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r«tPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. — liii WALKS IXEIO. ?0&DS. ONCE. | THKKE S'X TIMES. TIMES. jffijf' y ?o?O 6?To" 7'6' ?? "OWofd8? 0 9/1- six TIMKS jrr-~ -——————————— "news W ordsl 1 0 2 0 30 "E?o. -J II ECHO." II' 50 1-1- I ? ?ords 1 5 ? 6 I;; 9 20 ?"'? J 2/6 60 WOrGS Words 16 o 3 0 U | 4 4 6 O I '?yi SOt'IU r 3/9 ?U?vAHES MAt? XK?. (  TiiuriK six 40 Cordis w°tD9. ON(a TIlIWI': 40 \Vords w TIIIIES. j'J:lJES. 5/- — — — — 10 Words ??ordsO 9 1 6 2 3 1 ??orda? o I 3 0 ^ch extra  ^JWords 0 3 0 6 0 9 7» — v'tar;7fs app1y 0!t?/ <0 <?f C?!MS of??t'ef- fVj/ r'leni ?M?f below, and an: xtfM?y c!miined to »/io ??M! are ordered /br consecutive tMS?r?OM. thiiH ?? Jar pnviotls to t?Mf?ott; if either o? ?.? t<??<MM< ? not CC?t?tM? !M/?, </t<'??M<-<tSe-  ^ill be charged by the Business .S'C?:— ja Purtmcnts, ??MCt?MtS Vacant or Wanted, To be tp- ?OM, Zos?. Found, and A/MCe?aTKOM! mis. i? f ?.?? Notice.—Applicants sending repiiesMAdter- I\ddreed o iniiaIs or fictitious names, at, ts On Ce' jcquwte.l aot to send original testimonials "ithth aPPlications, but to enclose copies of testimonials I'AKTXEItSHir. Y UG Man In hIFmc, established over five years, tj. ?°"? like to have ,1 partner with about £ 50 ca.pital ? Brn?t '?tfnd to it ?Uhtm?tt abstainer pr.ferred; good SSSt.s.-p so6. Echo. ('.?'tiff. 506 S'?KSM?A?.. A ?oun.; Gentleman i-sd;imf- meting with others the, or tlw Purpose of Renting a Houe in the c')un;y for thp muier-~W"te immediately to Q 552, Echo Oe, Ciii-({jp 5 5 2 nA'ruuioJiiAi;. GENTLEMAN (2}, with menus, desires correspondence s»p,_ lth Cbnstiau Young Lady in simibr circumstances: ??cy gUMautced.—YVr!t? j? ?. Echo Office. Card iff. 673 J./DY. 22, wi;he- correspondence with seafaring Geotl t T  none other need app)y age about 55 to 40.— -1 hcho ?QSee. Cardiff. 303 j?tATHiMo?yrA GfnUeman. bMhe)or. aged 35. hold- '"co ?"??'xh?o??'POsiMon:tnd p'?essing ]arge private CatpT"' "le wa"t of an accomplished and domcsti- ?''?"?e. from a spinster or Ch??'?nood connections. Strictest secrecy. -Address Mr i^i^W^lls-street^Oiford-str^etj^^oridon^Vl^ 707 Ki»»;«'A !'l«\.VI,. ?J??JERYOtUct!tts and Miners.—Lessons by post: Hle surest road to promotion. Syllabus, ldstamip.— ?'?- ?o?thfrn. M. E., late H.M. Inspector ef Mines, The ?et??i??oo). Der?y.S27 j  ORTMAND (Pitman's) Evenmg Lessoos.-PiÏ! \once tugh' and qualified for appointments by an experi- t??u?r. orally or by post individual tuition, every tye lnK ?""?- <?orrpspor[ding and rep >rtinf! styles, and "de (c?I"Re,APPIY Principal, 21, De Burgh-street, Kivcr- c Cardiff t?Si A?M KM i>. }"ODk- Hetriever Pup, both front paws white, ilI  white spot oa breast. If not dRimed in three d?y: *ill u 'j s^d.—Apply 14, Edmund-street. Tylortown. 6S3 LOST lixed-'Str and fietriever. Mack, curly on hind Ijj, Pavt, Tuesday nigh'. Detainer prosecuted.-tInry ?'?. ?. Dumfries-stTce't. Treorky. 71.7 L°l'n'S¡nC'l'U;$cl;')'13íCklkiiever Dog. white spot till On thc breast (name. ChampIOn). Finder rewarded a,, J° ny detaining same afLer this UOLic will be prosecuted- .Jooe? 2, Portm?nm?-road. C?rdi S? 757 tOS1\onthe fut l\I,L:;lys-S¡¡;Keyiess Watch, with Chain attached. —Finder rewarded upon return- hJ.tùIn t j;t i1' p ;I :t.rd&n rC9n. ??iT. Sunday ?9th. C.?d Iitl-)';eh between Cathays-ter- r'(,e and Pembrokf-tfrr?cp.—Finder rewarded on Syt,, rni. ?me to Central Police Station. Ml same to Central Police Station. 361 Bto-tH-vrsi: suRV.t^iis A Sood General Kitchen Maid Wanted for the Groevenor Cate to live out: must have good references.—Apply A iJocd. strong Couutry Girl wanted as a General no *J*ashafg.—Apply at 113. Queen-street, Cardiff. 604 Af clem respectable Girl as General wanted, about 16.— At>\i'v 18. Stacey-road, Roath, Cardiff. 555 A gOúd General Servant wanted for small family must !\) be used to children -pply Mrs Thomas, 209, Castle- -C"nhff, 531i A ile.t;]r Friendlcs" (Uri.. 87, Newport-road, Cardiff, '*? '?te :?The'?PM??'. a?? .[\ NY Ladies requirins V[\nt8, ervaots requirinc SÙ r>* lions 10 Lh Uhondda Valley, apply Servants' Registry, ^rt-street, I.l_wy!p,-hodt.. e._eov_e_lope.- b2 .?XPKRIKNCEi.) CfD?e?) Servant wanted.—A?)y 34, '??{ict''. 369 UEN KRAJJ S:t\V;LUt'. about 20I.Jr;-t,o a¡;iSt '1'" with washing country girl preferred.-Apply Coffee '?n. West Lutoa-p)ace. Cardiff. Z(5 f;f: EiAí:Svnt clean, re,,e-tb¡; Girl: must have ficod references two in family.—Apply, after 5 p.tu., ?'??b'if'?U?n??ens??rdi'?'?' æ" C?OOd str.)n:; ftirf?w?nred M General Sen-;t, for lanisiicn.—Apply 34, Kicbmond-road. Cardiff. 422 L OVVTilEJt Kc; try, Cranbrook-street, Richmond-road, t- C.trr??.—Sf-iVnnts for Cardiff and coucHT. also Girl ?t?tic?to JJphotst?y wimted. 4C4 tADÜ;S-W;tin Se;;Jt: and .Serv?nt? Wantin; Places ? "n bf suited at once good references.— Apply 2; 'srside Hegistry. 27. Tttdor-r?-.d. 314 RE?PECTABU; Cirl wanted at once able to wMb h' used to childrcn.-AD:Y 2J, Plantagecet-stifet, ??"rsidp. Cardiff. 6S9 SjÙlv-Nrs. mle or f*maie, reqmring situations in Lon. q, don or Couutry, write Mr. Coster, Registry Office, '° UceHer, Hundreds suited. TetiulOnial fr"c. S71 ??AN'r?D. ? good G;Iná;r¿t;l;e thi jv another kept. State reff'oc"S and salary.—Apply '"?.?n Hot ). Southerndown? ne?r Brids?nd. 77 W ANTED, a good House-Parlourmaid.—Apply 166, Kewport-road. W ANTED imtuTdi?teIyT? gr'odHousR-r?r!ourmai.1.— b Apply, stating age, wages, refen-nceo, Mrs Gottwaltz, J ^li-iond, Penarth. 760 Y?A?TED, Gc-ho-c;cõõk: a!-o, Housemaid.— r' Appl.. Hatiul!: ag', wa!"c, and rderences, to Mra ?'?thwintf, Cefn P?nnar, Mountain Ash. 754 yt/'A]STKI) at o;W;'g;;d General Servant, orw able to .L cook well.—Apply Walter Huntuand Co.. 57. Dock- ^«et, Ncwpo:t. Mou. i75e \?AHTED.expt;r)enced G"')er&! Servant: country pre- ?' ferved.—Apply 1&. Kichmond-rrescent, C?rdiS. 728 'VÃNÙD;gp;tab!- YhunfGirlxs Geue-a).—A!)?)y >5 C?rc.t )ine i:?.kery. 12. Ti'.dor-strcet. 693 y? ANTED. ? respeetabtc General -ant: -ood-refe; ences two in hwily.-AppIY 10, Couway-road, 1Jton, C:ndiff, 6% WANTED, a good House-Partourmaid ta)). must be J ?btf to wait well at tab)e.—App?y Mrs Du"Mn. ?'?yt!!yn, I'nartb. 73" ? ANTE D"hnni ?di.ite)y. Genera! Servaut: £i -r>er year washer woman and another girl kept I,ve in '5.'ai;y.?[rsD! i)?ies. ?'ewTr?de'?r. 681 ?7 ANTED, Fxperi?no''d General, able to cnok.—Appty J Thom?g. Draper, H?h-stre?Pontyp-i?d. 171e WA-TËD. Mrs Watkin Williams. Merthyr-road, Pontypridd. 633 WANTED, a respectable Girl as General Servant, age J6.- Apply in the morning at 43. Plasturton-avcmie. WANTEI). a jfothei-'TNurse for strong healthy child, Kclio, c rdtff. 625 General Servant, II: aye 25 t030; plain cooking, no washing.—Apply Mrs I^?wkins, Temple of Fashion, Aberavon. 616 WANTEDT^trong Girl for General Housework: aho 4'V Woman for Plain Washing at home.—Mrs Leach, 25, Cardiff. 59J WANTED, a Working Housekeeper, at once highest ret'erei ces necessary. — Apply M,. 25, Puke-street. vV ANTED, a capable and trustworthy General Servant; 1t small family.—Apply at teinporary address. 2a, reet,Canton. 562 ANTED, a clean, respectable Girl for Housework, v. able to do washing.—Apply 28. Conway-rd.. Csuton. ANTKD at once, General Seivant also stro.iK Boy, T 7 about seventeen mnst haveuocd char;¡,ctcrs.-BI1(;k- II Tenmerance Hotel, Afacrtillery. 483 WANTED, a ffood Genera Servant; plain cooking; ¡t good character.—Apply Mr Harries, 100, Quecu- Cardiff. 88 WANTKD, good General Servant.—Apply, stating was and Address for reference. Mr W. J. Gwyn, ii^wbridge, Glan. 511 \\7 AN TED, General Servant.—Apply Mrs Phillips, House. Ebiua. 1^1 WANTED for Farmhouse, an experienced General no V milking good wages.—Apply, with references, Mrs -e, Radvr Farm, Cardiff. S02 WANTED at bnce, a jood strcne gi/1 as General Servant.-Apply 91. Stacey.road. Roath. 4130 ANTED, au experienced General Servant 2 in t family.—Apply, between & aud 9 p.rn.. 23. Plasturton- jardens. *31 W ANTED, arood &meral Servant.r Apply, with ch:.r acter. to 153. HiglflJtreet. Dowlais. 371 WANTED, respecLable Girl as General.—Apply at once, J'' 66, Station-street, Barry Dock. 372 WANTED, good General, able to wash.—Apply 1, Romilly Villas, Barry. WANTED tmmedmtety, clean Girl as G?ncr&l layout  16).-Apply Mrs :Moran, 19, Windsor-street, C*er- ? Hnlly. M WANTED immediately, good General Servant, age 24 t-' 26.—Apply, with reference, Mrs Edward Jenkins, Maind.-e, Newport. g6l' \\f ANTED, a good General Servant: plain cooking re- ference retjuired.—Bute Castle Hotel, An¡.;e.. ?cet?Doc?.?'ard?Q'. M S W Am'P;DNurse-H¿usemaid, able to do plain EeilJg youngest child cix.—Appty. afKr 6 p.m., MfB Kowc, Newport-road, Canitff. M2 XB™ \f ANTED General Servant, one used to children pre- Sf' ferred '"0 w.ghig'Mrs Martin, The Bakery, 41, hia.treet Docks, Carùü! 365  WANTED, respectable Girl. seventeen to canteen  ond j hi.'to suitable person: wHIinxtom?eher- OSeful.- Aiexttndra-road. Cant on. 313 T?/A?TED. immediately, good General Servant, &b!e to wash comiortable bome for suitable girl.—Apply, h references, 32, Plasturton-aveuue, Canton. 103 WANTED Housemaid: more particularly for bedroomi. —Apply Mr? li?eU. 21, The?aU?Cardia?__2S5 WANTED. General ?trvant of :ood charade".—13. J. Norchcote-strcet. CardiEf. 240 t?ANTED? '?cod General Servant. able to do plain '.<' cooking.-Apply MrfThomM. Wheat. Sheaf, Ponty. W ANTED imUlëdtely, Gen"r:J-Servant for Font) -Y pfidd famüy, two large wMhine out: waces, £ lo. *'?App:y MIS Jones, 54, Park-place. CitrdiS. 211 i \V°r.KL.G-H;ekepew-;d ?ooce most be fond! J of chiidrcn.—Apply Mrs Bishop, 66. Bichards-terrace. i?'h. 231 »«TIIATIOMS VACANT A PPREN'TICK wanted to the Watch. Clock, and JewclWy Trade at once. —Apply Jones, 20, Chureh- Ton, 405 APPRENTICE required, bout 1, live in, Fitting and Electric trade good opportuOlty for energetic lad m()dNa premiltm-=Fitr. Eh<2ditf., 2U8 BAKERS.—Young Man wantEd: abstainer.-Apply E. Snook and S!6, Castle-road, Cardiff. 648 BOOT Tmda .Vanted. Two all-round Repairers at once. Onlv steady men need pply.-Forward reference to Harding, Glebeland-street, Merthyr. BOY Wanted good references indispensable.—Apply Waterbury Watch. 44, Royal Arcade. 639 CABINET Maker Wanted, that can turn his haud to Upbolsterine and Polish in: constncy: none but steady men need,aJI!=ollieberaman. 457 DRESSMAKING, Improver wanted at once al50 Apprentices.-s,rsons, 15, Newport-rd. Cardiff. DRESSMAKERS.—A good Skirt Hand wanted at once. -Apply Miss Roberts, Mo. 1C, Letty-street, Cathays, Cardi1f. 600 DRESSMAKING.—Improvers Wanted immediately^— Appllrs Roe, 13. Newporl -road, Caralll. 576 DRESSMAKING.—Wanted, an Improver, also Appren- tice, at once.-Apply Mrs Vauehan, 74, Diana-street, Roath. 396 ELECTRICAL Engineering.—Messrs Sydney F. Walk er and Co. ha.e a Vacancy for an Articled Pupil.—Cardiff ElectrlC1 Works. Cardiff. 629 ENGINEERING.-APprentice wanted, in a Cnil and Mechanical Engineer's Office, where he will be taught hi, trade thorougbly. Small premium required.—Apply Engineer, B1\uk-buildin¡:s. Cardiff. £ 5e 1ARDENER Wanted.—Apply G. C. Downing, Llan. \jC ishen. 637 Gt ROCERY and Provisions.—Wanted, a strong YOUDI: r Man. well used to horses, to assist generally.-David Lloyd, YstraonddJ. 755 ROCERY and Provisions.—A good Hand required at (X 1 CardIgan: We1sh.-Apply Bowen Bros., Cardicau, or Pontypridd. 1811' ROCERY.