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PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. SOUTII WALES ECHO. W0RPS- 0NCE- TIHMRESE TIMES. fejA 20 Words 0 6 1 0 1 6 v 50 Words 0 9 1 6 2 3 sixtimks IN -—————————————————— ''NEWS' .40 Words 1 0 2 0 3 0 "EO." 50 Words 13 2 6 3 9 20 2/6 60 Words 1 6 3 0 4 6 3e Words ) 3/9 SOlfTH WAIiES I>A8IjY ISKWS, TURKIC six 49 Words •WORDS. ONCE Tj3iES TIMES. 20 Words 0 f) 1 0 1 6 Fach EJHra. 10 Words 30 Words 0 9 1 6 2 3 11' 40 Woids 1 0 2 0 3 0 J Each extra 10 Words 0 3 0 6 0 9 These charges apply only to the classes of Adver- tisement specified below, and arc strictly confined to those which are ordered for consecutive insertion, thnd paid for previous to insertion; H either oj tnese ccmditiofis is not complied 1uith, the Advertise- Whent will be charged by the Business Scale;- Apartments, Situations Vacant or Wanted, To be Let or Sold, Lost. Found, and Miscellaneous Wants. SPECIAL, Notice.—Applicants sending replies to Adver- tiscments addressed w iuitials or fictitious names, at this Office, are requested not to send original testimonials with their applications, but to enclose copies of testimonials only. .It.Ii\ONAI.. IF Advertisement October 5th was yours, call again or write.—Fondest love. Eileen M. IIATIiniOVIil.. RESPECTABLE Widow, with some means, wishes to hear from respectable person no objection to sea- faring man or tradesman.—W., Echo," Newport. 664e WIDOWER, of good appearance, desires Correspond" vT once with respectable Lady (widow or spinster), age Sbout 30, little means object matrimony: strict secrecy.— AddressYll^Echo^Oiff^ejJDrirdUT^™ 11 EUROPEAN Dress-cutting, 65, Queen-street. Cardiff.— Evening Classes now commencing for business Young Ladies terms 15s per pupil success guaranteed. 78 LANGUAGES, Ancient and Moae.-DBerli-46 Alma-street, ewport. Terms moderate. 375e irOR I HAND (Pitman's) Evening Lessons.—Pupils taught and qualitied for appointments by an expei- enced tutor, orally or hy post; individual tuition, every evenin," from 7. Corresponding and reporting styles, and Kneed clashes.—Apply Principal, 21. De Burgh-street, River- side Cardiff \\T ANTED, Instruction on Remngton Typewriter.— >> State terms to XV. 544. Daily News Office. Cardiff. M»ST A NO FOUND, 17th October, at Pontypridd, Black Retriever Dos ow l'r can have same by pying expenses,-Apply Isaac Cooke, Llantwit VarJre. IJ^OUND, Fox Terrier Puppy; if not claimed in three days will be sold to defray expenses.—Apply 123, Commer- cial-street, Newport. 690e FdUND7~at Aber, October 21st, Black HetrieverDog, -T white spot on breast. If not claimed in three days will be sold —Apply Jones. Universal Stores. Senjihenith. LOST, Ball Terrier Bitch two brindled spots on head JLj and one on tail.—Apply Bryan, 85, Glanlay, Pen- fhiweeiber. 64 LOST, from Coity, a Cob, 14 hands black, white star on forehead; E, J. on front hoofs-Anyoue giving in- formation to Evan Johu, Coity, Bridgend, will be rewarded. LOST, Pocket-book, containing papers and discharges. If returned to 12, Newport-street, Lower Graugetown, will be rew,mled,-H. Morgan. 15 LOST, on Tuesday last, between Park-place and Roath, a Lady's Gold Watch, monagram on back, and small Chain attached.—Finder on returning same to 38, Paik- place will be suitably rewarded. 9 OST, from Bryocelyn House, Cwmavon-road. to Blaeu- avon Station, L.N.R., Silver Watch with Gold Albert; name inside —Apply Mrs James, White Horse, Talywain. Reward. 669e LOST, from Twyn-y-Wain Mountain, Yearling Horse -I-J Colt: dark bav T. W. under saddle. Finder re- warded.—Charles and Phillips, Llanbradach. 897 LÕSTBï:1.-kffiÚCOD- Saturday last, Sheep Bitch black with little tan on legs and lit:le white spot on breast. Finder rewarded, detainer prosecuted after this notice.- Thomas Pavicr, Coedlay Farm, Tonvrefail. 595 I OST, between Paget-street and Neville-street, a Gold J Brooch.—Finder returning same to 108, Paget-street, rewarded. 789 LOST, Delivery Hook between Newbridge and Newport JL< on the 16th-Finder will be rewarded ~bj wturning same to Bradbury and Co., Lim., New Dock-street, New. port. No use to finder. 64^8 LOST. Sunday evening, Oct 14th, in St. Mary-street. Fox Terrier, about 12 montli3 old, white body, black head, ana black patch on back answers to name of Chip. Finder will receive 10s reward on returning the dog to 205, Newport-road. Detention will incur prosecution. S3 STOLEN or Chased from Mountain, Two Yearling Ponies, one cream, one bay, marked D on left shoulder. Finder rewarded.—E. Day, Pontlottyn. Detainer, after this notice, will be prosecuted. 54 IMMiESTliC SKBtt'AiM'S. A Good, strong General Servant, with some knowledge of cooking.—Apply before 12, 44, Plasturtou-cardens, ClJ.rdiff. _849- A Respectable Girl wanted, age 14 to 15, to help with housework: one from country preferred.—Write "Echo." Cardiff. A General Servant wanted at once, aged about 17-— Apply 18, St.i coy-road, Roath, Cardiff.. A Women's Metropole and Free Registry Ollice for Ser- vants changing situations, or respectable women em- ployed daily,-12, Moira-terrace (near Infirmary), Cardiff. Good beds, cooking, every convenience 4d pei night, inclu- sive. Ladies apply for charwomen. &c. Ajloim: tor Friendless Girls and Free .Registry at '2 A The Parade, (Jardilf; All girls needing a friend and shelter are welcome. 2ge AN experienced General Servant wanted good wages reference required. Also Scullery Maid.-AppJ,. Mrs Thomas, Brynonen, Pontypridd. 12 ANY Ladies requiring Servants, Servants requiring Situations in Rhondda Valley, apply Servants Registry, Court-street, Llwynypia, stamped envelope. Fee, Is. 348 DTsENGAGED Cooks, Generals, Nurses, and Servants of all kinds: ladies suited everywhere.—Mrs Salvage, Employment Agency. 6a. Wood-road, Pontypridd. 626e LDElt LY Person wanted to assist with Housework comfortable home.—Apply 35, Wyndham-creseent, Canton, Cardiff. 919 CI IRL wanted, a«e about 15 must be clean and induK- JT triou.s one from country preferred.—Apply 4, Wind- 80r-rcmd, Penarth. "1 IRL Wanted for Housework must be clean; sleep Jf home: one liviug near centre of town preferred Address J 885. Echo," Cardiff. General Servant wanted.—Apply Wells Hotel, Crad- X deck-street, Riverside, Cardiff- 920 (1 ENERALServant wan, cd; small family good vvaees X to efficient girl.—Apply to Mrô Jenkins 203, Newport- road. Cardiff. 893 Servant wanted, who must be plain cook VX fiiir.ily i f two.—Apply, with reference, Mrs Peter Williarn, Somerset-place, Merthyr. ool G" KNERAL Servant wanted.—Apply 33, Clive-slreet, Urar.getown, (Jarditf S85 ("1 RNERAL- Servnnt wanted for London: JI' are paid.-Write, stating age, character, 20, New Jersey-road. Gloucester. 596 I 1 ISNERAL Servant, clean and steady good home and U wages.—Mrs Uaker, Forest Farm, Whitchurch, Cardiff. 558 GOOD strong Girl, age about 18, wanted to assist with 'Ur housework.—Apply 67, i\re\vport-rd., Koath, Cardiff W wanted. Apply after 5 U o'clock, 86, Ryder-street, Canton. 831 KODSEM AID-VVaitress for good class Restaurant: must J'*l. have good references and experience.—T.Stevens, French Confectioner, 122, Queen-street, Cayliff. 7CC MRS Williams, Vicarage, Pontypridd, recommends intelligent Girl, 13, as Under-Nurse, Under-House- UJaid, or Kitchenmaid, under good cool.. Has had a little fra i i ung^ MRS Sketch has Situations for a great many Servants, 25, Hicknian-rcad, Perarth Nurses. Housekeepers, experienced Cooks, and supplies disengaged. 945 PENATtTI-L—Wanted, good General, assist washing; early riser. State fuil particulars.—Write Z 826, '"Echo1' Office, Cardiff. °26 EXPECTABLE Girl wanted for Housework three morn- ings in week must be clean and honest.—Apply ?restosi, 77, Plasturton-avenue, Cardiff. 976 SERVANT wanted at oace.—Apply to Mrs Thomas, 41, Sp'.ot-road, Cardiff. 961 ~JANTED immediately, respectable Girl about 18, or t l' staid Woman good reference two ill family.-Apply Leach. 25, Wood-street, Cardiff. ',3 \\]'ANTED, a clean, respectable Girl, to help in house- V, work sleep home age 15 to 16.-20, The Walk, Cardiff. 37 \\J ANTED, General Servant, age 25 from country'pre- VV ferret1..—Apply McNairs. 154, Clare-road, Cardiff. 47 HJ ANTED, experienced General Servant good refer- 'f f enees, -Apply between 6 and 8. 22, Richmond-road. VX7 aJPI'ED, au experienced Cook good wages given. » v Disengaged Generals and Nll1'seil.-Apply Mrs Salvage, Employment Ageucy, 6a, Wood-road, Pontypridd. ANTED, a clean, respectable Girl, about 16.—Apply _'t t 20, He Burgh-street, Riverside. Cardiff. 49 VSTANTED at ouce, good Generals, disengaged Cooks. T? Housekeepers: also steady Young Man: good references.—Apply Riverside Registry, 27, Tudor-road, Cardiff. 48 immediately. House Parlourmaids, Cooks, II Housemaids, Nurses, Generals, Housekeepers dis- engaged.—Miss Bull, Park Registry, q, Frederick-street, Cardiff. 51_ WANTED, good General Servant, not under 30 able to cook.—Pontypridd Drug Co., 9, High-street, f to cook.—Pontypridd Drug Co., 9, High-street, Pontypridd. 688e Vl7 ANTED, useful Girl, to do housework and assist in VV bar.—Luncheon Bar, Griffin-street, Newport. 691e experienced Servant, about 25, for business VV house.—Apply by letter to Draper, Post-ofhce, 1.lwynypin.. 19 H/ANTED, strong Geuerat Servant, aged from 16 to 17. —Address E. L. VV^hitbourne, Posf-oflice. Worcester. V\7ANTED,onthe 8 th November, a Plaiu Cook, also VV House-parlourmaid.—Apply Lynwood, Park-road, enarth. 984 \i7ANTED, strong GirFfor kitchen work.—Apply 16, v V Caroline-street, Cardiff. WANTED, a General Servant: one from the country W preferred.—Apply T. Echo" OtfiCl3, Cardiff. 975 WANTED, clean, respectable General Servant; good references required: able to wash and Williams, Hafod Shop. Hafod. Pontypridd. ° X\7 ANTED, clean, respectable Girl as General: three in v V family.—Apply Mrs Smithson, 2,Lover'8-lane, Merthyr Tydvll. 1 \"ST ANTED, strong Servant Girl, not afraid of work, over » T 20, as General ::>erYant.-Durbill, Greengrocer, Aber- ruan, Aberdare. 2 \\T ANTED, Geueral Servant in private house; four in family; no small children—Apply Mrs Williams, Graig-road. Ynyshir, Pontypridd^ 964 good General Servant; able to 1 wash, Iron, and cook flood references country ;>leCerred_-Itosehnd House, Cardiff. 966 WANTED immediately, good Nurse.—Apply Mrs J. f" Gittelschc, :59, Broadway, Roath, Cardiff, 917 WANTED, General Servant, with good reference'9r8 J. Matthews, 27, Hamilton-street. 958 WANTED, respectable middle-aged woman a8 Working Housekpeper in widower's small family. Good references.-J. K" 45, Grove-terrace, Penarth. 928 WANTED, thoroughly clean Girl, about 15, for general housework; oue from country preferred.-Apply 78. Partridge-road, Cardiff. 906 WANTED, goOd-General Servant in small family also young Nurse for two children -Apply 84, King's road. Cardiff. 817 \V ANTED, an experienced General Servant: no wash- v T iug,—Apply, personally or by letter, to York Villa. 14, Oaldield.street, Roath. 931 WANTED, Plain Cook, williDg to assist in general house- ff work.-Apply to Mrs Wade, Rogerstone, near New. ort. Mon. 676e Wf ANTED, two General Servants.-Avply, personally, nd's Restaurant, 219, Bute-road, Cardiff. £ 83 WANTED, a 1(0r¡dGeneral Servant: good wagesl;iven I f to a good girL-Apply Great House, EJy.(1a.rdilf. WANTED, a strong Young Girl for general housework small family.-Apply 70, Plasturton-avenue, between 4 and 6 881 WANTED, a respectable Person as General Selvant.- Apply Mrs A. Freegard, 31, London-road, Neath. Y\7 ANT1?D, a good Genelal Servant.-Apply 9, Ruthin- v v gardens, Cardiff. 860 WANTED, good General Servant.-Avplv Mrs T. Scott, Pontnewydd. Mon. 851 WANTED, a good General plain cooking, washing and "f ironing. Also Nurse-Housemaid must, be fond of children and able to sew-App]y, with references, Mrs More-an, Brynheulo¡r, Hirwain 902 '-XT ANTED, strong Girl as General Servant, able to do ff plain cooking and washing: good charactcr.