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PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. SOBTll WAt M E€«0. IvOXDS 0\CF rttREK SIX "WORDS. TIMES. TIMES. • ;0 Wordsi 0 6 10 16\ ?8? -_1_- 30 Words! 091625 stx TtMEs I ?_ tN 40 Wordai 10 2 0 3 0 AND or s¡ 1 0 2 50 Wordsll ;) ?, 6 ;) 9 ? Words  2/6 60 Words 1 6 I 5 0 I 4 6 -1  ? O/Q SOt?H WAXES MAttT AEW<  WORDS. ONCE s>x TIMES. TIMES. 80 Words 0 6 10 1 6 ??! 10 Words- I 30 Words 091623 1 /• ItO WOtdSI 3 Saob eXIJral lOWordsj 0 3 0 6 0 9 These charges apply only to lhe classes of Adver- tisement specified below, aiul arc strictly eondncd to Qhose which are ordered for consecutive insertion, tknd paid for previous to insertion; if either oj niesc conditions is not complied with, the Advertise- ment will be charged by the Business Scale:- Apartments, Situations Vacant or Wanted, To be &ct or Sold, Lost. Found, and Miscellaneous "Wants. SPECIAL Notice.-Applicant,s sendinc replies to Adver. tisemente addressed to initials or fictitious names, at 'bM Omce.?rerequtated not to send angina testimoma¡ with their applications, but to enclose copies of testimonial" ouly. FRKSO.YAL. TO Solicitors and Others.-WiII the p?rtips who adTertisfd for next of kin of John and Jane Thomas, Bristol, .:obout May, 1894, kindly communicate with W. S., Vicar's- os Wells. Somerset ? 119 PABTXKKSHir.. PARTNER (active or sleeping) wanted. to invest £30 in good paying business no risk.- W 909, Daily News jii:ih( ai.. —— ?yo C'nemisti.—Wanted, QuaiiSed Assistant: also Junior J- Webh. spe&king prfcrred: outdoor.—Apply. ?'" 'Ui) artICl¡¡MS, tn H. P. I,ecs. Dowbls. _?-L- W ANTED, Practical Dentist.—State terms toDesmane, Specialist Dispensary, Merthyr, City Coffee Tavern, Treharris. or Market-st.. Aberdare. /iiAI'KllIOMAl. A House Builder (age 30), m a fair position, good-looking, p we¡¡-cl)nnec¡>d. wishes Lo correspond wIth a trne: "parted wealthy Christian Lady, with a view to marriape Please enclose photo, (the same will be returned) • genUI!1e "° iwnts Hrictiy private.—Address W 11. Echo  Cardiff.  :r% -gJ¡ili-Gti;-n, b?cht-torrae?'32. haying  A thousand pounds invested in a good ousines? would ?e to corr?pond with an amiable lady of suitable ae "?'nx like ma"s to en&bte him lo develop his busines. Mrucu?rs ;md photo requested, whicb w.H be honouri y Returned strictest secrecy assured, this b1l1 a bona demand: ?'"ume rHpliesoniyiufited: noageats.Ad. dress, Cecil, 205, Llverpool.mad. Loudon.  N. M"atS3moNY. Udy, accomplished. dom estate d. 1'.1. with ?800 yearly. Government .tock. :¡.nd freeb. property, desires Marri?se.-Address Box, 31. Advertiser Office. Bristol. 1  MAmf"l^NY^LTd7^~Bllbbo yearly, also Lon.(i°n- -Ti. aud North-Western Stock, desires Marriage bona ?de.-Addr?ss Daneme?d. Advertiser Oft!ce. Bristol, aai R ESPECTABLE -Wid;\¡shest-eet with W'^ower or Bacbeior, view to marrla¡:e.-Apply, on 9He' Pontypridd Registry, 18. M'D-street. Pontypridd. I?OU?C' P;fi-Gti;¡;25- desires corres J. poi:dence with congenial youus?dy0t'"<'?',?" ciently to eu?hte them to live modestly and comfortably., first inst!>nce. G. 948, Echo Ollice. ar I K»H;«:at»WMA»' OLLJERY OBScin)s and Miners.—Lessons by post: ?' the surest road to promotion. Syi?bus. Id stamp. T. A. Southern. M.E.,tate.H.M. Inspector of Mines, ine Universal Millin Sch0o!, Derby. !J27 lost J\n i oi:m>. FOUND, a Brindle Lu¡;og. If not claimed in 7 days will be sold to defray ??t???s. Ynysgan, Mertfcyr. 2 FOUND, Liver nud -WhitTrrier: saddle-back. If not claimed ,vIbin three days will be sold.-White. 189, High-street, Treorky. 987 IMPOUNDD;t C"ntl;d-blackČ;bHrse. Unless claimEd within 7 days will be Mold to defray ex senses.—Apply Poundkeeper, Canton 832 L- 08T. in Corporation-ioad, a Green Parrot! Anyone -? returning same to Dr. Refers W! be rewarded d?- .foer?tj??fcrn'?nt?d. m -i (?.-? 5?' Wedne¿oday ?Etr Wire-haired Fox Te.tdL ??'' breast, tour white paw, white ring "U?i? ne?' ??''? ? ?" ? if returned will be re- ?'?? "!lil'£oial-streeountain Ash. t 0?fro????'?''?' A ??T, ?M?"? Truck. ?th jL .So" painted on.-App)y H. W. James and ('0 ?. But?ro?. C?rdiS. ? hoever dieytv ai-' ns ,t after this n(¡Úc' *1" be prosecuted. 1 ? OSTfron? field, Grangeton. dark chestnut Cob, about '?I4hM? white fMe. whIte fetlocks m front, scar on ?hi<??rter: .SIre?rdM finder.-Apply 2, V.rgU '?et. Grtn.?town. _————————_? 75 1r??—.p.???? Valley, on Wednesday last ? ?h?wn De'erhound Dog: white t.p to t?.?es ett, Pontypridf? _??——————————-  IlJ ST, 1uesdanlf t'K and Stone from Albert. Finder t-o, h hetween Queen,street and Donald- ItÏl.l b8tree, gbOlld a"cdhed Maurice A. Hearne, 12, V ere- "st e sUlta y rewar 981 ?t. Koath. _?-—————————-?1_ fcf back with T cross: £ 1 reward to h .aieerr. ^Apply s. ti back wIth T cross. rew 989 ^.Cwmbargoed. al_ —_ 1.J s'r, ulY 29t,h. at PenaytJ1. ¡lver Watch aud Chain. ??i-e're?dedo??ur?to? -Black Retrie1'el!; Bitch I.J°ST or '?7t??n 20Lr Ju? Black Re?ie?Bi?h ? Puppy.-Reward on returning to M?. Wheeier?t. I-õ< White pomeraman oT, since Satur :aV morning !?st, ^U  ?Bitch.-Finder please give 11Iforma Ion jefiery25> j-^Jgrove-street, Grangetown. J L ?S-??y' Evening, Juty'?rhr??en?di?a? ? '?ni?ea (prnbabiy in Roath Park). La ? Oa number known. Finder rewarded.—APPly?. Oa»n» number kuown. Finder rewarded. APP .y. !H»>J liSTH! MKIIVA.t »>. A Girb'Home and Free Registry for young servants, 87, Newport-road, Cardiff (late 12, Parade). YoungM keep or situation will be welcome. A y Ladies requiring Servants, Servants requiring Situa- tious in the Rliondda Valley, apply Servants' Registry, ;ttreet" Llwynypia, Rhondcla. Stamped envelope, (j»EH.A L Wanted; about 25: from country tlreferred.-App1y to MrBomash, 19, Queen-street. 92/ QRAL-srvt. experienced. Wanted in priva' W family plain cooking; age 25 nurse kept stfc -t Mrs Bainpridge, 3. Adelaide-terrace. Ilfracomje. ^■^NEHAIv Servants. —Two wanted for London wages, 20 i:16 each fares paid.—Write, stating age, character, tJersey-road. Gloucester. 690 General Servant, able to do plain cooking. h/ Sauted at once other servants kept.—Apply Mrs J. ilebb, Cedar Lawn, Croesyceiliog. near Pontypool. bDlt:ED, two General Servants for ladies' sehool, ?ii ?"rthcawt x?od referenc.hs Garsed, c.o. Mw" t lit. 11, Ricbmond-terrace, CHfton.?Eristoi. 124 ?A'NTsT ??I'' "?' FII; requirin?Situations. i" C!io.,??uou or Country, write to Mrs Coster. Registry, .-?9ter. Hun(he:d SUlten: teshmOluals free. 174 M ?ATlOya Vacant.—>Vanted,several Generals.Cooks, 'ÏQJ{OUsekeeper Parlourmaids, Chambermaids, Scullery- ?o?' barmaid. Waitress, Under-Barmaid, Nurse. Situa- ?.. far Shop Assents, male or female.—Pontypridd ?t, ?&. Servants' Reg'stry. MiU.street. M. Jordan. ????. 945e I. Girl Wanted by ?Oth August, able to wash fim?'I ?-ily- forCardiN: reference w&nted.—Mr.?Hi?. wtl.l'orthcaWl.- W??TED. a. clean Girl, age about 15.-21, Wood-street  13 ?Y?J'HD at once, good strong Girl as General Servant: ?ht "ble to do ptMO wasmns one fond of children.— ?.?enet .street_ 127_ VV ?fED Tir ouceT experienced General Servant: refer- reouired.— Apply 17._Rollid. Barry. 134 V V ?'TEl)  immediate!y. young Girl (about 17-18) to SirJAssist another servant: good references country Vy "tferrcd.—31?C?'ss-street. Cardiff. 91 Wl<:DI-t;bi-Grl-Nurse. and to asMt generally :sleep in.—Apply 85,Strathnairn-st. 107 W ?T?D. a good, strong Girl as GeneraL-Apply 'ti??<?iUe Hote??'a''e-oad?Sattmead. Cardiff. 74  W "'1'El):I;P;tnbîe-(;ti6. look after Co»K children and assMt m Housework.—Mrs Taylor, 242, Y-^ d?ro?d.? C?rd?n. 71 ?V ??TKD immediately, a resoectabte Girl ?s good ?t? General Servant: a. 18 Or 20.—Apply n, Edward- ?'? Queen-stff. ?0 V AKT?D?u experienced General Servant "ood plin small tMnuy.—Appty Mrs Evans, PenYbn, Vg^ndd' 63 ?'yA?TED &t once, a strong respectable Girl as General ?d ?rvant: references,-Apply Mrs Roes, 88, Cathedr<?- y-<^ £ ardiff. 'M 'V^^TED, General, about 17: one able to wMh and M?, c!e<m that's bcea out before preferred.—App)y ,v._aI:e. 5] ?y A?'f?rtminediately. respectable country Girl as *0q<i General Servant: must be able to do plam cookmg ?"< tP?aoter indispensable another servant kept.—Ship Wr-yJot Hotel. ?°??' — 35 Vy?NTEb. a staid Person or steady G)rl M GeneMt \in fl\n.l1ly.-28 Cwrt;-y-vil-rd:: ?VAUTHD. Girl, about 15. to assist in houseworkT fond \'i:o!h:ildreo.-APPIY 79, L:a.ndaff-=-.Cl\ntou, jV ??TED. good Genera), able to wash.-Apply 17? ?>?JCwrt-y.vU-road, Penarth. ? 7M ,'V?TKDatOuoe, good General Servant: ,ood home ? (or respectable girl.-Apply Mrs Marhsoo. 10, Kings- r<:sc(.-cit, Barry Dock. 995 W*.Ntkd, tt thorough good General Servant.—App)y Vi^Mrs Broad?IZ.?'udM'-street, Cardiff. M5 t?TKb, housekeeper for Working M<m with  two cbildreu; good hGme for suitable person state Yj?.?quireu.—Write 8. 9M. Echo. Cardiff. SS't ?'i'KD. a respectable Girl as General Servant.— I \iPply 22. Wclis-strect, Canton, CardHt. 1J VENTED, respectable Mother'8 Help: domesticated; ??. ?"? of children personal application preferred.— \GOlden Key, Porthcawl. 941 {.v^ifTKD, good Geueral must understand plain  te king thoroughly. Also.experMnced Housemaid. :rfterences required.-Applv 44, OakneM-street, Roath   9 2 9 ^JfTKD, good General Servant, active, able to wash. bPplY 21. Windsor-place, Cardttt. 955 j, V ?TED. etean. respectable jSurse GIrl. a<e !J to 14, *'tf)'0r doctor s house chi[d S?.—Apply 173, Cemmer- ewport, Mon. 973e :I'ED, m Pcnarth. strong Young Girl to assIst in ?_ *'tcher>.—Apply Mrs °''?' "? '?" Victoria* lK< euarth.. 863 j J^ f^ TKD, strong, respectable Girl, about 17, to aS8i't »hother servaut in general bousework.-APPIY Mrs ??"??mponum. Ferndale. 884 j J ?TED. Geuerál Servant by 9th Augustfm:mäÜ '■ no children.— 28, Glynrhondda-st.. Cardiff. ?"?TED. HousemaHl, and Nurse: good characters liq Uirt"d.A P- ply, statmg age, wagcs, and references, ??.?.?ith???, (?n J?nar.j)ear Mouutaiu Ash. ?59' )tt'?tEb, eood -Oeneral-Serva'" for smail private S* £ *VPlS to MM wlm, 5 #nd6, St. Mary-  ( '< WANTED, stroDg, steady Girl, fond of children.-34, \V C"mbridge-street, LowerGrange. '-iTANTiD:OOd- Géral: age 18 "?'?'??-Nairn; )Y small wash plain cooking good referen-e. Glebe-streec. Penarth. to milk and selÏ t\7?ANTED. a strong, honest Girl. ?'???eraa?. se[ j T V milk.—Apply 22, David Pnce-stree^Aberdare. 769 WANTED, good General Servant 1. .aalBso Housem7a7i^d—.  Apply Y.M.C.A. Home. Cathedral row^ end ) Cardiff. S ant-i Vt7ANTED?t"once a good Gtner^a aT servant: two in family .-Apply between 6 a' 59, RoiniHy- crescent, Canton. r r W ANTED, an expenenceSd ^^ennee^r TatTnc^e^ W under 23.-Apply Mrs Lee, ?. ="• john'8 Cre5cent, \V\V J AVTED, a clean. respecfet^Tb^le ^G0 irTasGeneral in small \Xl AED, a cleaa, respedctaf children.-Apply 5, How- l, bmily: must be fon 0 747 rd-tcrrace, Roath. -al Servant.-Apply WANTED at once, a -g-°0^(i -G^^T^Apply MIS Learv, Blue AnchOr n. 9He port. J?on_———?————.M?Tundertake plain l\ 7 ANTED, Generdl s9rva;pl' !Irs Bond. Scudamore, w cooking, ????"?' ? ?'- "'?r- ??Top3,?port.Mon? ????? \yANTED. ???? 7rvant7a.b 1 e to cook four in t Y bm.iy no children .g^ wage3 none but those with good character nee y _Appiication, from 5 to 9  Cardiff. 946e pj^atwash.—Apply 7. Cwrt- -'H__y._r_ê_G-ral Servant.—Ampply 6r0, JLow-er wA&a4Sfe- r t -5-   \7 ANTED In11I1_ai;; coking st,ate wages aud reference, 'J E?????- ??——————?- -Mfs EvaDS. 0 ousekeeper Wad-iddle-aged pre. ?OBKING H cooking: no waging.-Appty. with ?,  ?erms?rs PhiUips. Grocer, Mertbyr. SXUtJATK?'S ?ACAS'f r  r are ?equested to Keep Away from Aber- A?6?.endin?ispute. S60_ -¥-Vanted. good Repairer, all-round Hand: 13001 Trd' to while you wait: refer('noes,-FeIlowJ, H wait; references.—Fellow;, ———r"??hoe Trade.-Wanted. a practical Repairer H?t?e ?nd?.-App!y W. Lloyd. Boot M?u. ,Su??-?-?————:————————————? KLA YERS n.nd Hardstone MMOM WMted.