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PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. SOUTH WllKS ECHO. WORDS ONCE THREK SIX WORDS. ONCE. TIMFS TIMES. 20 Words 0 6 10 16. 30 Words! 0 9 1 6 2 3 SIX IN — -¡- "NEWS' 40 Words; 1 0 2 0^30 "EO." i | 60 Words 13 ?. 6 3 9 20^/°^la 60 Words 1 6 3 0 4 6 30 Words ==*"—— ) 3/9 SOliTII HAMS ttAttY MKWS. ( -1 THRKE SIX 1° Words WOttDS. ONCE TINES_ TIMES. Words 0 Ó 10 1 6 Each Extra 10 Wcrcls 30 Words 0 9 1 6 2 3 1/- 40 Words 1 0 2 0 3 0 J Eacb extra 10 Words 0 3 0 6 0 9 These charges apply only to the classes of Adver- tisement specified below, and arc strictly condncd to those which are ordered for consecutive insertion, and paid for previous to insertion: if either 01 these conditions is not complied with, the Advertise- tAfflt will be charged by the Business Scale:— Apartments, Situations Vacant or Wanted, To be Let or Sold, Lost. Found, and Miscellaneous Warns. PfcClAi> Notice.—Applicants sending replies to Adver- tisements addressed to initials or fictitious names, at this Office, are requested not to send original testiDloUlals wiMi tbeir applications, but to encloRe copies of ttimonials only. I'KKSOIS'Al.. Bicycle was left with A. Davies for repairs in 1893. If not claimed within xix d-iy.5 will be sold to pay for ixpenses.—A. Davies, 3-1, Glamorgan-street, Bryumawr 957 PARTNERSHIP BUSINESS or Partnership wanted. Must show good profits and bear every investigation about £ 150 to B600. Kcho.' Cardiff. 766 working man Partnei in good Retail Cott T* Buine68.CarditI; £30 reqUired. M 11, Kcho Office, Citfdte. 11 ItlATKtinOKIAI.. A respectable YOUDS! Woman wishes to hear from A respf tnNp. steady working man; a-enuinl'943. Echo Office, Cardiff. _9_ Young Men wish to correspond with two Young J. Ladies, agr 19 to 21 dark, medium height, with little means.—Write Lady wishes to make her acquaintance with B. nice Young Gentleman exchange photo age 18.— Write N 13. ICcho Office, Cardiff. 13 KitiuUTioNAi,. A" Smart andCo:Cw;ro¡;-l\df>Jl1Y open daily for tuition ill Writing, Book-keeping, Shorthand, Arithmetic, &c. no classics pupils tau ht separately at Towe"-chambers, Church street, Cardiff. Proficiency guaranteed. Prospectus free. 53 SHORTHAND (Pitman s). Evening Classes. — Pupils taught [md qualified fnr appointments by an ex- perienced tutor. omlly or by post; individual tuition, every evening, froUl 7. Corresponding and reporting styles, *hd speed el 'sses.—Apply Principal, 21 De Buigh-street, Riverside. Cardiff 373 LOST AND FfnJND. FOUMD, Spaniel Dog. If not claimed in three days will be sold to pay expenses.—Apply76, Jeddo-st., Newport. TTOUND Lèoi1 and White Setter. Not claimed i;;thè- JU days will te sold to defray expenses.—Apply Post Office, Llanhilleth. 955 OUND, May 14th. Brindle Collie Dop. If not claimed J' within three days will be sold to defray expeuses.— Apply Ma iield, Llandatf. 934 OST Thursday Evening, in St. Mary-street, Silver Brooch set with brilliants.—Reward if returned to 35. Havelock-street, Cardiff. 13V LOST, Clare-road, near Neville Hotel, about 3.15 Tuesday evening, young Fox Terrier, wearina brass studded collar. Detainer will be prosecuted.—4, Allerton- street, Saltmead. OST, Tuesday, Gold Brooch, between Alexandra-road and Corporation Hotd, Canton.- Kinder rewarded on returning same to 33, Aiexandra-road. 947 LOST, Gold Albert, cable pattern, with ribbon sovereicn attached, between Royal 8tnrCf; and l'arl;.rrove. Finder rewarded. Information to be given at the Vardiff Central Police tation. 915 LOST, on the 15th inst., at Garndiffaith, a Silver Watch and Albert number known.-Joseph U. Paro. High- Btreet, Garndiffaith. 630 DOMESTIC SEttVAN'lS. ~7 Comfortable Home for smart, active Girl, about ?5 A. attend children and do housework.—Write C. 148. Eoboft cc. Cardiff. 148 Young Domestic Servant Wanted.—Apply 89, Stacey- road, Cardiff. 958 A General Servant wanted.—Apply Mrs Galsworthy, 48, High-street, Newport. 9890 IT^IRST-clasg Situations secured for good Servants.—Mrs Them vs, Select Registry, 101. Frederick-street (corner of Cro8s.street). Cardiff. Servants' fee, b. 55 €~General Servant, wages. £1 per month.—Mrs Jones, K 24, Lewis-street, Aberaman. 96 irS ENRRAL Servant wanted must be good plain cook. vX Also young eirl as Housemaid, Iwd willin to Msist in \lursery.-Apply, between 6 and 8, to Mrs Freke, 20, Hipn- jnond-road. 650 GOOD hom for good General 8ervant, one who under- <Jf stands plain cooking.—Apply Roma House, Tudor- oad, Cardiff. 4 "T> ESPECTABLE Girl wanted as General Servant good character indispensable.—Apply after 6 o'clock 31, Beauchamp-street, Riverside. Cardiff. 10 EI* VANT wanted at once, well domesticated.—Thomas, '41. Splott-road. Cardiff. 832 IJITUATION wanted for Little Girl, where she would bo O well trained.—Apply Girls' Home, 12, Parade, Trede- garville, Cardiff. 993 ADY, residiD in London, requires Nurse for oni little girl, aged three.-Addesf\ Z. 133, Echo." Cardiff. 133 OWTHER Registry, Cranbrook-street, Richmond-road, J Cardiff —Wanted. Nurserymaid ( £ 10), Laundry and Kitchen Maid. Experienced Gener5":J2 to stamp. ANTED, Woman. middle-aged, to attend Sick Person rV and to do housework; used to shop preferred.— Apply Jones, 30. Elizabeth-street, Aberdare. 119 VS7 ANTED, for Grand Hotel, good Plain Cook.—Apply "f Manageress. ANTED. respectaDle, clean Girl, to help in house- VT work age between 14 and 15.—Apply Mrs 1\1, Jones, Three Salmons, Bassaleg 78 ANTED at once, a ood General Servant good home nnd wages to suitable girl.—Mrs Morgan, 23, Carmarthen street, Canton. 69_ WANTED, for 42, The Parade, Cardiff, about 20th June experienced General Servant must be able to cook well.'—Apply by letter Mrs Edwards. 3, Richmond. cresoen Cardiff. 66 ANTED, for 42. The Parade, Cardiff, about 20th Juue, good House-parlourmaid.—Apply by letter Mrs Kichmond-crescent, Cardiff. 67-g ANTED, a StroiTrYoung Girl to assist with general TV house work where anotber is kept. Apply 10. Glossop-terrace, rifL WANTED, a good General at once.—Apply Mrs Trott, 19, Chri3tino,-street Docks. 56_ W~ ANT KD at once, a good General Servant: no wash- ing or cooking to be done.—Apply 149, High-street, Dowlais. 31 quiet, family, good General M Servant, accustomed to plain cooking.—Mrs J. T. Barry, 31, The Walk, Cardiff. '11 V* 7 ANTED, Youne Girl as Nurse and to assist in house- Vl work.—Apply Mis Evans, 20. Taff-street. Pontypridd. WANTED immediately, Housemaid: also Girt. between if kitchen and house must havi- lived out before.— Apply, stating wages, The Gmuge, Vv"envoe. 50 WANTED, immediately, experienced General Servant, about. 24; understand plain cooking; young girl kept; no children. —Mr^ Jenkins, Grocer, Maindee. Mon. 9 ANTr.U. a General Servant. 18 to 20.—Apply 9, Rutland-place, Newport, Mon. 996e "T"S J ANTED at once, a clean respectable Girl as general Vv servant.—Apply 20, Pembroke-terrace, Cardiff. 999 W" ANTED at once, a strong, willing Girl as General If !ervant.-Mrs Arnold, 15, Bute-terrace, Cardiff. 969 =¡'V- ANTED. Young Girl for Housework, age 15; sleep out.-Apply 55. Komilly-crescent. Canton. 951 Vff7 ANTED, pood strong Girl for general work.—Grand vV Hotel, V. i stgate-street. Cardiff. 998 WANTED, Cook and Chambermaid.—Apply Commercial Cafe, Custom House-street, Cardiff. 945 W" ANTED, a Young Girl as General Servant.—Apply U. Edward-terrace, Cardiff. 917 \\T ANTED, a General Servant, not under 18 one used to children good wages fiven —Apivy to Mrs Davits, Bookseller, Fcrndale. 975 WANTED, a respectable Girl as Nursemaid, age about M 14: country preferred.—Apply Cross Inn, Cowbrid!!e- road, Canton. ???_ WANTED, in a small family, a good General Servants TT must be able to do plain cooking.—12, Park-irove, Cardiff. 939 "7 ANTED immediately good General Servant in respect- » » abla-famUy good wages.—Apply 207B. Castle-road, Cardiff. 874^ WT ANTED, a General Servant, age about 18.—Apply 33, Vt Albany-road, Cardiff. 16 ANTED, thorough G Servant, must be good W plain cook honsemaid kept. Apply wIth par. ticulars, 851 \H7 ANTI'.D. General Servant in a small family, must have W good charac1 er.—Apply Lewis, 30, Kute-teriace, Cardiff. respectable Girl. about 18, as General, willing to assist in shop.—34. Glebe- sL. et,, Penarth. ?3_ \\7 ANTED, aTrespect-ab'.e Girl, about 17 good references VV required.-Apply Mrs Webber, Lrislinfftou, Whit- church. near Llandaff Station. WANTED, clean, respectable Girl as General Servaut: good character. No "hi)dren.-Arply (after 4) oo, Llanbled-li ■n-gardens, Cardiff. 739 \\J ANTED immediately, General Servant, age about 20 VV good references required.—Apply 26, Partridge-road, WANTED, a respectable Young Girl as Housemaid, age 17.-Apply by letter, or from 5 to 8 p.m., to Mrs Wm. Jones. 6. Dumfries-place. Cardiff. jT; ANTED, a Working Housekeeper at a branch shop V T 10 servant kept —Apply Mrs Harris, 1«, High-street, Merthyr. 733 \!i7 ANTED, a respectable girl as General Servant.— V Apply between 7 and 8 p.m., at 38, Claude-road, RoatJi. 664 WANTED, agocd General Servant, able to cook, not under 20 two in family.—Appiy (after 6 o'clock) 2, under 20 two in family.—Appiy (after 6 o'clock) 2, J"lautwit-street, Cuthays, 645^ \%7ANTED,a respectable Gid, about 15, to look after VV children and make herself generally useful.—Apply 16, HalOi"tr.- 640 VI7 ANTED, good General Servant.—Apply Mr* Johnson, VV 7. Parade Parry. 576 liTANTED. respectable Girl, about 16 or 17, for house- Vf work. Apply Duke of York, Welllngton^treet, Canton, Cardiff. 566 WANTED, good General Servant: small family.— v T Apply Mrs Lloyd, 5, Albert-crescent. Penarth. 778 ANTED, good General Servant, able to do washing and plain cooking.—Apply 20. St. Johns-crescent, Canton. 475 ANTED, a Girl. about 16, at once.—Apply 2, Cold- W ctream-terrace, Cardiff. r :;r-: = SITUATIONS VACANT A Borne Cor friendless Girls and Freo Registry "2 Tho Parade, Cardiff All girls needioK a fnend and shelter are welcome. 29e A PPRENTICE.—Wanted a smart and respectable Lad, xa. from 14 to 16, to learn tbe hairdressing 110 premium good opportunity; small wage to start.—Jacobus, 58, good opportunity; small wage to start. -J acobus, 58, Tudor-road, Riverside, Cardiff. 92 A PPRENTICE.—Vacancy in Oardiff Studio for Lad"; XX premium and reference required.—Smith-Massinghim and Company, Photographers, 4, High-street, Cardiff. 799 APP-RENTICES-Wa.oted to the Dressmaking t onc.- Apply Miss Holland, 41, Berw-road. Pontypridd. 157 BODICE Hands.—Several good Hands wanted at ouoe at !\hyoerry WiI iaios, Pontypridd. 03— BOOT Trad .—Wanted, Two "teady Men to make hand. bPwn and rivet work: constant work; good wages. Apply Jordan, Pontypridd. 735 CARPENTERS and Joiners are requested to Keen Away from Neath and District. Strike ou. 734 COLLIERY Üfficlals and MiDers.-LeS301Jl1 by post The V surest road to promotion. Syllabus, 1d st:¡,mv.-T. A. Southern, M.E., late H M. Inspector of Mines, The Univer- sal Miniug School, Derby. I50e ]- -)-RE8SMÃ:iÜÑG.-wanted indoor Improvers for good- class business also an apprentice.-Apply Thomas 53, Bridgp,-stree_1_<?n_97ae- D- RE.¿;SMAKIG.-Aprentice8 an Improver3 wauted, ¡!)-doors or out, for high-class buslDess.-MI'5 George 43, King's-road, Canton, Cardiff. gj2 CSROCERY.—'Wanted, immediately, Two good~Jr,nior X Hands.—Apply, stating particulars, to E. Jenkins Chepstow-rol1d, Newport. 992e ( ROCERY. Wanted, a Strong Lad for the BaliTry and Grocery also an Apprentice.—Apply, with full particulars. John Isaac. Aberdare. 