-App]y 194, Commercial-road, Newport. 665e WANTED, good-Gëmí Servant, age from 25 to 30: must hve good character.-Apply Roggiet Hotel, Severn Tunnel Junction, Mon. 666e WANTED, a General Servant, about 17 or 18 years of age.-App]y at 14, O'tst-Ie-road, Cardiff. 869 \X7 ANTED at once, a Itood General or staid pereon f about 30: reference required.-Bute Castle Hotel, Angelina-street, Docks, Cardiff. 891 Servant, about, 17. Two in family. t t' -Apply after 6 0 clock,fat 35, Partridge-road, Roath. WANTED, 1(00d'Gneral8ervant about 18 no washing. if -Apply 15. Pembroke-terrace, C6n1Ïfï. 827 WANTED immediately, a respectable Girl as General f Servant.-Apply 38, Claude-road, Joath, between 7 and 8 p.m. 809 WAN1 ED, experienced General; clean, active, good plain cook two ill family.-Apply, 6 to 8, at Ii, Senghenydd-road, Cathays. 718 WANTED, a Geneml Servant: housemaid kept.- ff Apply, after 5 p.m., to Mrs Dyer, 8, Pembroke-terrace. WANTED, a strong Girl as General Servant: must be fond of children and have good character: state w1tg(>s.-Apply Mrs Roberts, 60. Vale-terrace, !8degar. 793 1S7 ANTED, experienced General Servant; Itood chiirac- '1 ter indispensable two in family.-Apply, after 6 p.m., 103, Ricnd.roa,rdlff,63- t'v- ANTED, a good Housemaid a good character re- quire.d.-Pembroke House, Conway-road, Canton. 69 W- ANTED, General Servant, not under 20,fond of chil- dren; lefrences required.-Apply Mrs Ewbank, Pen bryn, Cadoxton, Cardiff. 788 \V ANTED, a General Servant, with good referen67Š- v V 22, Denton-road, Canton. 675 WANTED, a respectable Girl, about 15, for housework. -Apply 95, Railway-terrace, South Splott, Cardiff. WANTED, good General 8ervat£;Canton; s-ill family no children.-Apply, with references, to 5, Howard-gardens, Roath. 613 _,if ANTED, a respectable, clean Girl, at once age T V between 15 and 16 yearS,-App]y Glyn Lynn. 79, Hamilton-street, Ol\nton. Cardiff, 664 WANTED, good General, able to do plain cooking.— Apply, between 6.30 and 7.30 p.m., 7, Richmond- terrace, Park-place, Cardiff. bS6 WANTED, staid Housekeeper, capable of entering meat accounts no family.—Apply, giving full par- ticulars, to John Gmham, High-street, Ebbw Vale. 589 WANTED, good General Servant, age about 25 or 30, al io to wash; small famiJy.-Atlply 23, Park-street. WANTED, a good Woman for general work, not undcr 25: good references live in,-Apply (between 6 aad 7, County Club. Cardiff. 619 \\7 ANTED. two good General 8ervants, able to do plain v cooking, washing, Rnd ironing. Ogmore Hotel, Gilfaoh Goch. 62q WANTED, a good Housemaid.—Apply 5, Marine- parade, Penarth. £ 62 WANTED, a good General Servant, 18 to 20.—Apply, with references, Mrs Williams, 20, Caroline-street, Bridgend. 637 VS7 ANTED, a good Geneml Servant, about 17: early v » riser.-Apply A. J. King, Butcher, Market-buildings, Barry. 514 VV/ ANTED, at once, General Servant, for small family.— H Apply 51, Talbot-street, Canton, Cardiff. 461 W ANTED, respectable Working Housekeeper three in family one accustomed tll assist in business pre- fen-ed.-Apply A., "Echo" Office, Cardiff. 520 '1 ANTED, a Girl, from 14 to 17, must be clean: no v v children.-Af)piy 5. J.ouisa.street, Docks Cardiff. 453 *BT8 ATIOXS AN Errand Boy want-ed.-App]y Lodwick's, 25, Castle- roarl, Cardiff. 886 A Vacancy for an Apprentice to the Phùtojtraphic Busi- 1-'1. ness small preruium.-Goldie Rros., 66, Queen-street, Cardiff 801 ALLEN, Rcientific Instrument Maker, has a Vacancy for an Apprentice.—207, The ExohaDge, Cardiff. 972 DRESSMAKING.—Wanted, indoor Improv^M.—Apply No. 5, nisea-rm.d, Newport, Mon. 677e FANCY Drapery.—Wanted, a smart younjt Lady of good experience.-Apply with particulars to J. E. Davies aud Co" Newport. 644e G'-}tOCÊRH_-Wanted immediately, smart Junior, well X np at Provhions and quick Uounter trade.-Apply Edward Jenkins, Maindee, Newport. 983 GROCERY Tradf'.R3spectable Boy. Of good character, VX wanted as Apprentice to I!.bove.-Angus Supply Stores, Moy-road, Roath. 838 GROCERy.-Wantcd, sharp Young Man; undeniable X references: outdoors; call or full particulars first letter,-Thomas, 89, Court-street, Clydach Vale. 702 1EOOERY.—Wanted, Junior and Improver.—Apply VX personally, W, H. Mathews, 182, Cowbridge-roid, Canton. 499 HAIRDRESSERS.—Wanted, a Youth that can cut-Iair "nd have well. Also an Apprentice.—Apply, with terms, &c.. Smith, Hairdresser, lIInuntam Ash, 8S9 -IJ AIÏmREsSEf:=- W:1 ted. gOOdSha vcr nd Hair- cutter: quick trade: none but Hte¡¡,dy man need !y,-T. Stanley, near Athletic Ground, Newport. 637e HOME Employment for Dressmakers and others machine work permanency for:t few quick hands.- Write immediately B 829, Echo" Office, Cardiff. 829 LATH-Render wanted to Split Laths at per thousand.— Pric to Rees, Merthyr Vale. MANTLES.—Wanted at once, Second Sa]eswoman.- lll. Apply Goodson's. 170, Commereial-st., Newport, Mon. MASONS.—Wanted, IX ood Wallers: winGer job.— Apply Hawkins, Merthyr. 905 MEN, Youths.—All classes requiring any Employment write at once. Situation Guide free busy time hunt1!ed suited don't dday,-Tauncr and 00, (Box 54), 112, N e:W}J)gton.causW3Y, I.ondon. Men late Army, Navy. also wnte. 5j 2 MEN, youths, all classes, town or country, reouiring Em- ployment of any description, indoor or out, write F, Coster, Gloucester. 526 PONTYPRIDD. l\aS?DII. before seeking employment, arB rtquested to wait on the Secretary or Relieving Officer. 617e P- AINTEIS.-Wanted, a eood. active, steady, round Hand: long job.-Appiy, wit,h particulars, to 1, Henry-street, Hopkinstown, Pontypridd. 662e pHOOGltArH, Wa.nted, to engage PhonogrphiRt wIth ma<:hme fr one weck.-Apply at once to Phono- graph, 0, lll=,Pentre. R.S.O. 5) JCTERERS wanted at NeW' Cottages, WattstowD, near Porth, Rhondda Valley. 60 PREECE and Reynold.. (Jrocers. Royal Stores. Tr?. fpr?st.. w!tnt a sllll1..rt Improver, wiIlinl: and obelus, not afraid of work: write references. 935 ^TATIONI-pY,—Wanted at once, experienced Youna; Ladv Assistant (outdoors) must be energetic, and of good nddress.—Particulars, references, and salary reanired to P. 939. 11 Echo Office. Cardiff. ry Q 939^ rj^O Carpenters —Wanted. 4 good Carpenters.—ADnlv~~at 1 once to John Tlees. Builder, Treharris. PP%0C riX> Plastt rers.—Wanted, a good Man: wagos, 9d per A 11Our.-J. Kennedy, Tynewydd. Ogmore Vale. F"rO-1':l¡nters.-wal;ïed. several Brush Hands; onT^^d JL mn need apply.Julvey Bros., Houe Decorators Mountain ARh. 933 ripEA Trade.—Wanted, Jmiior and two smart Improvers JL (outdúors),-State, age, salary, and references. R., Daily News," Swansea. 634e WANTED, sharp Boy used to horse, keep yard cleanj &c„ make himself generally useful.—Apply Leac.h, 25, Wood-street, Cardiff. 74 \\7 ANTED,for a large colliery in Glamorgan,a thorolghly 11 competent Storekeeper, one with prvlOUS experience in colliery stores and office work preferred.—Apply, stating age, experience, and wage, E 71, Echo" Office, Cardlff.71 Y^JANTRD. a smart Boy; must be good at figures.- f _t- Williams, ICS, Frederick-street. 40 'T ANTED immediately, Improver or Junior to Grocery V T (tnd Provisions. State salary (indoors), when dis- engage d.-Apply 12G, Commercial-road. Newport, Mon. WANTED, sharp Boy, tom k;-hUlleIf generally useful. Must live at Canton.—Crook and SOil, Clothiers, 2, Meteor-street, Roath, Oatdiff. 8 \iH ANTED, a good Grainer ood wages given to a I'" relmble man-App]y Daniels. Mountain Ash. 63 _)[7 A:KTl';Dt- once, thorough good Coat Rand.-ApplY ''f T. Evans, 11], Clifton-street, Cardiff. WANTED, two goad, strong, willing Girls.—Rock House. C'19-road, own, Cardiff- 99 -W- ANTED, 1m experienced Young Lady-to work Roth- well's Knitting !\1achine.-Apply 22 Holmesdals- street. Lower Grange, Cardiff. 982 -,X7 ÃNTED, at once, II. smart Youth to Deliver nills.- V Apply Roath Furfiishing Company. 42. Castle-road, Koath, Cardiff. 980 Y*7ANTED, a Sawyer for the bench,-State wages, age, *WT and IIl:plaee.4, EchoOffiee, Cardi 924 WANTED immediately, several Garment Hands for if the Waterproof Anderson, Cox, and Coo. Ltd., Swansea. 67 \7(1 AN'l'ED. Six Banker Masons Borest stone.-Apply, if Oentral Hll. Ebbw Vale. Y 901 W. ANTED at once, 20 good Knitters for Round Machines.—Apply H. Lewis & Co., Glebeland Mills, Merthyr. 874 W ANTED at once. a Smart Lad used to Hote] Work: to he generally \lsefuL-Apply, with references, Dumfries Hotel, Docks. 9ardiff. fi887 \\J ANTED, a Boy to Sell Milk and to assist in butcher- v T ing must be respectable.—Apply to 'Hopkins, Butcher, Abergwynfi. 789 XT ANTED, at the Penrhiwceiber Gas Work6, a steady, f.. competent Stoker.-Apply at the Works. 668e ANTED, steady Man as Boot8.-ApP¡Y-RovaI 'l'em- perance Hotel, Canon-street. Aberdare. 834 ANTED, Steam Pipe Coverers for Bell's Asbestos! competent men. None others need apply to Outide Foreman. Oharles Crandon. Tongwynlais. 797 WANTED, Slaters none but thorough practi;;men need apply,-H, Money, Contractor, Intermediate School, Barry. 579 W ANTJ<]D, strong Porter, with knowledge of oarpentry. -Apply. with references, to 51, Queen-st., Cardiff. 576 WANTED, immediately, a first-cla88 Shoeing Sn;ith Apply D. Eynon, Aberdare. 599 Wf ANTED, a good General Hand in the Saddlery, used » » to country work.—Apply at once to Edmund Edmunds. Lampeter. 60E -W- ANTED, a Young Man (18 to 20 years of age) to Assist in stable, milk cows, dpliver bread, &c.-Apply Wm. Harris, 144, High-street. Merthyr. 527 WANTED at once, two good 1frj:f¡g Lloyd and Powell, Waterworks, Aberdare Junction. 581 CI.RRKS. MANATIEKS. Ac. WANTED, a Clerk must be ood writer, and hav good referehces. and understand book-keeping by Ringle entry and correspondence.-Avply between 5 and 6, John Morris. New-street, Cardiff. 959 W ANTEÚ, tw-intelligent Boys, (or office good hand- writing indispensable premium required.-Apply D. Williams, Auctioneer, Aberystwyth House, Llwynypia, Glamorgan. 565 'll\1'fUATIONlii WANTKB. As Housekeeper, Companion, or position of trW!t.- Lady desires engagement; thoroughly domesticated 100d reference,—62, ficbo 011100, uardiff. 62 As Compa.nia.n,-Young Ladv desires Situation imme. diately musical: highest references.-Address Q. 963, Echo" Office, Cardiff. 963 BOOT Tradp,-Situation wanted, to manage Boot Re- pairing Business; good workman, horouIY ex, perienced, ma.rried.-Addrzs8 Boot Repairer, Echo Office. Swansea. 6:12e CARPENTER seeks Engagement good knowledge of machinery position of trust references ej ceptional total abstainer age 30.—H 881, Echo," 884 MASTER Bakers.-Wanted, permanent Situatiou by ,U experienced Hand: well up in all branches fhe years' references married.-A 828, Echo" Cardiff. 828 RELIABLE and Energetic Man requires Situation p- muneration nominal: knowledge wine and SplTlt trade and bookkeepin,-O 717, Daily News," Cardiff. 717 SITUATION wanted, as Valet to gentleman age 24, good o references.-R. 9(8, "Daily News" Office, Cardiff. 968 ITUATION wanted by trustworthy Person (35) in O Drapery or Boots, or any light bllsiness.-F 670, Echo" Office, Cardiff. __70- ITUATION wanted by young man to help In cellar o iew to bar would give first fortnight ood refer-, ences from last place.—Apply F. Desborough, 20, Cardigan- street, Cardiff. 593 T- ° Confectioners,-Sltuation wanted by-xperiencd hand in good shop work can ice and ornament ID good style; understands sugar work in aU its branches.- H. M., 17, Mariner's-street, Swansea. T- ° Bakers and Grers.-Wanted, situation as first hand or single, well up in bread, smalls, and ![rocery. Good references abstainer; married.—Address G. Taylor, Farley Hill, Reading. 948 T- 0 Bakers.-S ituation wanted by young man, wPll up In bread and cake. Good references.-Apply Elliott 48, Argyle-strcet, Swansea. 65ge TO Bakers,—Wanted, Situation as Second or Single (botà branches) reference.-Apply Baker. 39, Bailey-street, Newport. 639e WANTED, situation as Groom by sigle middle-aged f t' man, useri to cows: good refere nces.