—Wanted, Junior and Improver, accustomed X to provisions abstainers preferred.—Apply, stating !*He, salary, reference. D 364, Echo Office, Cardiff. 3M HAIRDRESSER. Wanted, good Hair Cutter and Shaver. Single Done but reliable, sober man need r.pply.-Couzpus, 62, Thompson-street, Barry Dock. 610 HAIRDRESSER wanted by 1st June, rntb;; well uP in shaving and haircuwing abstainer preferred.- Apply T. Owen. Blaengarw. 277 IADIES wanted, city or country, to do writing for me -J at their owu homes: can be done in spare time.- Apply, enclosing addressed envelope, F. W. Reeves, Manu- facturer, Oxford-road, Blackpool. 19é L" AUNDRY.-Wantd-¡diy,- experienced Finerv Hand one wIth knowledge of soring and packing pre- ferrd: good references indispensable.—May's Laundry, Barry. 197 LAUNDRY Work.—Good Ironer and Washe-;equired: to Jive in or out regular work: state age and experi- euce.-Hand Laundry, Porthcawl. 141 l\¡ïE..YOS.-AI0"ses req;i.rig any employment 1: 1. write at once SItuatIOn Gmele free busy time hundreds .uit"d don't delay.—Tanner and Co.,Box 5, 112, N ewington-cau8ew:ty, London. Meu late A noy, Navy. also write. 2t9 1\lCHifI-;sT:l-t once used to Palliasse Case 11' making preferred.-App]y Back of No. 34, Clive-street, Grange. 759 MASONS.—40 to 50 goo1 Wallin? Masons required. .I. Constant work to non-society Men. Wages 8ù r hnur.-Apply A. Richards, 81, Bcrw-road, Pontypridd, or T. James, East-street, Pontypridd. ]¡¡Oe MILLER Wanted ¡- tbe country, use to grl;.t and oat- jf meal making: WilllDg to be generally ueful.-S., Echo Office, Cardiff. 671 li¡'-ONUMEii\.L.-Improvers and Apprentices td. H.L at D. K. Williams's Marble Works, Commercial-street, Aberdare. Alsn, strougLad. aceustomed to horses (indoors)! TDLASTERER and Slater wanted,-PumPiStat¡o;, X Penarth-road, Card!ff. 605 PARENTS and Guardians.—Wanted, 4 Apprentiees Ta first-class Sailing Ships premium, £ 30.—Write H 425. Daily News, Cardiff. 125 "PLASTERERS wanted wages, 8ct pJr hom.-Apply to -57 H. Smith, Abercarn. Mon. 752 PLASTERERS.—Some :ood Plasterers wanted for f c0ttage work, Merthyr.—Apply Rees, Contractor, (;lare Hoses,M.1,yr. 680 P'- OTYPRIDD.- Masons are requEsted to communicate jL with Secretary before seeking employment. Dispute pending. 165e PONTYPRIDD.—Masons are requested to commnnicate with Secretary before seeking employment. Dispute pending. 109 PRINTERS and Tunovrs are cautioned against, accept ing Situations in wansea before consultmg the Secretary, T. R. Chrke. 18, W estern-street, Sa.nsea. 0 ADDLERS.—Wanted, Young Man, of good appearance, for general branch one used to collar making pre- ferred mnst have good refereuces.J, Thomas, Saddler, Barry Dock. 626 (JJHARP Girl, used to laying-on ruling machine prefer- kj ence to one who can fold and sew.-Yates, 24, Moira- torrace. 543 f 1 ^AILOIIESSES.—A good Buttonhole Worker and Feller X for Trousers wanœd at once.—Apply 30, Wood-stre»t, Cardiff. 733 TO Bakers.—Wauteil, steady Young Man, indoors, for bread and cake must be good dOlgh maker.-Aptlly, with reference, Gooding, 9, Thomas-street, M!1.indee, Newport, Mon. 177e ripO Masons.—Wanted at once. Five or Six ood Wallers. JL -Apply Thomas Divies, Builder, ?,nysbir. 572 ;-r' 0 Masons.—Wanted, a few good WnUers.-App!y Bud- X di Contctl)r',enrbI\rber. near Mountain Ash. ¡1-OHairdressers.-Wantecl immediately, one Genius X Hand also Improver; half day.-State terms* Joinzeise, College-street, Swansea. 1271' '1"0 TaiJor.-Wanted at once, good Coat Hnnds.-Apply X W. Evans, 31. Portrnnmoor-road. 610 7" ANTED, good Red Ware Thrower.-Apply Guest and v » D\¡err! South Wales Pottery, Llanelly. 161e -"X 7 ANTED immecliately a good Whee1wright.-App]y Vv Patt and Cbrke, Coachbuilders, Mountain Ash 729 WANTED, a Young Man as Trimmer and Pol1sher.- APPIY Man;b and Co., Undertakers, St. Mary-street, CHili 6M WANTED, smart Youth to live indoors.—Apply James Rw':oueen'qte!i_ !69e WANTED, a ood Blacksmith for gates and railing work. —Apply George Kyte. Co., Atlas Wrk8, Canton. \17 ANTED at once, a good Bathstone Mason.-Apply » 7 Luke Hooper, Monumental Works, near Railway Station, Penarth. 682 WANTED, a Firm in South Wales to I:[;;et: Manufacture of a Speciality (Patent) iu Tinplate.— For particulars Rddress homs, The Beeches, Didsbury. 673 .\1¡.t:r ANTED, a resectable, honest Boy, good characterT to » sell milk dpjly.-Apply o5, Broadway, Roath, Cardiff. WANTED, a smart Errand Boy t;m,ke bimself «ene7- ally useful and solicit orders with reference.-6, Wyndham-crescent, Canton. 643 V\7 ANTED at ore", experienced Carriage Pai°tzc ? v James Smout. Rock, Blackwood. £ { -T AKTLD-lIt, to serve in shop and make herself > geufnlly usdII.-Apply with reference, Griffiths Dining l:mc.:J.Itreet. Cardiff. 620 -\i7A'l'I!D at once, an E"caustie Tile La.yer.-ApplW !I A. Liuton, Contractor. Newport. 607 \"T ANTËI), 120 experienced Table Waitresses for Swansea Banquet, June 5th.-Apply, personally, 56, Severn-road, Cardiff. 563 _'Ii! ANTD, a Young Man for Repairing and assist in shop- t v live in.-Apply Matthews, Glasgow Boot Factory! 2S, Bnte-treet,. 555 YV ANTED, a strong Lad, used to garden, horBe. and t cow references necessary—Apply M., 25, Dnke. street, Cardiff. 580 \)liT AWČ]j; Coachsmith and Wheelwright, both \L'\ed f t heavy and light work.—Apply J. Reynolds, Merthyr. ANTEDaiuters' Labourer.—Apply Batten, Co"eb V I builder, Coburn-streefi, Cathay. 649 -'X I ANTED, tdýneri;tj'- workiug Foreman Mason, Vt who is well capable of plaM: constant wcs. Also Masons, 8^d an hou'-1!a.ris, l'en!am, 519 \VANTED, a goad Grainer aud PaperhangerT^ sood » T «'gcs given end constant Job.-Apply Daniels, Moun- tain Ash. 492 WANTED, Assistants, Improvers, and Apprentices to the Dressmaking. —Apply 129, Tudor-street. 478 Y\7ANTED, Improver and Apprentice to theD » T mnking.-Apply Price anù Graut,.lO, Hamilton-street, Canton. (Jardiff. 433 VV7 ANTED, 2 or 3 good Waitresses.-Apply The Queen 7 V Restauraut, Penarth. 421 ,clAN'fED. Lady Opera Lor for the Telephone Excg Barry Dock must reside in Barry.—Apply by IÜ:Ær, National Telephone Co., Cardiff. 3t15 WANTED, & Tailoress and Apprentice. Apply '5 Bristol-street, Maindee, Newport. 136e W'ANTED immediately, experienced Bodice Hand" 34, Miski'i-street, Cathays. 363 WANTED, immdiatly, for the PawnbToking andOut- 't fittin, a Pushiog Salesman (steady) must have knowledge in the unredeemed loods and able to dress win- dows.—Apply J. Gi!t.e]sn._9, Broadway, Roath.Cardiff Wr ANTED. 100 tirBt-lass Waiters and Waitresses for 'f invitation Oddfellows' Banquet, June 5tb.-Apply Caterers, E. JLilewellyn and Son, Refreshment Contractor*, ■Swansea. 991! -7HT:EL\mHHITf3,l'Wo good-U-round Hands at f onc.-Apply Cross, Coach Builder, Aberdare. 661 .7 H EI':I,WmGHT.'Vad;g'd" "'helright.'tr V » ligh. and heavy work consLnt employment: good wazes.—Apply J. Reynolds, Coachbuilder, 239 YOUNG G¡;¡g;-ntedAp¡)-tie" to the Cap MTkiiu; Easy to learn, aud wages from the fimt week.-Apply Samuel aud Feinsteiu, Cap Makers, 54, Eldon-road, River- side, Cardiff. 362 1'- 2-toH¡;eI easily earned in spare ti;;ebith-;r sex everywhere: work can be done eveniugs Send addrced envelope to Eelifae Works, 9, Playhouse-yard, Water-lane. London. 486 1'1'!J.4.:flO 'f A NTlm. A N elderly Person requires a Situation with a single Man: four years' undeniable reference; do nnt rc- quire high ¡¡,\Iary, but comierlablo home.-Apply Thos. Miles. Cres Inn, Llantrisant. 158e BAKERS and Confectiouers.—Permanent Situätiö re- quired by practical workman of 18 years' experience state full p'"ticulars.-Baker. Twyn-square. Usk. 782 BAKERS and Confectioners.—Young mn ri¡'es Situat ion (s Second abstainer, non-smoker.-Apply F. Phiilip Hall. Pool-road. Wimborne, Dorset. 777 I. )AiŒRS.itLïon W-SiDg¡e or good Second ) Halld oread Bahr u&sist smalls i ?ood references.— Address Oakford, Baker, St. Athan's, Cowbridge. 587 BAKKKS. Wanted, by young man. Situation as first or lIC«md bread and cake.—Address H., 25, Millicent- strCt t. Cardiff. 641 j=>AKmis.=YoUng-l\ran eëks Situation as .> dourii maker and qwck moulder.-Apply B. Davies, No. 4, Oddfellow s-row, Bridgend. 593 I> A ipKS. Wanted, ^ituitiin as Seennd lland.—Apoiy J J,, un.. !J.ImlJe, Chippenham. 438 B- AEn and C onfectioners.—Young Man (18; seeks situation; good aough maker, moulder, assist with ¡¡man"Hml-13, W.treEt, CaerphiJIy. 513 DRAPERY.—Young Lady qu¡r-es SitUtion, can re through 5 years expenence. good references.—Apply M. pt(lS"_I.l,an])¡crroowel!. Br^conahire. 251 DRESSMAKIN^.—Wanted at 'i1Z'imt-;s Secoud Hand Vl1ars' ^xpen_ ence good references permanency.o, urabell_t.. Albany.road. Cardiff. 358 RESPECTABLE farmer's dSlghtirTe^Tires Situation as R General Servant in qUIet family; thoroughly domes- t-icated.—Apply by letter Jordan, Mill-street, Pontypridd. ITUATION Wanted as Gerwral Smith; good and long 10 experience disengaged.—Apply Anvil, Ebbw Vale.6M SITUATION wanted s General Sent xt cbaracter: nOW lIvmg near Cardiff,-Mrs Caster' Registry Offic*. GI,oce!e,r. 410 1"Õ-Er-=Younl{ Man seeks sif;ution as go(l All- X round Hand good lefereuce.-F. Hobbs, 10. Eaton- terrace, Llwyuypia Rhondda. To Master Bakers.—Situation re9uired by YOu-mal' gocd second or IDgle abst'IUer: gond references — Address March, 44, Barry. 40S TO Builders.—'Wanted, Brickwork Pointing, CW8.f: Building, or General Repairs by practical Mall; l.bouronly.-78, Vict,o["i&-ve.n.ue..Mrn< ',rt. me 'rö'B;iiidm-:='Wanted by a cmpet,ent Man Situation as -L Foreman Carpenter, (working or otherwise I capable of setting out and management of men 15 years' expc. rience.—Z 321, Echo OUic<, Cardiff. 321 WANTED, by pectable person, SituationasHouse- kep6r or Maid t« ehledy lady —Apply S. 1\1., 15, Lower Bridge-street, Pontypool. 780 \V'c ANTED-:hiptable middle-aged .p!'rso-;t¡- as Working Housekeeper for \VIdowr or small family.—A. B,J.l\.2'8-eeo. A be:tillery. 705 WANTED at once. Situation as Under Barmaid age 18 wag"s no object,—Write T 564, Ec,_Carditf. 564 '"17 ANTEiÇby respectable P;;son, famùY'sig: ff plain clothes good drying ground every conveni- enoe.-E. L. 59. Minuy-etreeu Catha,s, Cardiff. 537 WANTED by respeCtable woman, DaÜ7 Work.—Apply 2, Harriss-court, Womanby-street, 4S Y?7ANTFD by yeune man Situation as Shoeing and '? General Smith :21 years of age steady.—Mo'gM. 34. Fleet-street, Swansea. tl12 ANTED, by clean, respectable Girl, 16, situation a '1 Nurse or to assist in housework.- Apply 15. Inver- usss-place. Roath. i TU ANTED, Situation as Undertiardener or look after pony and parden good character.—Address C., Reece, Newsagent, etc., Llandaff. 540 ??TAN?'ED?by respectable person. Sitaation as House- I f keeper fer widower or sma):fami]y.—Apply C. F.. 22. Tudor-road. CardiS. 373 Ym OUN(}'lial1. ave27", jst left Army, very good char- actcr desires occnpatlOn as Coachman. good horse. man 7 years Horse Artillery.—10, Seymour-street, Roath, Cardiff. 757 ENGINEER'S and Architect's Plans and Drawings made -L< or copied accurately. quickly and cheaply.—Crowe, 9, Bank-buildings, Cardiff. 66e POSITION in Coal Exporter's office wanted by experi- enced Clerk salary not. so much an object: good practical knowledge French. Spanish, German, shorthand, typewriting.—Escribiente, 48, Mlskin-street.CardltT,307- VI7 ANTED steady Youth for Office one with knowledge f f of shorthand preferred.