-App)y ?jg?Morrison adj'IJ' Ltd., Kn.ghtOD. 9L3 Tl« ^APKKY.-Wanted. a" Young Lady to the counter D1tA d 9alswoman with knowld"e cf mininery aiso ?io'Y?Man.-Ap?D. WiUiam.. 194. Commercial. road. Newport, Mon. ??_ Tt) vRAPERY.—Wanted, a good Jnnior Yoang Man DRI.h _Otate full particalars 6Mt letter, W.Um.m ¡" 993 Isi?c. Draper. Maesteg. 993 r?RFSSMAKING.Practical and Clentlfic. good fit and ? et?Ie Euaranteed: charges strictly moderate,—Miss Kowtes. evern Hous, _Pbssey.street?eparth. 137 XI^J RESSMAKER!—Wanted. August 20th, good stylish D Hand. thoroughly experienced good class trade: ?HworiMOom.-Particulars M. DavIes. London H06e, Tagartn. _——————————————_ 306 ttvttni Driver and Fitter wanted at Llanbradach.— App;s Kees. Contracto!. Merthyr Vale. 882 1^ ~iAN7?^Drapery.—Wauted. Ynun Lady Apprentice f Iifo Apprentices to the Dressmakmg.-A. F. Heal, 136. Ca.lIe-road. Cardiff.  24 ri poCER'S Assistaut.—Wanted immediately, good (jr smart Juni'r for Order Coimter and Stock; must ?toweU.-Appiy personaHy. S. Wlllmms and Co.. 146. CUftoc-street.JCard)tf. _?_ 23 G-RÔCER'S Porter.—Wanted, strong Lad must be used (TT ,n the trade and horses.—Apply personally, s. V?ti.???d Co.. 146. C?toM?reet._Cju???_22 G-RûoEÏi.-wanted. ? smart, trustworthy Lad to Msist It een-raUy: hveiudoors: state references andw?es —Address T. 988, JEchojORice. ?n.M.?9? (-iiOCERIES and Provisions.—Wanted, a competent CX Assistant: must be quiCK and obhglng.-end references F. S. W:SP!Vt.0-: 9 £ 6e G-RûCERy.-wanted Young Man, ?eU used tc?orM?. to deliver goods states reference and wages re- quired.—Thomas Rich, Grocer, Mertbyr. 759 HAIRDRESSERS.—Wanted, a. good llaircutter and JH Shaver must be sober.—M. D. Price, Ferndale. 10 HAIRDRESSERS.-Wanted at fmcp. You?Man must JTL be &rst-c)ass shaver and haircutter state ace. terms (indOOrs-Smh. Half:_r_rd!\ 7  "AD wanted for errands and assist in warehouse??cood i-J oppo'tunity for industrious boy.—Address Box 40 Post OBice. Cardie.  '928 LAI) wanted for Pawnbroking.—Apply Foilick *Q* Bridge-street, Cardiff. 'gyg l'Ü<i Masons wanted ?t Tywith. Maeste7H luL A. Whitcombe. ° 57! t3AWKBRbKERS.?-Wanted"*by?'theadverttser—He JL engagement at the Counter Rnd Sales: 5 years'sood experience two years with present employer.—Addrp? E.H.P.. 17, Cranbrook-street, CaniiO:. 9? ?LASTERKRS.-Wanced, lOKOOd a?quickMen?Rees JL New Houses, Merthyr. Wages, 8d oer hour. 881 OMART Bu?rd Lad Wantedrwho'thoroughly?n'? tahe ?me.-App]y. person?Uy. Corpor?tioL Stel,Cardm- r?HE Dulcia Cake Co. has ?cMcy for two ?roMLa.ap X able to mould !1d, Pte.-PeMrth-rd' rpEA'.d. reliable L^l wTh ?ood?eferecces not been out before.-Choola Tea Co.?rk }.ll:udIns -91b T° Grocers.-Assistant wa.nt('dMan to sôiGit i and collect accounts.—Apply, with pP articCuUlIaarrs 8, tto ^T1- Thomas, Limited. Ystrad Rbondda. 2 ?OPamters.-YoUn? Man wants?obT any ditance: 6d sietTonrntP^faln'Pg-HopkinS' ? Glamorgan- strf'et, POnLcanua. rdff ?ODhoeinKSmiths.-Wantpd. a good Doorman.-Apply ? "°???'??"?''y Surgeon, Mertbyr Tydfil. 994 WANTED, Wheelwright used to hgbt work ;bdŸ V yonng man as improver would da,—Rosser, Carriage Builder, iler'oort-ai.leel, Newport. S&2e WANTED at once, Yount; Man accustomed to Pawn- if broking, good window dresser, ticket writer: ab!e speak Welb.-Goodman, College-street, Swansea. WANTED, a Boyfor milk walk.—Apply Wm. Thomas, Llandaff Fields Dairy, Pontcanna, Cardiff. go V\7 ANTED, a good Haircutter and Shaver no Sunday v r work; haif-holidav.-Apply. stating terms indoors, Humphreys. Hairdresser. Nert, Mo. 987e WANTED at once, a good Bread and llCake Handf: "f abstainer: indoors.-Apply, with full particlÙarq, Joliu Jones, Nantyglo. 49 ANTED at onne. few experienced Men in Fruit BusU ness mut be pood salesmen, also abstainers.-Ap- ply W. Thomas, Market House, Merthyr. 64 ANTED. Working Foreman Moulder: must be a good, steady mau, and able to manage men.Vrite A. 54, Echo, Cardiff. 54 WANTED, Young Lady of neat appearance to attend I" shop: age not over 20.-APPly A. street. 970 ANTED, a strong Improver to deliver goods and assist behind counter.—Apply, stating wages and references, James John, Grocer, New Tredegar. 957 WANTEDT-Apprenticesand Assistants for Dressmaking: V V —Apply Mrs Bowen. 101* Ca-stle-road, Cardiff. 919 WANTED, sharp Youth, able to drive and make him- self useful; accustomed to shipping preferred live fo-—Apply 33, Loudoun-square. Bli VV ANTED.?rong Tad 't?ook &fter Pony_ mak himself usefuL-Apply Rossiter, Butcher, 180, WoodttUe-road, Cardiff. 356 VV ANTEdT Youns Manwith good knowledge of India » v Rubber aud Waterproof Business must have learnt the trade and be competent to take charge of warehouse. ply 0 833. Echo Office, Cardiff. 833 VV -%TK.D (iudoors^ a strong, steady, active Person as T Warehouseman must be accustomed to the work and able to salt bacon.-Apply, with references, age, and salary, JDaniel, Pontypool. 810 RANTED. ut-ü;rn, Mason as Working Fre- ? '"?° = must be well up in cotMRe bmlding, puahmg, and?steady.—Lewh. Timber Merchant, Pontypridd. 773 \\7ANTED immediately, Manager and without incnmbrance for Dowlais ConsUtutional P, nT b« temporary premises; unfurnished.—State salary required and send referees to the Secretary, John Craig, Cioss ??'s-street.Dowlais.-from whom all information may oe had. wo YOUNG Man Wanted. 35s per week and commissiML ?'*r work. Splendid opening.-Address Compo^ works?rnwortb. Bolton. Lar.cs^ *2 W eekly and Upwards ma:i-b-dbY;ither sex, ?without hindering cccupation.-For samples (return- able). &c.. enclose addressed envelope ? Evans, Watcsi and C(I..3. Merchauts, Birmingham. This is genuine? Jit 12s to ?s weekly easily earned in spare time by e|tber JL sex everywhere: work can be done evenings. MM ? addressed envelope to Eclipse Works, 9, F?yhouse-?rd. ,do n. ^infATIO^S nrAXTKV. BAKERS and Confectioners.—Situation for bread, cak, :tnd smal:s required (25), abstainer. 13 years' expert- ??'r?'??'ayM.street. (;rane. Cardi?. _9_- OAKERS.—Respectable Man (28) 8eeion a j -'L? Second. Third, or Single, or delivering: outdoors ?'??Mej?-H. Passev. Hampton Chartes. Tenbury._ 13AKERS and Confectioners.—Situation wanted by com- JL? pe?ent hand, disengaed; reference.-Baker, 11. Locke. Bte_e N ewport. 952e ROCEItY and Provisions.—Young Man (21) wants Place in above trade: accustomed to soliciting: good i e-ly erencf. Jon<:s. Echo Office Pontypridd. 9,ale — W-ADV Woman wants good homo and 3s 6d weekly.— ? Apply Sketch, Hickman-road, Penarth. Many good Servants wanted two for hotels. 982 T° Bnilders and others.—Brickwork wauted by yard er not particular where.—J. Sayce, 30, liailey- stre^, Nrewport. 943c VV AT;D. Situation by experienced Gardener, or good  f? ?H?- ?die-aged; good references.- Wnte D. 757, Echo?)nicp. CardiS. 757 ?V'????' Situation as Housekeeper to working man" ai• comfo'-i ablo home more object than :a_ry:qlGri_ Cardiff. 733 VV ANTED by respectable?Mricd couple Situation 's ???xcellent refcrences.-Apply A 687, Ec? OAffiT ce^ Cardiff. 687 <Tt/-ANTED by young Person, situation as Companionable P'?1" "Ousekeeper in Farm: experienced with ?°??:???'?t'J?'?ry. N orthallcrton, Yorkshire. ""TIDOW with baby seeks Situation as Wcrkin(!?House- V, ?eper.saiary no object; thoroughly domestio?tea." çootable jMme.-SO.Pembroke-Mad. CMten.C&idiS. 57 Y OU oN G Lady (16) w&nh! Situation iu boot shop or My other light business: can ?? reference.-P 91? J';cbO- °tlic:ar1f. 918 Y- OUNG L? ?Z).?eek6 BitmtMn in CnnfecMoner's or ("dn' Business.-Apply z. 829, Echo Omce, Cardiff. 829 CliKKSiS. IANA.;<.t:kS.c. ———————— Lady Typist required must know shorthand well Apply F 7c11.°_ailf. 722 A GenUemau desires Secretaryship to Club Association ?'rc Company. Experienced: nominal Balary* King. 18, Cburcl1-st. Cardiff. 27 LAW.-Wanted at once. Shorthand Clerk accustomed JU to routine of sohcitor'8 omce; must be well recom- mended.—Apply. with reference, to Mr W. Cook, 98. St Mary-street. 78 SUõi.J:¿wrOR.wanted to form Company for Ma.nufctr- ? in, AUen's Dew Patent Fire Esc?pea highest expert ooinious.—Write Allen. Herbert-street. Bnthdir. 793 tj (JRV ICYORS.—Wanted, a competent Colliery SurveyoT- .f good references required.—Apply Aberdare Works and Collieries Company. Aberdare. 55 rJaL ^El.EGRAPHLST (19). Needle, Sounder. Whetstone' JL &c., desires Situation as telegraphist, clerk in mer- chant's office, or insurance collector.—Pendleton, Post Office, Aberavon. 980 '(AN'riD-tLadCIrks: most be quick and vT correct at Bgures: apply, with copies of references etttiDc age, experience, &c.—Address T. M. Echo Office Cardiff. 89 ,,7- AN' BD. by Youth age 15, a SItuation in an Office.— *V Address A- C., 2. Coldstream-terrace. Cardiff. r s T it A v s-: ick t. DVERTISER wishes to Kepresent good Fiml Tf -nL Bottlers, ales, stouts, wines and IIpnta; experienced; good connection — H.. Echo Othcc, Cardm. 964e A GENT Wanted for the Sale of Patent Medicines, Itc. 11.1- A good commission given: state wageg.-Aptlly to Phillips and Co.. Temperance Hotel, Brynmawr. 770 C1LUB Agents Wante. to form Clubs for Watces, ? Clocks .Jewdlery SIlver Plate, Opera Glasses, Mueiotd Instruments, kc. Members pay Is per week Terms, C&t&- logues, &c.,Kendal & Dent, 106,Cheapside, London. Splendi value. Great s?cce?. Mention Paper. Ladies' andGents' Silver Levers, 42s. worth 70s. 780 A well-furnished Sitting and Bedroom vacant: bathroom; good cooking and attendance moderate tsnnS.Ap. ply 31, Wordsworth-avenoe,$[ewport-roftd. "26 APARTMENTS to I A f)??.? ? ?*- unmdiately; two sitting and ont-?t ? ?' we" burnished gentleman dinine out: hot, cold, and shower batb.-16, Ryde?street. 979 A PARTMEN'T?'i to Let.-Youug married couple want to A. let portion 6 respectable l<x»UW.-Write H 815^Echo OiffceCardiff. 819 H???'? and iot Bedroom UnfurnishedT Angus- Bstreet every convenience SUIt young Couple no Rst?en(-JfiVerc ?-707, Echo Oftice. CardiS. 707 A R??? ud ]?o?d,,g, i?r respectable young man. en- gagedduri '3g the day terms moderate no child ren. —-AAnpipSlJy 1i«4fi 4, ,Grlienroy-street. Roath. 740 OA ??-lRIk???fo two respectable Young Men at w,?.riLzaamoti-embankment, Riverside: piano; hot and c g,Id bath terms ,,d,,te. 6- C° LY Furmshed Front Sitting-room and «B0 Bedrooms suit two gentlemen baths .in r-hMr. en • moderate terms.—2S. Llanbleddian-gardens? ( ?y?RTABLE Home offered to one or two Young Lidies,* batb. gap, piano: terms very moderate.- "?°?HoMe.Ati?.roa.d. Canton. U7 C"????????? Rooms or Lodgings for respectable, ?t.? ? '? ? t'??? ctcftn home bath near 'bm.-W.. St?ttoaer. 8. MacMotosb-ptaee. Rc?th. 38 COMFORTABLE Lodxic?s for one or two youM Ladies <J«ring day: terms very moderate.-Anply I6S?Chve?street. Grange. ? 790 CÚ:LE Apartments for two or three Gentle- men ? bath and P'??o = near Docks 'bus passes door. — ePC0~roafl' Gratig? town. Cndi1f. 7M ( ?M?ORTABi.E Apartments, two rooms, unfurnisbe with oven Krate.—Appty 42, T)oaa)d-st.,oa Att?ny-rd. WTONXSHED 1B;â-;¿-se of good kitchen, r?.f P'??' bath best locality Canton elderly gentleman  cho, Cardiff. b9 preferred-? ch??-Wnte B. 59. Echo, CardiS'. M  F URNISHTI? Front Bed and Sitting-room to Let. suit two gentlemen no children.-Apply 1. Frtends-p?ce. Queen-street. Cardiff. 911 BURNISHED Apartments suit two gentlemen or lady fflie"ds: trams pass the d;or.-Apply 164, Clive-street, Grangetown. 836 TLFRACOMEE.-Castte Boarding House, 12, Church- stre et Apartments. Home comforts: terms moderate aany partie?catered for.—Apply K. Webber, Proprietress, T ?P-? ?°? gentleman require two Bedrooms and front T S,tb?nngd _room (furnished), cooking and attendance: ???erms?C? 122. Echo Ofbce,'Cardiff. 122 LODGINGS- ? -5 .lAd for respectable Young rtlan, or two friends. town.' amsdown-square, Reath: near Docks ïd Ti ^pECTABLE Lodgings, suit a young chil- dren terms 4s per week.