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Oscar Wilde.I - - - - I&-


Jabez Spencer Balfour.


IMurder by a Lunatic.

IJapan and the Powers.

I Chester Meeting.





Minnie Palmer Divorce Suit.







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Suicide at Cardiff Barracks.

Telegraphic Brevities.




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; Newmarket Training Notes.

Important Scratchings.

r 4: 0-10 ran

t T e. day's Starting Prices.…

IOfficial Scratching._I

I Gallops ef Chester Cup Hgrses.…

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¡A Cardiff Steamer in Collision,…

IChitrai Expedition.i


- -__-_- - -__-CHARITY COMMISSION.

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I Cardiff Exhibition.


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Family Notices



(ioa ,{ate far 0:i ass mean OIL THE mobkl AUCTIGN m Alii," NORTH-ROAD, A t C]'10-1- A I A R I -N O R T H-R O A D CARDXil. tt?tuy Important and Unreserved SALE by AUCTION of a ???'-Pi S STOCK OF DRAPERY & HOSIERY.  R. C. COOKE has received instruo- [yjj tl0"V° SELL by AUCTION, o? THURSDAY next, May 9th, 1885, the above Stock of ?^APERY AD HOSIERY, C,)nsiLiitg cif dress M?Leri?. Paisley aud wool shawls, flannels, tiMelIettes. caIioes. ribbons, silk and other -ribbons 'silk and other blouse", æc., &c,; ??"'? ?'s'. and youchs' under- clothing; a q?t<MLHy of woollen cloth and hnings alw a quanlity of  CIGARS AD CIGAR CASES. Goods on view morning of Sale. Sale at 11 a.m. and 2 pri? shai-p.9ne w ANTED,. esp?elabl,? '?r?-.dI'-Y-F-r -d C, Tailors. Castle-roa.d, 91 St'K "jr'- oa.Lb no children: close to Park loud 'bus: teMlU! moderate.-Apply 101, Alfred-street. \'X7 AFTED. expeneuccd P<K-IouraM?*cood?f— ences inw.weQS¡¡,ble,-App]y Mre Blrd. 5f. road. Cardiff. 89 'T ANTED. a Younl{ Man (mIneral wa.ter IlI.a.nufact,u a, Bottler thoro gl?ly machiu,!ry stage wage S, with referencc- 88, Echo, Cardiff. 88 -¡Sing of lOto3êP by purc?DF ar Harris's ALarge,%dvert-ise,n3e-ntE; and faDCy ^afonsar^ ?.di?g w th,. public. 666e VICE'Gratis re FurnMhicB.?ee belo^ 636e A DVICE GrttM re Purni?bing —Sce below! We A DVICE (;mtis WPa,mishi,, •—-—- 636o W HHaii; K^*HlrriS> Emporium, .u The 'M.?  W  to Furni,?h-Harriz,'s Emi?oritiva, '°??? WH8*1" 'Harris's Emporium, in The SUrtet t't hml Newport 636e H^g|^ £ iyFUrDitUre M-ers. irofits. C,sh niy. 636e H-AIÙUS. Nwpo-t-Furniturc Mal:ufa.ctorers-=Enor IlE>U- sto?k. Etst value. 6%e -H ARl::¡;3; iirni??ure Manufacturers Midàlman'E profits. Flam tifrures. 636e 1?????? ?"?"UD.. the M?k?t BaH, NVvrWT F Established nearly hlr a century. NB—The onW entrance" ???Ush?ent in ?he Market H? M? entrauce, 636e 1-1 AJ;¿\i; Pcí:: in the Market Hall. Xef-portm ?? ??"? o? d.spi?y of Furuishi.? G'.ods m Newport, K 1 c'heful you en!? H?rhss E?bltshmeat. b? A?????''? ?"" ??? ?'-t?ic?'?ub?tan? A^Frliiimrniit. ing, go to Harris. The Wholesale Hmuic PU- ish?rs A't?ivp-jrt Market, Market Buildings. Newport. A,lv,t.ge'l-B?,, ig no niiddleman's profits; ™«K>«™rKed iu p!.i„ figu,,?: 0.6 r.rice b-f vM Ue cilsh only: small profits free delivery. N Ji -~IT,, VV ???' ?' to H"?'