978 if "1 R')Ó:RY and Provisions.—Wanted, an Asistont for JI tbe above trade must be well up all round; also ai; Apprentice.- Preece and Reynolds, Royal 8tore8, Trt- forest. 979 Jf GROCERY.—Wanted immediately, a strong Improver KX Welsh —Apply, stating full particulars, to J. Griffiths, 11, Park-sfreet, Trelorest. 755 /^ROCEItY.—'Wanted, a good Junior Assist^.—App'.y VJT to W illiani Lewis, Glansychan House. AS;fsychan. (•< ROOM wanted immediately; musTbs wilfi^ober X and (rood cauracter i"dispensable.—Dr. jMk-s, Berw- road, Pontypridd. ] 3e HAIRDRESSERS.—Wanted, good Hâircïït,te and Shaver tv IImnae a business; indoors.-Apply Hair- dresser, Echo" Office, Pontypridd 12e IIAIHDRESSIŒS.V;td, g;;dSh:wer and Hair- cutt" 18 to 20; CM1 Improve in ladies' and wig work: comfortable home.—Hodges, Hairdresser, Tenby. HAl IWRESS «; RS- \Va-nte,¡,- Junior Hand or smart Improver; mnt bo good ¡;baver.-Apply Royal Saloon, 3, Royal Arcade, Cardiff. 878 MILLER — Wanted, competent Stoneman. — State references, age, salary required, Hibbert, Castle 111 ills, West Dock. Cardiff. 792 MILLINER required quick and efficient; one able to assist au counter preferred. Outdoor.- -Apply Simons Ura-per, Portmaumoor road, Cardiff. 737 OUTFITTING.-Wanted by June 1st, two eXDericDced Hand (must be good salesmen and window dressers), for brunch shop at Abardare; good salary to ioca.1 men.- Apply Phillips^Clothier, Porth. 672 13A WNBROKINt!.—Wanted. Salesman, single li J. out.-Apply 93, High-street, Swansea. 9881' f-jAINTERS. Wanted, u Round Hand, with a view to constant work. Apply 16, Jiryn i'.irw, Hafod. 62 PAINTERS. Wanted. F ur steady Painters and Par; haDgers constant job to suitable men also Grainer 1r.-Lewmonr-street. Aberdare. 839 PLUMBER and Gasiitter wanted at once.—Apply, with references, Thomas and bous, Ironmongers, etc., Treorky. g0 PONTYPRIDD.-Young Married Coup1e, without en- (,umbrUlIce, to take charge of furnished house far single gentleman e.ean, a.ble to coak. and furnish güod references.—Apply J. W„ "Daily News" Odice, Cardiff. "OORTER wanted immediately; must be used to lbs JL Furniture Irade.—Apply Itoath Furnishing Co.. 42, Castle-road, P.oatji, Cardiff. '86 CJ AW YER wanted woikracF bench"mu^r befell up converting Enghsh timber, sharpening, and abstainer — Lewis, Timber Merchant, Pontypridd. 795 O TRON G Lad wan tod, used to Horses.—Apply Roith 0 F.irnishing Co.. 42, Castle-road. Roath, Cardiff. 937 rs^AILORS. A tirsc-class Coat Hand required. None bnb A steady men need appIY.-Simpson, Outfitter, Pone-. pool. 843 rjMMHER Haulier wanted V¡iththrec horses to haul X pltwood by te t'm at Navl¡¡lI.tion.-Lewis, Timber Merchant, Pontypridd. 796 General IIand.-R. Jenkins, J'\fa:;s 1 tçg. 762 rlO Bcutmakcrs.-Good, smart Man wanted for repairs"- JL constant work.-Apply Boyle and Co., Womanb<-I street. Cardiff. 12 ^po Blacksmiths.—Wanted, an Improver, one used" to J. 8hoeiu¡: and country work indoors.-Apply Wil1im Thomas, Smith, Llandenny, Usk. 75 riio t.be Boot Trade.—Wanted at once. a Man \1seõ. t'õ JL Finishing, Repairs, aod Patching.-Apply 26, (Hebe- slreet, Penarl}). 36 1"0 B>\ke1'3.-Want,ed, a nod Second Hand, wellup i X bread, cake, and small goods ood wage"Apply E. Davies. Steam Bakery, Trealaw, near Pontypridd. as r-I,oB-;ïu.;r;; — A Young Man, about 18, wanted to deliver JL Brea.ù.-Apply Leslie, Bakery, St. Helen's-road, Swansea. 993e rr-O Painters.—Wanted a few Brush Hands at once.— L Apply 76, North-road, P01 th. 922 rjpO Colliers and Underground Workmen.—All strausers rjpO Colliers and Underground Workmen.—All strausers JL are requested to Keep Away from New Tredegar. Dispute pending. 786e fJ^WO Juniors wanted for tli3 Tea Trade: accustomëit; JL soliciting speak Welsh, aud Ilbstainers.-Sta.te age, reft1rences. salary, and when disengaged, Beehive Tea Com- pany, Porth, Glam. 94 WANTED at once. Apprentices to Dressmaking.—Apply Miss Lonnon, 37, Richards-terrace Roath. 144 WANTED, a Smart Lad, to make himself generally useful; ood references requiœd.-A11pl, at once, Dumfries Hotel, «:- W'ANTED, an Instructor III Drill and Physic\1 Exercises for a boys' school in Oardiff.-Apply, stating terma, to P., 63. "Echo" Ofijce, Cardiff. 63 Y*7 ANTED, respectable Mautolook after Horses and tt G..nera.1 Warehouse Work. Good cha.racter.-Cco!1er and Williams, The Hayes. 905 WANTED, n smart, Lad. about 16, as messenger and ft' o make hims01f generally useful; livi) in.—Apply County Club. Ca:diff. 929 W ANT¡D. Sewing Woman, one with knowledge of dressmaking preferred.—Mrs Gorman, 7 and 8, Bridge-street, _Ct.<i i \iT ANTED, a 1.a(l(to live in" about 14 (must be honest Vt for ship chandler's stnre, Penarth Dock.-Apply Davies, 19, John-street, Penarth. 752 W- ANTED at once, Good Hand Dressmakor.-AppJy. stating, salary, &tc" to K. Nicholls, Llandewy, Pcny- bont, Radnorshire. 623 WHE KLWRIGHT wanted, good pracical man.—State experience and wages expected to Rees, Steam Saw Mills. Merthyr*Vale.89 02 Weekly upwarlmay be realised bv.ith"r uex, without Sm/ hindering present occupation.—For samples (return- able), tc., encloe addressed envelope to Evans, Witts, & o. (P 153) Merchants. Birmingham. Genuine. 964 CLKKKS, MAKAtiKKs. Ac. BOy wanted-f;r accountant's office jiisUeaving school preferred. Write V. 103, Echo Office, Cardiff. 103 r|So Parents.—Wanted «mart j,ad foi^ffioa work~alio to i. assist il1 bottlin stores when required.-Apply Jones, Watkins anl Son, 91, St^Mary-street, Cardiff. 100 ANTED, in solicitor's office, at once, ,Junior Cop:;ing C,,)rk (typewriter prcferred).-A).Jj\ly W., No. 17, Quav.strht, 596 =«=-! —=%.ITWATI0 a A staid Pl:rs¿1-ldgive J2 month to lenrn ans Trousers nand; had some eJmenence.-Addres T 87C, Echo" Office, Cardiff. 870 BAKER.—Young Man see Situation as First or good Second Bread and Cake preferred.-W, Waygood, Pond Bakery, Ebbw Vale, Mon. 954 BAKERS.—Young Man seeks Situation as good Bread Baker 2 years' good reference.-Addres i W. I vev, 18, Hib street, Cardiff. SHO C- OÚjF.RYM;ct; ¡cq ni-s SitutiOl good all-ro\ud VV hand. special experience In screening and washing Dlltchinerv.-G 990, "Echo" Offico, Cardiff. 990 G- EN ICRAL House Pain tins, l'aperhanging, &c. Wankd, K by* reliable nULn, Joù Work in the above.—M 8^2, Echo" Office, Cardiff. 832 I MASTER Bakers and Confectioners.—Situation wanted 11tl byYcungMan: good all-round band, diRen¡¡;ag; Apply Smith, 15, Armoury-terrace, Ebbw Vale, Mon. 783 MASTER Bakers.—Situation wanted, as First or Siu!{le, by practical Man; used to smalls, abstainer; "ond "{erence; Decker ovells preferred. 8tate partlcuiars.- James, Post 0ffic<" Roggiett, Mttn. 708 .1'j-ESPEcTABÙj-y¿ug-oman wishes daily work, 1 washimr or cleaning good references.—Write Q 616, Echo Office, Cardiff. M6 RESPECTABLE "Young Person seeks Dally Employ- ment, Sewing or Charlng.-E.H.. 20, Croft-street, Roath, Cardiff. 845_ S- iTUATloÑ- wanted by Young Man (23): take charge of bore awl ga.rden.-AppI1' (by letter) to C., "Echo' Office, Pontypridd. 4e SITUATION wanted by experienced Dog Breaker to take charge kennel of pointers and seter on gooll part, ridge or giouse moor: 12 years previous wit,h late B. i^ield Esq. ten seasons in Scotland leaving through gentleman not comiD" tn term.-Apply W. H,¡aysman, St, Keverne, Helston. 624 SITUATION wanted a s Working Housekeeper: age 40; ';) ood refereucc,-Apply 15, Portia-terrace, Moullt Pleasant. 8wllone.a. SITUATION as Timekeeper, Storekeeper, Warehouse- ';) Dwn, etc, excellent reference as to trustworthiness, reliability, and 8tea.diness from previous employer-Apply C.I.F., Kcho Office, Cardif:. 73Se \7 ANTED, Situation as ljousemaid or General in small v V family age 21.—E. Finch, 170, Eldon-road, River- side, Cardiff. 57 WANTED, Situation as Groom aud Coachman; ride and drive well, age 28 good references.—Address F. Wood, Post Office, Rumney, Cardiff. 61 WANTED by respectable person, Morning Employment ''f or 2 or 3 days per week good knowledge of plain ironing.—B. 914. Kcho,' Cardiff. 914 \\f ANTED, a '-8j¡';Hon-s Working HOl1sek(epe to 1\ » » respectable workin man good reference glveIJ.- ._r_S 869. E1 Office. Cardiff. 869 WANTED, Staircase Work aud Hand Rniling6 by prac- ileal nan: labour only distance no objêct.-Write A 746. Echo." Cardiff. 746 V\7 ANTED, a Situation as Improver to the Plumbing: .<llton dn gasfitting.—Write E 564. Echo," Cardiff 564 ^fc^OUNG Lady rotiir;;I>I¡¡õe;8 Improver to Machining, » 1. or any business willing to make herself W!f:ful.- ply 17, Clare-road. Sltmd. 823 .H;S TUA>KfiLI!in..tc. AGENTS wanted throughout Glamorganshire for In- suranee, also a few Ditric Agents at principal towns good terms.—Write S 98, Echo," Cardiff. 98 AGENT wanted, £ 26 Pf. quarter, paid eükïŸPïndid opening. j.,)t¡¡eriPDce unnecessary. Specimens tre" Address Coinpo Works, Farnworth, Bolton. 962 A G. W. Bacon and Co.. Ltd., require Agents JTi for popu.ar Maps and Illustrated Wall Charts. Extra- ordinary merit; required by all treat success.—C. O., ()anvassing Department, 127, Strand, Londou. 966 A GrS^W^^CLin/Very»t?,wn a"d village^for Jewellery| £ A1 Spoons, &c.-Adt1ress X 691 South Wale Echo. Carditi. 691 ( 1Ly,P„i^gTntS i,WaEl^eM t<> form~Clubs fw~witch«i, Clocks, Jewellery, SilverPl:«te, OperaGlasae4, Musical Instruments. &o. Meniberfi pay Is p<»r week. Terms, ejvta- logues. &e.. Kendal & Dent, 106, Cheapside, },ondon. Splendid value. breM, success. Mention Paper. Ladies' I Mld Gents Silver I.evcffi. 42st worth 70s. 30} \\7-A-NTKD, a Lady of good address for eacb of the fol- lowing districts ^arditf, Swansea, Bristol, Mer- thyr to Introduce and ell a Proprietary Article.—Addn ss Lowe, 8, Stocrfland-street, Grangntown, Cardiff. 136 X\j ANTED, energetic Canvar-sers good commission to V T .suitable men. Smith-lV^samgham and Company, Photographers, 4, High-street. Cariliff. U".4IGS..A1AIIC'I'JndTS, ,ic. A- Sittinc-room and Bedroom suit 1 ady oV gentleman gas, hot and cold bth no children.—24, Rawdeu- place, Canton. 847 APARTMENTS for Two Gentlemen sittiug and^dininl? room; bath ftud os-—83, Clare-road, Cardiff. 121 PARTMENTS for Gentlemen, hot nnd cold bati piano; tram passing door.—54, Woodville-road, Cathays. 76 A- PARTMENTS.-Unfurnished 2 Rooms orë-;bïë Lodgings for two frie:Jds.-Apply 24, Mark-street, Riverside, Cardill. 837 .4. PARTJIENTS or LoJgil1;; for two (Ir three gcutle- 5. men; even- home comfort: hot and cold bath: na children.—I. CoJdst.ream.terrace. 686 A PARTMENTS. -Two Unfurnished Rooms to Let. (i.ed- -t\. room and 8itthJlr-rooID oven grate: comfortable and convenient —6, "Vrndham-place, Cant{)n. A PARTMI.NTS, one. two geutlemen, with or without fx. board: terms very moderate.—12, Fitzalan-place. uear Taff Station and University. Cardiff. 648 Ap ARTMF.NTS, Furnished or Unfurnished, suit married couple without chilùrpn. or two friend dining out prprerred —17. })presfard-road, Roath. 592 BARRY Dock.3itt;groom. Bedroom, or Lodging for -> reappetble Men hot-cold bath closa to dock.—14, Kingsl >nd-crescent. 802 BE AUCHAMP-street.—Front Sitting-room and Bedroom, for two ent1emen. Piano. Terms, 6s eacb.-Apply H 537, Echo Office, Cardiff. 587 CCOMFORTABLE Bod-ëí-LOdglllg8 fotvo young J men terms 10s per wet>k.-Mrs Owen, Old Arcade, Church-street, Cardiff. 833 COMFORTABLE Furnished Apartments m Albany- road: terms moderate.-Apply G. 798, Echo" OtJke, Cardiff. 798 CWMFORTABLE Lodgings -for;¿-t;ro respectable Young Men.—141, Clifton-street, Cardiff. 780 C01\1FORTABI.y Furnished Anartments, suit one or J two ladies.—46. Gleuroy-otreet, Roath. 