-Apply C. G., 30, LUC.1sstreet, N e""port. I) -WT ANTED, Re-engagement as Furniture Salesman; well up in an its branches cash or hire.-Address W. R, 5, Corporation-road. 927 X7 ANTED, Employment as General Scrvant,ill small V1 famiJy.- Apply Servants' Agency, St1t1on.r{)ad, Brynmawr.9- WANTED, by Respectable Man. aged 36, Situation in I Y any light capacity or place of trust: handy man with references or sccurity if required.-G. R., Gwendoline House. 25, Pyke-street, Barry Dock. 848 WANTED, by a Young Lady, a Situation in any busi- ness good reference disengaged.—L. W., 49, Station-street, Barry Dock, 812 WANTED by Youn Man (23), Situation, any capacity t' on farm or in works preferred.-Dowden, Avenue- road. Ealiug Dan, Middlesex. 591 WIDOW, 42, breaking up home, requires Situation as Housekeeper; thoroughly domesticated excellent needlewoman; good references.-M., 9, Wainflen-road, Pontypool. 910 Y7OIJNG Man seeks Situation as Grocer's or Draper's Jl Haulier: accustomed to horses: good refervnce,- Apply 17, Comet-street. Roath. 4 YOUNG Man, aged 20, seeks Hituation as Baker good dough maker mould; good references.-AppJy Baker, Mr Comely, Porthcawl. 929 YOUNG Man seeks Hituation Assistant Trnveller or any light, capacity. -:Edwin Greenwood, 4, Telford-street, Eldon-rond, Cardiff. 890 A««SiCIES TI. EI.Um!>i. "c. AGENT Wanted.— £ 26 per quarter, paid weekly, splendid openiug. Experience unnecessary. Specimens free.— dd!!s_OI)Vork<, Farnworth, Bolton. 7 AGENTS Wanted.— Jewellery, Watches, Piped, Clothing .11.. Toys, Hardware, Furniture, Wringer; Harmoniums. Wholes3.le Bok free,-HeDry May, Bi niingham. 544 SPARE '1'im-:=TI}; R;yl-Ù;e- requires a good Can- vasser lIúd Collector at Pontypridd, Cilfynydd, Aber- dare Junction, and Ynysybwl. Best terms: highest com- mission 110 covering lapses.-Apply Supervisor, 11, Hisrh- ¡¡treet, Fercdale 603 WANTED, an experienced TravPller and U01íè'Zt-I:-i()-r the Retail Coal Busioe,1s: sahtry aud commissinn.- Apply, after six. Randy, 3, Moira-street, Adamsdown. 352 WINES and Spirits.—Wanted, a Gentleman with nnex- ''t ceptional references, to Represent an old-established Firm (with a Bpeciltlity in Scotch Whisky) in Swansea and di"trict must Imve rood connection with hotels and private families gentleman engaKed in another branch of th" trade, or who wishes partial employment, wouIrl b treated with. and strict confidence will be observed in dealing with ..11 communications received,—Wines, "South Wales Daily News," l;udifJ' < 798 I.OIUa;\1(!ii..t.r.ut'f;UI'NTS Ac PARTMENTS or Lodging3 for one or two gentlemen. Apply 40, Ryder-street, Canton. 25 APARTMENTS to Let (furnished or unfurnished), to respectable peorle.-Apply 16, Green-street (near town), Cardiff. 894 APARTM.ENTS;for one or two 'gentlemen, where home comforts can be relied upon terms moderate.—Apply lJo. comforts can be relied upon terms moderatc.-Apply 44, Talbot-street, Cathedral-road. 697 APARTMENTS to Let, unfurnished: hot aud cold ..I-J.. wat;¡r bath references required.-Apply 9, Grpen- street, Canton. 668 APARTMENTS, imitable for two friends (la1ies or gentlemen) engaged io business; no chiJdre n terms moderate.—35, Lower Cathedral road, Riverside. 476 COMFORTABLE Home with Couple suit lady in busi- ness with or without board: moderato terms.—15, Percy-street, Per.arth-road, Cardiff. 962 C^0MF31iTABLE Lodging* for one or two respectable J Young Men.—Apply 27. Brook-street, Canton. 925 Home for a respectablu Young Man \j share rooms with another terms moderate.-A pply 0926, Echo" omce. Cardiff. 926 CCOMFORTABLE Unfurnished Apartments to Let to re- J spectabls married couple without children.-Applv II, Stacey-road, Cardiff. 835 COMFORTABLE Apartments for a gentleman (share front sitting-room, separate bedroom) or two friends if ;>ri?.ferrød, at 3.1. Clare-street. 805 CCOMFORTABLE Lodgings for two Gentlemen terms J moderate.—Apply 4 Harriet-street, Cathays. 658 CCOMFORTABLE Lodgings for Young Men, Hot. and J cold bath frout rooms; reasonable terws.-Auply 34, Glenroy-street, Roath. 582 }.BURNISHED Apartments hot and cold bath every convenience.—6, Despcnser-gardens, Riverside. 30 F-11JI:J\'išH¡¡;Dpart1ents (comfortable) I suit two young men friends or married couple.—40, Plantnfie. net-street. Riverside. 627 -n_ IURNŒHED Rooms to Let for Young Gentleman at 29, Rawden-place. (C OOD Home, liberal table, superior rooms, bath-room, Jf 22s 611 inclusive central for stations, tnms; no ellIl- dren highest references.—33, Charles-street. 673 HAPPY, cheerful, and musical home, with cleanliness and punctuality, offered one or two business gentle- men terms moderate.-R 5G6, Echo" Office, Cardiff. 506 1- ADY;;d- Gentleman re<ltiie;;omfortahle Furnished J Apartments, Roath.—Address C 52, Echo," Cardiff. LODGINGS, shjp Assistant or Mechanic; 5 minutes' walk from town; hot IInd cold bath gas,-Write .1\856, Echo," CardiŒ. 866 £ OI5GINGS for two Younj, Men, wIth or without board J. J bath: no children near Pierhead.—10, Avondale- terrnce, Clarence-road. 871 LODGINGS for two respectable Young Men.—Apply 11, Green-street, Canton, Cardiff. 715 CL- ODGINGS,-Wl1nted, on or two respectable younl men to share same bedroom terms moderate.—6, Orbit.street., Roath. 541 ONE gentleman can be accommodated with first-clas? furnished rooms: piano, hot and cold bath. &c. no children or other lodgers.—Apply 67, Hamilton-street Cathedral-road, Cardiff. 655 PENARTH .-l<'l1rni<hed Apatments Windsor. road uit one or two gentlemen hot and cold bath: no chil. en terms moderate.—B 35, Echo,' Uardiff5 PONTYPRIDD. Lodgings Wanted, one or two respectable Men to share same bedroom; every com. fort terlll moderate.—M.t"Echo "Office, Pontypridd. 661e R- ICHf,¡oN-D.roaâ-Front ApartmDts to Let, to Oue or Two Gentlemen (friends) dinin out. preferred no children or other lodgers bath, piano, and every con- venience terms moderate -A. n., Echo" Odice, Cardif1'. SITTING-Room aud furnished, suit 2 gentle- men or lady friends also 2 unfurnl3hed rooms: terras moderate.—2, Avondo.le-terrace, Clarence-road. 6JO S-UPERIOl{-APtent;-i;ole;two Gentlemen no children all conveniences close to town: moderate terms.—]9, Cardiff. 7é5 riPWO or Three Unfurnished Rooms to Let to respectable X Couple oven grate.—23, 1{eDuie.5tr3et. Riverside, Cardiff. 368 mwo Unfuraished Rooms to Let to respectable coupl i- oven grate hot and cold batii.— 80, Splot-rd., Cardiff. rg~>0 Let. comfortable and well-furnished Apartments X bath, gas, piano: small family. Every home comfort. Moderate terms.—58, Gltnroy-street. 696 rjpwo or Three Unfurnished Rooms to Let: bath, hot and A cold: "ood locality 6uit youug couple.—84, Crwys- road, Cardiff. 872 "r- WO Brothers require Unfurnished Bedroom, Front X Sitting-room, and Furnished Bedroom lLus:ealfamily h piano preferred.—Write S. 753, Echo," Cardiff. 765 ,-1WO uufurnishedi Rooms to Let, with oven grate, to J- repect" ble married couple.—2,Longcross-street,Roath. TWO Comfortable, Furnished Rooms. Suit quiet couple 01' two respectable youn¡;¡ men with or without at- tendance piano: terms moderate.—74, Alexaudra-road, Canton. 1543 "r-WÛcomfortablc Furnished Rooms, suit married couple, I. terms 68 6d per week.—8, Violet-row, Mackintosh- place, Roath, 351 I^WO Furnished Rooms to Let. rent 4s weekly; back -=-l!1T an1 bedroom to Lct. 4s.—21, Dudley-st.. Docks. TTNFUKNISHED, good-sized Back Parlour (oven grate) „V l*™ Bedrooms, to Let (no children preferred) at 08, Llandaft'-road. Canton. 992 UNFURNISHED or Furnished Apartments to Let to 1lghly respectable people.—4, Plasturton-gardens, off :ural-road, Canton. 713 UNFURNISHED large Sitting and Bedroom ven grate, hot and cald bath. gas counle without children. Terms moderate.—59, Splott-road, Cardiff. 693 UNFURNISHED Front, Bedroom aml Back Parlour t, Let l10 children.—12, Steplienson-street, Itiversido. UNFURNISJiEDApartnents back parlour aud bed- V room: oven grate no family DO children, preferred. —27, Eldon-road. Riverside. 683 \XT ANTED, handy for tawn. Bedroom and Sitting-room ,f would share If1.tter, 01' boa-rd with family: no dinners eXcèt. Sunday.-Kindly state terms to G. 859, Echo," Cardiff. 859 8Northcote-street, Mtiehraond-road, comfortable Front I urnished Apartments, one or two bedrooms; a11 llvan. No othor 10dgars no children. 1151 STurberville-placu, Romilly-creseent, Canton.—Furnished or Unfurnished Rooms for married couple hotand cold bath: every convenience moderate. 862 '1'0 A House to Let" No. 1, Peter-street, Roa\h.-Apply 7, Fltzalnn-pll.ce, Cardiff 985 A-Jiouse to Let, 32, Smeaton-street. Riveride,-Enquira Legassick, Hayman and Co, 70, Cowbridge-roarl. or 30, Tudor-road. 651 ALFRED-street, Roath.—House to Let. rent, lis 6.i per week.—Agents, Bailey aud Giller, Rent Collector- 3, Caslc-Etr"et, Cardiff. 956 BUTE Docks—Dwelling-house to Let, in irood condition. —Apply to Johns, 1, Patrick-st., Bute Docks, Cardiff. C1LEVEDON (beat partl.-To Let, furnihed vihole or J part. Brecon House, Victoria-rd, Clevedon. Somerset. CONW A Villa to Let weekly tenancy J if desired also Cottage in I,laudaff.-PO"el1 and Roach, St. John's-square, Cardiff. IjTLEANOR-Street.—House to let, suit pHotO;" euginm J at Docks. Rent. 12s weckly,-Apply W. Sanders and Sona. 28, St. Mary-street, Cardiff. 41 E- TITEL.Street, Canton.-Ho8e to let. Rent, bs weekly. -Apply W. Sanders Bnd Sons, 28, St. Mary-street, Cardiff. 3 HOUSE to Let in Beauchamp-etreet, Rivemdc.-Apply 16, Caroline-street, Cardiff. 986 J- ERSEY.-To Let (furnished), first-class Family Resi- deuce in the bet part of St. Helier's, sheltered, near clubs, markets, and all places of amusements, with or with. out attendance drawing-room, dining, aud five bedrooms, every convenience.—3, Windsor-crescent, St. Relier's, Jersey. 751 I LANISHEN-street, The Heath.-Four bedrooms, hot J water and gas throughout: improved saDitary arrange- luents.—Key at No. 11, Llanishen-street. 87 MATTHEWS-terrace, Clive-street" Graugetown. House 1'.1 to Let, 9s per weck. Bailey and Giller, 3. Castle-street, Cardiff. 955 I:> OMIL LY-crl"-8cent, Cllnto},-COnveDlent Hoose, hõt anfl cold bath, lavatory: 'bus DasBing door: rent, 13s 6d week.-Glbbs, Partridge. road, Cardiff. 685 SPRINGFIELD-Place. Six-roomed Cottages to jT. repaired throughout. Rent, 63 6d weekly.-Apply W. Saudere wxd Sous, &, t. MoIJtreet. Cardiff. 4a r|CHE !:>outh Wales and Monmonthshire Property Register -l for October free on application or post.-Hern and Pertwee, House Agents. Auctioneers, Valuers, &c.. Cardiff. To Let,8 Llanbleddian-gardens 2 reception rooms, 6 bedrooms, hot and cold bath.—18, St. Andrew's. crescent, Cardiff. 31 To Let" 2i;iÚ¡¡,rdovey.street, Splotlands large corner house, suitable for shop or private residence bath. room (hot IInd cold): recently papered rent 10s.—Aprjly next door, or Evans, Ynyshafod, Llandaff. 34 r)'\0 Let, Cottage in AberystwyLh.street. East Moors, rent JL 68 6d also a large Villa. Aberdovey-street, rent lis also a House in Castle-road, rept 7s 6d.—Apply A. J. Howell, 5, Queen-street, Cardiff. 17 To Let, 101, Strathnairn-street; 114, 116, Cottrell-road 44, Albany-road; 3, 15, Da.lton..street.-AppJy 138, Castle-road. 921 T- ° Let. No.2, Clyde-street, Adamsdown immedi possession,-Apply J. G. Maddox and Son, 25, Duke- street, Cardiff. 969 rB^O Let. 147, Moy-road, Roath Park, with stable, etc.— JL Coffey and Sons, 3, Rotunda Buildings, Cardiff. 864 To Let, No. 2, Wells-street, Canton end house, with cart entrance, if required.-A. L. Coles, 258, Cow- bridge-road, Canton. 762 fgco Let, 26, Tredegar-street; rent 10 clear of ta.xes.- X Apply M. Evins and Uo., Printers, 24, Tredega r. street, Cardiff. 74S r|CO Let, six-roomed House, within four minutf>8w?:¡]i JL from QUf\en-t,reet.-Apply 3, Cranbrook-Btreet or 169, Castle. road, Cardiff. 719 rpO Let, Villa. on Whitchurch-road, 10 minutes' walk from X Cathays tram; five bedrooms, two sitting-rooms, large kitchen, scullery, t'o w.c.'s, and coal cellar most helÙthy p08ition rent 128 and rateil.