? wa'ol «" hF^i !-l/> £ B^rR-7T„ lle>res: W° H.rris?K ibVAAreaae. facing station two minutes' I.i-onCUS"°'°e:S our scocl; wilt not; be iim„,rr Lareest open F01' ',?'jo Cams (aI1 izes) and Traps, Trucb: F lJ-ii.tdf «ers. Garden Barrows, Set of har,?m,P.wm 1,ope Yt-?,i, Newport. 7ie ALl" Ware' -15 ha"ds. 7 years, suitable for braked C"b,?r?,, or s.>nnK can- work (free trial all_ed). 99 rrio^aul Spril) Cnr and £ 8,-Apply No. 2. Whtrf. rO;lU, 0aIN? ewportf 973? IF lhe- Three Seamen's Ba-s left at 27 Miil-parade, New- I'('r, are no three days from the anoft be so.,d to defray expenses.—F. Johnson. 975e I^ House Let or for Sale gcod yard bath, J hot and cold wae: gas all through.—Apply 8, Walker- ro',d, 7C \\7 AXTED immediately, a Young Girl. b-ut ia, t* Assist another servant-: good references ccuotn preferred.— Appiy 31, Charles-street, Cardiff. 81 REPECTA:BLEIing-ior one or two Yoon Gent¡; men.—Apply 28. Cog??ti-terrace, Miskin-st .Cathays. U (-r..OCEr..Y,-Waut,ed at once, pood mnart .J;ior. most (-?l be accustomed to provision?.— Apply Push, Grocer, 2. Meteor-street, Splotlands, Cardiff. 56 r|X> Tailors.—First-class Co.it Makers wanted.— Appij Griffiths and Sons, Commercial-road, Newport. 9He w AKl13:Doà, clean General Servant blc to iair » t' CMk weil rood wages given.—Mrs Pu^h, P14( Castle-road, Cardiff. 86 ANTED, an active Lad, accusromed to horses — V Apply 53. Partridge-road, Roath, Cardiff. 84 ,JoT AT 'w. respectable Lad ??, Apprentice outdoors. Cooper and Williams. The Hayes, &j -,Xi ANTED, a l\trit'dCpl;ib no incumbrance w T T elderly Housekeeper, to live iu same house and cite for Young Gentleman, and provide own fur .itur<= • house, coal. audjas, etc., free.-Audre s XYZ, Echo Office P >a» pridd. 972e THO C'ycli.s:s.-Brlor" ordering elsewhere call and see mj X stock of Nimrod and Ziminy Rac-.rs and Roadster* W. G. Francombe, 8, Crwrs-roid. 76 CU;IÏïox Tyre, diamond frame Safety for Sale bag J bearings, all accessories new last season :iusp,?et-ion invited.—14, Wood-street, Penarth. ,6 EGGS froei, prixe-bred Minorcas, Laugshans, Wyat* dottes, 4 sitting, guaranteed fertile, certificate: aiat Minorca-1.h;n,, Wyandotte-Mmorca, 3s. first crow make splendid layers. Chicks for Sale.—Nork, Graw street, Poniypridd. 77 BAKER. — Wanted, Young Man to make b-ead a.n6 smdls; deliver occasionally live in.—Apply, statiuj wages, H.Matts, Confectioner. Oowbridsre. 73 7 ANTED: steady, s?1wr Person Haulier an4 v Warehousemaa understand hoses and has know leasre of grocery trade.-Euocl1 Davies, The Stores, Tre herbert. 8IJ 4L '?, Crwy?road. -Sitting and Bedroom to Let, for lad? oo or gentlemen friends moderate terms, with board « otherwise bath. 7S JTOO Calico Fiour Bags for Sale. clean. ill spltmdid OOIl.t t) tiou must be sold.—Apply 1, Reuuie-street. Riverside Uanton, C:udiff, 71 STRAYKD from Spelter. Maesteg, since May 2nd, Blaaf Marc Pony. long tail and mane, with white star ot forehead, about 11 hands. Finder rewarded—Apply llra08 Spelter, Maesteg. 