111 CIOMFOBTABLE Lodgings o. Furnished Rooms t Let J wit,h homely ¡1eople: terms very moderate; close to 'busea.-117, Glenroy-street, Roath. 765 COUNTRY Apartments wanted, within easy dT3ta;of Cardiff, uy lady and gentleman, one child.-Apply, with terms. T. 669. Echo," (1ardiir. 669 FRONT Sitting-room (bay window), middle Bedroom, Unfurnished, in Mi"kin-Rtreet, to married couple without child"en.-X. 900, Echo," Cardiff. 9CO li^URNISHED Front Sitting «nd Bedroom piano, bath It (hot and cold), good cooking, and cleanliness.—2, Church-ror.d, Cauton, Cråiff 53 FURNISHED Apnrimeuts (Sitt ng-room and two Bed- rooms) or Lodgings no children or olher lodgers 'crms moderate. -28. Craddock-street, Riverside. 697 FURNISHBD Front Sitting-room and Bedroom, SUlt o otwo gentlemen hot and cold bath; term3 moderate. -App:y 136. Miskin-street. 647 F. URNISHEJ) Front Apartments, to suit two gentlem'-n hot, and cold bath near cars: terms moderate.—61, Alexandra-road, Canton. 582 GOOD. Hoárâ-n;£LÓdgiOïiSi tradesman's family 110 children every home comfort 14s weekl<39, Clare-street. Riverside, rc1:.if. 930 LODGINGS for young Gentlemen, near town; bath, &e —Russell, 58, Lower Cethedral-road, Cardiff. 79 IOl'OINGS to Let for One or Two Young Men at 39, J Fitzhamon Embankment; hot and cold bath, piano. Terms II1()derate. 740 PEN A H'l'H.=1!'r;¡Bh-;d- Aprtmen-ts -hotd- cold bath: 1!IEasantly situated terms moderate, according to requirements.—73, Wind- or-road. 1:89 IENA HT£I.-r.leal;: well-furnished Apartments, front, or back. with very re IOpectable people 110 children reason able- tenns.-Apply 4, Station-road. 732 RESPECTABLE Lodgings for cne gentleman. Terms moderate.—Apply 23, Cogan-tejrace, Miskin-sir#et, Cathays. 759 rr' 0 Let, Furnished Apartments 8uit two young gent le- X men: hot and cold bath every convenience anù comfort.—119, T,u1or-rO:ld. Cardiff. 880 rrHVO Comfortable F;1.rished Rooms, an it married couple, JL 6s per week —8. Violet-row, M.tckintosh-place, Roath. UNFURNISHED Rooms to Let, highly respectable neighbourhood, convenient for town and docks.— Apply 15, Bnok-street, J{iversid". Cardiff. 877 UNFURNISHED Apartments to Let: comfortable rooms: without children preferred.-ApplV 14.Loudaun- square, Docks, Cardiff. 764 UNFURNISHED Sitting and Bedroom no children or other lodgers gag ¡;tove.-Apply (nfter 5 30 p.m. t 36, Hamilton-street. 748 TJNFUtlNI.SHED Kitchen, Large Front and Middle Bedroom hot and cold witter baths house 1!l good condition.—122. Pagat-gtreet, Grangetown. 643_ (-J NFUJ.tNI"HED Front Sitting and Bd Hooms,with use ot kitchen :{'1.a thtonho!1t Woodville-road: respect- able couple —Apply T„ Woodville Hotel, Cardiff. 609 UNFURNISHED Apartments to Let terms moderate. —Apply 208. Caerleon-road, Newport. 953e Y*7ANTED, Apartments (furnished), sitting-reom anil '» bedroom, smgle g-onth>ml\n, near Llandaff Station. -Write B. 143, Ecbr." Office, Cardiff. 143 VS7 ANTED, Unfurnished Apartments (three good rooms T» and small ro im), with every convenience, ill good part of Cardiff Roath 01" Canton preferrd.-Lettpr, stat- ing terms and particulars, to W. 834, Echo," Cardiff. Sg4 ,'lT ANTED. party to join very smali family in taking ? 1 hout e, l.ewport-roac1. Uathedra1.road, 01" Cowbrid>:c. rO!ld.Z 696. Echo," Cardiff. 696 \Y/ ELL Furnished Front Bed and Sitting-room suit-; T T geJtkllen 01' Lulies hot aud cold bath —37, street, Catliedral-road, Cardi!f. 719 YOUNG Man Wants Comfortable Home (Riverside) — 8taGe inclusive terms, J-I 9in. "Echo" Office, Cardiff. 6)2, Hamilton-street.—Sitting aud iJedroo suit;.bl-f;r ;¡ two young men or re3pectable couple hot and cold bath. 122 7 F8t.>:rnv{l,-First-cl1lsa Rooms gool cooking att-en- dance: bath, hat and eold suit one gentleman or two fdeids highly ,re:ol11mended. 9311 •J>5, Glenroy-street.—Comfortable Furnished Apartments »? sdt gentleman or two friends hot and cold botCh, piano; terms moderate. 773 '1'0 I.KT.-IHH SI H. ,tc.. A LICE-street, Docks l'airns.ftreet, Cithays: Clare- ■ Tl street, Eldon-road, Tudor-road, to be Let or Sold.- Guon. Westgate, Cardiff. 128 ("1 S. Lidily, Builder, &c.—All kinds of House Repairing X. promptly nttended to. Horticultural work a speciality. Workshop The lane, Ore;"n-treet., Cltnton.Priv:Üe address, 9, Ordell-street, last Moors, Cardiff. 122 HOUStt and Garden to Let iu Plasnewydd-road. oil Castle-road, 6s 6d per week.—Write T 99, Echo," Cardiff. 99 HOUSE to Loft, GraDetown; liofc and .If] coM bth: < bNtroems.-Elliott. 18, St. crescent, Cardiff. 18 i HOUSE to Let, No. 8, Lowther-roaS, Richmond-ro:1.d.- u -:1. Apply 80, Glenroy-street, Roath. 883 HOUSE to Let, in H,a.iIwa.y-stl-eet. corner of Coveney- ..I. stteet; hot and cold bath; in good condition.—14, Splott-road. Cardiff. 763 rET, pretty Villas, hot and cold bath, 3 bedrooms, Inrge J kitchen, 2 reception-rooms, Splotlan is, healthy locr,1it.y. —173, POr1H\l1mo.¡::?acl. 4'i'0 MEADOW ViHa., Clive-road. Penartl1: 1J6, Richmond- ft. rod. Roatb, C1\rÜiff. Possession Jane 24.—Annty Heatherton, Cathedral road, Canton. 9&3 PLASTURTON-Avenue.—Villa to Let, containing all mode.-n improvements. Rent £ 30.— Bailey and Gil It, Property Brokers. Cardiff. 619 SCOTT-street.—Two Houses to Let; Key at No. 15.— Apply T, H. Thomas, 85, Moy-road, Cathays. 12 SEVERAL Cottages to Lf!t.-Apply Bailey and Giller. Rent Collectors, 3, Castle-street, Cardiff. 620 ,-rHE- Sout h Wales and Monmouthshire Property Register for May free 011 appliation or pot.-Hcrn ond Pertwce, House Agents. Auctioneers, Valuers, &c., Cardiff. rSPO L"tT very convenient Honse cer Roath Park, 4 bed- !l rooms, hot and cold bath, newly papred.-App.y 21. fl"er.oor-street. RoatJi. 147 ^PO~L«u'"The~Glen, Caerphilly, for Juue.-Ap¡,ly 16, Jl- Windsor-terrace, Penarth. 146 rj^o LoCNo. 12, Wotrisworth-street. Roath, Cardiff, im- 1. mediate possession, very centrally situated. For full particulars apply 77, Albany-road. 83^ rOO be l.sYor Soldl No. 23, Wordsworth-street, Cardiff: -L iipm^diate posse?sioo, very central.—For particulars apply 77, Albany-road. 82 ripo Let. NV 2,"weils^treetTCanton, 1Jll(142. Maud-street. X Roath possession Monday next. Apply Colos, 252, Cowbridge-ioad, Canton. 749 rjlO Let. 25, Scott-street, Tempers,ncetown. from Monday, X 21st, rent 10s weekly.—Apply Davits, Agent, 62. Satis- bury-road, Cathays, Cardiff. 658 riVo LetTThe Parade, Barry fo om and every conveni- X ence view of channel five minutes walk to stat jon. App,y on prcmjsf's. _?L rpdiiec,"30. iI,m¡Ïtt" beiug newly papered and A- painted; immediate pOS"sslO!Apply I'a.Jtery. 10, lligh-Flreet, Cardiff. -E.s.5.- VILLA to Let, front and hack parlours, large kitchen. 4 bedrooms, hot and cold bath, 3-stalled stable.—178, Portmanmoor-road. 7 VILLA, with bath, in George-street, 9 6d Six-roomed House, Alexandra-street, clear 83 (trams pass).—46, G{lorge-stret, Cathays. 890 8, Godfrey-street to Let: rent 83 6d per week clear.— X Apply S. Hern and 1'ertwee. 94. St. Marv-st.. Cardiff. r.1. ■ — S'« LET—KHSSWKSS f>AKEHOUSE to Let.—Apply 29, Uanmaes-street, Cardiff. 921^ (SI LF^YDD.—For Sak, House and Shop, with balie- -> hou»e attached, at SI,ADü-street.-Apply J. Griffiths, 75, Victoria-street, Dowlais. .u 963e ('01liVENfENT Shop ind Dweliing-house to Let, ner West Dock modorate rental: gas fittings and fixtures Idcl11lh,d; suit pawnbroker or provision trade,-Br.iley and Giller, House Agents, opposite the Castle, Cardiff. 617 t OOD OpeniDg.— House end Shop to Let, centre of VT town double plate-glass frontage, suiting sailors' outfitter, grocer, hairdresser, and tobiico^nist; immediate possession.—Apply 16, Commercial-road, Newport,, Mon. HOUSE andSiJop to Let, 59, Diamond-street, C3rdifl' II. 10s weekly clear of rates.-Apply 71, Adam-street, Cardiff. 14 HOUSE and sh.;pt Let, at watering nlace: 8ui t any business dressmaking, IDllh.n,:ry, caried on for ye: low rent,XY., Jones. 12, Villiers-st., Briton Ferry. I AHGE Yard l;d:EïÙ08ive Premises t.o. Let in centre 1 of town 12 rear3' lease unexlmed.-R:ulev and Giller, AI¡etioneers, CI1.TC1itf. 618 IV EWYORT.—To~be Let, Suite of Offices tour roon.s and i Lavato/y; centrally situated Jn Tredegar-place.— Particulars of Manager, "Daily News Office. :ewp(1l't,. 38,) tjMI;rlrS Shop to Let Tools for Sale good place, no oppo,¡¡,ion.¡-For particulars, apply E. Lawrence, 37. New-street, F(>wdale. 60 ;1"10 Let, Stable aud Coa,chhouse, at 262, Newport-road, X with immediate nossession. &94 -n_ ^SPO he LH 0 l' Sold, 2 Double-fronted Shops, with hot and f- cold bath, stables at back, in Portmanmoor-voad.— Apply 53, Portinanmoor-road. 974 nPO Ijet, F it;-II adFo L roomed Cottage centre of to\Vn.-Al1lJly Fabian, Old Brewery, Cardiff. 665 r jno Let, "Uooias a« Offices, above .f SO'1¥'V;lle;D;:iîf. A Ne" Oilice. St. Mary-street,-Âpply Daiiy l\ij eWiJ, Cardiff. .122e rB^O Let, Hou"e7HlioaStabio and big Yard, double doors: X small fltock at V"hta.tion.-Ar,ply 70.Court-road, Sult- mead, Cardiff. ?:'i.. 563 57, Curl i*le-st7^ v iSSTloors.—Ho use and Shop to Let: low rent.—Apply PhiHiP3. Jeweller, ^4, St. Mai-y- street, tiff.1- W.4.N'lm. MXLY/Villa ^anted^ie' country, near to Station, by Midsummer Day.—J. 997, Ecno Office, Cardiff. S97 ^7ILLX. 4 to purchase in Roath T1 01' nejJ¡büurho(Jd lowest price. All partictilars. • E 948, :1<.cho,' Cardiff, -9g -i7ÁNTErit'c-Hõuse, ort Castle-road rent abmit II 10s.—A pply ICS. Castle-road, C»rdi_ff. 98d_ ANJ'Eb a Room or Loft close to Post-office, for gymnastio purposes.—Apply, stating terms, to Hocre- tary, Post-c,ffiee Recreation Club. 6C8 W'ANTEDto HentPTeee of^Grouud. Ire or small, for l' f a Gluden in or near Cardiff, i., 38, \V"lIs.strcet, Riverside. Cad_ff. 820 BUSINESS J.Ju.!t"S!lI- UTAOTED, fumll Shop few pounds premium given for II "ood stanii busy thorol1ghfart,Ad<lre3s particulars W 81. Echo Office, Cardiff. 81 «7ANTED~in Canton, a Small Stable 01' Sheod t keep Vv horse and trap: moderate rent. -Apply F. 791, FIcho Office, Cardiff. 7S1 FOU SA "'t-IIOilIS!.A. B- ARRYT^sS Dwelling Houses for Sale, Brook-3t; eitchi rooms nid out oiJces, well, ten:1.uted, rt>tnnnora- five investment.-W. Hond. Grocer, Cwmbran. 2(11) HOUSE. Buildings, and 30 Aores good Grass Land for Sale good watcr: pleasant situation. A W. Evans. HcullYI3 Vale, Newport. -967e a:;OR Sale,. Four Houses in Bedford-street. Cardiff, (!d position, very centra1.-Foi' full partICulars apply 77t Albany-road. 84 17IOR Sale, 5, Glenroy-street. 7-roomed bouse, hot and cold bath side entrance washhouse, sc., outslde.-For price, &c., apply as above. 23 1"pOR Sale, t-o new Houses in Wyudham-terrace, PontyT Glun, Llantnssant.-ApP!J So Mo. O.rado¡ Honse, Pontyolun, LtaBtriwftnl. B'i9 IoR Sale, pretty, compact. Freehold Estat. Good house and outbu'ldiugs, large garden, 31 acres pastures; most healthily and beautifnlly situated in Monmouth-hire. Apply Freeholder. 512, High-road. Tottenham, London,N. Apply Freeholder. 512 High-road. Tottenham, Lo, FOR Sale. Corner House and Stable in Glenroy-street best position on the Mackintosh Estate price. £ 340. Private improvement paid.—Apply Lawrence, Builder. 23, W elifiald-road, Cardiff. 639 I^OR Sale, Seven-roomed House; stable and loft good tennnt; rent 12s per week.—Apply Griffiths. 116, Duckpool-road, Newport. 977e J^OR Sale, two convenient Houses iu Richards-terrace excellent tenants, good rentals, low ground rents.— Apply Williamson, 27, \Yind<or-road, Penarth. 419 MORTGAGE.-B;:ïley & Giller. Mortgage Brokers. 5. 