—Apply by letter to J., Echo Office, Newport. l80e \i"TANTED. a Sharp Lad for Office.—Apply Chorley and Co.. 45, Wood-street, Cardiff. 640 Y^ANTED7 YoungMan as Grocer's Clerk; no applica- tion will be entertained which does not give full particulars.-James Herbert. Crumlin. 482 AOKNCIKS TKAVEfcl/KltS AGENTS W3nted for Legassick's Furniture removing: ?TL best and cheapest: Cardiff or ne.ghbourhood. AIo Packer and Driver wanted.Legassick. Canton. Cardiff.279 /REDITDrapery, Clothing. &c.-Wanted, Agencv for v above by Young Man.—Particulars, F. 393, Echo Office. Cardiff. 393 C^REDIT -Drapery.—Wanted, situation as Traveller or Canvasser has large connection good character,-— write B 334, Echo Office, Cardiff. 334 IVERPOOL Victoria Legal Friendly Society.—Pushing 'Men wanted as Canvassers and Collectors for Aber- gavenny, Usk, Raglan. Williams. Castle-street, Aber- r_avenny. 7 'ROYAL Conntiea Friend!y Society requires a few AgentR 8?' at Abercarn, Aberhllery. and district: few smaU books vacaut.-Apply Grafton, Nantyglo. 699 ?! ?0 Earn Money in Your Spare Time.-A?ent panted, ?- whole or spare time: best paying agency going no risk: constant income assured: experience unnecessary; particulars fre.-IretoD. Gracechurch-street. London. 533 Y?ANTHr)." Travellers and Agents: p'?ing article 'f pushing men only dozen samples and particulars seven stamps.-—Child, 6. Ventnor-street, Leeds. 485 WJ ANTED, smart, energetic Canvassers and Agents for Cardiff District and Valleys cood t?rms to steady men.—Apply (Fridays) Electric Light Photo Company, 4, High-street-, Cardiff or for Valleys, Mr Cam, Washington Hotel, Porth any evening, 8 to 10. 3 Ai'tKTnOTs Ac _A G*nttem?n wishes to thoroughly recommend Furnished ?- Apartments in Canton near Cathedral-road: every home comfort and refinement.—For terms, etc., write J. 7:5, HehoCaSce.Cardiff.755 ALadv thoroughly recommends we!l-furuished Apart- ments suit gentleman or two fnends home com- forts studied?—8. Miskin-stree!9t. CaI!f_ ArARTM]?TS'(unfiLmiahed).-5.? I1Mr town and Docks. 714 Ap ARTl\[EN1'StO" Let, unfurnished every con- -t? venience.—9, Essich-street, Reath Park. 665 A PARTMENTS, well-furnihed, oentrany. pleasantly -L? situated, near trams, rails hot and col bath, no children highly recommended.-6, Hanbteddian-garJens, Cardiff. 439 BARRY. best part.—Comforta Die Furnished Apartments bath, &c. suit married couple or lady whose husband IS away without children prderred.-Apply first James, care of Vale-street Post Office, Barry. 586 COMBINED Sittm: and Bedroom for Boarder with V^FrenchFnmiiy.—12. RicDmond-ter.. Park-place. CardiC. CõMj;;ÕlTABLE Sitting-room and Bedroom to Let to a ?' young lady out during day: company ob]ect.-69. atrathnairn-street, Roath. 736 ?OMFORTABLE''Ap!trtmt-nts for You.? or Elderly Gentleman or Lady bath, hot and cold: quiet;iJtc?.r'ty Canton.' cold: 3et COMlt'Ol{TABL:¡'; Fumished Apartments, Lodgt?.' or Irge Combined Room to Let, close to Taff Station no chldren.-2. Edward's treft. Cardiff. _? 697 "'OMFORTABLY-furmshed Front Sitting-room and Bed- ?? room (h. and c. bath): piano: tenns moderate and inclusive.—144, Richmond-rcad, Cardiff. 615 C'iOM FORT AnLEFiBi;ed ?MmsTortwoGentiemeu close to trams and Roath Prk: piMO, bath terms ode.-31. Owys-road. CardtS;?__?52  I^URNISHED Front Apartments, suit two young meu board optional: bath: good cooking and attendance t! minutes town.—44, Eldou-road. 741 FURNISHED Apartments, with attendance: bath- JL. room, no children,-54, Alfred-street, Roath I':irk, Cardiff. 953 JADY and Gentleman highly recommend first-class Apartments they occupied some time; central; 20s weekly, inclusive.—O 504, Echo, Cardiff. i504 LODGINGS for one Gentleman"; no children or other lodgers terms moderate.—9, Pearson-street, Castlc- road. 204 PENARTH.-Comfortable Sitting-room and Bedroom to Let, near the tation, Golf Groutd, and Piar gOM! attendance.—77, Piymouth?road. 409 PONTYPRIDD.—Wanted, for gentleman only, Sitting- room and Bedroom (unfurnished!, with attendance.— V_r!Lc_1lars 17, Echo Office, Pontypridd. 182e R EXPECTABLE Furnished Apartments for two gentle- Jl-t' men.—Apply 54. Beanchamp-street, Canton. 723 K Us,SELL House, fetd Mumbles. — Superior Apo rtments, near trams and bays good sea view few boarders taken.—For terms apply Proprietress. 678 8ITTUNG-room and Bedroom, best part of Castle-road o bath (\1. and c.): terms—two, 4B 6d each :one, 8s iu- c)ustye.—G 429. Echo, CardiK. 420 SUPERIOR Furnished Front Dining-room and Bedroom, with attendance.—Apply 7, Richmondrescent. 317 'TO Let, 2 Rooms bath, bot and cold water gas terms JL moderate.—30, Lbnfair-road, Llandatl'-road. 618 TO Let,two Unfurnished Roo*is,close to town and trams. 1, M:1.rk-street., Canton. 627 TO Let, comfortable Sitting-room and Bedroom, suitable for a gentleman hot and cold bath.-98, Richmond- road, Cardiff. 582 r1^0 Let. Two nicely furnillhed Rooms cloge to town no X other lodgers.—1, Edward-place. Queen-3treet. 344 TWO or three convenient Unfurnished Rooms to Let? Oaklei;:h-termce, Windsor-road, Penarth with URe of hot and cold water bath; must be respectab]e.—B<?isi)e, Echo Office. Cardiff. 734 f j^WO respectable Young Men can share large Room JL together or separate bedroom to suit one: use of sitting-room to feci at home: terms mClderate.-Mat,a" 45, Moy-road., Mackintosh-place. 494 UNFURNISHED Apartments: back parlour oven grate: front bedroom qlúet family 33 6d per week.— 75, Constellation-street, Roath. 711 t-TNFURNÜllEDA¡mrtments to Let to respent?Ma 1^' couple oveu grate terms moderate.—73, Craddock- street. :H iVPTside. 589 UNFURNISHED Rooms ?r Half House, Srst-ctas-? centra) for sLations. trams! town, Docks, from 155 vrey=!5_cho Oqice. Cardiff. 503 UNFURNISHED.—To Let. three Roems bot and cold bath.—12, De Burgh-street, Riverside. 317 V? ANTED, a good Sitting-room and two Bedrooms, facing south, for lady, gentlman. and son PJastur- ton-gardens or Cathedral-road preferred.—Write G. 740, Echo Office, Cardiff. 740 WANTKD by two young Gentlemen, Furnished Front Sitting-room and Bedroom Roath Mackintosh Estate preferred terms with attendance.—W 593, Echo, Cardiff. 597 -¡YEI;L:"furuishCd Apartments to Stút a gentleman: hot v and cold bath am1 piano terms 12s per week.-83. N ewport-ro.\d. 213 'TOIUP:GM1In wants Bed and Sittin-room combi f' (IVlth eldt'rly people preferred) close to town.-Apply K. 42, Echo Office, Cardiff. 142 TO IjIST.—HOUSES. &C' -¡-Fllrnighed ViÜ-to Let in Alfred-street. Roath Park ?A furniture to be sold at vataation.—VM? Echo Office, Cardiff. 246 BEDWAS.—To Let, near Bedwas StatiOR, a wclI.bufu .J Eix-rlomed Hou e, with good garden, rent 4s 6d pcr week.—Apply Rees Rees, Brynhedydd Cottage, Bedwas, uear Cardiff. 133e CCAERP HILLY Mountain.—A Furnished Cottage to Let. J —Apply Lewis Hopkins, Estate Agent, 10, Queeu- street, Cardiff. 750 BOUSES to Let: King's-road, another Teitord-street, small Shop in Saudon-street: 9« W eek!y c1eBr.-AnJY 72, Kius's-road. 735 HOUSE to m L&t in -¡\Ion-street, with large green house.-Apply 13, Splot-road. 742 HOUSE to Let in Church-road: 2 reception. 5 bedrooms, bath-room, \V.c.-Apply Osbou, Snowdon, Church- road, Canton, Cardiff. 663 LLANDAFF.—To Let. a compact eight-roomed 'vill JtJ five minutes walk from Ha.ndan' Statiou,—Apply James. Bro., Builders, Llandaff Y?rd. 665 JLANISHEN-street.—House to Lefc or fo'J{;;t ".J water and gas throughout: papered rent. Hs.-Key at Corner House. 715 LLANISHfCN.—Seven-roomed House to Let, uear- the JLJ Station: top of Ro?th Park.—Apply S. Hason. B?te Bnck W orkB. 412 8IX-roomed Hoa"e to Let near HandaN Station —App!y  Woodward, Builder, Llandaff Station. 254 SOPHI A-street.—House and Shnp m good position !? cheap rental immediate ,0ssesSlon.-Apply FieMing, Hayes Buildings. 499 tJPRINGFIELD-place.—Houses to Let to good tenants IO 6s weekly—Apply Wm. Sanders and Sons, 28, St. Mary-street. Cardiff.  207 r-HËoothwaïe8 and Monmouthshire Property Register JL for May free on appl!cation or post.-Hern and Pertwee, House Agents, Auctioneers. Valuers, &e„ Cardiff. TO Let, very central convenient House, 17, Pembroke- terrace two minutes' walk to all statlons,-A)Jply Boyle and Co., Cardiff. 781 rPO Let, 246. Cowbridce-road four bedrooms,'hot and X sold water bath trams pass door. 749 riM) -Let, No. 2. Wells-street, Canton (6 rooms)' end JL house: cart entmuce. L. Coles, 258. Cowbrid<(C. road. Cantony 6?3 rI-'OLcl:-20. Pen llyn-road. Canton, six-roomed House, x bay window. 10s weeMy: near tram and post.—Apply next door. 426 TO Let immediately. Semi-detached Villa, lOraoms, with Jt. bath hot and cold water).—Apply George Pike. 1, Paget-terrace, Penarth. 292 TO Let, No. 19, Sophia-street, Docks, in good condition. —Apply next door. No 18. 355 To Let, some more Houses Nesta-road 3-minutes from trams and Canton New Park: two reception, thre8 bedroome, large kitchen and scullery, bathroom (hot and cold), Venetian blinds, gas fittings throughout, railings in front, back entrances gravel subsoil 8s 6d weekly.—Ap- ply at Corner House, R. H. side. 357 HOUSES i:td -iboP8 to Let as uuder.-Apply Evaus Jn- and HUKhe. House and Estate Agents, Auctioneers and Valuers, County Fire and Provident Life Offices, ljorougli Chambers, Wharton-stroet, Cardiff. 59e "j Hamilton-street, Canton every convenience. 31. Radnor-road, Canton: as per week. 4, Evans'-buildings, North Morgan-street rent, 4s. H 2, Northcote-street, Roath. 9, Fitzhamon-embankment. with stables, Riverside. jfc^ACTOUS Wa?ehounes. Rot;-BuiJdings, fronting ? caual. 46, Eldon-stree:, commodious House and Shop; j moderate rent. 4' Despenser-gardens, Riverside. jpjOUSK.and Shop, Llandaff Yard: rent, 8s per week. 1atle-road.e House and Shop. 7, Radnor-road rent 9s bath (hot and oold). 187, Severn road; superior Honse; newly decorated. Ren EXTENSIVE Sho. and Cellarage, Pier Head. Bute Dock. I ^CORNER Shop and Premises, Cadoxton. OFFICES, Dowlaie Chambers, Bute Docks. 4640 I To Iiet, o. 21. George-street, But.e Docks.-AJlply D. O. v0albot-street, Cathedral-road, Cardiff. 272 To Let, Field, 7 acres, well watered and fenced, twenty minutes from centre of Cardiff.-Apply W 273. Echo, Office, Cardiff. 273 ¡-I 54,- Severn-road, Cardiff, to Let: breI' gardn: rent £ 23 yearly.—Apply Hem and Pertwee, !4. Stt Mary- street, Cardiff. 161 111 and 113, Cathays-terrace. Cardiff: rent ICls cl-r each: large rooms.-Apply Hem and Pertwee, 94, St, Mary- street, Cardiff. 160 HUHBfSES. «$< WANTED. STABLE and pbce to put can wanted, in or near Adam- street.-Apply at once to 38, Adam-street. 370 ANTED, a Furnished Cottage at Porthcawl. about end of July,-Apply, with terms, ftc., A. Williams, Post Office, Risca, Mon. 527 WANTED io Purchase, large or small quantities of old Indiarubber, such as r:wway wagon buffers, etc. B 634, Echo. Cardiff. 654 -W ANTED to Purchase 6-room House in Richard-street or Harriett-street. Cathays price must be moderate. -!If 489, Echo, Cardiff. 486 (0 LET—KITS I NESS PREMISES <Se ESTABLISHED Photographic Studie and Waitir g-room Accessories, except Came and IÆn5: first ladin¡; I main thonm¡:hfare: good opemD¡.-220, But.rd.. Cardiff. ~C OOD single-stall Stable to Let, or would make rood C 3T openinc for wheelwright.—Apply 3, Pontcanna- terrace. 541 — GOOD Sbop, £ 60 r annum, 18, Castom House-street, -Apply Flint Brotbers. HOe H-OUSE-d-Sh;;IJ to Let. 44, Railway-street, Moors 10 clear.