-15, Lead-street. Roath. 130 X) ESPECTAJBLE Unfurnished Apartments to Let Apply 36, Burnaby-street, Splotlanda. 775 It OOMS,—Sitting, with one or two Bedrooms. to Let Ap I (""finished): use of kitchen respectable people.— Apply 232, Bute-road, Cardiff. GTACEV-road well-furnished comfortable Apartments o t baths no children good cooking suit gentleman or two friends.-H. 969, Echo Office, Cardiff. 969. TWO Unfurnished Roo a Let: oven 9 ?rate two minutes from Dock and Station ? weekly.-76,Kà3S- ?Md-n .-sc?nt. B?rry Dock. "— T?,10 Unfurni??hed R,, Let to resoectaMe people x M  Childre.66, Clare-road, Cardiff. 742 marrie d JTNFUUNISHED Apartments suit respecmarrid b d couple oven grate hot and cold water bath front bedroom. -13, Mansfield-street, Riverside. 938 T TNFURBISHED Front l\irTouT^nI Back Bedroom, A pleasantly situated, near town no children preferred. Apply 16, Cowbridge-road. 891 W ANTED, end or August,, 15ed, Sitting, W furnished or unfurnished; attendance and cookg by gentleman, wife, and child.-State full particulars nd terms to 0 85, Echo Office. Cardiff. 85 '■WV V ANTED, respectable, conifortable lodgings by elderly man state terms.-T 29. Echo Office. Cardiff. *9 WANETD. a Gentlemte com. I fortably furnished rooms, at moderate terms. 1Q, Fitzalau-place, Newport-road. 700 I E'Ll, Furnished Bedrooms to Let to gently man or gentlemen friends izo()d and ptinctlial cooking and attendance: terms moderate. H.. Aima Villa, Plymouth-road, Penarth. ELLTurniihed front iidroom vacant; NV good cooking and attendance no ohUdren b?tb- room near town.-39. Machen-place. Riverside. WELL Furnished Apartments to Let.-Applygj 51, Fitzhamon-embankment. 812 Y. M.C.A. Home. Cathedral-road, Cardiff. -Every. him e i comfort; piano, bath. sinoke-room terms, 158 per week, inclusive. 777 9 LlantwiUstreet, Salisbury d.-Xjnfurni.hed oo. t7. to Let to respectable people close to town rpftr- ences. 73 e?,ces. iKi'.—nmyt.iKs. _— BGILDING Land, Bry,lcel'Y Sites for sman houses to beLetontheAber?d?C!?. philly: rising districts low ground re"^ «6^' nnanced.-App!yJ. J. David and Co., Estate Ae ent.<st? John's Chambers, C;,rd:ff. 765 BYRON-street.-COttAgP to Let torMpectable tenant i3 rent 6, 6d.—Apply Wm. Sanaers & Sons, 28, St. Mai* street, Cardiff. 106 ORBETT-road, off North-road, to Let. Good house 3 reception, 8 bedrooms. Also larger House swtable for Ladies School splendid view of Cathays Park usual offices.-22, Woodvilie-road. 88 ERN and Pertwee. House Agents.-15. Have!ook?treet JJL to Let rent'93.-App)y94,St?Iary?treet.Card.?? ERN and Pertwee. Auctioneers, Cardiff. £ o Let. 6, JLJL South Luton-place in good repair; rent 12s. app y 94, St. Mary-street, Cardiff. j OUSE to Let7 with double bay, near Clarence Bridge JLTL all the latest improvements: key next door.-Apply 33. D, Burgh-street. 109 OUSE to Let, 36. Clarence-road hot and cold btth I'TL <:as papered throuKhout.-App)y M, Chfton-stree? Roat,h. 807 f H" OUSE toLet, Manoo-atrcet: 4 ?aeHM Jn!. blinds bath room newly papered.—Apply Palmer, 99. Constellation-street, Roath. 802 H OUSE, W<-UneJd-p!ace. Roath Park. -nr 'bull ter- ILA mInus; four ?drooms. every W13VO"e n?e, back entrance. &c.-Apply 62. Mackintosh-place. Roath. 772 LANISHEN-street. Cardiff.-House to Let: hot water i-J and gas throughout: key at corner house. 998 EMBROKE-terrace, Centre of Town.-Seveu Bed- rooms every convenience rent, £ 48.—^wr luono- (omery, House and Estate Agent, Station-terrace, CiLrdiff. P oliTYPRIDD.-To Let. with immediate Possession, JL House. Wood-road.-Apply J. S. Williams, Explosive Merchant, 137, Wood-road, Pontypridd. 664 rpHE South Wales and Monmouthshire ProperMr Register X for July free on application or post.-Hern and Pertwee, House Agents, Auctionoers. Valuers sc.. carum. r j^O Let, Corner House, 100, Habershon -place. suitable for X jobiD" carpenter or mason.—Apply 98, Habershon- place. South Splotlands. Cardiff. 82 TO Let, wtth immediate dossession. Houses in Da vtd. Llanelly, Ethel, Charlotte. Dock-etreets. -Apply •Lv/i* Smith, 10, Queen-street. Cardiff. rrO Let. 48, Denton-road, Canton: 12s weekly hot. cold X baths lavatory, coal cellar, conservatory,—Applynq Yfo Let. 7-roomed House all conveniences 7s 6d per wee k.-Apply No. 29. Coveney-street, South ispiot,, Cardiff. I nno Let, 12, Glynrhondda-street; hot and cold bath. a lavatory, &c.. every convenience: newly decorawa throughout.—Jones. 56. Cottrell-road. _— rE10 Let, ITS. Cathays-terrace: bath, lavatory, sir bed- X rooms suitable for sub-letting IXs weekly clears all. -P.adeliffe Brothers. George-street, Cathays. B50 TO Let, 50A. PlantageUeb-Str?et. Cardiff Stttinc-room.  JL kitchen, and scullery: three bedrooms and bathroom. Fine view from front windows. Rent, 10s weeijy.-APPIV Cooh. 98, St. Mary-street? Cardiff. 822 ?r0 Let. 23.' Aberdovey-street: hot and cold bath rent. X 10s weekly,-Apply John WiUiams. 1, Aberystwl{f- street. Moors, Cardiff.815 ,.r-o-:r;tw(J contenient Šed Houses, No. 24 and 29. A Windsor-road; rents, 11s per week include.—Apply 30, windso?road. VM q'NO Let or Sell, Villa, Kingsland-road live bedrooms, bath (h. 4 c.), conservatory rent £ 30.—Apply PeDuey Duke-street, Cardiff. lil rriO Let, NoT 17. Park-street: lately papered throughout -Inquire 5, Longcross-utreet, Roath. 837 5s to u C.utlo, and Cathays to lp.p Let to tidy tenants.—Apply, with references, to William Banders and Sons, 28, St. Mnry-street,e r i 935 14, blaughan-terrace. Penartb.-Large ouge. close to dock, 8s per week. -Apply S. Hern, and Pertwee, Auctioneers, Cardiff. 848 HOUSES and Shops to Let as n dor.-Apply E?M IFI and Hu?he!. House and Estate Agents, Auct?neerg and Valuers, County Fire and Provident Life O&ces. Borough Ch?mbera. Wharton-street, C ar di ff59, HOP, conveniently-situated, at Llandaff Yard: newly renovated; 10s per week inclusive. "I 3, East-terrace, 9s per week. .^9, Hewell-street. 7s per week. 6^9. King's-road, Canton.eUls per week. ^7, Brook,street, Canton, lis per week inclusive! 4;DudleY-PlaCe, Dock8 lis per week each. 'I-I, Bridge.street, very large Shop WIth cellar and ware- JL house. ^*8, Hewell-ntreet, Grange, 7s per week. O BeUe?ue-terrace.C?doxton? Modern hoaae: every 31 cOlIve"lence. Magnificent View. E, idon-street, commodious House and Shop; jC low rent. 6_ E,'ans'.buildings, North Morcan-street: 3s 6d per week. ( i vans' —' Newly PaPere gx^NS!VE Shop and Cellarage, Pier Head. Bute  Shop and Cellarage, Pier Head, Bute' EDock?,. Shop and Premises, Cadonon. ?,?COUNF,R 8hop and Premises, Cadoxton. A Small Warehouse. 19 by 20, Bute?-lan off Maria- Astr?et.- Apply  2M. Bute-street, CardIff. 60 BARRY Dock—Shops to Let at Holton-road splendid j_) position good openmg for ilonmonger. chemist, temperance hotel, grocer, or boot shop.—Apply John Jones, Brynteg. Holton-road, Barrv Dock. 768 AKEHOUSE andLoft to LetT in1)eat position in Canton: good oven; hot water.-Frank Ingleton, 49, Wellington-street, C-antou. 761 ane 1 Shop to Let, 1a, Graham-street, Newport.. 66, Alma-streyt, Newport- QS9e •Cj EWPORT.—To be Let, Suite of Offices tour room* and il Lavatory; centrally situated in Tredeger-pl,-ce.- Particulars of Manager. "Dailv News"Office. Newport. 23&;l -Vf0. 2. RichardB-street, Cathays ■ suitable for Duilder or S li cab proprietor.—Apply Hunt and Hunt, Solicitors, 98, St. Mary-street. 735 FFICElo Let, ground floor, 18. Custom House-street;, best position for wholesale business, also 8 rooms: rent moderate.—Flint Brothers. llOe TAIBACH-—House and Shop to Let: best position IL suitable for any business rent moderate.—B. Hey- cock. 168, Gelli-road, Pentre. 133 rrO Let, Two-Stall Stable in B.ilwsy-street.-Apply 83, Portmanmoor-road. 33 rr<0 Letr Photographic Studio adRoom5: good position. T-ApPlY ?7. Bate-street. Cardiff, 47 TO Let House and Double-fronted Shop in populous district of Abertillery; suit grocer immediate posses- sion. -AdamsJBrynt^ AberUUery. 808 rj^o Let a sets of I?ms as Offices, above South Wales X Daily News" OSoe. St. Mary-street.-Apply Daily News." Cardiff. 42e RE REST -To Let. House, Shop. Warehouse (with double doors): good Stable suit any busineas.-Apply 1, Poctcanna-avenue. Canton. Cardiff. 945 ISNTWOOD Wate, work.&Good Shop to Let: suit butcher, conveniences for slauglrteridg. -Apply W.. Echo Office, Newport. 994e ) Duke-street, Cardiff—These commanding Premises to /V. r?t at M?ch?e?M present occupier. Mr Bowden, Harri,3.g.urveyor. (,'&,rleon. 90 SA»,T:—M«HJSKS t.A??. Ac FORproperties for Sale, off AIb&nT-road, FR?)stb low ground rents r.ces mode-te will be sold in lots to suit purchMera call for particulars at Bailey and Ciller's Estate omces. 3. CMtIe-strpet. Cardiff. 720 17»OR Sale. Villas, close by St. John's Chorch. CantonT 4 :Fs Yt and lavatory, coal c3c:on:;v;: and all modern conveniences one with side entrance. particulars applyj?.Arran.street, Boath. U: TTIOR Sale. S'x-MOMe? Cottazeo io'tnTemeBB-place? bath-4 room, J. ,Williams, Builder, top Inverness* place. 936 FOR Sale. two small Villas, near ParkVenetian blinds JS fou Sale, "d baths chopp to au im=om&te I)urchaser p? FOR Sale, cotd b&ths: cheat to M hMM<U*te curohaseFH -B. B.. 8Ol. Echo, CardM 901 FOR Sale, some first-class Cottages. in Pentrebane-street and Penhaved-street: also 2 Villas, in Cli-treet, Lower Grange.—Apply G. J. Barrett, 6, Richmond-terrace. off Park-place, Cardiff. 182 GEO. Willett, Auctioneer! House, Estate Agent, and X Rent Collector, is open to Collect Rents at Cardiff or I Barry District good references cash paid over weekly or I monthly to suit owuers. G.W. has for private sale several excellent well-built, Villas, Shops, and Cottages at Dinas Powis, Barry. Barry Dock, and Cadoxton: businesses disposed of sales conducted commissions executed.—I'or Particulars address as above. 111 L LANISHEiN.-For Sale or to Let, chsrmiug country 10- J roomed Villa, near station decorated throughout 40 feet froutage garden 208 feet long can erect stable if required.- -Hawker, Builder. Llapisheii. 1.:>1 NEAR Tyndall's Monument. North Nibley, Gloucester- shi,e.-For Sale, Freehold Detached Cottages, pleasantly situated.—Apply Webb,Nibley House,^Cathedral- road, Cardiff. 15 PLASTURTON-aveuue.—For Sale, one of the most Jt- desirable Houses in the Avenue.—Mr Montgomery, Estate Agent. Station-terrace, Cardiff. 714 SALE (cheap), two Houses. bay pstairs and a down, three bedrooms, bathroom, front and back parlour, kitchen, with good cooking range and dresser, scullery, etc,-Davies. 5. St. Woollos-road, Newport. 975e HQOUSES, Ac.. WANTED. rpo House Agents and Owners.—Wanted, in good class wait whil,?t shop and ovens were added to private house.- thoroughfare in Cardiff, Shop and Bakehouse could !!Y!n.y-str:ct, Splotlands, Cardiff. 963 \?7ANTRD, convenient House, respectable locality: TV Roath preferred hot and cold bath: moderate rental.—Apply 3. Southey-streot, Cardiff. 20 ANTKD t^ purchase, Freehold Villa or Cottage Property in Cardiff or neighbourhood.—Farticuiara to Bailey and Giller, Castle-street, Cardiff. 719 BUSINESSES FOR lUSFOSAfa. BOOT Business. Maindee, Newport genuiie concern: Bestablished 11 years proprietor retiring capital about £ 150.—Garland, Brookwood Villa, liisca-road, Newport. 968. C1ARDIFF.—Well-paying Restaurant, wine and beer ? licence attached immense future 2800 cvery6hiog. I Powell. Lewis and Co., Auctioneers, Cardiff. s;) I"\O.K 1 Disposal, old-established Drug Stores in Barry Dock.—George Willett, House and Estate Agent, Barry. 111 1õR immediate Disposal, a chance seldom met with, FGener?l Busines. in best position in Canton incom- ing low.-Z 917, Echo. Cardiff 517 GROCERY and Provisions, with off Wine and Beer (;Ri, in best position in Clifton: trade approaches 22.000 a year price. £150, and valuntion.-Apply R. W. Miller and Company, Limited, Stokescroft Brewery. Bristol. 