1. Castle-street, Cardiff, have £ 20,000 to Invest on good pro?. 621 rpwo Villas to be Soidi- Sneyd-road, top of Plastjurton- A avenue, four bedrooms, bath, and w.c, back entrance, —Apply George Roberts, Peteistone Villa, Wellfirld-rd. 695 t'1O be Sold. 10 five-ro^nied 'W'-km;8 Cottages, at .1. Devon-stree^,Saltmend near tvm rond freehold lease subject to rouod. rent of £ 1 78 per house. Price, &125 per houe. Pnvate improvements all done. Let at a weekly rent 55 9d and 5s 6d. Never idle —Apply Adams, East Brook. 741 8-Roomed House for Salo in CaiitorT:~bath. back en- trance, bay windows. Must be sold. —T 989, Echo Office, Cardiff, 89 81¡,,11n'\ij\ij";S Fttlt IHSrOS,U,. BLACIŒMrrtf8B;¡lnes.s- to be disposed of at once, owing to illness of a relative.-Wrlte A. 142, Echo Omce, Cnrdiff. Hzr" 1-:¡101t S'lle. a well-estsblished usiness, elearing £ 3 I £ 4 -L weekly no previous experience needful price i/80. -G. 127. )?cho Office. Cardiff. 127 IT'OR Displ1sal, Sweets. Fmcy Toy Business: good living i trade \Vrite J,2, "Echo" Office. Cardiff.. 2 FOR Sale, 6n)IR,;taiI-l\d 'J;)bbil1.¡¡;-Ele-ctrica:lBüSf;;è5s in important part of Cardiff incoming very low.- Writ" P 642. Echo," Cardiff. 642 d 1 ROCERY and Bakery, populous towo, Gloucestershire U £ 450 inciusivc, trade £ 70 selling through wile's ill. ness. Grocery. Monmouthshire, takings £ 50 weekly in- going, £ 150.—Powell, Roach, and Co., St. John's-square, Cardiff. 115 POWELL, Roach, ami Co., St. John's-square, Cardiff, have Businesses of every description for Disposal also Partnerships several bannÜns.-Appl:v for particulars. nnOBACCONIST, Hairdi-essiug, and News Agency main J thoroughfare: ingoing £ 200, guaranteed trade strictest inve3tiga,tion.-PoweH. Roach and Co., St. John's-square, Cardiff. '117 rp6 Tinsmiths. Plumbers, aud Gastitters -Good Jobbing J. Business at Pociypridd for Disposal: Rhonddn con. nection. May be entered Upon immediately splendid opportunity for perspverlng tradesman.-Arply Geore G. Jones. Auctioneer. Aberdare. 97 nPO Let, Fried Fish, Chip-potato, and Refreshment Bar in Colhery DlstrICt.-Apply Fisb Bhop, Long Bridge, Risca. 2f. BUSINESSES W ,NTIIt. ;:]'0 Drapers—Wanted to Purchase, in South Wales. 1\ X sound. old-estab1ihed Rnsi[)cIJ5; must bear thorough invessi"tion.- Writ,e Dr;),per. Echo," Cp_rdiff. 622 S'lilS }J< (ISOSjKE.>. BATH.-Valuable Col Merchant's Business, populous superior suburb splendid opening for one or two 8ins young men.—John Downing, Auctioneer. Bristol. C1LIFTON, Bristol.—First-class Butcher's Business, large J faml1y nDdcash trade caPital shop, dwelling-house, 8t.a.hlm. sla.uerh?use.-Downill. 1. Nelson-st„ Bristol. DlNING-rooms and Chop House, centre Bristol. Pro- prietor guarantees trade £ 30 weekly large profits, Incoming £ 120. Valuable lease and fittings.—Downing, Auctioneer, Bristol. 72 SPECIAL Notice.—Perfectly free, fully-licensed House; t:-J ti ;ide £ 24 weekly 65 per cent. proli. s, discount 30 per eent. splendidly fitted and furnishNl throughout, inchd- il1!piannfort,herls, & everythio!or furniture may be taken away capital dwelling-house, eery convenience long valuable le.1sc: everything obtainable desperate bar. gain; easy terms arranged only bona-fide applicants Beed apply.—Full 11:trticulars, !lIr Gage, Hotel Valuer, Ni-holas-street, Bristol. 717 _020 to £ 10.000.—John Downrog's URt. 60 columns, pot crvJ free. Hundreds hotels, spirit vaults, breweries, beer- houses, temperance hotels, grocers', tobacconists' ousi- nesses, every description. £ 20 to £ 10.000. Loa-is arranged. —Offices, Nelson-street, Bristol. Established 1845. 72 -+ ,0150 Cash.-Commn.n<lin;:t Spirit Vaults, wonderfl\1 husi- "ess position, near LawT<>oce-hill Station trade lu11y proved; grand frontage; tir8t-ola!lS bowling saloon.- Downing, Hrbto1. 72 fi_420 weekly thorough- 21;; fare, near Queen-square Beer and Winehouse, near Tyndalla-park. fine tenant. 20 years.-DownlOg. 72 rSSfUg, A First-class American Organ will sell cheap.—19, Angus-street, Roath. 659 BARGAIN ill Pianos.—60 guinea Brinsmead Piano. tJ second-hand, £ 25 eash; must be sold.-Davies, 11. Tredegar-place, Newport. 952e BARGAIN—Pianoforte, full compass, splendid walnut case, 16 guineas, worth 30 guineas.—Atlas Furnishing Co., Ltd., Hayes Buildings. Cardiff. 41e EXPERIENCED MAster gives two Lessons weekly 1 (adult bCllioners and backward examination candi- dates) PialJr,fort. Organ, Violin, Theory, 53 6d monthly.- K 60" Echo," Cardiff. 6 I. fOIt Sale. Iron Frame Piano, fu 1 compass, trichord, JL check action, recently cot £ 27 10s, cash £ 18 10s.— Write W. W., Echo Office, Newport. 9529 (J ARMONIUMS, Pianos, Organs, fro., on the Hire l'ur IX chase System.—Atlas Furnishing Company, Ltd.- H-ire", Cardiff 41e I f5,inea Brinsmead Piano, new. £ 38 nett cash.-Faetory-8pittle,ou:J.re, Cardiff. Show- rIJc,ms-Cas¡,le Arcode, Cardiff Clarence-place,Newport,.950 HUTCHINSON'S 55-guinea. CoUard an d CoÜanl. iJOny. £ 38 cash.—Showrooms— Clarence-plnoe, N eW!)Drt, Castle Arcade. Cardiff Factory—Spittle-square.Cardiff.950 HUTCHINSON'S.—Call at the Castl« Arcade and see Piano we make for £ 25 cash warranted: all Infest Imorovemonfd (drai cotffc). 950 O RGAN Lessons wanted must have con8t;t-s-Î instmnH,:nt.-AN,1J' by letter, statin terras. Butter- worth. 20, Clevedon-terrace, Roath. 70 PIANIST wanted at once (male or female), comfortabi-j ..lJOlIJc.-Apply. stating terms, Jmes, Union Tavern, Aber:1vou, 56 PIANIST.—Young Lady Wanted for Pu bti(:.1ÍOü;(". = Statc nge and terms to Bear Iun. Dowlais. 79 ^JS fid.—Your Pi" no put in perfect tune by an experienced ¡:J tuner; every satisfaction ¡uarauteed.-Addres L 605, Echo," Cardiff. 605 BICTiXES. TRH.C'5.f:o; .Ve. A Bargain.—Rudge cushion, in good condition, £ 5 10s.— Ii.. Apply 181, Cairns-street, Cathays. 726 ABSOLUTE Clearance; 14 solid-tyro Bicycles. Will take back any time in exchange. Send P.O. 15s, full address, null size required.—Morris Bios., Pontypridd Z7e APPLICANTS for Speeiai Cycle T<isU, &e„ may obtain, post free, 6d stamps, beautifully plated oiler, with needle top (sold at Is).—Morris Bros., Pontypridd. A LLDAY'S Celebrated Cycles.—Buy from the Mami- 1\. facturer direct, and save age its' profits. Call and IIISpPCt onr Magnificent Stock of Pneumatics and Cushion8. Bc,Feiallow cut Jins. Cash or Esy Payments, Lari'e Stock (if A l'eesorie.-S()u(.h Wales Depot. 84, Queen-street, Ciif. 932 A LJ,D\YS-Õ;;ï;ï;lOýëles.-Ho; the Manu- facturer direct, and save agents' profits. Call and inspect our !I1agnilicf!nt Stock of Pneumatics a1H1 (}u8hiolJ. Special low cut lines, Casii or Easy Payments. Large Stock oÎ AecessorÏls.-Soulh Wales Depot. ôq, uecll.3I.rect. Cnn1itf. 93qe Safety, ball beariugs all pans, in- chiding pl'da1E, new saddle, II1,rup. bdl, s¡;>,lnner, &c.. £ 5 5s.—1, Herbert-street, Cardiff. £ 13 T> AUG A IN :-=-N- Sv/iftsure Pneumatic Safety, balis throughout, tangent wheals, weight 261b., 64in. gear; £ 11 cHh seen any time.-Dli.vies, 34, Glamorgan-street, Urynmawr. 956 -BICYëÏ:E.-Ô rece of £ 7 10s, 1 will forward to any -5-> address a Pneumatic Safety, with all the latest im- provements, llumber pattern, 1894. TJllnetme proof tyres, dhmnnd frame, tarigsjjfc spokes, weighing about 321bj. made from best hardened steel,guaranteed for 12 mOlJth.eq\l:\1 to wJ¡"t is usually sold for £ 12: nd if the tnftchinc is not liked and is retnnwd two clea. days after it Ins been re- celved I herewith agree to return money iu l'uU.-Josir.h Holdsworth, H, Lord-street, Liverpool. 74 C^ARDIFF Exhibition of Pneumatic-tyred Safety ¡ J Bicycles and Accessories at popular prices. A It High. class Machines lJy b8t Coventry makers. Special Ba.r¡¡a.in3 now offered for the holidays. l1ep"irs executed with care and <1e5p!t.ch on the premiscR.-Parl1', Westgate-stroet, Cardiff. U2e G"°n Sale, diamond frame Safety, Dunlop tyres, nails everywhere, weight about 341b.; unscratched. — Apiily 38, Paget-street, Grllnge 794 T-^OR Sale, cheap cushion-tyred Safety, ball bearings A throughout; also ordinary Bicycle.—Apply Albert Harper, Golden Lion Hotel, Ebbw Vale, Mon. 714 GREAT Bar¡tain.-Pueumat¡C- Diamond Safety, light rondster; nearly new must be sold. WiU accept £ 9: accessories, 10s.—192, Castle-road. 39 HEUCAlTPremier, weight 231bs.. hollow rim. Dunlop LFeR. in good condition, cheap.-Apply 21, Tudor- lane, Cardiff. 6'77 I.jErlc;L-p.pmicr,. new. 73ll¡s, Dunop best cDh offer Jl accepted. Morus Dros., Pontypridd. I. IU:\1BER, solid. new tyre, in splendid condition, good machine, all accessories, to be sold cheap. -55, Topaz. street, Roath. 3i TVTEARLY new Bicycle for Sale.—Apply 23, Planet-rtreet, ..L between 6 and 7 p.m. Dunlop tyres, tangent wheels. haPs throughout. 105 TV EW itowe Cycles New Howe Cycles !-Calt at our 1." Depot. 3. Cliureh-street, and inspect ourstock of tirt- cllt&< Machines. Cheapest aod best prices :— £ 9 to £ 18 fitted with Detachable Dunlops easy Payment on hire purchase 81Udries always 011 hand. 872 n- EPAIR.-yol1rId-Î'nt.wI;;d hn.v,cm.-ert.(ftÎtõ .l. New Detachables by Morris Bro.. Pontypridd. Punc- tura Proof Bands fitted to any Tyre from stuck. 0 EPATRS. enamelling, plating also tyres, on shortest notice for tha Trade,—Morris Bros., Pontypridd. D EPAIRS—All co U, Morris Bros. ,['ontVrid.1' No jo11 teo difficult, no iob too smali. Don't forget.27e II KPAIRS of any kiud to Pneumatic Tyres, or Repairing OuuitB 14 stamps.—Morris Bros., Pontypridd. XjEPAIRERS (OfficiaP to the C.T.C. and all leading -At riders.—MorrisBros., Cycle Works. Pontypridd. T> UDGE, fot driver. Dunlops, å!\j;t3blë throughout; I best esh ofier accepted.—Morris Bros.. Pontypridd. SPECIAL Line. Latest Pattern Cushion, £ 7 15s; Pneu- matic, 32Fbs.. tangent Wheels, £ 10 I5s; cushion wlu-al, guaranteed.—U. Albany-n>ad. Roath. 145. A FETIi'S —Light Solid, £ 3 Iiumber-natterns Cushion, lOs r,uantmee3.-11. AnH\n-uao:1. Roath. 145, iA¡"F.iI¡::s-=-L¡ghtS;;fut£3-i¡;D-;tterns CushÎ I "J tr"1ll £ 5: Undge, '93 Dunlop, 331bs., £ 9: Dunlo11, £ 10.-96, Ho¡nÍe5d¡tI:S!_r<,r:. Grange. 152 SAFETY CusfTion. HUl1lr pattern"! u. scratched ball head bails everywhere £ 5 10s, worth £ 15.—Apply Cushion, Daily News" Offico, Cardiff. 713 SAFETY, Cushion tyre, diamond frame, balls through- t- out; in splendid condition a bargain £ 5 10s.—Ap- ply 119. t. Mary-street. 590 8AVE1 1KS7—If you "'au;¡;;i; WeSWn suver-Mare free boat ticke ivell to all buyers. 1,000 \lJ:lcl1ÍlIlJ< in stock, cheapest in tbe world M.clllne3 nt. any price. Write for large list, post free.-R. Warriioir, Weston-super-Mare. °7^4 SAFETIES —Bargains Bargains! Bargains at R.War- riiow's Cycle Works, 293, Bute-street. Cardiff. Lest and cheapest in the world. Write for list.—293, Hute-t8t" Cardiff. I r|MIE Late t.,inee nfal:y Said that it was within the bounds X of probability that the word" Calais wpuld lie found. on her heart after she shuffled off this mortal coii. But Ninirod^ are enshrined in some thousands 0^ living hearts to-day. whi' h is somewhat steep on Calai«. Ask our smiling representatives in Old Gwalia tbeir opinion on hearts t,o.dar. whi' h h somewhat steep on C!al"I.. Ask our smiling representatives In Old Gwalia tbeir opinIOn Oil the above statement.—The Home of thiS Paragon Cycle ill College-place Bristol. 327e 1.7 ANTEDrCiishion Safety, must he Ï11 thorouah condi- VV tion and modetate. Write W. 106, Echo, Cardiff. W ANTED, Il Cushion-tyred Safely, in good condition^ in exchange for good Violin, with Bow nd Case, and n i-piate Camera T. Stephen Ev.vns, Gvrent Honsp, Ðowlais. 91 WANTED. Safety Bicycle (PneumaUc or Cushi^)7iu exchange for good Violin, Case, and Bow, and cash D, 937. Echo," Cardiff. 937 1*7 ANTED, a Lady's 28in. Safety J!icycle, in g-0Ti"or,ie7 V V cheap foraush.