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BARRY PUBLIC HEALTH COMMITTEE. A meeting of the Health Committee of the Barry District Council was held on Thursday, the 28th ultimo, present—being Dr P. J. O'Donnell (chairman) and Mr E. B. Smith Jones. „ The Town Sanitary Inspector (^tr s. B. Somerfield) reported that 151 houses had been inspected, and 63 nuisances found, since the previous meeting, notices to abate which had been served, but ten nuisances had not been removed. Ten house drains had been tested and seven found defective. There were seven infected houses in the district, and 50 extra visits had been paid thereto. Six houses had been disinfected during the month. Mr W. J. Hopkins (port sanitary inspector) reported that 246 vessels had been inspected and 48 found dirty or defective, and notices had been served to remedy the same. It was decided to grant the annual leave of absence to the members of the inspectorial staff. A communication was received from Messrs Lewis and Company, Broad-street, Barry, stating that they were ready to proceed with the work of making boots for the Volunteer Fire Brigade, and it was decided to leave the matter in the hands of the Clerk. It was reported that the Cardiff Corporation had given permission to Bridgwater to allow patients to be taken into the hospital at Flat Holms, and consideration of this question was deferred till the next meeting. The Standing Joint Committee of the Glamorgan County Council refused to connect the Barry Island Police Station by telephone, but would raise no objection to the Council fixing and maintaining the telephone thereat, Mr E. F. Blackmore, secretary of the Barry Chamber of Trade, wrote asking that the correspondence between the Council and the Chamber with regard to the Volunteer Fire Brigade be published, and the latter was referred to the Council. In connection with the contract for the Small Pox Hospital, Mr Alban Richards wrote stating that he was prepared to proceed with the work provided the Council would pay the additional cost of materials, 4263 15s. If Cattybrook brick was substituted for St. Julian's, and pine blocks for oak block floors, the additional price would be about £ 130.—The committee referred the matter to the Council. Plans were presented for the proposed bathing sheds to be erected at Whitmore Bay, and were agreed to.



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