99e I"VN I EWSAGENT, Hairdresser, and Tobacconist Business for Disposal, in good position main thoroughfare.— Apply 33, Castle-road. Roath, Cardiff. 736 '-IO-bsõíd:s- Koing concern, a honest little Bread X Round,dcine !i s?cks weekly: and Grocery Bu?ines8 together with small Stock, two Traps (business and p.ea- sure)* a six-year-old sound Cob. and Harness: Chaff ma- chine, &c. Baking Utensils, and everything complete ne- cessary for carrying on the same. References and a thorough insight into the business shall be given. The premises are convenient, with Shop, Stable, and Bake- house, at moderate rental. -For particulars apply to K D. M.. Echo Office, Cardiff.-Only persons with business inten- tions traded with. 724 Pt lHIC nOKSK'. UTK-street. Cardlff.-To Let. the very bert Double- JD licensed Public-house in this busy thoroughfare long lease: large bar and smoke-room trade.—W. Gill, 119. St. Mary-sbreet, Cardiff. CARDIFF.-To Let, good Single-licensed Public-house long lease; low rent; immediate possession: young beginner preferred.-Giil. above address. _4. DOUBLKLicenRed House, country town: low rent: ingoing, £ 120: another £ 75; inspected: gen,ine.- Hillman, Valuer. 12, Bridge-street, Newport, Mon. 977e 'L-ïOREST of Dean.—Cheapest Double Licensed Fubhc. Jf House ever offered to Let.-For full particulars apply, personally, Gill, above address. 4- PONTYPIZIDD.-Absoltitely the best Double Licensed ) House in this important town to Let: immediate pos- session.—Apply, personally. Gill. above address. 644 R RONDDA Valley.—To Let. handsomely fitted small Jn; Double Licensed Puhlie-House entirely free loiig lease.-Apply. personally. Gill, above address. 644 PLEN[ID oTd-lashioaed Hotl: large garden same ha.nds '10 years: 1;200. Another Double. B70 genuine proof trades. -Hillman. Auctioue(,r. Newport. 658 rgTO be Let, the Cross Keys Inn. Georgetown, Merthyr X Tydvil.-For particulars apply Tag Vale Breweiy, Merthyr. 693 WESTON-Super-Mare. Double-licensed House, well W situated present, profits B500 per annum.—Powell, Lewis and Co., 8, St. John's-squarej Cardiff. 52 3IISICA it BANJO Stud;o, Adamsdown-square. Tutor, R. Allen, author highly-popular Danse Bonbon," 2 'b:;N; and piano, 2? Vacllcies for pupIls. ??4 B RISTOI,. SiL)gle.liceused House, amidst ceaseless i3 traffic tenant 27 years genuine proof trade £275. Hillman, Auctioneer, 12. Bridge-street. Newport. 976s CCOTTAGE Piano wanted must be cheap and in good J condition.—Write A 924. Echo Office, Cardiff. 924 T?OR Sa?Rue?Vtotin by Cohn-Mezin. made 1833, and Fbrigb, Leather Case.—Apply 12, Belle Vue-terrace, Penarth. 129 ITOH Sale, Organ (by Bell and Co.), 11 stops, 2 knee swells: octave couplers splendid instrument: cost B25, will sell for ElS.-Ben Howells, Pontrhydyrun, Pontypool. 61 ¡ FORHpï;;õ, iron frame, trichord: grand tone: solid walnut case: superior instrument: good as new.-55, Clare-road, Cardiff. 860 I jTlOR Piano and Organ Tuning and Repairing, address F tL. Morgan, 66, Richards-termct. Cardiff. Term,, 35 6<1 and 4s. 992 ARMONIUMS, Pianos, Organs, ke., on the Hire Pur JH chase System. Atlas Furnishing Company, Ltd.. Hayes, Cardiff. 25e PIANOFORTE.—Lady must sell 75 guinea upright 'pIANOFORTE.—Lady must sell 75 guinea upright riage pid.-Piano. 159, Sto?k??ll-road, S.W. 13 pIANOFOR.T] Tuning.—W. F. Ridgway. from the ce'e- brated firm of Bord's, Paris ter= 3s 6d.-AdUŠss 109, Castle-road. Roath. 508 w ANTED, for Dyson's Gipsy Ohoir, Two Young Ladles, (, soprano, contralto must be good soloists, and able to sing Welsh.—Apply, by letter. Y 630. Echo Office. Cardiff. W OR,TH Fifty guineas.- Second-hand grand Piano- I" forte, by Broadwood.; rosewood frame. spleudid tone, good c.?,ditio. price, 16 guineas.-Atis Furnishing Com- pSny. Hnys. Cardiff. 25e B CVCm. TKtJ VCLtS Wc. I ABSOLUTE Clearance -Morris ? Bi or. will send List of II Bargains on Application. C?sh purchasers should call and insiiect our large stock, which will be cleared regardle 1h of cost. Few Good Bays' Safetyies. New Cvcle Lock sent Free for 6d stamps, together with 1895 Lamp Liti:abf Lt'ts w. le¿e Ppt k: I and useful mformatlOn.-Cycle Works. Pontypridd. 19e ABNORMAL Reductions in Prices of New Hcwe Cycles. I Call and see them at the New Howe Depot, 3, Church- street, Cardiff. New Howe Roadsters and Racers at excep- tional tow cash prices. New Howe Cycles for speed, light- ness, rigidity. and elegance. Largest Cycle Factory in the World at Glasgow. Highest skilled labour only employed. Buy direct from Manrfacturers and save intermediate profits.-New Howe Machine Co., Ltd., 3. Church-street Cardiff 775e All Cycle Repairs, Enamelling, and Nickel.plaÜ;g executed with care and despatch at trade prices Haadle bars bent and re-nickeld from 2s. Depot for Jm- perial Rovers, Osmonds, F.xcelsiors. Premiers. Lamps, 2s 6d: Bells, ls.-Parrv and Co., Manufacturers and Agents. Mill-lane, Cardiff. 793e A LLDAYS' Celebrated Cycles.—Buy from the MaDlifttC- facturer direct and save agents'profits. Call and ill spect the magnificent stock of Cushion and Pneumatic Tyre Machines. Repairs and plating a speciality.-Alidavs and Onions, Pneumatic Engineering Co., 49, Westgate-street. ClLrdi ff. 379e A- LLDAYS' Celebrated Cyeles.—Buy from the manutac? Atur?r direct and save agents' profits. Cll and in-' spect the magnificent stock of Cushion and Pneumatic Tyre Machines. Repairs and plating a speciality.-All(lays and Onions, Pneumatic Engineering Co., 49, Westgate-street C,rdiff. 379e A LLDAYS' Celebrated Cycles.—Buy from the manufac turer direct and save agents' profits. Call and in- spect the magnificent stock of Cushion and Pneumatic Tyre Machines. Repairs and plating a speciality.—Alldays and Onions, Pneumatic Engineering Co., 49, Westgate-street1 Cardiff. 379e 13 Ae.idWÿ;'r short, but money makes the mare go. If you want a first-rate Tandem, suit Ltdy in front, or a Path Racer, weight 231bs., or a Koadster, all up to date, we can supply from stock at a great advantage for ca ;h. Or if you've got a little job oc your machine or any article tQ. complete outfit for next week, we will suit you by return of post, but don't delay.—Morris Brothes, Cycle Works, Pontypridd. Inner tube and valve 8s 6d. 19e j ARGAIN. -It Cushion Tyre Safety, equal to new, £ 4 — Seen after 2 p.m. at 81, Eldon-road, Riverside, Cardiff. BICYCLE, good condition. 30s also hall-marked silver Lady's Watch, good timekeeper, nearly new, only 16-i -24. Harold-street, Roath. 81 C1UaHl"N-Tyre Bicycle, in perfect condition; ball b,?r,llgs throuhout; price £ 3.—Frank Ingleton, Grocer, 49, 'Vellmton-street, Canton. 763 CCARDIFF Plating Works, Paradise Place, off <?uee?- J street, Cardiff. do Nickel and Silver Plating of euery description at Birmingham prices. Special Notioe to Cyclists:—Bring your Cycles direct to above address, and we will Re-Nickel beautifully at trade price. Handle Bars from 2s, and other parts at low prices. Our work is guaranteed, its we use nothing but pure Nickel. Cycle Re-Enamelling by Stoving Process. Coffee Taverns. Hotels, and Families, &c., waited on, on receipt of post-oard, for Re-Plating of Teapccs, (J':leO!k.-o, 70 'E?XCELMlOR Road Racer, Dunlop tyres. !as new, what Eoffers? Raglan Road Racer, bargain, cash or cxchanc. -Parry, Mill-lane. Cardiff. 894 FOR Sale, this season's new Tamer Safety: patent Welch-Dunlop tyres balls throughout: warranted.— 72, Salisbury-road, Cathays. 831 _FOR Sale, a Solid Tyre Bicycle ball bearings throufh- Jt- out: 3Qs.-Apply 42, Giynne-street, Canton. 739 F-R-hee 1 Post free to any address.- Safeties 1 FS%fetie31 Safeties Important to arents, dealers, and; others. Wholesale list containing l.OCO (one thousand) machines, new and second-hand. scut post free to any address, 50 per cent. eheaper than other makers or agents. Why pay more or fancy (rices ? Sinal. machine at whole- sale prices. Write at once for the la?gest aud most com- plete list in the cycle trade. Stealing value and no large, I)rofits.-W. R. Warrilow,-Cycle Works, Regent-street, Weston-super-JIare. 977e KING of Scorchers Path Racer (Palmer tyres), as new what offers, cash or exchauge.—Parry and Cu., Mill- lane, Cardiff. 895 LIGHT Roadster Safety Bicycle, latest pattern, Dunlop tyres; lamp, bell. complete: must be sold.—Davies,. 25, Forest-row, Taff's Well. 893 L ADY'S Cushion Safety; Cushion tyres, latest 1895 pattern, ball head light machine, gnards, complete, perfect and new: cash, only ? 18s 6d approval.—5, Reent-street, Westou-sup?r-Mare. 906 PNEUMATIC Bicycle. Ivel, Dunlop detachable tyres: never punctured: good as new: £ 7.—Frank Ingleton, Grocer, 49, Wellington-street. Canton. 762 .]ftF, PAIRS. -Plt&ttnR and stove Enamelling promptly at f t/ trade prices.-Morris Bros.. Pontypridd. 19e EPAIRERS- officially appointed for C.T.C.. and also 1.0 for Cycle Insurance. Co. Ltd.—Morris Bros., Ponty- pridd. Repairi of any kind to pneumatic tyres. 19e REPAIRS—All go to Morirs Bros. ,Pontypridd RNo job too difficult.. no?obtoosmaU.Doa'tforget.Me S"L'TY. -LadV's Pneumatic ballB evervwhere up to SA{'£iîi1a¡cichag:ft_: "? SAFETY.—Pneumatic quite new balls throughout: C) diamond frame worth jt)20 £ 5 15s.—Write G 5, Echo Office, Cardiff. 5 OAFETY Bicycle for Sale, cheap: runs easy, and in O splendid condiion.-Apply 69, Moy-rd.. BOath. Cardi1f. Q AFETTES.-Cushion and Pneumatics. Bargains, bar- IZII gains. Don't pay high prices. Call at Warrilow's, 293, Bute-street, Cardiff. Repairs at half prices charged by others.—R. Warrilow, 293, Bute-street, Cardiff; also at Weston-Super-Mare. 8 SAFETIES.—Large Stock, must SeU. latest '95 Pat?e S. SAri:ruzfi:emWelïsh £ 5 10s, Cheapest House for Repairs. All kind of fittings in stock.-Davies, Cycle Works. Brynmawr, 8 SljNBEAM Bicycle, new 1895 Dunlop tyres: ?at?mt improvements. Easy terms to respectable purchaser. fy.B. Crouch, 9, High-street Arcade, CanWf. 680 CARRIAGES. VEHICLES. Jtc ARGAIN, good four-wbeeled Dogcart: also new Busi ness Cart, pretty Pleasure Trap, good Coal Cart.-A ply 102, Wellington-street, Canton, Cardiff. 731 iTTtOK Sale, nearly new, Brake to CMTt 15: i?eCw ushios* .Flamps. pole and bar, &hafts into collaring axle made ItJlish and stroDg,-T. Plummer. Carriage 17*OR Sale, strong Spring TriKl-.—ApplV rilworth L'OR Sale. stt'OOl Spring Tru'lr.-Appl, W,á" I ..L' street, Roath. FOR SaI0Va¡rgon: suit furmtur.- de&ler cart, trap, JT harnes. and cob all in good condition. Apply ?Williams, 137, Wood-road. Pentypridd. 66q j IIGHT Trap, suit Pony. nearIyMW..M: 8?od D"KCMt. JU suit cob, E6: barons.-43. Car]W"treet, Sp'?otlaiids, CMdia. _?——"L L IGHT Flat Cart and Trap to be Sold cheap. t<c. 71, f Cornwall-road, corner of Dorset?treet. S?ttmead. CardiS. _?-?- 804  NAVVY Barrows for 8ale.-Apply ïL Williams, J?t street, Pontypridd. ^3 RINCE Dogcart-(second-bandirwith enshions, brass 1. amps and dttinas completealso new acd second- hand Business or Pleasure Carts and UhtFprin.,Wapon, second-hand.-Glo,er, Coach builder.. Nortb Morgan-street, Canton. '41 CS:ÁWL;verî'TrapSit busies7!, ?cm £ 6 fpsira. k? sevend Sets of HMcess.-App!y 21. ?op?z-stT(.p?. Roatb, Card iff. ?_ SEVERAL good Traps!~ suirbu?oMSor pieaBure. 1 long ? Coal Cart, to be sold cheap.—Gibbon, DIW-road, COP-1 Caft, to be sold cheap.. 4e Pontypridd. e "r-Ü-b"e Sold cheap, second-i?,?d Hansom.— ?. App)y 66, ArabcUa-street. Roath, OMd?; 926  ? good Sets strocK H??ess?sutt horsM 15 ands a.!o ? Set of silver-mounted Double Harn.-Gtbbon. Mill- road. Poutypridd. e ??]Ks. i.IVE ST4M-K. tc '? Powerful Cart MareT 16 h&.ds < ??" ? staunch J'TL worker in shafts and chadM ounJ: must be sold on account of iU-health.—Mrs Hirst, 9, Triler?street, Chepstow- road, Newport. y 393e  -A- -iÚá-UStofU1 Pony. ?tthFi?VCMtlMl_? ?L KfeenKroner: price, B12 the lot. Also strong Cob, 14.2. with nrst-ciass Tr?p and HamEl"; suit baker or grocer £18 the lot; warranted good workers.