality and Flavour can be readily obtained? CAREY THOMAS'S ROLLED OATS (GROAT FLAKE). MADE SOLELY FROM HOME-GROWN GRAIN. OLD BY ALL GROCERS IN CARDBOA RDBOXES of lib., 21bs., and 31bs. 120e E ADE'S pILLS. THIADB'S OILLS. All who suffer frotn Gout I or Rheumatism should JTjRj ADE'S T>ILLS. immediately have recourse X to EADE'S PILLS. Hun- TRADE'S |>ILLS. dreds of Testimonials have ? I been received from &U ADWS T>II«LS. sorts and conditions of L men testifying to the EEi ADE'S I>ILLS. wonderful power these Jt Pills have in giving relief in the very worst cases. These PiUs Me purely vege table and perfectly safe n their action. INSTANT RELIEF AND RAPIDLY CURE THE WORST FORM OF GOUT, RHEUMATISM, RHEUMATIC GOUT, PAINS IN THE HEAD, FACE. AND LIMbS, And have the largest recommendation ever given any Patent Medicine of its class. HOULD NOW BE ILL IN BED. GOUT 107, Jubilee-terracs, W Wolverhampton-road, WalsalI,Npv.22nd 1893 R HE U MAT ISM Dear Sir, -I write to thank jLt, you for the very great GOUT amount of benefit I have re- ceived from using your mar- vellous Gout and Rheumatic RHEUMATISM Pills. I am glad to think I jTt. am able to write, as had it GOUT not been for your grand Pills I should have been unable to do so, and am quite certain RHEUMATISM I should now BE ILL IN BED. GOUT I am extremely thankful, as W-)r I can still keep at my work. I shall use every endeavout RH E U MAT ISM to make your Pills more j[t widely known. You may use OUT this how you think proper.— • ■jr I remain, yours faithfndlv, E. GUEST. R B E U MAT I R M Mr George Eade, 72. Geswell-road, London. EADE'S GOUT AND RHEUMATIC PILLS. Are sold by all Chemists in Bottles, lUd and 2s M or sent post free for Postal Order bytbe Proprietor: GEORGE FADE, 72, Goswell-road, E.C. Ask for and be sure you obtain, EADES GOUT AND 1 RHEUMATIC PILlS EADE'S OILLS. I _Ej 689 13114 J NJ5 BOX OF CLARKE'S B 41 PILLS is warranted to cure Gravel, Pains in the Back J and all kindred complaints. Guaranteed free from Mercury. Sold in Boxes 4s 6d each, by all Chemists and Pt Medicine Vendors throughout the worM or seM to ad 1 ftddrtna fat "pe by the Makers, ? Tae Uttico oalu d y amn4d MWlSna Counties Prug Company 1 LMM?. .,1 IBuattusa ^triimass. GREAT CLEARANCE SALE. TO be DISPOSED of, a LARGE ASSORTMENT of gold and silver watches, jewellery, diamond rings, marble clocks ami bronzes, all unredeemed pledges, at ridicuously low prices. No reasonable offer refused, as every article must be sold, lease of premises having been sold to Mr Seccombe and must give up possession in a few days. Now is your time if you want bargains. S. HARRIS & CO., Pawnbrokers and Jewellers, 79, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF. NOTICE.—All Pledges removed to 38, Wood-street, Cardiff. 28 G. A. STONE & CO., UNDERTAKERS. ESTABLISHED OVER 30 YEARS. AT TUB fJL)) ANI) ONLY ADDRESS— h 10,111, & 12, WORKING -STREET,; CARDIFF. '(> UNDER THE MANAREMENf?OF  Miss STONE, i. assisted by an EScient: Stt?. t Telegraphic Address r~ "Ntone, 11, Working-street, Cardiff. t, 8e—1103


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