-Write H682, Echo,"Cardiff. T-OLi. No. 98, Llandaff-road: moderate rent: bath gas re-decorated.-Apply 34, Alexandra-road. 577 fJ^O Let, Roath Park, two Houses ready in about three X weeks.—Full particulars Comley, Moira-ter., Cardiff. 588 YILLA Residence in Llandaff-road to Let; all modern conveniences: low rent.-Apply 51, Queen-street. 578 1I OUSEStO-r:;t as under.—Apply Evans and Hughes, House and Estate Agent-8, Auctioneers and Valuers, County Fire Office, Borough Chambers, Wharton-street, Dili, 464a 6)5, James-street. Penarth. 6s per week. 4S4e 46, Christina-street, Docks. 464e 4- 3, Hewell-street, Cogan: 55 weekly. 4Me yt Belle Vue-terrace, Cadoxton, Ter. 464e 15, Radnor-road, 9s weekly, hot and cold bath. 464e SHOP, with or without Cellar, Pier-head Chambers. C' 53, Park-terrace, Despenser-street. 4 Ii, Conway-road, Canton. Rent, 93. 6y Evans-buildings. North Mwrgaa-street, Canto* 4s per frd, week. 13, Hewell-street, Grange rent, 7b, 282, Cow bridge-road bath, hot and cold: rent, 135. 4, Dudley-place, Docks. "I The Villas, Llandaff-road bath, hot and cold: rent, 9s. G? a.nd 64, Plasturton-avenue sumptuously finished. p*0, Charles-street, Cardiff, and »> 464e OFFICES, Dowlais Chambers, 464e 1'0 IÆT-JnrSI"SS PREMISES 01;£ EXCELLENT Shop. with Bakehouse riing suburb, new district, Cowbridge-road large backlet: no opposition low reut.-Clarke, 24, Okfi"ld-street. 940 FOUR Shops in Cowbridge-road: Houses Talbot, Hamilton-streets, Cathedral and King's-roads.—James Jenkins and Davies, 6, Talbot-street. 816 KWPORT.—To be Let, .Suite of Offices tour roon.1 and XI Lavatory: centrally situated in Tredegar-place.— Particulars of Manager, "Daily News" Office. Newport. 38e P- ON1'YPIÙDD_-To be Let or Sold, for the unexpired term of 16 year. large and commodious Business Pre- naões; the best positinn in town,-For partICulars apply F. GibsQ)1. Architect and Surveyor, Midland Bank-buildings, Pontypridd 78.5 TABLES to Let. 25 per week 5-stall Stable, larre Yard, and Sheds: suit IDa nutacturer.-HllJ, 74, Thesiser- street, Cathays. 839 rpo Let, Shop, with little stock of china, &c. —Apply, per- JL sonally. 16. Wyndham Arcade, Cardiff. 873 TipO Get, Shop, Dwelling-house, aud Stable cor;-f A Robert-street and Fanny-street, Cathays.-ApDly Coles, 258, Cowbridge-road, Canton. 761 TjCO Let, Butcher's Shop in Portmanmoor-road, near JL Dowlais Works.-Apply JameR Masters, 85, Portman- moor-road, Cardiff. 504 rgcO Let, gond Grocer's Shop, agency for beer and stout. A stock and scales, £ 15.—Apply 47, Clive-st., Grangetown. 1- South Wales Daily 11'0 News" Office, St. Mary-street.—Apply "Daily News," Cardiff. 100e ,6)20, Bute.voad,-3-staIlEd Stable and Loft. Workshop /V with bench and vice, or Stores, 21 by 21.—Inquire abovL 726 FOI: SAME—IHOUSKS USD. A House for Sale, No. 31, Howard-gardens (opposite Higher Grade School) possession can be had in a mont-h 01' six wt:eke.-Apply D. J. Davies, Builder. 64, CrwY5-road, Cathays. ILARE-street, Riverslde.-One of these attractive V.V Residencei5: hot and cold water entirely reo decorated garden and back.let.-Gunn, Westgate Chambers, OavOiff. 10 CILAUDE-road.—House for Sale or Let: three reception ) rooms, four bedrooms, usual offices, greenhouse and conservatory.—Q 742, Echo," Cardi1f. 742 DONALD-street, near Roath Park.—Four Houses, con- taining two sitting, four bedrooms, both and usual conveniences.—Apply 7, Albany-road, Cardiff. 430 170R Sale, a House in Alfred-street, near Roath Park; JL hot nnù cold bath, papered.-Apply M, Mackintosh- place, Ruath. 845 I^OR Sale, Corner Home and Stable, 4 Cottages, al L' House and Shop,-AllPly James Keire, 16, Constella- tion-street, Ruath, 677 TIT'OR Salt-, four Cottaes in Pont-ypridd.street.-Apply 87 Slee, 86, Diana-street, Roath. 674 i7»OR Sale, attractive Private House, with lare workshp attached suit carpenter or mechanic, Tne house IS situate at 44. Severn-road, Canton.-For particulars apply W. Gi!I_119, t!\1al!r::t, Cardiff. 605e SMALL House for Sale, No. 2, Heath-street, Riverside, Cardiff.—Apply on premises. 50 YILLAS. Welliteld-place, Bangor-road. others adjoining Iioath Park: cn sell with special advantnges.-ApI11y 34. Bangor-road. No agents. 77 40 Cottages (m lots to snit purcbser;», six rooms n.1 gardens, situated near Docks, Barry district; tenanted at bS per week; price £ 130 eaeh £ 80 can remain at low iu. terest. Also othbr valuable Prrpcrty fnr Saje and to Let. cheap. Also O.1e six-roomed Cottage, situated in Grange- town, tenanted at 6H 6d per week; ground rent, only £ 1 19s: price £ 140.—Apply Geo. Willett, Home and Estate Agent and Rene Collector, 13, Vere-street, Cadoxton. 840 InJSIESS rREJUSES WANTED. SHOP Wanted for Grocery Business, Cowbridge-road: near Kiug's-road preferred.-Apply Grocery, Echo Office, Cardiff. 644 WANTED Shop, in good neighbourhood, for high-clas3 Frnit Stores. B.ent low.—W.M., 51, Clive-st.. Grange. notrs¡. *tc.. WANTED. HOUSE wanted by a respectable couple, rent not over -i. 8,' 6d per week.-Writ.e A 22, Echo," Cardiff. 22 WANTED, small Houce, easy distance of town: ren, ff clear about 8s 6d.—Write V 978, Echo," Cardiff. 978 Wr ANTED, to Buy Honse; price £ 280 to £ 358 must bc; f f well built. and ood vlne: state lowest price. parti. culars.-S 534, "?: Caidiff. 534 IUTSINEIiijSF.8 FOR CCOFFEE Tavern and Refreshment Business splendid J position. Bristol doing reiPrect-abl6, profitable trade: incoming £ 70.—Apply J. T., 14, Temple-3treet. Bristol. 57 I7>OR sale, a Sweet and Fruit, Business, in best position in I'enl1rth, dOll1g very good trade: Ions lease,- Particulars of W!2!i:1m Howells, 96, St. Mary-3t., Cardiff. 5S0 SMALL Grocery and General for Disposal Canton I- ill-health cause of leaving proof trade: stock and fixtures a bargam.-P. 733, Echo" Office, Cardiff. 733 WHOLESALE Ale, Wine, and Suint Business, in ood thoroughfare. Barry Dock district; good paving concern; incoming (for cash) £ 100, inclndimr licence, fully paid twl next July: fixtures and fittings. A good Agency '1ttached. Rent of shop and house 10s: no rat,es.-Apply Geo. Willett, House and Estate Agent, 13, Vere-street, Ol\doxton. 841 PI BUf nOKSES. A&; P. Duke, Hotel Brokers, 21!Bridge-strcet, Brlstol.= Grand selection of IJicensod Houses all parts of town and country. Particulars free. ABSOLUTELY Free Public, taking £ 40 weekly at im. mense profits lease: handsome concern £ 750 libeml advance sure fortuno.-DJlke, Valuer, Bristol. ALE, Wine, and Spirit Business (W!101esij,in growing ùlstriet pleuùid opportunity sm all capital; fullest investigation. N 716. "Eoho Qlticc, Cardiff. 716 CARDIFF DockB,-Cbeapet and best double-licensed Honse ever offered to Let. Long lease.-Apply per- sonally, W. Gill, above address. 605e CCENTRE of Cardiff.—Grand Free Double-licensed House J to Let opportunity seldom met with long lease.- W. Gill. above address, 606e I '1HELTENHAM,-FuHy.¡¡censed House, in grand busi. J ness position beds pay reut; £ 170, includiD fur. niture commodious prcmises.-Duke,,Bristol. COUNTRY Inn, with large garden and outbuildings .J furnished.,3 barrels weekly. £ 35 cash. Illness caua-e of sa.le,-Duke, Valuer, Brœtol. ITiRliE Public, near Manchester good stand on main -L' thoroughfare takings about £ 30 weekly: ingoing. £ 400.—Mason, 71, Market-street, Manchester. 515 I^ULLjT-licensed Bouse in country market town: pays ? brewers £ 60 mùnthJy stabing and yard £ 150. Grand opportunH,y.-Duke, Bri<1ge.street, Bristol. ij^OR Sale. To Capitalists oniY:=-C;;t; of Cardiff, free, double-lioensed Hotel, doing an avemge trade of £ 100 weekly. Ground reat under £ 20 per anvum,-W. Gill, above addr. 605e MASON'S Arms, Hirwain.-Good Double-Licensed 1: Housc to Let.—Apply Trecynon Brewery, Aberdare. MAIN thoroughfare, Cardiff, handsomely-fitted, Single- Licensed House to Let: good trade: low rent.- Apply personally, W, Gill, above address. 6058 TVTEAR Ab<.rtilleTJ.-One oftbe best double-licensed il Houses t-o lyjt In thiR important colliery district. Lonl: lease. Moderate rent. Takings about £ 50 weekly.- Apply persona.J17. W. Gtll, Hotel Broker, 119, St. Mary. Street, Cardiff. 605e NOTED Beerhouse, near imporLant factory same hands -L 7 years. Sure living. Incominlt only £ 60. Bargain. —Duke, 21, !3rid¡;e-lltreetstoL ONLY £ 200.-Near Cardiff, nice little. Double-licensed Public Houe to Let: immediate possession: long lease.-W. Gill, above address. 605e SeBURBf Cardiff. -To Le handsomely-fit ted, practi- eally Free Double-licensed House. takin £ 30 weekly lone lease Gill, above address. 685, Hotel, Commercial-street fully fur* A nished suit energetic couple.-Full partionlars Roberts, House Agent aud Auctioneer, Skinner-street, Newport. 682e (•0 Columns, Post Free-;3Ï8th ¡Mue.-LaTRest List. Hotels, f Spirit Vaults, Breweries, Beer Houses, Temperance Hotels, Dairymen's Busi- nesses, every description, £ 10 to £ 100,000.—Downing, Auc- tioned Bristol. Established 1845. I'd25.—Old-established Riversidt Beerhouse, between Bris- dW tol and Channel Docks; rent and taxes, £ 18. Another, Wine Licence, close 811spensionridge, £ 10.—Downing. < *250.-—New Gloucester. Superior Full-licensed Country ,c¡;,¡ House: great bnntmg district: nice home: billiards: "plpndid stabling 5 acres rich JIstule orchard garden.- Downing. <T*85, including New Licence.—Capital. Spirit House, near Gasworks rent £ 27. Another near C0Iston.hll, £ 100 Hotel Valuer. Bri8tol.. SSUSICAli T3ANJO Studio, Adamsdown-sqr.are.—Thorough tuition _D by the author, hisrhl; popular Danse Bonbon;" 2a, from any Music Stores, or above. 509 II COPYRIGHT Muslo Made Ea8y.-Infallilile, easy, prao- I V tical method for II-U to play Piano, Harmonium, Is.r- nev, W. HugheB, Coulstoa, Wllu. 983 EXPERIENCED Mater gives Two Lessons Weekly- Pianoforte, AmericlUl Organ. Violin. Theory students prepared for examinations: 5s 6d morthly.—R. 734. Echo Offiœ, Cardiff. 734 FOR Sale, magnificent Pianoforte Iron frame, over: trung, check action, full trichord new last year: cost 5a guineas, will take 36 guineas.-BisholJ, 165, Cathays- terrace, Cardiff. 725 FOR Sale, Iron-frame Piano, cost £ 36: cash £ 12 12s, &oad as new.—150, Clara-road, Cardiff. 687 HARMONIUMS, Pianos, Organs, A;c., on the Hire Pur chase 8ystem.-AtJas Furnishing Company, Haye, Cardiff 41e MISS Moss, R.A.M., Teacher of Pianoforte aud Organ, has removed from Newport-street toll, Stockland- street, Grange. 643 PIANOFORTE and American Organ: must be soid. owin to owner leavjI1 Cardiff sell at Bacrific.- Apply 52, Miskin-street. Cathays. 888 PIANOFORTE -L..dy, througb unforeseen circum- stances, must sell 70-guinea upright grant1, elegant walnut, steel fmme, check action; 15 years' warranty price 19 guineas: sent on approval. — Rushton, 11, Wroughton- road, Baiham, London. 513 I-5IANO:=Ma¡¡;nifient uprisrht Graud Pianoforte, brss tuning vlate, tnehord throughout, Iron frame: hst, 35 guineas Williams's price, £ 19 12s6d.—14, Higb-st. 612e 10s 6d Der quarter.-Lad.. cert: sen., hall a few vacancies for Pianoforte Puplls.-Address Z 16. Echo," Cardiff. <•10 Buys a £ 276=! Karn Organ, good as new to be sen d8I any day at 5. Black>;tone-street. Canton. 819 BICYCIiES. TRIC)"(;I,t}ii Ac. ABSOLUTE Clearance; 14 solid-tyre Bicycles. Will take back any time in exchange. Send P.O. 15s, full address, and size reqnired.-Morris Bros., Pcntyplidd 27e 1- )UNLOP Pneumatic (1894) Road Racer, 231bs, beautiful little machine, £ 6 gumdest bargatu ever offered approal.-J"ukins, HlI.irdrcsser, Ross. 511 IADIES' Pneumatic Safety, latest 1894 pattern, baUb;ad J splendid machine never used: 28in. wheels, guards, complete cash £ 6 10s; approval —Apply Wallace, 5, Regent-street, Weston-super-Mare. 987 R. EPA1RS, enamelling, plating 11.150 tyres, or. shortest notice for the Trade.-Morris Eros" Pontypridd. REPAIRS—All eo to Morris Bros..Pontypridd No job too difficult, no iob too small. Don't forget.27e 13 EPAIRS of any kind to Pnenmatic Tyres, or Repairing Ali Outfits 14 stamps. Puncture Proof Bands, and how to fix, pOõt ftee 9s 6d.