—Apply D. Morgans, Energlyn Mill, Caerphilly. 2_- A Handsorce Cob. 1S.3 sire?ord B..g 5 colour A, red roan tri?l i?? harness with ..nnar, s approv1 before purchase B21 also Bay Carriage Mare, 15.2: suit brake, grocer, or tradesman £ 12 10s.—Apply 60. Gordon- street, Chepstow-road, Maindee, Newport 986e -i good Cfb. warranted, with?art?P? Harness suit jML greengrocer or fiShman: BM Wi lot.—28, S??ey. roa(L hoath, Cardiff. 939 A useful Mare. 15 hands. 6 yeMS: eood worker; warranted suit tradesman £15 on trial. 993. Carlisle-street, Splotlands, Cardiff. A S?rgain.—Spiendid Carr?ge Eorse?S-L six years; good mover in harness or saddle :p¡itable for elb, brake, or crank-axle guaranteed sound free of vice —102, Wellington-street, Canton, Cardiff.  A-ëU:algo 3P- £ 12 each! wMraated sound, week's cot;. also 3 po)lies '-P,12 each. Penypeel-road, Atrial 5C Fowls. alizo 50 Ducks.- 1 5. Penypeel-road, Canton. 685 ('iR]AM Pony and Cart for Sale the lot £ 12 money wa.ted.-Apply 34, Thompsolt.stt. Barry Dock. FOR very large Nlare Donkey ateo strong Cart_and JL Harness; will sell separate —ApSly Neptune Inn, Caroline-street, Cardiff. 138 I^OR Stile. Pony, Flat, Cart,and HartwM quiet to ride < iand drive price 10 guinpas.-No. ]. CtnaJ-st..CatdLer. P i7<OR Sale, Pony. 12 handsT Flat Cart aIld lIrnss: suit lii?ht work.—Apply No. 10. Edmuod's-buildiugs, Ely- road, C-intou. 48 I^OR Sale, very hand!onieDarkBn>wn Cob. 13.3. six years old: in every way quiet ancfc sound: suit any lndy or gentlemen vet. cert.—F T. Broad, Confectioner, 12. Tudor-street, Cardiff, 986 GOOD Mare for Sale, aged: suitable for breeding.- GApply W. Davis and Son, 11, Queeu.street. Cardiff. P ONY, Flat I ir rt., and Harnlss: cart only used one month best bargain ever offered, must be sold — 115, Ca(I)ays-terrace, Cardiff. ° 866 ?ALE. iiseful 4 15 lands thorough good worker. £ 8, or exchange for smaller cob. -Perry, 43. ue)h- galed-road, Ystrad Rhondda. 962 SALE. black Mare, 15 hands, good worker in in shfte or 0 chains; suit any tradesman bareM" £9 10s.-1, canal-street, Cardiff. • 749 Q ORE Shoulders1 HrpMe Tnrus.h7?..Oo'ckly Cured by S Condy's F'Imd. Horses KuC-erina from Sore Eack. SUrf, Shoulders, broken knees, wounds etim bruises, thrash, cracked heels, grease, mi?d fever, m,-&?ge, &C.. quickly cured by bathiug the prts -f"ect-d with a tablespoonful of Condy's Fluid in a pint of water It n?kes the hair grow where rubbed off. Prices -ooz. Is: 20oz. ? all chemists. Insist on having Condy s Fliti;1. 94ge OMOOTH Fox Terrier B?ch.??onths.'lCstd???? O Doe. 13 months: handsome' euod water; 40s.-G,-oge Heme, Suffolk House. Canton. Cardiff. 578 ??HREE good Cart Horses, warranred ?osh?? or chais, .160 several Cobs and Ponies, cbeap.-G'bbon. MU1- road, Pontypridd. 6e USE Jeerol oTiitmiit for speedily cunng sprains curbs and splints when forming, over-leaeb es capped nocks, rheumatism, windgalls, scurf after blistering.—Large box post tree for Is 2d from Condy's. Fluid Works, 83, Turnmill-st.. Loudon. B.C. 949e -VE I'EIZINA] f,i)t instrueti? for the Treatment, and Cure ?f flflmfflWt" affecting Horses, Dogs, Ca. Cattle Sheep, P?.Pou? &c.. from Condy" Hind Worits 23 TurnmUt-sfree! London. KC. 949e ?CM??)t':<:M<?. ?e BARGAINS.—Buff eghori?s. six picked PuDets. two BCockerel,?, 3 months, from hens cost B12 per pair only 12s 6d. Grand Orpington l?Cock? Hen, 10s.-18. Elm-street, Cardlll. 974 <f ??????? '??"'?StORk to select from. Norwih V Cocks from 5s each approval.-Haer. Empire H?u-. dresstnK S.1?0(,D, 108, Fred?rick-street, CardM. 108 JCarnew, Empire Bird -È;L;r:=Ois usual Bank li Holiday. Large selection Homers Tumblers, F?ncy Pigeons, Canaries, Foreign and British Birds. Soldnsh. etc.: Cages m great variety.— Charles-atreet. Newport. 984e NET Traps.-Catc bir?[? Is ?d 'cMtfree. Plenty N of grand Canaries in ?°? M?Maotton f?aMateed no rubb¡gh.I-oy.o\Xn__ POULTRY, Pigeon, Cafe B? MTD<MFoods?Write JL for prices and samples to Noah Reet?nd?en.Hay, Corn, and Seed Merchants. Cardiff. 161e 1 URNI"tURE of everv dcscrintion liSOOJK) iT vaiue to J!- select from, on the Hir6 System stricUyprivact. The Largest Premises and Stock out of London. Atlas Furnishing Company limited, IIaye3,Cardiff. 25 c HARRIS"?, the Pioneers of Cash TrdiW. S84e  584e HARRIS'S One Price, Plain Pigures, Cash Only|_564e ?_?.?- ?_ 564e IH -A.RRIS'S. The Market Hall, Main Entrance 564a  L _5 8 4e ARRIS'S. 5, 6, 7, and8, Market Buildup HA ERIS'S. 5, 6. 7, and S. Market Buildi g,584o 1 nARRIS'S New Showroom, 11, Dock?treet 5S4e 5S4e HARRIS'S, Complete House Furnishera!"58^e HARRIS'S. Complete House }t'uroishera.58e H, ARRIS'S, Drapers, MiJliners, &0. 584e ??_584e HJt ARUM S. The Popular Furnishers. ? ?_ 5!4e a TLJ ARRIS'S Emporium, established nearly half a I ARRi;S-rf.hOpeU DisfFurnislli;;g .1. Goods in Newport. 584e YJr ARRIS'S.—AVtsit of Inspection will be greatly esteemed. 58e s, ECOND-hand Furniture Bought on the shortest notics I cash at once no waiting-Th Cyril Second-hand Furniture Stores. 12, Bror-dway, Cj i diff, 688 I SPLENDID Mahogany Showcase (or iKJcJccasejlSftT'Sii! o by 8ft. 6iu. cupboards under plate glass front, clock in centre bargain.—Webber and Wilkinson, St. John's- square. Cardiff. 816 S ECOND-haiid Furniture or Surplus Stock Bought for O Cash or Sold on Commission.—Taylor's Auction-rooms, 12, Custom House-street, Cardiff. 6E2 SKCOND-baud Furniture wanted original advertising cash buyer best prices: fair dealing.—x. Woodruff, The Don't Forget It." 41, Castle-road. 923 T HE ready, that speaks all languages, down ou the nail. X Good sound principle. T. Woodruff, original adver- tising, reliable, cash buyer of New and Second-hand Fur- niture. "The Don't Forget It, 41, Caatle-rsad, Roath. .Any quantities bought, and strictly private transaction3.922 KliJ ISH. on our nc.v hire Hire System. Houses or .Aartineuts,poulpletely furnished on a new system adopted solely by us, whereby all publicity, exposure, and nquirins usually made by other companies are dispensed with. We have an immense stock of Household Furniture of cheap and superior quality. All goods sold on the Hire System at ready-money prices. We make no extra charge for credit, and all goods sent home in a private van free of charge No stamp or agreement eharzes made no bill u: sale; everything private. Arrangements completed without (lel.y, hemg manufacturers, we ?u?utee quality and wii nlertake to supply furniture, etc., at 10 per ceut. ess than any price-Jist issued by any firm in (Jardiff. Eleveu showrooms. tali and inspect our im- mense stock, and compare prices oetore purchasing else- where.  We will SUPPiY £6 \volLh,for 28 6d ,lily ?ff worth, 4s weekly S15 worth for 5s weekly JJ20 worth, 6s weekly, and so on in propcrtion. Special terms for larger quantities. Pleas# note the address Soutb Wales Furnishing Company' 31, Castie-street (opposite the Castle) Cardiff _————— 7e M<tMi?TM?KTi€?)ES. iM- AIL Ca.rts. cm!;ÙbJ's.¡;;gI:¿CdOUbïe: quite new': J?jL 30s, 35s, and 40s: genuine Clealance.-H.tchins. 19, Duke-street, Cardiff. 824 ?? A?GLH?Tw?shinx MMbineK..Sewm? Ma?bi. ?  the Hire S?tem.—AHasFurn)8b;ot; Comp?nt Ltd. Mayes. Cardiff 250 'S?ERAMBULATORS Mail Carts on the Hire Ht s?. ?. Atim Furnishin? Hayes Cardiff. 25- SEE Windows in Market Entrance.—MUUnery and Under- wear: special clearance sale this day, everything reduced.—A. ijarri?. Milliner d FanPY Draper, 7 and 8, Market Buildings. Dock.stree__ewpo 883e <JPECIALCIearauc?Sa)eofMtmnpry andUnd?rdothing. ? -A. Harris. 7 and8. M?ke??dM?s.?ewport. SPECIAL Sale this Day ?t I?tremety Low" Pnees.—A.. ?_ Harris, Milliner and Fancy Draper. IIECIAL,M".S,Ill?c ildr,?n's I tumes,JuvenHe ? Mininery, &?-A. H!\rnSlar MtUtner. 'So.. 'PECIAL Sale this D?yT???Qd Ch?dren's Under- O wear startling bitMMOS.—A. Harris, Market Buildins. FOR SAT,K—'imscrxf.AMBairis. ALL Electors fhould go to Fliel8tone'8, Registered the Aropular Cardiff Pawubroker. Castl?-i-d. Cardiff.940e ALL Electors.—Note vajue, Fligelstone has forfeited, 25 A genuine SilTer English Lever yv atches. only 25s each "A LL Elect value. HigeLstona has forfeited A 100 Solid Silver Watches, all warranted, 6s each. ALL Electors.— Government hall marked, t'ligelstone s A. 22ct. Solid Gold Weddit)g Rmfs 3dwt. 15s: 4 dwt, 20s. ALL Electors.—Note bargains. r.orfeited 10 (le.ts, G;old Levers, Irorn 25 to £12. ALL Electors.—Money back not satisge<j_ Fligelstone's solid Silver Curb Alberts, stamped every link, 6s. ALL Ellctors. -Try Fligclst'>nfc's fancy Vicuua and Black A Worsted Coats aud its, only 12 6d. ALL Electors.—Get 5 years warr??'tY -Fii Kelstone's 5 A guine&e SitMrEM??b?.ever?Wn?? ??g??, 58s. ALL Electors.—Grand'T?? .??stone's handsome Pair Bronze Marli Horses, only 21r^ worth 4gs. A LL Electors.fryi'tgeistone's nV oDden Clocks, Is Alld Nickel, Is 4d?'??'?''? 18 md. ALL -lt il?'lly fFielston;š, A. P-C-P-" strictest pnvacy^ lowest jnresL A_ LL Elect? art. -¡b-r¡; ? forfeited A Gent's solid Gold Curb Albert? very Y. only 45s. A- LL-IÜe;tOr.=N ot;- llle. FIh.}on- Ji;F A Go)d Dreas Rines. Government_ ? l?l markedi on]y 4s 6d LL Electors.—Compare value. has forfeited A e hOice ottiectionp, of Gent$ &ad TA? i Xeg, ne ha s forfe ited Å choice selections of Gents 168 Diamond Rings. A LL Electors.—No opposition. Fligelsto.jg.g note<i Fea- Ather Beds, Bolster. 2 Pillows. 6.lbs. tye-ghi. 35, ALL Electors.-TryFIi¡:elsnCÙ-J-¡¡;11d Shirts: cheapest and best value in Cardiff largest sale. ALL Eleowrs.-Go to Flizelsu,ne's for Opera, Field, and AMarine GiMaes, very powe.ful glasses. from &) bd. ALL Electors.-Go to JÚ6elsto;f Ladies' Gold AWatch.z from 15s Gexts' Gold Watches from 20s. ALL Êleetors.-Go to F,,gelsWDe's, See teslimonials. ¿ A Lady's solid Gold W -,wh, quite new, only M& ALL Electors, —Go to Fligelftone's this week ud- Asome Silver Brow,,Os, only Is 3d each, hau.marked. TDIRMINGHA?M?}.ods.7jewettery. Watches. Hardware, BTL?O r- Cycles, ''nrniture. Wringem.—AKente w&nted. ? WhOIL'ae book free—Henry May (108), BmJ1lDcbam. 352 B-LAl.BERG'5A,'e.-RU8Sen'S Silver Lever, chrouo-?l Bmeter balame. 25 years warranty from maker. 70s. BLAIBERG'S Arcade.-3s 6d to 5s 6d, Gold Keeper? ?_StIver AlbJfts. &e. 563e BLAIBERG'S Arcade.-Pair Blankets, 13s 6d Tapestry' ??utita. 7j 6d Pair Sheets, 4s 6d the lot. 21s. BLAIB KEG'S Arcade.—AoQortwB, 71 M, C'??nK/oe: 13LA IB ?,YG'S Aroade. -Aaggrown, 75 64, orgau -tone IB LAIEERG'S Arcade.—Gents' Gold Lever Watches: the I best value for your money. |_>LA_LBERG'S Arcade.—Moles and Cords. 4s 6d money returned if do not give fair wear. OLAIBERG'S Arcade—Lady's Engagement Riug. real 4s6d. gold, 1st qua.lity,lSs 2nd quality, 106 6d 3rd quality, giTA -iiiki-iG'S Areade.-Suits, 21s. We have always seld the best guinea suit in Cardiff. OLAIBERG'S Arcade.—Support local manufactures. t3 4s lid. Booth Wales (guaranteed) We sh Flannel Shirts full size. BLAIBERG'S (dust, coat) Waterp.-oof, Newmarket style, neat make, 32s 6d. BLAIÚCRG'S Arcade.—Inodorous Maokintœh. sewn -t? spams, rain-proof. 21s. tDLAIBKRGS Arcade.—Is. Best Crystal Spectacles; wr^tten guarantee. Pebbles. 23 6d, guaranteed also. Arcade.-Patent Interchangeable Specs. b glasses easily fitted at any time, 2, 6d: warranted est crystal. -PLAIETi,'RG'SAreade.-Tbe Gordon Lady's Mackintosh, _l"s_od. Bargain guaranteed. OLAIBERG'S Arcade.—19s, Wedding Ring, 22ct,. 3i<iwU quite new. Silver Name brooch included this week" grati3. I-ikAIBERG'S Arcade.—Sdwt. 22ct. new Wedding Ring, 5Qs three Silver Name Brooches for bridesmaids in- j?LAIBKRC: '? Arcade.-Red Band Shirt, 2s 6d. No mechanic should be without one. BLAIBERG'S Arcade.-Welsh Drawers, Is lOAd. Hun- di eds sold every week. L2 crates: st' L or will send 15 dozen seconds articles for 1h 6d. wnie for lists.-Webb and Co., Railway-passage, Lor.gton, Staffordshire. 