13 STOLEN, 2?th April, Email RaDd Tmck, pa¡nt1 bi. O No. VIJL cut iu the side paimed in black ltttc Cathays Coal Supply, Owennyl h-street, F. Williams. E not returned at once will be prosecuted informer will bt rer.irdt-d. 72 To be disposed of to » kind home; strong harness Mare X 15 hands, with s:. uil. any tradesman, warrantee sound and good worker in all harness M days' trial giveni 12 gl!leaE.-=!, pply _nson:()It,st.r! Newport-road HOUSE and Shop to I.L. 8uit"ble for tintche' iu goof Ul position, Cornwall-road, Saltmead.—Apply 1'. Aliw ton-street. iSaltmead. 63 }1UR!\ITU R.E on Easy Payments.—First-class Leathei X Suite, splendidly made, warranted quality, 7 giiiiiraa On eusy payments, iCs deposit 3; weekly.—Globe Furnishers Custom House-street. 53 EASY P8.meuts.-G"od subLanti:Ü Bedstead, beg Eq??.,iity straw P.11?.ses, and good Wool Bed »at Bolster for 2 guineas 25 per cent. less than charged else where.—Globe Furnisht.rs. Custom House-street. 53 MAIL Cart* and Bassioettes at marvellous prices. Ai 1\'1 L\ _fí0:í:1;'tihSiDettes at. Ul:mcl1ou ¡¡riOt' 5;5AJ. LTN FURNISH EI) KOOIUR (two}, suit young couple b.tk UI'Eo' (;:r¿': StnI: object in tin¡!37, Glenroy-screiet, Uoa.th. 67 M ART, energetic Warehoem":l w..uW: must be aa I- 8tomed to the furniture trade.- 14.Righ-st, \T ANTED ly ger.-leiiiati. cemfortable buard aa4 v Lodgings De; Dock-s. or share with another state terms -K 68, Kcho (¡!lice, CaroiC. 68 -TAX'l'ED, respectable Lodgings (bedruom. sitting-room! » v for two younc men. witbout. hoard "ilth p!-efrr?d. Apply, stating terms, 0 6. Echo Office, Cardi"" 68 ELECTRICAL Engineering.—Messrs .Sydney K WaifceI Ean(i Co. have a Vacancy for an ArtiC:edPlwiL-Cardia Electrical Works. Cardiff. fib HANDSOME Blue ??,?d Old Gold Solid Walnut Suite tut Sal. :by Rowells and Co., h. It guineas ca??h. £ 8.-The Cyril Second-hand Furniture Stores, 12, Broadway, Ottrdilf. 52 X i ALNUT Duchesse Stand and Tbl?! fr Sale, larg« f swing glas? I drawers high ? equal to new. t?"L 7 guineat caF>b. £4 10s —The Cyril .Second-hand Furniture htorea 12, Broadway, Cardiff. :.2 MARRIED Couple, without encum b rance, good home? 1 Al;r:h? Xe ? 'étuihct:ôe hlm&S: Echo OJfice, Cardilf. 59 PONY, Flat. Cart acd Ha.-r.ess suit greengrocer ■ war. ranted in good condition aad touud lot, £9101.-45, lkr¡0¡;.tre"t, Cardiff. 57 -ji:ÓR Snit:, dH':JP, SfJ L1oz;enApOll¡eri.s and Champ"jw Bnl.tl"s: ab" 50 1. stoleGin,-L-rs and Boxes —S8 tiaber-hon-street. Splotlands. 54 W General Servant one 1IRed to eating-ltouM business preferred -Apply, aL once, Empire Cutlef lavern. 19. Bridge-street. Cardiff. 66 CCOMFORTABLE l.odgings two or three young men CO2tI:wM:fs ':YI'rue:d ¡¡; and Bedroom b.ti?: bus passes 1-Ast Grove, Clarence-road, Grangetown. 58 W5, Wellinsrton-street.—House,Shop, and Two-stall Stable I suit bli,c?er or greengrocer rent 12,?. Al»o 7o, WW. hngton-street Three-stall '?table and Eoft rent 5s — Kees, o1icit6r, Bank Buildings, Cardiff. 61 V\7 ANTED, good, strong Girl as General Servant — Duki V V of Clarence Hotel, Clive-road, Canton, Cardiff. 