—Morris Bros., Pontypridd. ^JAFETY Cushion. Humber pattern, diamond, un C7 scratched, ball head, balls everywhere £ 5 10s worth £ 16.—M 918, Echo," Cardiff. 98 SAFETY Mackintosh, detachable pneumatic diamond quite new latest improvement; £ 8 10s, worth £ 20.— K 916, Echo," Cardiff. 916 S. AFETY 1894 Dunlop Pneumatic, hv tbe Quadrant Cycle f.. Co. (unsoiled), £ 10 10s cost £ 26. L 917, Cardiff. 917 SAFETY.-GrnUine bargain, pneumatic double tube tyres, weight 301bs. very latest, patte rn listed £ 21 nHr used: guaranteed: ch £ 6 103. AtJproval with 1)leasur6, No uoe to preseut owner. 5, Regent-stre2t, Weston-super-Mare. 277 CARRIAGES. VEHICLES. « £ c. 4. Milk Track and Churn for Sale.-AlIply 16, Croft-street, 1 Roath, Cardiff. 621 R) ARGAINS.-Second-hand Carriages (Victoria), Park i_> Phaeton, Wagonette (seat eight), Hansom wIth leather hood.-Apply F, Burt. 52, Bedford-street, Cardiff.76 BARGAiN"S:=N;¡Y New Rustic Cart, suit pony 12 hands: also new butcher s Cart. suit cob 14.—Glover, Lewis.street. Canton. 624 BARGAINS.—Two Carts suit butchers or bakers, Flat Uart" two Pony Gigs, Pleaure Trap suit 15 hands: several sets HarnefB different classes and sizes; cheap.- 14, Havelock-sireet, Temprance Town, Cardiff. 486 8J>OR Sale, cheap, Coalman's Turnout, complete DO £ better lot in Cardiff: Black Horse, Long Cart" BakHs. aud Mchille also Eav Cop, rising four. 15 hands- good Whitechapel Dogcart, and Harness: '1'111 seH separ, ate: trial and warranted.—Apply 40JElm-3t., Roath, Cardi 17"OR Sale, nearly new Surrey (Jar, painted blue, cloth J? cushions, brass lamps and ittings, foot rest, ar.d indiarubber mats; in capital condition: suit cob 13.2.— Apply Fuller Birtell & Co., Hope,tr Cardiff. 125e PROVISION Merchants and II el Proprietors.-Firft. class Hand Truck for Sale. with Warner's patent wheels bar¡¡:ain,-X 7, Echo" Office. Cardiff. 7 SALE.—Pony, Spring Cart, and Harness, suit greenrr or coalman, lot i, 11: also Sprine Tip-cart.—Apply 44, Bedford-str6et, Roth, Cardiff." 914 OPRING Cart for Saie, fitfor baker or butcher, or ex k3 chane for light wagon.-Apply 2, Gueret-street, Barry Dock. 659 TWO Pleasure Traps and two to suit butcher or grocer, nearly new, suit cob 13 to 14 hnuds will be sold cheap, —D. Ce1!ier, A berama n. 31ii riiRAP Harness, never used, very massive, suit cob 13 to A. 1" hands cost £ 5 10s, will take £ 3 10s.—G. Park, Pontymicter. 768 WANTED, one-horse Furniture Van in good condition and cheap.-Apply 55, Ethel-street, C.1.nton. 903 1IOKSES. LIVE S'rCCK. oaf' -¡-useful Horse, 15 hands, with Set of Harness, £ 10 also xl Coal Cart, sell cheap.—21, Topaz-street, Roath,Cardiff. A Bargain.—A handsome Dim Cob, 14.2, waraDted sound, eight years satisfactory reasons for selling would l1it grocer or dmper.-Newmllon and Son, Statles, back of 74, Neville-street, Cardiff. 617 A-ioOd Horse, Crt, and Harness, suitable for aJ hauling work, £ 16 the Jot, can be triedf sold separate); also Horse and C-oa1 Cart, £ 12 lot -28, Stacey-road, Roath. Caditf 550 A strong Cob, 14 hands, with Cart and Harness, suit coalman or greengrocer, £ 14.—93, Clifton street, Ro:<*h, Cardiff. 549 A handsome Bay Cob, 14 hand. four years, fast, grand ■TV action: also pretty Cob, 13,1. four years, splendid mover: also fast trotting Pony also Pony. Flat Cart, and !larness, new Saddle and Bridle. Trap, and Butcher's Cart and Harness cobs warmnted sound, good in harness.—102, Wellineton-streefc, Canton. Cardltr. 507 A Bargain.—Handsome thick-set Pony, 13 hauds, with strong lig-ht Carl" suit bu"in(>!I5, and good harness, lot £ 13. Saddle and Bridle, Chaff Machine, sell sep:¡ratp,- 14, Havelock-street, Temperance Town, Cardiff 489 4 Bargain.—Handsome Bay Horse, 15 hands, sound, 1'L seve., yeRrs, "nit crank-axle or brake, price £ 12. Also Pony, 13 hands, used children, quiet to dnve, £ 6. Set Van or Crank-axle Cart Harness, cheap. 25, Tudor-road, Riverside, Cardiff.' 420 -A- CTiVE, clean-legged Cart Mare, in foal by good horse, useci to all kinds of tarni work warranted Eound; 6 years old 20 guineas, or would let her go 3 months for keep.—3, East Usk-road, Cla.rence-v1ace, Newnort. 663e BARGAIN.—Good Bay Mare also Trap and Harness to match £ 12 the lot.—56, Pill-street. Cogan, near Penarth. n 844 hand, 6 years warranted pel fetJy quiet and sound: with new Flat Cart and Harness suit iJshllloner or greengrocer trial ",11 owed L13 0s.—Mrs Coopey, Greengrocer, > aerleon, Newport.631e Harness, a;d;JY DEW Trolley cost £ 22, will take SiQ the wt,-G. Park, Pontymister, Mon, 767 (ORE Alii Cob, 14.2, 6 years old nlo SPring Trap, new V three months ago: and Harness no dealers.-144, Pembroke-road, Canton. 749 í CONSEQUENCE of death, two active Cart Horses. 6 a1. V 8 years. 16.2; mit coal or timber merchants 25 and 16 guineas. Mare, J5 hauds; suit calIl)rries or farmeis 12 guineas. Above warranted sound, good workers shafts and chains month's trial allowed.—2, Jubilee-terrace, Penarth- road, Cardiff^ 709 ( COLLIE Pups and Adults for Sale, from first-prize Vy winners.—Apply C. Bell. Tredegar. jT^OR Sale, Bay Cob, 6 yeari.14 hands, free from vice: 1 goed in saddle and baruess.-1a, St. Aadrew's- crescent, Cardiff. 32 "jC'OR Sale, Pony and Flat Cart and Harness suit green- JL? grocer.—Apply G. S. Gc-lf^Eruiterer. Hope-st., Cardiff. IpOR Sale, handsome bay Col), 5 years old- 13.1, thoroughly dependable for lady or g..r.tleman to riù" or driTc. aud warranted sound. with plated harness, dogcart, and bnsi, ness cart: wili sell separate trial aliowed -Apply ("Jm mission Yarù. 206, Pearl-street, Roath, Cardiff. 539 fpOR Sale, POllY, Harness, and Flat Cart. Pony sound, free from VICC. Sell together or separate.—11, Albny. road. Cardiff. 497 Bargni-HandsoDe, thickset Cob, 14.2; Jf warranted quiet w ride, rlnve, and sound; twelve gllineas,-Grúcer, 55, Portmann>oor-road, Cardiff. 33 T OT £ 13.—Sale, Pony, 12 bands, fa years warranted -S-J good worker and quiet with new^ Flat. Cart and Har- ness: never soiled any nasonahle trial allowed.—6. CpcB. terrace. Caerleon, Newport. 6331.' "F > ARE Bargain.—Handsome block Mare, age 5 years, 15 JLV hands also Trap aud Harness, nearly new.—Apply 195, Railway-street, Splott. 641 8ALIO, Mare, long Coal Cart and Harness, Weights, Scalt's, and Baskets.—24. Albert-street, U.nton. 595 SORE Shoulders, Sore Backs. &c., Quickly Cured by Condy's Flnid. Veterinary book free from 83, Turnmill- street, KC. Horses suffering from wounds, cuts, IJrl1¡ss, hroken knees, cracked heels, grease, or thrush cured in a few hours by bathing the parts affected with Cundy's Fluid (diluted). It makes the hair grow wher rubbed oft, Prices 3oz. Is 20oz. 2s o? all chemists. 6522 lO Htlliers Dnd Others.—For Sale, thiok-set Cart Mare, X 15,2 hands,6 years.waranteJ sound and good worker in shafts or clu1Íns; reason for selling giving up haulioa trial al1owcd: price £ 16.—Hodge, Haulier, 13, Backhall- street, Caerleon, N CWDort. 638e VE i'ERINARY Book Free, containing full directions or Curin Diseases of Horses, Dogs, from Condy's Fluid Works 83. Turnmill-street. Loudon, RC. 652e POm:.1'ftY. PSGIUS. Ac A Grand Lot to trade: Canaries, Cocks, 6s Hens cheap; 300 Geese: also 50 Turkeys, 100 Ducks.—3, Penypeel- road, Canton 459 C'-TbITJ3irdS Aliye.-Improved self-acting Spring Net Traps, 18 3d free. A purcllser writes :—" With your trap I caught 2 goldfinches. 4 linnets before breakfast." Thonsands solà_-Knight, Yarniouth 680 CCOCK Goldfinches, Is 9d Cok Goldfinches fN showing, J tit to win in keen competition, 2d 6d, 3s Linnets, 81 Birdlime, 8d box free to every pmchHoser of a Cock Wood- lark will give a Coek Linnet, 2s Trap Cages, 2"Thomas, Bird Dealer, Neath. 750 I^EW :Pi\i¡S-;d-TUmblers or Sale, cheap.—12, Wood- ville-road, Cardiff. 879 GEESE 1 Geeee 1 Geese !—For saie, a good sample of Jr Geese, supplied from 65 6d and 7s per couple,-ApfJly J. Matthews, Castle House, Victoria-avenue, Maindee N eWDort. 681e ( 'I RAND Pen. of Black Game Fowls, containing ~X prize winners: 7 hens and two cocks aU last year's birds inspection invited would sell chap,-LlIckweU, 10, Comet-8tret, Cardiff. E4 SALE, splendid Norfolk-bred Turkey Cock, 261bs weight, lftBt year's bird also Two Turkey Hens.—4, Kyvielog- streetj^Cathe^al-road^— 92 FUKNITUKE. A Bona-flde Tip. —If you want substantial Furniture, hst jl*- possible value for ready money, go to Harris's Fur. uiBhiulr Emporium, Newport. 932 :FU:Rwipr,aLrin::7itJFul; ouce, on waiting.—Apply Cyril Second-hand Furniture Stores, 12, Broadway. Cardiff 672 J^URNITURE ot everv description ii^ooyo 11 value u. X select fWID, on the Hire System strictly privaet. l'he Largest Premise and. Stock out of London.-Atlas Furnishing Company Limited, Ilayc3, Cardiff. 41e EDESTAL Writing TablesT^^drawers, for 57s M Williams's, High-street. 612e SPECIAL Attractions at Harris s, in t,he Market-hall- Newport.—Very pretty Chippendale Mahogany D'ow. ing-room Suite in figured silk,only 7 guineas Library Suite solid oak in real leather, £ 6. See. 930 SPECIAL Attractions at Karris s this day.—Fancy China Cabinet, inltid walnut, lined plush, brass mountings, only £ 1 7s 6d also Music Cabinet, walnut, glass door, lock and key, only 19s 6d solid Walnut Octagon Table, 2111, worth 30s ll Sta!- jj>s 6d. 930 SPECIAL Attractions at Harriss, Market Entrance.— Artistic Bedroom Suite, blue enamelled, beautiful hand- painted decorations, only £ 5: another solid walnut. 7 ni!le!1,s; magnificent solid walnut and ash, 14 gUlnt-DoS.- ce Harris's windows. 9J0 OPEClAh Attraction at Harries—Cot tape Parlour Suite, IO £ 2 12s 6d, wonderful value: mahogany chest of drawers, 30s JDa88iT6 brae mounred bedstead, 23s: bed, bolster and two featber pilloW!<, 100 9d strone kihen chairs, 2s t'd each. If you want substantial furniture, Wt Talue fo cash, try Harris's FurlJlshin¡1 Emponnm. The Market-hall Newport. 932 ¡-["HË Globe Furnishers, 19, Custom HOU8e.¡¡treet.-Gr;t X Sale DOW on. 265c "rIÎEG);"be Furnishers. 19, Custom House ■street.— X Sweeplll Reductions. 285e THE Globe Furnishers, 19, Custom House. street.- j Genuine Sale. No sham. 2851" fJCHE Globe Furnish ers, 19, Custom HOllsp..street.-Uu- X herù.of Price. Call and inspect. 2S5e W NTED, second-hand Farniture, in Luge or slDa.t1 q,uantiUE", for cash: best prices ciyen,—Apply A- Setcha01d, 55, Frederiok-etroot, 0.411." 632 WHERE to Buy Furniture —Artistic, substantial Fur- niture, Bedft-eads, and Bedding immense stock lowest plices_-E. E. Huris's old-established and reliable Furnishing Emporium, Market-hall, Newport, N.B.—Only ø.ddress. 932 17*11 RNISH on our new hire Hire System. Houses or A artments completely furnished on a new system adopted solely by us, wherebya.1I publicity, exposure, and nquiries usually made ty other companies are dispensed with. We have an immense stock of Household Furniture of cheap and superior quality. Allgoods wId ou the Hire System at ready-money prices. We makE: no extra charge for credit, and all goods sent home in a private van free of charge. No stamp or agreement charges made; no bill oi sale; everything private. Arrangements completed without delar, and, being manufacturers, we quality and will undertake to supply furniture, etc., at 10 per cent, less than any price-list issued by any firm in Cardiff. Eleven showrooms. Call and inspect our ire. mense stock, and compare prices before purchasing else- where. We will supply £ 6worthfcr 2s 6d weekly £ 10 worth, 4s weekly £ 15 worth for 58 weekly £ 20 worth, 6s weekly, and so ou m proportion. Special terms for larger quantities. Please note the addre.<;t; :-South Wales Furnishing Company 31, Castle-street (opposite the Cactle), Cardiff UOHESTIC ARTICLES. MAIL Cart, scarcely soiled Simpson Fawcett's pa it child to lie or si\or¡:-an, 33, Angus-street, Roth. Cardiff. 764 MANGLES. Washing Machines, Bewrng Machines 03 the Hire System.—Atlas Fur ishing Company Ltd. Hayes Uarùiff 41e MANGLES.—A first-class full size warranted Mangle for 35s.—^Williams's, High street. 