7ill !OR r;;ai;I t'ouD?rs. Ladders, Trucks, Butcher s .L Block, 6ft. by 4ft., Scales and Weights, tc.—D?ke. ?h!tys Yard, Cardiff. 84 UR Boa (real Russian).—Dark brown, quite new, very bushy, soft, silky Alaska Tail Boa, three yards long lady requmng Immediate cab: accept 19s 6d, worth S5 5s: sent for approval, carriage paid.—Mrs E. Hopkins, 55, Handforth-road. Bnston-road. S. W. 946 ?-???? Shades (;di ?izes) for Clocks. Figures, &c. cheap. ? Also i?pb GlobeE,-J. Cofdinf, Naturalist, 42, Royal Arcade, Curcliff. 997 G "I we sent over 500 Suits last season into 1 Cardiff an(Idistriet.. What more do ycu want 7 No. t, a^ ilor can possibly compete with our All-wool Tweeds and Sere Suits fo measure at 35s If 1. Write for patterns (free). -The Woollen company, B- niiford. 250 JEWELLERS' Case, 4ft. by 3ft. 6in.. aud outside lamp, che- Waterbury. 44, Royal Arcade, Cardiff. 781 L AI)Y'S finest quality new silk three-euinea Umbrella M-J long real ivory carved handle, richly mounted with over 4-inch deeji fine gold gilt hall-marked silver Fox's^T°5 frame: accept 163 6d approval I carriage paid.- n._I, Mosssmry-road. Claph-im Junction. 841 MILK Mi!k! Mitk '—One Chum fresh Morning Milk Ill. for Sale: ou rail Raglan 7.56: 15 p.c. cream.— Grif! h< Gwernmelyn, Raglan. 143 '\{- I jJK:=-GI-vY'l:ans. excellent make g,i-r.?t?ed. at loyl?;? pric all dairy utensik, A ¡so deed b,?mes and general sheet metal work. Largest works in Wales.—Cam- briau Tin Working Co., Dumballs-road, Cardiff (5 minutes from G.W.iy, 9H9e MILK for Sale, 20 gallons most convenient to trains.- ..I.. Johu Thomas, Sydney House, Lisworuey. near Cowbridge. 662 ? AH UFACTURERS' Remnants direct ia 5ib?.nd'fc?b XvX Bundles. Stuffs, Calico. Velvets, Shirtings. Fbn nekttes also Pinafores and Underclothing. Price List free.-J, Mitchell and Sons. 44. Weil-st., Bradford, York. PLUMS from growers choicest kinds from 2;d per lb 241bs and upwards carriage paid.—Howard Bevau, Sansome-place, Worcester. 9:;5 Ij HIL PhiUips Rheumatic Cure, 24, St. Mary-street- HIL Rheumatic Cure, 24. St. Mary-street- PIïŒ-Ph¡Üi;Ri};úmatic Care.-Socks 10s bd per )L?ir. end siz, of boots. 226e P III], Phillips' Rheumatic Cure.—Ladies and Gentlemen JL waited upon at their own residences. PHIL Phillips' Rheumatic Cure.—Cures Rheumatic Gout. PHIL Phillips' Rheumatic  Cure.—Belts from 10s 6d. Send memure of waist. ii, HIL Phillips' Rheumatic Cure.-Cures Sciatica. OIllL Phillips' Rheumatic Cure.-Wristlets from 5s per pair. PHIL Phillips' Rheumatic Cure. -Fresh Testimonials of cures daily. FHIL Phillips Rheumatic Cure.-For 10s 6d you can b? i. Cured. PHIL Phillips' Rheumatic Cure.—Sole manufacturer, 24, Hë. Mary-street, Cardiff. LASS, Cbi.. and Earthenware.—Have you seen J. R Gitogers,' MOD SP)' Show of G,ass, China. Earthenware, Table and Pocket Cutlery, and General Fancy oads?- Important to every Sbopkeeper and Householder. Never i'i the annals of the trade have goods been et!ered at such marvellously low quotations. All genuine, best goods, at makers' prices. Hundreds visit us, and are astonished at our display and value,—Note address :—J. R. Rogers, 9, Wood-street (opposite Wood-st. Chapel), Cardiff. Lists free. EOGERS' for 4ep¡eTS-;ts:-from 5s 6d set. Look at .\J onr selec¡ou in windows. Rogers' for 40-piece Break- fast Set, from 7s set. Rogers' for 54-piece Dinner Sets, from 100 stc. Why pay 21s for same article? We give value. Rogers' for Golden Rock Teapots, at 4d, 5d, and 6d each. Rogers' for Decorated Jet Teapots, at 8d, 9d, and IOd each. Rogers' Monster Set of Jugs. at Is, is selling by the Hundred, and causiug a sensation. Rogers' for Travel- lin Trunks, from 3s 6d each. Rogers' Celebrated Cutlery at all prices. Rogers' for Art Pots, Vases, and Fancy Glass. Rogers has Tea Trays from 2s per set of three. Rogers' for Nickel Clocks Time Is 6d: alarm, 2s each. '["RA VELLING'i'rooks. Bounet Boxes, Tourist Boxes.— L 500 sent direct from largest manufacturer in the worJd for absolute Sale made of very best steel plates, and finished with best lever locks, in all aim and colours. Large size Travelling Trunks from 3t, 6d each. Bonnet Boxes, h;, Is 3d. Is 6d, Is 9d each ditto with locks, Is 3d, Is 6d. Is 9d, 2s each. Tourist Boxet, 2s. 2s 3d. 2s Cd each ditto with locks, 2s 3d, 2s 6d, 2s 9d each.—J. R, Rosers, 9, Wood-street, Cardiff (wholesale and retail). 43!■ ??ABLE Cutlery.—Lady offers 4-guinea Sovtce, best Tqt,?lity, 12 table knives, 12 small klHves. pair carvers and steel for 14s 6d I,ite p"n,ed balance handles SheMeH make g r eLu b?r?tin unused. App.cvat b,fore payment. —Mrs Dawson, 31, Moreton-street, Pimlico, S.W. rpb Dealers, &c.-Nottiughfim Lace aud Hoielj. job lots, X 10s and 20s bundJeo.-Deaville and Co., Manufacturers, 29, Houndsgate, Nottingbam. 689 WATCHES, Lever with warranty, at 35s, are only to be \V bought at Follick's.  WATCHES, Lady's solid Gold. at 38s, are only to be TT bought at Follick's. WATCHES, by all the best makers, are only to be bought at Follick's. 954 WATCHES, in heavy silver cases at 10s 6d, are only ? to ?, bought at FoUick's. wATCHFS at the lowest prices, are only to be bought at FoUtC?s W ATCffES, solid silver, in order at 5s 6d, are only to be Tt bought at Follick's. ATCHES, only go to Follick's. 40 and 41, Bridge- Tf street, Cardiff. WATCHES by Skarratt Worcester, at 25s, are only to be bought at Folli k's. WATCHES, Euglish Lever, for one guinea; are -only to It' be bought at Follick's. V*7 ATCB FS. the renowned 6s 6d, are only to be bought IN tFollicks. _3- good Second-hand Scales, suit butchers or grocers set of Bell Brass Weights, very cheap.-Gibbon, Mill- road, Pontypridd. 7e 5,000 Gross Blauds Pills. 6d per gross, postage 2d.-The Drug and Dispensing Stores, Limited, Wolverhampton. BASKETS. Baskets.—Pretty Picnic Baskets, with cover JD leather fiLtiug, 4s 6d doz. also all The pretty new Open Baskets, all the new colours, 48 6d doz. also larger and better new patterns, 8s 6d doz. New covered Perambu- lators, from 4s 6d doz. Toy Rattles, Newspaper Stands, Tidies, endless variety of Wicker Goods at bottom prices.— Watkins, Provider. Newport. Moiintns. ew Tints, fancy cu patterns, size J 10 x 8, 8W;L d. per dozen.—Watkins. 68e CLOTHES Baskets, Market Baskets, Galvanised Buckets, ali at 55 6d doze-. -W-tki. 63e C ONSTANT Peruser and Gammon.—In answer to yours. C we have not, been asked yet, to join the Cabiuet, and it is quite possible we shall refuse, as we hope to par- ticipate in the golden showers now anticipated, and I should never feel happy with Orkard Joe.—Watkins, Provider. ClOJETS, Cruets. Cructs.-Uieful Irottle. with black and brass frame, only lld: ditto with cut bottles. Is lid half-guinea nickel, best frame, 4 cruet, with cut bottles, only 7s 6d ditto with six best cut bottles. only 8s 6d. Best metal Spoons from 8d doz. Carvers from Is pair. Tons of useful Takle Cutlery at really very low prices. —Watkins, Provider, Newport. 63e (T'NVl'LOPES.—We have 2CO.OOO best Palace shape Court E Envelopes. As we want room we shall clear at la lid per thousand. These are all well made and wellgumnied. and are really worth 4s 6d thousand.—Watkins, Provider, Newport. 63e FIRE Shovels Fire Shovels I !-Best steel plate, with doz. 6d size, 3s doz, 9d size, extra large, 33 9d doz. Stickfast Fly Papers, lid doz.!l_d'Newport. 63e GLADSTONE Bags.-Be-C Eiic;,Iish make Cowbidt- Bags, nickel silver fittings, only Sid per inch any size from 18 inches up.—Watkins, Provider, Newport. 63 j "1 (>YKRNMKNT Bt'mped ill;lTe. best quality, l?,la G mocha, Or S?lruon colour. Please note reduced prices. Quartf. 7, 6d pints. 4s M balf-piat?i. 3s 4d per doz. War- ranted new and perfect.—Watkins, Provider. Newport. GREEN Peas.—If you our two- handle 8 inch Strainers best make. only 3s lid per dozen. —Watkins, Provider. 63 HOME Instructor Library.—We only have about a 1.- thousand copies left, of these 2s books. Each volume complete and handsomely bound in red cloth with gold edces. We shall clear them at 7id per copy. Sample copy post free lid. We have co complete list, but state what you require fully.—Watkins, Provider, Newport. 6e. ICE Crt-aui, ice Cream.—Watkius, Provider, has just received a big consignmsnt of 2d Ice Cream Glasses on leg as we must clear we shall sell at id each, leid doz.. s lid per gross.—Watkins, Provider. IMPORTANT Notice.—We will, during this month and next. give a Handsome Present to all Young Couples that purchass their Household Goods to the extent of 30s and upwaTds. NN itkin;, People's Provider, Newport, 63e J-AjÇCh-J:;¡;Tiul housekeepers will now be Pin to lay in a stock of bet Glass Jars at once lib size. Is doz., 115 6d per gross 21b size, 2s per doz.- Wntkiur, Provider, Newport. 63e M- ATHIEit'S p¿io;- Fly Papers, M doz. Sand Paper, any Nos.. 4d doz. Emery A'apor, 7Ad doz. best. Perforated Chair Seats, 2s 3d per doz. best bound Trails, large size. Is 4d per nest of three: 4ft. Blind Laths, 7jd per doz. Broom Handles, Is Id per doz. Hair Curlers, Is per gross P< n-nibs, 5<1 per gross Corks. 8d gross, large size new Ruby EnTgues, 17 inches high, is 9ri each. Anythim: and e,?rthi,?g t 'Vtkius's, See the trams with our name, and j,mp OD.—Watkins, P eo I le 's P;videi 2318. 1 130, Chepsto?-road,   ?/rANILLA!M?ni)ta !—Larce buudles of b?st tine ?A Manilla, 8d per doz., 7s 6d per rros. pretty bunches of Grass from 9d per doz. We are nearly sold out of our large stock of Pampas Grass, 58 come early —Watkins, MOULDINGS Mouldings !—Tons of new Mouldings 1\-1 for Pictures just arrived. Note reduced prices. Best Gold Slips from 2s 8d per 108 feet 2iin. Best Brown and Gold handsomely traced patterns, 9s 6d per 108 feet Black aud Gold, same pattern, same size, same price 3LI1. Bruwu and Gold ALhambra. Is 9d per length, 13s 6d per 108 feet do. Black and Gofyl, same size and price. Solid Oak wonderfully cheap: Maples ditto. Our sample Bundles of Assorted Mouldings, c:unM:e paid to your door 7gW. II" 6d, and 21s. Kindly state wh?t kinds on prefer, as we keen all kïw t. sid:.t 13tl.°13æré;Îis:r Newport. PORTMANTEAUS, leather bound. 22 inch, é5 6d JT Travelling Bags from 2s 6d each.—Watkins 63e PAMPAS. Pampas. Pampas Grass. —Beautiful Flowing JT Plumes (white), extra large. Is lid doz., or all the New Colours 2s lid per doz. Pretty Bunches of Grass from Bid per doz. Pretty hand-painted od Splasheis, size about j3 by 18, only S!s 3d per doz. NL by 18. only 3. 3d per doz. New Palm Fans, large size. 7id doz.. 7s 3d gross._ Wa,tki.a. The Evergreen, 123-130 Chep- stow-road, Newport. 63e S' LATES.-8tronlt PEDDY Slates, M per do?en. 7s 6d per s grow.-Watkifis. Provider. 63e TABLE Glass. Table Glass.—We have in stock T.bout 72 cases of Table Glass of every de.enption, and another 60 to come. Note onr present prices:-5 to quart ordinary Tumblers, 20 different patterns, lOd per doz. 9s 6d per gross. Tots same patterns and prices. Leg Tumblers. 5 to quart, 104d per doz., 9s 9d per gross: also 6 and S to quart, sensations, barrel or lemon shape leg glasses, same prices. Best Cut Wines from Is 5d per doz. IB-t Cut Stem Spirit Glasses from Is lid per doz. Large Ginger beer Glasses from Is 9d per doz. Glass Sugar Crushers, 74d per doz. Tons of use- ful Glass at unheard of prices. All orders promptly exe- cuted.- Wa.tkins, People's Popular Provider, 123 130. Chepstow-road, Newport. 63e TOYS, Toys, Toys.—We have thouaands of mv Toys of JL every descriptiou for Bank Holklr. at ridiculoo* prices. -Wat,Mus, Provider, r PEU.VKS 1 Trunks Trunks !—Best eel Trunks, brass '"rRh!.£í;:htb;:d new no old stock), just arnved from ma,?uf.eture?s, from 2s Hid each. or per nest of four large sizes, 13s M per nest.-Watkins, Provider. I-argest stock in South Wales. Lists free. 63e rpOBACCONlSTS.-T^rRoir^d ThirTRoU, 3s i,¡ct lb. Cijarettea, Id packets, all kinds per box of 50 packets, 3s 3d: JdJBoxes Cigarettes, Is 9d box Watkins's  6b". 