62 r 0 Tailors.—Wanted immediately; goed General Hand X —Anderson. 53, St. Mary-street. 60 ANTED at on", £ 60 on good security n 0 fees (ba V All d\eIdf°&taoe;n: ;r::r W. S. R, Echo, Cardiff. <- 3 "TKFUi:HÙf:;<;J) Apartments (two or tl) i4 \J Let. hot luid coM bath, close to town, ?,ery oocTeui» dice.—9, Green-street, Riverside. 40 N Ol'ICE.-If d?? good., lef? at ',I?e Bull Iuo, Ebb;-VÎe: .I.. about 12 months ago. -rt not claimed within three days they ?ill be sold to d?f,-y expenses. 39 c OURT-road, Stlt?nead.-S?!veral Houves and Shops for Saie, chap l'll togelb??i or z?parale never idle —Fot particulars apply 108, Dorset-street. Saltmead. 36 D" APF.R,Y Nestz of Driiwer6. various SIZCP.—Particulars and price S. Morgan (*. Uolton road, Brry Dock, 45 BEEHIVK^, Super?, Extractors, Sections, Fouodatiorv 113 Feeders, Frames, &c\, &c. Illustrated (?atalogne —Burtt, Bee-Appliance Manufacturer, Stroud-road, Gloucester. 46 w ANTEI),I,ighLP,,eu..tic Boadster (cheap) for la(V Y 13 yearsold.—F 48. Echo Office, Cardiff. 48 ("IO{jG!{H;)s: incli.:¡;.i- Herbs, Pile Herbs. Kidoar .J Herbs, Composition Powder. Blood Purifying: tierl* Trim?c-li, rhe Herb?,lirt, Cardiff. 5? HKKB H,,bsi, p.re herb bet 11 eb:tJ7k;¿I;T:l;I; system.deiiciOttV app?? i?4i"g 6ù per packet. Your grooer can supply YOU if not, Trimnell. Medical Herbalist, Cardiff. 33 IT Puiities the Blood no fear taking cold d<jes no -L violently purge not nasty; Sarsaparilla Cotnpotta' stands alone pleasant medicine price Is. post frOte 1* 3d —Trimnell, The Herbalist, Moira terrace. Cardiff S2 SARSAPARILLA Compound clears the skin, aide dig** tion. strengthens the system price 1?. poM. tree 34 -=Tritll1ell. The Hru8list, Moira-terrace, Cardiff. 52 DEKSSMAKING.—Wanted, Situation oar. l-irl Itini D 10 ye¡¡,rs exp^ri^nee ejneilent. leierences eaUr management small workroom.—E. Price, Cwuihelitf.Rrwnoi p, ,0,. Radnorshire. 36 C O?NIFORT.KELE Furni?.ht-d Apartmeits for N two sharing roams ? bath (hot and eofe) e- convenience-—218, Castle-road. 31 i URK IS ïfii:i> A-i;;tm-;J J.o'in¡:; with r.spcctabi J_ homely people in ;;deN ioc,lity, rz, coup! or two friends h»t i^nd cold i):" and e*eiy convenience 1llOdem.e tenll.-73. "lariolJ-strett. SsJWlt. 51 APAR I'MliNTS (unfiirDi-hedi. 5, Adamsdown-square, ty respectable couple. 42 L OPT. between D?-ks and Oat!i• a'al-ro-id. l^idy's oss I 1 (Used Watch, -ith Chain, Fandautc, ;,rd Cba. Kinder will be rewarded on ret^rnnij s "To to Cros. J,Oi., St. Mary-street 34 \XiANTED-at;t';¡¡OOd Wheelwright al:o Improver b V T Coajhpaintios;. Apply Knieht ?nd Davis, » unr-iio, Oarriage w oiks. Ciietleon-road, Newcort. 37 Credit I)rr.per:s aod Tailor-—Traveller, wit!; Wr*C X solid connection, wants situation pood rtfen^"fn Write K 4j, Echo Office. Cardiff. .¡ FoP- Ðoi If uot claimed in three days" lo sold defray expenses.— I, Howard-plac- East ?-f. i^OR Sale, 3 Pullets and Cockerel, !I,: ¿?;¡; room w?nted.-App!y Durton nua SroiHi, I::¡"- Pearl-sbrret. Cardin'. *3


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