612e PERAMBULATORS —Perambulators and Mail-carts are now clearing at less than cost.—Williams's, High-street. PERAMBULATORS Mail Carts on the Hire Svsiem. Atlas Furnishing Company, Ltd. Hayes Cardiff. 41e "UFf-OFr CLOTHISfi. LADIES amt Gentlemen's Left-cff Clotbing Bought for Cash: highest prices given: country parcels Dromptly attnded tQ.-Henry Jones 37, Coburn street, Cathays, Cardiff. 821 I A DIES'. Gentlemen's, Chiidren s Left-off Clorhing J Bou¡;ht.-Mrs Rich, 57. Castle-road, Cardiff. Good prices. Orders punctually ttended to. Furniture bought. MRS D. Gorman, 7 and 8, Bridge-street, 31, 33,Wyndham- arcadc. Cardiff. Purchaser#jadieft', Gentlemen's, and Children's Wardrobes. EstablL-hed 1859. 737 FO CI SALE—MISCELLA N EO 515. A-LLG;-I;ine Rg-;ins.-FJi¡;¡tone s, thePopular Pawn- broker and ,J eweIler. f2. Castle-road, Roath, Cardiff. ALT, Genuine Bargains.—Fiigelstone has forfeited Gent's 18ct. Gold English Lever, cost £ 20 only 7 guint::I8. 46ge A Genuine massive solid Gold Curb Albeit, stamped eyery link, 42s-,Fligeh;tone's only. A Genuine BRrain.-Geot s 18ct. Gold, Lever, nearly new, cost 15 guineas, only 5 only.469e A Genuine Solid Gold AIDert and Seal hal1-ma.rked, only 28s.—Fiigelstone s. 46ge A GenuiI;B;I1;¡U_-L-dy.lsct. Gold Watch, hand- some chased l £ ?l. ea-es, only 35s.—Fiigelstone s only. A Genuine handsome Gold Albert and Fancy Gold T.1.stel, only 23s-FJigelstone's. 6ge A Genuine B¡>.rgaiu,-G-t; 18c Gold Lever, COBt1o guinea;, only 3Os,-Fli;:elstone's. 4ege -A-(1enui- sclid Geld (cable pattern) Alb, hall. marked, 45s,-F.igelstone's. 46ge A Genuine handsome Gold Watch, cost 4 guiueas, only 2Is.-Flizelstone-s only. 46ge A Genuine Gold Lever Stop Watch,cost 10 guineas only 3 -6ge ALL Genuine Bargaius.—Fiigelstones Silver Levers. Benson's, 30s Ingram's, 50s Wright's, 60s Skarrat's, 50s: Tainsh's. 50s: Kaiser's, 425 Hettit-cb. R, 428: Spiridon's, 35s Bary's, 40 Heitzman s. 50s: Johnson's. 50,. 4Se a T the cheapest house in Wales.— 22et. SQlid-Qold Wed- '1 ding Rings, 3dwt., l5s,-Fl¡gelstO!le's. 46ge ALL Genuine Bargains —Gent s solid Silver Watch, cost 2guineas, only 15s Silver Albert, 4s 6d.—Fiigelstone s. ALL Genuine Bargains.—Lady's 18ct. Diamo: dRin £ 25s: Ladj's Diamond and Sapphire Ring, 10s.—Fiigelstone's. ALr:Genuinc Diamond Engagement Ring, werth 4 guine. only 2 guineas.—Fligi lstoue's. A LI, Genuine Solid Gôidi.nd Dillmond Rings. immenRe bargains, at Fiigelstone's. 6ge Il LL Genuine Bargai;s- Overcoats.Overcoats,Overcoats. .1"1.. wool-lined, velvet collar, 10s for best value. 46ge A LL Genuine Bargains —Real Welsh Flannel Drawers, JX. Is 8 £ d, selling in hundreds at Fiigelstone's only. 459e Al—Bute Tailoring Co., 16, Bute-street.—13s 6d Trousers. 565e A 1—Bute Tailoring Co.—42s Overcoat to measure V friezes, meltons, beavers, ic. BAKKRS.—Pyrometer for Sale, qtiit; new, cost 47s 6d will sell 35=.—25, Ch:re-street, Cardiff. 757 BAKERS' Troughs. Peels, Tins, and Hand Barro.- Tunks, 3, Mill-lane, Cardiff. 758 Arcade.—Sextaut, forfeited pledge, 30s; í approval for valuation p.nd testing. J3LW:Gerf:t;!r.iÔ. Gent's Solid Gold Albert, every link stamrv-d, 50s. i>LAIBERGS Are:1de,-Gent s Gold Leyer (maker, i }{us.sdl, Liverpool): appioval no reasonable offer wm be refused.,-18d, Ladye'Half-hoop Diamond Rin7, worth double. BLAIBERG S Arcade.—Gents Set. Hall-marked Signet Rings, 3s Ed fpch, BLAIBElt'1'S -9Ct.FlDCY Rings, 43 6d quite new. Splendid present. Arcade.—Forfeited lSct. Gold Albert, £ 6 IJ3: very heavy. Approval 7 days, B' LAï8EF:G'S Arcade,-Silver A11)erts, Ladies' or Gents', 5 6d. AVN"va1. We have cheaper. BLAIBERG S Arcade.—New Silver Lever, capped, Eo. lish made genuine forfeied pledge. 37s 6d: worth £ 5. Aread-p"ertul Field Glass 17, fid (lOin.) approv:11. the best method of 1 estilJ¡: r rPll t'n. Arcde,-Forfeit-ed Gent's Single stone Gip'-y Diamond Ring, £ 7 will re-advance £ 6. BLAIBERG'S Arcade.—New Wedding Ring, 8clwt., 44:3, 5dwt, 26s 6d (a Gold Present also); 22ct. Engh-h Gold Hings. BLAIBERG S Arcade,-J9" 22ct. Wedding Ring (a Gold Present aIm), Arcade,-Forfeit,ed Carving Rif and Fork, 3s 3d six plated Forks, Is 6d a quantity of Knives. Arc-ade,-Forfeit,ed several good pattern E.P. Cruets. Offer3 wanted. 65s Breechloader -MJ London maker worth doubl BLAIBERG'S Arcade.—18ct. Keeper, 19s 3 £ to 4dwt. any pattern. Mouey returned if not valued at more tu 193 BLAIBERG'S Arcade.—Only 70s, Russell's Le7er, original cost £ 6 6s 25 rears' guarantee from maker perfect timekeeper, warranted. BAr.USTER8.-l,COO dozen Pitch Pine and other turned Bilusters low pric-c to clear.—Clarence Wharf Saw Mills and Turnery, Newport. 295 BORDER Cimations.— Danger, Mrs Reiffell, Firstly.Ket ton Hoeie, 1\1rs Booth, Rafcy, Crimson Çlove. On" each, as above, fn strong byers, Zs; frce.-FrauOls Iuns. Wheat fiheai, Llanhennock, Caerleon, Mon. 632 CCHESS Ieil ill Ieory complete fines, in England ce J our wmdows.-Phll Phiilips, Jewoller, 24, St. Mary, street, Ca¡ ditL 665 COAL Scales aud Weights, stamped raady for use" wrought iron — Tunks, 3. 1il1.1an, Cardiff. 75s COALS.—Best House Coal can now oe had from l. ,) Quance, Coal Merchant, 131, Britannia-buildings, Bute Docks, at 16s 6el per ton delivered. 75 best and cLeapest Heuse, Steam. aud nt ) Cods go to The Britisc Coal Company, 43, Miskin-street Cardiff. Special terms for large quantities. Pric lists on application. 473 DEAF1\:C8.-P;¡ri¡gb'S Patent Ear Instruments (invisible): cured m/ deaf 19 yews; appwvaL- W 190. Echo Office, Cardiff. S90 E- )(ëEï-:JilliiJ-:Piü-;cl ¡ryFe1\thm, refldyir bedding, 7bd per Jb" delivered fre ir. Glamo:-c:an- Apply 1\btthews, 6, :tock!a.nc1.strcet, Upper Grange, Cardiff. JL()WER Pots. Flower PotR, all size". Newbery, Fruiterer, Greengrocer rnd Fishmonger, Mackintosh- place, Cardiff. -_u- 934 t^IKEWOOD Firewood for Sale, Is 6d per cwt.. or half ton lots delivered at Is 91.—Western Steam Joinery, Tudor-lane. 448 I^IREWOBKS.—Crane's Fireworks, wholesale the IL largest, cheapest, and best quality in the market.— Write for price 118t direct from Crane and Co" Wholesale and Retail Firework Manufacturers, St, James, Barton, Bristol. 481 FIREWORKS. Anglo-French, wholesale and retail, a Richardson's (late Burndge), Silver Trout, Bridge, street, Cardiff. 472 FOR Sale, 1,200 feet of 1 in. Pipes (second-hand) screwed and socketd:: warranted good —O'Leary. plumber, Caldicot, C'J1EI?:tO, Mon. 912 Jj^OR Sale, Ba and Fixtures, nearly new bargain de- hvered free CanHtL- \Yrit.e B 616. Echo." Cardiff. 616 L^FATHERS.—Purified Poultry Feathers, excellent quality, Sid per lb.—Williams's, High-street. 612e GAL v'ANIZF;D Corrugated Iron Sheets (to cover2ft. in the clear), Eft" is 3d: 6ft, Is 6d 7ft., 15 9cI: 8ft., 2s: Gft., 2s oct: 10ft., 25 9d each: Rheet ridging, lIail. washers at reduced rates.—Cross Brothers, Working-street, Cardiff. i-CLAZF.D Bricks, white, coloured and rait glazed. VX Special quotations for seconds and selected thirds.— HMtland and Co., Per;khull, Stoke-on-Trent. 584 GLASS Shades, all size, for Cbcks, Figures, kc.. c11ap also Fish GJobes.-J. Cording, Natura1i4, 42, Royal Arcade, Cardiff. 7a L 1 LASS. Glass.-Reeei"ed, cargo or 300,0(0 feet of Win- 225 per case, or cut to customers' measure- ments, 12s per 100 feet. Putty, 78 per cwt. Mixed paints, 2bs per cwt.-lhvig and Son, 11, Queen-street. Cardiff. 108e GUN.—Double-barrel breech-loader. left barrel choke .x bore: only used few times £ 3.—Neale and West, Custom-house Bridge. 944 GUS,-BatfalO Bill Noiseless UUtl, fires ball 01' shotTand kills game a, 150 yards: guaranteed 26, catalogues, testimonials: 200 Second-hand GUllS, Hillsdon, FRr- killing Guu Manufacturer, Folkestone and Dover. 377 I'-ADY-isb;;s-1i-i;Mof Baby's First Cloi:h; J superisr quality never worn: very eheap.-L" 18, Lancaster-road, Fallowfield, Manchester. 989 MAGIC Lanterm.-The only real maker in Wales or thë lU- West of England is Allen, 207, The Exch&, Cardiff. l'riz medal Bristol, 1894. 973 '1\-1- ANUF ACTURERS' Rtomnants In stuUs, calicoes, velvets, flannels, c. 10lb. bnndles cheap. Price list,- \V. Clarkson, Merchaut, 41,Swaine-street,Bradford.93 ''SCENTS.—Government Tents, equal to rew X cost, £ 10; Belling at 33s a few only left.—Atlas Furnishing Co" Hayes, Cardiff. 41(' rfIO Lovers of Fine Art.—For Sale, genuine Bartolozzi X Gray's Elegv: al so some fine old china.—Apply the Cvril Seeonâ-h&!ld Furniture Stores, 12, Broadway, Roath, Car- fu ill WANTED. Offers for 20 £ 5 Queen's Hotel Ordinary, 1C f f £ 10 Stevens and Soo Ûrdinary.- V 763, Edw Office, Cardiff. 763 4o,oooft. Dunnage Boards, Deals, Scantling, all sizes and 7 lengths ■ Grain Bags, Duno:1ge Mats,-Shapland (bottom East DOCk), Cardiff. 712 1VT AGNIFICENT Lady's 18ct. Gold Watch, in good work- 'ng order, only 30s a real bargain.—Follick. PATENT Lever, compensation balance, heavy silver case« nnd Silver Albert, IS¡¡ 6d a bargain.-Follicl. KAILWAY Coats.—("ful and see our large stock, ranging from as 6d.—Follick, Bridge-street, Cardiff. REAL Clothing Blankets, very large size, 12s lid a pair. —Rollick, 43, Bridge-street, Cardiff. \\7 ONDERFUL Value in Blankets.—Real Witneys from v v 613 lid a palr,-Follick, 40, Bridge-street, Cardiff. (TIJ.ENEVA Wit*cli (by Yabsley. London), Hon stamped cases, 14s 6u.—Follick, 40, Bridge-street, Cardiff. OVERCOATS, blue Melton cloth, raised seams, aud hatinellined, only 18s 6d.—Follick, Bridge-st.. Cardiff. COMB1NATION_Diamond Cluster Pin and" Stu. £ 5Tfi». V-1 Forfeited p!edge,-Follick. 40. Bridge-street, Cardiff. KEYLESS 18c. Gold, J-plate, centre seconds, Stop Lever quite new 10 guineas.—Follick, Cardiff. l"OR the Largest and Best Selection of Watches, call at X Follick's. 40. Bridge-street. Cardiff. ABRAHAMSON, PawDbrokcrTfacing Victoria Theatre, Bridge street, Newport. 556e ^^BRAHAMSON,—Diamond Brooch solid gold, 158. ^^B RAH AM SON.—Heavy Silvtr Albert and Seal, 5s od. A BRAHAMSON.-Silver Leyer, Kendal and Dent, 45s. A BRAHAMSON.—18ct Gold English Hunting Lever, xx £ 5 18a 6d, forfeited pledge. ABRAliAMSON.-tdwt 2Zut Riol. 50* hUT, Gold. Keeper, 63. ABRAHA:tŒ01\, -Stroilg Silver Watch and Silver Albert, 145 6d, warranted. ABRAHAMSON.—15ct. Gold Engagement Ring, 3 diamonds, 10s 6d approval, size. A-. BRAHAMSON.-D,B, Breechloader Gun, 12 bore, top lever, 3bs, ABRAHAM."ON.-MuzzJeloaders, single, 10s 6d double, 158. A BRAHAMSON.-Diamond and Ruby Marquise Ring, A IBct., £ 3 10s; approval by post, ABRAHAMSON.—18ct. English £W¡\isre Seconds Lever (by Russell, Liverpool). £ 12 15s, cost £ 25 ap- proval ABRAHAMSON.-8ilver English Lever (by IlD. Cardiff), 5C8. BRAHAMSOITS ItaliaD Mandolines, 10s, 205, 388. Gold Centre Seconds Stop Watch,55s. Approv¡¡J., ABRAHAMSON S Case :r.1athematica.1 Instruments, Silver-plated, 21 c. Slide Trombone, by ThibonviUs Lauoy, 21s. Approval. MnificeDt Pair Bronzes, 215 Mas- sive Marble Clock- 17s, ABRAHAMSON'S Six-bottle Electro Craet. handsome bottles, 10s 6d. Approval. Private Pledie Offices. Open dally. A- BRAHAMSON, Pawnbroker, Newport opposite Victoria Theatre. JIISCI<;LLA.NE01JS W. A respectable MArried Couple, with no family, would like to adopt Baby, with small premium good home. Y 556, Echo" Ol1ce, Cardiff. 556 WJ ANTED, Passage to Bombay via Suez, for married v v couple and child, aged 7 years, as soon as possible. Anyone obtaining pafS!1;e for £ 50 accppted by advertiser will receive bonus 30s, or for £ 40 bonus of £ 3.—Address A. B., 55, Selhursl-roati, South Norwood, Surrey. 904a V57 ANTED, by experienced Laundress, a family's wash- t » ing or ironing good polishing if required.—Addrevs E. 865, Echo Office, Cardiff. 865 V ANTED, by a respect-able married person, the Entire v v Care of Child good home terms moderate.— Addre5S. WIth tenm. D 85), Echo" Office, Cardiff. 850 ANT I' D. Simplex Silent Meat-cutter, about 101 bf vv size.—State size and lowest price to 3. Mill-lane, Cardiff. 756 V17 ANTED by respectable Person, a few Families' Wath- v V ing good drying grounds.—Address Mrs Jamos, 39. Merthyr-street, Cathays. Cardiff. 