3s 6d lb. best 4d Minure, 4s 4d per lb. Gold Flake 4s <d Richmond Birds Eye, 4s 5d Frank- 'yns?nd Wills To b acco at cu price& All makes of tobacco in stock at, bottom prices. Id Smekes from 3s lid per 100: choice 2d C gars. 7s 6d. 8s. 8s 6d 3d Cigars. extra large, 115 9<1. 12s, 12s 6d. 13s, 14s per 100. Cigarette Papers, all makes, 50 far 2s. Briar Pipes. Pipes io cases, Cigarette Holders, Poaches, Cigar • Cas»s, Cigar Holders, Walking sticks. Canes. Endless variety of everything at Watkins's, Provider, Newport. 63e THE Improved Develine Hooter, 6d size 3s per doz.— Watkins, Provider, Newport. 63e VVHITE and Gold Breakfast Cups and Saucers. 2s 6d v doz. Pink and Gold do.. 2s lid doz. Large size Dinner Platts, Is 4:1 doz. Dinner Sets, from 6s lid per sel;; Useful Tea'Cnps and S .uuers, neat patterns, Is 6d doz. Toilet Sets, .from 4s 6d. We have over 40 tons of "ockery at really wonderful prices.—Watkins, Provider, 123, 128,130, Chepstow-road, Newport. 63e \\7 JlIl'F and Gold Tea Sets, 2s llid pink and gold v t 2s ll.^d blue and gold, 2s 11 id. Fuil sizt Toilet Sete, Pretty patterns, from 3, lid. Black and cold Teapots from aid fach. Dinner Sets, full size. 54 pieces, from 12s lid 0-guinea handsomely cold-traced Dinner Sets. 29s 6d. We send out tons of crockery every week, and we have H acres of floor space. Beware of cheip imitators.—Watkius, The People s Popular Provider, 123, -128, 13J, Chepstow-road, Newport. Parking Warehouses, J and 2. Speke-street. and .Duckpool-road. • 63p M Ki.s.AN n :Vi>. ESPECTABLE couple wish to t"?e HeaithyBitbyto -K-h ?? will Adopt as own premium.-Whte G 673, E O&ee. CardiS. 673 7 ANTED, 500 Workmen to Wear Mitchell's home-made £00t8.-3, CMOline-street. and 4. Broadway. Itoash, Cardiff. 712 I. EFT-OH r!.(»rut\<„ LADY wishes to sell Parcel of Baby's First Clothes, T flil)erior Quality, quite new, never worn, very cheap L., .„Lancaster-road, Fallowfie'd. 960 1 ,ArtP"S' Gentlemen's, Children's Left-off Clothing *-J Bough,t.-Mrs Rich. 57, Castle-road. Cardiff. Good prices orders punctually attended to. Furniture bought.813 T ADIES and Gentlemen s Wardrobes purchased good -A Prices given orders promptly attended to.—Mrs Nort, h. 14, Caroline-street, Cardiff. 791 LADIES, Centlemens and Childrensn.s L?ft-off Clothim: -lu '°,"???°d prices given. Furniture bouht.-Mrô Plaisted, 43, Carlû;l-street. Splotlands. Cariim. 325 'lRS McMurray, V'?rdrob ? Dc?[er? 12, Arcot-street. 1., Penarth,-('.ood prices paid for children's clothing. "LN:l paid for childrpu'sclothin:. Ur?ers receive prompt a??tentio.. Furniture bought- 734 MAOHlMtJCl. HALP-Horse power Gas Engine ana ChafTcutter f r H A-eo]l! f¡:I Sengï:chï aall;r, enamelled bowt a.nd everal BuLthers' Blocks, very cheap. ^Gibb.-i". Mill-road. Pontypridd. 6e imkuTA A RTIFICIAL Le/s, Arms, Eyes, Belts, Le« Irons, Spine Supports, Trusses.—The only Mr Pearce, maker. is at 4. Charles-street. Cardiff. 994 A STROLOGY.—Marriage, succe?s, business prospects, ??- M.c., Ia partner described. 7 stamps send birth- _tme. description.—Professor Evans, 95, Felixton-road, Ipswich 9 APfj^sant M.edicme.Sars.tparUin Compound, price Is.— ATrilmnell, Tli? Herbahst," Moira-terrace, Cardiff. 823 13ILLHEADS, l.COO, 4s 6<1 1,C00 Business Cards, 4s 6d, ispecial line), 4y, Carditf. -Rees. Mallett. IIDd Sta.Dbury. Printers. Football Fixtures. Testimonials, f-JLOOD-purifyine Herbs: nothing like it: price Js. Iiost la 3d.—Trimnell. Moira-terracc, Cardiff. 823 COUGH Herbs a splendid remedy price 9d, post Is.— The Herbalist, Moira-terrare, Cardiff. 823  '<URE for Piles. -Perfect cure guaranteed in most y ( Rtubbom cMes: post free. 2s 9d, 4s 6d.-La Trohe, Chem?t.. St. Miohael s-hill BrisLo). 6S C'-irrU<;RVOf ?U Descriptions. —A. W. Sta.niforthI V c*ssor to G. H. Staniforth, The Cutler." 6, Church- •' C_ardiff- Grinding and Rep-iriDg daily on the premise? NDIGESTI 0-;? lierb?: nurity guiranteed: price 9d, poet lg.—' The Herbalist, Moir?-terrace. Cardiff. 823  Herb for Gravel, Stone. &c.: price 9d. uost ?-  Ls. The Herbalist, Moira-terrace, Cardiff. 823 1\,1 ATRIMON\.—Photograph future husband oT wife, -IN Wtth position, Is 6d 00c ye?t's erects. Is 6d five years 3, 6d sex. Inrthtime.-Prof. Lisle, 42, Firgrove-rmid, r reemantle. Southampton. 809 0L? AriiCd^ 7l'eeih BouKht. Crtd Gold!"Silver, Ptatina, «rHighest prices given by mtinafacturing deutist.- Write Dlntiet, Echo Otilce, Cardiff. 3 PHRENOLOGY, Marriage, Business, Cha racter, Palmis- try, free.-Prcf. Mayo. Castle Arcade, Cardiff. 805 P AIZAIJYSIS, JSciatica. Rheumatism Cured Expediti- Houghton's Electro-Hydropathic Establisb- ment. btuart House, Edwards-terrace, Cardiff. 255.. :quick relief price 9d. post Is.—Trim mil, The Herbalist," Cardiff. 823 TJROP. J. ?' ?hreno)oci5t. &c., late of Cardiff. now  at 9 ??"'?'??Made?Swan8ea.. 250e V EN ETI[AN Blinds made any colour, warranted, 4d per t- 0 lists nDC* estimates free.-Blind Works. 198. Cowbridge-roud, Cardiff. 915 \??C??' Ciucks audJeweUer'onLheHtrehts'?m \V {lrn(lhi Comply. Ltd Haves Cardiff 25° 1KM l:* £ 1,0C0, £ 600, £ 300, and £ 1?0 separate sums, at B5 per ceut. wanted in good leasehold securities in Aberdare Valley.-A.R. Daily New., Oftice, Cardiff. 2e <*4,500 wanted on good security (leasehold houses) at 4 CIiitI per cent.-Apply X. Daily News, Swansea. 970e A retired tradesman will advance Loans from £5 upwards. —By lett-er only, 13, Romilly-cresoeat. Cardiff. 139 MONEY at a fair rate or mtcreso, advanced in ;.iiy IXi. sums without delay distance no obje«t.— Apply, by tetLer or personally, to W. Williams, 36, Graig-street (late of Vine Cottage, 1, station-terrace), Pontyijridd. Z,3)n ARIAN ar log, heb na thraui na thrafferth.—Ysgrifenwch neu dewch yn bersonol at Lewis. 67. Castle-road, Roath, Caerdydd. 458 CI ASH.—Advances promptly made on reasonable terms ? Asibf:hertro£2Óe:;â Trade bills discountcd.-Apply J. W.WiHi?tns.Aeooumaat. 11. Duke-street, Cardiff. 168 Al R L. Reed. 56, Railway-street, Moors, Cardiff, advances J. from £2 to E2(Y.I. Borrowers receive courteous and prompt attention. 459 • *200, C3??0, and &5C0 to Advance on Mort,M:e at 4i per CIiitI Cent. at once.—Morgan Morgan. Albert Chambers, High-street. Cardiff. 422 MONEY Lent ou note of band.-Apply. in confidence -(Ietteri only), 69, Moy-road, Cardiff. 445 PRIVATE gentlem&u Advances Money, £ 5 upwards; easy tepayments as arranged.—Apply by letter, 4, Clare-street, r d ?. tr. 140 MONEY Lent upon tnote of Hand, without Bill of Sale or Sureties, as follows :— £25, repayable in 24 monthly instalments of £1 2 5 £ 50. „ 24. £2 4 10 £100, 24. x:4 7 Larger sums in proportion. Strict privacy guaranteed. No commissions charged. Distance no object. -Apply D. Williams, 15,York.road, Waterloo Bridge, London.S.E. 57e 1\-1 ONEY. i;-£5war¡J-(ivanced to re'I"ctl,le Householders. Cab Proprietors, etc on ;wn ecur¡ty. by the actual ledder. J. P. Thompson, 71, Adam-stre<t, Car. diff. No fees. Office hours. 1C to 7: Wednesdays, 10 to 2. CASH Advances made to any amount promptly, privately and at a fair rate of interest: distance no object.— Apply, by letter only, to Mr C Lloyd, 24, Raglan-street, Newport. 92Sf < *5 and upwards iranted daily to householders, ivithou sureties, no delay, no fees and confidential. Apply, by letter or personally, to F Gould, 88. Pontmorlais. Merthyr Tydfil, 20, Caroline-street, Bridgend, and at 3, Friars Park. Lamw:<st, Carmarthen. 145 25 to ;5.0DO Lent Privaleiv, in any part of town or country, to respeotable people, on a Nobe of Hand alone, without Bondsmen or auy Security. Exceptionally Low Interest. Apply to- H. THOMAS, Manager (F-ead Oiffce), Victoria Chambers. 25, Bridge-street, Bristol. 286 MONEY MONEY 1 MONEY I— Don't be without .a Money when you can obtain au Advance From £ ,2 to ANY AMOUNT, on your own Security and Easy Repayments, as arranged. Apply ô. HARRIS. Manager, 131 Central Advance Bank. 40. Wood-street, Cardiff. T 0 HONEST AND RESPECTABLE BORROWERS X ONLY. The Castle Advance Bank is prepared to Advance Mo-ry at the lowest rate of interest. Without Sureties or Bonds- men. On Your Own Note of Hand Alone. You must bear in mind that we are no agents, and that you are dealing with the firm direct. If you prefer prompt treatmeut and strictest privacy apply, personally or by letter, to GEORGE DAViES It CO.. CASTLE ADVANCE RANK, 207. CASTLE-ROAD. CARDIFF. 142 L O A N S MONEY LENT in small or large sums. repayable by easy we<"kly instalments or arranged to suit borrowers, con- venience. The terms and interest will be quoted before any business is done. Strict privacy. No delay. Apply, per- sonally or by ]?!tter. t.o t ?t p'?'??pg 628 R PH\lgb1tSÙRCH.STR.EET. CARDIFF. PUBLIC NOTICE. RESPECTABLE HOUSE- pmEkRS r:T;oLEN AWi,¥foTMMfow MONEY in sums from £3 to £500. All applications, whether in Cardiff or the surrounding towng, are attended to without delay. Letters Receive Prompt Attention. Address :—WALLACE & COMPANY. '° 98, QUEEN- STREET, CARDIFF. 444 N.B.—Entrance first door at side. • ? ONEY LENT ATTI Vfi PERCENT! ?.L FROM ?2b to £ 2,COO. Why pay more, when a Private Gentleman is prepared. to grant Advay,ces to responsible persons, Male or Female, upon their NOTE OF HAND ALONE. in any part of England or Wnles, without loan office formalities ? NO BILL OF SALE OR !URE'JIEB REQUIRED. The advance can be paid back by easy iustaiments, or can reiuaiu out from 1 to 15 years by paying the interest only. Call or write to the actual Lender. CECIL G. COURTENaY, EsQ., 895e 11. Strrwid Orprn.rnitd. Sevpn Sisters-road. London. N- Money lent without mll of sale vk 1\1 SURETIES, on IO1: &s fw,h I.H li;2D-24 MONTHLY INSTALMENTS of £018 4 £ ■50—24 „ „ B2 5 10 £ 100—24 £ 4 11 8 'No Commission or Legll Expenses. A guarantee given of strictest privacy. Apply for prospectus to UNITED KINGDOM DEPOSIT BANK, 5-5, Craveu-street. Strand, london. 933e A G. WILLIH Manager. HE DIRECTORS of I S FIFLL: NG INI) CO JL (LIMITED Advance Daily Sums fro B5 TO £1.000. Method of Business: FAIR INTEREST. EASY REPAYMENTS. ABSOLUTE PRIVACY. NO DELAY. No SURETIES TRADE BILLS DISCOUNTED. l' cos.)ectu.. and Particulars Free. n pplv at either Addresses below :— Head Office THE HAYES BUILDINGS, CARDIFF. ALBERT-CHAMBERS, STOW-HILL, NEWPORT. 4, ST. CATHERINE ST., l'ONTYPRIDD (Opposite Police Station', lie jyjONEY PRIVATELY, PROMPTLY, AND CHEAPLY. THE NATIONAL MERCANTILE BANK, BALDWIN-STREET. BRISTOI, The Directors of this old-established, etl-knowii Office, having large available funds, offer unusual facilities to all respectable and trustworthy persons who require either temporary or permanent assistance. Cash iu amounts from £20 to £10.000 advanced in all parts of the kingdom without sureties, delay, or publicity, and on t-hesecurity only of the borrower's written promise to repay. These advances may be repaid by weekly, monthly, or quarterly instalments extending over a period of time convenient to the borrower, or the principal may remain so long as the interest is paid. No Bills of Sale taken, and the transactions are not pub- lished in any newspaper or gazette. Apply, stating amount required, to Mr T. C. MILBURN. General Manager. Note.—Specially advantageous terms for Loans on Life Insurance Policies, Reversions, and Second V.ortraees.5 £ 6e SCHOOL Treats, Picnic, and LArge?Parties Catered for on the most reasonable terms at Abergavenny, Raglan Castle, and other places of attraction by C. H. SA YCB. CATERER AND CONFECTIONER, ABERGAVENNY. All kinds of conveyances at lo charges. Large tent and field and every accornqkodaV" for large and small parties. J 691. T) A IL YSERVICE BETWEEN CARDIFF and WESTON By the magnificent, Saloon Steamers WAVERLRY & RAVENSWOOD. Weather and Circumstances Permitting. AC GUST. LEAVE CARDIFF. Sat. 5.