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BARKY DOCKS. METHODIST FREE CHURCH, BUTTRILLS-ROAD, BARRY DOCKS.—Services next Sunday, 11 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Preachers, Mr W. T. Medhurst (morning), Rev J. J. Davies (evening). All seats free. Hymn books provided. y SCHOOL BOARD FINANCE.—A meeting of the Finance Committee of the Barry School was held on Thursday evening, the 28th ultimo, Mr Peter Wright (chairman) and the Rev W. Williams being the members present, and the only business was the passing of a number of accounts. Music. Mr W. T. Llewellyn, Organist and Choirmaster, St. Mary's Church, Barry Docks, gives Lessons on Piano, Organ, Singing, Harmony, Counterpoint, and Theory of Music. Singers thoroughly trained in Oratorio and Ballad Singing. Terms, See.. 31, Court-road, Barry Docks. THE BRITISH ADVANCE causes great consternation and alarm amongst the Boers but LLOYD AND COMPANY'S Wonderful Value in New Season's Clothing will take the town by storm Magnificent collection of Men's, Youths', and Boys' Clothing of every grade, best value in town.- Addresses, 89 and 93, Main-street, Cadoxton and 72, Holton-road, Barry Docks. IF YOU WANT A GOOD PAIR OF BOOTS for all purposes at the bottom price, go to BENNETT BROS., 176, Holton-road, Barry Docks (three doors above the Windsor Hotel). Bennett Bros' stock of Boots and Shoes is one of the largest in the district, and holds the reputation of being second to none in all respects. Hand-sewn boots and neatness in repairing are specialities at- this establishment.-Note the address 176, Holton- road, Barry Docks. OPEN AIR SERVICES are to be held every Sunday evening, at 8.15, under the auspices of the Barry Free Church Council, on the piece of ground at the corner of Tynewydd-road, Barry Docks. The first of the series of meetings will take place on Sunday evening next, when the service will be conducted by Mr W. J. Flowers, and the Rev C. H. Shave will deliver an address. The Rechabites Brass Band will be in attendance. FORWARD MOVEMENT HALL, MERTHYR-STREET, BARRY DOCKS.—Services next Sunday, at 11, 3, and 6.30. Preacher, Pastor Gerald R. Coultas. Sunday School, 10 and 2.30. Wednesday, 6.30, Christian Endeavour Society. Thursday, 6.30, Band of Hope. Open every evening at 8. Don't forget to keep yourself free for July 21st, 22nd, and 23rd. Keep your eye on this space for particulars. I ATTEMPTED SUICIDE. — At the Glamorgan Quarter Sessions on Tuesday last, Ivor Mordecai (35), clerk, surrendered to bail in answer to a charge of having attempted to commit suicide on March 13th at Barry Docks. It will be remembered that defendant shot himself with a revolver. In answer to the Chairman, defendant said he could give no reason for the rash act. He was in illhealth owing to loss of employment. He was bound over to come up for judgment within six months. ALLEGED INDECENT ASSAULT.—Michael Fidder, 25 a coloured seaman, was charged at the Quarter Sessions on Wednesday last with unlawfully and indecently assaulting Catherine Russell, of Cogan, a married woman at Barrry Docks, on May 17th.- In his defence Fidder said that he had met this woman, and that she. asked him for a shilling, at the same time making an improper suggestion, and it was in consequence of that suggestion they were in the lane together.—The jury found the prisoner not guilty, and he was discharged. SUPPORT SUNDAY CLOSING, and buy your Tobacco, Pipes, Purses, Knives, Razors, Stationery, Fancy China Ornaments, and hundreds of other fancy articles at LLEWELLYN'S, 63, Holton-road, Barry Dock. Tobacco fresh from the manu- factures every week. Get your hair cut and have a tip top shave at this noted shop for good work- manships and cleanliness. Note the address:- LLEWELLYN, 63, Holton-road, Stationer, News- agent, Tobacconist, Hairdresser, and Fancy Goods Dealer. METHODIST FREE CHURCH SUNDAY SCHOOL ANNIVEUSARY.—The anniversary in connection with the Sunday School of the Methopist Free Church, Buttrills-road, Barry Docks, took place on Sunday last, when special sermons were preached, in the morning by the Rev J. Mydyr Evans, Barry Docks, and in the evening by Mr Robert Bird, J.P., Cardiff. In the afternoon a musical service was held, solos, duetts, &c., being nicely rendered by the Sunday scholars and friends. Special collec- tions were made in aid of the Sunday school funds. THE OLDEST-ESTABLISHED TAILORING BUSI- NESS. ^-To meet the ever-growing demands of the public, Mi- W. J. Windsor, the oldest-established Practical Tailor in the Barry Dock district, has Removed his Business Premises from 70 to No. 31, Holton-road, near the Central Buildings, where he has a fine display of Suitings of every descrip- tion of the newest season's patterns. One of the Largest Stocks of Woollens in the town. Fit, style, and workmanship guaranteed equal to the leading houses in the trade. Customers will find a great saving in prices by entrusting their orders to Mr W. J. WINDSOR, 91, Holton-road, Barry Docks. INQUEST ON AN INFANT.—At Barry Police Court on Monday afternoon last, Mr E. Bernard Reece, the district coroner, conducted an inquiry into the circumstances attending the death of Jesse Lloyd, aged 15 months, son of Harry Lloyd, stevedore, 1, Beryl-road, Barry Docks. The father stated that the child, who had for a week been suffering from measles, died suddenly on Saturday evening, Mary Ann Lloyd the mother, said she attended the baby herself during his illness. On Saturday the child got well enough to get up. She occassionally gave the child a little port wine. A few months ago the child suffered from fits.- Dr Bray was of opinion that the ehild died from convulsions, and the jury returned a verdict according to the medical testimony. THE NATIONAL TRADING COMPANY, HOLTON- ROAD.-The National Trading Company have opened business at No. 147, Holton-road, Barry Docks, under the personal management of Mr Evan Jones, with a fine display of GROCERIES, ITALIAN WAREHOUSE GOODS, and PROVISIONS, comprising an entirely New Stock of the best possible quality. Thrifty housewives are now making their purchases of Teas, Butters, Cheese, Bacon, Hams, and all that is required in the stable and drinkable line at the above Company's ] Stores. The reason why is plain. Because the ] quality of their goods is unrivalled, and prices j suit the pockets of all. The National Trading Company's Teas are unf-quailed in flavour, being specially blended to suit the hard water of the district. Butters fresh from the Dairies. BOILERMAKERS' OUTING.—On Saturday last the Mutual Improvement Association connected with the Foremen Boilermakers and Iron and Steel Shipbuilders of Cardiff, Newport, and Barry spent an enjoyable afternoon at Barry. Preparations had been made by the Barry members, and Mr J. Williams, Barry, the president, with the local members, met the party at Barry Docks, and con- veyed them on a tour of inspection. The Barry Company's Offices having been viewed, the electric launch of the Barry Graving Dock Company was placed at the disposal of the party by Mr Munro, the manager, and a trip was taken round both docks, Mr H. Collier, one of the veteran members, acting as guide, the various places of interest affording considerable interest and delight to the party. Subsequently they visited Barry Island, and refreshments were subsequently partaken of. A drive to Pcrthkerry followed, the company returning on foot by means of the path near the cliff.














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