729 a SSISC ELL AS EOKS. ALL Fent Dealers should write for our Price List, frfOe, of 5lb anà 100b Bundles of Hemmmts in Stuffs, Cali- coes, Prints, Flannelettes. Shirtings, Velvets, Cashmeres, etc.-J. Mitchell and Sous, 44, Well-street, Bradford. 752 IrC;piÏ1, coated. 9d per uroS8 post free.— The Drag and Dispensing Stores, Ltd., W olverh!1mptoll, I BOSTON Rubber Shoe Co. Established 1S53. Make y best quality and greatest variety Rubber Boots and bhoes. Ask 1-our best shoemaker or write for Illustrated Catalogue and Price List to the Sole COn8ignee, A, J. Gordon Tower Chambers, Moorga te-street, London, B.C. CCURE for Piles.—Perfect cure guaranteed in -ost J stubborn cases; post free, 2s 9d, 45 6d.—La rrobe, Chemist, St. Mihael's Hill. Bristol. 597 r- S your Wnt-ch Wrong ? Tbe Best and Cheapest Shop in Cardiff for the Repair of Watches of every description, Enplish or Foreign, ig 38, Castle-arcade (third 6hop from Castle-street), hy Jamps Keir.for 10 years with Mr Spiridion. l'locb and Munic Boxes Repaired and Cleaned. 625 JEWELLERY, Watches, Watch Materials. Cutlery. Electro-plate, Musical Instruments. Wholesale list post free,- Wright. St. Luke's ioad. Birmingham. 776 PEARCE, m'lnufa,t,urer6 of Artificial Legs, Ams. Eves. 1 Only address, 14, .Station-t,errrace, opposite T.V.R. Station, Cardiff. ^Repairs of ell description done. 474 PHRENOLOGY, Matrimony, Palmistry.—Right place in life from Is.—Prof. Mayo. Castle-arcade Cardiff. RUPTURE Cured. Crooked and Weak Spines Jor Legs Strengthened and Straightened, Artificial Legs weight 5ilbs., Ladies Belts, Trusses, and Leg IroDs, made oilly at 4, Charles-street, C&rditf, Warranty given. 517 ROOMS, redecorated, unfurnished, immediate poMes- sion. respectable, use kitchen, side door, from 4s ",eekly,-Wraorg. Whipmaker, 232, Bute-road, Cardiff. 13 rJCRUSSES, Limbs. Appliances for Drformities, Paralysis, X Cuned Spine, Belts, tc. Highest references. f3a.tI8fac- tion guaranteed.—Hy. Vincent, 74. Penarth-road, Cardiff. 'l-RlT3SES a.ndB!ts made and repaired upon tbe shortest X notice at the manl1factc'IJ'P?arce, 14, Station-tcrra-ee. Cardiff. op;>o £ ite Taff Vale Railway Station, Cardiff. 475 ATCHES, Jewellery.—Established 20 years.—Morris, » v Cu.tom House-street.—Every description of Watches, (,Ioc! carefully examined warranted for 12 months. Engraving, gilding, silver-plating. 8ticks, pipe6, mounted and repaired in gold or silver. Turret and othercJOCks kept in rep .ir by contract. Prompt attention to ailrepairs. 4"91 V\7"ATCHES Clocks (llld Jeweller on the Hire System vv Allan Fl1rnishir.c Company. Lt-d .Haves Cardift 41° 1HE. MONEY! MONEY! MONEY !-Don't be without -Mouey when you can obtain an Advance From £ 2 t,f) ANY AMOUNT, OD your own Security and Easy Repayments, 8.8 arranged A]toly—S. llARRlb. Manager, 113 Central Advance Bank, 40. Wood-street, CIHd1!f- «*75,000 to Lend by the Southern Counties Depos t oW Bank, Limited, in sums of £ 10 to £ 500 on Note of Hand without sureties > 11 Furniture. Farming Stock, anù- all other persona'securities, without removal. Easy repay, ments, distance no object. AJI information given free- AVply, personally or by letter to the Manager, Mr Stanley Dowdins, 1, Oueen-square Bristol. 713 l\1 O;ei eC't'r¡se;df,C::ilrirJ.: on their own security. No fees.—Apply Mr J. P. T110m son, 71, Adam-street, Cardiff. Established 8 years. Office hours 10 till 7; Wednesdays, 10 till 2 9De H OW-T-Õ 0 B '1' Al N Å LOA N-. Call or wrie to R. PHILLIPS, 18, CHtmCH.STREET, CARDIFF. Mention bow much you want and how you can repay it. Terms WIn be fully explained betore auy tJll.-ines is done. MONEY LENT FROM £ 2 TO ANY AMOUNT. 714 Office hours—10 to 7. Wecinesdp.ys. 10 to 2. CCOMMERCIAL ADV ANCE BANK, J 19. QUAY-STREET. LENDS MONEY DAILY, FROM £ 5 FPWARDS,- to Professional Gentlemen, Tradesmen, Mech&nics, and Working Class generally, WITHOUT BILL OF SALE. Apply personally, or by letter, to Man&ger. Bills Discounted. 144e MONEY at a fair rate of interest, advanced in any sums, without delay distance no objsct.—Apply, by letter or personally, to W. WiJlÜ\IDS, Vine Cottage, 1, Station-terrace. Pontypridd. 67e CASH Advances to any amount promptly, priratejy anel Itt a fair rate of interest; distance no object.- Apply, by letter only, to Mr C Lloyd, 24, R'ilglail-reet, Newport. 7 LOANS of £ 2 and upwards granted to Household-rs, with fair treatment.—Apply Reed, 56, Railway street Moors, Cardiff. 25 _ffj»3 to £ 300 Advanced to Householders without DelIlY.- dwI Apply t-o WALLACE and CO, 98, Queen-street, Cardiff (side entrance). Strict privacy di.<t!1ce no objecLion wiLl: or without st'cur.tle3 "asy repayments. ADVANCES MADE IN CASH :1'w UH1!:QUF.8 GIVEN. Money Advanced in Town or Country. 877 ri *5 aud upwards gmilted daily to householders, without sureties, no delay, no Îees, aúd confidential. Apply, by letter or peisoualjy, to F Goulù, 88, Pontmorlais, Merthyr Tydfil, 20 Caroline-street, Bridgend, and at 3, Friars Park, _J.:>D1œa.t, Carmarthen, 956e ONEY~ LENT WITHOUT-BILL OF SALE CR •iT-l SURETIES, on Note of Hand alone, as follows: — £ 20-24 ftlONTHLY INSTALMENTS of £ 0 18 4 :1050-21. £ 2 5 10 £ 100-24 £ 4 11 8 No CClmmission or Legal Expenses. A guarantee given of strwtest privacy. Apply for prospectus to lTNTf1!:D KINGDO1 DEPOSIT BAKK, 35, Craven-street. Strand, Iiondou. 584e A. G. WILLIS Manager. MONEY Lent upon Note of Hand, without Bill of Sale cr Sureties, as follows — £ 25, repayable in 24 monthly instalments of £ 1 2 5 £ 50, „ 24 „ „ £ 2 4 10 24 „ „ £ 4 9 7 Larger sums ill proportion. Strict privacy guaranteed. No commissions charged. Distrmce no objecL,-Ap1;]y D. Willhrus.15, York-road. Waterlov Bridge. London.-E. 392 rg>HE TREDEGAR ANDIHSTHICT ADVANCE A BANK, TREDEGAR, ADVANCES CASH, FWJ1 £ 2 TO £ 200, To Householders, Farmers, or any e8ponsihle persons, on NOTE OF HAND ALONE. Fair Interest. Easy Repayments. Apply personlJy or hy letter, to th Manager. 356 29, BBID(,L.STREET, TREDEGAR. I rjlHE DIRECTORS of L S FIELDING AND CO A (LTMITJ,D Advance Daily Sums from £ 5 TO £ 1.000. Method of Business: FAlJ: ll\TJ: ¡: ES'1'. EASY REPAYMENTS. ABSOLUTE PRIVACY. NO DELAY. iJ :->lJRETIES TRADE IJILLS DISCOUNTED. Prospectus and Particulars Free, Apply n.t. either Addresses below ;— Head Office THE HAYES 1!UILDI!\GR. CARDIFF. ALDERT-CHAMBlŒS, STOW-HILL, NEWPORT. 4, ST. CATHERINE ST" PONTYPRIDD (Opposite Police Station). 14e ONEY PRIVATELY, PROMPTLY, AND CHEAPLY. THE NATIONAL MERCANTILE BANK, BAJ..DWIS.STREET, BRISTOL. Advances csb from £ 20 to £ 10,000 on appruved promissory notes, on the following terms; £ 20 payable by 12 monthly IDstalments of fcl 155. £ 40 „ 12 „ II £ 3 10s. £ 100 „ 12 „ „ £ 8 155. £ 500 „ 12 „ „ £ 43 15s. Or can be fxtended two or three years, Quaterly and half-yeo.rJy instalments received. Bills discounted, aud every clt1ss of busineSl! entertained. Absolute privacy guaranteed. 1\11' T. C, IIULB, 334(1 General Manager. THE CASTLE ADVANCE BANK, X 207. CASTLE-ROAD, CARDIFF. MONEY ADVANCED ill large or small amounts, on an entirely new svstein, WITHOUT SURETIES OR BONDSMEN. ]\\0 enquiry fees charged. Re-payments to SU1t borrowers' convenience. Prompt attention to a.11 applications. Trans- actions strictly private. Apply personally, or by lettH, to TH E MANAGER. M4 207, CASTLE-ROAD. CARDIFF. ".25 to £ 5,000 kut Priv..tdv ID any part af town or eS* counu-y, to respectable pple, Oil a Noe of Hand alone, without Boudsmen or any Security. Exceptionally Low Interest. Apply to H. THOMAS, Manager (Head Office), V ictona Chambers, 25, Bridge-street, Bristol. 421 Money lenIt at fTve per cent 1"- FROM £ 5 tf) £ 2,000. WHY pay more, 1\'hen a Private Gentleman 18 prepared to grant Advances to Male or Female, upon theIr PRO- MISSORY NOTE ALONE. iil any part of England or W"ales, without loan office formalities J: NO BILL OF SALE OR SURETIES REQblRED. The advance can be paid ba-ck by easrmst1..ment.s. or can remain out from 1 to 15 years by paying the lIIterNt only Cl or write La the actual Lender, WILFRED WII,RERFOH.CE. ESQ., 11 Stroud Green-road }lnsburv-pa.rk, London, K. DRUNKENNESS or the Liquor habit positively CURED by administering Dr. I1AINEN' GOLDEN SPECIFIC. It is a powder, which can be given in beer, coffee, or rca, or 111 food, without the kno¡edge of the patient. It is harmless, and vir "ffet a permanent and speedy cure, whether the patient is a moderate dnnker or an akohohc wreck. It has been given in thousands of cases, and in every instance a periect cure ha.5 followed. It never fails. The system once impregnated with the specific, it becomes 3.n utter impossibility for the liquor appetite to exist. 30-pa.fI book of particulars on receipt of postage stamp. CRn be had of Hicks and Co., 28, Duke- street, Queen-street, and Paradise-row, Cardiff. Trade J ropplled by LYCH and{Co., LTD., LoDdu. 2758 20 (Btoion ELECTIONS, j j^JUNICIPAL ELECTIONS j 1894. j TO THE BURGESSES OF ThE SOUTH WARD. LADIES and Gkntlemen,— The period of office for which you elected me three years ago will shortly expire, and I have con- sented to once more seek re-election at your hands. During the nine years I have had the honour of representing you in the Borough County Council I have endeavoured unselfishly to promote the interests and prosperity of the Trade and Port of Cardiff, and a.lso taken care to bring before the Council the require- ments of the locality in which we are all so much interested, and should you favour me th a renewal of your confidence, I shall continue to watch over and protect those interests as I have hitherto done. I remain, Latlies and Gentleman, E932 Yours faithfully, THOMAS MOREL. CARDIFF MUNICIPAL ELECTION, c 1894. PARK WARD. Mr EBENEZEU BEAYAN'S COMMITTEE-ROOM is No. 6, ALBANY-KOAD. Open daily from 2 till 10 o'clock p.m. Mr Beavan will be most happy to meet his friends and supporters there. Working Men Voters, Rally Up Temperance Voters, Come and Help Irish Voters, Pay us a Visit Lady Voters, Give us your Presence Every Voter in the Park Ward, Come and Rally Round E. BEAVAN. 8(^13—6866 ROATH WARD MUNICIPAL ELECTION. A PUBLIC MEETING will be held at STAR-ST. CONGREGATIONAL SCHOOLROOM, On FRIDAY EVENING, the 26th OCTOBER, 1894 In support of the Candidature of MR M. ROBERT 8-JONES, The Liberal Candidate. I The following speakers will address the meeting :— I Councillor Ramsdale, J.P., Councillor B. John, Rev J. Tertius Phillips, Councillor Edward Thomas, Coun- cillor Augustus Lewis, Rev. Principal Edwards, D.D., and others. Chair to be taken ai 8 p.m. 6308 al£5 Ijjj auction. CASTLE AUCTION MART. 3, CASTLE-STREET, CARDIFF. IMPORTANT to HOUSEHOLDERS, HOTEL- KEEPERS, PLATE DEALERS, and others. GENUINE a.nd ABSOLUTE SALE of a large con- signment of best quality* Sheffield made ELECTRO- PLATED GOODS and FANCY NOVELTIES suitable for presents. MESSRS BAILEY and GILLER have received peremptory instructions from a renowned firm of silver and electro-plate manufac- turers (who are compelled to dispose of a portion of their stock penriiug the alteration of their business premises in Sheffield), to SELL by AUCTION, in their Rooms, as above, on FRIDAY and SATURDAY, October 26th and ¿7th, commencing each day at 12, 3, and 7 o'clock, a valuable and choice selection of best quality ELECTRO-PLATED GOODS comprising tea and coffee services, entree dishes, dish covers, meat and vegetable dishes. cruet frames, cream jugs, candelabra, egg frames, cake and fruit dishes, butter and preserve dishes, epergnes anc! flower vases, spirit kettles, afternoon tea services, waiters, trays, salvers, toast racks, hot water jugs, biscuit barrels, cpoons and forks, and numerous other items, all of the best quality. The Auctioneers particularly desire to draw the at tention of intending purchasers to the fact that these goods were not manufactured for auction sales, but fot a high-class retail trade, and are identical ¡ 0 similar articles supplied by the proprietors :o the largest wholesale houses throughout Great Britain, and further tbat this sale affords an opportunity seldom met with of obtaining best quality goods at nominal prices. On view day prior to sale. Auction Offices, 3, Castle-street, Cardiff. 