-Apply 14, Wood-street, Temperancetown, HOUSE and Shop to Let. situate in centre of Broad- street, lately occupied by crocer: Buit any business. -Apply N elmes, Butcher, Blaenav011. 139e OUSE ad Shop to IÆt at 7, Clifton-street, Roath.— Apply Downinr, 108. Clifton-street^ 280 JOHN-street (of! Bute-street), Cardiff.-To Let, Stables and Coach-houses, newly built and fitted also Storage Accommodation at moderate weekly rentals. Apply Sessions, Limited, Penarth-road, Cardiff. 633 NEWPORT.—To be Let, ¡;å:do;e:d:g:;tc and Lavatory: centrally situated in Tredegar-place.— Partinlars of Manager, "Daily News"Office, Newport. 25 SHOPS to IÆt. singie and donble plate glass fronts, parlour, kitchen, scullery, b&ck entrance, large cellars, five bedrooms, close to New Dock Works: rent 10s per week.—Apply Mr Hawkins, Tobacconist, 139, Portman moor- road, Cardiff. 501 STABLE nnd Coachhonse to Let: suit cab proprietor: .7 near town.-Apply Hern and Pertwee, 94, St. Mary- street, Cardiff. 159 rriO st. S;anS i8th:reb:st[i, oppo JL site Stranaghau and Stephens best position, good opening for fruit, or fancy business: annual rental, £ 30. -Robert England, Cutom House-street, Cardiff^ 722 rrio Let, superior 2-Stall Stables, with coach-house, har- X ness roam amI loft over rent only 8s roit cab pro- prietor.-Apply Hero and Pertwee, Auctiol1eers,C,¡,rctiff. 710 rro Hairdressers.—30, Herbert-street., House and Shop to X Let: moderate rent.-Apply Fielding, Hayes Buildings. ;l-O Let, Butcher's Shop good opeIÜne for greengrocery X and mixed trade: large yard.—13, Daniel-st.. Cardiff. "O-be-ft, with-immedtfJ possession, a Shop and X Dwelling-house, IOs per week, being 34, Patrick-street, corner of Bute-ro;d.-Apply No. 27, Patrick-st., Cardiff.577 To Let, detail Stable, good Cart House, and Yard.— Address 67, Piantagenet-street. Riverside, Cardiff. 560 rS^O Let. Cornwall-street, Saltmesd, corner Shop good -L position suitable for any business: possession June 17th.—Apply 258, Cowbridge-road, Canton. 495 rpo Let, Stable and Loft, Lower Grange.-Apply Ahley, J. Station-terrace. 423 I^O Let 0 sets of Rooms as Offices, above South Walos X LDif, News" Office, St. Mary-street.—Apply "Daily News." Cardiff. 42e X6, George-street, Cathays.-House and Shop low rent in good repair.-Apply Fielding, Hayes BuildilJ£,s. 500 FOR SALE-ROilS. IAS!». atco A most conveniently arranged House for Sale in WeUfielil. place, Roath Park price very moderate double-bay windQws 4 bedrooms, back entrance present Mortgage can remain.-Write C 349. Echo, Cardiff. 319 ABERDARE.—For S1e. 8-roomed Honse: bay window, railing in front, back entrance, gas fittinp.-Apply Evns, Farmer's Arms, Aberdare. 772 FOR Sale or Let, 7-roomed House, MandeTilJe-stret, Riverside, —Apply 5, Howard-gardens. 731 FOR Sale, two Cottages, cheap best lettinc position at Barry Dock.—Appiy 6, Robert-street, Barry Dock, 571 FOR-sa¡e,-dõble:inted Leasehold Residmc No. 2, Richards-terrace, Roath, containing two larpe sittinc. rooms, kitchen, scullery, and washhouse, Imd usual offices on ground tioor: four bedrooms, bathroom, and w,e. on first floor separate servants' staircase: good conservatory ground rent. £ 3'10s price £ 550.—Apply gMd Walter Cook, 93, St. Mary-street, Cardiff. 268 FOR ale. 4 well-built Houses, Turner-road, near tra terminus hot and cold bath: gas throughout: back entrances.—Apply Roberts Bros., Turner-road. 243 FOR Sivle, 110, Pembroke-road, 6 good -room- fiist class condition, back entrance, well let at 8s 6d per waek: price £ 210, mortg6ge £ 150 can remain.— Smithers, 73, Pembroke-road. 262 FOR Sale or to Let at IJanislwn, pleasantly-situated Villa Residence in Station-road, with every con- venience large arùen, tc,-For full partieuhulI apply T. Hawker. 6, Church-terrace, Llanli!hen. 218 17<OR Sale, 5 thoroughly well-bUiÍt Honses a bargain in good Jetting locality; inspection invited rents £ 2 68 weekly price, £ 1,050.—Apply Wride, 45, Holmesdaie- street, Grangetown. 220 1LANISHEN-—For Sale, The Hollies, LIani8hen, iate J re3idence of Thomas Henry Ensor, deceased.—Apply Ensor, Ward, and Gilling, Solicitors, Cardiff. 222 rl'HREE-ll;;ses, WelIs-steet (suitable for Shops) three X bedroom, &c.: price £ 626: mortgage can remain.— Penney, 19, Duke-street, Cardiff. 542 ;r-o be SOld,2 well-built Houses: 3 bedrooms, bathroom, X front and back pavlcur, kitchen (with rant" and dresser), scullery very convenient: lease, 999 years.- DavieSj 5, J G. Woolos-ravdj N",wpor(¡. 170e JnrSINF.,SS PHI MISKS WASTED. WANTED, Small Shop, suitable for lady ilight busi- ness rnt moderate.—Write V 568. Echo. Cardiff. FOR DISrOSAJ. BAKEHOUSE in best position In Canton to Let heuse- keeper's baking pays rent.—Frank Iugleton, 49, Wel- lington-street. Rent 1b. 667 BOOT Business.—Branch Shop, same hands 11 years, doiDg good csh and family trade good living for a practical mau proprietor retiring from the business capital about £ "50: immediate p08BessiCon can be had.- Apply Ga.rl..nd, 148, Commercial-road, Newport. 164e BOOKSELLER, Statio;; and News Agency Bušiess for I\le centre of Cardiff.—Apply David ShephNd, Chartered Accountant, 1, Frederick-street, Cardiff. 616 BUSIESS for Disposal, Greengrocery, Sweeœ, &:c. sell cheap.—Apply J 392. Echo Office, Cardiff. 392 ClARDiFF.—Centre of Towp, ge¡;(}ro;ry Businezs y weckl' takings, £ 40; price £ 100.—Powell Lewis nd Co., Auctioneers, Cardiff. 732 }7"OR Disposal, good Grocery and General Business in good neighbourhood satisfactory reason for giving t business.—Write E 701, Echo, Carditf. 701 £ C ROCERY and Provisions, with off Wine and Bë;r VX Licenscs. in best position in Clifton trade approaches £ 2.000 a year: price £ 150, and valuation,-Apvly R. W. Miller anù Company, Limited, Stokescroft Brewery. Bristol. 911e HAIRDRESSER'S Business to Let, as going conc;r; fair trade populous neighbourhood, no opposition hot and cold bath; splendid OPPGftumty for young he. einuer.—Apply, letter ouly. Hairdresser, Echo Office.Cardiff. HAIRDRESSERS.—For S¡'-H-;irb;h-iÍ;¡; for 2 chairs, with 6 bmhe!; and 2 spind]es. 111 perfect condition, almost new a lJa.rgaiD.-J:\cobi, 98A, Qu'-en- street, G'1rd:1f. 411 ¡I-B-tchera.-A Business to b Disposed of in a l'isi X part of Canton good opportunity.—Write O 549, Echo, Cardiff, 549 fluO-b; Disposed of, a tirst-clss Refreshment and Oyster -JL Saloon: ill health cause of giving up fixtures, &c., at valuation.—Apply 54, Commercial-street, Newport, Mon. niBSJV S»0tfSE3. CCOWBRIDGE-road, Canton. — To Let, best Single- J licensed II«list in this important neighbouih«od immediate pasessioD.-AppIJ per30nally, W. Gill, 119. St. Mary-street., Cardiff 270 i-iEX-'FÏÜ;f C:\rd:tI,To Let. one of the best Free Douhle-Licensed Honses; low in-going.—Gill, above address. 270 CARDIFF, Docks.—To Let, handsomely-fitted Double- Licensed House long lease, moderate rent, low in- going good trade.—Gill, above address. 270 "|VTEAR Centr of Cardiff.—Beautifully-fitted Single. J.. Llcnsed House to Let: best opportunity ever offered to young besinner.—Gi 11, above address. 270 N EAR Cardiff.—Splendid free Single-licensed Public House. Long lease. Low renç, Moderate ingoing. -Gill. above :1.ddrt's. 270 JJONTYPRIDD.—To Let, bst Double-licensed House in tbi important town moderate rent: good trade.— Apply personally, Gill, above address. 270 ^O Let, Totteidown Hot:efJkistol taki;;gbout £2,GCO X per annmu: proprietor has taken larger businefs.- Applv on the premises as above, or at Trminus Hotel. Temple Gate, Bristol. 331 'IO Let, Cardiff Docks, handsomely-fitted Double- X Licensed House: will suit foreman with connection at Docks.—W. Gill 4 Co., 119, St. Mar!7E. W'ESTON-super-Mare.— To Lot. one of the best doub!e licensed Houses in this seMide resOlt. Trade, £ 40 weekly during the summer. Rent only £ 35.—Gill, above address. 270 'in Ar-iTED, Full or fiiiÃns*1 at once in C¡\rff- tO_.d.-Z 606, Echo Oltie Cardiff. < *300 win take one of the best Double-liceused Houses at diiI Pontypridd. Low rent. Good trade.-Apply per. sonally. Gill, above Roddress. 270 A first-class Coucert Piano: rll5ewood case. tine, rich tone £ 21.-t.rd's Mar, CastINdCardi v;rr handsome overstrung Piano; wabmt case beautiful construction 25 guiuean.—At Kennard's Mart, 88, Castle.road. Cardiff. 695 A good iron frame, full trichord Philo: walnut case nearly new.i. guineas.-At Kennd'8 Mart 38, Castls-road, Cnrdm. 695 useful Piano iu r;ood con<iitio n Pr 'iO e -£9.=¡1- Mart, 88, Castle-road, Cardiff^ 595 good Violoncello for Sale: owner goin abroad makers, Hawkes and Son, 28, Leicester-squai e London.—Apply 3. Top Hill, 'rr(' Porth. 3fJ6 ANDSMEN qUiri-i-Ú3eco.nd-handBr Plated Instruments, send for printed hst hundreds bargains -Turtle, 86, London-road, Manchester. 700 íi'°R Pi;d -Or¡i-i;g ;;dliepiriniss-Ï< L. Morgan, 66, RIcbards-terrace, Cardiff. i>nr>s, 3s 6d and 4s. 992 I. _1- AlMOUMS, Pianos, Organs, &c., on theHixi"Pur- clHe System. Furnishing Company, Ltd Hayes, Cardiff. 25e O" ROAN (American) for Sale, fine il?stüment:ïiStops: coupler sold becaus leaving UarlfI, price 17 guineas smaller one and Harmomum also for Sale, sUltahle for learn- ers: best offers also 33 good Wmdsor Chairs.—Apply 8, De Burgh-street^ 30 }'-jIANO (,ood Cottage*, nice rosewood case, IvQry keys, X m..s5iv sconces, very cheap must sell.-54, Partridge- road, Cardiflf. 635 PIANOFORTR, a BR;raiu: trifd clt act, ivory keys, perfec. condition, 9 gUlDeas: also Harmonium, great bargain.—150, Cathays-ter. ace. Cardiff. 619 PIANOFORTE. 70 GUINEA ùi;rightG;d;l;dý-c- pelled to sell: elegant, walnut: brilliant tene: 19 guineas -=-3.pp= H\cnl'aJk Walk, London. 6)2 IJIANOFORTE Tuning.—W. V. RidgwayT from tJ¡el brated firm of Bord s, Paris tem:.s 3s 6d.—Address 90, Castle-road, Roath. 508 PIANO (bv Evans and Co" London), only 8 ne!ts, equal to new thoroughly good instrument.—Alias Furnishing Company, Uayos. Cardiff. 25e LANO (nearly new) f;le aU latest improvemenw: cost £ 44; graud tone: raTe opportunity.—Address p. W.. Echo Office. Cardiff. ts. rRm< i,i;s «*» A- lood Cushion Tyre Saity. equal to new: will sell A cheap eot S15.-Apply 40. Minny-street. Cathays. 712 A- Bin.-A-j;lear¡Y-ew, ro racer; 8peii Dunlop tyre wI,ghs 241bs gear 68 price £ 10 108.- William Docker, 28, Chfon-street, CrdiB'. 622 ANOTHER -èocig;Just arrived, lin^ihl RoverB, renowned Excelsiors, Helical Premiers, high- class Osmonds. Also larie stock of seoond-hand Machines at what offers. Repairs, cnamellinc, and nickel plating. Machines exchanged. Inspection invitù.-Pflrry and Co., Manufacturers acd A¡nts, Mill-lane, 678e A BSOLUTE Clearance 10 50lid-tyre Bicles. Will I .1 tak" back an y time in exchange. Send P.O. 15s, full address, for sample.—MorrBiBios^ pontypridd 19e CCATFORD Premier, geared 65, £ 3 5s: diamn frame J Cmhion, £ 4 108: both in excellent condition.—19, Brook-street, Cardiff. 368 CCAPITAL New HOwe Bic vcle forSal<T IQtest imprcve- ¡ J ments, Carter gear Ca.e; never ridden: a ban:am.- Isaacs, Pawnbroker. Wood-street, Cardiff. 613 FOR Sale, Rover, light readster. detachable Dunçp tyre, ross gear casC.-Apply 11, Machen-place. W IJl sell cheap. 776 FORBale, Hmnber Safety! Palmer tyres, detachable gear, 68 and 72 no reasonable offer refused can be se&n after 6 p.m.-Apply 15, K.8owle.street, Lower Grange. 414 FOr. SMe. soild Safety withspring forks. no wor.-e than ? new cost 20 euine.m what offers ?-EvaDS, Victoria- buildings, Tonypandy. 