—7.0, 8.30 a.m., 2.15, f, 45, via Bumhaiu. Mon. 5, BANK HOLIDAY. —* 8.0. 9.e5 5.30, 7.30 p.m. Tues. 6.-8.45, 10.15 am,, 4.15. 6.15, 8.T.5pm Wed. 7.7.50. 9.20 am., 4 15 p.m. Thurs. 8.—*7.30, 9.15,11.30 ??.-45 p.m. LEAVE WESTON Sat. 3.-17.45 a.m., 4.45, 8. 0 P. n-i. Mon. 5, BANK HOLIDA Y. —8.!i5 ,m., 4.30, 6.30, 8.45 p.m. Tues. 6.-9.45 a,.m., 5.15, 7.15. 9.15 p.m. Wed 7.—*8.15, 10.10 a.m., 9.15 p.m. Thurs. 8.-8.15, i 4.60, 9.0 p.m JNote.—I be above Steamers will call at Penarth Pier I Every Trip except trips marked thus SPECIAL EXCURSIONS FROM I o CARDIFF By the CAMBRIA, WESTWARD HO,RA VENSWOOD. and WAVERLEY. TO-DAY. LYNMOUTH and lLFRASOl\JEE.-Leave Cardiff 8.30 a.m. Ilfi acombe, 1.45 p.m. Passengers return by Westward Ho at 1.45 p.m via Weston. BRISTOL.—Leave Cardift 2.0 p.m., Bristol 7.0 p.m. BURNHAM.-Leaie Cardiff 2.15 p.m. via Weston, and 5.45 p.m. Direct. Returning from Btirnham 4.0 and 7.0 p.m. via Weston. >INGLE TRIP TO LYNMOUTH AND ILFRA- COMBE.—Leave Cardiff 5.30 p.A. Note.—Steamer leaves Cardiff for Bristol at 2.0 p,m. on Saturday, Aug. 3rd, and not 2.30 p.m., as previously advertised. BANK HOLIDAY, MONDAY, AUGUST 5TH. LYNMOUTH and ILFRACOMBE. —Leave Cardiff 9.15 a.m. Ilfracombe, 3.0 p.m. Lynmouth, 3.35 p.m. CLEVEDON and BRISTOL. Leave Cardiff, 3.15 p.m. Bristol, 8.0 p.m Cieveuon, 9 0 p.m. EVENING TRIP to CLEVEDON and BRISTOL.— Lea,ve Cardiff, 5.30 p.m. Bristol, 8.0 p.m. Cievedon, 9.0 p.m. CLEVEDON.-Leave Cardiff 9.25 a.m. (via Weston), 3.15, 5.30 p.m. Clevedon, 2.0 and 9.0 p.m. TUESDAY, AUG. 6tli. LYNMOUTH, ILFRACOMBE, and CLOVELLY.— Leave Cardiff 9.0 a-m., Cloveily 2.30 p.m., Ilfracombe I 3.45 p.m., Lynmouth 4.20 p.m. CLEVEDON and BRISTOL.—Leave Cardiff 3.45 p.m.. Bristol 8.30 p.m., Cievedon 9.30 p.m. EVENING TRIP to CLEVEDON and BRISTOL.— Leave Cardiff 6.15 p.m., Bristol 8.30 p.m., Cievedon 9.30 p.m. CLEVEDON.—Leave Cardiff 10.15 via Weston 3.45 and 6.15 p.m., Cleveilon 2.45 and 9 30 p.m. WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 7tli. LYNMOUTH, ILFRACOMBE, and CLOVELLY.— I Leave Cardiff 9.30 a.m., Cloveliy 4.0 p.m.. Ilfracombe 5.30 p.m., Lynmouth 610 p.m. CLEVEDON and CHEPSTOW, via WESTON.— Leave Cardiff 4.15 p.m., Chepstow 7.45 p.m., Clevedon 8.45 p.m., Weston 9..5 p.m. THURSDAY, AUGUS. 8tb. MINEHEAD, LYNMOUTH, and ILFRACOMBE.- Leave Cardiff 9.30 a.m, Iiiracombe 4.0 p.m., Lynmouth 4.35 p.m., Mmehead 5.45 p.m. For Fares see Bills, and for any further particulars apply to Mr WM. GUY, 70A., 'Bute-street, Cardiff Or to P. and A. Campbell. Ltd., Bristol. 310; rjlAFF VALE RAILWAY. BANK HOLIDAY ARRANGEMENTS. MONDAY, AUGUST 5TH, 1895. In addition to the ordinary service, SPECIAL TRAINS will be run about EVERY HALF-HOUR, if required. between CARDIFF (Riverside) and PENARTH. CHEAP RETURN TICKETS will be issued by all Trains after 12.0 Noon to PENARTH, LAVERNOCli, SULLY, a.nd CADOX rON, as under FROM CARDIFF (Queen-street). ist. 2nd. 3rd. To Penarth Is Od 9d 6d L?vernock or Sullv.. 1? 9d Is M 9(1 Cadoxton  lb 9cl Is 4d lOd Cadoxton It. 9d Is 4d lOd FROM CARDIFF G. W. OR RIVERSIDE. 1st. 2nd. 3t d. To Penai i )i 10d 7d 5d Lavernock or Sully.. Is 6d Is Cd 9d Cadoxton Is 9d Is 4tl lOd The Service between PENARTH, SULLY, and CADOXTON will be supplemented by SPECIAI, TRAINS, as required. The last train will leave Cadoxton at 8.18 p.m. for Cardiff, Penarth at 10.30 p.m. for Cardiff, and Cardiff (Queen-street) at 11.0 p.m. for Penarth. CHEAP EXCURSIONS will also be run to I CARDIFF, PENARTH. COWBRIDGE, and ABER- I THAW from the Merthyr, Aberdare, and Rhondda Districts. SWANSEA.—From Cardiff and intermediate stations to Treorky, including the Mardv Branch. I THROUGH TICKETS will be issued from Taff Vale Stations to WESTON and ILFRACOMBE on Bank Holiday as advertised. See the Company's pamphlets and notices, which I aay be obtained at the booking offices. A. BEASLEY, General Manager. Cardiff, August 1st, 1835. 4?9—933e public gLcsizas. I EST GPON-I: CHURCH. 1 If (UNITARIAN FREE CHRISTIAN). THE REV. WALTER LLOYD, I of Gloucester, WILL PREACH OX SUNDAY NEXT, AUGUST 4TH, at. 11.0 ard 6.30. le CJPIHITUAL] SM.—ST.J OHINt,S "HALL; k7 ST. JOKN'S-SQUARE. PUBLIC SERVICES il VERY SUNDAY EVENING at 6.30. You are cor- diallyinvited. Admission free. Collection. 999e gALTXTiON- ARMY, CARDIFF! STUART HALL. BANK HOLIDAY DEMONSTRATION, MONDAY, AUGUST 5TH Meetings hel-i by Brigadier Lindsay, the new Pro- vincial Officer for Wales, assisted by 50 Staff and Field Officers. 11 a.m., Holiness Meeting; 3 p.m., Singing Battle by a Choir of 200 Children 6.45, Musical Tornado. Be A HEARTY INVITATION TO ALL. ONGCROSS STREET BAPTIST CHAPEL, ROATH. SERVICES TO-MORROW (bUNDAY), Conducted by Mr H. CHAPMAN, Nottingham Colieue. Morning. 11 Evening, 6.30. 105 ANTGARW EISTEDDFOD. NOTICE. The Committee have decided, on account of the in- terruption of the General Election, to postpone their ] Eisteddfod from MOND, Y. AUGUST 5th, to MONDAY, SEPTEMBKR 2nd, 1895. DAVID HUGHES, Chairman. JOHN E. THOMAS, Joint. JOHN EVANS, /Secretaries. Programmes now leadv. 12 ATE AT H HORTICULTURAL, J-l FLOWER, DOG, POULTRY, PIGEON, CAGE BIRDS, RABBITS, CATS, AND CAVIKS SHOW. AUGUST 8th, 18 S 5. Judging, 1C.30 a.m. ENTRIES CLOSE AUGUST 1st. Schedules on application to ELLSON ALLEN, Secretary. CLuich-pIace, Neath. 4326 K J J-JKATH goHS- PIANOFORTES AND ORGANS. SPECIAL PRICES FOR THE SUMMER MONTHS. Ca,l1. M'nthly. Walnut Case, full-compass trichord, £ s. d. Walnut Ca?e, 5ft ICin high 15 10 6 panel front, 3ft lf,?n Iligl 15 10 6 SimilRr Model, ,upenor quality.. 17 11 8 Vanderbolt Model, iron frame, full-com- pass, trichord, machine-covered ham- mers, 3ft lOin lligi 20 14 0 Vanderboit Model, 2in higher, superior quality 22 15 2 European Model, full compass, iron frame, full trichord, metal plank bar, plated bolts, sconces, incited mid gilded panel and trusses, 4Ü 3ii. high 26 18 9 Ditt.o. check "ction 28 ? 19 10 Association Model, 4ft 2in high, burr walnut, prize metia 1 design. A first- class instrument at a moderate price, with all the most modern improvements 31 22 ORGANS From B5. Before Purchasing do not fail to see our Stock and compare our Prices and Terms. I SHOWROOMS 51, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF ;70, TAFF-STREET, PONTYPRIDD. I Agencies at Aberavon, Cadoxton, Caerphilly, Bridg end, Maesteg, and Penartb- 9431 THE QUEEN RESTAURANT. 1 (Adjoining Station), STAN WELL. ROAD. PENARTH. FOR LUNCHEONS, DINNERS, TEAS, &c. 1 High-Class CAKES and Confectionery. PICNIC AND OTHER PARTIES CATERED FOR. I N I N G O O M S; TO ACCOMMODATE 130 PERSONS. Write for Terms to- H. R. WILLIAMS, Proprietor. 837e "FINEST CARMARTHEN JgUTTER IS NOW SOLD /iD TO f S PER LB. AT FROM JL ? L BY BOWENS AND LEWIS BO WEN, CARDIFF MARKET r-TALLS Nos. 147 & 149,155 & 158.. Why buy flavourless Danish ? A Large Selection of CAERPHILLY, CHEDDAR, and AMERICAN CHEESE always in stock. SUPPO R T HOME FA K M E R S. 553 DON'T FORGET THAT "VIRIDINE' is the CURE for CORNS. -This grand discover;, has led many to imitate it,, but without gaining such preparation the satisfactory results Viridine has secured. In bottles, Is by post, Is 2d. J. MUNDAY, Chemist, 1, Higli-strerf, Cardiff. cxREAT AMERICAN PRESCRIPTION Jf — Twenty years' research has brought to light guaranteerf Remedy for NERVOUS DEBILITY Weakne,,. of Sight, Bladder, Gravel, Kidney, and Liver Complaints. This Prescription is in the hands of a Minister, who will befriend anyone suffering from these enervating diseases. It has CURED THOUSANDS. Merely send self-addressed stamped envelope to the Rev. David Jones, Ray Villa, Lewes, when this Prescription will be seat FREE of CHAEGE —-name the pwer. -91 39usintss Abbrtssts. OUR jgEST Advertisements Allin. GARMENTS ova CUSTOMERS WEAR. MASTERS AND CO. CLOTHIERS. c ARDIFF, SWANSEA, NEWPORT, MERTHYR, PONTYPRIDD, HERE- FORD, ABERDARE, PONTYPOOL, ABERGAVENNY, LLANELLY. 1346 6* l3ublít Atimscnuttis. CARDIFF. Theatre ROYAL. JL I,F.ssr-E &. MANAGER. MR EDWARDFLETCHEJL LAST NIGHT OF MR R. D'O Y L Y CARTE'S CELEBRATED REPERTOIRE OPERA COMPANI ALL THE OLD FAVOURITES. TO-NIGHT (SATURDAY), THE yeomen OF THE G UA-RD, Booking Offices, Messrs Thompson and Shackell d, Time and prices as usual. Enormous attraction for MONDAY Next, Ang. 5th, THE FLIGHT FOR LIFE, by F. A. Scudamore & Co. Notice.—If wet. there will be a Day Performance oil Monday (Bank Holiday), at 2 p,m. Monday, Aug. 12th, first production of Dr. Joseph Parry's New Legendary Grand Opera, SYLVIA. Libretto by Mr Mendelssohn Parry. The following renowned artistes will appear Miss JAmie Van Dalle, Miss Hannah Jones, Mr Maldwyn Humphreys, Mt Meurig James, and Mr Franklin Clive. THE EJUMKfcf. I'll I n I ill -t-" 11 -1- t E Manageb OSWALD SIOLIL, TO-NIGHT rjpoM c OSTELLO, Famous for AT TRINITY CHURCH I MET MY DOOM, THE SHIP I LOVE," COMRADES." &c. THE i THREE SISTERS PAYNE, Trioists, _í II." r rUlDeutal1st:i, and Dancers. THi; ORIGINAL HARLOWS, the Huiuoroiu olJdescripts. MIS* VENiE 1 ORTESCCE, Serio-comedy Songstres.' and Dancer. MISS ETHEL BUCHANAN, Bailadist. THE ALMONTE TROUPE of Ccmc Panromimists hi, Ructions." THE SISTERS MARSHALL, Due ',ists and Dancers. AUSTIN RUDD, the Eccentric Singer. One of the most popular of Comic Singers. NEXT WLEK- The Keene and Reeves Combination, The Mascotte lour, inc. d N RAND T H E A T R E. -G-L-Essl,.E &MAKAGER. Mr CLARENCE SOUNES. Will re-open Monday next, August 5th, with grand production of The Two Hus-iars," to he followed by "The Triumph of the Philistines," "His Excellency,' and all the latest London Successes. GRAND LADIES ORCHESTRA. SPECIAL DAY PERFO;:MAN> E BANK HOLIDAY. Doors open at 2. j gTOLL'S pTiT^PT I CON, PHILHARMONIC HALL and BUILDINGS, ST, MARY-STREET. EXHIBITION AND NOVELTY PALACE. Stage Performances at 3.30. 7 and 9 o clock, Contributed by DAVIS AND GEROME, in "The Murphy Guards' l'ight On." MISS KITTY NOLAN, Irish Comedienne. SAM DALTON, Character Singer. MISS MABEL COMELY, Comedienne. MISS ROSIE ALEXANDRA, Contralto Vocali4 HARRY DASHWOOD, Vocal Comedian. The Crystal Maze. The Witch's Swing. The Phonograph. Prof. Allaby, Phrenologist, and other incidentals. 6d and b. G. H. SNAZELLE IS COMING. W A E A. THE E M P IRE. BIIANAGER OSAYALD STOLL. TO-NIGHT GEORGE BEAUCHAMP. Comedian ALBERT CHKISTIAN, Vocalist BOOKER and NARBIS, Clever Americans al-o The Siste s Wright, Miss Kate Cohen, Miss Cora Duncan, The Sister, Wyatt, atie, Dale and Ciarinder. Next Week.— O'Connor and Brady, The Two Bostons, etc. -N E v i- RI:. rn HE EMPIRE JL MAMenc? ? ?. ? tV A m STOTJ. TO-NIGHT. HARRY CHAMPION, The Popular London Comedian. THE FLORADOR QUARTETTE. Of Music;.1 Eccentric". THE MISSES WARD AND PENVILLE, Vocal Duettists. The W elsh Girls. THE THREE DELEV ATlS. And the Sisters Casey, Hessi" Hi IJt.O !t, Townshend, I Josephine and Lucretia, and Frank Egerton. Next Week—Geo. Beauchamp, Sisters Wright, etc. ~POXTYi'rnDD" Royal clarence THEATR JL? PONT?PR'DD. Proprietors—MESSRS TRENCHARD AND JONES. i SATURDAY, AUGUST 3RD, AND DURING BANK HOLIDAY WEEK, Important, Engagement of Messrs Rogers and Vemer's Company in £1.000 REWARD MONDAY, A' GUST 5th, AFTERNOON PER- FORMANCE at 2.30. Popular Prices. 991t C- R 0 S S -B R 0 T H E R S-. WORKING STREET, 0 ARDIFF. SPECIAL VALUE IN BEST QALVANISED £ <ORRUGATED JRON SHEETS TO COVER 2 FEET IN THE CLEAR. PRESENT CASH PRICES 5ft. long, Is 11,íd each. 6ft. „ l 4%1 „ 7ft „ Is „ 8ft., Is lO?dpersbewt. 9[c.. 2? 2?d „ llft.,2s6? It RIDGING, NAILS. WASHERS, and all necessary Fastenings at Reduced Rates. GALVANISED IRON CISTERNS, TANKS. Inquiries Solicited. 875! FOLLICK. PAWNBROKER AND JEWELLER 40 & 41 gRIDGE gTREET, C- AltDIFF. ADVANCES MADE ON JEWEUERV, PLATR AND ALL KINDS OF PORTABLE PROPERTY. lArpe Fireproof Safes kept for the reception I Valuables. On Sums exceeding 40s, 4d in the £ interest. I A Large Selection of Unredeemed Diamond BiMflf and Jeweilery always on Sale. 95.