607e FURNISH ON THE nxxvi?. NEW SYSTEM FROM THE SOUTH WALES FURNISHING CO., 51, CASTLE-STREET OPPOSITE THE CASTLE CARDIFF. NO OBJECTIONABLE HIRING I AGREEMENTS. HOUSES OR APARTMENTS COMPLETELY IURNI-SED ON A NEW SYSTEM Adopted solely by us, whereby all publicity and inquiries usually made by other firms are dispensed with. WE HAVE AN IMMENSE STOCK OF JJOUSEHOLD JPURNITURE, Cheap and Superior Quality. All goods sold on the Hire System at READY-MONEY PRICES. NO EXTRA CHARGE FOR CREDIT. All Goods Sent Homp in a Private Van Free of Charge. NO STAMP OR AGREEMENT CHARGES MADE. NO BILL OF SALE. EVERYTHING PRIVATE. Arrangements completed without de'ay, and being Manufacturers we guarantee Quality, ar.d will undertake to supply Furniture, &c., equalty as good at 10 per cent, less than any price list issued by any Firm in Cardiff. JpiFTEEN gHOWROOMS. CALL AND INSPECT OUR IMMENSE STOCK,: And Compare Prices before Purchasing elsewhere. We will Supply L3 WORTH FOR Is 6D WEEKLY. £ 6 WORTH FOR 2s 6D WEEKLY. -010 WORTH FOR 4s On WEEKLY. m5 WORTH FOR 5s Go WEEKLY. L20 WORTH FOR 68 OD WEEKLY. Aud so on in proportion. SPECIAL TERMS FOR LARGER QUANTITIES. PLEASE NOTE OUT, Only ADDRRSS- SOUTH WALES FURNISHING CO., 31, CASTLE STREET (OPPOSITE THE CASTLE), CARDIFF. 66e E. pRIEST AND CO., KING'S-ROAD, CANTON, CARDIFF. GALVANIZED WIRE NETTING, G IX 50 YARD ROLLS. 3in. Mesh 2ft., 3/- 3ft., 4/6 4ft., 6/. 2in. Mesh 2ft., 4/- 3ft,, 6/- 4ft., 8/- GALVANIZED CORRUGATED ROOF- ING SHRKTS, 2ft. 3in. wide. 5ft., 1/2% 6ft., 1/51/* 7ft., 1/8 8ft., 1/11 9ft., 2/31/4 10ft., 2/8 PATENT ROOFING FELT, in 25 Yard JB- Rolls, 4s, 5s 6d, and 7s 6d per Roll. GALVANIZED STEEL TANKS, ALL KINDS. JiiAK.-Sll cV CUl.\tP,AN Y. FUNEII.Al.s 1st Clas with Best Hearse, t d Coach, on the mos modern principle, with a pair of their weil-known Flemish-bred llorses to each, one-inch Elm Polishes Coffin, best registered Furniture, with elaborate name- plate engraved, fine satin-trimmed robe, and sell attendance £ 5 5 C Marsh & Co.'s 2nd Class ditto, ditto 4 4 C Marsh <t Co.'s 3rd, with improved carriage 3 .S ( Marsh & Co.'s 3tl>, ditto, ditto 2 19 0 CHU PBES'S FCXKRALS. Including pair of Flemish-bred Horses, modem Coach with all the latest improvements, Polished Coffin,liner. with tine flannel, and attendallce- Under one year -£1 7 f:, Under two years 1 8 fc Carriage, including coffin covered in black, blue, or polished, iiued with flan- nel, modern coach, and attendance. Under six months 0 16 Under one year 0-13 Und i two j ears I 0 l And so on in proportion. Handsome Car, Carved or Plain Plumed Hearse Mourning Coaches and Broughams, Ostrich Plumes, 6: c ADDRESS: 3 sa. ST. MARY-STREET. CARDIFF. OSTAL D¥LTVER7 £ OF THE SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS. The Proprietors of the South WALES Daily NEW oeg; ? ;ir:rur ^al by 11 sPecial concession of the Postal Authorities they *re enabled to despatch their lirst lAmion each morning by the Mails leaviuit Cani'itt within ?he limits CoUntlT Subscribers residing within he lim!ts di O SHIRE, vSHIRE, PEMBROKESHIRE, L A J; I_>IGAN SHIRE \-VW- rJTíO; OF the SCM TJI WALES DAILY N ? ?IIWA5' (.prepaid) to residents of the follow- Di'V'-ict IN tin? F"1 !;1:,CES ™THID ULE Cardiff Postal T-.isu.ict 1.1 time for the hrst morning delivery :— 01 r s Pencoed S Brides-strp..Kiv St. Xii-holas Honvilstoue Peterstone Llaadaff Radvr Morganstown Melingriftith Pontyrch St. Andrew's Sully j Courtyralla | Dinas Powis Cadoxton Barry Caerphilly Bedwas Ystrad My»ach Pwllypant St. Me.] on s Cefn Mably Michaelstone-Je- Yedw Castletown Marshfield Penarth Llandough Lisvane Llsnishen Whitchurch Taff's Well Tongwynlais lv.jn It B,:Iac As Tveli those portions of BBECOXSHIRE and MONMOUTHSHIRE comprised within the Tredegar and Rhymney Valley Postal Districts, may now have the South "Wales "Dailv New* delivered at thei residences daily by the sam? post as that which oon and Rhymney Valley Postal Districts, may now have I the South "Wales "Dailv New* delivered at thei residences daily by the sam? post as that which oon veys their Iiondon letters. 1 uhlÍ( Jvmusittttitis. CARDIFF. Theatre ROYAL. JL Lessee and MAKAGnB. MR EDWD. FLETCHER TO-NIGHT, AND JtUBING THE WEEK, Miss Cissy Grahame's Company, including Mr horace Mills, in the celebrated Triple Bill. At 7. 3D p.m., THE HIGHWAYMAN. At 8.0 p.m.. FAITHFUL JAMES. At 8.45 p.m., the Great London Success, A PANTOMIME REHEARSAL. NEW SONGS AND DANCES. Prices, 6d to S2 2. Doors open at7 commence 7.30. Booking Office at Messrs Thompson & Shackell's, Limited, Queen-street. Telephone, No. 521. MODAY, October 29th, SB AUGUSTUS HARRIS'S Co., under the direction of Mr HENRY C. ARNOLD, in the Up-to-Date Sporil1,1f Drama, THE PRODIGAL DAUGHTER, From Drury Lane Theatre, with the Original Season Dresses. and six Blood Horses, including the Grand National Winner, Voluptuarv." lfltl THE E lP I R E. MANAGES OSWALD 8TOU. TO-KIGHT. J_jAKRY CHAMPION, The latest London celebrity in the comic singiug lias l'he man wi: h the funniest of funny sonp. The famous "Dinfcev Arno," SISTERS TILLEF, Fascinating artistes, charming vocalists, and moil agile dancers. ADA WILLIAMS and BERTHA CARNIHAK, the latest Yankee Notions. TRILLO. the Ventriloquist. KATE GERALDINE, Soprano Vocalist. SAM RICHARDS. Conwdiau. LAURA LEAVITT, a Mimic of the WhisdiDl of Birds. ADA TWIBELL, Male Impersonator and Descriptive Vocalist. EVANS and LL XMORE, the Musical ComedJ Specialists. Next Week— The Incomparable DAN LENO 59e GRAND THEATRE, WESTGATE-STREET, CARDIFF. Lessee and Manager .Mr CLARENCK SOUNES. To-night, a.t 7.30, the great Sensational Realistic Drama, THE ENEMY'S CAMP." MONDAY NEXT, AND DURING THE WEEK, Special Engagement of Miss MAUDEST. JOHN and SPECIALLY-SELECTED COMPANY of LONDON A TISTES and DANCERS, In the up-to-aatt Burlesque, entitled, "CFPID AND CO." New Songs, and the Celebrated Dancers in the New French Quadrille. Box plan now open at Messrs Heath's Music Ware- house, Queen-street. Prices, 6d to Bl Is. 7377 Q TOLL'S PA NOPTICON, KZ? Philharmonic Hall aud Buildings, St. Mary- street, CARDIFF. WAXWORK EXHIBITION and NOVELTY PALACE. Hundreds oi people are cuming miles to interview the Gip,ies. Their marvellous powers of divination, as exploited during their former visit to this establish- ment, are hourly being testified to by persons who have now experienced the truth of their predictions. These Gipsies-the Royal JAPPING j^OREST QJPSIES, Read the Palm with the consummate art that only real gipsies are masters of. No moaey u to be given by the public, Patrons receive numbered tickets by which to take their turn. The Gipsies commence Receptions at One o'clock Dailv. THE LIYING JJULL. ONLY ONE WEEK MORE. She FINISHES HERK on SATURDAY NIGHT NEXT. The Smallest Woman Alive! Literally a Dot of Humanity. Nineteen years old. Speaks four languages. Eats four meals daily. Weighs only R^lbs. Gives aa A th 1 e tie Performance. On view 2 till 3.30; 4 till 7 and 8 till 10.30. Say Good-bye. I'm going soon. Her last week here, t'elc, Varieties on the Stage in Hall at 3.50 o'clock, 7 o'clock, and 9 o'clock. Chief Item thi, week-The Clark Glenny Company in The Haunted Lodgings." 60e ADMISSION—SIXPENCE. 3610 D'ARC'S GRAND WAXWORKS, VICTORIA ROOMS. ST. MARY-ST., CARDIFF. SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT. By special desire of several of the Elete of Cardiff ¡;ociety, Madame D'Arc has induced Satanellf. to extend her engagement for a Short Se1l Longer. This exceptionally talented society Lady Palmist will hold her receptions as usual. Seats are reserved frlJUi 2 till 3 and 7 till 8, Is each. ote-Madame D'Arc wishes to inform her pa this is no gipsy, but a genuine talented Lady Palmist. 878 PONTYPRIDD. "OOYAL CLARENCE THEATRE, XV PONTYPRIDD. Proprietors TRENCHARD A JONES. On MONDAY, OCTOBER 22nd, 1894. and during thf week, MR JAMES ELPHINSTONE'S COMPANY. On Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday, A SAILOR'S WIFE. Wednesday and Fridnv, A WOMAN'S SIN. On Thursday, EAST LYNNE, On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, the perfortt ance will commence at 7.30 and terminate in time for 10.20 trains. On October 29th the, £1,000 REWARD, For which over 20,000 people paid to see at Sheffiel* and Grimsby. 345e SWANSEA. rr H E E M V IRK. Matugrr n. OS<VAT,D STOUr TO-NIGHT DAN LENO. 61e No Advance in Admission Prices. 8034 .NEWPORT, THE EMPIRE. Manager OSWALD STOLL. TO-NIGHT 1 THE ALBERT EDMUNDS' TROUPE OF FARCEURS In LIVELY FOR TWO OF 'EM." A perfect scream of laughter from start to finish. THE TWO McNAUGHTONS, TESIE VANDEAN. ALU. CHESTER, LOUIE CHAPMAN, LILY VENTO AND THE GREAT VENTO Constitute the remainder of the programme. 62e LOOK OUT FOR DAN LENO. 2036 -#- 11 .) CARDIFF, PONTYPRIDD, & LONDON; PIANOFORTE AND ORGAN MERCHANTS. From South Wales Daily Ncivs, 9th Jan., 1894. VERmcr OF Nine Hundred."—Under this title Messrs R J. Heath and Sons, Queen-street, Cardiff, pianoforte makers, organ builders, and music ware- housemen, hayc collected an imposing array of testi. monials and Press opinions relating to the quality of the musical instruments supplied by them. The great majority of the letters in this list relate to pianos, anct while many of them have reference to most cosily instruments, containing all the latest improvements supplied to the, the greater number relat to serviceable instruments purchased for the homes ot the wage-earning portion of the community. This growing lovefor so refining an art as music is a most favourable sign. For though in the Principality music lias for generations been the chief recreation* of the people, it has for the most part been choral music that has occupied attention. Instrumental music is now however, receiving its fair share of attention, and 2,11 those in true sympathy with the art must tru-t thattht movement will go steadily onward. These testimonials have been received from every quarter of the Princi- pality, while not a few come from other portions of the United Klng(loll1, [end some from South America, India, and other distant countries. All speak most favourably of Messrs Heath's business methods as well as of their instruments. c't R. J. HEATH AND flKJNS INVITE INSPECTION Full Illustrated List and Verdict Post Free. 9451 DON'T FORGET THAT "VIRIDINE" is the CURE forCORNS.—This grand discovery has led many to imitate i, but without gaining for such preparation the satisfactory results "Viridine* has secured. In bottles, Is by post, Is 2d. J. MUNDAY, Chemist, 1, High-street, Cardiff. rpEETe rjHEETH rjlEETH A COMPLETE SET ONE GUINEA SINGLE TOOTH 2/t Five Years' Warranty Prize Medal QOODMAN & CO., 10, DUKE-STREET, AND 56, QUEEN- STREET, CARDIFF. ARTIFICIAL TEETH PAINLESSLY FITTED^bj Atmospheric Suction, at one-third the usual charges. 1'\0 Extractions necessary perfect and permanent life-like appearance, special SOFT PALATES fot Tender Gums perfect for Mastication and Speech COUNTRY PATIENTS supplied in One Visit, ano railway fare allowed. Specialattentiongiven to Repairs,Ex tractions,Stopping TESTIMONIALS.— Dr ANDREW WILSON (late R.N.) asys "1 recommend Mr Goodman as a very skilful and humane Dentist His rea- sonable charges should attract to him all classes.' Consultations Free.—Speciality in WHITE ENAMEL andGOLD FILLINGS. AMERICAN DENTISTRY and PLATELESS PALATES. Before entering look for the Name- GOODMAN & CO., 56 QUEEN.ST.. & 1r, DUKR-STRKET. CARDIFF NEWPORT—12, BRIDGE-STREET Opposite Tredegar Chambers.) PONTYPRIDD—86, TAFF-STREET (over Glamorgan- shire Bank). 53e—loftt AND AT 15, CASTLE-STREET, SWANSEA. Consultations Free. Hours, 10 to e. S A N S E A U F F I C i> J OF THE SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS,' No. 2, COLLEC E-STREET