28 FREE i Free PoRt free to any address.-Safeties t Safeties Safeties Important to agents, dealers, and others. Whole6:lle list containinR l.OCO (one thousand) machines, new and second-hand, sent post free to any address, 50 per cent. eheaper than other makers or agents. Why pay more or fancy prices '( Sinele machine at whole- sale prices. Write at once for the largest and most com. plete list in the cycle trade. Sterline value and no lare profits.-W. R. Warrilow, Cycle Works, Regent-street, Weston-super-Mare. 977e /*C ENUINE Bargaiu.—Bayliss Thomas's Excelsior, nearly vJT new Dunlop's detachable, interchangeable gear, 64 and 68 cost £ 18 10s take £10 10s.—79. Clare-rd., Itf. HIGH-class Coventry LiRht Roadster Safety (forfeited deposit), Humber diam"nd frame, Dunlop detachable tyres, WIth Welsh perfected non-slipping 1895 covers, tan- gent wheels, narrow tread, thick tubes. r1ouble-bted, crown, ball to all parts.all latest improvements; 12 months warranty. Will send packed on approval, and pa return carriage If nab approved deposit or reference. Splendid bargain, cost £ 24 wm take £ 9 19s. Drawings and particu- lars forwarded. Also a Lady's Safety with all last im- provements, patent dotachable tlLenmatic tyres: splendId bargain, cost 22gs take £ 9 10s quite new, and warranted 12 months.-Jones, Ardwick Discount Office, Queen's Buildings. Stockport-road, I' 532 HUMBER Safety, by Marriott & Cooper: with best patnt rims, and '95 Dunlop tyres: cash, £ 14.—At 147, Cyfarthfa-street. 716 IMPERIAL Path Racer, Dunlop tyres, 2 gear wheels weight, 201b. best cash offer or exchange.—Parry, Mill-lane, Cardiff. 584 N- EW How- cYcles New Howe Cycles New Howe (jycl!' Manufacturer'B Depot, 3, Church-street, Cardiff. New Howe Cycles are unsurpsscd for speed. lIhtneS8. rigidity, elegance, and popular prices. Call aud inspect them. Buy direct from Manufacturers and save intermediate profits. Largest Cycle Factory iu the World, at Glasgow. Highest skilJNl labour only employed. Hee the Ncw Howe eteerins iock, roller brake, changeable gear wheel. Depot, 3, Church-street, Cardiff. OSMOND Path Racer, Palmer tyres weight, 2lbs.: list pric, £ 30; best cash offer, or excbance.-Parry. Mill-lane, Cardiff. 583 RALEIGH Pneumatic Bicycle fat Sale suit Iit rider: bargain.—X 593, Echo Office. Cardiff. 598 RALEIGH Roadster, detachableDunlops, in splendid I conditIon: all accessories' cheap.-3S, Locgcross- piace, Roath, 424 1_> ËPIRS.-Plaing and Enamelling promptly at trade prices.—Morris Bros., Pontypridd. 19e REPAIRERS ofticWiy appointed for C.T.C., and also for Cycle Insurance. Co. Ltd.—Morris Bras.. Ponty- pridd. Repair of any kind to pneumatic tyres. 19e S i EPAIRS—All go to Morris BrOf'. ,l'úntynwld .1/ No joh too dt no ioù too son't forgat.l9e RIVAL Pneumatic, Warman and H-.ziewood, Coventry only £ 7 ]; a bargain.-22, 1'hv'\l",. Caró9 SAFETY Pneumatic Humber, Due lop tyres: Iso another, bargain5.Vebber and Wilkinson, Auctioneers, St. John's-rquare, Cardiff, 260 AFETY, Ladies' Pneumatic: balls throughout: £ 6 IOs. £ 3 -Write W 247, RCho Office, Cardiff. 217 AFETiEsfil;;ÿ.IDonC)', money saved. Free DoM ":J ticket to "eston,super Mare. Buy your Safety from Warrilow, Weston-super-Mare, or 293, Bute-street, Cardiff. 8ing:e machine at trade P¡Ct' 1,000 in stock. W nte or call for large list free. 463 SA:ïiETiES-=L-i-stõCk, must SÜ. latest '95 patterns, |3 large tube, light machines, Pneumatics, £ 7 C11hi:ms, £ 5 10s. Cbeapest House for Repairs. All kind of fittings iu stock.-Da.vie, Cycle Works. Brynmawr. 8_ TOPThjef.-=-N-w Cvcle Lock wih Key sent Post Free O for 6d stamps, together with 1895 Lamp Lighting Tab!c Lists: Cycle Insurance Pamphlet, Notes, and useful inform:.=rris Bros., Cycle Works. Pont,ypndd.1ge T- OU-RING OnlfIts.-Like thewise virgins, see you have all ready. Post free per return. 1895 Lnmps. 3s d: Lamp OIl, 9<1: Lubricating, 9d Tyre Outfits, Is Sclui,lOn, 6d Box Cemeut, 6\1; Gold Paint for rims, an1 Ehad\ lOd Enamel and Bru,:h, 10d: Tool Bag, 2s Spanners, lr, 9d l'lated Oiler, ód: Pocket Oiler, 1s' Alarm. 15 6d Small Bells, 9i Cork Handles, Is 9d Black Handles, s d: Puncture-proof Bands, 1H1 hew to fix, 9s 6d Non-slipping Tyre Band. 4s 6d 3 Valve Rubbers for 6d Long Infl;„t,or, 5s 6d 1895 Locks, 15: Steel Balls, any size, Is 6d per doz. Brake Spring, 6d: Chain Pili 5d Saddle Pm, 4d Axle Nuts, 4d Small Nuts, 2d Foot Rests, 2s Toe Clips, 2s Pedal Rubbers, 6d acb: 1835 Saddle Pads, Is 9d P.O.O. or stamps.—Morris Bros., Pontypridd. 19 YNYSANGHARADis name of our street-, but Morris Bros Pontypridd, is to find the oldest Cycle Works in South Wales. We will forward you, on leceipfc of stamp for postage, our New List, profnsely Ilusmtcd, containing everything new in c\'din, Inth USeful hints 00 all riders and t.curist!<, and particulars of bargains. lSe 2 Solids, Safeties, Rudge,I £ 2 the other £ 2 10s: Silver- /Q town cloaure tyres 23 and 30: cheap.—13.Watchhouse parade, i i'fcwport. 78 » AS:KIA«;ks. VEMICIXS. 4c. BAKERS.—Hansome BreadBarrow, 8it pou. to be S01d cheap suit grocer,-Apply Hayes, Wheel- wright, Craddock-street, Cardiff. 676 C10fiURG Cart for Sale; nearly Dew.-Apply Gold Cr oft 'J Caerleon, Mon. 154c> Ij^OR Sale, cheap, 'V konette: little the worse for wear JL want of room reason for sellin,Apply 5. Chrles. street, Newport 17* IOR Sale, Stylish Trap, to carry four suit lady and f1imily.-Edwyn Cooke and Co., West Bute Dock, Cardiff. 76a T^CR Sale new. strong, light Spale Trap: suit any ligh-t JL bmin3: painted, lined, varnished: orrplete.- Pipgler, Ua,1, Risca, Mon. t-28 l.f°l ale, at Gover's, Wharton-street, Cardiff, new Spring Trolley, new Hauling Cart, and Tradesmau's Sprint C'lrt. 660 IIOR Sale, Plffisure Trap to carry four: vcry light and -»- strong: will sell chea.p.-Apply M. John, Pwllgwuun hp. Pontypridd. 166" jL^OR Sale, two ::itylish Gigs, to suit cobs: also good But- X. cher's Trap aud Saddle and Bridlp.-App]y 20, Elm- street, Roath. 621 FOR Sale, Two Hand Trucks, ODe suit fish merchant, cheap.—Apply P. Grandcn, 2, H_c.:et- 3/3 T^OR Sale, business or pleasure Trap (suit cob ab;-t.14 i: hands) or exchange for smaller one.-Herbert Fi> h Salesmnu, Po:rl.ypri<1d. 142 Ij'OR Sale, two good ;trong Spring Carts, property of the late Mr Wood, Ege- Merchant: suit, a horse 15 hands also Set of Harness.—Apply W. Wd6:3:-Lckt. 3i L'OR S.ile, superior Wagouette, suit gentleman's family- carry eight; few Seh of Harness, Saddle, Bridle Chaff Machine.—Appiy Coleman, Blackwood. 273 I /OOi) Governess <Jar, suit l't;lfha nd, handsome front si:ent Sausage Mpchine and FiUer, enameJk<l owl; cheap. — Gibbon, Miii-road, Pontypridd. 289 LANDA.¿d. B';gh-;r Sale, cheap.—Acplv W. Powis, Pontypridd. 159" SAJÆ.-Hd;r;ik, nearlvnew .including cask and ma- 8ures, made for oil busin"s £ 2 13s: or without cask d__I\U: £2 10s.—Apply Elkinton, Cairns-st., Cathays SPLEDID Baigains.— 2 Wagonettes, uit posting 40 k-? new and second-hand Traps all prIces and sizes — Avery,, Newport. 163" STRONG Governess Ct for Sale, cheap, or exchange for trap to carry four.—42, Elm-street., Cardiff. 88 SsJURREY Cart (iu excellent condition), "Ith lamp and 9 cum<HJS complete, for sale cheap.—Sampsnn. Blake's d., Penarth-road, Cardiff. 376 rl'O b"eH;;lä-w-HaD,'()Dl C3? and Horse, coniDiete' -X lot. £ 180: maker, Gagy, Cardiff.—Apply A. Grand' Newport.. 147c W AS;'rEDruart-r;p: suit pm;ÿl2hads no fancy I _7 Prioe iven: must be cheap.-Vlnte Llewellyu. avt!I1-Place, Br¡ùlZd. £ 47 itOltM.S. /l.l» l' A Pony, 13.2, sound and good worker Trap and Har- ncss 6uit tradesman two iJlat Carts.—21 Ton 1?- street. R0;Ltn, Cardiff- 77a A Pony ,nd Sprin: Cart for Sale. £ 12 the 10t: warranted A &od worker.—28, tal'):Roath, Cardiff. 351 A usefuÙi;i5 -hdS, 6 years, with pr-gCart r.;d H irness sold top.thr o sepmt" cheap • on trial —Apply Furniture Shop (opposite Ruperra Hotel), Oa^d-li- street. East Moors, Cardi If. :15<) BARG-4.rn:=Had;;me Roan Red-Ób:6ïXï: wanallty of harness, sø.àdl!. and soundness eiven thick-set Stronfbone (suit any business), £ 13.—$q Gordon. ^treet, CheJ}stow-road, Maindee, Newport. ]j9e l-iïiRsT:Ia:pcÎi,rcÏiri8h Terriers for Sale.—Apply 16. Castle Arcade, Cardiff. 727 FOR si;: good, useful Black Mare qUitilh;' cess 16 hands cheap.—114, Kichard-street, Cathays '¿r1f:- 720 T?01^ «ale,l4Pigs! 9 week3 °l\ h° BUit.-buye-to g X Mare, 2 fast Ponies.-G. HJ". Gbu.y-nant Him.e VV hitchurch. 726 LOR"iši-Pony, -Ham-;Ù 'C Business Traps cheap: together or separate.—Aoply lckwit,h.roa.d, Canton. 617 S^OR Sale, cheap, useful Pony, HarneldFI;\t Spri; Cart.—G. Summers. 4, High-stree^, pori^y(J[)0^ 1^'OR Sale, handsome Cob, 14 hands, 5years Oldrr¡i:e1 sound and quiet in all kinds of harness chap.- PD]Y Froet. Eljjoi:b Town. New Tredegar. 645 S^OIl Sale, Pony, four years, 12.2 hauus warranted sound, W'1, t0 nde or dnve e f¡¡,t aud Iwod actIOn: suih Ir..?!. Trial a 110wed.—Wr 1 te R2.SH47n J£ *.■ choOffice, Cardiff. 547 F.10R Sale, very fast Horse, six year old, 15 -bî;rl hf"h price £ll,-Apply 73, Hi:streearry. 5;1 J^OR Sale, a young Ji Donkey, eeunù, quiet to driv ■ Apply 7, Pontcanna-p..463 J^OR Sale, Roan C^Mare, 1 6 yers of ageT i- quiet, and a pood worker 111 shafts 0r chains ak;¡ warrauted sound suitable for a brewery or a raiIwy carTIer; pnce £ 36.—Apply J- Jones (Coal Merch:mt) 24, Yke.street;, Barry Dock. 455 17IOR Sale, useful chestnut Horse, five years old, 15 banda: gOGd mover warranted sOUnd: gcod worker tril allowed.-Apply 16,0.(an-str:POntypridd. i4ie I^ORSalV, Horse, l5.?, sound, good wsuit'ny J- tradesman price £ 1^: owner no further u3e.-6, A gate-street, Roath. 332 i"OR .sal; a Ii Jaaic :BUY Goat (18 months old, .a:: qmet to drIve), Cart, and Barne3 take two children took prominent part ill the last electlou at Roath.—11, Peulliue-street, Roath. 345 F~ ORS»ie. lighrcart Mare, grej', 6y'S,15¡;&: perfectly quiet and gooa war er.-A ppjy 87, Se.ern. road, Cardiff. 2 :9 FOX Tcrri;T;-tirst-class Pup'ies;il:bred,am;' and good points, 10s each.—R. Sketch, 25, Hickman- road, Penarth. 35 HORSE wanted 5 years, lhands. wed, for cr i.xle car t good mare in part paymen(— Queen. 6treef Ca -dill' 359 PONY Cart, Harness, for Sale 13 ï)¡;i¡;h; ":lIit greengrocer and fish dealer. Apply No g_ street, altm"ad. 515 ALE, Cub, 13.2, iŸw;itat C;:rt;Jd Harness: suit fishmonger or Kreengrocer joL> :£13 seen after 2 o'clock.—Robinson, *'shmonger. Orchard- street, Caerleon,road. Newport.. 186e t5(cJ¡-W¡-í:r;J-hiBlI ;Bitch ear3 fashionably cropped and crrId erect.—Further DiU. ticulars appdy 29, Bate.terrace, Card 693 i.RP¿nv:l-ë;rt and H,.m?ss :auîtï{-reer1roeer O or coke.—Taylor, West End DaIry, 10. Kdmund-build- ings, Canlü:¡. Nodealars. 628 S I<:N'Í'¡;forP;ît;-S;¡;?où':VtWthik'3f" aged Mare. 15 hands blt ci-anit, Wagonette, or any tradesman: warranty and trial given.—15 Quav^ticci, <Cardiff. 1 S-10RshouIders Ghru3h.& ¡clcIJiCre<ii Condy's Fluid. Horses fuff..nn from 80rc ¡;ck". Sore ::Ihoui.der5, broken knees, wounds, CUts, b¡ ui¡;es, thru.,I1, crackd heels, "rease. mud fever, mange, fcc quickly cured Condy's Flutihd e parts affect WI a uiblespoonful of Condy' b Fluid in a pint of water. It n'akes the hair grow where rubbed off. 1 rices 8o. 1: 20oz. 2s: of all chemists. InsÎ8t Qn havi. ng Condy s Kim J. S57e USE Jeerol Ointment for speedily curing 6P"'¡;;S clubs and splints wben formm, ovei.te^jjg^ ""ppll hocks, rhp.uwati8D1, windfalls, scurf aftt box post tree for 15 2d frolD Condy S. Fluid Works, 83,, London. E.C. 857 V- -¡;RY-Ft; (i4.2},"vith-sp Trap an<C ue\; with Sp^ g xrap and new Y~ Harne6s: Fuit grocer, &c.: lot £ 24—A. Park, Ponty- mister. 