—Safety, 20, Echo Oftce. C:\r,1iÍf: iX3 Dunloi). brand new, £ 9 9a Silvertown Cio„n^b'r. if new, bargains gear 60 grand platins.—10, Mackin- tush.phce. V..rdl1f.. 8 ^HE John Griffiths Cycle Corporation, L.im-it!:ù (late w: 1 H. Da.lfts fc Co.). 57. Queen-street, Cardiff. U 293e HE John Griffiths Cycle Corporation, I.imitedlhif e V/ H. Davies & Co ). 57, Queen-street. Cardiff. 293e rI'HE .John Griffiths Cycle Corporation, LiuTiTed (la.te W X II. J)a.V!.B& Co.), 57, Qne!sl!et,Ct1.rdiff. 293e rt^HK John Griffiths Cycle Corporation. Limit^fTTfTTv X H. D»riea ft C».J, 57. Queen-street. Cardiff. ( I rB^HE John Griffiths Cycle Coi-poratior., Limited (late W. A H. Davies & Co.), 57. Qneen-snreet. Cardiff. 293a 1'HKJohn Griffiths Cycle Corpo^iou~toiited7latrw. A II- Davies & Co.). 57, Queeu-street, Cardiff. 293e THE John Griffiths Cycle Corporation, Limited (late W. A H. Davieg & Co.>, 57, Queen-street, Cardiff. 295e rpHE John Griffiths Cycle Corporation, Limited (lateWl i H. Davies &Co.), 57, Iueen-stfeet, Cardiff. 293a r|^HE John Griffiths Cycle Corporation, Limited (late W. A H. Davies & Co.), 57, Queen-gtreet. Cardiff.- Uirgest Dealers in Cycles in the World.—Call and see the Humber Racer for 1894 fittea with the new lacing tyre. One of the cycle booms for 1894 is the new Rudge Road Racers, and racers of which we hold a large stock. Special facilities fur carrying on large Repairing and Plating trade. Also sole District Agents for the Singer Cycle Co., the Referee Cycle Co.. the Quadrant Cycle Co., Warman and ttaztewood, and other celebrated makers. Cycles for hire. Correspon- dence solicited, which will have immediate attention. In- tending purchasers are urged to place their orders at once to obtain delivery for Easter and Wbi-sun. Largest Dis- counts for Cash. or on easy terma. We have some great bargains in c>econu-hand Cycles which we will clear for cash at phenomenal bargains to the first comers. The Sinrer Moiei<? de Luxe Light lvoads?ter Hafety for 1894 13 a mar- vel of beauty. Afik to see th« New Pattern Quadrant Road xCaner. 293e THH "^Skii Griffiths Cycle Corporation, Limited (iate W. CASRUOeS. VEHIt'iES, d'c. A Dog Trap for SaTe, almostr„ew, suit cobliThands-— App.y 25, Wood-street, Penarth. 916 ALL kinds of Horse and Stabie^Brushesf—GcT to Graing Wor0_gtt. 743e -BAÚAIN.VJll Sell New Set of Cob Harness, neve? used, cost £5 los, take £3 10s; send on approval. —A. Park Poatymister. 958 BAKGA;NJS —Three Carts, gmj butchers and bakers, JD Thren Flats, Three Village Gigs, cob-size crank selec- tion of Thirty Sets new and second-hand Haroess, cheap — 14. Havelock-street, Temperance Town. Cardiff. 932 FOR Sale, Pony Phaeton in splendid condition, cost 32 jt. guineas; a bargain to immediate purchaser.-Apply 2, Strathnairn-streei, Cardiff. 995 Sale, cheap. Light Wasrgoo, in g«od condition — Apply K. Davies, ^), Thornwc-o.l-place, Treharris. 120 voÙ Sale, Governess Cart, cood new, suit pony price A £7, bargain.—Apply G. Pyne, 29. Gower-street. Cathays. Cardiff. 722 j70R Sale, light Pony Gig, cheap; in good condition.—E. Gillard, 50, Clive-street. Lower Grangetown, Cardiff, FOR Sate. Set of cob-aize Brown"Haii^Tmak^lioore, i' Vartlilr). Also Kiditif Saddle, nearly new.—168, Broad" way. Cardiff. 585 FOR Sale, Licensed Brake, carry 12, movable head, two I. Cobs, double Set Harness, right to run St. Akry. street—Grangetown no reasonable offer refused.—Richard Norman, 32, Clive-street, Grangetown. 595 Sale, good second hand Trap and Harness, suitable X1 for butcher or baker.-Apply G-aiuger, Cardiff. 743e A^KW Flat Cart, new small Pony's Set of Harness, and X* good Donkey lot, S4 1!JS.—Apply Cokely, 41, Spring- field-place. Canton, Cardiff. goi rpo Wheelwrights and oTheTs.—For Rale, bargainsT"^ X brakes, hansom, 1 wagonette, trap will sell the lot or separate.-To be Been at Coldstream St",bIes, Tudor. lane. Cardiff. 873 Wr ANTED, a large size Furnifcuro Van new or eco nd- hand.—State price and full partjfjlars to X.Y.Z., 94, Strathnaini-street, Roath, Cardiff. 51 \\7 AGGONETTE, small, light, in splendid condition, for sale.—Apply aaunders. 4, Amhurst-street. Cardiff. '1111 -A HORSES. Bargain.—Cart, Mare, 15.3, staunch, pood in chain or i\. brichen harness: no work cause selling: £ 12 10s. Also good thick-set Cob, 13.1, good and fast in saddle and harness, £ 13 —Apply Light, Harness Maker, Clarence- place. Newport. 99 A useful Mare, Cart, and Rumens, all in good condition, warranted good worker, suit haulier or builder sold together or separate. £ 20 the lot. Also fast Pouv, and Trap, suit any business, £ 16 the lo*. —23,Stacey-rd,IIoath, Cardiff. 4 strong Cob (13.2). Spring Cart, and Karees", suit 1\- tradesman, lot £ 15 !0s also strong Trap, lamps aud cushions complete, suit 14 or 15 hands, £ 9. —21, Topaz-street, Roath. Cardiff. 654 A Cob Mare. 15.1. 4 years, for Sale, fast and good action: prand harness or saddle horse: warranty given, or veterinary surgeon's opinion at option.—12, Albert street, Canton. Civdiff. 636 ABaryain, powerful Cart T-Jorse, 16-1, 7 years, master of two tons price £15, or will let respectable person hire o reasonable terms.—Apply 12, Albe.rt-st., Canton. CardilT A GED, worK-out. and deadH;s Cattl<? loc. bbs. chased and removed promptly.—Address, pur- i-,>veni-roafi. Cauton. 224 ? BARGAIN.—Hound Pony. new Fiat, and new Harness t) price £14 will sf II Havelock-street, remperauce Town, CardilT. 933 BEDl.ING'rON Daik Blue Dog. by (jlansman—Tyneside Lad, Minnie (-lyde—T(yney, 2 years old.—Par par- ticulars write Dog. Echo, Newport. 997e C1HAMPION Ficrht.ing Bull Terrier Dog, never defeated. J Terror to burglars. Quiet with children. Sell cheap.— Coup, 68. Taff-view. Pontypridd. 9il DAKK. Bay M .re, nsing 5. 4 black legs, sIDull star on t-be JL'' forehead, in Pound at Gelligaer.—John Davies. Maindee. 1 171 AST young 5-year-old Donkey, WIth Cart and Harness; i suit fishmonger or greengrocer donkey can do eight miles in 40 miuutes bargain.—No. 1, Castle Green, Cner- leon. Newpo. Mon. _9_99 Sale, fast Pony, 12 hinds, Cart. and Harness suit grocer; must sell: money wanted; £ 13 lot.— Baker, Echo Office, Newport. 3e PONY and Cart for Sale: lot. — JL 44, Railway-street, East Moois, Cardiff. 923 SETTER Dogs wanted, must not be guu shy, must be chuap: state full particulars.—Arizona Joe Co., Royal Theatre, Merthyr. 954a SALE, Bay Cob. five yeara old also Business Trap: present owner no further use bargain.— Apply 14, Beresford-road, Roatb, Cardiff. 985 SAIJE. good working Pony. Spring iTat Cart, and Harl noss, ImiL Greeugroctr lot. Cll. utlw Crank- axle Cart, suit Cob, £12. Also small Trap, £ 7.—Apply 44, Bedford-street, Roath, Cardiff. _6- Som, Shoulders, Sore liacks, & Quickiy Cured by C5 Condy s Fluid. Veterinary book free from 83. Turnmill- street,, E C. Horses suffering from wounds, cuts, bru:5Œ, broken knees, craclred heJs. grease, or thrush cli1ed in a few hour loy bathing the parts affected with Condy's Fluid (diluted). It makes the hair grow whers rubben otto "Prices 8oz. Is, 20oz. 2s, of all chemist,=. 937e TO Tradesmen and Others.—Strong Horse"Mule.qnietfor boy to drive,veiv fast, 13 hands.6 years,with harness ana new flat.cart, not soiled also Pleasure Trap to suit: trial allowed £14 IPs.—Av-:ry. Grocer, East, Usk-rond. Newport. r[',0 Bakers. Milkmen, and Otliers.—Splendid Welsh Cob A Mare, 13.1, six years warranted sound, fast, and grand action good in any haruess or saddle a bargain to immediate Drcha,er,-ApI)i, The Jhk<ry, 141, Cathays- terrace, corner of [J[a.n1"i. Cardiff. 637 splendid Cob MareTlO*. i. 6 years warranted sound, quiet to ride or drive fast and grand action: a bargiin.—Apply 12, Albeti-st,reet. Canton, Cardiff. 634 yKi ERlNAItY Book Free, containm? fnTlTlTreetions o^r Curing Diseases of Horses, Dogs, from Condy's Fluid Works, 83, Turnmill-street. London, E C. jS7a V\7 ANTED, 1 -i,:iit Cart, Hirness, to suit, pony 12 han!ls I cheap for casb.—Apply Price Bros., Bakers, New T. redegar. 0 useful Ponies, quiet to ride ai:d drive, warranted sound. Also Chaff Machine. Also 70 Peny.'»eel- road._C niton. 693 _LO"' ^AGKS.—Quantity good Breeding Cages; also large \J Aviary for Sale, or exchange Yorkshire hens.—Davies, Hairdresser. 48, Fiedericit-street.^Careilf. n EGGS for Sittins, ftj d«~z., Black P.ed Game, Hcaton'a strains, from Robinson, Vanderysbauk House, Long lluekbjv- Handy, 7S, Clare-road, Cavdiff. 6V4 Sale, 11 good Fowls.—Apply No. la, Maria-street, Jt. Docks. Cardiff. 134 AND Pair of Canaries for Sile — Apply Manor House, Canton, Cardiff. 594 PRIZE Wyandotte Fowls for sale.—Apply No. 2, Ilabrrshon-street, East Moor?, Cardiff. S52 SPLENDID Black Minorca Eggs. 3 6d the sitting, grand winter layers, non-sitters, guaranteed pare, immediate despatch. —Edwards, Coaley, Dursley, Gloucester. 553 YOUNG Rabbits (tame) for Sale.—Applyt 152, YVoodville- JL road, Cathays, Cardiff. _J"'M I'SJBiVlTIiKE. BRUSSELS Carpet, large size, not soiied^ splendid quality cash, 40s Bordered do.. 45, cost £ 5.—T. V/oodrnff, 1, Meteor-street, Roath. 745 FURNITURE Bought in or Small Lots, oash at I <L once.—Apply N. Woodruff, 12. Cyril-crescent, Brond. way. Roath, Cardiff. 45 In value to X seleot from, on the Hire System strictly privaet. 'I The Largest Premises and Stock out of London.—Atlas Furnishing Company .Limited, Hayes, Cardiff. 41o GRAND QuaJity Rolhl Spanish Mahogany Loo Table VS (very heavy), massive mahogany supports, cost B9. cash 40- Walnut Inlaid Oval do.. cash 22s 6d.—T. Wood- ruff. 1, Meteor-street, Roath (nfar It:fijmn,ry). 745 (f RAND Old Style Solid Spanish Mahogany Chest of I X Drawers (very heavy), dirt cheap at B5. cash £3,-T. Woodruff, Meteor-street. 745 HANDSOME Full-size Bedstead, niasaive pillars, all :1 hrass footend. patent trehle-wire-l spring tnnttres aud unsoiled wool do.. complete. £3 171; 6<1 (cheap at £6).- T. Woodruff, 1, Meteor-street. Koath. Cardiff. 745 ]\T AXNE and Co., largest Second-hand FuFjtoreDeafere n in Cardiff, give test price for old furniture. B5 to £500, bought for cash down. Also best houso for Repairs or Upholstering. Send letter or card. Prompt attention. No charges.—Note address Mayue and Co.. 70 and 72, Broadwy [ta<),h. andll. Miskw-straet Cathays. 97 MAHOGANY double kneehole Writing Desk, with 13 Ü drawers, patent brass locks, Curiosity Shop, llr-dse, Newport. jVf A HOG ANY Chiffomeve, with plat^-glass back c.xsh, 1IJ. 3os, cheap at double.—T. Woodruff, j, Meteor-street. Itoatn, Cardiff (near Jnfiima'y)._ 745 ONK of the Handsomest and Most ('ostly Drawing-room Suiies in England, solid carved walnut, as good as new, price £14 Hs: not a third its value.—Edes, Old CurioMty Shop, Newport. P83e SECOND-Hand Furniture or Surplus Stocks Bought for Cash or Sold on Commission.—Taylor's Salerooms, Custom House-street. 63 STOLID Mahogany Duehesse Stand nud Table, swing 1 Jewel drawers, and m&rble alab large, 90s do. ler' ln walnut, 50s: bargiiins.r. Woodruff, 1, Meteor-street.. Rpaf h, Cardiff (tf«M InfihnaryU" 745 \STANTEij. office Fnrtuture for Two Rooms state par- J'culara cf articles nud pi'ice for cash.—Address X. x- l^cho Office, Cardiff. 