70 t:1nNARY Book Free, cou.a.1IJm" full instructiu¡] fux the Treatment I1n Cure of ilments affectine I Ilor"s. Dogs. Cats, Cattle, Sheep, P 198, Poultry, kc., from Condy's Fluid Works 8,3, TurnmlU-8treet Loudon, KC. 857e WANTED to Ílire Üg Cart Horse, three month$.- 4 « £ Saunders, 4, Amherst-street" Grange. 555 PIC! »\S. de A Few Sittings White Leghorn Eggs to spare from nd winter Jayel11; 3s Od sittin¡¡.-F. Miller. 34. Salop- street, Penarth. 462 EGGS from pize-bd-fu;Lëghms-Hurst'š-8t.fn-: splendid layers, hatching out well; 2s 6d sitting.— Brown, 7, Bertram-street, Roath. 75^ EGGS for Setting.—First-class Black Orpington, White Leghorn, Black MinNc: 3s a dozen.-Rev. T. Bat- stone, Oakley House, Maesycwmmer. 297 EGGS for hatching, 4s aDd 3s dozen: pure bred chickens, 105 and 78 6d dozen, with hen 3s 6d extra. Plymouth Rocks, J\linorca.s, Orpingtons hilt on application. Edwards, Coaley, Dursley, Gloucestershire. 847e GRAND Selection of prize-bred Norwich Canaries, 10s 6d 12s 6d, and 155 pair beus mad for reedin, 3s 6d! 4s 6d. to 5B each: satisfaction [fuaranteed.-Lloyd, Bird Dealer, Mountain Ash. 434 JCamew, Cage Maker to the laFred Copem:m. can nlpplv relIable lonp distance Homers, 2s 6d pair, packed; Shooting Pigeons chtOap.-Old add reS! F.mpire Bird Stores, (,harles-street, Newport, Mon. 176e l\flR Watson, Roseberry, York-place, Newport, Mon., has HI the whole of his Rabbit Hutehe for sale cheap: state wantq. 179 PARROTS, Grey or Amazon, a.ccliatis on 4days' approval, not by lady or gentleman oing abroad, bat the oid firm, Maggs Bros., Wind-street, SWans. Call or send for list. 127e PIGEONS for Sale.-Six Pairs good Homing Binlq to be Sold or Exchanged for Fowls.-Newton, 71, Salop- !!treet.. Penarth. 61 PLYMOUTH ROcks, Houdans, Golden and Silver Wyan- dotte Kggs, 3s64 sitting; well-known prize strains un- fertde replaced.-William Bowen, Llanfoist, Abergavenny. POULTRY, Pio; Care Bird, and DoC Foods.-Write for prices and samples to Noah Rees and Son, Hay, Corn, and Heed Merchants, Cardiff. 161e SALE (cheap), errand tame talkins and mimicking Brazilian Parrot, champion whistler. —Further particu- lars apply Parrot, 29, Bute.terrace, Cardiff. 694 FrRxiTntn. FOR Sale, Snite of good Furniture by party leaving Car- diff.-Write F 709, Echo Office, Cardiff 709 FURNITURE ot every descrinticn tboirjo D value to seiect fTom, on the Hire System strictly privact The Largest Premises aud Stock out of London.—Atla^ Furnishing Company .Limited. Hayes, Cardiff. i5e FURNISH at Harris's Emporium, Newport. Enormou selection. One price. Plain figures. Cash only 460e ARRIS S, in The Market Hall, Newport! I-I ARRIS'S.-FuTDi8h House complete for £ 15 158. HAKRLSS Reliance Dining-room Suites in morocco cloth, paaded backs: new deign: only £ 4 15s Marvdlous value. HARRIS S.—Bedroom Suite, Cht five Drawers, Wash- stand, Toilet Table, Glass, 3 Chairs, Towl.rail, polished a nice walnut colour: only £ 3 3s.-Harris's Emporium in Newpoit Market. Two minutes' walk from Railway Station. HARRIS S, the Cash Fnrnishers. Newport Market, tageous to parties furnishing. Combination Spring Bedsteaos. iron, 16s 6d, complete. 1!;xteasive Show- rooms. Inspection invited. Note Address :— Market Hall, main entrance. Dock-street. Newport. S'-ËC0XD-I:lAND-Furniltire or Surplus Stock Bought, for kj cash or Sold on CommissioD.-Taylor's Salerooms 12 Custom House-street, Cardin'. 78 fj^HE best fuinea Dinner Set in the trade at W. Dobbs X and eons, Queen-street. 777 I^ p URi-llSH on our new hire Hire System, ilonses or lJ :;1e completely furnished on a n;Il:œ adopted solely by us, whereby all publicity, exposure, and nquines usually made by other companies are dispened with. We havsan immense stock of Household Furniture of cheap and superior quality. All goods sold on the Hire riystbiu at ready-money prieM. We make 110 extra charge for credit, and all goodd sent home in a private van free of barge, No stamp or agrefJmenc charges made; no bill <)l• erythiug private. Arrangements completed without delay, and, being manufacturers, we guarantee quality aud will undertake to supply furniture, etc., at 10 per cent lees thn any pr¡ce.];¡¡t issued by auy tirm in Laidiff. Eleven shovrroouis. (11011 and inspect our iro- mense stock, and compare price* oefore purchasing else. where. We win supply £ 6 worth Cor 25 6d weekly ■ £ 10 worth, 4s weekly £ 15 worth for 5s weekly £ 20 worth, 6, woekly, and so on *ti proportion. Special terms for larger quantities. Ple.vse note the address :-South Wales f urmshing\Company 31. Cattle-street (orf>Oit,, the CastM Cardiff 7e DO"ESTH ARTICLES. lVl AlJæi 1"IiF%¡lino:;nT.t:e the Hire System.—Atlas Furnishing Company Ltd. Hareq Uardiff 25 ■ pE !¿1l?Sc::nÍd. °Ha. Hire Svsi^m. Atlas Furnishing Company, Ltd. Hayes Cardiff. 25e FWK SA f/K—\FOR" A good leng Ca3 Cleek for Sale, in cood order splendid A nak cas.-Apply 17, Caerphilly-street. East Moors, ili 471 BARGAIN.—Two second-hand four-wheel Ice Cream Carts one fresh painted, will take £ 2 euit pouy. j —'l'honip?on. Cross-street, Newport. 178 BILLHEADS, 1,0C0 fnr 4s 6d 1,000 Business Cards, s 6d ,) (special line), at 49, Bridge-street, Cardiff.—Rees, Mallett. ;nd Stanbury, Printers. Cricket. Fixtures, 79 BOOT Press for Sale, with 25 set8nives; nrust 5eil great bargain.—Write K 75, Echo Oftice, Cardiff. 765 BUTCHERS, Groce.-Set Of-bm8¡;iïE'ihts for Sale 7lo. down to ioz. not OIIt'd; first P.O. for 19 has them.-Tl1nk, Mill-lane, Cirdiff. 219 CARDIFF'S Popular Pawnbroker. Fligelst-one, 22, Castle-road, Cardiff. Established 50 ycrs. 664e CARDIFF'S Popular Pawnbroker. —Fligelstone ha for. feited Gent s 18ct.. Geld 1.vrr, cost £ 20, only 6 guineas. CARDIFF'S Popular 'P;nbrokl'rFil;!e-t;e has for. feited Lady s ] £ ct. Gold Lever, cost 10 guinas, only 75s. CARDIFF'S Popular Pawnbroker.—Fligelstone hasfor- fe;čed Gent's did (old long link AJbert, only 50s.664e Popular Pawnbroker.— Fligclstone has f- feited Lady's handsome Gold Watch, cost 4gs, 21s. 664e I""1AfWIFFIpwar Pawnbroker.—Fligelstone has for- J feited Lady's havy i5ct. Gold Chain; 4gs; bargain. CARDIFF'H Popular Pawnbroker.—Fligelstone has tor- f('itd 50 first-class Silver En"lish Levers, only 20s each, 4 'iARDÏFJiS'POP11];-P k-r-:= FJigïste-l1;;f' feited 50 Gent s Solid Silver Curb Alberts, 58 each. 664e I -CA RDiFFS-I>opiPawnbrok;=F¡igelsto-f J fitt'do:v_F'InE! .n,t¡" 2 das. CARDIFF'S Popular Pawnbroker.—Fliselstone ha3 for- feited Laùy'" handsome .Silver Watch and Albert, 15s. (f ÃR6IFI?'SPOP-u!r.r Pa1broker.-Fli:elstone ha5f V feited Geni.V tir5t-cbss Silver Watch 12., 6d; warranty. 'i.T¿JHFFS-PopUl Pawnbroker.—Fligelstone has ¡or. J fited Gent's fancy folid Gold Curb Albert, heavy, 42s. i""1AP.DáYF'S P;;PrPawcbroker.hI<'ligelstonp has for- J fited Lady's 15ct. 5-stone Dhmond Ring, 10s 6d. (CARDIFF'S Popular Pawnbroker.—Fligelstone has for- J fei'ed Silver Lever Wat<:hes.Silve Watches,. I 'AP.DrFF'SP- opuJar Pawnbroker.—Flipe'stone's only J Feather Bcd, Bolster. 2 Pillows, besinen Ticl", Sris. l. '1ARDIFF"Popular Pawnbroker.—Fligelstoue's only I Welsh Shirts. 3s lId; Tho Popular Shirts, Is l1;d. CARDIFF'S Popular Pawnbroker, Fligelstone only.- Gents' fa!lcyght Suits, 15s lId; ba_w.t.e, 21s. ï'1AR-DIFF3-PQPular Pawnbroker, Fligelstone only.- V Latest, patterns, all wool, 500 Pair Trou" at 3s 1 CCARDIFF'S Popular Pawnbroker. Fligelstone only!— J Wooden c.Y: l'ï._4=-rm, Is 112d. (CARDIFF'S Pop alar Pawnbroker. FligeJstone only.- J 22ct. So O(Wt'dn.g Rinirs, 3w.d. CHIP Potato Machine .fr Sale on truck; auy reason- ablc price offered w:l! be sold.-Apply 8, J"meTI11c, Cwmcarn, Mon. 1. ("LAY Tobacco Pipes.—Before buying elsewhere, H-ul for Illustrated J,ist (freel to Corcoran's (established 1833), Practical Pipe Manufacturers, Lamb-street, Bristol. DAILY Papers, Weekly Papers, Comic Papers, and all kinds of Papers,—Robertson, Church-road and Chep- stow-road, Newport. 294e FOR Whitsuntide Trn,t"Cricket Bats, Balls, Wicket; Tennis Ball, Racquets. Coloured Ba.b. Toy" s. —Miss Crockford, Fancy Bazaar,115. Queen-street. 779 j^OR Salheap. 3 doz. strong Gravel :5h, 1 ,joz r Steel Digging Fork" large Glnss Cupboard, and F-rn Case.—Apply 49, Metal-street, Cardiff. 553 voR".o.ï; Two lare double-door FITEPROOFSAFET Dsk5. .L' Count-er, Mahorany show Case, and otber Office and Shop Fittings. otc, must be sold real bLrgaius-Apply 26. Castle-road. Cardiff. 230 If OR Sale. Corks! Corks !—Ginger andHerb B r and C"rks o every description shive;, bungs, bottling cork?.—, Cardiff. 521 'I\UJ'Boa (Russian).—Lady ofiers v^7y" bWhy, quite n7iv, L dark soft, silky Alaka Tail Boa, tLree yards IOCK cash needed accept ISs 6d, 'orth £ 5 5s approval, car- riage paid, before payment: great bargain —M" rs Fdwtrno 52L Hugh-street, Eccieston-square^S.W. I^A!ILLARDIA Granditlom: I'and plants;¡;b;e-: y* Lycbma these are wort double all hard. 2s doz. :h.-Da\i. Lu¡:w¡udme._r.'Í:4 (" ETLEME: -Ff J»i>d 5C0 ^iIs last season 7nU> ( Car(HS' and district. Wat more do you want* Ko tailor can posèJbly compete wIth our All-wool Tweed and Serge Ruit,s to n]?asure at 35s. Write for patterns (fre"l. -The Woollen Company, brauford. 537 GLASS Rhadës, all sius, for clockT^r tc7choap also Fih Globed.—J. Cordm, aturallic, 42 Hoy II Arcade, Cardiff. 2:3 CC RAND Head l\!oo;'e Dee;t5j;m-eir:1 Bison, 20 guineas Red Deer, Reindeer. Fallow &c" chcap.—Cording, Naturalist, Cardiff. 2l G- REENHOU.SE, span ro"f 12ft. by 9ft nearly new: 30 V* youm 'Plants, 8tove, &c., complete £ 10 at Penarth -ApplyC 636, Eeho Office, Cardiff. LADY S finest quality lJ" silk thre:guineUil1br!'Úä-: long real ivory carved handle, nchl)' mounted with over 4 inch deep fine gold gilt hall-marked silver Fox's Paragon frame accept les 6d approval: carriage paid — B 2i, Mossbury-road, Clapham .Jnt,n. 535 1\ ILK=:liailw;Ÿ Cans, exce))et make cuar.mteed at l'l lowest price all dairy utensils. Also deed boxes acd genera! 8heet metal work. Largest works ID Wales —Cam briall Tin Working Co., DmnbaUs.roll.d, Cardiff (5 minutes from G.W.Rt 94ge NEW Irnnmongery Establishment.—A. Seymour (late 1 with Messrs W. Edwards and Co.. Limited), 121,Com- mercial'ltreet. Newport. Best value for cash. 156e OVEKS.-Iportantto Bakers and t'¡ If you want a good oven (either Rter,m Deeper, reKIster, or port- able) it ill be to 70ur advane to send to the only renuine practical oven building firm in Cardiff before placing vour orõer el8where to Dix and Companv, Harpu:-stPeet Engineering Works. Cardiff. 323 PHTl7 Phil!ip3' PaTeuraatic Cure, 24, StT M^itreet! Cardiff. I'23 PHIL Phi1iip' Rheumatic Cure. Socks 10s lid ¡;;¡. pair. Seud siz of boot6. l23e PHIL PJiillips' Rheumatic Cure.r.adiGenÜcmen waited upon at tbeir own residences. 123,, PHIL-:rï¡u¡PRht'umatic Cure,-Cures l{heU;t Gout. ]2;o PHIL Phillips' Rheumatic Cure. Belts from 10s 6d. Send measure (" waist. 12> OHIL Phillips' Rheumatic Cure.-CUre¡ Scia.tica. 1;¿3,¡- PHIL Phillip^ Rheumatic (.are.-Wri8tlet.s froui5s\!ei- £" pair. 123e PHIL Phillips' Rheumatic. Cure.—Fresh Testimonials of cures daily. 12Z, PHIL Phillips Rhmatic Cure.-For 10s 6d you con b Cnrpd. I2jr PHIL Phillips' Rheumatic CureSole manufacture! 24' t. M ary-stree £ Cardiff 123e RETAIL Specialities.—Robertson's Mixture! d OUI-: Gold Flake, 4d ounce, 2 ounces Hd: MIld Mixture 4id ounce.-W. E. HorLson. Church-road and 152, Cbep s'ow-road, Newport. 294e SEYMOUK'S Truuks. Steel Trunks, and Bonnet Boies, for the summer holidays quality and cheapness un! surpassed.—121, Commercial-street, Newport t '-i EYMOUR'S exceptional value in Brass and Black and Brass Curbs, FeDùers. and Fire Brasses, Dogs, Tile Hearths.—121, Commercial.stTet, Newport. 156e S- j<NMOUit'S bestq¡;:l1ty Mangles Brashes oC all kim. K? warranted Cutlery, Kitchen Uteusils.-121, Commerce] street, Newport. 156 IW)-10ÚR-cliwowers -t-"torl"8 prices Shaük-š ► 3 latest improvements, ea5Y rnnllinJ1:, perfectly IIf>W.- 12!, Commercial-street, Ne",o!t. 156e -EYJ('URS- f_-ÿaf(lell.hos and fittings. Watering Po?s. Shears, Syringes, Spades, F^rks, Rakes, Hoes, ec.121, C uiiinercial-street, Newport. lS6e Q PEiAi: Purchase of smart, effective, pNfect-tittin, ana t well-finished BlouseR in black, tvbite, and self <:O'Ú!lE, a".o an cndles aswrtment of smart colours and ccmbina LIOns: prices, 9J, l1d, Is !.d, Is Hid, 2s 6d, 23 11d. 38 1M, 4s lid, etc. Stanlinc value. See wIndows -A. Hrn.o, -"lillinN and Fancy Drapr. 7 and 8. Market Building, n.t Market,G.e!pcl£:sr:t,_Ke! 77e rpOMATOES.—Strong, extra size P¡ant. Early Dw:nf j i and Chmpion R "erv prolific U 9d do^en c..r. rmge free.—Parry, Green Hall, Ll.nQilo, 848 TABLE Cutlery.—Lady offers four-guinea Service, best quality, 12 table, 12 small knives, pair carvers and steel,for 14s 6d white pinned balance handoR Sheffield make: great barain unused approval paid before nay- mept.-Mr Dawson, Sl. Moreton-st., Pimlico, S. W. 5? npOBACCONISTS.-Thin Ro! 3s 5d Thick, 3s 4d.AJl ?'' ?"?coos shocked.-W. E. Robertson, Wholesale and Ret. Ml TobacoonMt. Newport. ZMe VJ17ATCHES, by all the best makers, are only; to; be bought at Follick's. 9541) 'V AhFÜi:r cases at 10s 'd. are onlJ t tT be bought at FoUick' the iowest prices, are only to be bought T at FoUtck's. ?tyATCHES. so)id sitrer, tnorder?tSsMT are ?cIyt? be bonht ?t FoUick'F. WATCHES, only go to Follick's, 40 and 41, Bridge- v street. Cardiff. t? ATCHES by Skarratt, Worcester, at 25s. are ODly to be bought at Fotlh k's. English Lever, for one guinea, are only to I" be bought at Follick's. \V ?khe renowned 6s 6d, are only to be bought \V??? ?p? Lc?er. ?th warranty, at !5s. are on)y to be bought at Follick's. ?7'ATCHES? Lady's solid Gold, at Ms. are only to be bought at Follick's. Adventures in Loudon," recitation 2nd edition just printed, popt free4,d.—Llewellyn, Agents wanted. 250 10,000 feet iDunnase Boards, 50s per square feet Scantlings, Deals, etc., cheap.—Shapland, Bottom Dock, Car Hff. 717 Feet Running Boards, id per foot.-AppI1 J. Barry, M 24. Pellett-street. Cardiff. 681 IEFT-OFF CLOimiSfi. LADIES', Gentlemen's, ChiIdrGn?sleft-off Ctothice J? bought.—Mrs Rich, 57. Castle-road. CardiS. Good pnces orders punctually attended to. Fnmitare bought. LADIES', Gentlemen's, and Children's Left-off CiotMo: J bonrht, Furniture boueht.-Mrs PIaisted, opposite Huperu. Hotel, Ord?)]-street. East Moors. CardiS. 158 MRS D. Gorman, 7 and S, Bridge-street. CMdTffTand 31 and 3o. Whyndham Arcade. Purchaser of Ladles' Gentlemen's, and Children's Wardrobes, Dress Suits. Boots, &c. also Furniture. All orders punctually attended to Established 1863. 445 WISCf.U*!SPO!'S W AXT. A Respectable couple wiah to Adopt a Baby.—Address -? H 743, Echo Office. CardiS. 743 WAITED, m ood condition, Seeond?ndBa?ateUe it' iaMe.—?pnd parhcui?rs and pnee'to T. Keyse, Read- ing Room, Cwmtillerv. 290 ??ANTKb. to buy a Stall for fairs, fetes, tc.. SftTby?': mlIt b" attractive and have a Cood awning over- State price to Cartcr, Dover Bakery, Tepby. ° 224 mA(KI\FRl. FOR Sale, Washing Machine and Wringer, Bradford's Vowel I, very cheap.—Bradley, 5, De Croche-place, Riverside, Canton, Cardiff. 258 I LENT Sausage Machine and two Fillers for Sale. KJ Goodman Bros., Constellation-street, Cardiff. 518 T- á. Euildm and 0p'r.-ilt be SoIdT McrtiM Machine, only been three months in use: plendid Cramp, two Benches, Hand-cart, etc.-Nemo, 19, Power- street, Barr?ck-hi)). Newport. l?g? \7 E Let -Machinery, Engines, and Mortar Mills on Hire, 1 T with option of purchase. Contractors supplied. Clarence. Wharf Saw [il1, Newport. Mon. use A RTIFlCIALLegs, Pee Lees. Arms, Eyes, Belts, Elastic -TV i-toekmsa. frus?es. &c.: <irst-e)ass workmaofhin— Apply direct, Pf?rce and Co.'s Manufactory (the oldest established firm), 14, Station-terrace, (opposite T V.R. Station), Cardiff. 836 CLEAR Skin, pure blood, good di:et.ion. strtb-of ?' system may be ecurecL Sarslp?ni!? CoepoMud stand. alone reuJt of many years experience purely herbal: no b?d after eBects price Is. post f Is Sd? Trimnell. The Herbalist, Moira-terrace, Cardiff. 91 CWRE for Piles.—Perfect cure guaranteed inmost stubborn cases; poet free, 2s 9d, 4s 6d.-La Trone. Chemist., St. Michael s-hUl Bristol. 503 G-¡-LAi£5;'G-Lin:-iik.- china without, polishing Iron, in. eluding stiffening process. ó stamps; 3,786 testimonials. -Madm" Mentor. 421, Beachfarm-road, South sea. 294 HERB Beer ;d;Ù:hTrimD;¡i'Her b8i;p;herb beer: no herb beer lIke it: strengthens the system,deliCious. appeisi!J( 6d per packer. Yom grocer can supply you; if not, i_I!le!&lo;t. CardiS. <o? IS your Watch Wron: ? The Best and Cheapest Shop Tb [' birRir be ft ;Circ,rI I?nfhshorFnrei?.is 38, Castle-arcade (third sh?pftem Castle-strct), by James Keir.for 10 years with Mr Spiridion Clocks 'ndJ"w.)'e'T Rcy?ired. Pices and Sticks ount!'d. SARSAPARILLA, with Burdock aud Others —Best ?-J Spring Medicine and pleasant: children )ike it: no C1se too severe nothing likE" it for purifying the blood: price Is, post free Is 3d.—Trimnell, The Herbalist, Moira- terrace, Cardiff. 91 WEF,THt::ART'S Curious Letter, 3 Funny Pbotocraphs 3,1?*5 6 Ma?ic Cards, 7 penny stamps.—Hy?m? 1, COUlt St. Lnke'\d, Birm,ngham. 87 'H/ ATCHES Clocks and JeweUer f on the Hire Hvstsm \V'¡:'rn'¡: (fo¥,.df °Jat:e 1:d¡;S25: JIOSEI CASH Advances made t,o any amount promptly, pnvat.ely and at a fair rate of interest: distance no object.— Applr, by letter only, to Mr U Lloyd, 24, Raglan-st'eet., ewport. 92ge THE TREDEGAR AND DISTRICT ADVANCE BAI\K. 29. Bridge-street, 'l'redar, MOD.. Advances Daily Sums from jE5 TO £500. On Note of Hand alone. Fair Interest, Easy-Repyment. —Apply Manaser. 803 -l\r'ONEy'LENT-A' F IV?E PER CENT. 1 FROM S25 to S2.MM.. Why pay mOre, whEn t1 Private Gentleman prepared to gra^t Advance's to resporsibie x^erso: Male cr Female, upon their NOTE OF HAND ALONE, in any part of England or without, loan office formalities ? NO BILL OF SALE OR URln IE8 REQUIRED. The advance can be paid back by pasy instalments, or can remain out fron 1 to 15 years by paying the Interest only. Call or write to thr actual Lender. CECIL G. COURTENAY, ESQ.. 895e 11. Stroud Seven Sisters-road, J,ondon, N. LOANS FROM CASH i:2 to S300 Advanced Advanced to R. PHILLIPS. Same Day as all.Classes of IS. CKUftCH-ST., Applied for Borrowers CARDIFF. Terms and in Town Interest Quoted or Country. Private Office. Beforehand. Apply personally or by letter to above address. 927 CENTRAL LOAN ^OFFICC. ^SR BRIDGE-STREET, NEWPORT. B5 TO £5no. Advances mde daily to all respectable Borrowers on their own Promissory Note. Eay Repayment s and Low Interest. ISe All applications treated in the strictest confidence. MONEY: Lent upon Note of Hand. without Bill of Sale or Sureties, as foliovrs ;— £25, repayable in 24 monthly instalments of 2 5  24 „ „ ?2 4 10 ?00. 24 „ S4 7 Larger sums in proportion. Strict pn""cy guaranteed. No commissions charged. Distance no object.-Appty D. Wt))?ms.lE.York-rf?d. Wate' Erjde. London.S. E. 57e MONEY at a fair rate of inetrest, advanced in any if sums without, delay distance no object.—Apply, by letter or per"OI:aUy, to W. Williams, Vine Cott, 1, Station-terrace. Pontypridd. 203e ARiAN ar It:'gi) ra thraul na thrafferth.—Ysgrifeuwch neu dewch yn bersonpl at Lewis. 67, Castle-road, Rnath. Caerdydd. <*Q5 Q5 Auraneed without ary delay.—Apply 110, 3i) Cowbridse-road, Canton, Can',iff. 822 I \1 R L. Reed, 56 .Railway-street, ors, Cardiff, ad;¡'m .a from £ 2 to £ <00. borrowers receive courteous and prompt attention 404 j,_$5 aud upwards aanteèi d'lily to householders, mt.hol1 r- v surctie9. no delay, no fees and eo ntdemia!. Apply, 1 by letter or peisoualiy, to F Gould, 8G, Pontmorlai. Merthyr TydS!, 20, Caroiine-?rfct. Hridaend.aud?t Friar£: Park. JJ:lmIC-st, Carmr.rt.lien. I'SSo "'I ONF.Y -Ú1-ITIiOUTJHLL OF SALE CR l.' SURETIES, on Note of Hand. as foJJows — 2o-24 MONTHLY INSTALMENTS uf ?0 12 4 i.M-24 „ „ ?2 5 10 S100—?4 :E4 U S KoCoaimisStOnorI?e&!ETp"ns''?. A guarantee F?*" ?f stnct.est. privacy. Apply for J1rosctu, to UKtTUD KIN&DO.? DE?0?iT?A?; K?. 35, Craven-street, Strand, Londou. me A. U. WILMS, Manager. «^TALLACE AND co., sti7 OIT^N-STT CARDIFF. T (Entrance, Plrst. Docl t Side). £3 TO £ 5- 0 ADVANCED DAlLV ON NOTE OF HAND OR OTHER SECURITY, AT SHOUT NOTICE. 406 PROMPT ATTENTION To CUU U, 1 APPLICATIONS. ¡.25 to B5.009 Lent P;:¡t;h-n '¡!VP.'t-rt-;f-t;¡; I o? country, to respectable people, on a Note of Hand alone, without Bondsmen ov any Securitv. K?oeption?Dy Low Interest. I Apply to H. THOMA.S, Manager (Head 0??). Victors Chambers. 2o. Bridge-street, Hri?t ? 516 TO HONEST AND RESPECTABLE BORROWERS p The Cast!e Ad?Auce :B;]iYprepared to Aùunce MoDey at the lowest l-ate 01 interet Without ureties or Bonds- Dleu, On Your Own Kote of Hand Aione. You must boar in mind that we are 110 agents, and that you are dealing with the arm diiect. If you prefer prompt treatment and stricter priv('y appiv, personRl!y or by )eRer. to GEORGE DA?IE?a?'d C?'? °" ? °?  CASTLE ADVANCE BANK. 207, CASTLE-ROAD, CARDIFF 865 Tl|ONEY P i: I V A T E L Y, P UOM P X L Y, CHEAPLY, THE NATIONAL MERCANTILE* BANK, BALDWIN-STREET, BRISTOL, The Directors of this old-established, well-known ^flice. having large available funds, offer unusual facilities to all respectable and trustworthy persons who require either temporary or permanent assistance. Cash in amounts from £2() to £10.000 advanced in all parts of the kingdom without sureties, delay, or publicity, and on the security only of the borr?wer? Tntteti promise to reBay. Tbese advances may be repaid by weeky, monthly, or quartrJy instalments extending oyer a period of time convenient to the borrower, or the prineipal may remain ,"0 lon as the interest is paid. Xo Bill of Sale taken, aud the transactions are IlO" i uU- lished in any newspaper 01' gazette. Apply, stating amount required, to Mr T. C. MILBURN. General Manager. NoTE.—SperiaUy adTanm*eous terms for Loans ou Life Insurance I I,eversia,ond. !l1tm; ;;es. ó4e THK DYKKCTORS of L~ S FIELITN A \T) TO (LIMITED AdYanc Daily SUŒS fro f5 TO £ 1.0o0. i Method of Business FAIR INTEREST. EASY REPAYMENTS. ABSOLUTE PRIVACV. NO DELAY. NO SURETIES.. TUADK HILLS DISCOUNTED. l' r()8P<ln ;i)id Particulars Free. "pply lit ei.h"r Addresses below ;— Haad Oftice THE HAYES BUILDINGS. CAKDIl'F. ALBERT-CHAMBERS, STOW-HILL, NICWPORT. 4, s^. CATHERINE ST.. PONTYPRIDD (Opposite Police Starionl lie  CAPITAUST t. prcpare<ft<?make?