123 1-i'lIltN l;'Hi MI our new fnro Hire HJ-KTEAI. ncmses or Oil a new BystCIII adopted solely by us, wherebyI»«l>licif,y( exposure, and made by other couipj.,Ujeg llre di-pensed e have an imuiense ot Lousehold Furniture cneap and superior quality. A-igoodg sold On the Hire •>ystem at ready-money prices. ,We'"ake no extra chr-rgo for credit, and all goods pent bomu In a private van fref. ot charge. No no bill »i sale; everything private. A.rr;1!te:i,oiit,s ciimpleted ,r»thout delay, and, being manllfli'-tui-fcrs W(! ;m,.antee Qutiiity, and will undertake to sopply furniture, etc., at jo per cent. less than any price-list issued by any firm in Cardiff, Eleven showrooms. inspect our im- mense stock, and eumpare priees Defoie purchasing else- where. We will supply £ 6 wOlth for 2s foj wee|t]y £ 10 w orth, 48 weekly; £15 worth for os Weekly; £ i'0 worth, 6s weekly, and so 011 in prop<on- Special crms for larger quantities. lJle.->e.e note a5"lross-.—South W'ales burnishing Company 31, Castle-street lop[i(M:t,. Cnftle;, Cardiff, WOWESTIC AKTItXj. E" "1]EG^^ Halninoek Pen«nbulator, "recently eosfcSfo; scarcely soiled: accept 60s, n^'ng no further use for it.—Address Lewis. Corresponded^- ™yu'itain Ash. S82 MANUJ,KS. Washing Machines, bewinK Maohiues on the Hire System.—Atlas ishiog Company Ltd. Hee, Cardiff 4le PATENT Box Mangle for Sale. Án .good. condbion: cost J. JC16 sold less than half. Appiy log Newport. 8" ^fTtli^Hi^lTvSle^7. t Atms Furnishing Company>iI'JjayeR Cardiff. 41 e CJPLENDID Bassinette pe.ram'a' or, equal to new. iJ price £ 2 10s cost £ 4 12s -8.J?°»f-hQ.v-s>r^r.Roat.h. 826 given *o?,«»\iGeEtfemen-s, and V-f. «- hil(,r^ns Cast-off Clo also Miscell^ijeoiis Articles. All orders puuetually tttte'lded to on receint of "I ADY wishes to Sell Parcel of Bftby-S "ciethee, -Ljetiperior quali' y, quite new. "ever worn verv cheap. — Mra L 18, Lancaster-road. Manchester. 968 IAPIES', Gentlemen's. Ch'Wren's Left-off_ Clothing Bought.—Mrs Ri-h, 57, Castle-ro^d, Cardiff, (^ol IAPIES', Gentlemen's. Ch'Wren's Left-off_ Clothing Bought.—Mrs Ri-h, 57, Castle-ro^d, Cardiff, (^ol pneoft Orders punctually atwnaed to, p«rDiturfl bought. I TV'S *oi'ir!an, 7 and 8, Bridge-street. 31, 33, WTyudham J-T.l Arcade, Cardiff, Purchaser Ladies Gentlemen's and Children's Wardrobes. Established 1859. 662 j\,| RS Robins, purchaser of Ladies' Gentlemen's and J-i-l Children's Cast-off Clothing. Parcels sent receive immediate attention.—192, Commercial-road, New- FOR !i.4.I,F.-MI!óif.:I.L. Ni'OITS. A -Fîlslone. The Popular Pawnbroker, 22, ë Cardiff, has grandest and cheapest stock of forfeited Gold aud Silver Watches and Jewellery in Wales. Fligel • stone's, best hou.()!: Wedding Ring3. 498e A-F¡ItJ¡stone-FOrfeited superiorGoId VergeStop-wath: 18ct., hall-marked, 2oz. CDses, maker Wallace, Edin- burgh. VOSt, 20guineas.only B !roU1Pa8, splendid bargaiu.498e A—Fligcistone.-Forfeited Silver English Keyless Lever, crytal glass (new), maker Ingram, Cardiff c >st 6 guineas, onlv 60s. warranted 10 years. 4S8, A-. -Fïige¡'8t:F;;de-i-t-e-d Silver English Lever, maker _oon, Preston only 2 guineas, warranty 5 years. A -FllgelsWl1.-Forf('ited Gents' Silver Watch maker, Peck, London oost 2 g:\Une5, only 158. warranted. A—Fligelstone.—Forfeited Lady's Silver Watch maker, Ipgram, Cardiff only 15s, warranted. 4S3e A— Fligelstone.—Forfeited, Silver Levers from IDs: Silver Geneva, 5s: Metal Watches, 4s. 4989 A—Fligelstone.—Wedding Rings,22-ct. hall markèd 3dt. 158, 3dwt. 173 6d, 4dwt. 20s. 498e -.4. —Fligelstone.—Keepers. 18-G7.ïd Keeper from 38 ii. solid Gold Keepers from 2s. 49Se A—Flieelstoue.—Forfeited large lot ofG-ld Alberts. All patterns. Government stamped, from 205 each. 493^ A—Flig-lstone.—Foifeited Silver Alberts, all patterns, hall-marked, froUl 4s 6d II OZ., 498e 18êt Dimond and Ruby Engage- J11ent Rinsr, 42s 18c. three stone Diamond Riolt 25s, A=-Fligelst;e=Ln.dY'S'-5.tQue Diamond RinK. 15. Dh,J11ond and Sapphire Rings,10s Dress Rings,from 3s. 4' -FI4:!st-=Gn't's IBct. -s-;gt, 15s Fancy Buck1es, ii 12; Fancy Sn ,Ite Ruby Eyes, 12s 6d. 498 A—FJigelstone's.—A splendid selection of Lady's and Gent's Gold Rings, latest patterns, from 3s. 498e A Fligelstone.—Black Vicn);-ëo;.t-nd Vest, 12s 6d Fancy Trousers, latest patterns, 5s lid Suit, 138. 4S8e A—Fligelstone.—Real Welsh Flannel Drawers, large size, only Is 10d. 2ee our stock. 498e ALL go to Fligelstone's, The Popular Cardiff Pawn- broker, 22. Castle-road, Cardiff. Estab. 50 years 498e DVERTISING our Extension.—Russell's. Liverpool, English Lever, originally sold at £ 6 6s, oniy 70s, at Blaiberg's Arcade Free present, 22ct Wedding Ring. 839 ADVERTISING our ExtenioD.-70" Russell s. Liver- r\. pool, Lever maker to thp. Oueu. Free present, a 22ct„ Weddii g Ring.—Blailierg's Aro-tde. 8E9 A DVER'i'I:3!:>lG our Extension.—70s. Rusejl's l.ever t1 No charge ro II. splendid 22ct. Weddin Ring. 889 CLAY Pipes.—Save 30 per cent, 1.y-b-uY¡clliretOf-tbe manufacturer. lllustmted list post free.—Corcoran and Co Lamb-street, Bristol. 734 DRAPERS Counter3, with lare drawers: also Office Desk and Shop Fitting, cheap.—R. Upham. Contractor, Gruge. 872 FOR Sale, Wicker Invalid Chair: good as new worth £ 7, will take any reasonable offer.—Apply 5, Dock- road. Penarth. 902 FOIl Sale, at Dorotiche's Steam Sawing Mills, Collingdon- road. Rute Docks, Cardiff, 3,000 Feet Dunnage Boards. Colliery Sleepers, Scaffold Poles, all lengths. Sawn Firewood, in stock. tables. Clothes Horses, House Steps, Builders' Ladders, \Vheelbarrow5, Bamboo Canes, Mahogany, in plank, Twenty Tong of Red Deal Ends. Planks, &c. also a Dog Cart, suitable for butcher or grocer. 44 FOR ale. Scaffold Poleg, Id running foot, at Llanwonno ^Church lid foot delivered Ferndale. AJso. other Bl1i1der5' Appliances and Jlbterials.-For particulars apply John W. Rodger, Contractor, Dumballs-road, Cardiff. 946 FOR Sale, Appropriation in Star-Boivkett Building Society.—Apply C. 935, Echo." Cardiff. 935 IÕR Sale, 100 -;]NavvŸ Wheelbarrows.—Write Barrows, "Echo" Office, Newport. 44e JT^OR Dog Coat*. Collars. Lead Chains, Muzzles, Combs, A and Brushes, etc., largest assortment in Cardiff.— Grnmger's. Working-street, 743e qOR good and cheap Shop Twines, 12 halls for Is 60, call _at Grainger's, Working-street. 7 L^OR Sale, clean Folded N,tVspapers.-ADpJy D. O. Evans A and Co. Paper Stock Merchants, Pen<\rth-rd.. C[tr<1i. ('1 B, Richardson late 13m ridge. Silver Trout, Bric1;.¡c- street, Car<liff, wholesale and retail dealer 111 Fishinlt Tackle and I'ireworks. 80Je agent in Cardiff for the Anro- French Fireworks. Theatrical and nigger wig. for sale or hire: nccessary llllke ups supplied. Coloured tire balloons, ec. 38 /I LASS, Glass.—Received, cargo of 300,0C0 feet of Win- dow GICSR. 23s 11er case, 01' cut to customers' measure- ments, 12s per 100 feet. Patty, 'H pere wt. Mixed paints, 288 per cwt.— Davis nnd Son, 11, Queen-street, Cr-n1iff, 7le ( ■tUN.—Buffalo Bill Noiseless Sharpshooter, lires ball and shot, kiilr, at 159 yards, rec.-ntly killed 197 rabbits with 230 rounds. 26s each "00 second-hand Guns cata- logues and 1,000 testimonials.—Hillsdon, Far Killing Gun Manufacturer. Folkestone and Dover. 953 JOVELY Parcel.—Plush, Velvet, Satin Brocade; one, Is J 6d,' two. 2s 3d. Lnrge B izaar Parcel, splendidly a<r,ortecl, for charitable purposes, 5s; 200 Crazy Pieces, 2s 6d.—Madam Worth, 102. Godolphin-roarl. London, W. lie 11 ,YÈu. Watch and Chain, Lady's or Gent's, warranted, I::) 335. cash by lDst<\Jments, sent any di,tance.-Add:'e5s Y 692, South Wales Echo," Cardiff. 692 8HOP-Window Sun blinds of every description made to .) oHler, frow 15 6d per square yard.-J, F. Grainger, Working-street, Cardiff 743c HP AN Garden Netting for Fruit Trees. Seed Beds, etc., 16 .1. square yards for Is GraIDf>r. C:1.rdiff. 743o VALUABLE Family Plata.—A widow lady requiring immediately £ 1 19s. offers her brand-new valuable 10- guinea Service of real Electro-r.iiver, comprising 12 table- -fioons and forks, 12 dessert spoons and forks, and 12 tess (dOpitces). Will send 011 approval free by parcels post be- fore payment. Letters only.—L B., 5, Enmore VIlla. Sont-h Norwood. 80 *>00 Budïe;J.Üsh Bean Sticks, at Is. Also -50,000 fet O first-class Dunnage Board,-Shl\Pland, bottom East Dock, Cardiff. 140 4,000 Grain Dunnage Mats, &o.—W. Shapland (private address), 18, Louaoun-square, Cardiff. (-0 1!'e¡;b;'t red Garden Hose, with fittings complete ° ? 14s 6d-—Grainger. CardIff 743e 2\1.UnÃER.Y. L""OR Sale. a bargain, new JO-borse power Double Cylinder J. Portable F;n¡ne. workin pressure SOlbe, with a1l latest improvements. —Apply W. Lcwi" and Co., Durham Engine Works, Alexandra Dooks, Newport. "5.e- FCR Sale, 7-h.p. Portable En¡<iue, just re-tubed; price i..3.5, worth £ e0.—Tlios. Mahoney. Adeline-street. N ewpor, le ONE Engine, fc-foot Mortar Mill. and Beit, complete, £ 80 good working older.—Clarence Wharf, Newport, Mon. SSi'e SECOND-Haud Gas-engines. £ 5 10", £ 6 10s, £ 7 10s, £ 10, I. £ 10 10s good going order.-Jones, Market-buildings, Newport. 54 VIp.:rilAL Boiler (12 h.p.) anil Oat Crusher, in goOÙ condition, sold cheap to save femoral also 4 h.p. 'Otto.' Crossley Gas Engine, liew.- Writ, A. ll. Echo" Office, Nl wport. '!l4e \V ANTED, Foot Lathe, with slide-rest, four or five inch v centres.—Apply, statin1,t lowt's price, to 62, Great Frederick-street. !1êI 747 tt!M;fr:S.3.A?>'EOCS WANTS. BANKRUPT and Job Stocks of Clothing, Boots, Hosiery' Shift#, fcc., wanted to purchase for cash for exporta- tion.—Apply Messrs Jacobs, Pawnbrokers, Potter-street, Newport-. 59!e SUNLIGHT S:ap Wrappers Wanted, 3d per dozen. I-:J Money by return on receipt of wrappers. —Hippisley, 33, D .dlcy-road, Grantham, Lincolnshire. 9i7 \\7 ANTED, 50 Secor.d-han-3 Gslvai.ised Iron Shet's, 7f: t, and SfU, in good condltlOn.-Apply Gadlys Bakery Co., Aberdare. 95 1717 a'nted. Grazing Land for three Horses, part S:\tur- T v day and Sunday each week.—Wm. Picton, Pembroke road Saw Tilill?, Canton. VX7 AN'CKD. by business couple, to adopt an Orphan Girl, V* about 12 years of ace; good home.—Apply X. Y. Z., Echo Office. Cardiff, t-73 Y47 ANTED, kind Lady at once-t-Arl:Ptr-Nr8e IHÙ- » v Baby Girl 3 months ch1,-D 7'62, Echo" Office, an1, iff. 782 OU LI) any kind lady Adopt Baby Boy as their own IT from young uidow.- Write K1, "Echo" Office, 1 nE £ tT».usEons. ASTROIjOGY.—Marriage, future foretold. Is. T'ut partner described. 7 stamp*. Send bi. thtime, descrip- tion.- -Professor Owen, 27, Broo!:s Hall-road, Ipswich. 77 BOOK Debts. —Tradesmen wishing 10 ]);3p:¡P (f their Hook Debt 1 for e:„gh, or have them collected on cmn- n1!S!ion. 3hon!o cnriimunicata wilh Taylor anù Houghton, Commision Agents. 11, High-street. Newport. t'i I C- Ul for Piles.—Perfect, Cure guaranteed, most stub- born cases: post free. 2s 9d, 4s 6d.—La Trobr. Chen;ist. 155, St, Michael's Hm. B istol. 926 CROOKED Leg straightened, Curved 81Jins. Weak Joint slrenJ,t'.henoc1.-Mr Allen Pearce, Surgical Ap- pliance Maker, Filter, and Repairer, 4. Charles-sfc., Cardiff. INCE Silversmith, Newport, gives highest pic's for 01(1 Gùld, Silver, Antique and Modern Stiver, and Piated (Joodg Diamonds, China, Curios.1'redegar-pJ., Newport. IS your V; ateb Wrong ? The Best and Cheapest Shop in Cardiff for the Repair of W3tches "f every description, Ensdish or Foreign, is .31), Castle-arcade (thinl shop f«'om Castle-street), by James Keir. for 10 years with Mr Spiridiou Clocks wid Music Boxes Repaired and Cleaned. 691 TJHRENOLOUY, Matrimony, Palmistry -JiJht. place X In life from ]s.-P.of. Allen, Castle Arcade,C..nufi:. TJJHRENOiiOGY.—Health. Pursuit, Matrimony, fron) la. X Profssnr Cook, J3kwitt-strc2t-, Newport. Mou. o?- ]92e SWEETHEART'S curious love letter, 6 funny photo- graphs, 6 magic cards 12 penny stamps.