[MM!CDlAT'' A PROMPT, und STRICTLY PRIVATE CAH I ADVANCES in Sums from £10 TO TO Professional Ladies mi i Xo Fee of any description. Gentlemen, No Bill; of Sale. Tradesmen, No public or local exp;>sure. Farmers, No objectionable Inquiries. Floriste, No usual Loal) Office For. Market Gardeners m>\licies. Hotel Proprietors, Anù fit a Reasonable Rate Job Masters, ofintetest. | And all classes. ON NoTF OF HAxn ALONE. Intending Borrowers are Cautioned against the flattering Advertisements that appear daily. Th" majority of them emanate froln A¡¡enLS, "llost Sole Object IS to 01, Fecó of aU descriptions. Applicants can IJy U1l011 i that, '1/ applying to ine they do 50 in confidence, and that they wi" ll \¡¡¡ treated ill a fair and business-like manner —Appiy M BAR.VETT, 7ie 9. Caroline-strer-f. 1 • ?NE?OX'()t CLARKE'S B 41 ¡jiLLS is warranted to cUre Gravel, Pains in he Back anti aU kindred complaints. Gmu-uitetd fiee from M' ■: ury. Sold in Boxes 4s 6,1 each, by aU Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors throughout the world or sent to an y address for sixty stamps by the Makers, Tae Lincoln and Midland Counties Drug Conipanv' Lincoln 4je public ^masenwnts. CARDIFF. THEATRE ROYAL. JL LESSEE & MANAGER, MR EDWAED FLETCHER. FRIDAY, May 24, 1895, ImportAlont Engagement of MR j-jERMANN VEZIN, Miss LAURA JOHNSON, a.nd a POWERFUL LONDON COMPANY, in Shakesperian and Standard I Plays. Beautiful and correct Co-stumes in each play. To-Night, Friday, Richelieu Saturday, Macbeth. Prices 6d to E2 2s. Early Doors, ..30. Doors open at 7; commence at 7.50. Booking Offices at Messrs Thompson and Shackell's, Queen-street. Telephone No. 52L Special terms to Schools and Parties. Monday, Mav 27th, first visit to Cardiff of theFamon Drama, "THE SLAVE GIRL" THE EM FIRE. Manage*. OSWALD SrOLL, TO-NIGHT GEORGE LASH WOOD. in his u«w Ctma. THE WOMEN 0'? MUMBLKS HEAD." RAE AND WESTON, the Eccentric Cyclists. SISTERS CROSSLEY, Dnettists and Dancers. TOM WOOTWELL, the Loose-legged Comediu, KATIE LE BLANCHE, Serio. THE KARNO TRIO, causing Laughter Admira- tion Admiration Laughter Mil THE SIFTERS LEO. Vocalists, Duettists. and Dancers. IDA HEATH, The Celebrated Transformation Dancer in Gems of the Bal Masque." NEAT WEEK LOCKHARTS PERFORMING ELEPHANTS. ? A N D T hTE A T R E? GLR ESSEE & MANAGER. Mr CLARENCE SOUNES EVERY EVENING THIS WEEK. 1\1 R LAURENCE IRVING (Son of the eminent Actor, Mr Henry Irving). Supported by his specially-selected London Company. TO-NIGHT (Friday) and Saturday, LADY OF LYONS." Seats booked at Messrs Heath's Music Warehouse, ^ueen-street. Prices, 6d to £11s. Doors open at 7.15, commence at 7.45. MONDAY NEXT, the Celebrated Burlesque, "CLAUDE DUVAL." From the Prince of Wales's Theatre, London. S T0 L L' SpA N 0 P TIC U.N, PHILHARMONIC HALL & BUILDINGS, EXHIBITION AND NOVELTY PALACE. STAGE PERFORMANCES AT 3.30, 7 and 9 o'clock, at each rli which will tbi-ö week appear An EXCEPTIONAL COMPANY of PRETTY YOUNG LADIES MILLWARD S COMBINATION in "The NEW GIRL." Including Misses Yelland, Dollie St. Claire, irixey Bell, Mills, E liott, Florrie Charnlev, Nellie Charnley, and Mr F. J. Byrne. BLARNEY and BLAND, Variety Comedians. The TWO PRIMROSES, Mn and Dance Artistes. WALTER TILBURY, Comedian. And other Innumerable Incidental Inducements to spend a pleasant afternoon or evening. NEXT WEEK—HAStSAN A'Ll  the Tallest Man in the World: also JAMES HEIUY, ex-Public Execu- tioner, to introduce his Illustrated Lectures. Admission, 6d and Is. Private Lox Seats, Is 6d. SWANSEA. rp H E EMPIRE. '.r JNA1t_o,l. "tlr.. )£ TO-NIGHT! Jenny Hill's Daughter, PEGGY PRIDK, A Chip of the Old Block." GEO. McCULLOCH, Eccentric C>-median. SARIN A, the Grotesque Contortionist. The Beautiful LALO, Electric Cyclist. MARK SHERIDAN, Comedian. The TWO VIOLETS, Duettists. The ALEXANDER TRIO, Pantomimists. APOLLO, the Muscle Man. NEXT WEEK;-GEORGE LASHWOOD — The Women of Mumbles Head." NEWPORT. THE EMPIRE. i- MA?AQKR ..osw ALD STOLL. TO-NIGHT T. E. DUNVILLli, the Embodied Joke. Miss LILLIE LANGTUY, Serio and Dancer. PHIL HERMAN, Character Delineator—"His Last Grip." HETIIERINGTON SISTERS. ALLIS and JUAN, Comedians and Acrobats. LILIAN ROBINA. JOE EDMUNDS, a Black Diamond, AGNES HAZEL, The Popular Songstress, with New Songs. Next Week—APOLLO. PONTYPRIDD. ROYAL CLARENCE THEATRE, PONTYPRIDD. PR«FRIET*RS—Messrs TRENCHARD A JONES. MONDAY, MAY 20TH, And during the Week. MORNING PERFORMANCE, SATURDAY, May?5th Doors opeu M 2 commence at 2.30. C. ALLAN-FISHERS POWERFUL COMPANY, in the GRAND COMIC OPERA, C I N D ERE L L A. SPECIAL AND EXPENSIVE ENGAGEMENT OF MR COLLWYN THOMAS. Popular prices: fcd to 3s. Boors at 7 commence 7.45. MONDAY, MAY 27TH, the Powerful Melodrama, THE TWO HUSSARS. ABERGAVENNY. I ANNUAL AMATEUR ATHLETIC J-  SPORTS AT ABERGAVENNY, WHIT-TUES- DAY, June 4th. Over S50 in prizes. Events :-120 and 440 yards, half-mile, mile half-mile bicycle (scratch), half-mile, rtuct mile bicycle. Programmes from< and Somerset, Abergavenny. GRAND FETE AT ABERGAVENNY CASTLE, Whit-Monday and Tuesday. Go and s"e the Condo Original Japanese Performers. Military Band for dancing both days, i ire works, etc. 820 MOUNTAIN ASH. rpHE THIRD ANNUAL SPORTS X OF THE MOUNTAIN ASH FOOTBALL AND ATHLETIC CLUB WILL BE HELD ON WHIT-MONDAY, JUNE 3RD NEARLY £50 IN PRIZES. Entries close Thursday, 30th. Friday morning's post in time. For further particulars apply Secretary, 12 Dnffryn-street, Mountain Ash 12ge PONTYPOOL. JgLONDIN FETE, PONTYPOOL PAT<K. WHIT-MONDAY, 1895. ORIGINAL AND INIMITABLE BLONTHN. TIMBERING COMPETITIONS £20 Prizes. FIRE BRIGADE COMPETITION £ 5 Pnzes. BOY BRIGADE COMPETITION £ 5 Prizes Try for J. E. WooHey's £ 5 Tickct.Sdlin Prize. W. G. FARR. Secretary. Pontypool. 86 ie "I'LL SWEAR UPON THAT BOTTLE." —" Tempest, Act 2, Scene 2. B BEll ISEOTTLE. I H T T B R E A D AND £ jO.!S (RORT. BAKER, SOLE AGENT) LONDON COOPER, STOUT? AND ALES. AGENTS IN Nhvprt G. PARKER, 12, Fairmk-terra-.e, ^faindce. E. RO'iF.RTS & CO., 65, Commercial-street. E. A. 131, Coininerciai-s-.reet. J. dt E. SANKEY, 141, Commercial-street. 762b FORGET THAT VIRIDINE7 IS the CURE for CORNts.—Thiigraml discovery has led many to imitate it, but without, gaining fo* such preparation tne satisfactory results Viridine has secured. In bottles, Is by post, Is 2d. .T. MUNDAY, Chemist, 1, H;gh-stre.rt, Cardiff. 3* Dll A. WILFORD HALL'S ?OVER. .<? ?IGX R MI-DY Cures Disease withour Medicine. This Remedy has c'lred thousands who had been suffering from Liver Complaint, Kidney Trouble, Indigestion, Asthma, Consumption, riles, Costiveness, and Children's Ailments, a-.d other Diseases, without me liciae. Free Consultation Rooms are now open at. 7, Statkin- tenacc, Cardiff (opposite Taff Vale StAtiou) Hours :—2 till 9 p.m. Call or write, giving particulars of your complaint, at aboye address. 473 RE AT A m^RICANPRESCK IPTION Twenty years' research has brought to light a. jruarauteed Remedy for N 1.RVOLS DEBILITY I Wetness, Dimnes- of Sight, Bladder, Gravel, Kidnev, and Liver (Complaints. This resc.iptir is in the hands of a Minister, who w ill befriend anyone sufTering from fhe.-e enervating <hse;iaes. It has CURED THOUSANDS. Alerely send self-addressed stamped envelope to the Rev. David Jones, Ray Villa, Lewes, when this Prescription will be sent FREE of CHARGE —name the paper- 91 DRUNKENNESS or the liquor HABIT pOSitIvely t ??? ? a?<.nnc Dr !IAINK' GOLDEN PECrFIC. It is a powder which can be given in beer, coSee, or te?. or m food, without the knowledge of the patient. It is harmless, aud will effect a permanent speedy cure, whether the patient 1" a moderate drinker or an alcoholic wreck. It has been given in thousands 0; ases, and in every instance a perfect cure has followed. It aever fails. The system once impregnated with the specific it becomes aji uteter nnpossibility for the liquor appetite to exist. 50-page book of particulars on receipt of postage stamp. Can be had of HICKS and Co 28, Duke- street. Queen-street, and Paradise-row, or DVCE. and SON, St, Johns-square, Cardiff. supplied by LrCB and Liu., Ivvadtn, ¡:P7 3e ;gtUíintss bbrt!í;¡tl. W BIT SUN T I D a ASTERS & CO. SEE THEIR BEAUTIFUL RANGES OF THE VERY LATEST SUITINGS AND rpROUSERING TROUSERS TO MEASURE, 10s. 6l. SUITS TO MEASURE, 42s. MASTERS & CO.'S SUI T S FOR BOYS, YOUTHS, AND MEN, Are without donbt the gMARTEST GARMENTS In the district. THE pRICESl MOST MODERATE. TIIE yy EAR! MOST SATISFACTORY. 13M Mt? pRACTICE TRUE ECUNOMl By DEALING DIRECT WITH THE MANUFACTURERS. jgCOTCH "TOUL AND p| OSISRf STORES (FLEMING, REID & CO., GREENOCK, 26. HIGH-STREET A RCAD CARDIFF. Over 70 Branches throughout Scotland and EDg KNITTING WOOLS, KNITTED HOSIERI SHAWSWATER DRESS FABRICS, Direct from the G reer-od: Mills. Price List a.nd Crochet Instruction Book nUŒ application to above Address, or FLEMING, REID & CO., The Worsted Mills. GREENOCK, N B. 71e AFTER THE jgjASTER g O L I D A T S. THE ROATH FURNISHING CO. 42, C A S T L E R O A D, AND VERE-STREET, ROATH, CARDIFF, WILL FOR ONE MONTH ONLY OFFER THEIR IMMENSE STOCK 01 R OUSEHOLD JflURNITUR* IANGLESt P F. RA MBULATORSs I iy/JT A I LeA R T S, &c., REGARDLESS OF COST FOR CASH OR ON THE EASY PURCHASE SYSTEM, AT TERMS TO SUIT ALL OOMEBS LARGER DISCOUNT FOR CASH ORDERS. CATALOGUES POST FREE ON APPLICATION. ALL GOODS DELIVERED FRE& Note our only Address in Cardiff:— ROATH JpURNTSHISG CO" 42, CASTLE-ROAD & VERE-STREBT. ROATH, CARDIFF. 55e g" AYE'S WORSDELL S PILLS. J^AYE'S WORSDELL:S PILLS. ITT" AYE'S WORSDELL'S PILLS. J^AYE'S WORSDELL'S PILLS. jg^AYE'S WORSDELL'S PILLS. AYE'S WORSDELL'S PILLS. I j £ AYE'S WORSDELL'S PILLS. K AYE'S WORSDELL S PILLS. J^AXE'S WORSDELL'S rILLS. They purify the Blood, and as a Itld hu: effectual Aperient are uneoualled, ana beyond thi t.Lev Brace up the Nern's and bet eveiy organ ill H-althy Actioa, thus ensuring complete restoration to perfect health. They are A CERTAIN CURL: for INDIGESTION BILIOUSNESS, HEADACHE, DYSPEPSIA. CON STEP ATION, LIVER AND KIDNEV COMPLAINTS. FOR LADIES OF ALL AGES THEY ARE INVALUABLE. 166e 6,0f all Chemists, Is 11.2d, 2s 3d and Ii" 6j per box- MAltSli it COM PAN V. ADULTS FUNERALS 1st Clas with Best Hearse. i u Coach, oi> the HUM l :0(tern principle, with a pair of their weujKhMTC Flemish-bred Horses to eacii, one-inch Elm rVSjuh*- Coffin, best registered Eurniture, with elabonnienr <n« plate enCT3.vo:d, tine satin-trimmed HJbe, id seI attendance £ 5 5 L Marsh & Co.'s 2nd Class ditto, ditto 4 4 ( Marsh & Co.'s 3rd, with improted C:lIT¡ 3 S Marsh & Co.'s 1th, ditto, dii,to 2 10 CHI' DKEN'S FUNERALS. fnclnding pair of Fleuiisli-bred ll u<es, modeiu Coacfc vvith all the latest improvements, I-'oiisued Coffin, iaed witJi fine (iruine!, and attendance— (jndor one year £ 1 '1 A Under two years 1 8 One-horse Carnage, including eolfiu covered in black, blue, or polished, iined with flau- ne1, modern coach, and attendance. Uralt" six months 0 Ht Under one ye; r, M Und rlwoyears 1 0 And so un in proportion. Handsome Cat, Carved or Plein Plumed Hearse Monrnmg (loaches and HrouhUlh, Ostrich Plumes Ac ADDRESS: j £ i so. T. MAPY-ST;:K. T. CARDTFT- ALL PERSONS drol1S ?fhav; he i r ?*? D?eU.'t?s or Bn<ne'" Premises Stt&d v i?i' ELECTRIC LIGHT, g!:LL, c. TELEPHONES, should call .'<fe our new .showrooms at 47. THE CASTLK ARCADE, where &U the b.S! and hest iittinjrs c'a.n be Best quA'ity matep vi u?h- tn?I, 'nd ..U ?or? guaranteed. Electrical apparatus of all descripLIOlU supplied, r..epai.r .dl promptly i:ne. Insulatior Ujete taken. T. MA.DDREN A CO., „ Electrical JEncmeets, Cardiff. 770 UQ1