—Hvams, 10. Adrairal-plnce. VinCi-nt-street. Hull. i'9S8 WATOHSS Clocks and Jeweller • 01; the Hire SvsMm I 1 Atlas Fnrnishing Coml1.II.td .Haves Cardiff 41e "WWKI MC>NEY at a fair rate of interest, advanced in any j. mns, without, delay: distance no oČ)jed,ApVly, hy letter or lwr>!on!t11y, to W. Williams, Vine Cottage, 1, tJ()u.POlltY)lrjc1\t 42c C<ASH^Advam-es made t.auy promptly, privately am, at.. fair rate ot interest: distance no I)bjeci; Apply, by letter only, to Mr C Lloyd, 21, Newport. 778c PERSONS wishing to borrow nr ns'y froui £ 3 upwards in any part of South Wales or Monmouthshire, apply R'ir3?n.a 'or letter to S. Wilfred, 43, Overtou-plnce, Abergavenny. Prompt attention guaranteed. 238c |V? It J. P. Thompson 71, Adam-street, Cardiff, still it .c01\Lil1ues to advance cah, from £ 3 uJHv,!rd>. ta housenoid rs, on their own security. No fees. 0ltiC9 hourg 10 till 7 VfednesdaY:1, 10 till 2. 883ê o5, £ 5, £ 10, and upward* to £ 500 to lend moderate in- cw t-ei'est weekly, fortnightly, or n.onthly repa; mei,:s. Anply to S. JAMES, 24, Clarence-street. Pontypool. 118e j|75,000 10 Lend by the Southern CouotieR Deposit c*' han*. f'huited, in sums of £ 10 to £ 500 ou Note of Hand without sureties, or ou Furniture, Farmilljf Hiock. and II!! other persona? securities, without removal. Ea1 iep;y. nients, distance no object.-Apply, personally or hy iptt,er, • Manager. :\lr A. J. Suffolk, 1, Queen square Bristo,l_ ( 276 MONEY lent WITHOUT BILL OF SALT-' CR r RE't'lliS. 011 Note of Hand alone, as follows: — £ -'<■'< MONTHLY INSTALMENTS of £ 0 18 4 £$-24 £ 2 5 10 £ ;00-.i'4 £ 4 11 8 No commission or Legal Expnge; A gnaraiitee given of I nctest privacy. Applv for prospectus to KINGDOM DEPOSIT lAKR, 35, Craven-street. Srmnd. London. 617e A. G. WILLIS, Manager. CWMMERCiAL ADVANCE BANK, Id QUAY HT V £ CARDIFF £ 3 to £ 300 enn be obtained on the same day In applied fo y poiessional gentleuien, tradesiner,, farmers, cow keepers a1tO ¡lOltShodol"fi. Apjilieauts may rely on t 1e strictest, ecrecy being ob. server. Charges moderate, and no enquiry or other fees charged unless cash advanced. Country applications attended [,I) without delay. Applypersoually or by letter to MR L. JOSEPH, COMMERCIAL ADVÅCl BANK, -{\ 19, QUAY-STR KET. CARDIFF •jl|ONEY MONE^! MONEY 1— £ 3 to iLCOOAdTSSd J.V*. on Day Of Application to all respectable Borrowers, I" town or country, ou Note (If Hand aloue. "0 Security required. Strictest privacy guaranteed —Apply personally, or by letter, to CENTRAL ADVANCE BANK 40. WOOD-STREET. CARDIFF. IVl ONEY Lent upon Note of Hand, without BUl"of Sale or Sureties, as follows I £ 25, repayable in 24 mouthly instalments of £ t 2 6 21 •• £ 2 4 10 £ JC0, M 24 „ „ £ 4 9 1 carter sums in proportion. Strict pnvaq aranteed. No COUlmi68!onS charged. Distance nt) object.-Aprly D. Williams, 15,York-read, WatorJoo rrHg. London.S.E. 27Se KETIRED Tradesman will Advance Loans from E2 to any ainoun to all respectable persons at very low interest and easy repayments as arranged.—Apply, by letter only, to 4, Clare-st.. Riverside. Cardiff Strictly private. 150 < *5 and upwards granted daily to householders, without sureties, no delay, no fees, and confidential. Apply, by letter or peisonaliy. to F. Gould. 88, Pontroorlais, Mer. thyr Tydfil, a.nd at 3, Friars Park, Lammas-st. Carmarthen, W A L L ACE I; C O. V. 98, QUEEN-STMEET, CARDIFF. (l Jntranee Edwards-terrace, at Side £ 3 TO £ 300 ADVANCED DAILY. PROMPT ATTENTION TO COUNTRY APPLICATIONS. 65 THE DIRECTORS of I S. FIELDING AND CO X (LIMITED Advance Daily Sums from BSTOSt.OOO. Metbod of Business; FAIR INTEREST. EASY REPAYMENTS. ABSOLUTE PRIVACY. NO DELAV. NO SURETIES. TRADE BILLS DISCOUNTED. Prospectus and Part iculars Free. Appiy at either Addresses below :— Head Office THE HAYES BUILDINGS. CARDIFF. ALBERT-CHAMBERS, STOW-HILL, NEWPORT. ARCADE-CHAMBERS, PONTYPRIDD. 14e I^DVANCES ON EQUITABLE TERMS." THE NATIONAL MERCANTILE BANK, BAXDWLN-STREET, BRISTOL. Tbe Directors of this old-established, well known o iii ce, aving large available fund. offer unusual facilities to aU respectable Rnd trustwvrtby persons wbo require either temporary or permanent assistance. Cash in amounts from £ 20 to £ 3,000 is advanced in all parts of the Kingdom, witbuut sureties, delay. or publicity, and on the security only of tbe borrower's written promise to repay. Theee advances may be repaid by weekly, monthly, or quarterly instalments, extending over a period of time convenient to the borrower: or the principal mar remain so long M the nterest is paid. No Bills of Sale taken, and the transactions are not pub- lished in any newspaper or Gazette. Appiy, stating amount required, to MrT. C. MILBURN, General Manager. NOTE.—Specially advantageous terms for Loans on Life Insurance Policies. Reversions, and Secoud Mortgages 3768 MONEY lent at~~ FTVF. PFR CENT FROM i;5 to £2.000. WHY pay more, when a Private Gentleman is prepared to grant Advances to Male or Female, upon their PRO- MISSORY NOTE A LONE, in any part of England or Wales, without loan office formalities i NO BILL OF SALE OR SURETIES REQUIRED. The advance can be paid back by eMY inst3.lments. or can remain out from 1 to 15 years by paying the interet only Call or write to the actual J ,-nder, WILFRED WILBERFORCE. 11. Stroud Green-road. Finsbury-park, London, N. to the undermentioned Bank. Loans from £ 3 to £ 500 granted to all respectable Householders, Tradesmen, Farmers, and all in need of ready caRh. without excep. tions, on the lowest possible rates of interest. STRICTEST PRIVACY GUARANTEED IN ALL CASES. NO SURETIES OR BONDSMEN". Apply personally, or by letter. to THE MANAGER. CASTLE ADVANCE BANK. ,.623 207h. Castle-road, Cardiff. MARVELLOUS SUCCESS IN THE Jj^URNTSHING rjpRADE. THE ROATH FURNISHING CO., 43 CASTL1!'R0A1> AND VERE STREET, ROATH, CARDIFF, Having now completed our extensive alterations, which gives us one of the largest Showrooms in Cardiff, are now open to the inspection of the Public with one of the LARGEST AND BEST-SELECTED STOCKS IN CARDIFF AND SOUTH WALES, Comprising of Bedroom, Drawing, and Diuing-rooin Suites, in every wood and variety, from 50.. Carpets and Linoleum in various qualities! This Season's Pattern Bedsteads in all sizes. Brldjng- This lfflillg our speciality. we manufacture all the bedding leaving our premises. We therefore can guarantee same bein clean and pure. Our Workshops open to tho inspection of the Public. A large Stock of Perambulators and Mail Carts just arrived. Our leading iices from 20s. We can furnish completely from a single Room to a Mansion, Offices, or Hotels, on our improved EASY PURCHASE SYSTEM. OUR TERMS LOWEST IN CARDIFF. £3 Is 6d weekly, £6 2s 6d „ £20.6s „ Larger amounts in proportion. No security required. Strictest privacy. All goods deliver 3d free any distance. Wc dehver exact goods selected. Catalogues and Guides to Furnishing post free on application. NOTK our. ADDRESS IN CARDIFF :— ROATH FURNISHING COMPANY, <12, CASTLE-ROAD AND VERE-STRKET, ROATH, CARDIFF. Factory—46, Warwick-streci, London.325e R J. ~BEATH S0LNS' CARDIFF, PONTYPRIDD, & LONDON, PIANOFORTE AND ORGAN MERCHANTS. (From South Wales Daily News, 9th Jan., 1894. "VEKOICT OF NINE HUNDRED."—Under this title Messrs It J. llealh a.nd Sons, Queen-street, Cardiff, pianoforte makers, or:11 builders, and music ware- housemen, have collected an imposing array of testi- \J1Onia.¡ and Press opinions rela.ti!1!1; to the quality of the musical instruments supplied by them. The gteat majority of the letters lit tlH list relate to pianos, and while many of Lhsll1 1lil.ve rcference to most costly instruments, containing all the latest improvements supplied to the well-to-do, the greater number relate to serviceable instruments purchased for the homes of the wage-earning portion of the community. Tin's growing love for :so refining an art :1S music is a mot favourable sign. For though in the Principality music has for generations been the chief recreation of the people, it has for the most part been choral music that h,is occupied attention. Instrumentnl music is "OW. however, receiving its fair share of attention, and all those in true sympathy with the art must tru-t that the ¡movement wil1 go ste;\di1. onward. These testimonials have heen received from evpry quarter of the Princi- pality, while not a few come from other portions of the United Kingdom, and some from South America, India, and other distant countries. All speak most favourably of Messrs Heath's business methods as well as of their instruments. 84 312 R. J. HEATH AND SONS INVITE INSPECTION. Fall Illustrated List and Verdict Post Free. 9431 ESTABLISHED 1842. f LOUIS JgARNETT AND jgON, PAWNBROKERS, JEWELLERS, &0., 49, BUTE-STREET, AND 6 & 7, CAROLINE-STREET, CARDIFF. LOANS ABOVE B2. 4n IN THE St PER MONTH. ——— 411o KTRONGJROOM FOR VALUABLES ^RTKTIC J-JoUSE j^URNISHING c CONSULT j 13 W I S AND LEWIS, FOR COSILY FURNISHED HOMES AT MODERATE COST. 23, DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF. 137 COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT. 53S9 óOSe GJCHOLASTIC »JJLRADING~^A NEW STOCK OF ALBUMS. NEW STOCK OF PURSES tfc POCKET-BOOKS NEW STOCK OF PHOTO FRAMES. NEW STOCK OF REWARD BOOKS The NEW INITIAL NOTE, Is per Box, any letter. Best Is SCRIBBLING DIARY in the Market. ALBUMS ALL PRICES. REWARD BOOKS AND PRIZES. SCHOOL BOOKS AND MATERIAL. 48e ———— 3631 r. JOHN'S-SQUARE, CARDIFF. DON'T FORGET THAT DINE is the CURE for CORNS.—This grand discovsry has led many to imitate it, but without gaining for such preparations the satisfactory results Viridine" has secured. In bottles Is by Post, is 2d.—J. MUNfAY, Clieml'. Jn.-Vstreet' Cavdiff i fpublic JUmisfttttttis. TREHERBERT. WILL VISIT fJREHERBERT, FRIDA Y. MAY 25TH. Treorky Saturday, May26. Tonypandy Monday, May 28. Pontypridd.. Tuesday and Wednesday, May 29 and 30. Penarth Thursday, May 31. Barry Dock Friday, June 1. Sofia Gardens, Cardiff, Sat. Mon. <fcTues. June 2,4,&5. Newport Wednesday and Thursday, 7. JjORD GEORGE THE IMPERrAL. jg ANGER. GREAT HIPPODRAMATIC AND SPECTACULAR TpXHIBITION. The combined companies, embracing all the HORSES, ELEPHANTS, CAMELS. DROMEDARIKS, THE MENAGERIE APD the whole of the CIRCUS ARTISTES. The dramatic and hippodrama ic companies, E^ bracing a living organised body of 1,500, 66 carriage the field artillery, the ambulance wagons, and the whole plant necessary for thl5 production of this gigan. tic military spectacular drama (as given by Lord George Sanger in London for 280 consecutive performances), the gTeat WAR IN THE SOUDAN. The magnitude of the above-named military spe. tacle baffles all description. Suffice it., to say, 250 horses, 500 people, the battery of elephants, the battery of I amels, with their huge cannons firing from their backs, the field artillery, &c., will appear in the tent at one time. In addition to this vast production, which is quite new, the finest CIRCUS COMPANY that has ever appeared under one management haa been specially engaged. For the first time in Great Britain, the Wonderful Clairvoyant, Educated and Talking HORSE. Two Performances Daily at 2.30, and 7.30. PRICES OF ADMISSION. 10/6 Grand Balcony Seats 10/6 5/- u. Second Circle 5/- 3/- Boxes 3/- Second Boxes 2/. II- Carpeted and Upper Seats 1/- And to avoid disappointment to the Woiking Classes, there will be accommodation for 7,000 People at SIXPENCE. THE GREATEST OF ALL PROCESSIONS EACH DAY AT ONE O'CLOCK. 15^61 913e Box Office Open Daily from Ten to Four. 5953 PONTYPRIDD. JJOYAL CLARENCE THEATRE. Proprietor and Manager.Mr JOHN TRENCHARD. MONDAY, MAY 21st, 1894, and During the Week. SPECIAL RETURN VISIT of Mr LOUIS CALVERT, Supported by his own Powerful Company, in the celebrated Play, in a Prologue and 4 Acta, by F. C. BURNAND, entitled pROOF. As performed at the Adelphl and Princess's Theatres' London. "A PLAY EQUAL TO THE SILVER KING."— Vide the Manchester Press. Box office open daily from 11 till 2. On Thursday. Friday, and Saturday (lie performance will commence at 7.50 each night, and terminate in time for the last Treherbert, Merthyr, and Cardiff trains. 926e -==-_ DR. HALLS GREAT DISOOVERY. WITHOUT MEDICINE, COME, AND I WILL CURE YOU. CAUTION.—I beg to request the Public not to be deceived by untruthful statements that I have re- moved. as I am still at the only address and Head Depot for this country— 04 CYFARTHFA gTREET> £ OATH, CARDIFF. MIRACLES! MIRACLES!T Carefully read the following T stimonials all proof, Any of "them can be seen person lly or written to, enclosing stamped envelope for reply, as to the truth of their statements DR. HALL will cure Ast&ma and Bron- chitis.—James Jenkins, 3, Seymour- Moors, Cardiff, ill for eight years, at times unable to go to bed, cured in a short time. (Write or see him.) DR. HALL will Cure Gravel, Pains in the Back.—Frederick Witeombe, 22, -Norah street, Roath, Cardiff, has been a great sufferer from kidney trouble, ravel, pains in his back. for 12 years. Cured in one week without medicine. DR. HALL will Cure Asthma.—William Lucas, 7, Graving Dock-street, Barry Doik, states that he has been a great sufferer from Asthma and Bronchitis for LO years. Cured in a short time. DR. HALL will Cure Piles.—John Hardwood, 100, Cyfarthfa-street, off Castle-road, Roath, Cardiff, says :—I have b en for 10 years a great sufferer from Athma, Bronchitis also uffered from Piles, Sluggish Liver, and Indigestion bm I ¿¡m glatt I bought this drugless treatment, for it has made me a new man in a short time. (Why suffer ?) QPECIAL NOTICE. IO Dr. HALL. has opened Consulting Rooms at 7 Graving Dock-street. Barry Dock, on Tuesdays only from 10 till 1, 3 till 9. I ADVICE FREE Oils for Rheumatism and Gout, 2s 3d Special Oint- ment for aU kinds of Skin Diseases, Is L'D per box. Try the great Deaf Cure, 2s 9d it cannot fail. DR. HALL will Cure any ot the follow- ing complaints :—Lumbago, Rheumatism. Gout, Sciatica, Costiveness Piles, Sluggish Liver, Kidney Trouble, Gravel, il11 kinds of Skill Diseases, Sore Legs, Running Wounds, Bronchitis, Asthma, also Consump- tion. NOTE.—1 have cured hundreds of people Ihrough correspondence alone. If not able to come, write with I, stamped envelope for reply. Address all letters to the Head Dopot for this country, £ A CYFARTHFA-STREET VF^FC. (OFF GASTLE-R' >A1>), ItOAl'H, CARDIFF. The Professor is in attendance at the Head Depot— iWATH, CARDIFF. The Professor is in attendance at the Head Depot— Saturdays and Mondays, 9 tiB 1, 3 till 9 Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, 5 till 9 NOTE.—No connection with any ether address in Cardiff 118 E. JpRlEST AND CO., TAFF VALE IRON WORKS, CARDIFF. GALVANIZED WIRE NETTING, IN 50 YARD ROLLS. 3in. Mesh 2ft. wide 5/- per Roll 3in. „ „ 2in. gin. „ „ Sizes Equally Cheap. GALVANIZED STEEL BARB WIRE, 14s per Cwt. Staples, Is 6d per 1,000. GALVANIZED CORRUGATED ROOF. ING SHEETS. 2ft. 3in. wide. 5ft. 1/2 7ft. 1/8 9FT. 2/314. 6ft. 1/S2 8ft. I/il 10ft. 2/8. PATENT ROOFING FELT, in 25 Yard I JL Rolls, 4&, 5s 6d, and 7s 6d per Roll. OFFICES 4 STORES. KING'S ROAD, CANTON. 5ie MARIS 11 SrCOHPAN V. .LLAI2L;R;L>I FUNERALS. 1st Claa # with Best. Hearse and Coach, on themos modern principle, with a pair of their wei,-known blemish-bred Horses to each, one-inch Elm Polishes Cotnn, hes" regIstered Furniture, with elaborate name- P,1<? JE,1!JRAVE T'NE satin-trimmed robe, and self attendance F £ 5 5 Q Marsh & Co.'s 2nd Class ditto, ditto 4 4 C Marsh Co.'s 3rd, with improved carriage •. 3 & o -iarsh & Co.'s 4th, ditto, ditto 2 18 O t i Cflli DREN'S FUNKKALS. including pair of Ftiemish-ored Horses, modern Coact with all the latest improvements, Polished Coffin, lined with tine llannel, and attendance— Under one 7 6 Under two years 18B One-horse Oarr&ge, including coffin covered in bhiek, blue, or polished, lined with Can- nel, modern coach, and attendance. Under six months 0 16 Under one year 0 18 Under I.wc )6.J's 1 0 Aud so on in proportion. Handsome Car, Carved or Plain Plumed Hearse, Mounting Coaches AND Broughams, Ostrich Plmnes. ttc ADDRIOSS: 34TI 80. ST. MARY-STREET. CARDIFF. puNosi pnrrjrosi FROM lOa MONTHLY. QRGANS I ORGANS FROM 5s MONTHLY THE BlST STOCK IN THE KINGDOM TO SELECT FROM. SOLE AGENTS for Bristol and South Wales for tip Celebrated NKUMEYER PIANOS. SOliE AGENTS FOR THE KSTEY ORGANS. rjlHOMPSON & gHACKELL, LD, PIANO AND ORGAN MERCHANTS, QUEEN'S MUSIC WAREHOUSE, CARDIFF. ALSO AT NEWPORT, SWANSE4, MERTHYR PONTYPRIDD, PENARTH, CARMARTHEN, LI, A NELLY, AC., A Beautifully Illustrated Catalogue free by-post a application LARGEST Diacount for Cash. 61e ub1í, jUmscnunts. CARDIFF. THEATRE ROYAL. LKSSKE AND MANAOKR.MR ED. FLETCHER. TO-NIGHT, MAY 25th, 1894, and every Evening during the Week Enormous Success ana Crowded Houses. Hundreds Turned Awav Nightly. GRAND DAY PERFORMANCE. SATURDAY. May 26th. Doors open at 1.30. Commence at 2. Mr GEORGE EDWARDES' COMPANY, in a Ken Musical Comedv, entitled-A Q. A I E T Y G I R L. Now playing to Crowded Houses at the Prince of Wales Theatre, London. Prices, 6d to B2 2s. Early doors, 6.30. Doors open at 7, commence at 7.30. Half-price at 9. Booking Offices at Messrs Thompson and Shackell's, Queen-street. Telephone 521. 1041 MONDAY NEXT, J £ 'VE gEEN THE HAREM. Box plan now open. THE E MP IRE. MANAGES OSWALD STOLL TO-NIGHT! The plump, ruddy, happy, little hoyden, MISS AHt LYSTER, animated to the finger-tips. "Zig, Zig, Zig," the song of the season. The XYLOPHONE AVOLOS, who beat out of pieces of wood with little hammers the salary of a Cabinet Minister. MISS ROSE WYNNE, the Sprightly SohgstrwS. ALBERT ATHAS and LIZZIE COLLINS, sister of Lottie, in song and dance, with a dash of Comedy and Acrobaties. RICHARD WRIGHT, the Nimble Dancen The WOOD-TRAVELLIE TRIO in "My Billf Buttons," profuse in their donations of laughter, the promotion of which i their object in life. Miss LIZZIE KENDALL, another artiste who will co-operate with effect in the entertainment of patrons, J. C. RICH, the Chameleonic Character Man ——— 541a Next Week NALA DAMAJANTI, from theRalac* Theatre, London, the Indian Princess with the Giant Serpents. Full-page pictures of this celebrity have appeared in The Sketch and Black and White. U TOLL'S PAN 0 PT I C O N* K7 Philharmonic Hall, St.Mary.st. OPEN ALL DAY ADMISSION 6D. WAX EXHIBITION AND NOVELTY PALAC& STAGE PERFORMANCES At 3.30 and 8.30. Of the Latest Additions to the Exhibition, THE VICTIM ON THE RACK, COST J6200. And THE IRON MAID COST n 75. A CELEBRATED PAlTEU. HAS ENQUIRED A FTElt THE LADY WHO POSED FOR THESE WONDERFUL MODELS, WHOSE CONFIGURATION (Especially that of the former) HE PRONOUNCED EXQUISITE. 542e Admission od. 361 A L H A M B R R9 WESTGATE-STREET. TO-NIGHT, AND DURING THE WEEK, Direct from the Tivoli, London, MR FRED W. DARBY. DOLLY HARMKR and WILLIE SCOTT'S COMBINATION in the Amusing Sketch, "FAMILY ROWS." Miss LETHE LAYElt.N JAMES SHIELDS. Miss DOT HARDWICKR. The Amusing Absurdity, IN THE COPPER. Miss DOLLY HAliMEU and Mr MICHAEL NOUN. FRIDAY, May 25th.—BENEFIT of Mr MICHAEL NOLAN. See Special Bills. Doors open 7 commence 7.30. Prices of Admission, 909e 3d to 2s Half-price at 9 5837 SWAMSKA. THE E M P I RE. MANAGICR OStVAT/O RTOI.r. TO-NIGHT. FUNNY COMEDIANS and BEAUTIFUL GIRLS dominate this week's Bill. AGNES HAzrL, EMILY LYNDA I.E. SISTERS ASHER, and SISTERS WRIGHT. CLIFF RYLAND (lat of Sweeney and Hyhrid), FRED "OPLAR, THE DURUAMS, and THE O'MALLEYS. NEXT WEEK.—The Lklyd Sisters, Geo. McCnlloch, The Avolos. Look Ont for Nala Oamaj.titi, Look Out for Charles Coborn. Look Out for Marie Llovd. NEWPORT. THE EMPIRE.—Manager, Oswald sloll. Tc-iight The c?'ehvated Sisters Lloyd, Who agitate all hearts delightful and fascinating in the extreme. Kain and I.<neno, the men with 6nonnOiUI feet connllsions of laughter greet their :I1it.ÏCS. The "even Troubadours, a bevy of httle beauties biimming with talent. These three- numbers of great repntaliou are supplemented liy others of equal merit—David Davies, the Welsh Whistling Champion i-red. Neimait. the Miustrel Ventriloquist Nelly Lot ell, the clever Male Impersonator and Tony Grifiiu, the 'J ailor. Look out for the Tableaux, Nala D wnajanti, Charles Coborn, Marie Lloyd, all the variety World's Wonders. 5146 2036 Cfocursums. V E N I N~ G T R I P By the magnificent Saloon Steamer WAVERLEY. Weather and circumstances peing Friday,~May~25thj CHANNEL CKUISR WAVERLEY, | LeaveCaniiff7.30p.m., arriving 7.30 p.m. back about 9.30 p.m. Fares all over the boat, Is each evening. For further particulars apply to Mr WM. GUY. 70a, Bute-street, Cardiff; or to Messrs P. di A. CAMP- BELL, Ltd., Cumberland Basin, Bristol. 985e hii ^urtxon. QUEEN-STREET SALE ROOMS, CARDIFF. SALE OF SUPERIOR HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. MESSRS MOORE &CO. are instructed to SELL by AUCTION, on TUESDAY, May 29th, a- large quantity of SUPERIOR HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, comprising dining, drawing, and bedroom suites, side- boards,overma.nteIs, cabinets, fenders, brase, cal1>et rugs, du hesse t{}i!eLs, wardrobes, bed-teads, bedding, ware, hall.<;tands. chairs, ete. Sale at 2 o'clQC k. 7e SALE THIS DA\ SPECIAL NOTICE. CASTLE AUOTlOV MART, 3, CASTLE-STREET, OPPOSITE THE CASTLE, CARDIFF. GREAT EXHIBITION" AND SALE OF HIGH- C• .ASS AND VALUABLE OIL PAINTINGS AND WATER COLOUR DRAWINGS. MESSRS BAILEY and GILLER be jL.TJtL to call attention to the fact that the magnifi- cent COLLECTION of OIL PAINTINGS must be cleared at any sacrifice; hence the attention of all lovers of Fine Arts is directed to this unique oppor- tunity of acquiring high-class examples by well-known a.rl i4s at a nominal figure. SALES BY AUCTION DAILY at 11, 3, and 7 o'clock. Any picture will be "old by private treaty. No reasonable offer refused 6030 962e hotels, Uittiitjj-rooms, &t. J^~LTR THYR T Y ITF I L. BENTLEY'S CENTRAL HOTEL (One minute from the Railway Station). THE BE ST-APPOINTED TEMPERANCE HOTEL IN SOUTH WALES. The Restaurant in connection with above Hotel it open. Joints daily. Chops and Steaks from Grill 543a _-A- |MPORTANT NOT 1 C E, R. O B I N S 0 N'S, 18, CHURCH STREET, CARDIFF, By spacial request of their numerous Customers, WILL RE-OPEN THEtR NOTED SHOP KOR DRAPERY, MILLINERY, AND FANCY. WILL RE-OPEN IN A FEW DA y IO /CHURCH-STREET, CARDIFF O, VV 797* ANTIC j^UVE j^TOR!E& NOTICE TO OUR READERS. We have pleasure in announcing that arrange nients have been made for the publication or Saturdays in the SOUTH W A LhS KeHO of I Series of JJOMANTIC LOVE J^TORIE^ Jv From tbv facile Pen of "TILLIAM Jj^RANCIS, The following is the List of the Stories, which w.U be ler, in unmber; and wo have no hes.tv tion m predicting that they will be found excel,- t,onally intprssting to all readers, of whatever age or sex: — 1 TLV%^LORI'LENT 0F L0RD ELDON VV IIH B KBSY ,su RTEES. 11MMJE'IT & SARAH CURRAN. RSSS BYRON AND MISS MILBANKE 4. LORD NELSON & LADY HAMILTON. RTRT^R^,GTJKESS W,I° BECAME A R RLSS-MISS MI:LLON AND THE DUKE OF ST. ALB AN S. 6. RICHARD SHERIDAN AND ELIZA LINLAY. 7. WILLIAM GODWIN AND MARY N W OOLST ONEC RAFT. 8. JACK SPENCER AND HENRIETTA POYNTZ WILLIAM COllBETl" COURTSHIP. 9. THE ELOPEMENT OF SIR J. MAN. NERS WITH DOROTHY VERNON. 10. JOHN WESLEY AND GRACE MURRAY,